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    FAQ/Walkthrough by piecemealcranky

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 07/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This FAQ/Walkthrough is a copyright (c) 2004 by piecemealcranky
    "Where do the gangsters go when they die?
           //||    //||
          // ||   // ||
         //  ||  //  ||  A F I A
        //   || //   ||
       //    ||//    ||
    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly".
    Game Title: Mafia
    Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
    Author: piecemealcranky
    Date Created: 7th of May 2004
    E-mail: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
    Last Updated: 19th of July 2004
    Version: 1.7
    Author's note: The walkthrough part is off for some maintenance. It's
    partially complete (covered 14 missions). For the missions Buon Appitito and
    over, I'll clearly state it here that they're not completed yet. Other
    sections are complete, and enough information is already stated (I hope).
    Last Updated: 19th of July 2004
    Well, just updated until the Buon Appitito mission, but that mission is still
    under construction. So, I'll still be working for this FAQ every night,
    because I have other things to do, it will and definitely take some time.
    Please understand. A complete guide will be posted in the next update, if I
    work on fast enough.
      Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Information
    3. Getting Started
      a. Controls
      b. Game Modes
      c. The Police
      d. Tips & Hints
    4. General Info
      a. Characters
      b. Weapons
      c. Enemies
    5. Main Section: Walkthrough
    6. Credits
    Welcome to the world of oldies. It's all old here, so if you're done with
    games like Grand Theft Auto or something, you're playing the right game. This
    game, as you know, takes place around the 30's, and as you can see, it is a
    dramatic change from any other games you've played before. So, here you go; a
    very rare game indeed. Although I never ever compared this game to Grand
    Theft Auto, I'll have to admit that this game is quite similar, but the good
    thing is that this game makes more sense then GTA. You'll see why when you
    progress and get serious in the game.
    This game has nice scenes and a good and a fast going storyline, so you
    better follow it if you don't want to miss and repeat the whole process
    again. Watch the intro in the main menu to understand the prologue of the
    storyline. Although most of the stories take like fifteen minutes, it's
    actually giving all the important notes about the games. Remember that this
    FAQ might have some spoilers in it, so watch it. If you see anything missing,
    or any wrong information given in this walkthrough, please inform me as
    quickly as you can.
    This FAQ, of course is for PlayStation 2 and it is sure to help you out in
    any missions you're having trouble with. This FAQ ought to cover all 22
    missions, but it's still not 100% complete, since other 11 missions are off
    for some maintenance, but it will be complete in the next update. If you're
    still having trouble, please do let me know, because if you keep quiet as a
    mouse, I can't do anything about it to help you. If you find this FAQ not
    helping you at all, you could try other FAQs on this site. Though you can
    check them, you can still mail me your problem, and I'll see if I can help
    you. Hmm, maybe I'll even put it in here too. ;)
    To help you out better, it is recommended that you read the 'Getting Started'
    part first so you know what things to avoid or to do. Recently I've done a
    new section, 'General Info', so it does give out general info. Be sure to
    check them out.
    So, welcome and take your time. See the 'Table of Contents' part above to see
    the things that are offered in this walkthrough.
      Legal Information
    Please remember this each time you're trying to steal my work:
    This part may contain some VERY SERIOUS information, so please pay
    No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
    transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
    mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
    author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
    activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
    other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
    mention them here. This FAQ is a copyright 2004 by the author
    piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions
    Contact me as soon as possible for any inconveniences regarding this
    E-mail me at: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
      Getting Started
    This section contains 4 mini sections.
    Part a: Controls
    Part b: Game Modes
    Part c: The Police
    Part d: Tips & Hints
    Part a is for the controls, which can be found in the game itself. Please be
    informed that I copied the list from the game, so it should all be correct.
    Though, I wouldn't mind if you see any mistakes here, you can e-mail me
    Part b is the game modes. When you press the start button to start the game,
    you can see a list of all the available modes. This is it.
    Part c, as you know, is about the police. Things that attracts the cops, how
    to get off their tale are some of the things explained there. This section is
    quite important, so take note about it, so you don't start messing around
    with them (because you will eventually get killed).
    Lastly, important things are explained here, in part d. It is recommended to
    read this part, it will come in handy now, or maybe in the future.
    Basically, all of these are important things. If you read and understand
    them, you are guaranteed to beat the game easily. So, don't just ignore them,
    at least read half of the content. So, here we go.
    Part a: Controls
    The controls can be found in the main menu through the Options menu, or in
    the game when you hit the start button. You can save the changes you made
    there too. There are four types of controls you can choose, and only some of
    them are changed. They are Config A, Config B, Config C and Config D. You can
    find all of them right here. So, here are the controls:
    Config A:
    X - Action/Accelerate
    Circle - Roll/Handbrake
    Square - Reload/Brake
    Triangle - Get in/Out of Car
    Right Analog Stick - Aiming/Center View/Toggle Camera Mode (R3)
    Left Analog Stick - Walk/Run/Crouch/Steer/Horn (L3)
    Start Button - Menu & Objectives
    Select Button - Map
    Up D-pad - Next Weapon
    Down D-pad - Previous Weapon
    Left D-pad - Drop Weapon
    Right D-pad - Holster
    L1 - Jump/Climb/Speed Limiter
    L2 - Turn to Enemy (left)/Look Left
    R1 - Fire/Recover
    R2 - Turn to Enemy (right)/Look Right
    L2 + R2 - Look Behind
    Config B:
    X - Action/Accelerate
    Circle - Roll/Handbrake
    Square - Accelerate/Crouch
    Triangle - Get in/Out of Car
    Right Analog Stick - Aiming/Center View/Toggle Camera Mode (R3)
    Left Analog Stick - Walk/Run/Reload/Steer/Horn (L3)
    Start Button - Menu & Objectives
    Select Button - Map
    Up D-pad - Next Weapon
    Down D-pad - Previous Weapon
    Left D-pad - Drop Weapon
    Right D-pad - Holster
    L1 - Jump/Climb/Speed Limiter
    L2 - Turn to Enemy (left)/Look Left
    R1 - Fire/Recover
    R2 - Turn to Enemy (right)/Look Right
    L2 + R2 - Look Behind
    Config C:
    X - Action
    Circle - Center View/Toggle Camera View
    Square - Reload
    Triangle - Get in/Out of Car
    Right Analog Stick - Aiming/Roll/Accelerate/Brake/Handbrake
    Left Analog Stick - Walk/Run/Crouch/Steer/Horn (L3)
    Start Button - Menu & Objectives
    Select Button - Map
    Up D-pad - Next Weapon
    Down D-pad - Previous Weapon
    Left D-pad - Drop Weapon
    Right D-pad - Holster
    L1 - Jump/Climb/Speed Limiter
    L2 - Turn to Enemy (left)/Look Left
    R1 - Fire/Recover
    R2 - Turn to Enemy (right)/Look Right
    L2 + R2 - Look Behind
    Config D:
    X - Action
    Circle - Center View/Toggle Camera View
    Square - Reload
    Triangle - Get in/Out of Car
    Right Analog Stick - Aiming/Roll/Steer/Horn (R3)
    Left Analog Stick - Walk/Run/Crouch/Accelerate/Brake/Handbrake
    Start Button - Menu & Objectives
    Select Button - Map
    Up D-pad - Next Weapon
    Down D-pad - Previous Weapon
    Left D-pad - Drop Weapon
    Right D-pad - Holster
    L1 - Jump/Climb/Speed Limiter
    L2 - Turn to Enemy (left)/Look Left
    R1 - Fire/Recover
    R2 - Turn to Enemy (right)/Look Right
    L2 + R2 - Look Behind
    Part b: Game Modes
    When you hit the start button right when the screen tells you to at the start
    of the game, you will reach the main menu. But before that you will reach a
    sub-menu first, and it's about your profile. To start a game, you should and
    actually must have a profile. Without it, you can't save your game, so create
    one and give it a name. If you have already created one, then you will have
    an option to delete it. After you progress, you will then come to the menu,
    which this part will now explain more about it.
    So, this part is mainly about the things you should know before beginning the
    game and reading the walkthrough. So, if you're new, then read on here, it
    helps. If it doesn't help you out then you can e-mail me about it.
    Here we go.
    Intro - Well, are you new? Then, see this one; it is where it all begins.
    It's the story, the basis, and everything that makes you confuse. Watch it
    before beginning a new game.
    New Game - It's a new game mode. Once entered, you will start at the very
    first beginning of the game. It is not available once you have your game
    Continue Game - This option is only available if you load up your profile,
    and this will allow you to start at the last saved point. If you finished a
    mission, and did not continue saving at the next level's checkpoint, then it
    will not be available.
    Mission Select - This is the place where you start off a mission from the
    very first beginning, because sometimes this game will auto-save for you in
    specific places, so if you want to start a mission from the first checkpoint,
    this is it. This is also an option for you to choose and skip unlocked
    levels. The missions are numbered here.
    Racing - This is the racing option. You can race and pick up which car you
    want. Good for practicing and sharpen your skills. There is also a
    Championship mode, so you will have to win one cup and advance to another, so
    you must win the previous ones first.
    Free Ride - Well, it's all free in this mode. Actually, no, not really free.
    You can do lots of things in this mode, and it's all mission-free. You can
    even drive a taxi, but you're have to steal from someone first. You can
    choose to go to the countryside or the city. When you go through the 'new
    game' mode, you will experience some goodies that they will offer you in this
    mode. Certain vehicles will be unlocked, and you can access them through this
    Carcyclopedia - Well, it is a cyclopedia alright, and it's for the cars.
    Check the stats and everything about vehicles right here.
    Options - Ok, here you can change the controls, the invert axis, and lots
    more. Once some changes are made, choose 'exit and save changes' and there
    you go. The 'HUD' is for the speed meter in your game and other stuffs around
    your screen when you play the game if you'd like to know. You can also change
    the options when playing the game, in the pause menu.
    Credits - Credits' page.
    Quit - Go back to the profile registration.
    Part c: The Police
    Well, know how the police look like? Well, I'm not really sure how many
    vehicles they drive, but the most common one is the white and black ones, and
    you'll recognize them pretty well once you experience the pain and disaster
    they cause you throughout the game. I'd recommend that don't always get the
    cops to chase you during missions; it makes the whole scene harder, and
    sometimes impossible to win. So, this part will ease the pain you might
    experience in the future. Well, read on.
    Things That Get Police Attention:
    Running Red Lights: When you run the red lights and a cop is around, he will
    somehow see you and will chase you for a ticket. Better stop or it'll get
    Crashing: If you accidentally made quite a big crash and/or run pedestrians
    over, and if some cops are near your place, he will either try to arrest you
    or give you a ticket, since sometimes it's random. It goes the same if you
    crash or hit even a bit to a police vehicle.
    Speeding: This sucks, really. However, if you want to survive and not being
    chased like hell by these nutheads, you'll have to drive slowly, not very
    slow but kind of slow. You cannot exceed 60 mph, and if a cop sees you,
    you'll be chased and will be given a ticket or an arrest if you keep on
    Weapon Seen: If you carry a weapon around or accidentally fired a shot out of
    it, and when a cop sees you, it's against the law, and you'll be arrested.
    This goes the same if you're in the car and showing off your gun out of the
    Assault on Police Officer: Hitting, shooting or even punching will attract
    the cops' attention, and you'll be fired. What happens to you next? God
    Car Theft: This happens when you're stealing a car and a cop sees you, he
    will then start to chase and then arrest you.
    Icons on Top of Screen:
    A ticket icon - This is ordinary, and it happens for a minor violation of the
    law. When you see this icon, it means that you soon will be given a ticket,
    it won't cost you money or anything (but the screen shows you're paying), so
    you don't have to worry. After that, they will let you go and give you a
    A handcuff icon - Ok, you've been a very bad boy now huh? Well, now the cops
    are going to take some serious actions; they're going to kick you in jail,
    which means that they will arrest you with any means to them. This will
    immediately fail any missions you're going through if you're caught, and it
    happens when you do some serious crimes.
    Brown gun icon - The police will use force, and they'll shoot you on sight.
    Red wanted bar - This is making the squad team pissed off, which means that a
    cop nearby has gone to the phone booth and alerted all the cops. You will be
    told by the game when this happens, so don't panic. When you run off from a
    severe violation of the law in a long period of time, you'll be fired,
    captured or anything necessary to the police, so use caution. Now more police
    cars will chase you around town, and they'll come from anywhere. Once you get
    the wanted status, a red bar on top of the screen will be full. This means
    that you are wanted of course. Use extreme caution right now.
    How to Avoid:
    - Don't equip your gun around.
    - Don't fire your gun.
    - Don't hit the cops.
    - Never hit the pedestrians unless told by the game.
    - Don't make a big crash, and don't hit the police cars.
    - Don't run off the red lights, only if necessary.
    - Don't speed off, and always use the speed limiter (L1).
    - Don't fire your gun from a vehicle, it gets the police attention.
    - Try not to run over people.
    - Always watch out for cops when stealing cars. When a cop is a few meters
    away, he can still see you doing it, amazingly, so be careful.
    If you have the ticket icon on top of the screen, it's best to just stop your
    vehicle and let the cops fine you. It is better this way before it gets
    If you have the handcuffs icon on top of the screen, then run as far and as
    fast as you can and you will eventually lose sight of the cops, and it will
    fade the icon away.
    If you have the gun icon on top of your screen, then run and get a vehicle
    and lose the police.
    If you're seen carjacking a vehicle, just continue and quickly enter and
    drive away, and stay in a safe place and wait for the police to go away, or
    just shoot them. This will probably make the situation worst though.
    Finally, if you've done enough crime, and you're wanted by the cops, quickly
    get a fast vehicle and stay in a safe, quiet little spot so the red bar will
    fade a way and the cops will forget about you. The red bar is at the top of
    the screen, slightly down a bit, and it has the 'Wanted' writing on it. Lose
    the tail first, since it's difficult when multiple police cars are crashing
    and hitting on you towards the wall.
    Part d: Tips & Hints
    Ok, final training section for you before moving on. Basically it's a program
    intended to help you know more about the game and to pass on the game very
    quickly. I'll also list some things I've experienced before, which will help
    you in the game. Things you might not know will also be listed.
    1. When you begin the game, it won't really help you much, or in other words,
    helping you to familiarize yourself with the city. So, there are other modes
    available, so you can practice in these modes before moving on.
    2. Try not to attract the cops' attention very often. In fact, you should
    know dealing with them is a nuisance.
    3. When you progress through the game, you can actually change cars inside
    the garage at Salieri's. It depends on the number of vehicles available
    inside the garage.
    4. If you take a car out from Salieri's and spoilt it badly, don't worry.
    Once you return to the garage, it will be there back.
    5. Once you progress through the game, you will meet Ralph. In some cases
    where you talked to him to learn to steal a car, you can discard cars inside
    the garage. It's easy. All you have to do is go to him and press X. The
    screen will change to a car selection screen, and you can choose which car
    you want to discard.
    6. In some missions, you'll have the option to go and have a visit at Lucas
    Bertone. He will give you an extra mission, so I recommend that you go and
    see him. He always has a reward for you.
    7. Use your map. Press the select button and take a look at it. It's very
    important for timed missions and taking the fastest route or something.
    8. You can always view your objectives. Hit the start button.
    9. When stealing a car, and when you pull out the driver, don't worry about
    him hitting you back. It won't happen.
    10. If you drive too fats and crash, you will most probably hurt yourself
    too. So, it's wise not to crash into anything, especially with a lot of
    11. You don't have to use the map all the time. Sometimes when you are near
    to your destination, and you forgot which route to take, use the compass at
    the top of the screen (left). It's not accurate for distant directions.
    12. When you're viewing the map, you can zoom in and out by the right analog
    stick. Push forward to zoom in, and backwards to zoom out.
    13. When you're stealing a car, you can look around using the right analog
    14. You can dodge enemy attacks with the circle button, and with the analog
    stick. Although sometimes you wouldn't think about using it, it's actually
    quite effective.
    Note: More tips will be added soon, but for now, this is all I can offer you.
      General Info
    Just before you progress, here's a little something. This section will
    explain, elaborate, and give you examples about everything you need to know.
    Since there are a whole lot of things to be explained in detail, this section
    is broken into three mini parts.
    Part a: Characters
    Part b: Weapons
    Part c: Enemies
    This is the first things you should bear in mind while playing the game.
    Characters are a major role in the whole story, so basically it should be
    etched into your head.
    Weapons? Very important indeed. Although it's not necessary for you to
    remember the whole list of the weapons, and even I don't really remember
    every single one of them, it's a good thing to be used to the game. So, I
    don't include the names of each weapons for the list; just the basic name.
    Finally, the enemies. This part includes the section on how to encounter
    enemies during missions, few examples on them, or in other words, check it
    out yourself.
    Part a: Characters
    This is the complete list (ought to be) for the characters you'll find, work
    and hang out in the game during missions. If I already missed a few names,
    please e-mail them to me. I also include the explanation for each one of
    them, and what I know about them. Also, remember that these names are not
    written in order of appearance or whatever; it's written randomly. Usually,
    main characters are listed first though.
    Tommy: This is the character you're playing as in the whole game. He was a
    taxi driver, until the night where the gangsters (Paulie, Sam) came to him
    and caught him in the world of Mafia. You will know more about him in the
    game, since he tells stories. In the game, we also learned that Tommy listens
    to his mother's advice.
    Paulie: Your closest buddy in the game. He follows you in most of the
    missions, and he guides you through the game. He is one of the veterans in
    the group, and yes, he's impatient.
    Sam: Ha, this guy gets you in trouble. He is one of the members, and he
    rarely goes out with you during missions; you go after him in most of them.
    He really likes to twist Tommy around with his innocence.
    Salieri: Your boss in near the entire game. He gives out orders, a very
    dangerous and revengeful man, and he has a big group of gangsters. Though he
    has his own bar, he goes out to other places for his lunch.
    Frank: Frank is known to be Salieri's supervisor; something like that. He
    gives you orders in certain missions, and he is quite friendly. He has a
    Ralph: "He is a complete idiot" - Paulie. As stupid as he seems, his
    experience and his large knowledge on vehicles tend to go beyond his
    stupidity. So basically, he talks weird, but knows a hell lot about cars. You
    can/will find him near the backyard most of the time.
    Viscenzo: You want free guns? You can get them from him. Yes, he owns a shop-
    like building, and takes care of the weapons. In most of the missions, you'll
    depend on him for supply of weapons. He is situated near the other building,
    with the staircase leading up near the backyard, just right beside the red
    Luigi: He is the man which is in the bar nearly all the time. He doesn't play
    a major role in the game, but he still can be considered as one. He has a
    Sarah: She is Luigi's daughter. She is always attacked by a few gangsters
    around the neighborhood. Overall she is kind, gentle, and panics fast! You
    will help her in one of the missions.
    Morello: He is the boss on the other gang; in other words, Salieri's number
    one enemy. He has a hell lot of gang members, so watch out. He is known for
    her cruelty, malice, and merciless. He is also one of the bosses in the game.
    Lucas Bertone: You start to know him during the mission Fairplay. He gives
    you work, and in return, he teaches you how to steal a vehicle, and where to
    find one, so you can unlock the car for the Free Ride mode and get it to your
    garage as your car. He is situated near the Giuliano Bridge. You will meet
    him during most of the missions. He is also Ralph's friend, and is well known
    in the Salieri's gang.
    Bobby: Bobby is Ralph's friend. You meet him only once in the game, in the
    mission Fairplay. He helps you to sneak open the garage that leads to the
    fast car you need to sabotage. He is a guard too.
    Biff: Biff is like a secret undercover man, but he is not an agent. He gives
    out some info (which is actually not really important) for you and the gang.
    He is in a few missions, and not very much.
    Salvatore: This guy helps you during the mission Visiting Rich People. He's
    there to help you open locked doors during your objective sneaking inside. He
    has a small role in the game too.
    Tony: You will meet him only once in the game; during the mission Omerta. He
    is ought to have info on Frank, but he seems useless.
    Joe: This guy is worst than any of the characters in this game. He is also
    present in the Omerta mission. You meet him once there, and no more. He's the
    man that knows where Frank is, but to get the info, force must be used.
    Stan: Stan is also known as Big Stan. He bullies Lucas' friend and Tommy is
    sent to teach him a lesson. He's present in the third mission of Lucas
    Part b: Weapons
    This is a very complicated section, so pay attention. I did not include all
    the names for each weapon, so all of them are classified under a basic name.
    Example, the Colt 1911 is under the 'pistol' part.
    There'll be an explanation for each of the weapons types, and not all the
    weapons, so you don't get confused reading this. That's how it works here, so
    let's move on.
    Pistols: These are the type of weapons you'll be using for your first time
    through. Different weapons will be given in different missions. The pistols
    are light, easy to handle, good for far-range targets, and some are quite
    powerful. The best pistol to use would be the Colt 1911. It's better than
    other pistols because it has an extremely powerful bullet that could take
    down an enemy with 2 to 3 shots in far-range. Sometimes it would take one
    shot from this gun to kill an enemy.
    There are currently three pistols types you can find in this game. All of
    them have different advantage and disadvantage. Some pistols are good in
    close-range, while others are not. It is advised that you use pistols when
    battling tough enemies which are far-range targets, because it's easier to
    control. The crosshair for pistol weapons is a cross '+'.
    Shotguns: Shotguns work wonderful in close battles. You could blow someone's
    head off with one hit (near battle of course). Reloading might be a little
    disadvantage of the weapon, but overall it's good. The tremendous power from
    this weapon can blow almost anything in its path.
    However, we can see a big disadvantage here. The shotgun works poorly in far-
    range attacks, and it might take from three to five shots to take one enemy
    out. It's a waste of time and ammo. You shouldn't use this weapon against
    enemies which are further in front. In a small area is an ideal spot for the
    use of the shotgun, and if it's packed with enemies which are close to each
    other, that's better. If it's a wide-opened area with fewer enemies, then
    this would be suicide. The shotgun happens to be very slow at reloading, and
    when firing. The tremendous power gets the gun out of control, and thus
    moving the crosshair from the target. The crosshair for the shotgun is a big
    circle, so it's good for close range battles.
    Machine Gun: Machine guns would be best to replace the other two weapons
    above. At times where you'd be lucky, you'll get one of these. The firing
    rate is so fast until in takes enemies in less than a second, if aimed
    properly. It's easier to control and manage, and very powerful. This weapon
    is the best among all other weaponries.
    Its speed and light weight makes it easier for you to control, and to shoot.
    However, the firing rate will cause the crosshair to go to the side of the
    target. Its best not to fire too fast, so slow down and take the shot one at
    a time. Hit the button one at a time, so you don't rapidly fire the whole
    damn thing. The crosshair is the same as the shotgun, but with a dot in the
    middle, so it's easier to aim for enemies.
    Sniper Rifle: This is a very rare weapon, but it is available in the game.
    You will encounter this weapon with Viscenzo only once, since this weapons
    seems useless most of the time. There's a mission where you'll need the skill
    of using one of these, but it doesn't matter. As long as you practice with
    other weapons, you'll get the skills you need later on.
    Remember, you can aim using the scope with this weapon. Hit the R1 button
    once and you'll get into the scope's view. You can now aim with it.
    Bat: Bats are often used in light missions, and the enemies should use normal
    weapons. The bat can be recharged, making it a powerful weapon, and sometimes
    can knock someone out with out hit. It's a sweet weapon, but it's useless
    against enemies with guns and shotguns.
    Knife: You can get one of these either from an enemy or a gangster. It's a
    poor weapon, so it's not recommended, unless there's no other option.
    Consider using it as a suicide.
    Brass Knuckle: It's actually the same as using your bare hands, but a little
    bit of power there. Charging it is the best attack it has, and it's nothing
    different from the knife.
    Part c: Enemies
    Finally, this is the final part in this section, and it's about the enemies.
    Enemies are one role that is very important in order to make a game complete.
    The opposition could come in lots of ways, and even cops are your enemies.
    You will be dealing with them wherever, and in whatever ways. Enemies could
    be gangs, the police, etc. This part gives you tips on how to encounter
    enemies and what are the best weapons to use during the battles.
    Close & Far Battles with Enemies: When you're against the enemy in a close
    range, you should first look for a spot to take cover. You shouldn't turn
    your back since that will cause you to hurt yourself or it can even kill you.
    So firstly, in certain situations, you should and must always equip your
    weapon. This is important so you're ready to fire anytime when an enemy
    appears. If you do it in a hurry, you might even press the wrong button and
    drop the weapon, so it's risky and dangerous.
    When you face an opponent which is close to you, try to use a shotgun. The
    shotgun has the maximum power to kill an enemy with one shot, guaranteed. It
    also depends if the enemy is close or far, so it will not work in far range
    battles. Since the shotgun fires huge and powerful bullets, it should knock
    off enemies instantly, most of the time with one shot. The weapon you choose
    is one important thing to do when fighting a close range opponent. It's
    better if you have a wide selection of weapons, so you can easily switch to
    whatever or whichever you want. The machine gun seems to work in any battles,
    close or far.
    Another important thing you should take note of is the crosshair. The higher
    you aim at a target, the higher the chance for the target to be killed. This
    is very true, because if you hit an enemy on the legs, the enemy could still
    die but it will take a few shots. If you shoot to the chest level or higher
    instead, it is possible to kill the opposition with one bullet. Try to aim as
    high as you can, and it works better in close range.
    You might be better off with enemies if you have the machine gun. The machine
    gun works very well, and the rapid fire together with the manageable gun is
    very good. The shotgun will go off from the target, and it is very slow and
    has no rapid shots. However, the machine gun is stable, so you can easily aim
    to an enemy and fire three to four shots to take out the target. When using
    the machine gun, you shouldn't shoot it out rapidly. Instead, press the fire
    button slowly, but keep a fast pace. This is important so you don't get the
    crosshair off from the target.
    The L2 & R2 buttons: Both of these buttons provides a quick aim to an enemy,
    at a default level. Whenever you run into a situation where you have a number
    of enemies around, you should use these buttons. It's useful during times
    where you'll be fighting hundreds of enemies from all directions, and if you
    seem confused of where the enemies are, don't hesitate to use the buttons. As
    long as you have a view of the enemies (close or far), the crosshair will
    move right to the enemy.
    During these situations, it's better if you have a pistol or a machine gun,
    or in other words, a manageable weapon with a little firepower. The shotgun
    is not the weapon of choice since it has a spark shot, so it doesn't seem to
    go far. Example, you have an enemy taking cover on your left and right sides
    (wall). There's one above, and in front. The one you should take out first is
    the one above you. If the enemy in front of you happens to be further ahead,
    then the shotgun is useless, so if you're equipping it, then you will surely
    continue to use it, and thus ensuring you in getting killed, since the enemy
    above of you is still there, blasting bullets at you. So, remember that if
    you accidentally aimed at a harder opponent to reach with the weapon you're
    having equipped, then switch to other enemies first (L2/R2), since they'll
    have a good aim at you by now. If you can't get a good shot at the far
    target, the target can't reach you either. It's best if you take out the
    nearest to the furthest, in some certain situations.
    Pick up Enemy Weapons: This is quite important if you're running low on ammo,
    or if your gun seems to be worst then the opposition's. If you have a wide
    selection/choice of weapons, then it might be easier and less difficult for
    you to kill your enemies. In most situations, the weapons you have will be
    the same with the enemies' weapons. If you're low on ammo, there'll be at
    least three to five enemies using the same weapon as you do.
    Avoid Enemies if You Can: Yeah, this is quite true. If you see a place
    swarming with enemies, consider dodging their attacks the only solution. If
    you show yourself out, they can easily shoot and kill you. If you're
    surrounded, make sure you have a shotgun and a pistol. If one of them runs up
    to you, shoot him with the shotgun. So, you must be used to this, and if you
    try and practice yourself a few times, you'll get it eventually.
    Note: More will be added soon, when I'm finished with the rest.
      Main Section: Walkthrough
    Well, having problems with the missions? Of course this FAQ will help you
    out. This is the main part, where all the missions are explained in detailed,
    and ways to pass them. I'll try to be best at times in this part, so forgive
    me if I wrote something wrong. So, e-mail me for it, and you'll be credited.
    There are twenty two missions in total, but not all of them are here. This
    part is not fully complete yet, so it covers only half of the missions (11
    missions). So, if you're still having problems, and you do not understand my
    guide or you can't seem to pass it even when you followed it correctly, mail
    me, and I'll be glad to answer and maybe post it up here.
    Mission 1: An Offer You Can't Refuse
    Well, when you start the game, this is the first level. After the long scene,
    you'll have to immediately grab your controller. Before you start the
    mission, you'll have a short note telling you how to drive. Well, read it
    because it's quite important for a new player. It gives you info about the
    basic things that you're supposed to know when driving in a vehicle. After
    reading it, continue with the X button.
    First, the objective is to 'lose the tail', and after a while or maybe now
    you'll notice a car is on your tail. So, you'll have to lose those people at
    the back. You can't speed off too fast, so you must use the swerving
    technique. When you see a small path or a road, get through it, but use
    caution. Don't get yourself stuck near trees, side roads, or the traffic.
    If you're good at cornering, then make some tight corners around the cars
    near the traffic. This will cause the car behind you to be trapped around
    them, and that will slow them down. You can see them through the map at the
    top (left) part of the screen, underneath the compass (with the blinking
    Use all the opportunities that are handed to you. You'll have to get them
    away, and once they're not seen through the small map on your screen, it
    means that you are near succession. Be careful though that if they get too
    close to you, they will fire their weapons, and you don't want your
    'passengers' to be hurt. After you lost them, a new objective rolls in.
    Pause the game to see it if you missed it. You must now take the gangsters
    inside your taxi to their place (Salieri's Bar). Before anything, another
    note pops up. It tells you that to display the city map; press the Select
    button, and it also informs you that you can use the compass displayed at the
    top of the screen. Ok, since this is your first time through, it is actually
    easier to get these people using the map (Select button) compared to the
    compass. This way will get you there fast, because you'll be given time to
    plan your way there the easiest and fastest way, since now the game is timed
    (when you're in the map screen, the clock stops, and the game is no longer
    timed). Check at the top of the right hand side of the screen, and you'll
    spot a clock; there's a highlighted spot around the clock (red), and that
    represents the time left for you.
    Remember to take the fastest road, using any ways available. You must get to
    the place marked as the blue X on the city map before the time runs out.
    Before you get to the exact spot, a cut scene will play, and the mission is
    Mission 2: Taxi Driver
    Once the mission starts, a note will appear. It tells you that you must
    always obey the law while you take your passengers to their destinations.
    "As a taxi driver you should take your passengers to their destinations in a
    safe and timely manner. This means obeying the traffic laws, not running red
    lights, speeding or causing an accident. This police flag you down to stop
    (ticket icon) and fine you if you're spotted breaking the law, repeated fines
    will result in you being arrested. To avoid speeding you can use the speed
    limiter L1 button".
    This is a very simple mission, and it is actually much easier from the
    previous one. However, remember that the game is timed during the missions.
    You can't choose to take which passenger, so each time you drop off a person,
    another one will come to you. Plan your way to the places they want to go,
    and use the map. The blue X represents the spot where you'll have to drop
    them off, it's fairly simple. Of course, you don't want to get the cops
    attention, so read the note at the above, or if you like, I'd recommend that
    you read the above section in Part c to know exactly where you're standing,
    and what you should avoid during these desperate times.
    Remember that if you violate the law, or do anything that might harm your
    passenger (like crashing big time or running over pedestrians), the mission
    will immediately fail. Also, remember to use the speed limiter so the cops
    won't fine or arrest you. You'll have to drop off five different passengers
    to pass on the level.
    1st Passenger: Church, Downtown.
    When you start the mission, look at your map. Now, continue and make a turn
    to the opposite direction and head to the 'East Marshal Bridge'. It's the
    fastest and easiest road to the church. When you reach near the end of the
    bridge, immediately make a left turn. Drive forward and you should see a
    hotel (Hotel Corleone). Now, turn right at the next intersection (it's the
    third one). Now, just drive forward and you shall see the green arrow,
    pointing to some steps. Drop him there, and wait for the next passenger to
    get in.
    2nd Passenger: Hospital, New Ark.
    After the next guy comes in, look to your left. You should see an
    intersection. Well, get into that road. Follow the road straight ahead a
    little while, and when the road ends, turn right, and turn left at the next
    intersection. Move straight forward and you will see a bank on your left.
    Now, turn left and make a quick turn to the right at the next intersection.
    Move straight ahead this road until it ends. Now, turn right into another
    road. All you have to do now is just move forward and you will see the
    hospital in front of you. Stop him in front of the entrance.
    3rd Passenger: Theater, Central Island.
    Ok, you heard the lady right? You'll have to get her to the theater using the
    Giuliano Bridge. Now, since the front bridge is closed, then you'll have to
    follow her way. Go back to the way you came from. Follow this road, and right
    before you pass under the Giuliano Bridge, turn left into an intersection.
    Now, turn right at the first right turn you see. At the end of the road, make
    another right turn into the Giuliano Bridge. When you reach at the end of the
    bridge, you will see an intersection to the left at the front. Turn left into
    that road, and the theater is on your left. Drop the lady at the right side
    at the corner, where the green arrow is pointing to.
    4th Passenger: Pompeii Bar, Haboken.
    When the guy enters your taxi, turn right at the intersection in front of
    where you stopped just now at the corner. Drive straight ahead, and make a
    left when the road ends. Turn right at the next intersection, and now turn
    left into the East Marshal Bridge. Now, drive across the bridge, and move
    straight ahead, ignoring other intersections. When the road ends, make a left
    turn and move straight. When you see the second junction to the right, turn
    into that road and follow it. From here, make a left turn when you see the
    third left junction. Now, just drop your passenger at the green arrow.
    5th Passenger: Department Store Car Lot, Little Italy.
    Right when this fifth passenger enters, take a look at your map now. You
    should see the blue X is on the Giuliano Bridge, so you must get him there,
    then pass on to the Central Island Tunnel and then to his destination. So
    first, from here, make a left turn at the front, and then make a right turn
    when you reach the first junction. Now, turn left at the next intersection.
    Follow this road until it ends, and make a left turn here. Follow this road,
    get pass the bank on your left, and then you will immediately reach the
    Giuliano Bridge. When you get across to the other side, you will spot a
    junction going to the right. Don't turn into this road; just drive straight
    ahead and eventually you'll see a wide-opened road, on the right side. Now,
    turn into the road, and drive straight ahead. You'll come to a T-junction,
    and the tunnel is in front of you. So, drive forward, and into the tunnel.
    Now, when you reach outside, just follow on this road, and don't turn into
    any other junctions. Follow this road left, and you will see a green arrow
    pointing at the right side of the road. Stop your passenger there, he'll give
    you the fare, and Tommy will take a coffee break.
    The mission is now complete.
    Mission 3: The Running Man
    When you start the mission, a note pops up.
    "To move use left analog stick. To look around use right analog stick. Lose
    them in the alleyways".
    So, the objective now is to escape to the Salieri's Bar. Those people behind
    you have guns and their shooting at you. I'd recommend that you take cover
    behind the alleys as they told you to do in the game. Don't look behind, &
    don't try to fight them, so just run like hell. You can never lose them, so
    just try to keep a distance from them. If you feel lost and need help, see
    your compass. It should give you the right way through.
    So once you start the mission, just run straight quickly, and soon you will
    spot a green arrow pointing to the right into an alley. Run to the alley, and
    move straight ahead. Soon you'll see a small space for you to go through.
    Take advantage by strafing to the left and right, to avoid getting shot and
    run through the spaces. Next, you reach the main road. Cross the road,
    keeping a straight line to the other side. Follow the corners of the
    building, and another arrow will be pointing to the right again. Run into
    this second alley. Watch out, because a car will appear from the alley, in a
    sudden. After getting through, make a left and get up the steps. See the
    green arrow? Run to the right. Move straight a little bit and turn left. Get
    down the steps, and move forward. When you spot a few steps in front, turn to
    your right. Don't get up the steps though, because that will lead you to a
    dead end. When you turn right, some steps will be in front. Get down and turn
    to your left.
    You shall see another green arrow pointing to the left. Move to the left
    quickly. Move forward and you will spot a man cleaning his red car. Ignore
    him and move straight ahead. Turn to a path at the right. Now, turn left.
    Finally, you will see an arrow pointing to a bar. This is it, the Salieri's
    Bar. Cross the road, but be careful because those men are still behind you,
    and watch out for cars when crossing. A lot of players died at this part,
    where the cars came running them down. Just get to the door, a cut scene will
    play, and mission complete.
    Mission 4: Molotov Party
    When you're done watching the scene, you should already know what to do. It's
    a revenge for those people that broke your car to pieces. When the mission
    starts, you will be told by the game that you've learnt how to steal a Bolt
    Ace, and take a look at your map and objective. You'll have to drive to the
    Morello's Bar in New Ark and destroy the cars parked in the back yard. You
    must also drive carefully, so you don't hurt Paulie that's with you right now
    (he's health is in the blue bar at the left bottom of the screen). So, get
    moving. You can use either the map or the compass, but the map looks easier.
    Try not to get the cops attention now, it will make everything harder.
    When you start, turn right and drive straight. Turn right again when the road
    ends. Now, follow this road to the right turn and you'll reach the Central
    Island Tunnel. When you reach the other side, keep driving straight. You've
    been here remember? It's the part where you sent the lady to the theater.
    Anyway, once you move forward, you'll see a big road at the left side. Drive
    to the other side, and get pass the Giuliano Bridge. After reaching at the
    end of the bridge, turn left at the first junction you see. Now turn right,
    and turn left to the first junction you see here. Now drive forward a little
    while, and turn right when you come across the first junction to the right.
    The bar is a bit to the front, but before reaching there, the game will auto-
    save. A box pops-up, telling you how to get in and out of the vehicle
    (triangle button). Now Paulie will give you a briefing, so listen to him.
    After that, get a little closer to the bar. Don't get too close; keep a
    distance. Now, there's guard at the entrance, so you will have to take him
    down. Don't get out of you vehicle yet, instead face the entrance. Use the L2
    and R2 to see if the cops are around. When it's clear, accelerate and ram
    that asshole down. Aim accurately, and he should be dead. If the cops saw
    what you did, you'll be arrested for crashing, so just load the game back.
    It's better to make sure before you ram that guy though.
    Now, park your car halfway through the entrance, facing the road. Now, get to
    work quickly. Get out, equip your Molotov explosives and hold down the R1
    button. Aim and release it. Once the car is damaged quite enough, you will be
    told by the game. Get some distance away as the car will explode shortly
    afterwards. Now, do the same to the other car, and use your bat for the final
    one. Hit it, and when the damage meter goes fully red, get the hell away
    quickly to your car, and drive back to Salieri's Bar. Use the map. When you
    reach at the front, use the gate to complete the mission.
    Mission 5: Ordinary Routine
    When you start the mission, remember what you will do here always, because
    you'll be going through this a lot of times. You'll start in the office. Get
    out through the door, and follow Paulie and Sam through the back door to the
    back yard. Here's where you can store your vehicles, stolen ones. Both of
    your friends will be relaxing at the sides while you get your job done.
    First, turn to the right, and you should see a wide-opened fence area or
    something. Get through it, and turn right to face a red door. This is where
    you complete the mission, remember? Anyway, there's a stairway on the left
    side. Get up, and open the door with the X button. When you reach inside,
    open another door on the left. When you enter, you will see Viscenzo. He will
    always be here during missions, so remember this place. Go straight to his
    table, and press the X button to talk to him. He will give you a gun, so keep
    it. Don't equip it yet, just keep it. Now, get back down to the yard, and
    you'll have to talk to Ralph. He is the one on the opposite side where Paulie
    and Sam are standing, and he's fixing a car. Get right up to him, and talk to
    him. He will show you how to steal a Bolt B. So now, just enter the car with
    the triangle button, because you'll have to open it first. Now, get in, and
    let Paulie and Sam enter. Get out via the red door near Viscenzo's place.
    When you get outside, a note will appear giving some info about the wanted
    bar. Read it and continue. Before you begin the collecting, be sure to drive
    safely. Try to avoid crashing, because you don't want Paulie and Sam to be
    1st Location: Central Island.
    When you start the mission, check your map. The first location is at the
    Central Island. So from here, turn right and drive down the road. Right when
    the road ends, make a right turn. Follow this road; it leads you to the
    Central Island Tunnel. Once you got through the tunnel, drive forward and
    look for the third junction to the right. The road is after a traffic light
    stop. When you're driving along this road, you will spot a green arrow
    pointing to a building on the left side. So, turn left at the next junction
    you see. Stop your vehicle at the opposite side, and Paulie will get out and
    enter the building. Wait for a while, and Paulie will return. Wait for him to
    get in, and head for the second location.
    2nd Location: Pompeii Bar, Haboken.
    This location is a bit far. From this road, turn left at the junction at the
    front here. Make another left when the road ends, and follow this road, and
    eventually you'll reach the Giuliano Bridge. When you reach at the end of the
    bridge, just follow this road straight ahead. Get pass the bank on the right,
    and the turning to the left. After the turning, turn right at the first
    intersection here. Now, turn right at the third junction, and turn left at
    the next road. Now just follow this road and you'll see the bar at the left
    side. Stop the car at the opposite side, and let Paulie out. Wait for Paulie
    to get the money, and when he's out, let him in. Drive to the final location.
    3rd Location: Outside of Town.
    This is a location outside of the city. From here, you should see a junction
    to the left in front. Turn into that road, and turn left again when the road
    ends. Follow this road and to the turning to the left, and keep on driving
    straight. When this road finally ends, turn right. All you have to do now is
    drive straight ahead, and a cut scene will start to play.
    Right when the scene ends, the current mission is to save Sam. Ignore the
    front door because it's locked. Nearly everything here is locked, so you'll
    have to figure a way to get inside. When you start, get to the back by the
    left side of the place where Sam is held captive. You will reach a few boxes,
    and a note will appear. Read it, because it gives you info on how to climb,
    roll and sort of stuffs. Firstly, you will see a wooden table and a few
    boxes. Well, you'll have to climb on these things. So, start climbing (L1
    button). Get to the top, and open the door in front with the X button. When
    you're inside, turn to the right. Be sure to equip your gun. Slowly open the
    door and quickly get back and fire (R1 button). Now, quickly enter the toilet
    and get the enemy's gun. Close the door and wait for a while if a few guys
    appear up here. If they are in front, open the door and fire at them quickly.
    There are three of them here, so watch out. Now, open the door opposite the
    door you came from. Get the machine gun on the bed, and you can get some
    health at the wall where the green arrow is pointing. The medication will
    restore your health by a little, and sometimes fully restores it. So, get
    out, get in front, ignoring other doors (they are all locked) and get down
    the stairway. If the enemies are there, line up your crosshair carefully, and
    strafe to the right and fire one by one. Be warned that sometimes the enemy
    will run and shoot straight at you. Kill those people, and when they're all
    dead, get their guns if you want and take cover behind the walls. There are
    three more enemies inside.
    Now, quickly get to the second opening at the right side. Take cover for a
    while. Equip your machine gun, line up the crosshair correctly, and strafe to
    the right. Fire your gun bullet by bullet, keeping a good accuracy when
    firing. Now, another guy is at the left. Kill him, and another one is hiding
    behind the counter. You could also use the L2 and R2 button to get an
    accurate aiming. It works when an enemy runs up and shoots at you in a fast
    situation, so you could quickly aim at him. When all of them are dead, get to
    the enemy at the counter. Before getting his gun, aim at the door opposite of
    you. Now strafe to the gun's direction. A man will suddenly appear out from
    that room, so quickly aim and fire at him. He's not armed for your info, but
    he's very dangerous for his continuous punching he does. When he's down, get
    inside the room. If you haven't got your health upstairs yet, there's no
    better time than now. Reload you machine gun, and enter the room. Sam is
    inside, and a cut scene will play.
    It's not over yet isn't it? Now, get cover behind the table and crouch down.
    Shoot that asshole down again repeatedly. When he's finally dead, go and see
    Sam and another cut scene will appear. After the cut scene, quickly run for
    your vehicle. Drive straight and follow him. The game will now auto-save. A
    note will appear giving you some info about shooting while driving. You can
    fire your weapons from your car with the R1 button. Anyway, I have an easier
    method. Instead of shooting and chasing the enemy, it's better to kill the
    enemy outside of the vehicle. Once the chasing mission starts, speed up and
    don't use the speed limiter in this situation. Keep driving fast, don't crash
    into cars, and overtake him. Don't go to the front of him, just a bit to the
    side of his car. Push it to the right or left, it depends on the condition of
    the chase. Either way, block his way and once his car won't budge, get out.
    Get your machine gun ready, and he will get out too. Fire him when he is
    closing his car's door. He will die very easily.
    You could also try to kill him by chasing him and firing at him but I find
    that the blocking way is much easier. Once he's dead, the mission is
    Mission 6: Fairplay
    This mission requires your skill in driving, so if you're not really prepared
    for this, go train yourself in the racing mode or anything. Free ride will do
    After the chit-chat with your boss, you'll be in the bar. Get out to the back
    yard through the door near Luigi. When you reach there, get inside a
    warehouse in front of you. Ralph is inside. Approach the vehicle, and Ralph
    will get up. Now, go talk to him be approaching closer. He'll tell you what
    you'll have to do. After some talking, follow Ralph to a new vehicle. He'll
    teach you how to steal a Schubert Six. After that, you'll have to find Bobby,
    Ralph's friend. Get any vehicle you like, but if you can, try to get the
    fastest car among all the ones you have here. Then, get out through the red
    As you can see, the game is timed right now. No time to waste. Check out your
    map. You must get to a place further along the road in the map, and it's not
    displayed. Before anything, let me remind you that this is the most important
    part of the mission that will assure your succession in a timing manner. So,
    you must drive like mad, you mustn't follow behind cars; just overtake them,
    and don't get into any accidents or get the cops involved. Use the speed
    limiter, but try your best to reach the destination quickly. The faster you
    are the better.
    Once you start outside on the main road, turn right and drive down this road.
    Make a left turn when the road ends. Turn right at the first junction you
    see. Turn left when the road ends, and follow it. Don't turn into any other
    roads, just keep following it. When you see a road on the right, turn into
    it. Follow this road for a while. Keep driving, and you will eventually lose
    a track on yourself on the map. You will then see a guardhouse and a tunnel
    ahead, so before you reach it, stop your car at the guardhouse. A man will
    come out. This is him, Bobby. Get out of the car, and go talk to him. He will
    then open the tunnel that links to the other side for you, so get into your
    vehicle. Bobby will come running to the vehicle, and get moving through the
    tunnel. Keep driving forward and you will see a green arrow pointing to a
    garage or something. When you reach there, slow down and park your vehicle at
    the opposite side, so the car doesn't block your way out of there.
    Now quickly get out. Bobby will get out as well and open the door for you.
    When he has finished opening the door, talk to him quickly. He will tell you
    some important stuffs and what you should avoid. Listen to him and after
    that, the game auto-saves.
    When you get control of Tommy, quickly drive the fast car out. Be careful not
    to swerve to the right too much. As you can see, the car has a damage meter.
    "It couldn't even be a scratch on it". It's not that bad; you can still have
    some minor crashes, but try to avoid it. In the same time, you must also
    speed up. The game is still timed, so remember. You most probably won't
    encounter the police, so don't worry. You must get this car to Lucas Bertone,
    and he'll take care of it there. This car moves fast, as Bobby said. Be
    really careful of cars coming from junctions; even if you avoid them it will
    still lead you to a few crashes. So, slow down when you think you should.
    Don't hesitate of using the brakes.
    From here, you must drive back to town, which means that you must get through
    the tunnel and get pass the guardhouse again. When you reach the straight
    road, decide on the fastest way to the workshop. A lot of ways that lead to
    the same destination, but the easiest and fastest one is through the West
    Marshal Bridge, and then through the Giuliano Bridge. Decide on which way
    that suits you best. Before you reach there, let me remind you that the shop
    is located underneath the Giuliano Bridge, not beside or near to it. Zoom in
    the map and check it yourself. When you get there, get your car inside the
    garage and a cut scene will play.
    After some time of waiting, you can finally go. You are given an extra time
    or an additional time, so it should be enough for you to get back, so it's no
    picnic. If you've damaged your vehicle at the first run, the meter will be
    empty again, and that's good news. So, take the route you took just now or as
    I said, get through the Giuliano Bridge, and then the West Marshal Bridge.
    Get pass the guardhouse again, and the tunnel. Now, just drive to where Bobby
    was waiting and the run is finished.
    Bobby will give you some compliments for your achievement, and now, return to
    Salieri's Bar. You can finally drive carefully, so don't even think of
    getting the cops on your tail or do anything. Once you're back at the bar,
    the mission is complete.
    Mission 7: Race Day
    Side Note: When you complete the race, you will start to work with a new guy,
    Lucas Bertone. However, throughout the game you will be given an option to go
    to him. He has some tasks for you to do every time, and the reward will be a
    new, special vehicle which you can't find on the road; rarely. He also
    teaches you how to steal new vehicles, and it's worth the efforts in my
    opinion. This time though, you have no options, so you will have to see him.
    I will always recommend that you go and do the missions for him, so if you're
    short of health, he has one on the wall in the workshop (left side when you
    enter). You will be told by the game if you could visit him.
    After the emergency call, you'll start out at the bar. In front of you is a
    door, so get through it to the back yard. When you reach there, pick a car
    quickly. Try to get the fastest car you have among the rest. Now drive out to
    the main street.
    Now, take a look at your map. This is the place where you stole the car and
    delivered it to Lucas Bertone for the sabotage. Get there fast, so overtake
    cars on the road and don't find any other troubles. The game is timed, but
    you should get there in time; no problem. When you reach the tunnel near the
    guardhouse, a cut scene will play.
    Now, the race will start. You will be given an option to change settings for
    the damage meter (on/off) and the difficulty level (very easy, easy, normal,
    hard). If you want an easy win, get the easiest difficulty level.
    In order to win and pass on the mission, you'll have to get first place.
    There are six opponents and three laps. When cornering around the track, be
    sure to check the map first. You can also see opponents from here, so you'll
    know how further apart you and the other drivers are. You can get back to the
    track with the R1 button; this causes some delays when starting, so don't
    accidentally press the button.
    This is quite simple if you've played the racing mode before. Try to avoid
    getting your vehicle turning around, because the car itself is way too
    sensitive. If your car has just started speeding up and there's a cornering
    ahead, just slow down by releasing the accelerating button (X). If you're
    driving around 100 over, and reaching a tight corner, quickly press the brake
    button (square), or if you think there's not enough time, just try your luck
    with the handbrake button, and turn your car as well.
    If you can, get the lead at the starting of the race. It will be hard to
    catch up if your start is terrible. It's best to keep a distance from other
    vehicles, because they will ram your car to the side, and thus causing
    accidents, and will slow you down. The better you control your car, the
    easier and faster you will overtake opponents. This is very true, because
    your opponents are programmed to slow down at times where there are tight
    corners, so if you can still speed up, you will overtake them easily, however
    managing the controls on these situations will be tough, especially when the
    car itself is awfully difficult to control, and too sensitive.
    You will have a cut scene after your victory, and you will have a new mission
    **Lucas Bertone: 1st Mission**
    You must go and see Lucas Bertone; the man who helped you sabotaged the fast
    car, and he has a reward for you now. Read the side note above to understand
    more about him.
    You will start on the streets. You will see a green arrow pointing to the
    left, which is the red door. Pick a car, any type will do and drive to Lucas
    From the red door entrance, turn right and drive straight ahead. Turn right
    again when the road ends, and follow this road, which leads you to the
    Central Island Tunnel. Just drive straight once you reach at the other side,
    and make a turn when you see a wide-opened road on the left. Get up this
    road; it leads you up the Giuliano Bridge. Once you reach the other side of
    the bridge, turn to the first junction on the right you see. Turn right again
    at the next junction, and follow the road to the left turning. You will
    immediately spot a small path on the right (it's actually a road), so turn on
    this road. Follow it and the workshop is on your right. A cut scene will play
    when you reach closer to the workshop.
    After the cut scene, you've already learnt how to steal a Lassiter. The
    current mission now is to steal a car just like the one in this workshop. It
    is situated in Central Island. Get in your car and get up the Giuliano
    Bridge. You could use the shortcut near this workshop. When you got through
    the bridge, just keep on driving on this wide road, counting the junctions on
    your right. After you get pass the fourth junction to the right, you shall
    see the yellow car on the right side. Park your car and get ready to steal
    Before you steal it, look around for cops. Ignore the pedestrians, just look
    for cops, and see if they're around. Start the job only if they're looking at
    other directions. Wait until the red bar fill up, and you're safe. Now, just
    drive the car to the garage in Salieri's Bar, and the mission is complete.
    Mission 8: Sarah
    Just when you thought this game is getting harder, just wait until you see
    what's this mission is like.
    After you're introduced to Luigi's daughter, you should know what your
    mission is like. Yes, you have to escort Sarah to her house, safely. The
    mission starts with a little conversation between you and Sarah. Once you can
    get control of Tommy, walk with her and listen to their discussion. Walk
    straight and turn left into an alley, where a green arrow is pointing to.
    When you get to the front, a cut scene will play.
    Ok, now these guys are taking it too seriously. Now, these people don't know
    a one on one battle. So, you'll going to have to bash them up, all three at
    the same time. The first aim would be the guy with the bat. Charge up your
    punch, and when the red bar is full, aim and release it. Two or three of this
    hit should take him out. Quickly get his bat. Equip it, and bash those two.
    One hit with the charge attack is enough for one man. Sarah will run
    screaming. You could also hear Sarah crying out for help. Get the weapons
    these gangsters left for you, and now get ready for more ahead. Turn left
    when you see another green arrow.
    Now get up the steps, and turn right. Another bunch of gangsters are here.
    Sarah looks terrified. Now quickly charge up your weapon. Whenever the
    gangsters get close to you, quickly go behind, and when they run to you,
    release the attack. One hit will do, and it wouldn't be too hard, neither too
    easy. If you do the trick correctly, they shouldn't be a problem. Now, get up
    to Sarah and talk to her. She will thank you for helping and saving her from
    those pests.
    From here, follow her straight, the turn right. Once you reach the main road,
    the conversation continues. Cross the road with Sarah, and turn left. Walk a
    little while, and now turn right. Her apartment is the one with the steps on
    the front. Get up the steps, and you'll reach there. A cut scene will play,
    and be sure not to miss it. ;)
    The mission is complete.
    Mission 9: Better Get Used To It
    After the meeting, you'll start out in the office. Follow Paulie out, and to
    the counter. Talk to Luigi, and he'll thank you for helping Sarah the other
    day (this is optional, so you don't have to do it if you want). Get out
    through the door here, and reach the back yard through another door on the
    right. Now, go and see Viscenzo. He's still in the same old building. Go near
    the table and press the X button. He'll give you some weapons, so take the
    bat and the Colt 1911 and get out to the back yard again. Don't equip those
    weapons yet. Now get a vehicle, and get out to the main road using the red
    door. Remember to take Paulie with you.
    Now, take a look at the map. Drive slowly and carefully now. You must find
    those hoodlums who attacked Sarah. To obtain information about them, you must
    first find Biff; the man who maybe has some info about these thugs. He is
    situated in Chinatown, where the huge X marking is.
    So from this entrance, turn right and drive down this road. Make a right urn
    when the road ends, and follow this road, and get pass the turning to the
    right. After the turning, turn left at the first junction you see. Just keep
    driving on this road. After another turning to the right, look for the third
    intersection on the left, so turn into that road. Once you turn you should
    see a green arrow in front of you, which is pointing to a man. This is Biff.
    Go straight and pull over next to him in the center of the square.
    Get out of the car, and talk to him with the X button. He'll tell you some
    info about the gangsters and where they are. After you're done, get back in
    the car with Paulie. Check your map to see where you'll head next. The blue X
    is at the Old Service Station.
    From where Biff is standing now, you shall see a road ahead.  Go straight and
    turn right when the road ends. Follow this road. There is another road on the
    right that links to the Terranova Bridge, so turn to that road. A green arrow
    can be seen pointing to the right. This is the place, the Old Service
    Station. Stop your car when you reach a red door, which is the entrance. Get
    out of your car, and the game will auto-save.
    Paulie will remind you not to shoot, not even a bullet, so equip your bat
    instead. Kick open the door, or Paulie will do it himself. Follow Paulie and
    just walk forward. When you reach a small path, there will be two guys here,
    and when one of them comes up to bash Paulie up, assist him quickly. Charge
    up your weapon, and hit him hard. Now, run through this small path.
    When you got through the path, there will be four guys in this area. Maybe
    two will come up first, and the other will come later. Either way, get their
    asses. Use the charge attack; one hit will do. Try not to take too much
    damage here, because there will be more serious dangers ahead. Make sure
    Paulie is in good state too. Now, get to the right and run forward. Ignore
    the opening on the right because there's nothing there. When you reach in
    front, there's a man here. Don't bash him up or anything, because he's not
    dangerous. He will thank you for coming, so after that, get up the staircase.
    Reach the end of it, and jump down. You won't get hurt, so don't worry. Now,
    it's shooting time, so forget about the bat. Get out your Colt 1911 and get
    ready to shoot a few enemies here. For the mean time, take cover around this
    corner. There's a guy crouching down in front. Line up your crosshair, and
    shoot him. When you see a man on the right, running to you, press the R2
    button to quickly aim at him and shoot him before he reaches you.
    Now, crouch down and move straight to a house that appears to be some sort of
    a cabin or something. Take cover here. Be sure to reload your gun. There is
    another enemy here, so slowly aim & shoot him. Now, get t the small path
    here, but be careful, because a bunch of enemies are all around here. Another
    guy is here, crouching down; shoot him in any way you like. At the front,
    another guy is hiding. Shoot him quick, and watch out for his buddy near the
    boxes. When you're done here, advance forward. You'll see a few guys in
    front, so run forward and a cut scene will play.
    After the game is saved, get into your car with Paulie. Use the technique you
    mastered in the previous missions. Shoot while driving, and I would recommend
    the Colt 1911; it is great when these chases occur. Follow those gang
    leaders; they mustn't escape. They're marked with the blue X on the map on
    the left side at the top of the screen. There's an easier way to get through
    this, so listen carefully.
    When you start the mission here, the opponents will take their car through
    the same way, every time. So, they'll go pass the same route each time this
    mission starts. What you do is that, try to ram their vehicle to a spot and
    get them trapped in appropriate and suitable places, and then shoot them. The
    best place you could find is just before the turning downwards, after the
    junction. Try to push their car to the railings on the right at the exact
    time when they're turning to the left. Ram it hard, and they'll get caught in
    a dead end. When you got them, try not to let them get away; shoot out your
    weapons and never let go. When you've finally done enough, a cut scene will
    play, and once again Tommy's innocent move didn't save the situation.
    The mission will then be completed.
    Mission 10: The Whore
    Before the walkthrough begins, I'd advice that you listen to what Frank said,
    and take note out of it.
    Once you start, take a look at your map. Your mission now is to drive to the
    Corleone Hotel. From here, you should see a road on your left. Turn into that
    road now. Turn right when the road ends near a gas station. Turn left at the
    first junction, and make another turning to the left when the road ends.
    Follow this road; it leads you to the West Marshal Bridge. Once you reach at
    the other side, turn right. Make another turning to the right at the first
    junction on the right. Turn left once this road ends, and follow it. Turn
    left when this road ends. The East Marshal Bridge is ahead of you, on the
    right side. Turn and drive on this bridge. When you reach at the end of the
    bridge, quickly turn left at the first junction. The hotel you're looking for
    is after the second intersection to the right.
    Park your car anywhere, and get to the entrance. Press the X button to open
    Part 1: The manager & the whore
    When you start, you're in the hotel. Never equip your gun, not even a second;
    don't do it. Press the X button to open the door, and run forward. Talk to
    the receptionist in front. He will tell you where to find the manager, and
    that's just what you're going to do. Notice the green arrow pointing to
    somewhere at the back? You'll get there later. Once you're done, turn left
    and go forward on this walkway. Turn right into the opening, and continue
    ahead. You should spot a guy dress in white when you reach at the front, on
    the right side with a guy dressed in black. This is the manager, the man in
    white. Don't approach, I repeat, do not approach too close, or he will feel
    suspicious of your presence. Just walk up the steps, and stay between the two
    tables here. Look at the manager, and as fast as lighting pull out your gun
    and shoot at him. Aim properly, but if he managed to escape, don't follow
    him, just let him go.
    Whichever one you got, take cover behind the table where the manager was
    sitting. Reload your gun, and shoot the guy crouching in front. Now, two or
    more guards will come to this room. Kill them, and take the shotgun from one
    of them. Equip it. Now, go back to the reception area. Get to the green
    arrow, which is pointing to a key. Grab it and there's some health medicine
    here if you need any. Now, get up the staircase to the first floor. Nothing
    to do here, so if there's any guards on the way, kill them. Beware that most
    of them are using shotguns, so try not to approach too close. Another one
    will most probably run down, so kill him as well. Now, get up again to the
    second floor. There's still nothing here for the moment, so get up to the
    third floor. Once you got up, turn to your right and enter the hallway. The
    Director's Office is on your left. Use the key (press the X button normally)
    to open it. Kill the man in front, crouching down. If you haven't killed the
    manager yet do it now, fast. Nothing much can be done here for the time
    being, so get out.
    Time to find the whore and get this job done. Get back down to the second
    floor, and right when you reach there, turn right and you shall see a
    hallway. Enter it, and turn right. The room you're looking for is the first
    one after the corner with the vase. Interact with it and a cut scene will
    After done watching, get back up to the Director's Office. Get to the table
    here and press the X button. Tommy will quickly take the documents and set
    the bomb. Now, a timer will pop up in a sudden. Quickly get back out and run
    like hell straight on this hallway. A cut scene will play once everything's
    Side Note: After this, the loading screen shows a different mission title,
    'The Priest'. This is not available in the mission select screen however.
    This is nothing but ordinary, and it's just a different part of the mission
    where you cannot start directly here, you will have to go through 'The Whore'
    mission first.
    Part 2: The escape
    You will start on the roof of another building. The hotel seems to be on fire
    right now. Ignore it, and the current objective is to escape
    Once you begin, turn to your right and follow the corner. Climb over a ledge
    here and climb again onto the stairs (L1 button). Keep on running up and try
    to avoid getting shot. The cops are below, so just run and don't try to fight
    them, even if you have guns; it's just a waste of time. When you got up, turn
    to your right. Follow this walkway, and open a blue door in front. There's a
    health medicine on the wall, so get it if you need it. Now, turn left and get
    up the steps and open another door.
    You'll reach outside. Turn to your left and climb on this ledge. Climb
    another one that follows to get up. Once you're up, turn right and go forward
    again. You will be going on this direction for some time. When you reach a
    dead end, turn to your right and climb a ledge here. Go backwards a little
    bit, because you're going to jump to another building ahead. Run like hell,
    and balance yourself so you don't fall down or anything. When you reach near
    the end of the ledge, quickly jump. It is better to land on the ledge at the
    other building, so you don't hurt yourself too much. So, you must jump not at
    the end of the ledge, but around the middle area.
    Anyway, once you reach here, you most probably hear some gunfire. There's
    nothing to worry about there, so just move on. Now, turn to your right, and
    move forward. You will see small areas (looks like boxes) where you can climb
    down. It's actually a roof of a staircase leading down to whatever building
    you're on. Don't bother opening the doors though, because you can't. So,
    climb down, one by one. If you jump of without following the orders, you will
    hurt yourself. So, once you're down, go to the left side and you shall see
    the same things again. Climb down again, and do it carefully. Now move
    forward. Equip your gun; the best would be either the Colt 1911 or the
    You will see some steps leading down, but do not go down yet. Now, you should
    see a few cops around, shooting at you. The best thing is to take out the
    closest to you, or they will run up and shoot. There's one behind the ledge
    at the other building in front, and he's using a rifle, so use caution with
    him. There are at least six cops lurking around here. Take them out one by
    one. A cop or two will hide at the back wall of the steps, so once you get
    pass it, turn to the back quickly and kill them. Use the L2 or R2 buttons to
    be faster. You could also use those buttons to aim at them accurately.
    Anyway, once you killed them all, get up and be sure to reload your weapon.
    Get up to the other building, where the cop with the rifle was hiding. Now,
    another one is in front. Take him out. Move forward and another one is down
    underneath s stairway leading down, so kill him fast.
    Now, get down that staircase. Get in front, and turn right. A cut scene will
    play, and you'll be entering the church.
    Part 3: The priest & the church
    Right when the game continues, go forward and you'll spot a stairway. Do not
    attempt to go forward and ignore the stairs, and if you get down the granite
    here, because you'll only get yourself stuck. So get down by the stairs, and
    you'll spot another set of stairs leading down. Remember to take the health
    medicine on the wall; you'll need it. Get down the stairs, and continue down.
    Be sure to equip your shotgun. Once you reach a door, a cu scene will play.
    When you start, quickly shoot the asshole in front or you could take cover
    first. Now, run like hell and take cover behind the wall on the left. Now,
    take out the targets at the front, and you can deal with the back ones later.
    Kill the guy at the top part on the right side, and the down one. Once he's
    dead, shoot another asshole in front here. Now, once both of them are dead,
    make sure no one is close enough to shoot you. Your health should now be at
    least around 80; lower than this will not guarantee our survival.
    Now, see the stairway leading up, where you killed the man up there? Yes, now
    run like hell there, and get up. Take the guy's Colt 1911, and equip it.
    Quickly take out the man down near the back area on the left side of the
    seats. You should see another asshole at the back here, with the machine gun.
    Carefully aim and shoot him, because you might not have enough bullets. Now,
    there might be guys down there coming out and starting to shoot at you. If
    they do, just blast them one by one with any remaining weapons.
    If they don't, then get down and take cover behind the second last seat on
    the right side. Quickly take out the man with the shotgun, at the back area.
    Then, a few men will come out from the entrance. Shoot them with the shotgun,
    and once they're all dead, a cut scene will play. I also advice you not to
    shoot the innocents in the church, simply because to conserve ammo and not to
    waste time. Also, try to collect your enemies' weapons, you'll know why in
    the next part. Part 3 will be complete.
    Part 4: The chase
    Right when the game starts, you'll notice that you are wanted by the cops.
    This is very bad, unless you could speed off quick. So, there's no time for
    stealing cars, so quickly run to the vehicle in front of you. Get in and
    quickly drive up the East Marshal Bridge as fast as possible. You don't want
    to get your car wrecked for sure, so avoid the cops shooting at you. This car
    is really not the speedy type, but its fine as long as you keep your fingers
    on the button.
    You must return back to Salieri's Bar, and be warned that the cops will come
    from any directions, even if you have lost the first group of them. If the
    cops already trapped you in a certain place, get out quickly and kill them
    with any of your weapons; you should have enough from the previous battle.
    Get pass the East Marshal Bridge, then the West Marshal Bridge, and safely to
    the bar. It is necessary that you don't wander around, since more cops will
    chase you. If you can, try to drive like mad and get into small spaces
    through the trees and walls. The cops might get themselves stuck while
    following you on the back.
    Once you reach the red doors, the mission is complete.
    Mission 11: A Trip To The Country
    After the meeting with Frank, you will have a new task to be done. First, get
    to Ralph. He is inside the warehouse on your right. Get up to him and talk to
    him. After talking, follow him and he will teach you how to steal a Bolt V8.
    Now, take the car and drive outside of the yard.
    Once you're out, check your map. You must head to the warehouse, and it's
    quite far from here. From here, turn right and follow this road. Turn right
    when the road ends, and follow this road to the Central Island Tunnel. When
    you're out of the tunnel, look for the second junction to the left. It's a
    wide road. Turn to that road, and follow it up the Giuliano Bridge. When
    you've passed the bridge, just drive straight. Get pass the bank to your
    right just before a turning. After the turning to the left, turn right at the
    next junction. Drive straight, ignoring the first junction to the left. The
    warehouse you're looking for is located at the next left junction, being the
    second one. Stop your vehicle at the green arrow. A long cut scene will play,
    and if this is your first time through, I recommend that you watch it, so you
    don't get confused.
    After the long chat in the truck, it's time to start the difficult part.
    You'll have your shotgun equipped with you. Let it be, and continue forward.
    Keep following the path pass some houses at the sides. Once you reach at the
    back area, you should spot a truck, with a man inside. Approach it and a cut
    scene will play.
    When you start back, quickly get to the front of the truck, but stay at the
    sides. Strafe to the right and shoot the two enemies in front of you. This
    place will be swarming with Morello's men, so stay off from a fight. You must
    now go back to Paulie. Do not take the path you took just now, because
    enemies will be appearing there a lot. Instead, take the other fork (left
    side at the starting perspective). Avoid taking the houses route, since
    enemies tend to appear from there, although you'll have to fight them
    afterwards. Just keep running through the grassy area, and go talk to Paulie.
    You might encounter a few enemies here, but they're all no problem.
    Once you finished talking, go run forward. Get your Colt 1911 equipped. A few
    enemies will come out from the houses at the sides, so here's a hint.
    Usually, Paulie will spot an enemy faster than you do. So, stay with him, and
    once you hear Paulie's gunfire, quickly look around for where he's aiming.
    Also, this is the best situation to use the L2/R2 buttons. As I said, the
    enemies will appear more frequent near the houses, so take them all out. Move
    forward, and once the area is cleared, Paulie will run to an opened
    Once you're there, turn backwards and you'll see an enemy crouching down
    behind the door. Take him out, and there's a few enemies in this area. If you
    can, assist Paulie so he won't die. Remember, his health is on the left side
    of the screen, and it's important to make sure he's not killed. One enemy is
    behind a staircase. Take him out with the shotgun, and have it equipped. You
    could take the medicine on the wall if you need it. Now, get up the stairs
    backwards, so you're facing the entrance (where you came from). When you
    reach the top of the stairs, you'll see an enemy here, couching down. Shoot
    him. Another one is here, but if Paulie killed him already, then it's fine.
    Paulie will grab the crowbar, and he'll head down for the locked barn. The
    game auto-saves.
    Now, hear what Paulie has to say. Equip your shotgun, or if you have some
    bullets for the Colt 1911, equip it. Right when he opens the door, aim up and
    shoot the guy above you. Take cover, reload, and shoot the guy on the right
    side. Then, quickly aim for the left side enemy. You must do this quick, or
    they'll run to you themselves and shoot you, which will kill you faster. Now,
    you'll spot a staircase. Turn backwards and climb it this way. Shoot the guy
    in front of you, and grab the health medicine on the wall in front of the
    You will spot another stairs leading up. Get to it and head upstairs. Sam is
    here, lying down half dead. Wait for Paulie to approach with you, and Sam
    will start talking. After that, you must stay with Sam. Now, look out through
    the opening here. Two cars will stop outside, and they're cops. Quickly get
    down and stay at the position where you killed the guy above you (when Paulie
    opened the door). You'll see a cop or two coming up, so shoot them. If they
    got pass you, just shoot them at the first stairs. Now, once you hear some
    gunfire outside, quickly get down and head to the entrance.
    Paulie will be here, shooting at them. Quickly shoot them all. You must clear
    the entire enemy here, so Paulie and you can save Sam without any
    interruption. Once you kill them, get up to Paulie, and a cut scene will
    After that, you will start out at the back of the truck. You must shoot any
    vehicles that will try to hit the truck. You will also have the machine gun
    with you, so no problem. One car will speed up and will try to ram you, so
    shoot them at the window. Let them hit you once, and before they need to
    speed up again, shoot them through the window. Shoot the driver first, and
    then continue with the others. After a while, another car will come up to ram
    you and shoot at the same time. Try to shoot them before they reach you,
    because they will shoot you too.
    Shoot them, and one final vehicle will come right up. Shoot them quickly.
    Take note that it's possible for you to be killed, so be careful. Once
    they're all cleared, and there's no more interruption, a cut scene will play.
    Once the cut scene is done, you can drive back to Salieri's Bar to complete
    the mission, or you could pay Lucas Bertone a visit. If you're going for
    Lucas, you could take the health in his workshop, in case you run into a bad
    **Lucas Bertone: 2nd Mission**
    Your objective is very simple; warn Lucas' friend as fast as possible. Yes,
    there's a timer right when you start, so no picnic. Get back to your vehicle
    quick. Look at the map. The location is at Haboken, near the Pompeii Bar,
    which is not very far from here. From the workshop, there's a long road
    connecting your position now to the location you must head to, to your left.
    While driving there, you must not speed off very quick, because if a cop
    catches you doing it, it's difficult to finish the job. So, use the speed
    limiter (I can't tell you a thousand times). The road I told you seem to be
    the fastest way there.
    Once you reach near Lucas's friends' house, you'll see a green arrow pointing
    to a door. Get out of the car and get to it, and hit the X button. Tommy will
    knock on the door, and inform him that the cops are heading for him. He'll
    thank you and Lucas for the help, and then disappears. After that, you can
    safely drive back to the workshop.
    Once you reach back to the workshop, get to Lucas and talk to him. Since you
    did what he told you to, he will have a reward for you. Follow him. He will
    teach you how to steal an Ulver Airstream. After that, he will give you the
    location for the vehicle.
    The vehicle is situated in Oakwood (it's now opened, because the road was
    blocked before). Get to the X on the map. It's a simple task, so don't get
    yourself in trouble by getting caught by the police. The car is around the
    houses, parked with no one around it. Get to it slowly, and steal it. Make
    sure there are no cops around though. After stealing it, drive back to the
    bar. You could just leave your old car there (it will spawn back at the
    The mission is complete.
    Mission 12: Omerta
    You'll start in the bar. Get out to the back yard, and head to Viscenzo. Talk
    to him, and he'll give you a Colt 1911 and a shotgun. Grab them from the
    table, and head back to the yard. Now, get to Ralph. He is working on a car,
    so talk to him. He will talk a while, and after that, follow him. This time,
    he teaches you how to steal a Schubert Extra Six. Now, take the car and head
    First, you must gather info. The first location is at China Town. From the
    red doors, turn right and drive on this road. Turn right again when the road
    ends, and follow this road. Right after the turning, turn left at the first
    junction. Drive on this road for a while, counting the junctions on the left
    as you go. When you reach the third junction, turn left. Biff is on the right
    side of the square-shaped area here. Stop your car and talk to him. He seems
    to be useless at this point, so get back to your car once you're done.
    Now check your map. You have a new location to visit. Use the Central Island
    Tunnel, which is the nearest and fastest way there. You could also use the
    West Marshal Bridge, but that's further and takes longer to reach. Once you
    reach near the gallery, you'll spot Tony leaning against the bushes, with the
    green arrow pointed to him. Stop your vehicle and talk to him. Tony has no
    clue where Frank is, but he knows someone who might help, but he has no idea
    if he will cooperate or not. So, get back in the car.
    Again, check your map. The next location is situated very close to Bertone's
    workshop. To get there, you could use the East Marshal Bridge. The man you're
    looking for is Joe, and he's located underneath the Giuliano Bridge, where
    the shortcut is. You'll spot him real easy, because he might be the only
    person there, and the green arrow makes him look obvious. So, stop your car
    and talk to him.
    For the first few tries of talking to him, he won't give the info. You could
    play a little game with him; keep on talking to him. He will never give the
    info to you though. After you had enough of him, and when Tommy and Joe are
    repeating the same phrases, give him a few punches. You could also try
    shooting him on the legs or something, but make sure no shotgun, or aiming
    above his legs. He will get scared and agrees to tell you where Frank is.
    Alternatively, after the game auto-saves, you could just walk to him and
    charge up your punching attack. He will immediately get scared, and thus
    telling you where you can find Frank. When a new location pops up at the map,
    you're free to do anything with him.
    Anyway, get back to your car and drive to Oakwood, your next location. It is
    situated near the Tennis Courts, so get there quick. It's not very far from
    here, so it shouldn't take a long time. Once you reach near the location, a
    cut scene will play.
    After that cut scene, you'll spot Frank's vehicle leaving the area. Follow
    the car. You could bump or speed up to him; he won't notice anything. The
    most important thing is that you don't lose him. Keep on follow him and it'll
    lead you far away. The game starts loading once you reach the destination.
    There's a short scene that will play afterwards. Frank leaves the vehicle
    with a few of his bodyguards. Equip your shotgun and get inside the building.
    Crouch down and walk forward. You should spot a guy in black on your right.
    Blast him away, stand up and quickly run to the area he was standing. There's
    another guy here, near a counter (take note of this place). Shoot him, and
    take cover either behind a small pillar or the counter, depending on the
    other enemies' positions. Take out your Colt 1911, and blast the guy with the
    machine gun. It's best not to let him waste too many bullets, because you'll
    need it later. Now, shoot the guy beside the previous enemy. Once they're all
    dead, Frank will come running outside. Don't shoot him if you have the
    opportunity; leave him alone.
    Now, get to the enemy with the machine gun and there's a health medicine on
    the wall. Take it if you want. Grab the machine gun, and equip it. Now, get
    out and head to the direction Frank was running to. Now this is the difficult
    part, where a lot of enemies will be swarming here. Run forward and you'll
    spot a hangar written there "Hangar No. 1". You might spot Frank's bodyguards
    running with him. If you get close enough to them, they'll stop, and fire at
    you. If you can, try to get their attention. One of them is enough. Shoot one
    of them, and grab the ammo. Now, proceed to the bunker.
    Once you're close to the entrance, you should spot some green containers on
    the right side. While facing the entrance to the other side, strafe to the
    left, facing the green containers as you move. Once you get pass a half view
    of the boxes, you will spot an enemy with a machine gun. Shoot at him
    quickly, but you should have enough time since he's far away. Since you made
    some noises already, his friends will come out. There's another enemy near
    the grey boxes, so once he appears, shoot him. You could also take cover
    behind the crates here. If there are any bodyguards here, eliminate them all.
    Proceed forward to the other side, crouching down. Have the machine gun
    equipped, and reloaded. Face to the left and strafe to the right, just
    looking at the boxes.
    Now, you might spot an enemy here, but he will most probably come out when
    you shoot the first enemy near the green containers. Kill him if he's here.
    Now, while still facing the left side of the hangar, you shall see a path in
    front (on the left of the entrance perspective, on the other side). There
    should be a bodyguard here somewhere near the grassy area. Look around and
    kill him if you spot him. Now, quickly take cover. There's a sniper up a
    tower near this area. Shoot him (you could use the L2/R2 buttons to get an
    accurate aiming).
    Now, get the bodyguards' ammo, and proceed to the buildings on the right side
    of the tower. You will see a lot of buildings on the way (blue doors), and
    one building written there "Air School" at the back. Ignore that building for
    now. Frank is very close now. If you're facing the buildings here, Frank
    should be in the middle area, at the front part of the path between the first
    two buildings (the closest to the Air School building). However, he's well
    guarded by a few enemies. He is standing near a lamppost, while a bodyguard
    is close to him, with a machine gun. There are also a few enemies in black
    here, so use caution. Crouch down and aim for the normal enemies dressed in
    black. It doesn't matter which perspective you're trying to shoot them from;
    make sure you can get a clear view of the enemies in this area. Aim at them
    and shoot, and quickly switch your crosshair to Frank's bodyguard, and fire.
    A few shots from the machine gun should take them all out. Reload your
    weapon, and approach Frank. A cut scene will play.
    Once you get control of Tommy again, you must find Frank's wife and daughter.
    Grab the bodyguard's ammo here. They're very near your position right now.
    While facing Frank, turn left and run forward. Soon you'll spot the Air
    School building, which is different from the others here. Before you reach
    there, make sure you crouch down, so you can get a good accuracy while
    firing. There are two enemies at the entrance, so try not to get injured too
    badly. Shoot them all, get their weapons, and proceed into the building.
    Follow the walkway and turn left. You will spot a man on the phone. If you
    can, try to shoot him before he finish talking. For your info, he's currently
    calling the cops here, so if you failed to shoot him in time, you'll have to
    deal with the cops afterwards. Anyway, you will spot Frank's family here,
    near the phone. Go talk to Frank's wife. There's also a health medicine on
    the wall if you need it.
    After you're done, go back to Frank. He's still there, handcuffed. Talk to
    him, and Tommy will open the chain around his hands. Now, lead Frank to his
    wife and daughter inside the building. Once you get there, a cut scene will
    After the cut scene, you will have to get Frank's plane tickets for him, and
    his family. The tickets are at the counter, inside the first building you
    entered. It's near the first place where you can get the health medicine, on
    the right side when you enter the building, near the enemy you killed.
    They're very easy to get to, but the problem is that it's full of cops. So
    killing the guy on the phone is a big deal, and if it's not done properly,
    you could be in danger. I do recommend that you kill the cops now, so that
    you won't have to deal with them later when you're done. Either way, grab the
    tickets, and get back to the building where Frank's family was. They're
    waiting at the other entrance of the building, at the back area. Approach
    them and hand over the tickets to Frank. A cut scene will play.
    When Frank leaves (finally), get back to the first building and take your car
    back outside. You must now drive to a new location to acquire the account
    books. Once you get back to the city, you're on the perfect road. Just keep
    driving on this road, and eventually you'll spot the bank on your left. Stop
    your vehicle and get to the door, where the green arrow is pointing to it.
    Remember not to equip your gun though. Now press the X button at the door.
    Tommy will say that Frank didn't lie; in fact, the documents are easy to be
    After that, you will have the option to get back to Salieri's Bar to complete
    the mission, or you could visit Lucas Bertone.
    **Lucas Bertone: 3rd Mission**
    It's Bertone again. Be sure to get the health medicine on the wall in his
    workshop. Now, get close to Lucas and talk to him. After done talking, you
    have a new objective, and a very simple one in my opinion. You must find
    Stan; and teach him a lesson.
    Get back to your car, and check the map. The location is in Haboken. Drive
    there carefully, because if cops are on you, it's going to be very tough to
    complete the mission. Once you reach near the X on the map, you should spot
    the green arrow pointing to Stan, near the Black Cat shop. Stop your car, and
    approach him. Before talking to him, make sure no cops are around the area.
    Remember not to use guns, or any other weapons you have. Use your hands only.
    When you've finished talking, he will immediately start to punch you. Get
    back a little bit, charging your attack while moving. Then, run forward to
    him and release the attack. Repeat this for a few times. If he got you and
    keep hitting you like mad, crouch down and get away. You could try punching
    him, but it will be tough since he moves fast. Once you gave him enough
    punching, he will get scared, and run away. Then, you must return back to
    Lucas's workshop.
    Note: If you shoot Stan when he's in the running process or purposely killed
    him in any way, when you return to Lucas, there's no reward for you.
    When you get back to the workshop, go and talk to Lucas. He will teach you
    how to steal a Thor 810. Then, you will have to find the car.
    This time, it is situated in Oak Hill. The road was blocked, but now it's
    opened. You'll have to drive up a very steep road, which could slow you down.
    The car is parked near the housing area. When you spot the car, park your
    vehicle on the other side. Get out, and face the vehicle.
    You must do this very quickly. Notice the guy moving around the walkway in
    front of the car? Well, he guards it. The only way for you to steal the car
    is to get him out of sight. First, check around for cops. If you see any, do
    not equip your gun or make any trouble here. Wait for them to go away, and
    when the coast is clear, take out your gun (the shotgun or the Colt 1911
    would be the best) and shoot the man. Then, once he's dead, hide or throw
    away your weapon. If he's not dead, he will come running to you and attack.
    He's not armed by the way, but he's still quite dangerous.
    When he's finished, steal the car, but still watch out for cops. Then, just
    drive safely back to Salieri's Bar.
    The mission is then complete.
    Mission 13: Visiting Rich People
    This mission is more like sneaking than visiting actually.
    You'll start inside the bar. Get out to the back yard, and head to Viscenzo.
    When you enter the room, he is on your right. Tommy will greet him, and he
    will then walk to the table. Go talk to him, and he has two weapons for you.
    He will put a bat and a Colt 1911 on the table, so grab them and head
    downstairs. Get a car and drive outside.
    Once you are outside, check your map for the location of your objective. The
    X is near Haboken. This is where Salvatore will be waiting; then man who will
    help you throughout this mission.
    To get there, you should see an intersection in front, slightly to the right
    from the red doors. Get to that road and proceed forward until it ends near a
    gas station. Turn right, and turn left at the next junction. When the road
    ends, turn left to the West Marshal Bridge. Once you reach the other side,
    turn left again. Follow this road until it ends. There's a wide road, divided
    into two (where you usually go through here). Anyway, turn left and proceed
    to the Giuliano Bridge. Once you get to the other side, keep on following
    this road, and get pass the turning to the left. After the turning, you
    should spot a junction to the right. Turn to that road, and turn left at the
    first junction here. Salvatore is on your left, near the stadium. Stop your
    vehicle and let him in.
    Now, you must get to the place you must 'visit'. Make a turn and head to Oak
    Hill. The house is situated there. Once you reach there, you shall see a
    green arrow pointing to a small gate. It's always wise to enter via other
    unguarded ways, so this game allows you to do that. Stop your vehicle at the
    corner, and get out the car with Salvatore. The door is locked, so go talk to
    Salvatore. Tommy will ask for his help, and he will then approach the door
    and open it. After that, enter it. The game auto-saves.
    Note: You can and actually must give orders to Salvatore, which are 'wait
    here', and 'follow me' orders.
    Ok, now you'll start inside the garden of the mansion. Quickly turn left and
    you shall see a white statue. Crouch down quick and head to the bushes there.
    For precautions, tell Salvatore to wait here. Remain crouching down, and make
    sure you and Salvatore are not visible; stay behind the bushes. Now, equip
    your bat. By the time you take it out, you shall spot a guard walking your
    way. Stay on the right side, and once he get pass you, slowly follow him
    (crouching position). Charge up the bat attack, and once he stops, hit him
    hard. He will fall down immediately!
    Now, turn to Salvatore's location and proceed to the area where the guard
    came from. Do not take Salvatore with you yet; leave him there for a moment.
    There's a green arrow here (you should notice it), near a bench. Crouch down,
    and get to the switch. Press once to open the cover, and once again to switch
    everything off. Now, quickly get back behind the bushes right near Salvatore.
    After a while, a guard will walk your way and proceed to check out the
    switch. Once he stops there, get near him and hit him with the bat (charge
    Now, get back to Salvatore and call him to follow you. Now, while looking
    forward, and while the switch is on your right, move forward to the front.
    You should spot two guards here talking, but ignore them since they're not on
    your way. Get pass them on you right (near the bushes), and you should spot
    yet another door at the front. Remember to crouch down while passing the
    area. The door is locked (again), so call Salvatore to open it for you. He
    will kick the door.
    Get up the steps and open the door. Get up again to the second floor. Open
    the door. Now, you shall see a door at the front, slightly to the right. Open
    it and you shall see a hallway, linking to the other side. There's a set of
    stairs here too. Now, enter the door on the opposite side; the door you're
    currently facing. Once you enter, enter the door on your left. This is the
    prosecutor's office. Get to the safe, and hit the X button. A cut scene will
    After it ends, you must get back outside with Salvatore. Nothing is actually
    changed. Take the same route back. So from the office, turn to the right to
    enter the previous hallway (crouching position). Take note that there's a man
    here, so watch out for him upon walking. He will enter the room on your left.
    Ignore it, and proceed to the front. Enter the door back, and turn right and
    enter the door that leads back to the stairway. Get back down and get out to
    the garden. While facing outside from the door's perspective, turn left and
    again you will see the same two guards here. Walk slowly to the right area
    and head to the same spot with the statue. No one will ever know you're been
    here. Anyway, the exit which is where you came from (the door) is there (near
    the statue). Hit the X button and the game auto-saves.
    Now, your car might be gone, so try to steal a car passing by. Make sure no
    cops are around, and if they notice you stealing cars, take out the shotgun
    (or the Colt 1911) and blast them. Now, drive to the place you picked up
    Salvatore, near the stadium. But this time, the location is at the other
    street, opposite the stadium near the green arrow. Stop the car and Tommy
    will tell him to get some shut-eye.
    Now, return back to Salieri's Bar, and the mission is complete.
    Mission 14: Great Deal!
    As always, watch the movie first, since you'll be scratching your head if you
    do not watch it the first time through.
    This mission is very short, and quite simple if you're used to fighting
    swarming enemies with the machine gun. Luckily, due to this dangerous
    mission, you're armed with the machine gun. You will need it during the
    mission, so keep that in mind.
    Now, you'll start the mission outside a parking area. You'll be facing the
    garage when you start. Proceed forward inside. Turn right once you're in, and
    you shall spot a staircase leading up here. Proceed there, and continue going
    up and reach the highest floor. Once you reach the top, turn left and you
    will see a few guys here. Run forward to them. Paulie & Sam will follow you
    shortly afterwards. A cut scene will play when you reach them.
    Once the cut scene ends, you'll start crouching down, taking cover from the
    vehicle. There are a few enemies here, so auto-lock them with the R2/L2
    buttons. There are a few around the black vehicle area, and a few more will
    come once you proceed to the front. You could use the pillars for cover, the
    vehicles, anything as long as you're ok, and Paulie & Sam are alright. Their
    healths are shown on the right side of the screen, in the blue bar. Try to
    help them and assist them, before they get themselves in trouble, or got
    themselves injured too badly (30% of health).
    Note: Around the area, you must couch down. This will give you advantage on
    placing the crosshair on opponents. You can and should only run when there
    are no more enemies around.
    Once the area is cleared, look to the back where you made the deal earlier.
    You should spot a truck, and the goods are in there. Don't get in just yet;
    you'll have to clear the whole area first. Reload your machine gun and
    proceed to the next (lower) area. There are still a few enemies, but if you
    get close enough to the road that leads to the next level, some of them will
    come running to your spot. You should eliminate everyone here; just to make
    your escape easier. Kill the guys inside the cage, and kill a few more on the
    left side, around the area with the vehicles. Once they're all done with, get
    inside the cage-like area. You should spot some grenades on the ground, so
    pick them up. Pick all of them (recommended), and proceed to the front and
    then to the left side, heading to the next area,
    Now, you will see a few guys on the next level. Some of them are in front of
    you when you step in, and some of them are ready to fire on the left side.
    Before you move forward, equip your grenade. Hold the button and look up so
    that you can throw the bomb higher. Now, once you're near the area, release
    the button exactly when you see an enemy in front. Then, take some distance
    away and wait for it to explode. Try to do it quick so that Sam & Paulie are
    not in the grenade area (they'll run and shoot the enemies sometimes). Now,
    equip the next one and hold it. If your friends haven't killed the enemies on
    the left side, then release the grenade in the middle area with the enemies.
    They should all be wiped out in one blow. If there are any remaining enemies
    left, take out your machine gun and shoot them to pieces. Proceed down to the
    next level.
    This area has no enemies, so take this opportunity to catch a breath or
    reload your weapons. The next area is full of deadly enemies (most of them
    are equipped with shotguns and machine guns). So, ready yourself and get to
    the next area.
    Since this is the ground level, enemies will guard it like hell. Before you
    proceed, make sure you're in a crouching position, and your weapons are
    reloaded and enough bullets are stored. Slowly go forward and you'll spot
    some enemies in front. Paulie & Sam will run to them and shoot. Assist them,
    and if you still have the grenades with you, throw one at the crowd. Make
    sure you're distance away and so does your friends. Once all the enemies are
    cleared, Sam will tell you to get the truck and drive it. There's a health
    medicine on the right side (while facing entrance from inside). Get it, and
    get up the stairs to the highest floor again. Drive the truck down to the
    ground level. Be careful with the truck since you'll have a damage meter once
    you enter it. Use caution while going down the parking area since vehicles
    tend to block your way. Just don't crash into them. Once you reach the
    entrance, drive it outside. The game loads and then auto-saves.
    Now, you'll have to drive the truck to Salieri's Warehouse. Before you get
    there, you must first lose the tail. Although the game tells you to lose
    them, you can kill them. So, from your starting position outside, drive a
    little bit to the front and once you reach the road, quickly stop the truck
    and get out. A vehicle will stop and a few men will come out. Take out any of
    your weapons and blast them. You could also use the remaining grenades you
    picked. There should be at least one left, so take some distance away, wait
    for the vehicle to appear on the left side, and before they stop, release the
    grenade. When they are closing the doors, the grenade should have exploded in
    time. Either way, get back in the truck, use the speed limiter, make sure all
    weapons are unequipped, and drive to the warehouse. If the cops caught you
    using weapons, shoot them at sight.
    Since the truck has a damage meter, make sure you drive it carefully. Once
    you reach the warehouse, stop your vehicle in the green arrow area. The
    mission will then be complete.
    Mission 15: Buon Appitito!
    Watch the intro of this mission; it helps.
    When the game starts, you'll be facing a car. It's Salieri's car, so get
    inside. The location is Pepe's restaurant. From this point, drive straight
    and turn right once you reach a T-junction (the first junction to the right).
    Turn right when the road ends, Keep on driving and the road will lead you
    into the Central Island Tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel, look out for
    the second intersection to the left, which is a wide-opened road. Get to that
    road and it leads you up the Giuliano Bridge. When you reach at the end of
    the bridge, turn left at the first junction you see. Turn left when the road
    ends, and turn right at the next road. Drive forward and look for the second
    junction. Turn to that road, and drive forward. Once you reach the X on the
    map, a ct scene will play.
    After the cut scene, you'll be facing the entrance. Turn and face the
    opposite side. You should spot a door on you right. Open it, and continue
    inside the room. There's a health medicine on the wall on your left, but
    ignore it for now. Open the next door on your right, and crouch down and move
    forward slowly to the exit. Once you're out through the back door, move
    slightly to the right and you should spot an alley with a man at the end.
    Shoot him with the Colt 1911, and get his machine gun. If you failed to kill
    him before he makes noise, then be prepared. If he managed to shoot off his
    gun, then two enemies will appear through the door on your right when you get
    out just now. So, turn back and kill them. Get their ammo, and proceed back
    to the alley.
    While facing the main road from the alley, turn right and move around this
    corner, crouching down. Before you turn to the next corner, use the camera
    angle to see the enemies present here. Tons of them will be swarming this
    place outside of the restaurant. So, using the machine gun, pick them off one
    at a time. Some enemies will sometimes come running to your position, so take
    some distance away and fire them. You must kill every single enemy you see
    here, so do it carefully. There's one at the windows above, so use the auto-
    lock method and shoot him. Look around for enemies inside the restaurant.
    Some of them might be shooting your boss, so keep an eye. If you're injured,
    get back and get the health near the back door of the restaurant (you can do
    this later after the cut scene). You will know everyone is dead when a cut
    scene plays.
    After the cut scene, you could take your health medicine now if you want.
    Note: This part ends here, as you know. This part will be complete in the
    next update.
    Alright, since I've done half of the work so far, I want to thank the people
    that helped me (my work), and helped it easier to be completed. First, thanks
    to CJayC for still running this site, and hosting this guide. Thanks to
    myself for having trouble finding info, which includes all those nonsense
    about the strategies. Lastly, thanks to my mom for not having me paying the
    bill (lucky me).
    So thanks to my readers as well (you). Sorry for the incomplete walkthrough,
    but I'll finish it as soon as possible. I promise to finish it before the
    date hits August, but it might take a while, so this FAQ might be complete at
    the end of the year. So, thanks for your time reading this FAQ, so I hope
    that you understand anything that's written down here.
    If you have any suggestions, ideas, corrections for the mistakes I've done
    here, e-mail them to me. Please include the correct title of the game. Thanks
    again to everyone (if I missed out any).
    Again, no part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
    transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
    mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
    author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
    activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
    other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
    mention them here. This FAQ is a copyright 2004 by the author
    piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions
    Contact me as soon as possible for any inconveniences regarding this
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is a copyright (c) 2004 by piecemealcranky

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