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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Goodgansta

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    Mafia (Playstation 2)
    Full Walkthrough
    Written By Goodgangsta
    Copyright (C) 2004
      // Index //
    1. Introduction.
    2. Basic Controls.
    3. Walkthrough.
    4. Credits.
    // 1.Introduction //
    Mafia is a 3D Action game, seen through the eyes of third person. Player 
    assumes the role of a gangster in an American town of the thirties and
    gets a chance to live through gangsters rise and fall. In a spell-bounding
    story of human hunger for power, he will be able to live through everything
    that was taking place in underworld during this stormy period: mad car chases,
    bootlegging,assasinations and bank robberies.
    This Faq is only for the Playstation 2 version of Mafia. Unauthorised
    distribution is prohibited. This faq is not to be posted on any other website
    except Gamefaqs.
    // 2. Basic Controls //
    Our character can walk/run by the left analog stick. He can strafe left and
    right by the left analog stick. You can aim by the movement of the right 
    analog stick. Action is to be taken by the R1 button. Doors and other things 
    can be opened by the X button. Guns can be reloaded by the Square button. 
    You can dodge bullets by pressing O while strafing. You can crouch down by 
    pressing left analog stick. Camera can be re-adjusted by pressing the right 
    analog stick. Weapons can be choosed by the Up,Down Directional buttons. 
    Guns can be hidden by right directional button. Weapons can be droped by the 
    Left directional button.
    // 3.Walkthrough //
    Below is the list of all the levels of the Game:
    1. An Offer You Can't Refuse.
    2. Taxi Driver.
    3. The Running Man.
    4. Molotov Party.
    5. Ordinary Routene.
    6. Fairplay.
    7. Raceday.
    8. Sarah.
    9. Better Get Used To It.
    10. The Whore.
    11. A Trip To The Country.
    12. Omerta.
    13. Visiting Rich People.
    14. Great Deal!
    15. Buon Appetito!
    16. Happy Birthday!
    17. You Lucky Bastard!
    18. Creme De La Creme.
    19. Election Campaign.
    20. Just For Relaxation.
    21. Moonlighting.
    22. The Death Of Art. 
    // Mission 1: An Offer You Can't Refuse. //
    After the cutscene, the controls are to be introduced, get to know them wisely.
    Now you start in a Taxi, all you have to do is lose the trail which is not
    very easy. The gangster's will speed and catch up to you very easily and 
    quickly.Your only choice is to either keep turning which will make them hit 
    the poles and slowdown or you can keep turning and dodging the cars which 
    will make the gangsters car hit the pedestrian cars.
    Now after you lose the trail you will be asked to drive to Salieri's Bar.
    All you have to do is press SELECT and see the blue mark on Salieri's Bar,
    now you can easily reach to your destination.
    And ofcourse watch out for the time look at the clock on the screen, the red
    part is the amount of time you have left, if it finishes your mission is 
    failed,so hurry up  to Salieri's Bar and now you will see a cutscene. 
    Please don't skip the cutscene or you will miss the fun. And you have 
    finished the first mission.
    // Mission 2: Taxi Driver // 
    Now after the cutscene, you will be in a taxi and you will be shown some
    As soon as you start a man will come to you listen to what he says and take 
    him towhere the map shows. Don't forget to turn on the speed limiter[L1]. 
    Now you will have limited time so hurry up and don't kill any passengers 
    or the mission will be failed, crashing into cars in front of a police 
    car and running traffic lights will also as a mission failure.
    The first man will ask you to take him to the Church in Downtown. Take him
    using the East Marshall Bridge but very carefully as I had mentioned up. 
    After you take this passenger to his destination stop and the game will 
    autosave. Now another man will come and ask you take him to the Hospital 
    in New Ark. Take him to his destination as you took the first one. After 
    you drop him to his destination the game will autosave. Now a woman will 
    come to you and ask you to take her to theater on the Central Island, 
    by going across the Giuliano Bridge. Once again see the map and 
    take the woman to her destination, very carefully. After droping the woman 
    on her destination another man will come and ask you to take him to the 
    Pompeii Bar in Hoboken. See the map and take him there Carefully. After 
    Dropping this man the game will autosave. Now another man comes and and 
    tells you to take him to the department store car lot in Little Italy, by 
    using the Giuliano Bridge and then through the tunnel. See the map and 
    keep going where it tells you to. When you drop the man to his destination, 
    the mission is completed and Tommy is about to take a coffee break. 
    Watch the cutscene, don't miss it because it is cool!!!
    // Mission 3: The Running Man //
    After the cutscene you are standing, don't even think of anything, just run 
    and keep running. The men following you, have guns so don't try to beat them 
    up or anything else.The best way to do this part is keep zigzagging and 
    don't forget to follow the arrows, they will tell you the correct way and 
    don't forget to take as much as cover as you can by the surroundings. 
    After you reach Salieri's Bar your mission is completed now wait back 
    and watch the cutscene...
    // Mission 4: Molotov Party //
    Now you are a gangster, and one of Salieri's men. After all the men are 
    introduced to you,you will start in a car, follow the map and get to 
    Morello's Bar. When you are near enough park your car, get out of the 
    car and go the backyard. Here you will see a door now you will be told how 
    to open a door. Now open the door, get crouched, and draw your baseball 
    bat. Now you will see a man in front of you, go to him quietly and check 
    out if there areany cops surrounding the place, if there are cops wait 
    for them to go far enough then chargethe full power of the bat 
    (by holding the R1 button) and hit the guy, he surely will die in one shot. 
    Now there are three cars in the carpark. Draw a Molotov and throw it by 
    charging it like the bat one of the cars, then another Molotov on any other 
    car. Now you are out of Moltovs so grab your bat again and keep hitting the 
    car until the damage meter is full. Now you will be told to get to Salieri's 
    bar, follow the map and get to your destination. Thegame will autosave and 
    your mission is over. Now relax and watch the cutscene. 
    // Mission 5: Ordinary Routine //
    You need to see Vincenzo, get out of the room in which you start. Go to the 
    entrance door and turn back, you should see another door by the bar. Walk 
    through it and now take the right door. Go ahead and take a right and you 
    should see some stairs, climb and go through the two doors and press X near 
    the table. You will get a gun from Vincenzo pick it by pressing X. Now go 
    back down the stairs and you should see a man fixing a car this is Ralph, 
    talk to him and he will teach you how to steal a Bolt B. Now press 
    TRIANGLE near the left door of the Bolt B and pick the locks, now enter it.
    Sam and Paulie will come and sit.Now take a right and out of the garage door.
    Now you are told to collect protection money on Central Island, see the map 
    and do as said.Don't forget to put the speed limiter on and drive carefully 
    to your destination. Once you reach there go near the green arrow and Paulie 
    will go out of the car and go in the building just wait for a few seconds 
    and Paulie will come out. Now you have to collect the protection money in 
    Hoboken, see the map and drive carefully to your destination. When you have 
    reached do what you did before, when Paulie comes out, he tells you to 
    collect protection money from the motel which is outside of town, see the 
    map and do what is said. Now see the cutscene which is really cool!!!!!
    Now as you start take a left and go behind the building here you will get 
    some instructions,now climb the wooden table(press L1) and climb the ledge 
    on your left now climb the three boxes and jump in the balcony. Get crouched, 
    good way to fight, and open the door, now takeright and you should see a door 
    open it and kill the guy, who is busy in something, andnow turn back and 
    some more people are there, so shoot them all and take medicine and a Tommy 
    Gun from a room. Now go down quietly and you should see a door on the left.
    Becareful there are three more guys here and one of them has a Tommy Gun. 
    Keep taking coverand kill them all, now go to  where the man near the bar 
    was and take some bullets for your Tommy Gun. Another man will come from a 
    door shoot him quickly, but he will only faint.Now go to the room where he 
    came from and go to Sam and you will see a cutscene. Now kill the man and go 
    to Sam again, and see another cutscene. 
    Now after the cutscene get into your car and follow the man who stole your 
    money, chase him till the tunnel and now is your best chance to kill him. 
    Just get in front of him and block his way so he can't go. Now he will come 
    out, and you also come out and get out your gun. Crouch down and kill him 
    and your mission is complete. Now see the cutscene.
    // Mission 6: Fairplay //
    As soon as you start go to Ralph, you know where he is, near the cars. Find 
    him and talk to him. Now follow him to the red car and now you have learned 
    how to steal a Schubert Six. Pick the lock and get inside. Now go out of the 
    garage door. 
    As you start again you have to find Bobby, see the map and follow it to the 
    countryside. Once the map is gone follow the path and should see a small 
    warehouse. Talk to Bobby who is inside this and now getin your car and wait 
    for Bobby to come. Once he is in you can go in front and stop where the blue 
    mark in your map is. Go to the door with the green arrow and let Bobby open 
    it. Now take the car and drive as fast as you can to where you came from.
    When the map appears go to your destination(Lucas Bertone) as quick as you 
    can.After you reach him he will talk to you listen to him. Now you have to 
    get back to where you got this car. Hurry up the time is less this time. 
    Once you reach back there park the car from where you had picked it and 
    listen to Bobby.Now all you have to do is get back to Salieri's Bar. Take 
    your red car and go back to Salieri's Bar, but easily because no there is 
    unlimited time. Once you reach there your mission is over and see the cutscene.
    // Mission 7: Race Day //
    As you start you are told to get to the race track and find Frank. Now go to 
    the garage and get yourself any car you like. Now go out of the garage door. 
    Now you have to follow the map and go where you did in the last mission. 
    After you pass the tunnel you will see a cutscene. As soon as you start in 
    the race you are asked for some questions. Put the difficulty to very easy 
    and turn the damage off. Now easily you can win the race. And don't Forget 
    to watch the cutscene.
    // Mission 8: Sarah //  
    After the cutscene your are told to escort Sarah on her way home. As you 
    start put on the brassknuckles and follow Sarah until you see a cutscene. 
    Now you have to kill the three guys. After killing them equip yourself with 
    their weapons and go where the green arrow is pointing.Now You will meet 
    three more guys, and you can easily kill them with your equipment. After 
    killing them just follow Sarah and after sometime your mission will be 
    // Mission 9: Better Get Used to it // 
    After the cutscene you are to go to Vincenzo and get a weapon. Do it, you 
    know where he is. Vincenzo gives you a bat and a Colt 1911. Take these 
    things. Now you can go to the garage and choose any vehicle. Once you get
    into a car, wait for Paulie to come in, and then get out of the garage door. 
    Now you have to find Biff in Chinatown and ask him where the hoodlums are 
    located. See the map,put the speed limiter on and go to Biff, very carefully. 
    Once you reach him, talk to him and listen to what he says. Now you are to 
    go to the old service station, see the map and get there carefully.
    After you reach there, you should see a green arrow. Now get out of your car 
    and open the red door. Now you are not supposed to shoot, so get out your bat 
    and get ready for fighting bad. Keep following Paulie until you see a 
    cutscene, now there is a  man, kill him with Paulie and follow him again. 
    Now two men will be here, after killing them both, two more men will come, 
    after killing all of them go straight, take a right. Now you should see a 
    man standingby the box, don't kill him because he is a civilian. Now go 
    upstairs and jump down from theother side. Here is another man, just wait 
    for him to take out his gun, once he does that,You also take out your gun 
    and start shooting. There are total four men in this area. Killthem and take 
    their bullets. Now go to the left and you should see a straight path. Here 
    are three more men, kill them and follow the path. Now you should see a 
    After the cutscene get in your car as quickly as possible. Now chase these 
    gang leaders, and don't bother to kill them, just follow them and you should 
    see a cutscene after a few minutes.See the cutscene and your mission is over.
    // Mission 10: The Whore //
    After the cutscene you are to go to the Corleone Hotel. See the map, put the 
    speed limiter on and get to your destination carefully. Once you reach there 
    you should see a green arrow. Getinto the Hotel to which it is pointing. Now 
    as soon as you start you will be given some objectives.Get inside the door 
    infront of you. Now you should see a reception table at your left. Here is a 
    man, and inside the room is a key that is being pointed by a green arrow. Now 
    you cannot getinto the room without killing the man. Kill him, but remember 
    that the other guards will now come and you have to kill them too. Once all 
    of them are dead, get the key.
    Now go up stairs, but be ready and crouched. Because many men are there whom 
    you have to fight.Once you have reached the third floor, it is the highest 
    floor. Now see the right side. And you should see a door that is saying 
    'DIRECTOR'. Draw your weapon and open the door. Here kill the guard first, 
    then kill the manager, now press X in front of the table to steal the 
    documents.Tommy will say that he has forgotten something. Now go to the 
    second floor and check all the doors,on one of them there will be cutscene. 
    After the cutscene, go back to the DIRECTOR's room. Andnow you will be able 
    to steal the documents. Tommy will put the explosives himself. Now you,get 
    out of the room and you should see a window, just run towards it and you will 
    see a cutscene.
    Part 2: The Priest
    As you start again, you are told to escape. Run to your right side, here you 
    should see a ledge,climb up and again climb the ladders that are in front of 
    you keep going up and be quick because the police will be shooting at you. 
    Once you reach at the top take a right and follow the path. Now enter the 
    door and take health. Now open the door on the left and take a right. Now 
    there is a ledge,climb it and climb another ledge. Once you are at the top, 
    climb the ledge in front of you,now jump to the other building, once on the 
    other building, get to the right side and here get onto the ledge and land 
    down. But avoid the shots that are being fired by the rifleman. Now take a left
    and climb the ledge and land down safely. Here there are some stairs, get 
    down. And now many men will come, shoot them all. Now climb the ledge on the 
    right and kill the man shooting at you from the stairs. Now take the rifle 
    the man had left. And go to the stairs and kill another man here. And go up 
    the stairs. You will see a cutscene.
    When you start again, just run down the stairs and don't forget to take the 
    health. Once you reach down there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene, 
    kill the man in front of you, and go to take cover behind the coffin. Here 
    is the most difficult part you have to kill all the people here, and then 
    more of them come, after killing them all you will see a cutscene.
    After the cutscene, you are wanted by the police. All you can do is get in 
    the car in front of you.And lose the tail, now you have to get to Salieri's 
    Bar. Now you will see a cutscene. And your mission is Complete!!!
    // Mission 11: A Trip To The Country // 
    After the cutscene, You start in the Garage, you are not to go to Vincenzo. 
    Just go to Ralph and he will teach you how to steal a Bolt V8. Now you, 
    pick the lock and get inside the car. Now drive out of the Garage Door. 
    Alright now turn on the speed limiter and proceed to Salieri's warehouse.
    Watch the cutscene and after the loading there will be another cutscene, watch
    that too and then you start the mission. You are to find out what happened to
    Salieri's men and the alcohol shipment. There won't be anyone to fight now so
    run forward until you cross a barn and slightly to your right you will see a
    truck. Go near it and a cutscene will begin. Immediately after the cutscene you
    will be stormed by three men. One of them has a shotgun so take care of them.
    The trick now is not to flee back to Paulie but to explore the area and take
    out each and everyone you can find. You will find a building on the opposite
    side of the barn which has quite a few people in it and some health. Be sure 
    to go up the stairs in this building and take out the two guys on the top(you
    might have already taken one out because he stands near the window and might
    have already been spraying bullets at you). After eradicating all of them,
    proceed to Paulie. Paulie will now accompany you, after a short conversation.
    Head back to the building which is opposite to the barn and Paulie shold move
    upstairs and find a crowbar. He will now head to the Barn door and so should
    you. Now the game will autosave.
    Be prepared for a heated firefight. As soon as Paulie kicks the door open, look
    directly above you and take care of an idiot shooting at you. The rest are
    ahead of you so take care of them. Carefully proceed up the stairs because
    there is a guy waiting there for you. kill him and take the health on the wall
    and head up the second stairs and you will find Sam lying down. Go near him and
    a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, stand near the window and arm your
    Colt 1911 or any pistol because the cops are going to arrive soon in cars and
    shotguns won't do any good since they are quite far away. Two cop cars should
    arrive. Take care of them. There are about 3-4 guys. After sometime Paulie will
    arrive. Go downstairs to meet him. A cutscene will trigger and then it will
    autosave your data.
    You now are in first person view in the back of a truck armed with a Tommy gun.
    There will be other cars coming after you and you have to take care of them.
    The trick here is to shoot the drivers and the cars will stop. There will be
    three cars in total so take care of them. You now get an autosave and you can
    go Lucas' or back to Salieri's Bar.
    Sidequest-Lucas Bertone
    Lucas wants you to warn a friend of his. The cops are about to raid his place
    so you have to alert him. Try your best not to drive like a maniac because if
    the cops are on your tail, you want be able to warn him. Proceed back to Lucas
    after warning the guy. Lucas will teach you how to steal an Ulver Airstream.
    Now go to Oakwood, as Lucas told you. When you reach the car, make sure no cops
    are around and steal the car. Take it back to Salieri's bar and you mission is
    // Mission 12: Omerta //
    Watch the cutscene and then go to Vincenzo and get a Colt 1911 and a sawed off
    shotgun. Talk to Ralph(he'll be under a car doing some repairs). He'll teach
    you how to steal a Schubert Extra Six. Lock pick it and get it the hell outta
    there. Turn on the speed limiter and proceed to Chinatown and meet Biff. Talk
    to him. He'll tell you he does'nt know anything and tells you to visit little
    Tony. Go and meet Tony near the Gallery on the Central Island. Talk to him and
    he does'nt know anything about Frank either but he tells you to meet another
    guy who knows where the cops got Frank. He's located under the Giuliano Bridge.
    Go and talk to him. Talk to him twice or thrice but he just keeps on getting on
    your nerves so give him a good ol' beating and he'll spit everything out. He'll
    tell you where Frank is so now proceed to Oakwood. When you get there, a
    cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene make sure you speed limiter is off 
    and chase the car in which Frank is being escorted. You'll end up in front
    of the airport. Proceed to the airport building. There are about four guys here
    kill them all. It is quite difficult but learn their positions and take the
    action you desire. There is also some health on the wall so take it if you are
    low on health. Now go out turn to your right and proceed forward. You should
    see about two hangars slightly to your right. Go to the hangar which says
    "HANGAR NO.1". There are many crates here behind which many guys hide.
    Carefully get the guys behind the crates. One or more of them have Tommy guns
    so be careful. Then proceed towards the left end of the hangar. There should
    be one guy with a Tommy gun hiding or probably showing himself. Be careful of
    him and get another guy on top of the tower. There will be three buildings on
    your right when you are facing the tower. Go to the first one get to it's end.
    On your left you should see about two to three guys. Maybe all of them have
    Tommy guns so get them Frank will be near one of them. Go to him and a cutscene
    will trigger.
    After the cutscene you are supposed to find Frank's family. Take a 180 degree
    turn proceed forward,on your left you should see two guys. Pump them up full of
    lead and go inside the building they were standing in front of. Run inside and
    kill the guy who is talking on the phone. If you don't then later you will have
    to face alot of cops who can seriously get on your nerves. Talk to Franks wife
    and run back to him. Press the action button(x) and escort him back to his
    family. A cutscene will now trigger. After the cutscene go back to the airport
    building and get the tickets on the table which should be to your left. Go back
    to Frank and another cutscene will trigger. Now go back where the mission
    and pick one of the cars. Take a right from the exit and a loading screen will
    start. Then proceed to the bank and accquire the account books. You can now
    head back to Salieri's bar or proceed to Lucas Bertone's.
    Sidequest-Lucas Bertone
    An idiot has been messing with Lucas's friend and Lucas wants you to teach him
    a lesson. You are supposed to thrash him NOT kill him. Do not kill him. Proceed
    to the marked location on the map. When you get there, give him a good whooping
    when he starts to run return to Lucas'. 
    Lucas will teach you how to steal a Thor 810. Proceed to Oak Hill where the car
    is parked. There is a guard watching over the car so fry him and take the car.
    After that return to Salieri's. Mission complete. Watch the cutscene.
    // Mission 13: Visiting Rich People //
    Alright, first go to Vincenzo and get a baseball bat and a Colt 1911. Then go
    and pick up any car. You are not to talk to Ralph in this mission. Pick the car
    of your choice and go to Hoboken and pick up Salvatore. He is at the location
    given on the map. Once you pick him, he'll tell you to go to Oak Hill. The
    location is marked on the map so go there.
    Once you arrive at your destination, you should see a door. Talk to Salvatore
    and he'll open the door for you. Proceed inside and then the game will load and
    autosave. After the loading, you are inside the house. You can give the
    "Wait Here" and "Follow Me" orders to Salvatore. To order Salvatore go next to
    him and press the action button. Alright, from where you start, take a left and
    you should see a sort of statue there. Go right behind it and tell Salvatore to
    wait there. A guard should come and stop, take out your baseball bat, charge it
    and kill him. Take his shotgun and another thing he drops. Go further left from
    the statue and you should see a green arrow pointing at a sort of switch go
    near it and press the action button. This should turn all the lights off. Go
    back to Salvatore and tell him to follow you. Go back to the location from
    where you started the mission. Now go straight ahead and waitwhen you reach the
    end of the path and an opening leading into the back of the house should be in
    your view. A guard would have already run and turned the lights back on. If he
    has'nt then wait for him to do it. You shouls then see him going back to his
    route. Follow him but keep your distance. He wil then turn right at the end of
    the path way. Instead of going to the right take the left and proceed forward.
    A little further on your right you should see a door. Go in it. The way the
    to stairs is very confusing. Go to the first door take a left and go up the
    stairs. Go to the door in front of you. After opening it, go in to the door on
    your left and go through the door in that room. Then take a right and then a
    left. Go straight and take the door which is directly ahead of you. Then take
    a left after you enter that door and then take the one which is directly ahead
    of you. You should see the safe slightly to your left. Go near it and a
    cutscene should trigger. After the cutscene, pick up the evidence in the locker
    and then go out of the room (take Salvatore with you). Go straight and take the
    left. Open the door and go down the stairs slightly to your right. You should
    now see the exit door so go out of it. Be careful in this part since sometimes
    there is a guard lurking around. Once outside the door, you should see a guard
    on your left. Silently eliminate him with your baseball bat and go near the
    car which is behind you from the position where you killed the guard. Go to
    it's door and press action. Tommy will tell Salvatore to open the car and you
    will now learn how to steal a Silver Fletcher. Get in the car with Salvatore 
    and reverse it. You should see an exit on your right so take it and follow the
    path which will get you out of there.
    Now drive Salvatore back to Hoboken. Go to the location on the map and drop him
    off. Now drive back to Salieri's bar to complete the mission.
    // Mission 14: Great Deal! //
    Watch the cutscene and you should end up in front of a multi story carpark.
    Proceed forward and get up to the top story. It's very easy to find your way to
    the top. Once you get there. Go near the guys who are standing next to the
    truck. A cutscene should trigger. After the cutscene you will be behind a car
    armed with a tommy gun. Go to your right and take out nearly 6-7 guys here.
    This is not so easy since there are so many of them raining bullets on you.
    Watch Paulie's and Sam's health. They have a bad habit of running at the
    enemies and inviting their own death. After you kill them, another car will
    arrive. About one or two gangsters will come out of it so kill them. Go near
    the cars and collect all the ammo you need. Proceed down and you should see
    two guys standing behind a sort of grill with barrels. Kill them both. Then on
    your left you should see another guy. Kill him too. Go left and go down the
    ramp there should be about 1-2 guys here and then another car will arrive. Get
    those guys since they are quite difficult. Go near the car and go down another
    ramp to the floor below. This floor should be clean. Go down the other ramp and
    you should see two cars parked on your way. There will be about 4 guys there
    take care of them. Now Tommy, Paulie and Sam will have a conversation, after
    that go right back to the top from where you started and get in the litte truck
    with Paulie. drive it back down to where you, Sam and Paulie had the
    conversation at the ground floor. Get out through the exit.
    You now have to get the truck to Salieri's warehouse. There will be a car after
    you so the trick is to halt the truck and get out of it and toast the guys who
    are after you. After you kill them, get back in the truck and peacefully drive
    it back to Salieri's warehouse. Take care because the truck has a damage meter
    and making it full will result in a mission failure. Sometimes the cop get on
    your tail so do the same as you did with the gangsters. Get out of your car and
    pump them up full of lead. When you reach the warehouse, your mission will be

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