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    Walkthrough by nicktheguider

    Version: 2.12 | Updated: 07/25/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Created: 6/24/2008  - Approximately 2 weeks later
    Version 2.12 - Posted on 7/25/2008
    Contact me
    I've created an email adress just for gamefaqs: mygfaqsemail@gmail.com  . Just 
    send me anything you want concerning this guide there. Rest assured that I will 
    check it, since all the emails sent there are automatically forwarded to my 
    normal email account.
    Hullo, this is my complete mafia walkthrough I wrote. It includes all the 
    twenty missions of the game. Remember, this is only a walkthrough for the 
    single-player campaign of the game AND the Free Ride Extreme mode (hence
    the change of version from 1.11 to 2.12), which I am very proud of.
    Also, here I don't include details about the plot. I will just explain how to 
    pass a mission, using no cheats.
    It might be of interest to the reader that I am using the Italian version of 
    Mafia 1.0 . Although the language does not matter, there are some differences 
    over the versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, but these are mostly bug fixes. 
    Also, my native language is not English. You might understand that although I 
    check for syntax/punctual/grammar errors, there might still be many annoying 
    mistakes throughout the guide. If you have spare time in your hands, contact me
    and indicate them. 
    Finally, don't hesitate to contact me in order to ask any questions or to make 
    comments. But please, only in English (or in Greek, though I doubt I would be 
    so lucky).
    I hope this guide will help you enjoy the game even more.
    Post any part or the whole guide of the guide anywhere, so long you tell me via
    email. Just don't forget to put my name.  
    Credit me me as 'nicktheguider' at Gamefaqs, and provide my email adress. 
    MISSION 1 - An offer you can't refuse
    This is the first mission of the game. One would expect it to be an extremely 
    easy mission that a 4 year old can complete. Alas, that is not the case. The 
    objective is quite simple: lose the guys that are after you. Once you begin, 
    you will immediately realise that your car is unmeasurably slow compared to the
    bad guys' car. So you understand, while you can't just outdistance their car,  
    you can make them lose you by being clever; you can try to make them crash into
    other passing-by vehicles or into streetlights, or, into trams (especially the 
    latter is super-effective). You can do that by driving towards the 
    aforementioned, and just before you crash, turn immediately to the right of 
    left. The bad guys are usually slow in their reactions and crash. 
    Another piece of advice; Take turns all the time. This will not let them 
    achieve greater speed than your car (which is really quite easy since your car
    The odds are, you are going to have to try this level a few times. After you've 
    lost the mobsters for some time, a message will appear instructing you to get 
    to Salieri's bar, at little Italy. Get there and the mission is complete.
    MISSION 2 - Running man
    The next  mission is extremely boring. For its most part, you have to drive 
    some customers around the city. It begins with your first customer telling you 
    where he wants to go. When you get there, there will be another customer, 
    etcetera etcetera. There are 5 of them in total.
    However, there are some points that should be taken into consideration. 
    Contrary to the first mission, there is the police around. That means you 
    shan't exceed 40 mph, you shan't run pedestrians over, you shan't crash into 
    cars, you shall obey traffic lights. The first limitation can be taken care of 
    by enabling the speed limiter (F5 by default), which does not allow your car to 
    exceed the speed of 40 mph. Other than that,  you can only be sure to drive 
    carefully. Remember though that you may break all those laws without being 
    pulled over, if a police man or a patrol car is not close at hand, with the 
    exception of running over pedestrians. If you do such a thing, you will have to 
    restart the mission.
    When you're done with those five types, it's time for some action. A cutscene 
    will begin during which Tommy takes a look at its car. Suddenly, two thugs will 
    show up. At first they will just smash your car with some baseball bats, but 
    afterwards they will draw their guns and try to take you out. What you have to 
    do now is to run  quickly to Salieri's bar, without being killed first. You 
    will have to follow a preset course, indicated by green arrows. You can try to 
    strafe left and right in order to avoid a great percentage of the shots, 
    however don't expect that you will finish the mission with 100 health points. 
    Once you get to Salieri's, a cutscene will begin, and the mission is over.
    MISSION 3- Molotov Party
    The mission begins with a series of cutscenes. Once you've watched them, or 
    skipped them, it's time to drive. You begin seated in a Bolt Ace Fordor, 
    accompanied by your fellow gangster, Paulie (who, in this mission, doesn't 
    really do anything). Unfortunately, this is the worst car of the game. You are 
    also armed with a baseball bat and 2 molotovs. 
    Salieri (your boss) wants you to drive to Morrelo's bar and destroy the 3 cars 
    that are parked there.
    You will first have to drive there. Don't forget to put the speed limiter on 
    and obey the laws, at least when cops are at the scene. It will take you ages 
    with this car, but finally you will get there.
    Now, the next part is quite easy. Firstly, you will first have to run over the 
    guard that stands in front of the parking area with your car. Usually he will 
    die at once. However, if he survives, he will start shooting at you, and the 
    whole thing is messed up. Several other gangsters will come through a door on 
    the right and they will start shooting at you too. Although it is possible to 
    kill one with the baseball bat, take his gun and kill the rest of them, it is 
    extremely difficult. So if the guard happens to survive the running over, start 
    over this part of the mission (by loading the last save).
    Once he's dead, park your car outside the parking lot, get out, and get your 
    molotov out. Use the two molotovs to destroy the two cars. After they exploded 
    (remember, you should be some distance away before they do, otherwise you'll 
    die), just take your baseball bat out and destroy the remaining car completely, 
    until the bar at the bottom of the screen is filled. Then simply get back to 
    Salieri's bar.
    Note: I've found that you do not need to use molotovs at all in this mission. 
    You can just destroy any car with your bat, or even with your bare hands. 
    However, it takes some more time.
    MISSION 4 - Ordinary Routine
    In this mission, Tommy will have to drive Paulie and Sam to four locations, to 
    give and take some money. The mission starts with Tommy being in Salieri's 
    office. Get out of the building, go to the parking lot and talk to Ralph (the 
    car mechanic). He will teach you how to unlock the car you will be using in 
    this mission, a Bolt Model B Fordor, quite great a car. Then, walk out of the 
    parking lot, and climb the ladder on the left. Open the door and then the door 
    on your left. There there will be Vincezo. He will give you a S&W MP, which is 
    unfortunately quite a bad weapon. Then, enter your car. Paulie and Sam join 
    you. Drive out of the alley, and the city will load.
    Then simply drive to the locations indicated in the map. Once you get to any 
    location, Paulie will get out, go somewhere and shortly afterwards  return. You 
    only have to drive. There's not really much advice to be given here, just be 
    sure to put the speed limiter on and obey laws.  Once you get to the first 
    three destinations, you will be instructed to go to a motel which is on the 
    outskirts, but just drive straight until and you will get there. Once you get 
    there, a cutscene will begin.
    It seems that some guys have attacked Paulie and are now trying to extract 
    information from Sam. You will have to get in there and kill those bastards. 
    Obviously, you can't get into the building through the front door.
     You will have to go to the back of the house, where there will be a dog. If he 
    attacks you, you will lose many health points, so you either have to 
    shoot him, or, if you like dogs and would not like to do that, be quick. There 
    is some sort of table with some crates on it on your right, beside the wall. 
    Climb on it (by pressing the jumb button), and then climb on the crates, until 
    you get to the balcony. There will be a door there. Open it.
    On your right, there should be a WC door. Open it. There will be a guy there. 
    Kill him and take his ammo. Immediately, two guys will come running from the 
    stairs. Kill them. Probably there will be a third guy on the stairs shooting at 
    you, if yes, kill him as well. Now, open the first door to the right. There 
    will be a Tommy gun on the bed. Take it. Now go down the stairs where the bad 
    guys where. Take their ammo, and get a handgun on your hands (the Colt 1911 is 
    the best).
    Once you're at the bottom floor, there's a small fight ahead. On the room on 
    the left, there will be three guys waiting to be killed. The one is behind the 
    pool table, another one in front of the  bar, and another one behind it. Kill 
    the former first, but be careful not to be visible to the other ones at the 
    same time. Once you've killed the one with the Thomson (who is behind the bar), 
    take his ammo. Presently, another guy will show up. He will come through a door 
    which is located on the opposite end of the room. He has no gun. Once he's 
    taken care of, go to the room from which the guy came. There there will be Sam. 
    After the cutscene is over, another guy will appear, this time with a gun. Kill 
    him with your Thomson. Then go towards Sam again, and another cutscene will 
    Now, it's time for a car chase. One guy is escaping with his yellow limo. Once 
    the cutscene ends, immediately enter your car and and follow him. 
    Now, what you have to do is to kill the guy. It is really quite difficult. Not 
    because he has a faster car than yours, but because he is very difficult to 
    stop. You should try to make him crash into traffic, flip him over, blow his 
    tyres, anything that will stop him. Once he is stopped, get out of  your car 
    and kill the bastard. The mission is completed.
    MISSION 5 - Fairplay
    Enough with the shooting. This mission involves  driving extremely fast cars. 
    At last.
    Salieri has persuaded many people to gamble on his driver. However, another 
    driver has an exceptional fast car and will certainly win. Unless someone does 
    something. That one is you. You will have to take the European racing car to 
    Luca Bertone, a car mechanic, to be 'modified', and then  take it back to its 
    garage. Not so difficult.
    After the cutscene with which the mission starts is over, go talk to Ralf. He 
    will teach you how to steal a Schubert Six car, which as a matter of point 
    sucks. You can choose to drive some other car in your garage if you want. Exit 
    the parking lot, the city will load. 
    Note that in this part of the mission there are no cops, hence you can do 
    whatever you want. First, you must go to the eastern part of the town, to a 
    road in the outskirts of Work Quarters. Once you get there,  you will notice 
    that there is a bar that prevents you from keeping on driving. At that point, 
    get out of the car and talk to the guy on the right (that's Bobby). He will 
    raise the bar for you. Then he will enter your car. You may continue driving. 
    Once you get outside the garage where the racing cars are kept, get out of the 
    car. Bobby will get out as well. Go to the garage indicated by the radar on 
    the car, and a cutscene will begin. Once it's over, enter the car.
    Now, you will have to get to Luca Bertone's autoshop, within some minutes, and 
    without damaging the car much. Remember that the car is very very fast, with a 
    tendency to spin. Always brake on corners, because otherwise you will crash. 
    Once you get to Bertone's, Bertone will 'fix' the car, and now you have to 
    return the car to the garage, without damaging it.
    Once you get to the garage and Bobby is done with the stupidities he says, get 
    back to the car you originally came with and drive back to Salieri's.
    Easy huh? Alas, the mission is not quite over.
    The next day, Tommy is in Salieri's bar once again. Get into any car and drive 
    to the racing circuit, the place you were before. Remember that this time, 
    there are cops around. There, Frank informs you that Sal's driver was attacked 
    by some other gangsters, and you have to race in his place.
    Now quite simply, you have to win the race. There's not much advice that can be 
    given about this. It's a rather frustrating and trying, but in the end, after 
    you've learned the track, you will easily win. As I said, it's all a matter of 
    knowing the track, braking rightly in the corners. A joystick would help too.
     That said, when the race starts, you could just overtake anyone by driving 
    to the very left of the circuit, until the first turn. Notice that a blue car
    that is positioned in front of you won't move when the race starts. 
    After that, it's just a matter of maintaining your lead.
    Next day, Bertone feels generous, and teaches you how to steal a big yellow 
    Lassiter limo. A kinda sucky car. Anyway, get your car to the parking lot 
    indicated on the map, and steal it. Make sure nobody's watching. Once you do 
    that, drive your car back to Salieri's bar, and the mission's completed.
    MISSION 6 - Sarah
    Now the next mission is quite easy. You will have to accompany Sarah, the 
    bartender's daughter, to her apartment. You begin in front of Salieri's bar, 
    and you and Sarah begin walking towards her apartment. Just keep following her 
    for now, and turn off your speakers cause she never shuts up. Sometime she will 
    turn to the left, and walk along an alley. A cutscene will begin. Some 
    guys want to beat you up. There are be 3 guys without guns. Sarah will 
    quickly escape. Do not follow her, you have to take care of those guys first. 
    Get the plank of wood to the right. Do not just stand still and hit them, but 
    circle around them and beat each once. Eventually, they will run off. Do not 
    follow the ones who do, just concentrate on the ones who don't. The most 
    dangerous is the one with the gray clothing, that holds a knife. Once you're 
    done with them, run across the alley, turn to the left, climb the stairs. 
    On your right there will be two guys beating Sarah up, and a third guy with a 
    baseball bat towards you. These are easier to take care of than the previous 
    ones. After you're done, talk to Sarah and then follow her to her apartment. 
    The mission is completed.
    MISSION 7 - Better get used to it
    Salieri wants to teach the thugs that attacked his people a lesson. 
    Go to Vincezo, he will give you a baseball bat (wow) and a colt 1911. Ralph is 
    not giving you a new car today, so just enter any car (Paulie will follow you) 
    and leave Salieri's bar. You will first have to visit Biff that hangs out in 
    Chinatown. He will tell you where the bad guys are. Their location is also 
    indicated on the map, so just drive there. Enter the lot by right clicking the 
    red gate (Tommy will kick it open), or Paulie will for you. Keep on walking 
    until you meet a couple of guys, one of which with a bat. Only the latter will 
    attack for now, and he usually attacks Paulie first. So just give him a nice 
    hit with the bat on the back and knock him out. Now move along. There will be 
    two guys beating up some guy in blue (he is friendly). As soon as they see you, 
    they will turn against you, and  two more will join them. None of them has 
    guns. Now you must knock every one out without using your gun. This is a bit 
    difficult. Remember don't just stand and hit randomly, because that will enable 
    them to hit you simultaneously. Move around and hit one at a time. You will in 
    most probability have to try this a few times.
    Once they are done away with, move along the alley to the right. There there 
    will be that guy in blue. Let him be, and climb the ladder in front of you. 
    Continue and drop on the garbage heap. Now take your Colt out and get ready for 
    some shooting. There will be a guy on your right, some distance away , shooting 
    at you. Kill him. Two others will be climbing a fence at the opposite end of 
    the lot. Kill them as well. Move a bit along. There will be another guy in an 
    alley between the house in front of you and some other houses on the left. Kill 
    him. Take everyone's ammo.
    Now move where you killed the last guy. On the left, there will be another guy 
    in blue. Kill him quickly. Move along. There will be two more guys at the end 
    of the alley, the one in front of you, and the other one on top of a small 
    building. Kill them. Now turn to the left where you killed those guys, and 
    cutscene will begin.
    The next part of the mission is very simple. When you regain control of Tommy, 
    get into the car, wait for Paulie to do as well, and then just follow the car 
    that is indicated on both the radar and on the map. You don't have to stop 
    them. Note that there is police in this mission. Eventually they will pull over 
    themselves. It's just a matter of keeping up with them. 
    Once they pull over, a cutscene will begin. The mission is over.
    MISSION 8 - The whore
    Now get ready for the  most difficult mission of the game. It seems that in the 
    last mission Tommy and Paulie messed up, for you didn't kill both drivers of 
    the car. Now you are assigned a new mission. The manager of a 'hotel' downtown 
    has betrayed Salieri, and some girl there has been giving him info about 
    Salieri's family. You have to go down there, kill them both, and put a bomb on 
    the manager's desk.
    The mission begins with you seated in a stupid car. Get to Corleone's hotel 
    (once again, its location's indicated on the map), get off the car and right  
    click on its doors, right click on them, and the hotel will load.
    Make sure you have no gun in your hands when you enter the hotel. If you do, 
    everybody will go crazy and start shooting at you. First, go to the top floor 
    by going up the stairs. Once you get there, turn to the left, enter the 
    corridor, and then open the first door on your left. Climb down the stairs and 
    open the first door you find. Now move along to your right, wait until you turn 
    once more to the right, and right-click on the first door on your left. A 
    cutscene will begin.
    Once it's over, go the stairs all the way down. You should be in the room in 
    which you were when you first entered the hotel. If you ask the guy at the 
    reception desk on your right, he should tell you that the manager is on the 
    restaurant. Get there (the room all the way down). The manager one of those 
    guys eating, but don't mind him for now. You have a fight ahead. Firstly, go 
    behind the man in black that is sitting on an armchair on your left, take your 
    gun out and kill him. Get his ammo, find a good cover, becausae two more men 
    with guns and one with a shotgun will come shortly afterwards. The one with the 
    shotgun is of course the most dangerous, kill him right when you see him (he is 
    the guy that was sitting behind the reception desk). Once you're done with 
    them, get their ammo and get out of the room, kill the sailor on your right, go 
    behind the reception desk, enter the small room there. Get a key hanging there 
    and use the health aid kit if needed. 
    Now you need to go back to the top floor again. The fight is not over though. 
    There will be a guy on the first floor in black. Kill him before he starts 
    shooting at you. Quite certainly, you will meet a guy with a shotgun and 
    another with a handgun on your way up(if you come across them simultaneously, 
    kill the one with the shotgun first). There is one or two more in the hotel, 
    that you might meet. If you do, find some good cover and kill them. Then take 
    their ammo. When you get to the top floor. On your left, you will find a door, 
    with a 'Director' label on it. Open it. There will be an armed guard in black 
    there. Get your shotgun out and kill him quickly. There will also be another 
    man there, the director. Kill him as well. Now right click on the director's 
    office. When you regain control of Tommy, run out of the room into the hallway 
    until a cutscene begins.
    The mission however is far from over.
    When you regain control of Tommy, you should quickly find a ledge leading to a 
    staircase. Climb it all the way up. Then, do not go to the roof of the building 
    to the left, instead turn to the right, open door, climb the stairs and open 
    the next door. Now turn again to the right, climb up onto the ledge, then climb 
    up onto the upper ledge on the left. Then run to the right, climb up onto the 
    ledge, jumb to get onto the other building's roof. 
    You'll notice that on a roof some distance away there's some guy with a rifle 
    shooting at you. Do not shoot him just yet. Now get onto the next roof by 
    climbing up onto the ledge in front of you, and dropping to the brown boxes.  
    Now go to the edge of this roof and kill the guy with the rifle.
    Now turn to the left. You will see some wooden 'boxes'. Jump over them, and 
    then get down on the concrete. Turn to the right, move forward. There is some 
    'staircase' right over there. Go all the way down, but without going further 
    than the end of the staircase. Don't forget to crouch. There are 4 cops there 
    waiting for you. You have to kill them all. A good idea would be to get your 
    shotgun out and wait for someone to come. Shoot him before he shoots you, and 
    wait for the rest of them.
    Once you've killed them all, before you move, make sure you have your shotgun 
    out. Move a bit forward, then turn to your right. Beside that little wall on 
    the left, there's another guy. Kill him.
    Quickly get anyone's ammo. You're not done yet. On the roof of that building to 
    the left there are two more guys. It should take you a little time to kill 
    them, since they keep crouching. Shoot at them when you can see their heads and 
    use cover when they shoot at you. These are the last guys to be killed. At 
    least in this part of the mission, because you are not yet done.
    Go to the next building's roof (by jumbing over the brown 'boxes').  On your 
    left you should see some woodes staircases. Climb up onto the ledge next to 
    them and then jumb on them (don't just drop, you will lose health points). 
    Climb the ladder until you get to the next wooden floor. You should see a 
    wooden ladder on your right. Right click on it. A cutscene will begin.  
    Now move a bit forward. There is a staircase on your right. Go all the way 
    down. You should see a health aid kit. This will restore your health points 
    completely. Now use the stairs to go all the way down. Right click on the door 
    in front of you. A cutscene will begin. Get ready for a major battle.
    Immediately kill the guy in front of you with the shotgun you may have. One 
    your left there is some sort of marblework. Go behind it to use it as a cover.
    Now there is a great number of  people in this room to be killed. Firstly, on 
    the right there is some guy in a stair loft. Kill him. On your right also there 
    is some guy among the chairs. Kill him as well, and return to your cover. Go to 
    your left. Again, there is a man among the chairs. Kill him and start moving 
    forward. As you move, you will notice that there's a guy with a Tommy gun on 
    your left. Kill him quickly. But you have company. Some more guys with shotguns 
    are entering the church. Get back to your cover. They are so far away that 
    their shotguns can't touch you. Kill them.
    Finally, there's some Tommy gunner on the opposite end of the church. He is on 
    the 'balcony'. Kill him. That should be the last guy.  A cutscene will begin. 
    After it ends, get immediately in the hearse in front of you and drive away. 
    There are some cops after you.If  you are unlucky, there will be a cop waiting 
    for you outside. If so, restart that part of the mission.  An easy way to evade 
    your being caught is to move a bit forward and then enter the park on your 
    Once you are not wanted anymore, get back to Salieri's. Feww.
    MISSION 9 - A trip to the country
    Sam and Paulie are off for an whiskey operation, and Tommy has to keep an eye 
    of them. Contrary to the previus one, it's very easy and very enjoyable.
    After the first cutscene is over, go and talk to Ralph. He will teach you how 
    to steal a  Bolt V8, a very nice car. Enter it, leave the lot and wait for the 
    city to load. Once it's loaded, head to some place in Hoboken, indicated of 
    course on the map.  Once you get there, a cutscene will begin, during which 
    Paulie will drive you to the area where the business is supposed to take place. 
    Then Paulie gives you two guns and tells you to go find Sam, who was supposed 
    to be there. Get the Colt 1911 on your hands and follow the dirt path all the 
    way till you get to the edge of the farm. On your right there should be a 
    truck. Go and talk to the driver (just right click on the right door of the 
    truck, as you do when you steal a car) and a cutscene will begin. You realise 
    that the truck driver is dead. Three guys show up to do away with you. The one 
    is some distance away, beside a building, and the two others are to the left of 
    the truck. Once you regain control of Tommy run to the right side of the truck 
    and duck. Firstly, kill the guy behind you, the one next to the small building 
    some distance away. Now get the shotgun in your hands. Sneak from the front of 
    the truck and quickly kill the thug in black (he holds a shotgun). Then kill 
    the other. Take everyone's ammo.
    Now turn around and move along the path on the left of the truck. There is a 
    building on your right. On the second floor there's some guy with a handgun. 
    Kill him and enter the building's first room (the one closer to you), with the 
    shotgun in your hands. 
    In that room there's noone. Turn to the left and enter the room on your left 
    now. There's a thug hidden behind the half-opened door in front of you. Kill 
    him quickly with your shotgun. 
    Some two more guys will go down the stairs behind you. Kill them with your 
    There's also a health aid kit in that room, but unless you're really wounded, 
    do not use it for the moment. Start climbing up the stairs. But walk on 
    reverse, so you can see what's going on on the other side of the room. Right 
    next to the stairs, there's a guy with a shotgun. Kill him quickly. 
    Now use the health aid kit if neccessary and leave this building. Return to the 
    path which you were following before you entered the building.
    Move straight and get your Colt on your hands. On your left, there is a 
    building. Once you've got close enough, one guy with a handgun and one with 
    shotgun will open the door and start shooting at you. Kill them and take their 
    Continue moving along the path. There is a building on your right. Once you've 
    close enough, two more guys will show up. Kill them and take their ammo.
    Now head back to where Paulie and his men were. There will be some shooting up 
    going on there, but you do not need to interfere. Once it's over, talk to 
    Paulie. You and he will have to go and save Sam.
    Now run along the dirt path you used before. The second building on your left 
    is the place where Sam is. Get to its entrance doors. Paulie will flee for a 
    moment to get something to break the doors open. You just wait there. He will 
    shortly afterwards return, and open the door. Before he does, get your shotgun 
    When the door is opened, move a bit forward and aim with your shotgun the man 
    that is on the first floor on the building, that is, he is not in the room in 
    front of you, but on the upper. He is visible to you because the floor of the 
    first floor is not as lengty as the floor of the ground floor. Then take your 
    handgun out and kill the two men that are in the room whose door you have just 
    opened, take the one with the shotgun first. Now climb the stairs on the right 
    the way  you did previously; again, there's a guy right next to the staircase. 
    Kill him with your shotgun. Use the health aid kit on the room if needed and 
    then go up the next staircase. Sam will be there. Talk to him.  A cutscene will 
    You are not done yet. When you regain control of Tommy, go down the stairs all 
    the way down the building. On your left there will be two cars approaching, 
    with two thugs each. Do not get very close to them and try to kill them with 
    your shotgun. Instead, take them with the handgun, the ones that are close to 
    you first, and then the others. A cutscene will begin.
    Now you have to escape. You sit in the open back of the track with a Thomson 
    gun. In total three cars will come after you. You have to kill each driver 
    quickly. Remember to reload when you knock the first and the second car out.
    Now, after the cutscene is over, you can either return to Sal's or go to 
    Bertone's autoshop.
    Bertone's Mission:
    Lucas wants you to tell his friend that lives in Hoboken something. It's quite 
    easy. Just get into any car, drive there, right click on the lit door, and 
    that's all. Get back to Bertone's. He will tell you how to unlock a stupid car, 
    the Ulver Fordor. He will also tell you where to find it; somewhere in Oakwood. 
    Get there, make sure no cop's around, and steal it.
    Now get  back to Salieri's.
    MISSION 10 - Omerta
    It seems that Frank has betrayed Salieri and would like to give information to 
    the police in exchange for protection. So Sal wants you to kill Frank.
    After the cutscene's over, get some guns from Vincezo. Ralph will also teach 
    you how to steal a Schubert Extra Six, another awful car. Anyway, get in it or 
    any other car you want and leave the parking lot. The city willl load.
    In order to kill Frank, you have to find him first. Presently you will have to 
    meet Biff in Chinatown. Talk to him. He does not know where he is, and 
    redirects you to another guy. Find him and talk to him. He does not know 
    either, but he also redirects you to some other guy under Giulano Bridge. He's 
    the bald one. He does know, but he won't tell you right away. Just punch him 
    once or twice and he will tell you that where Frank's. Do not shoot him, as you 
    might attract the police (or even worse kill him). Get to the place in Oakwood 
    the bald guy told you Frank is. Now you will have to follow that big car. Don't 
    put that speed limiter on, just keep on following him. You can't stop the car, 
    but you have to follow it, until it gets to the airport. 
    After the airport's loaded, there's a fight ahead. Get into the building in the 
    front, but immediately crouch and hide behind the armchairs on the right. There 
    are four men in this room. First, kill the one in the centre of the room, the 
    one with the handgun. If possible kill the other one on the left who holds the 
    Tommy gun, but usually he will not damage you enough. After a while he will run 
    out of bullets and come towards you, then you can kill him safely. There is 
    also another guy close to you, on the right. Kill him when he becomes visible 
    with your shotgun. There's finally another guy with a handgun behind the 
    reception desk. Kill him. Frank however escapes in time. 
    Now, take some handgun ammo, use the door in front of you to get out and turn 
    to the right. You will be able to kill one of the guards with your Colt 1911. 
    If not, in a few seconds a guard will stay back and start shooting at you. Kill 
    him, get his tommy gun. Now, you'll notice that there is a truck approaching in 
    front of you. Get your shotgun out, stop it (by standing on its way), kill the 
    driver and get the track. Now , move forward to the direction to which Frank 
    and his guards went. In the warehouse, there are about 5 armed people that will 
    attack you mercilessly when you enter it. Just pass them by for now. You will 
    notice Frank and his guards running towards some buildings. Let them be for 
    now, for if you try to run over them there is a danger of killing Frank. Now 
    move a bit forward, and then turn around. Basically you have to run over all 
    the thugs in the warehouse. Of course, you cannot kill them all simultaneously, 
    so just run one or two over at a time, then turn around and then come back for 
    the rest. Once you're done with them, exit the truck and go behind the 
    buildings where Frank and his guards went. Do not get too close to them, 
    though. Kill them with your Tommy gun, until Frank's the only one left. Now, 
    get back in the front of the buildings, you will notice that in the Traffic 
    Control Tower (or whatever that is),there's some guy with a sniper weapon. Kill 
    him with your Colt. Now go and talk to Frank. A cutscene will begin.
    After it's over, turn around and move forward. On the left there will be two 
    guys in front of the entrance of the waiting building. Kill them, enter the 
    building and immediately kill the guy on the phone. Then talk to Frank's wife 
    (that woman with the hat). Now go get Frank. Right click on him. After you've 
    untied him, he will follow you. Get once again to his family, and a cutscene 
    will begin. 
    After it's over, get   back to the building where the first battle took place. 
    On the reception desk there are some tickets. Take them and return to Frank's 
    family. A cutscene will begin. After it's over, get a car and go to the bank, 
    which is in Downtown. Exit the car and right click on the bank's door. After 
    that, you may either go to Sal's or to Bertone's.
    Bertone's mission
    Luca's wants you to beat up a gorilla named Big Stan. That guy beat up some 
    friend of his. Get into your car, drive to the place where the guy there, and 
    beat him up. Do not shoot him, and in general do not kill him. Beat him until 
    he runs off. Then get back to Bertone's. He will tell you how to steal a 
    fantastic car, a Thor 810, which is located in Oak hill. Steal it. There is 
    some guard there. Either wait for him to turn his back or simply kill him. Now 
    take your car to Sal's and the mission's over.
    MISSION 11 - Visiting rich people
    It seems that there is still some guy who's after Salieri. He has gathered not 
    only witnesses but evidence too. Paulie and Sam are doing away with the 
    witnesses, but you will have to destroy the documents. The most important of 
    them are in a house in the Oak hill. You will have to take Salvatore, a guy 
    that can open safes, with you. Then you will drive to that house, sneak into 
    it, take the documents and escape.
    Firstly, go to Vincezo. He will give you a baseball bat and a Colt 1911. You 
    will need them both. Get into any car and get to the place where Salvatore 
    hangs out. Let him in the car and drive him to the villa in Oakhill. Salvatore 
    will open the door for you. The villa will now load. 
    Once it's loaded, crouch immediately. Salvatore will do so too. Now, turn to 
    the left, where the first statue is. Go behind it, and talk to Salvatore. That 
    will tell him to stay where he is and stop following you. Now, go on the 
    statue's right, get your bat on your hands, and left click to load it up. Don't 
    let the left mouse button go. Wait for the guard to pass. Once he does, sneak 
    behind him. Sometime he will stop walking. Knock him out and get his weapon. 
    Crouch again and return to Salvatore. Talk to him again. Now he is following 
    you again.
    Now go where you killed the guard, and forward, then to the left. Move all the 
    way forward until you get to the hedges on the right side, the ones around the 
    pool. Be careful though, occasionaly, the maid enters the room that looks on 
    the garden, and turns the lights on. If she sees you, she will call the guards. 
    If she shows up, hide behind some bushes and wait for her to leave. Now, in 
    front of the house, there is another guard, with a shotgun. Once he is on the 
    pool level and starts walking towards the left, follow him, with your bat 
    loaded up. Once he stops walking, hit him, and take his gun.Now go up those 
    stone stairs and wait beside the wall. Make sure you are not visible through 
    the window. Wait for the maid to come once again. Once she turns the lights 
    off, enter through the main door. 
    Note: Although it is possible to simply kill any guard in the garden and then 
    steal the documents, this is almost impossible. The way mentioned above is much 
    more easy.
    Now that you are in the villa,  drop the baseball bat and get the Colt 1911 on 
    your hands. Enter the wooden door that on the left side of the wall in front of 
    you. There will be a glass panel there, looking outside. There are two guys 
    with shotguns there. Kill them quickly. If one gets too close, kill him with 
    your shotgun.
    Go up the stairs behind you and then then up the left staircase. Open the door 
    in front of you and turn to the left. There is a door in the end of the 
    hallway. That is the room you need to go to. Open the door and right click on 
    the safe. A cutscene will begin. 
    When it ends, right click on the safe to take its contents. The master of the 
    house has returned home. With some armed guys. Go out of the room and out of 
    the hallway. You should see two men in the room, one with a Tommy gun and one 
    with a shotgun. Just find some good cover and wait for the guy with the Tommy 
    gun to run out of bullets. Also, have your shotgun ready and get ready for the 
    guy with the shotgun approach. Once he's close enough, kill him. Ultimately, 
    the guy with the Thomson gun will run out of bullets. Kill him then. 
    Note: Sometimes there the shotgun guy comes after a long while, or does not 
    come at all. Do not wait for him to come. 
    Now get out of the building via the door in front of you. Go to where the white 
    car is, but don't try to steal it just yet. Wait for two more guys to come from 
    the path on the left. Sometimes there's only one, the other's waiting in the 
    corner of the house. Kill them and then try to steal the car. You do not know 
    how to do this just yet, but Salvatore will teach you. After he has, enter the 
    car, wait for Salvatore to do so, and follow the path on the right. Some guys 
    will be shooting at you, but let them be and just head for the entrance of the 
    villa. Once you get there, the city will load.
    Now take Salvatore back to his apartment. Once you get there, stop and wait for 
    him to get out of the car. 
    Now just get back to Sal's bar.
    MISSION 12 - A great deal
    Salieri wants to make a new whiskey deal, so he sends you and Paulie and Sam to 
    make a deal with a guy named  Bill. You don't have to get a weapon from Vincezo 
    or get a car and drive there, for fortunately you already have a weapon and are 
    there. Sam and Paulie will be there and will be following you wherever you go. 
    Now just go up the ramps that are on every garage level (the first ramp's in 
    front of you when you enter the garage) to get to the top level. A cutscene 
    will begin.
    Now once the cutscene ends, it's time for a major fight. Get your Thomson out 
    and start shooting at all guys in black. Bill, the guy with the grey clothing, 
    will be killed anyway, so just don't mind him. In the room, there are guys with 
    Tommy guns, shotguns, and handguns. You should try to kill the ones with the 
    Tommy guns first, then handgunners and finally the shotgunners, because they 
    are so far away that they can't harm you. However, if one shotgunner comes 
    close to you or to Sam or Paulie, kill him immediately. In addition, Sam and 
    Paulie are stupid and move towards the thugs, so just try to cover them, by 
    killing the guys with shotguns that are near them and the Tommy gunners. The 
    handgunners are the most harmless, but of course kill them as well. All this 
    time you should be using cars as covers. 
    After a little, an other car will arrive with four men in it. Kill them as 
    well. You can shoot those yellow barrels that are near the ramp. After a few 
    shots they explode, killing the guys that are near them. Once you've killed 
    those four, make sure there's no thug left in the opposite end of the room. 
    Take everyone's ammo.
    Now go to the ramp on the left. There will be at least one guy inside the 
    'room' in the middle. He's too far away to damage you. Kill him. Now there's 
    another guy either where the previous guy was, or beside the wall on the your 
    immediate left, you should see him once you've gone a bit down the ramp. Kill 
    him quickly. Sometimes, there's another guy on the left end of the room behind 
    a car. Kill him. Take their ammo.
    Now move a bit toward the next ramp. You should clearly see a guy in front of 
    you, who will not shoot immediately. Kill him before he does. Now there will be 
    3 or 4 guys on the left of the room. They can be very dangerous. Just try to 
    kill them with your Tommy gun before they kill you. Unfortunately, Sam and 
    Paulie make it more difficult by getting on your way. Once you're done, take 
    their ammo.
    Go down the next ramp. There are no bad guys in this floor. Now move towards 
    the next ramp, but don't get close. You should see two cars there that are 
    blocking the way. There is a guy behind it. He will throw at you 2 molotovs in 
    total. Sam and Paulie will in all probability move towards them, and die. 
    Kill the guy behind the car by shooting on the yellow barrels. Now there are 3 
    more guys on the left. They can be very hard to kill, especially when having 
    Sam and Paulie getting on  your way. Once they've died, you can finally breathe 
    easily. Use the health kit on the wall on the right. Now get any car and go up 
    all the ramps till you get to the top floor again. Paulie will follow you. Get 
    out and enter the track on the opposite end. Now go all the way down till the 
    entrance of the building. The city will load.
    Once it's loaded, turn immediately to the right, get to Giulano bridge and head 
    towards the warehouse. Two cars are after you. Do not put the speed limiter on 
    in any case. The guys might  get you sometimes, try tomake them crash into 
    traffic or trolleys. If you get to the warehouse and the guys are still after 
    you, get out of the car and kill them all. The mission's completed.
    MISSION 13 - Bon Apettite!
    Salieri now wants you to drive him to a italian restaurant.
    The mission begins with you standing next to a great car (which by the way you 
    never learn how to unlock). Salieri's in it. Jumb into the car and get to the 
    restaurant, that is of course indicated on the map. When you get there, a 
    cutscene will begin.
    Once it's over, duck immediately and get your weapon out. Exit the room by the 
    door behind you, then open the door on the right and get out. You will see an 
    alley on your front right. There is one Tommy gunnner standing there. Kill him. 
    Get his gun. Now turn to the right move forward. On your right now there's a 
    ton of guys in front of the restaurant entrance, they should be easy to kill 
    though.It's rather a fun fight. There might be one in the restaurant with 
    Salieri. Kill him carefully. Now get back outside in front of the restaurant, 
    where you killed all those guys. There's a terraced building on the right of 
    the restaurant. Its ground door is open. There might be a guy there, kill him. 
    There is also another guy in the window on the first floor, kill him as well. A 
    cutscene will begin.
    Now Salieri wants you to kill the traitor that gave the gangsters the 
    information. Before you leave, collect some ammo. Now enter the car and get to 
    the guy's house. 
    Once he house loads, follow Salieri. He will knock the door. Nobody will open. 
    Right click on it to open it by yourself and run towards the window. Tommy gets 
    out of the room through the window. Now go down the stairs and kill the 
    bastard. He is in his underwear but beware, he holds a gun. Just find him and 
    kill him with the shotgun. Note that there are three more guys in the lot after 
    you, the one in purple shirt holds a gun. Kill that first and then the other 
    Now get back to Sal's bar.
    MISSION 14 - Happy Birthday!
    Salieri now wants to revenge on Morello for trying to kill him. The first guy 
    you're going to kill is the Councilman. He's having a birthday party on a boat. 
    You will need to get to the port where the ship is, disguise, find a gun hidden 
    in a boat and kill him. 
    Firstly, Ralph will teach you how to unlock a Chromium Crusader Streak. The 
    only good in that car is its colour. Don't go to Vincezo. Get in the car and 
    drive to the port. You won't be able to get in the port, just park outside and 
    get there on foot. You will see what I mean when you get there. You'll see that 
    there's the ship all right. However, that gorilla that is standing on the 
    wooden platform won't let you get in. Now turn around. You'll see a telephone 
    booth on the distance. There's an open door right there. Enter it, and open any 
    door you meet, till you get to a room with a sailor's uniform in it. Right 
    click on it to wear it. Now go back to the gorilla. This time he will let you 
    in. The ship will load.
    Once it's loaded,  move along the right part of the ship. Go to the door 
    straight ahead and open it. There's some bucket there. Right click on it to 
    hold it. Now exit the toilets and talk to the guy in the stripped shirt that 
    hangs out at the bottom deck. Now run the stairs that were in front of you when 
    the ship loaded up. Get to the left part of the deck. Now on the first corner, 
    turn to the right, then to the left and then two times to the left. Right click 
    on that door . You realise that you need the key to get in. Get back to the guy 
    with the odd shirt was. Talk to him, then talk to him again. Now return to the 
    toilets you couldn't enter. Now you can. Right click on this piece of dirt, to 
    have Tommy clean it up. This will take sometime. After you're done, you will 
    notice a gun hidden on the floor on your right. Drop the bucket, take the gun, 
    but make sure you have empty hands.Now go back to the guy in the striped shirt, 
    talk to him, and then run the stairs all the way up till you get to the top 
    deck, where some guys are singing. Just stay there and wait. A cutscene will 
    begin shortly afterwards. After its over, get behind the guy that's making the 
    speech. Quickly get your gun out and kill him. Now go down the stairs on the 
    left, and then the other stairs behind you. Paulie will be there with a boat. 
    Right click on it and the mission is complete.
    MISSION 15 - You lucky bastard!
    Now in this mission, Salieri wants you to kill Morello's brother, a lucky 
    bastard named Sergio. This is the longest mission of the game, but not the 
    When the mission starts, go get some guns from Vincezo and then get Ralph to 
    teach you how to steal a Guardian Terraplane. The car sucks so I would 
    recommend getting the green Lassiter (Salieri's car from the Bon apettite 
    mission), which is very much faster and handles well.
    Now get to the city, and go to the destination marked on the map. 
    Now get out of the car. Paulie will explain you the plan. After he's done, 
    right-click on the phone booth that's located near you on the pavement. A 
    cutscene will begin.
    Things have gone wrong and now four guys are after you. When you regain control 
    of Tommy, get immediately in the car, wait for Paulie to do so, and take your 
    leave The guys will get in a car and be after you, but you should outdistance 
    them if you have a fast car. After they've lost you, get back to Salieri.
    But you can't give up now. You must kill that lucky bastard.  Vincezo will give 
    you some dynamite. Grab it, get any car and get to his girlfriend's house, 
    which is in Oakwood. 
    Once you get close , you should see a sports car parked outside a house. Do not 
    get closer. There will be a guard there taking a smoke. Wait him to get in the 
    house, and then get near the car. Now just right click on that sports car, and 
    a cutscene will begin.
    Things however go wrong again. It seems the wrong person blew up.  Fortunately, 
    there's no hot pursuit in this part of the mission. You don't even have to go 
    back to Salieri's. 
    Now you're going to have to try again. This time, the method is much more 
    simple. You and Paulie will get to a place where the lucky bastard hangs out 
    and kill him.
    This part of the mission begins with you and Paulie sitted on a nice Thor car. 
    Now get to the Rainbow  Garden, the place where the lucky bastard is now. Get 
    there, a cutscene will begin. 
    However, it all goes wrong again. Now one car's after you. As usual, put the 
    speed limiter off, take many turns and try to make them crash into trams. 
    Beware though, this car does not handle very well.  If after much time there's 
    still a car after you, just get your colt out and kill them.
    After chase's over, get back to Salieri's.
    Now Sal is angry with you and assigns the job to some professionals. The plan 
    is to have Sergio's car be hit by a train. You however deside to keep an eye on 
    them. A  cutscene will begin.
    The lucky bastard is lucky once more. Now you have to follow his black car unti 
    it gets to the port. It's a very fast car, so don't put the speed limiter on, 
    and don't try to stop it, just follow it till it gets to the port. A cutscene 
    will begin.
    Once it's over, immediately duck. Get your gun out and kill the guy on your 
    right. Then move a bit to the left, still behind the car, stand up, and kill 
    the guy with the shotgun behind the bushes. Duck again, and move to the right 
    again. There's a guy with a Tommy gun there. Stand up again and kill him before 
    he shoots at you. There's one more guy next to the truck a few metres away, 
    with a shotgun. Kill him.
    Now move a bit forward. 
    Two more trucks will come, with two men each, all with shotguns. Kill the ones 
    that are close to you first, and the other ones second. Get everyone's ammo. 
    You're going to need it. Handguns, shotguns, tommy guns. Take anything you 
    Now get the Tommy gun on your hands, and get where the furthest truck is (the 
    one of the two with the men with the shotguns). On the right, there is some 
    short of a building with a guy standing in the 'window' of the first floor. 
    Kill him. Now move a bit to the left. Another thug will be coming from the same 
    direction. Kill him as well.
    Now get on the building on your left, on the opposite side of the street (in 
    fact it's opposite to the port gate), that is, the building next to the fence. 
    Get on the left side, with your Thomson out. Two guys should come out of the 
    'doors' on the right. Kill them quickly. Now turn 180 degrees, then on your 
    left. A guy should show up. Kill him with your Thomson. Take their ammo.
     Now get back to where you killed those couple of guys. Move all the way 
    forward.  Move till the grass ends (there will be dirt instead). Now, straight 
    ahead you should see some short of garage with a couple of guys guarding it. 
    Kill them from a safe distance (kill the one in black first) and take their 
    ammo. Now steal the car that is parked near them. 
    Before we continue, I should warn you that there are two guys with sniper guns 
    on the cranes next to the sea. Right now you are two far away to be shot by 
    them, but later on you should be careful always using covers, because they can 
    harm you very very much. 
     Now, on the left side of the car, you should see a building with some blue 
    parking doors. There is also another blue door on the same building, on the 
    right of the blue big parking doors. Open it, enter the hallway and get your 
    shotgun ready. On the second door to the right there is a guy looking at a 
    window. Kill him quickly with your shotgun, and drop it. Now get his gun on 
    your hands, a big rifle that allows you to take down distant targets. Also, on 
    the door at the end of the hallway, there is a health kit which you may use.
    Now get out of that building and go back to where you killed the two guys. 
    Enter the small van. Turn 90 degrees to the left and move forward, until you 
    see some wood piles on the left. Stop there, leave the car, and get your rifle 
    Note: You should be able to see some big barrels in front of the left crane.
    If you shoot at them with your rifle some times, at the right angle, they will
    explode. If you choose to do that, you may skip the next 5 paragraphs, since
    everybody dies that way. I didn't know this at the time of writing the
    guide, I read it in Geezguy's Mafia walkthrough on the same site. I thank him
    heartily because frankly, I'll never continue this mission the old way again.
    You should see some guy with a Thomson gun next to some other wood piles 
    on the front right. Kill him. Be careful though not to be shot by the snipers.
         Now get back to the car, and drive it to the behind of the first group of 
    crates next to the last woodpile (where you killed the Tommy gunner). By now 
    the guys with the snipers will be shooting at you, but unless you're unlucky 
    they should not damage you. Leave the car,  however keep in mind that unless 
    you're behind some cover all the time the snipers can kill you, so duck all the 
    time. Quickly get the ammo of the Tommy gunner and return to the back of the 
    Now get behind the next group of crates on your right, and then behind the next 
    (so you must be behind the third group of crates) .  Do that very quickly to 
    avoid the sniper shots. 
    On the right side of the crates there is a Tommy gunner. Kill him very quickly 
    and return to your cover. Do not attempt to take his ammo.
    Now it's time to kill the snipers. Take your rifle out. Stay behind your cover. 
    You should notice that each guy does not just stand up still, he moves around. 
    Once one he has turned his back to you, shoot him. Each guy usually needs 3 
    shots to be killed. Be careful, when you shot one you shouldn't be visible by 
    the other. Also, after you shoot one, get back behind the crates, and wait till 
    you have the chance to shoot him again, or change cover and try to take the 
    other down instead.
     After you've killed them, you can breath easily. You can now walk around 
    freely without need for a cover. Of course, there are still some armed guys 
    throughout the port, but they are usually to far away to harm you. Anyway, if 
    you see any, kill him.
    If you need to replenish your health, turn to your right and move forward till 
    you see a building with an open door on the left. Enter it. On that room there 
    is a health aid kit.
    Now start moving towards the opposite direction, along the rails. You should 
    see one rail switch. Ignore him and keep on moving. There is another one, next 
    to a tanker car. Right click on it to move it. Now go to the right side of the 
    wagon (on your left), duck, face towards the wagon and right click. It should 
    start rolling towards a building, and crash into its gate. Get there and a 
    cutscene will begin.
    Once it's over, get ready for a small and not hard fight. It's time to kill the 
    lucky bastard. Get your Thomson out get to the smashed gates, and duck.
    There will be a guy with a handgun on the left, on top of a pile of woods. Take 
    him out. Now on the right, among some crates and piles, there should be one guy 
    with a shotgun. Kill him as well. Sometimes, but oddly not always, another guy 
    will come from behind a crate on the right.  And another shotgun guy will come 
    from the left. 
    Once you're done with them, get to the right where you killed the second guy, 
    drop the rifle and get his shotgun. Now move a bit forward. On your left, next 
    to another wood pile, there is a guy with a shotgun. Kill him quickly.
    Now there's only the lucky bastard left. He's on the opposite end of the room, 
    on the centre. Kill him easily. Go where his corpse is. A small cutscene will 
    Now turn around. You may use the health kit that's located on a room on the 
    front left.
    Get out of the warehouse and enter the small van you used before. Drive towards 
    the gate. There should be many guys there shooting at you, but never mind them 
    for now. When you're near the gate, exit the car and kill them all. 
    Now you may exit the port. The city will load. You may either go back to 
    Salieri's or head to Bertone's.
    Bertone's misssion
    Now Luca wants you to get to Chinatown and take one wounded friend of his to a 
    doctor. This mission is timed, so you need to be quick and precise, however 
    don't put the speed limiter off. Once you get there, park next to the   injured 
    guy, exit the car, talk to the man crouching next to him, and then enter the 
    car again. Wait for Luca's friend to enter your car and then drive very fast to 
    the doctor. Once you get to his house, park outside it. The injured guy will 
    thank you and exit the car.
    Now get back to Luca's. He will tell you that there's a Bruno Speedster 851 car 
    in the central island. Get there, make's sure there's no cop around, make sure 
    the parking attendant is not looking and steal the car.
    Now get back to Salieri's. 
    MISSION 16 - Creme de la Creme
    By now you must have noticed that although you've killed a couple of guys 
    related to  Morello's family, you haven't killed Morello himself. It's time to 
    do that.
    Once the first cutscene is over, go to Vincezo (leave the bar immediately 
    because there's some smoking contest going on and smoking  harms). He will give 
    you a shotgun. Ralph has nothing for you today. Then get the fastest car you've 
    got (it has to be a 4 seater), wait for Paulie and Sam to do so too and exit of 
    the parking lot.
    Now you have been informed that Morello's a the theatre located on the Central 
    Island. The plan's to get there and kill him. So drive there.
    However, either you are late or the show was over soon. Morello and some guards 
    are already out of the theatre. Once you get close, they will enter a limo and 
    try to lose you. Put the speed limiter off, and do your best to keep visual 
    contact. Don't try to stop the car, just follow it till it gets out of town. 
    Now there are two possible endings for the mission:
    Ending A: Morello's car enters the airport on the left. The airport will load. 
    As you move towards his car, your car breaks down. Leave the car, and move 
    straight ahead till you see Morello's limo pulled over, and a plane starting to 
    taxi. There will also be two guards. Take out your shotgun, get very near them 
    (they might damage you much but that does not matter) and kill them.
    Now if you turn around you will see that your car has been repaired. It is on 
    your behind left. Enter it through the back, right door. Paulie will give you 
    his Thomson. Once you have control of Tommy again, sneak out of the window and 
    shoot at the plane's right or left engine. Once the bar reaches the middle, 
    start shooting at the second engine. Once the bar's empty, time to relax. After 
    a while a cutscene will begin.
    Ending B: Morello's car keeps on moving until it reaches an unfinished bridge. 
    A cutscene will begin.
    Now you may either go back to Salieri's or go to Bertone's for a mission.
    Bertone's mission: 
    It seems that some thugs did something illegal, and then parked the car they 
    used to Luca Bertone's autoshop. Luca wants you to dispose of the car by 
    letting it off a cliff.
    Turn the speed limiter off because the cops will be after you forever no matter 
    what. Get to Oakwood and to that little road by the sea. Turn to the right 
    (where the grass is, next to the cliff), and then next to the lighthouse. Stop 
    just there, leave the car, walk to the road, steal a car and bump the car off 
    the edge. 
    This mission is sometimes very frustrating. It took me two days to pass it. The 
    reason for this is mostly a bug. Due to this bug, sometimes you get this car to 
    fall off the cliff and into the water, but still the game does not think so. 
    When this happens, there is nothing you can do. Just restart the mission.
    Once you've made it, get back to Bertone's. He will tell you how to steal a 
    Celeste Marque 500. Get to New Ark, to the place where it's located. You will 
    be able to see there the white vehicle that you're after, but unfortunately, 
    the owner enters it and starts driving. You can follow him till he gets to his 
    house and parks it, but frankly, it is more easy to kill him and take his car. 
    It is possible that a cop will be around, kill him as well.
    Now get back to Sal's bar.
    MISSION 17  - Election Campaign
    Salieri now wants Tommy to kill a corrupt politician that is threatening 
    Salieri's buziness. You will for once be given a sniper rifle, to be able to 
    kill him from a safe distance. You will have to get to the City Jail that's 
    located on the Central Island, kill everyone in there, and kill the bastard 
    that's giving a speech in an island. 
    Firstly go to Vincezo. He will give you the sniper and a colt. Then go to 
    Ralph. He will teach you how to unlock a Wright Coupe, a fantastic car. 
    Fortunately, this time you can just take a walk while he's talking. Once he's 
    done with his blah blah, enter the car and head out of Salieri's bar. 
    Now you must go to the city jail. From there you will clear your target. Put 
    the speed limiter on and drive there via the tunnel. It isn't so far. 
    Once you're there, you will notice that there's some sort of alley on the left 
    of the building. Enter it, and leave the car. There is some worker there. 
    Quickly kill him and right click on his body. A cutscene will begin.
    Once it's over, right-click on the 'ladder' in front of you, or better beneath 
    you. A 'cutscene will begin'. 
    Once you regain control of Tommy, move forward, right click on the ladder and 
    the next part of the mission will load. 
    Once you regain control of Tommy, turn left, move forward and then turn left 
    again. Move forward until you see a door on your left. Open it. 
    Now go through the next door. Don't worry, there are no bad guys in this floor. 
    Turn to the left, open the wooden door, move forward towards the next wooden 
    door, go through it and head up the stairs on the right.
    Do not climb them all the way up. Stop a little before you've done that. There 
    should be a guy coming from the right in front of you. He will not notice you, 
    so just take your Colt out and kill him quickly. Now move a bit forward, get 
    where you killed the guy. On your left, there should be 3 guys, two of them 
    with handguns and one with a knife. However they will soon run out of ammo and 
    try to attack you with knives. Kill them easily, and collect their ammo.
    Now go through the wooden door and move straight ahead till you get to the 
    balcony. Run up the stairs on the left, and then enter the room on your left. 
    You should hear some voices. Get your colt out, and open the door. Quickly kill 
    the guy in front of you.Some guy in black will also walk in front of you 
    shortly afterwards (sometimes, he doesn't), kill him as well. Now there will be 
    two more guys in the room, usually behind the flaming barrels, but sometimes 
    they will come towards you. Kill them with a handgun. Take everyone's ammo, 
    including the shotgun. Now get the shotgun out. Move towards the open door on 
    the opposite end of the room (to the right of the door that you kicked open). 
    Once you're almost there, move a bit to the right, turn around, quickly kill 
    the guy with the bat, turn again around, and quickly kill the guys on your left 
    with your shotgun. They should die with one shot. Get their ammo. 
    Now pass througth the next two doors, and keep moving along, until you see a 
    health kit on the left. Use it if you need it. Now turn 180 degrees and enter 
    the next room. Get your handgun out. 
    When you enter the next room, you will see some short of wooden jail. There 
    will be some guy there with a handgun shooting at you. Kill him.
    Note: Don't forget to collect your shotgun again after you use a handgun.
    Now go through the 'door' on the right. Get your handgun out. There is a 
    staircase on the right. Duck and start climbing it slowly. There might already 
    be some guy with a handgun shooting at you. Kill him. As you keep on moving, 
    you should meet two more guys. Don't forget to take their ammo. 
    When you get to the next floor, start climbing the staircase that leads to the 
    next floor again. Before you start, a guy will fall off the gap between the 
    staircases, but that does not matter. However, next to where the guy was, there 
    is some man with a shotgun. Kill him very quickly. That should be the last guy.
    Climb the stairs the entire way up until you see a door on your left. Open it. 
    Your game will be saved.
    Now it's time to kill the bastard. He's on that island some distance ahead 
    giving a speech. Take the Mosin nagant weapon out, press the sniper button (by 
    default S). Now kill the bastard. He may die with one shot if you manage to get 
    him on the head, but usually you need to shots. If however it takes you more 
    time, his bodyguards will put him in a car and leave. If that happens, game 
    over, but don't worry, just load the part of the mission again and try again.
    Once he's dead, exit the balcony through the door behind you, go the stairs the 
    ENTIRE way down. There is an open door on the bottom floor. Go through it and 
    turn left. You are again outside the building, but unfortunately in the place 
    where the dogs are kept. The easiest way out would be to kill them with a 
    shotgun, however if you love animals too much you could try strafing left and 
    right in order to evade them. Move forward till you see a locked door. Shoot at 
    the lock some times with a handgun and open the door. The city will load.
    Now enter your car and go back to Salieri's or visit Lucas.
    Bertone's mission:
    Lucas wants you to pick up some friend of his and get him to his autoshop. Go 
    to the place where his friend is, wait for him to enter the car. This mission 
    is timed so be fast. In addition, some guys are after you. When you get to 
    Bertone's, he will 'teach' you how to unlock a Lassiter Appolyon that's in Oak 
    Get there. Talk to one of the two guys that are admiring the car. This will 
    make them leave. Look around for cops and then steal the car.
    Now get back to Salieri's.
    MISSION 18 - Just for relaxation
    Salieri wants you to steal some cigars from the harbour. However, that ain't 
    easy, and you can't just go to the harbour, kill everyone and steal them. 
    Instead, you will disguise as a normal truck driver and then quetly steal the 
    crates containing the cigarettes.
    Firstly go to Vincezo. He will give you some machinery, that you will hardly 
    use. Then visit Ralph. He will teach you how to unlock a cool car. Jump in and 
    get to the city.
    Firstly, you'll have to drop Sam off to some place in Work Quarters. If all 
    goes well, you will meet him there soon. Exit the car, and a cutscene will 
    Now get to the harbour. Once you are in front of the entrance, stop and wait. A 
    truck will leave the harbour soon. Follow it without trying to stop it, with 
    the speed limiter on. After little time, it will enter an alley and then a 
    building. Park your car outside the building, on the left of the entrance. Now 
    exit your car. Stay there until the truck exits the building. It will stop 
    because your car is on its way. Shoot in the air. The driver will panic and 
    exit the truck. Quickly kill the guard that's standing in the entrance. Follow 
    the truck driver. He usually drops some papers if you beat him up once, if not, 
    kill him and then get the identification papers off his body. Now enter the 
    truck and return to the port. Enter it; they will let you in and the port will 
    Once you're in, move forward. After you're near the first buildings, start 
    moving along between the first two buildings. Move a bit forward. There's a 
    warehouse on the left with a guy standing in front of it. Park the truck in a 
    way that the front part of the truck looks to the sea (where the snipers where 
    in the lucky bastard mission), and the back of the truck, where the crates are 
    placed, looks to the warehouse, in fact it should 'touch' the cement of the 
    building. My English is too imperfect for me to explain it perfectly, but I 
    hope and trust that you get what I mean. Make sure your hands are empty, exit 
    the track and go talk to the guy in the entrance. 
    You will see that the boxes you are looking for are in that warehouse. However, 
    the guy assigns you a job that you can't refuse. He wants you to carry some 
    boxes. Holy cow. Tommy hesitates but says yes. 
    Now turn around, and go talk to a couple guys that are some distance ahead, and 
    are standing beside a wall of the building on the left. You will now have to 
    carry some crates on the left to the inside of a building behind you. You do 
    that by right-clicking on a crate, carrying it to the warehouse and pressing 
    the H button (the button that you use to empty your hands) afterwards. The guys 
    will help you, but it will take a long while. 
    After the job is done, the guy that assigned you the job will come to inspect. 
    After he's done, get back to the  warehouse where the 'stuff' is and talk to 
    the guy. Once he's turned his back, you must carry all the boxes that read 
    'Scorseze import' to your truck. You do that by right-clicking a box, then 
    going to the back of the truck and pressing the H button. You must do that very 
    quickly though.
    Then enter the truck and drive to the entrance. Several people might be 
    shooting at you by now, but just pass by them and get the hell out of there. 
    Three cars are after you. Put the speed limiter off and drive to the place 
    where Sam and Paulie are waiting, without destroying the truck. If the guys are 
    still after you, wait till you get to the meeting place, leave the truck and 
    kill them all. Sam and probably Paulie (sometimes he just waits in the truck) 
    will help you. This might quite tough, but not too much.  Once they're dead, 
    enter the truck, wait for Paulie to do so if he hasn't already and get to 
    Salieri's warehouse. Once you're there, exit the truck and a cutscene will 
    For once, you don't have to drive neither to Bertone's nor to Salieri's. This 
    mission's over.
    MISSION 19 - Moonlighting
    Tommy and Paulie now plan to rob the bank in Downtown. They will not tell Sal 
    about it, since they are angry about his having used them to steal the 
    diamonds, wihout telling them they were diamonds. Sam however does not agree, 
    but he promises to keep his mouth shut.
    This mission is the most boring mission of the game. There is too much blah 
    blah and too little action in it. So we better get started.
    After the first cutscene's over, follow Paulie to the outside of the apartment. 
    The city will load. 
    Now there's really not much to do than to follow Paulie. It would be easier to 
    just toggle walk (Caps lock key by default), than running around him.      
    He will presently enter a Elevated train station. You will probably have to 
    wait fror sometimes for the train to arrive. Enter the wagon Paulie enters when 
    he does. If you don't, the mission will end. 
    When the train reaches the downtown station, Paulie will exit the train. Till 
    then you may have been reading a magazine or something, but be careful to exit 
    the train when Paulie does so. If not, the mission will fail.  
    Well, then just keep on following him. You will exit the station and head 
    towards the bank, which is quite near. Once you get in front of the entrance,  
    right click on the door. The bank will load. Now the big blah blah starts. Just 
    go and watch some movie and then come back. Paulie will go ahead explaining his 
    plan. He will talk for some minutes. Then he will exit the bank. Follow him. He 
    will talk to you again. During that time you are not allowed to go anywhere. 
    And it really isn't a great plan. 
    Now it's time for you to wonder 'how I am going to get any guns since Vincezo 
    will tell Salieri that he gave me weapons and he will tell 'what for''?
    Well, there's another gunshop in town, that's only available for this and the 
    last mission. Yellow Pete's shop. Yellow Pete is a friend of Paulie and he will 
    Paulie will give you instructions to get to Yellow Pete's. He will tell you to 
    use the elevated train. Once he's done,  just head for the nearest station (the 
    city will load), enter the train for Hoboken and exit at the first stop. You 
    could walk away enough for the city to load and then steal a car, but a train 
    is always faster.
    In this mission, Yellow Pete's shop is marked on the map with a blue cross. 
    However on the next it won't, so memorise it's position. After you've exited 
    the station, steal a car and get there. You will see a rusty door on a wall of 
    a building adjacent to the parking lot. Knock it (just try to open it). Some 
    guy will come. He will open the door for you. Follow him, and talk to the old 
    guy, that's Yellow Pete. After some chatting you will have a list of the 
    weapons you can shoose. Get a ton of handguns and a shotgun. Be sure though to 
    have empty hands till the action begins.
    Now it's time to get a fast car. Head to Lucas'. He has a mission to you.
    Bertone's mission
    Mission wants you to deliver a package to a guy named Big Dick that hangs 
    around the East Marshal Bridge. Get to the bridge. You will see some stairs on 
    the right. Exit the car, go down the stairs . Under the Bridge there's Dick. 
    Talk to him. However, you have company. Three guys will come to kill you. 
    Quickly kill them, talk to Dick again and go back to Bertone's. Use the health 
    kit on the left if you need it. He will tell you how to unlock a great car 
    that's located in Oakwood. Get there. There's a guy driving it, so you either 
    have to wait for him to get to his house and park it, or steal it now. 
    To steal it, park your car that way so as to block his car from moving, get 
    behind his car, make sure no cop's around, draw your gun and kill him. The 
    reason for your need to go behind is that the guy will shoot at you too if he 
    sees that you have a gun.  
    Now it's time to go fetch Paulie. Go to his apartment in Little Italy, the red 
    cross on the radar will help you. Use the honk. He will tell you just a minute. 
    Once he comes down and enters the car, get to the bank downtown. Right click on 
    the door and the bank will load.
    Now it's at last time for action. Do not follow Paulie. Instead, get your 
    shotgun out, and turn to the left. There is a glass door there. Wait for a 
    guard to come down and open it. Once he does, kill him.
    Now go where Paulie is. See there's a guard in front of the counters, behind 
    the second wooden table. Duck, take out a handgun and kill him.
    There's an open door on the behind left of the guard's body. Enter it.  Turn to 
    the left, move a bit forward, do not enter that door, instead turn again to the 
    left. You should see a key hanging on the wall on the right. Right-click it.
    Now enter the door you passed before. Climb the stairs and get your shotgun 
    out. Climb them all the way up. Once you've done that, immediately turn to the 
    right and kill the guy. Go to where his corpse is, and then to the hallway on 
    the left. There's a door with a 'director' sign on it. Enter it. Talk to the 
    director. He will tell you that the key for the safe is in some short of 
    cabinet on the right wall of the room.
    Now exit the director's room. On the right there is a guy with a handgun. Kill 
    him. Now get back to the stairs and run the entire the way down. Don't stop at 
    the level floor, from which you originally came.  Get a handgun out. It is 
    possible that you should see two guys on the right. If yes, kill them. Move 
    forward, open the door in front of you and keep running across the hallway. If 
    you haven't already killed the two guards, get a shotgun out. You should 
    finally meet them standing in front of the safe room. Kill them.
    Open the door and go to the safe. A cutscene will begin.
    Now get back to Paulie. Talk to him. He will follow you to the car. Enter it, 
    wait for Paulie to do so too, and drive away. After little time the city will 
    Now it's time to escape from the cops. There's not really much advice to be 
    given on that. Just go to a quiet road, kill any cop there and wait for the bar 
    to empty.  Or go to an elevated train station. Cops usually get confused and 
    lose you that way. You may even take the train to Hoboken. 
    Or you could just get to the hideout by car. See, there's a parking lot with 
    blue doors and then an empty warehouse. That's where you want to get in . Enter 
    the parking lot and then the warehouse. The cops will usually not follow you 
    inside, and the wanted bar will empty. After that a cutscene will begin, and 
    the mission is over.
    MISSION 20 - The death of the Art
    When you visit Paulie's apartment the next day, you find him dead - murdered. 
    Sam tells you through the phone that although Salieri wants to kill you, he 
    will help. But you'll have to meet him in the art gallery.
    Once the cutscene ends, exit Paulie's apartment via the doors in front of you, 
    turn to the left and then run down the stairs on the end of the hallway. You 
    will see some policemen there, do not worry. After you've ran the stairs all 
    the way down, exit the building through the door on the right.
    Once the city's loaded, steal the patrol car that's in front of you. It's time 
    to go get some guns. Go to Yellow Pete's gunshop, and get a Tommy gun and many 
    handguns. There's a major fight ahead, later in the mission. Remember that only 
    the art gallery is marked with a blue cross on the map, so don't accidentally 
    go there.
    Now if you want, you may go to Bertone's.
    Bertone's mission:
    Bertone wants you to follow some woman, till she gets to the apartment of a man 
    he needs to meet. Get to Corleone's hotel (this time it's indicated on the 
    map). Stop in front of the entrance, but do not leave the car. A woman will 
    open the doors and leave the hotel. That's the one you need to follow. Just 
    keep a safe distance and follow her discreetly with your car. Don't worry if 
    she shouts at you once or twice. She will ultimately enter a building. Now get 
    back to Bertone's. He will tell you where a Thor 812 is, in Chinatown. It's in 
    a parking lot. Go there. Shoot at the back gate's lock for sometimes (the one 
    that does not look to the street), open it, kill any dog that attacks you and 
    steal the car.
    Now it's finally time to get to the gallery. Right click on its entrance door 
    for the gallery to load. A cutscene will begin. 
    So you see that's the last objective of the game. Kill Sam. That ain't easy, as 
    there are so many guys in this gallery eager to kill you.
    Once it's over, it's time for some action.
    Move a bit to the back, in order to use the wall as a cover. Get your Thomson 
    out, move a bit forward, ducking. On the right there are two bad guys. Kill 
    them. Once they're dead, two more guys will come through the door that's on the 
    top of the stairs on the opposite end of the room. Get your Colt out and kill 
     There is a staircase on your left. On it, there's another bad guy. So turn 180 
    degrees, move to the right and kil, crouching and kill him with your Tommy gun. 
    There's noone else in this room.
    Now go through the door that the two guys in brown went through. Move forward 
    through the first doorway that's in front of you and then through the second on 
    the left. 
    Now the next doorway leads to a room which contains two thugs. Duck, and enter 
    it slowly, with the Thomson gun on your hands.  There is one guy with a handgun 
    on your front left. Kill him quickly. There's also another guy in the opposite 
    end of the room, sometimes behind and exhibit. Kill him.
    Now walk through the doorway in front of you and turn to the right quickly. 
    There might be some guy with a Tommy gun shooting at you far ahead, but do not 
    mind him for now. Move very little forward, till you see on your left a guy in 
    brown. Kill him. Three more guys will come, including the one with the Tommy 
    gun. Kill them as well. Go towards the bodies of the guys you just killed. Pass 
    past them and climb the stairs in front of you. The reason for this is that 
    somebody has thrown a grenade to kill you, and if you stopped where the bodies 
    are, you would die. 
    But now turn around and get back to where the bodies are.  Through the big 
    staircase on the left, two more guys will come with handguns. Kill them. Take 
    the Tommy gunner's ammo and climb the staircase through which the last two guys 
    came. A cutscene will begin. Unfortunately, the game will not be saved at this 
    Once you regain control of Tommy, move to the right and then forward, to hide 
    behind that statue that's on the stairs. In front of you, on top of the 
    staircase you are on, a guy with a Tommy gun will appear. Take care of him. Now 
    turn around 180 degrees. A guy with a shotgun is in the balcony on your front 
    right. Kill him. Now turn again 180 degrees. On the top of the staircase on the 
    left you should see one or two guys there shooting at you. Stand up and kill 
    While you are killing those guys, it is possible that another guy with a 
    handgun will descent the staircase which you are on top of. If yes, kill him 
    immediately, he gets very close to you and is dangerous.
    There are more guys that need to be killed. Go up the stairs which you are on 
    and enter that big circular hall. There will be a guy in front of you with a 
    Tommy gun. Kill him. Also on the left there's another guy in brown, shooting at 
    you with a handgun. Kill him as well. Go where his corpse is. Look to the 
    direction of the big hall that the grand battle took place moments ago. You 
    should see some guy in brown some great distance ahead. Kill him. Now you can 
    breath easily. Take some ammo.
      Now go to where the last bad guy's corpse is. Around there you should see a 
    health aid kit and two staircases. Run the right staircase up quickly. Don't 
    stop because someone is throwing grenades at you. When you get to the first 
    landing kill him. Now go back down and use the health kit if you need to.  
    Now run across the hallway on the right. Open the first dooble doors you see on 
    the right. There will be four guys in there. Some are hidden behind the couch 
    islands. Kill them. Now move forward through the doorway to the next room, and 
    then to the next. On the right there's yet another doorway. Go through it, 
    there are two bad guys in there. The first one behind the first group of 
    couches and the other one behind the other. 
    Run to the next room. Tommy will shout 'Sam'. Sam is there, in the next room to 
    the right, but quickly escapes. Kill the couple of guys that remain there, and 
    go to where their bodies are. Now go through the doorway on the left and not 
    the one in the front. There will be a guy there (or maybe not, depending on 
    what you have done so far). Move forward to the next room, and then to the next 
    room through the doorway on the right.
     Run through the open double doors in the left. You are again near the 
    staircases where the guy was throwing grenades at you. Climb one of the 
    staircases . Run through the door that has the two red chairs next to it. You 
    are now in a hallway. Turn to the right, then to the left and then move all the 
    way forward until a cutscene begins. Your game is saved.
    Now it's time to finish this. This last part of the mission is a bit tricky, 
    and you'll have to try it a few times, however it won't take you more than ten 
    minutes. Sam is in a 'balcony' some distance ahead, armed with a Tommy gun. 
    Once the cutscene ends, get your Tommy gun out, move a bit to the left, you 
    will see him. He will start shooting at you mercilessly. Well, there are two 
    ways to complete the mission. Either move to the left and start shooting at him 
    (he will certainly get you a few times and possibly kill you.However if you 
    manage to take a shot at him, shoot him again and again without giving him the 
    chance to shoot at you again), or run from the wall you are behind to the other 
    on the left some times until he needs to reload. While he is reloading, it's 
    quite easy to shoot at him non-stop.
    Sam will leave the balcony. Go slowly where Sam was, facing the end of the 
    hallway. You will see a trail of blood there. Duck, follow the trail and wait 
    for Sam to sneak out and try to kill you, after you've moved forward a bit. 
    Shoot at him for some time before he kills you and that's all there is to it.
    What is Free Ride Extreme?
    Free Ride Extreme's another mode of Mafia. It's like the Free Ride mode, 
    since one can do whatever one wants. You can go steal cars, shoot people, 
    without the police running after you. But there's more to it.
    Unless you unlocked the FRE (Free Ride Extreme) using a cheat, you must be
    wondering 'how on earth do I unlock the racing cars and the 'Prototypes'?
    The answer is, you can do that in the FRE.
    You can take up 19 missions in the mode (which are, by the way, difficult). 
    The 18 of them unlock all the 19 prototypes of the game and the last one all
    the racing cars (that should, in my opinion, be offered in the Fairplay 
    mission). When I say 'unlock' them, I mean that a model of the car you
    unlock will be there available for you to drive in the FRE, and also you will
    be able to choose each as your car for Free Ride.
    So let me give you a brief tour on the FRE's bacics.
    **The house**
    The door to the right of the wardrobe is the door to the front garden, and,
    consequently, to the road.
    There's another door at the oposite end of the room to the backyard. Through
    this door you can access the cars you park  in the 'garage'.
    The last door in this room is not really a door. When you open it (right-click
    it), your game is saved. It's like the Salieri's bar's door in the Free Ride
    mode, only this saves the game for free. After you've completed a mission and
    parked your newly unlocked car, don't forget to save your game.
    -Health Kit
    There's a health kit on the wall of your house, which restores your health
    fully and can be used as many times as you wish.
    You can use the backyard as the place to park your cars, those two
    brown dooble doors can be opened and closed by right clicking the switch on 
    the wall, making it easy to access the backyard from the road. There's a
    Thor car parked there when you first begin to play FRE.
    **Stealing cars*
    You may steal any car that you like, so long you know how to steal them. You
    can steal any car if you have completed the normal game (and have never missed
    going to Bertone for a secondary mission). You will be stealing cars a lot in
    the game, more frequently than you would in the Free Ride mode.
    As far as I know, there's no place to get guns from in FRE. However, you are
    given a Colt 1911 when you first begin FRE. Also, in two or three missions you
    are given guns, which after the mission ends you can keep. I suggest that when
    you come back to your house, drop the guns to the floor of your house and save
    the game. They might come handy.
    Also, steal many cars until you find a driver with a bat. Kill him and take 
    the bat. It is very useful throughout the mode.
    Now as I said in the Intro, there are nineteen missions in the game. How you
    can take up one?
    Exit your house through the front door. Across the street you will see a guy
    waving. Talk to him. He will tell you that there are nineteen more
    guys (who look exactly like him), scattered throughout the city. If you find
    one and talk to him, a mission begins. If you complete the mission 
    succesfully, you receive a bonus car as a reward (which, simultaneously you
    unlock for the Free Ride mode). He also tells you to go and right click on the
    lighthouse's door to see where each guy is. But never mind that. It is very
    difficult to find the guys like this, using the lighthouse. 
    Mercifully, some guys have uploaded a map on which all the nineteen guys' 
    locations are marked with yellow stars. I will be using this map again 
    throughout the missions' walkthrough.
    I have gone further and edited this map. I have placed numbers on each star.
    The star that has the number one on it, is the location of the guy that
    assigns you the mission that unlocks the car number one, which is
    the Manta Prototype because it comes first on the Free Ride list. That way I
    won't have to refer to the location of each guy at all, because for example
    the guy that assigns you Mission 1 is where the yellow star with the number 1 
    is on the map below, and if you complete that mission you receive the first
    car (on the Free Ride list). The guy that assignes you Mission 2
    is where the yellow star with the number 2 is, and if you complete that 
    mission you unlock the car that comes second on the Free Ride list, and so on.
    I hope this doesn't get to confusing.
    I think now we can get on to the walkthrough.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Objective: Kill the 3 snipers with a sniper rifle.
    Walkthrough: This first one is easy. Enter your Thor car and get to the city 
    hall. Climb the stairs (with your car). Notice that there's a ramb there with
    the Manta Prototype on it. Park your car right in front of it. Now leave your
    car, and talk to the guy. 
    Once the mission begins, turn around, and go towards the Manta car. See,
    there's a sniper rifle leaning against that car. While walking towards there
    strafe left and right, for the snipers are already shooting at you (and they
    are very good). Get hold of the sniper, turn around and hide behind your car
    (the Thor). 
    There are 3 snipers in total. The one on your right (on the roof of a dark
    building), the one on the left (on a building shorter than the others), 
    and the last one on the building opposite to the city hall, some distance 
    away. Kill the one on the right first, then the other on the left and then
    the remaining one. 
    Be carefyl not to waste all the bullets. They may come handy later in the 
    It's an easy one. Once they're all dead, you may enter the Manta and go back
    to your house in Oakwood.
    Car unlocked: Manta Prototype
    Car description: This car might impress you since it's the first prototype,
    but it's really nothing special. It may reach about 90mph, its acceleration
    isn't better than that of a Lassiter car. Its handling is nice. 
    But really, you won't be using the car much. Another negative point is that
    its appearance is blank. 
    The only really special about the car is its engine. It's so silent for such
    a fast car.
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Objective: Follow the invisible man
    Walkthrough: Now this mission is very difficult. You will have to follow the  
    invisible man until he gets to his final destination.
    Of course, he is not totally invisible, but he is not very easy to follow.
    Sometimes, he stops walking, making himself almost totally invisible, thus 
    baffling the player. It's a very difficult mission, which you can only beat
    by knowing exactly where the guy goes. I'll describe his route to help you.
    Firstly, he will start moving to the right, and after a while he will turn 
    in an alley. He will move along that alley and then turn to the left. After
    walking for some seconds around to confuse you, he will eventually exit the 
    lot you entered through the alley to the right. He will run forward for a
    while on the pavement, then he will suddenly turn to the right. Before long
    he will stop, in front of a staircase of one of the terraced houses. When 
    stopping, he becames even more difficult to see, so don't try to locate him, 
    just stay where you are. He will soon turn 180 degrees around and start 
    running towards you. Once he passes you by, turn around, and follow him as
    he continues to move forward across the pavement. Suddenly, he will stop and
    crouch. After five seconds or so he will continue running. Follow him. He
    then enters a phone booth and stays there for some reason. Soon, he exits it
    and crosses the road. Follow him.
    Now that's the most tricky part of the mission. After he's crossed the road,
    he turns to the left and stays still. However, it is almost impossible to see
    where exactly he is (in fact, when I was playing this mission for the first 
    times, I thought he had passed through the walls). Don't even try to find 
    where he is. Turn 90 degrees to the right, and start heading towards the 
    elevated train ramp. After you've crossed the road in front of you, stop there 
    and turn 180 degrees. Before long, you will see the invisible man running 
    towards you. As soon as he passes you by, run behind him. Soon, he does 
    another trick. He enters an alley to the left. Don't follow him. Stay where
    you are. Soon he will come back and continue moving towards the ramp, which
    he will pass by and then turn to the right, to cross the road. Do so too.
    He will run up the second elevated ramp. Then he'll stop on the left of the
    platform, again, don't try to find him, just wait on the top of the ramp.
    Shortly afterwards, he will go down the ramp and move forward, cross the road
    and then stop somewhere in the middle of the pavement. You just stand on the
    ramp, you don't need to follow him. Soon, the train will arrive. The invisible
    guy will again go up the ramp you're on and enter the train. He will enter
    the last wagon (the one on the right). Do so too. Hurry, because if the doors
    close, the train will leave and you're going to have to restart he mission.
      Now you can breath easily only for a moment, because as soon as the train
    comes to a halt at the next station, the guy will leave the train and go down
    the ramp. Follow him very quickly. After he has left the ramp he will take 
    the opposite direction, and then quickly turn to the right and cross the road.
    Then he will turn to the left and cross the road, and then he will enter a 
    small alley that's there. Do so too.	
    By this point, the invisible guy will be some distance ahead of you, but 
    little does this matter anymore. When you leave the alley, turn to the left
    (hush! I know you saw him turn to the right). When you're on the road by the 
    sea, the great Bolt Thrower should be easily visible on the front left. 
    Don't go there just yet, turn to the left and stop by the grey double-doors on
    the left. The invisible man will be there or will be there in a few seconds. 
    Once he is, he will stop, and congrats, the mission is completed, you may take
    your new car home. 
    Car unlocked: Bolt Thrower
    Car description: The Bolt Thrower is certainly the best car in the game, as
    far as appearance goes. It's very modern looking, and we can assume that it's
    the car appearing in the final cutscene, where the gangsters shot the guy who
    was watering the grass, in prototype form. It has much greater speed and
    acceleration compared to the Manta car, however it has a major handling 
    problem, it very usually spins when steering.
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Objective: Save the innocent sivilian from the great monster
    Walkthrough: This next one is easy. You will need a weapon to complete it, so
    either take your Colt with you, either your sniper rifle (the most convenient
    solution, if there are two bullets left), or none, you will be given one 
    anyway. When the mission begins, you will see a gun on the pavement beside
    the guy. Take it if you have no other gun. Enter a fast car and drive to that
    tiny square on the southest tip of Downtown (use the East Marshal bridge).
     Stop by the truck parked there (careful not to run over the guy waving his
    arms that's standing there). Behind the building there are many sets of
    staircases, run them all down, and get as near to the sea as possible.
    By now you should have seen that woman tied in a metal plunk on the rocks
    on the front left. The upper part of that metal plunk is brown. There's a big
    lock on it.Shoot at it with your gun to free the woman. Of course if you have
    a sniper with you, you could just shoot it from some distance.
    I know it's quite difficult to get the target, get it two or three times and 
    the woman is freed, the mission is a success. Return to the parking lot and 
    your car is sitting right there.
    Car unlocked: HotRod
    Car description: Meet the (practically) fastest car of the game: Hotrod!
    This one has a fantastic acceleration and a fantastic top speed (on the 
    Terranova bridge you may reach 150mph, and on the countryside 155mph+!). Not
    only it is fast, but it handles fantastically, a very stable car. However,
    don't try to make a turn with 100mph, for you, normally,  will experience 
    understeering. Not only that, it's a taxi too!
    Objective: Kill everyone in the alley
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Walkthrough: This mission is pretty straightforward, there are many guys in
    the alley waiting to be killed. It should be a cake if you have completed
    the normal game.
    When the mission starts, enter the alley and quickly hide behind the wall on
    the left. Grab the Tommy gun sitting there, and move a bit to the right. There
    are two guys on the balcony on the right shooting at you, make sure you
    are only visible to only one at the time, so kill the one that is closer to
    you, then move a bit more to the right and kill the next one.
    Now, on the balcony on the left (the one next to you), there are two more 
    thugs, kill the one that is some distance away from you first, then step back
    to be able to shoot the other one that is near you, on the balcony.
    Now reload and run forward.
    On the next part of the alley there are two balconies, each containing one 
    guy. To kill them, go under the balcony on the right, take out the guy on the
    other balcony, then step back to shoot the guy that is standing on the balcony
    above you.
    Now turn to the left and move forward. There will be three more guys running
    towards you. Kill them and go where their bodies are. Take their ammo.
    Obviously, the mission is completed. Now you may drive the car parked there
    Car unlocked: Black Dragon 4WD
    Car description: This is another excellent car. It has fantastic acceleration,
    nice top speed and handles perfectly. It also handles very nicely, a very 
    stable and controllable car, however it understeers when breaking and steering
    at the same time. Also, its shape make it a very safe car.
    It's a two seater taxi by the way.
    Objective: Follow the UFO
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Now in this mission you will have to follow an UFO to various parts 
    of the city, to end up in the lighthouse when your car awaits. 
    The problem with this mission is that many times you will lose sight of the 
    UFO, and won't know where it's gone. If so, you will have to try various
    possible choices, and you'll know when the UFO is close at hand, because it 
    makes some alien noises. Or, to make things easier, I will SHOW you the 
    route it follows.
    After you've talked to the guy, enter your car, turn around and drive towards
    the alien. Soon, an UFO will abduct him. Now enter the road on the right.
    Notice that the UFO frequently stops and waits for you.
    Now right click on the link below to view the map with the route drawn on 
    it with a big green line. The blue X is your final destination.
    Just follow the route regardless of what the UFO does. Focus on your driving 
    instead, since there's no question of outdistancing the UFO itself.
    Eventually, you will get to the lighthouse. There there will be your new
    car waiting for you, and the mission is a success.
    Car Unlocked: Mutagen FWD
    Car description: At first I didn't like this car, because if handled clumsily
    it spins when cornering, but now I'm getting increasingly fond of it. Its 
    engine contains 380 wild horses, which are more than of any other car (with 
    the exception of the Black Metal). Its acceleration is greater
    than that of the HotRod, but it decreases after the 80mph, since its maximum
    speed is significantly lower. Also, its engine creates a unique sound. 
    A disadvantage of the car is that it explodes quite easily. I mean if you
    crash into a car on 110 mph, the chances are that after a few seconds it will
    blow up. 
    A great car overall.
    MISSION 6:
    Objective: Drive the car through the specified targets.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Now, in this mission, you will be seated in the extraordinary-looking 
    Flame Spear. There will be red smoke cans (which are the specified targets), 
    you'll have to drive through each to activate the next one, then drive through
    the next one to activate the next etc.
    Again I'll make it easy for you by providing you with the exact route you will
    have to follow. Of course you will meet the smoke cans on your way so drive
    through them each time you see one.
    This mission is timed so there is no margin for error.Don't crash into cars
    or objects, because this will not only delay you instantly but your 
    suspensions may also be damaged, disabling you to complete the mission. This
    is easy in the Terranova bridge, in which  you will reach speeds of 120mph.
      Eventually, you will be led to that big parking lot in Central Island. There
    is another smoke canister right there, drive through it and tadah, mission 
    complete, the Flame Spear is unlocked for Free Ride use and the Flamer too,
    which is parked right there in the lot.
    Note that, after you exit the Flame Spear, you will never be able to enter it
    again (in the Free Ride Extreme mode). If you want to add it to your 
    collection of cars in your house, don't exit it after you've completed the 
    mission, drive to your house in Oakwood, park it and go back for the Flamer.
    Still, even if you drive it to your garage you won't be able to use it again.
    Cars unlocked: Flame Spear 4WD
    Cars description: -Flame Spear 4WD: This and the Mutagen car are the most 
    extraordinary-looking cars in the game. This one is clearly racing-car based,
    however its shape is a bit different and it has a rocket engine. It
    accelerates slightly better than the normal racing cars and has the same top
    speed the best of them have. It does not spin easily and is stable when 
    accelerating, however cornering is a bit 'painful'. You see what I mean I
    think. It's, over all, a great alternative to the conventional racing cars.
    -Flamer: This car has the best acceleration of the game until it reaches
    100mph, after that it is not as good as that of the HotRod's because its
    maximum speed isn't as high. It is a very stable car, meaning that you
    do not lose control when accelerating and does not spin out on cornering.
    But it understeers a little. Also it virtually never flips over.
    Objective: Drive the truck to the specified location. Be careful, the truck
    contains nytroglicerine and any crash will blow it up.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Walkthrough: Well this mission is pretty self-explanatory, you will have to 
    drive the truck parked near the guy that gives you the mission to a location
    which is marked on the map, and it's easy to figure out how to get there.
    Go through the Guliano bridge and then through the tunnel.
    The problem is that almost any crash will make the truck explode 
    (and you die).
    So there's really not much advice to be given, just use the horn all the time
    and break on corners to avoid hitting streetlights or anything.
    But you need to be fast because this mission is pretty tightly timed.
    Eventually you will get in a small parking lot in Works Quarter. Drive through
    the red cross on the map and the mission is completed.
    Car Unlocked: Masseur
    Car description: This car has a great acceleration and top speed and all, but
    I don't like it because it's not so easily controlable on medium and high 
    speeds. That is, if you are accelerating and want to make a correction, for
    example to turn 5 degrees to the right, when you press the right arrow or use
    your joystick the car oversteers. Drive it for 10 seconds and you'll 
    understand what I mean. At least it doesn't understeer so much as the Flamer.
    Also this car has great breaking, as great as that of the racing cars. But it
    also has the drawback that it gets damaged internally very easily.
    Objective: Drive the truck to the specified location, you have 30 seconds to
    get your speed to 34mph or faster, after that your speed must not drop below
    34mph or you're toast.
    Difficulty: 7
    Walkhtrough: This mission took me 4 hours to complete! Why is that? Because
    I was being stupid! I had been blind as to which route to take, and when I 
    realised, it took me only 5 minutes to pass it.
    As the objective says, you have 30 seconds to get your speed to 34mph and 
    after that you can't let your speed drop below that, or the car explodes.
    And you know, it is difficult for this truck to corner on such a speed, not
    only it understeers but there is also danger of colliding with other traffic
    or streetlights. You will also have to use the horn all the time.
    This mission fortunately is not timed.
    I'll show you the way to get to the specified location easily. 
    Where the X is the location, and the green line is the route. 
    There are only 5 turns to take, and that makes it a whole lot easier.
    Anyway, once the mission begins, enter the East Marshall bridge and drive all
    the way through it. I know it seems unlikely, but you will attain a 70mph 
    speed, so you may want to use the horn to avoid smashing to traffic.
    Just before the bridge is through, reduce your speed to 50mph and turn about 
    45 degrees to the left. You have to cut through the pavement to get to the
    street that is on your front left. While steering, do not brake or accelerate
    either. Once the turn is over, then start accelerating.
    Now drive forward, pass the next turn by and make a right turn on the next 
    one, cutting through the pavement (to get to the big avenue with the tram
    railings). This one is quite easy actually, so long you don't smash to a 
    streetlight. Remember always reduce your speed to 50mph when steering. 
    Now drive all the way forward until you have the chance to make a 45 degree
    turn to enter the tunnel. Remember your speed should be no higher than 55mph
    before entering it because the easiest thing in the world is to shash into 
    the wall.
    While in the tunnel, press the horn button all the time. That minimises the
    chance of a crash.
    Once out of the tunnel, keep driving forward till you get to the end of the
    avenue, that is to the last possible left turn. This is a very open turn and
    very easy. Reduce your speed to 50mph before turning.
    After that, drive all the way forward till the end of the avenue, again until
    you reach the last possible left turn (that's where you beat up the bit Stan,
    remember?). This is probably the most tricky one. There are many things to 
    crash into, and you're probably have to try this three or four times.
    Courage, there's only one left. Drive all the way forward until you reach
    the last possible right turn. It's not a very easy one.
    Once over, there's only one 45 degree turn to go. Again, reduce your speed to
    50mph, because, while you will be able to make the turn without breaking, you
    might crash into a car.
    Now drive forward. After a few seconds you will see a parking lot on your
    11 o'clock and the Masseur taxi parked in it. Use the map to be sure. 
    Once you see it, turn and drive through the red cross (DON'T BRAKE until it 
    says 'congratulations'). You will crash into the wall a few metres away but
    that does not matter. The mission is completed and you may take your car home.
    Car unlocked: Masseur Taxi
    Car description: The same thing as Masseur, just a few differences in 
    appearance and, obviously, this one's a taxi.
    Objective: The car is the bomb, the plane is the detonator, follow it to get
    your car, do not get more than 200m away or you explode.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Walkthrough: Whoo! This mission's quite difficult! A joystick is very needed
    here, however you can tackle this with the keyboard too.
    Once the mission starts, enter quickly your car and drive all the way forward.
    See, there's a left turn some metres away, do not take it, continue driving 
    forward, till you reach the end of that big long avenue.
    Now, it's time to turn to the left. Reduce your speed to 50mph and take the 
    turn very carefully, and also use the horn, because the odds are that you
    are either going to spin or smash into a car.
    Once you're done with the turn, it's time to turn to the right. This one is
    easier, meaning that you can't spin so easily, however you can still crash
    into traffic.
    Now all the way forward and through the Giuliano bridge. Before you enter
    the bridge, you should be able to see the jet on the top of the screen. If
    not, that means you are too fast and need to let the throttle go for 3-4
    seconds, because your car might explode not only when you are 200metres
    behind, but also when you are 200metres ahead of the jet.
    Now, the difficult part. Immediately when you are on level road, 
    (off the bridge) break (do not use the handbreak), and turn to the right 270
    degrees. You have to enter the tunnel. This turn's extremely difficult. 
    You will for sure try this some times to find a way through this. 
    Now enter the tunnel and use the horn to avoid smashing into any car.
    Now things are easy. Once out of the tunnel, keep driving forward and take the
    last possible left turn. Then turn immediately to the right, (Works Quarters
    street), and keep going straight until you meet your new car.
    Car Unlocked: Demoniac
    Car Description: The acceleration is great and the top speed good, however
    its handling is obnoxious. When accelerating on straight line, try to make a
    minor correction to the direction (hit for two seconds the left or the right
    arrow on your keyboard), and the car will oversteer and lose control.
    However, it steers very very nicely, but it also gets damaged very easily.
    MISSION 10
    Objective: Drive the Race car to the specified location
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Walkhtrough: Now get ready for the most difficult mission of the mode. This 
    time you're going to have to drive a race car (Trautenberg racer) to a variety
    of locations. Each one is indicated on the map, and each time you drive 
    through it the next location is indicated. The route you have to follow to get
    to all of them fast (as the mission is timed) is pretty obvious, and you 
    should know after two or three times. However, there's something special about
    this mission; when you accelerate, the camera 'warpens' (if there's such 
    verb), the more you accelerate, the more intense is the warp look. It is just
    too easy to hit objects like this. The most difficult part of the mission is
    the big straight avenue of Hoboken, in which you will reach a great speed 
    making it even more easy to crash. 
    I can't help you very much with that. It took me many hours to
    complete this one too when I first played it. Just push very hard because
    the time limit is so, so tight. Oh, and by the way, press the horn button
    all the time. Although you will hear no horn, it is as though you had one.
    Another thing that might help you is to change the view (default: C button).
    Switch to a front view, it is easier this way.
    Eventually, you will end up in a parking lot in the southern Central Island.
    Drive through the cross on the radar and mission's completed. The car is
    waiting right there.
    Car Unlocked:Crazy Horse
    Car description: Although this car might look like an ordinary one, it isn't.
    In fact, it's, theoretically, the fastest of the game. No other car has the
    acceleration Crazy Horse has, and its top speed is supposed to be higher than
    that of the Hotrod. 
    However, the car has by far the worst handling in the game. Sometimes, when
    taking off, the front part of the car (that is, the front wheels) take off.
    If you are not careful the car flips over as a consequence to that.
    However that's not the biggest handling issue. When accelerating on a straight
    line, without steering at all, the car eventually loses control and spins. 
    The Demoniac does so too, but you have to steer a little in order to achieve
    that. In the Crazy horse that's not the case. Even if all you do is to press
    the accelerate button, the car will, sooner or later, spin.
    Don't lets talk about making turns. There are two possibilities; either the 
    car will oversteer like hell and flip over (a feature unique in Crazy Horse),
    or the tyres will lock and it won't steer at all.
    Over all, this car is the most useless of the game and is completely 
    undriveable. It might have the best maximum speed of the game, you can barely
    achieve half of it. 
    Also, the car's safety sucks. Even if you hit a streetlight on 30mph, you
    are sure to lose at least 2 health points. Imagine what would happen if you 
    crashed on 120mph.
    So just put the speed limiter on, take the car home and quickly forget about
    MISSION 11
    Objective: Disarm all the bombs
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Walkthrough: This one's both enjoyable and easy. 
    Once the mission begins, walk up the path, there's a piece of
    dynamite there, right click to disarm it. Now enter the car and head to the
    next bomb, it is by the big Oak tree in the centre of Oakwood. Note that, 
    while descending the hill (from Oakhill to Oakwood), you need to cut through
    the grass in order to be in time.
    Now time to go to the church. The time limit is very tight. The bomb is 
    sitting by the main double doors (you need to go up the stairs to get there).
    Now the next bomb is by the entrance of the city gallery (where you beat up
    Sam). Again, you'll have to hurry very much to get there.
    The next one is in the 'Lost Heaven Station' in Works Quarters. From now on
    you have more time to get to the remaining bombs. The dynamite is sitting by
    the main entrance.
    The next bomb is again on the Works Quarter, take the road to the racing
    circuit and turn left to the last possible turn. The bomb is, once again, 
    sitting by the entrance door.
    Now the next bomb is in Salieri's parking lot, which you used to park the 
    cars you unlocked in the normal game. Get to Little Italy, enter the alley
    to the lot, exit the car, enter the 'building' through the doorway and climb
    up the stairs. There's the bomb on the top of the stairs. Disarm it.
     Now the next bomb is at a building near the road that leads to 
    the countryside. Drive through the Terranova bridge to get there. Once again
    its by the main entrance doors.
    Now the last one is at a parking lot in Hoboken, next to the car you unlock 
    when you complete the mission (don't worry you'll locate the bomb without much
    effort). Don't be deceived by the fact that you can enter the car and leave,
    you have to disarm the bomb firstly. Once you do, you may take your car home.
    Car unlocked: Bob Mylan 4WD
    Car description: This is another two-seater taxi, and a very nice one. Nice 
    acceleration, nice top speed and great handling. It's also a safe car.
    It's, however, pretty bland in appearance.
    MISSION 12
    Objective: Drive the car to the specified location
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Walkthrough: Now this mission caused me a great deal of annoyance, but it's
    not really hard, it's just annoying and needs some patience. You have to drive
    the car to a location in Central Island, which isn't really far away, within
    limited time. The problem is, a couple of seconds after you begin the mission,
    someone starts throwing bombs at you. If you maintain a good speed, say 
    35+ mph, then those bombs can't harm you. If you however spin on turns and
    crash into cars, it takes only a couple of bombs to destroy your car. 
    It isn't really hard, you just need to use the horn all the time and be 
    patient. I know it's so annoying when you're almost there and suddenly 
    random traffic appears out of nowhere and destroys your game. 
    Eventually, you will get to a parking lot in Central Island. Drive through the
    red cross on the radar and that's all, mission completed.
    Car unlocked: Disorder 4WD
    Car description: Not a bad car, fantastic acceleration and top speed, does
    not become uncontrollable like Demoniac or Crazy horse, but understeers.
    MISSION 13
    Objective: Drive the car to the specified location.
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Walkthrough: Now this mission is not only very difficult, but it also takes
    This car is 'fixed', meaning that every second you push the throttle  it 
    consumes 1000 litres of gas. To get to your location, it is neccessary that
    you refuel in all 3 gas stations of the game. Fortunately, the mission is not
    Some general advice: do not push the accelerate button all the time. Each 
    time, reach a speed of about 40-50mph, and then stop accelerating. Once the
    car's speed drops to 10mph, accelerate again.
    Now firstly you will have to drive to the first gas station, which is by the
    limit of Hoboken-Downtown. This one is very close and easy. It goes without
    saying that the Mafia pays for your gas, they are great these guys.
    Now the difficult part. You have to take your car to the station in Central
    Island, near the tunnel. Use the Guliano bridge for that. This is very, very
    difficult, and it need practice to achieve that.
    No drive through the West Marshal bridge to Works Quarter. There's the last
    gas station around there. It's an easy one, so get there and refuel.
    Now turn 180 degrees around. Drive forward, turn to the last possible right 
    turn and then to the first left. Now it's obvious how to get there. If you
    drive wisely, the fuel should be just enough. If not, when the red light
    turns on (the one next to the fuel indicator), leave the car, steal a Lassiter
    Fordor (it's the only car I know that can push easily cars), and push the car 
    to the location. You should be able to control the car when pushing; if you
    turn to the left, the car turns to the right, and vice versa. 
    Eventually, you will see a red cross on the radar. Drive through it, or, if 
    you are pushing, leave the Lassiter car and enter the normal car of the 
    mission. The mission is completed and the new car is right in front of you.
    Car unlocked: Speedee 4WD
    Car description: Bad. Its acceleration until 60mph is the standard one of
    the prototypes, however after that it decreases. Its handling is bad and it
    can very easily spin. It is also quite unsafe a car.
    It's a two-seater taxi by the way.
    MISSION 14
    Objective: Answer all the phones
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Walkthrough: Now in this mission, after you answer (right click) the phone
    that's two metres away, you will be given location of another phone you
    need to answer. After you answer that too, it will give you another location 
    etc. The problem is, it does not show you the location on the map, and it does
    not give you the exact location. That's why I give you the exact locations of
    all the phones you need to answer. They are symbolised by squares, on this 
    map. The one that has the number '1' on it needs to be answered first, the one
    that has the number '2' needs to be answered second etc etc.
    When you reach a phone booth, enter it and right click to answer it. Note that
    when you get close to one, you hear a telephone sound (pretty much like
    the UFO mission). 
    This mission is timed so be fast. By the way, don't smash any of the phone 
    booths, even after you've answered it, or the mission will be over.
    The last one is at the graveyard, next to a grave (by the church in Oakwood).
    It's actually a mini-booth, but you should see it, right click on it and it
    will tell you that your car is by the tennis courts in Oakwood, I've marked
    its location with a blue cross in case you don't know where this is.
    Car unlocked: Luciferion FWD
    Car description: This car is my favourite one! It is, firstly, great in 
    appearance, it looks like a mixture of a Wright and a Guardian car, but it's 
    not nearly as slow. Up to a point, the acceleration is great, but nothing
    unusual, and its top speed isn't as high as that of faster cars such as 
    Hotrod. Also, it does disfigure abnormally when crashing, making it a 
    rather unsafe car.
    But what makes this thing perfect is its handling. This car never spins, and
    never understeers, even on high speeds.
    What's also fascinating in this car is that it is not heavy for its speed, and
    its shape helps you to make impressive flying stunts.
    I forgot, it's a two seater taxi.
    MISSION 15
    Objective: Drive the car to the specified location
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Walkthrough: You'll have to drive the Ace Coupe to a parking lot just after
    the Terranova bridge. Easy huh? No.
    Firstly, put the speed limiter on. The reason for that is that, if the car
    exceed 40mph, it breaks down temporarily. Now simply drive through
    Terranova bridge. It isn't plain sailing though; after you pass that ramp
    by, bombs will start falling off the sky on the road, if two of them hit your
    car you lose. Their destructive range is very limited, fortunately. 
    Well, just stick to the extreme left side of the road and pray and hope
    that no bomb will go off on your car. It's just a matter of luck really.
    This mission might take you twenty minutes at the most. As I said, no special
    effort is required since you just need to be lucky.
    Once you are through the bridge, turn to the right. Behind that building
    your car is waiting for you.
    Car unlocked: Black metal FWD
    Car description: This car is made of pure steel (at least I guess so). It is
    bullet proof, meaning it does not explode when shot at, protects the driver
    from almost any crash and its tyres are very difficult to flat. In terms of 
    maximum speed, it's no better than the bolt ace coupe you just drove. The
    acceleration is awful, don't be deceived by the fact that it has 543hp. It 
    sometimes spins when steers, but it's really slow so don't worry about the
    It's a very fun car to use on the Free ride mode, on crazy police pursuits.
    MISSION 16
    Objective: Multiple objectives
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Walkthrough: Now this mission is rather unusual, but it's easy. It consists of
    four objectives.
    -Run around the block
    Now many people get confused as to what the 'block' is. See an alley 
    between the buildings that are located behind the guy 
    (it is a wide, short alley)? Enter it, then turn to the left, then again to
    the left, and then again to the left. Go near the guy for him to give you the
    next objective.
    -Do three knee bends
    So just hit the crouch (default: Ctrl) button 3 times. Wait for Tommy to
    crouch completely before performing the next crouch.
    -Grab the box and follow me (the guy)
    Right click on the box to grab it, and then just follow the guy. He will 
    eventually stop outside a shop by the tunnel.
    -Drive the car here and put the box here.
    Press H to drop the box, drive the car parked there next to the guy, leave the
    car, grab the box, go in front of the already existing box and right
    click. Mission completed. You may take your car home.
    Well really nothing can go wrong in this mission, unless you don't know how
    to crouch or the guy gets ran over by a car horribly and die.
    Car unlocked: Hillbilly 5.1 FWD
    Car description: It's the same thing as the Thrower but this one's a taxi, it
    has a yellowish colour and it's oh so cute.
    MISSION 17
    Objective: Kill Speedy Gonzalez
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Walkthrough: Now this mission is the most fun of the game. It seems Carlo, the
    guy you killed in the Bon Appetite mission, came back from the dead. Now he is
    able to run at a superb speed.
    This mission is simple. Kill him.
    The obvious method is to run him over with a car. The best thing to do is to
    use Hotrod, because after you run him over, your bonus car will be sitting 
    right there, a few metres away from home, so you may return the HotRod 
    (or any car you choose) to the garage and then walk for the other one.
    The best place to get him is at the Guliano bridge. 
    OR, if you do not feel like going after a guy in his underwear, just park a 
    car in front of the staircase through which Gonzalez exits his apartment. That
    way he won't have where to go and you can take him with your bat. Anyway, once
    he's dead, go back to where the guy that gave you the mission is to get your
    Car unlocked: Flower Power
    Car description: Take away the hippie paint and you have a Bolt Model B 
    Delivery, this SUV-like car is fast (though not so fast as most prototypes),
    but it spins easily on cornering. Not a very loved car.
    MISSION 18
    Objective: Disarm all the bombs in the taxis by dumping them in the river
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Walkthrough: Now, this mission needs several things to be done before it even
    starts. It isn't very difficult once you figure things out.
    Firstly, take a look at this edited map of Lost Heaven.
    See, there are two circles.I use them on this map to mark the locations of two
    waterfronts, one in New Ark, and one in Central Island, under the Guliano
    bridge. They can both be accessed by ramps that are near by.
    At each of those waterfronts, you should have parked (before the mission 
    begins) one Lassiter Fordor, which you will use to dump the taxis into the
    river (the only car I know that can push another car at a considerable speed),
    and another fast car (eg. Thor Cabriolet, Celeste Marquee, or even a Lassiter
    Fordor will do).
    So, when your house's loaded, steal a fast car. Park it at the waterfront in
    New Ark (the dark blue circle), in front of one of the wooden buildings to the 
    right of the taxi already parked there.
    Then, walk back to the street. Try to locate a Lassiter Fordor. You may want 
    steal some other car and have a drive around the Island until you find one.
    Once you do, drive to the dark blue circle again, and park it next to the taxi
    already parked there.
    Now walk back to the road, steal a fast car, and drive through the Guliano 
    bridge. Once you are almost through, break, turn 180 degrees around, and enter
    the sidewalk to the right of the bridge. Once you're through it, you should 
    see a ramp to your left across the road. Go down the ramp, drive a bit forward
    until you find open space and park you car carefully against the wall.
    Now walk back to the street. Find a Lassiter Fordor, steal it, drive it to the
    waterfront marked with the light blue circle and park it next to the other car
    you just parked there.
    Now you are ready to begin. Steal any car and return to the waterfront in 
    New Ark. Talk to the guy and the mission begins.
    You will have to dump 5 taxis in total, and each one has a time limit. If you
    run out of time, the taxi explodes and the mission is over.
    I have drawn on the map green squares with a number on each to indicate the 
    location of each taxi. The one with the number 1 on it needs to be disarmed
    So the first one is parked right in front of you. Enter it, drive it towards
    the sea, stop just before you fall off in the sea (you don't want that). Then
    exit it, enter the Lassiter Fordor, and use it to push the taxi into the sea.
    The next one is at a construction site in Hoboken-Downtown. Exit the Lassiter
    car, enter the other fast car you've parked there, and get there. The time 
    limit is actually quite tight so you're going to have to hurry. The taxi might
    be a little tricky to locate among the buildings. Once you find it, exit the
    fast car you are in and enter the taxi. Drive back to the waterfront and use
    the Lassiter to push this taxi into the sea as well.
    Now the next one is parked at some sort of parking lot by the sea at Central
    Island. Do not exit the Lassiter car this time, you will use it to get there,
    as you have no other car. Drive through the Guliano bridge, turn around, enter
    the sidewalk to the right of the bridge. Drive all the way forward, once on
    the street turn to the right and drive forward until you see your taxi parked
    on the right. Exit the Lassiter and enter the taxi. Now drive the taxi to the
    other waterfront nearby and push it into the river with the Lassiter Fordor
    you'd parked there.
    The next one's in the City Hall, or whatever this building is, at the Central
    Island. Exit the Lassiter, enter the other fast car you'd parked there and 
    get there. The taxi's parked by the entrance stairs. Enter it, drive it to
    the waterfront and use the Lassiter to push it into the sea.
     The last one is at the harbor's parking lot in Works Quarter. Drive there 
    in your Lassiter. Actually in my game there are two taxis parked there, I just
    enter the one closer to me.
    Enter the taxi, exit the parking lot and turn to the right. When you're almost
    under the West Marshall bridge, you shall see an alley to the right. (I have
    marked the location with a red X on the map whose link I posted before).
    Slowly enter it. The last prototype is parked there. Park the taxi there,
    enter the prototype and use it to push the last taxi into the sea. Be careful
    not to fall off as well and die.
    Mission's completed! You may now take the prototype you're in home.
    Car unlocked: Manta Taxi
    Car description: The same thing as Manta but in Taxi form.
    MISSION 19
    Objective: Exchange the racing cars in order to get your bonus car
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Walkthrough: At last, here we are at the last one! Now this mission unlocks
    all four racing car models in the game, that were seen in the Mission 
    "Fairplay", and also another car, which looks more like the ones that Bertone
    would give you. In fact, this is the one you will unlock in Free Ride Extreme.
    It isn't really a difficult mission. There are three cars in total. You will
    have to take each one to the next one's location, take the next one off the
    truck it's on, put the previous one onto the truck, and then enter the next 
    one to the location of the next car.
    In this map I have marked the location of all racing cars. The blue cross is
    the point you should take the last car to, in fact it's where the first car 
    Talk to the guy and turn to the right. See, there's the first car you need
    to drive. Enter it, and drive to the next location (run over the guy as you
    are exiting the alley), which is the City jail on the central Island (where
    you sniped the politician).
    Once you get there, leave your car, enter the blue racing car, drive it off
    the truck-ramp, exit it, enter the other car you came in (the red), park it
    up on the truck-ramp(better word?), exit it, and enter the blue racing car,
    and off to the next location, which is under the West Marshall bridge, at
    about the same place the Manta Taxi was in the previous mission. Do the
    exchange stuff once again. Now off to the where the mission began (where you
    entered the first car). Park the car on the truck-ramp and that's it, mission
    is completed, in case you hadn't noticed before the black Caesar Mostro is 
    parked on the same lot, enter it and get outta there. 
    Cars unlocked: Caesar 8C 2300 Racing
    Brubaker 4WD
    Trautenburg Racer 4WD
    Carrozella C-Otto 4WD
    Caesar 8C Mostro
    Cars description: Caesar 8C 2300 Racing: This is the worst racing car
    of the game. It is very speedy  with great acceleration, but it spins easily
    when accelerating and when steering. 
    Brubaker 4WD: My favourite one. Fantastic acceleration, fantastic top speed,
    great handling, excellent braking.
    Trautenburg Racer 4WD: A car with nice acceleration and top speed, and nice
    Carrozella C-Otto 4WD: No noticeable difference from Brubaker.
    Caesar 8C Mostro: The same acceleration, top speed and handling as the
    Lassiter Roadster. Pretty nice, but not a real racing car. Thanks for reading.

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