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"Awesome, Awesome to the max..."

During Christmas of 2003, I finally got my Play Station 2. I had no games and I saw Red Faction at Best Buy and I decided to give it a try. That game was great. Only after beating Red Faction, I learned that there was a sequel. In August of 2004, I got my XBox. This game was at the top of my list. I made no mistake by buying this game.
Story: 6/10
One thing this game did lack was a good story. As fun as this game is, It isn't as good as other First Person Shooters like Halo. I will give this game credit for a good twist in the game. They caught me completely of guard with that one. In the first Red Faction, you were a miner on Mars fighting to gain your freedom and get back to Earth. In Red Faction 2, you are a genetically enhanced soldier trying to assassinate a leader called Sopat. You are enhanced with Nano technology which soldiers constantly try to steal from their enemies to gain the advantage in battle.

Sound: 9/10
The voice acting in Red Faction was poor. Red Faction 2 showed little improvement on voice acting. The music for this game is not the best, but if anyone plays this game, they will remember how it sounds. It is very goofy, but it goes along with the game very well. Action music, could you have better music for a game like this though?

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics for this game weren't the best for the time period. But who would want a poor game with great graphics. Red Faction 2 more than makes up for the poor graphics with its multi-player. The graphics are on the same level with Red Faction and still have the same blocky textures and low detail.

Multi-player: 10/10
This game, without a doubt, has the best multi-player possible. Around 20 different levels, customizable bots, unique weapons, and great games. They can't make it any better. Players with less skill can play this game at their own levels with their own customized bots. After playing this games multiplayer, who needs other people. The bots can be created to be unstoppable or they can be simple. It all depends on the players skill level.

Gameplay: 10/10
Gameplay kind of falls in with controls, but I'll make a section anyway. The game is really easy to understand. You have to lead the Red Faction to victory. You do this on land and in the air. Red Faction is pretty well known for its interesting vehicles. My personal favorite is a mech suit. The game may sound really repetitive and mindless like many other FPS, but this one does have its moments. The mech suit and the helicopter type vehicle missions are the best. A tank is also driven. This game doesn't have the great Geo Mod technology that the original had(it does, but it's not as well done). This game is meant to be more challenging than the original.

Controls: 10/10
Many people who play games like Halo may hate the controls for Red Faction 2, but I love them. They are very simple and unique. One very strange thing they have done with this game is make the right joystick the jump button. It seems odd, but it works great. It maintains the standard strafing and shooting buttons though. I wish they would make a game that is fresh and different.

Overall: 8/10
I would recommend buying this game if you are a person that enjoys playing games for relaxation. This game is not as competitive as other First Person Shooters. Even my dad, who will only play classic games, enjoys playing this game. If you can't buy it, at least try to enjoy playing it at a friends house. Always remember, you don't have to have other people to play multiplayer in this game. If you do buy this game, I would recommend playing multiplayer first. It will get you into the gameplay and you will not sit the controller down for hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/06

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