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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pinkpanfa

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NBA Street Vol. 2
    Strategy guide with spoilers
    Author: Chris Gee
    Contact: pinkpanfa@hotmail.com
    (Copyright 2003 Christopher Gee)
    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Controls
    IV.   Game Features
          1. Edit Baller
          2. Edit Baller's Moves
          3. Pick up Game
          4. NBA Challenge
          5. Be A Legend
             a. Reaching a new rep level
             b. Cities and their rewards
          6. Street School
    V.    How to Acquire Milestones and Throwback Jersey List
    VI.   How to acquire Street Legends and NBA Legends
    VII.  The Beats AKA EA Trax
    VIII. Frequently asked questions
    IX.   Extras
          1. The REAL Street courts
          2. The bosses and their signature moves
          3. Secret codes
          4. Baller Nicknames
    X.    Contact me
    XI.   Legal Stuff
    XII.  Special Thanks
    Version 1.25 - 5/25/03
    Sorry for taking so long with this.  My wife and I just had a new baby girl 
    born this morning.  So since I won't be sleeping for the next 3 months, I'll 
    be finishing this guide.  So, back to business.  There are some new frequently
    asked questions since I finally got back to those hundreds of emails.  I'm 
    also adding new sections.
    Version 1.1 - 5/11/03
    I took out the descriptions for the various dunks and tricks because there
    were so many that were similar.  Also it became hard to describe some of them.
    There's not much more to add except for any random e-mail questions that aren't
    addressed in the Faqs.  Enjoy your game!
    Version 1.0 - 5/11/03
    Major updates added to the faqs.  For the most part, its completed.  Street
    School, Game Features, Controls and Edit menus all added.  I may add more
    emailed questions at a later date.  Enjoy!
    Version .05 - 5/7/03
    I've added the moves from the "Edit Moves" screen.  I will describe them briefly
    once I have more time.  Its 12PM and I've been so busy that I'm eating breakfast
    right now.  Tomorrow, they will be posted with the Street school.
    Version .025 - 5/6/03
    I've updated most of the Milestones descriptions.  There are a few that I
    haven't accomplished yet but I'll have them by tomorrow.  I also updated the
    reward points on the Street Legends section and started detailing the NBA
    Challenge section.  I'm going to add all the players for every team and include
    the NBA Legends that you have to face at the end of the Division.
    Version .02 - 5/5/03
    This is my first strategy guide so please bear with me.  I will add the good
    stuff first and work my way backwards to the basic stuff that is in the book,
    which was included with the game.  Besides, people read strategy guides for the
    stuff that they don't know, not the stuff that is given to you before you even
    start playing.  I hope you enjoy it when it done.  I will be updating it very
    frequently since I've been playing the game every day since the day I bought it.
    And being a New York Street Baller, I have seen and played on most of the New
    York courts.
    I'll be brief.  NBA Street is all about basketball from the street ball
    perspective.  This is not a 5 on 5 game with substitutions and time outs.  If
    you've played the original NBA Street, then the game will be easy to pick up on.
    If you're new to NBA Street, then there are certain things that you need to know
    in order to win.  First, there are no fouls, just like in real street ball, so
    hack, chop, push, hook, whatever...its all good.  Most of these tactics are
    pulled off by doing tricks (fancy dribbling and incredible dunks).  Second,
    there are no game clocks except for the 24 Second shot clock.  So you don't
    have to worry about 3 seconds in the paint, 10 second call to get across the
    half or time running out in a quarter or half.  Third, the game is based on
    having fun!  Do lots of tricks, embarrass your friends in Vs play, dunk on your
    older brother and shoot Granny's eyes out with spectacular jump shots.
    For more details on the controls, the Street school section below
    Left analog / D-button - control character
    X -  pass
    Square - trick move
    Triangle - N/A
    Circle - shoot
    R1, R2, L1, L2 - turbos
    R3 (press in Right analog) - strategy (pick)
    start - Pause
    select - pocket GB (see Street school for more)
    Left analog / D-button - control character
    X - change players
    Square - steal
    Triangle - block / rebound
    Circle - N/A
    R1, R2, L1, L2 - turbo
    R3 (press in Right analog) - strategy (double team)
    start - pause
    PLAY IT!
    - This is where it all happens.  The GAMEPLAY!  Play a friend in PICK UP mode,
          take on the NBA teams of today in NBA challenge, try to make your created
          baller a street legend in BE A LEGEND mode or practice (or learn) all the
          moves in Street school taught by Old School street legend, Stretch Monroe
    - this is where you create your baller, edit your created players moves and
          looks, or create your team for the NBA challenge
    - View all the Street Legends, NBA Legends, Courts and Jerseys. You can
          purchase them with reward points earned from winning games or earn them
          from unique scenarios (See sections below on how to earn them).  You can
          also purchase Developmental points for your created baller with reward
          points from winning games.
    - Choose your difficulty
    - set your controller's layout
    - manage game data (save, load, delete created players, etc)
    - check out the music in EA Trax
    - set your audio options to match your sound system
    - control speech, music and SFX volume
    - set how often you want the replays to show up during a game
    - check out onscreen help
    - turn visual effects on or off
    - turn auto save on or off
    - change the screen to wide screen
    - adjust screen
    - these are the scores put up by the NBA greats in the game or by you and your
          friends as you play
    - What's New in 2: 5 unique videos narrated by Bobbito Garcia on all the new
          things in the game
    - The Moves: you can preview all the tricks and dunks in the game by scrolling
          through the menus and hitting the X button
    - Bobbito Garcia: the real Bobbito (game commentator and NYC street ball
          announcer) talks a little about New York City ballin and Vol 2's impact
    - Vol. 2 Trailer: this is the intro trailer from the game
    - SSX 3 Preview: trailer video for the upcoming SSX game
    There a lots of ways to hook up your baller in this game.  The biggest change
    in the creating of your baller is that once you set their size (height and
    build), they remain this way for as long as you keep that player.  So there is
    no making a 5'10" player in your likeness and later making him (or her) grow
    to 7'8".
    Here are the things you can edit:
    Gender - Male, Female or even a pre-made character (what fun is that)
    Build - this changes depending on your players shape
         Stocky - M (5'9" 200 lbs)
                  L (6'1" 220 lbs)
                  XL (6'5" 240 lbs)
                  XXL (6'9" 260lbs)
         Athletic - M (5'10" 185 lbs)
                    L (6'2" 205 lbs)
                    XL (6'6" 225 lbs)
                    XXL (6'10" 240 lbs)
         Lean - M (5'11" 175 lbs)
                L (6'3" 200 lbs)
                XL (6'7" 215 lbs)
                XXL (6'11" 235 lbs)
         Massive - M (6'0" 210 lbs)
                   L (6'4" 220 lbs)
                   XL (6'8" 250 lbs)
                   XXL (7'0" 275 lbs)
    Look - choose any one from Look A to Look R
    Hair - there are 18 different styles to choose from
    Facial hair - you have 23 different styles to choose from (not available when
         creating a female)
    Outfit - You have from outfit A to outfit I to choose from.  Each of these
         comes in 3 colors but to change to those alternate colors, you must spend
         some developmental points (which are earned from playing Be A Legend mode
         or bought with Reward points from Pick Up Game or NBA Challenge mode).
         There are also unlockable old school jerseys which you earn in different
         ways (see Jersey section below)
    Skills - you can adjust your shots, dunks, power, blocks, steals, handles,
    Name - You get 8 letters for the players first name and 8 for last name
    Baller Icon - there are 7 baller icons to choose from
    YAY!  You have created your baller!!
    There is one more thing you can edit about your baller's appearance, which
         becomes available when you go back to edit your baller
    Edit shoes - there are a bunch of different shoes here ranging from old school
         to new (style A to style T).  You will have to purchase the shoes with
         DP (developmental points) just like the outfits.
    There are several trick moves, jump shots and dunks that can be changed for
    your player.  I will list them.
    SHOTS: they are usually done by pressing 2 turbos and the shoot button.  Make
           sure you are not driving towards the hoop or they it will trigger a
           dunk instead.
    Tear Drop
    The Legend
    Dunk Level 3: These are accomplished by pressing 2 turbos and the shot button
                  while moving toward the basket.
    Spin da LP
    Put it Home
    Look out Below
    Two Scoops
    Around The way
    Take that
    Hang Time
    Around The World
    Da Hangman
    High Time
    Jet Stream
    Special Delivery
    Dunk Level 4: This time it's 3 turbos and the shoot button while moving towards
                  the basket.
    Mamma Jamma
    Air Raid
    Jam City
    Honey Dip
    The Hammer
    Through wit it
    Wake up Call
    Going Dolo
    The Glide
    The Hawk
    Chocolate Thunder
    The Doctor
    Big Dipper
    Dunk Level 5: All turbos and the shoot while driving STRAIGHT down the lane to
                  the basket.
    Dinner's Served
    Nerve Damage
    Krunk Junk
    Trick Level 3: First thing you need is a player with handling skills.  Bust
                   these moves with 2 turbos and the trick button
    Double Dutch
    Back to The Lab
    Gotcha Open
    Hip Drop
    Left No Right
    Breakin you Off
    The Grampa
    Getting Bent
    Trick Level 4: You'll need 3 turbos, the trick button and a good ball handler
                   for these
    Through the Cut
    Da Treadmill
    Check yo Bags
    Baking Biscuits
    Cha Cha
    Head Banger
    Fro Fake
    Biggie Little
    Droppin' Dimes
    The Oz
    The Pistol
    Kick it Ova Heea
    Steady Rockin'
    Getting Krunk
    Trick Level 5: All the turbo buttons and the trick button are used to pull this
    Slip 'n' Slide
    On da Low Low
    Heads or Tails
    Play an exhibition game against a friend.  You can use any players that have
    been unlocked and any courts that you have access to.  After you pick you team,
    you also have the option to change the rules of the game.
    >>>My Rules<<<
    You can customize your game to your advantage or to keep a better (or cheesy)
    player at bay.
    GAME MODES: There are a few different ways you can play NBA Street 2
    *Pick up game - just a regular old pick up game
    *Trick Point Challenge - points don't really count but the trick points do.
           You can play up to 100,000 points or all the way up to 10 million points
           (yikes!).  The key is to link lots of trick moves together and convert
           the GBs.
    *Dunks Only - dunks to layups, 2 pointers (even the shooting GBs) or any short
           range buckets don't count.  Pick your team accordingly.  Make sure
           everyone on your team has some dunking ability.
    *No Gamebreakers - I turn this off when I play less experienced players.  Not
           fair to them because I run the trick point up real quickly.
    *NBA Scoring - All shots inside the arc are worth 2 and behind the arc are
           worth 3...just like the NBA.
    *Old School Scoring - Just like in the old day, ever shot is worth 1 point,
           except the GB2
    *Gamebreaker wins - you can set this so you can play to a GB1 or a GB2.  Two
           major tricksters playing?  Make it a GB2 and cancel each other out.
    *Back To Basics - trick points don't count so there are no gamebreakers.  Only
           1 and 2 points will get the win here.  Just run and gun the whole game
           (grab a rebound and pass to the man ahead and score before the defense
           can get back)
    SPOT POINTS: Use this to give another player a handicap.  This is only good
           when you're experienced and are playing someone new to NBA Street.
    SHOT CLOCK: can make it 12 seconds, 24 seconds, 48 seconds or turn it off all
    - You wanna earn reward points fast? Set the mode on legendary, go to my rules
      and give yourself a handicap of 20 in a 21 point game.  You could also make
      the game go up to 1 point but you run the risk of not getting the first shot
      off and damaging your record.
    - Wanna run up the trick points fast? Use the player with the best handle and
      do the Off the Heezy trick on a slower defensive player.  Follow up with a
      couple more Off the Heezy tricks on the already dazed opponent then go in for
      the dunk.  You should fill up your trick meter in about 2 shots.  Pocket the
      first one and repeat the strategy until you hit the GB2.
    In this mode, you get to face all the NBA teams in the league in a 3 on 3,
    first to 21 league.  First you pick a division to start in and then you pick a
    team.  If you have a weak created baller at this point then you should start in
    the East and work your way up to the harder divisions.  For every win, you
    receive 100 reward points and once you beat all the teams, you receive 1000
    reward points.  Now, I will break down the divisions and the NBA Legends that
    you'll have to face in the Championship game.
    NORTHWEST - Golden State Warriors, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings,
                Seattle Sonics, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets
                NBA LEGENDS: David Thompson, George Gervin, Pistol Pete Maravich
                *BREAKDOWN: The Kings and Portland are the only real threats in
                            this division.  Patience is key.  Wait to block those
                            jump shots and take advantage of fast breaks.  When
                            you face the legends, Pistol Pete is the man to guard.
                            He's your playmaker and will demand most of the shots
                            and believe me, he has sick range.  Thompson likes to
                            throw down the dunks so look for him to attack the
                            basket at every opportunity.
    CENTRAL - Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks,
              Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers
              NBA LEGENDS: Clyde Drexler, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird
              *Breakdown: This division is pretty tough every team is pretty well
                          balanced, except Cleveland.  Facing the Legends in this
                          round is all about the blocked shot.  Bird is the scorer
                          on this team, Isiah is always looking to steal and Clyde
                          is after the alley oop on every play down court.  They
                          are all playmakers and can score at will.  Run up the
                          trick points and drop the Gamebreakers on them to slow
                          them down.
    SOUTHWEST - Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, San Antonio
                Spurs, Houston Rockets
                NBA LEGENDS: Moses Malone, James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins
                *Breakdown: The toughest division in the game.  Once again,
                            patience is the key.  Keep a man in the face of
                            whichever player has the ball and it SHOULD lead to a
                            team living by the jump shot.  The legend to watch is
                            Dominique.  He's the main go-to guy and loves to fast
                            break.  Beware!
    EAST - New Jersey Nets, Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics,
                Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors
                NBA LEGENDS: Wilt Chamberlain, Nate Archibald, Bill Russell
                *Breakdown: The easiest of all the divisions by far.  Start it off
                            with the Knicks and finish it off with the Nets.  Even
                            the legends aren't that much of a problem.  Nate
                            should be your main concern but he rarely completes a
                            play without help (a pick, an alley oop).  Wilt stays
                            in the center and just swats everything so try to draw
                            Wilt outside the paint, fake him out with a trick then
                            take it to the hole.  Russell is just too slow.
    SOUTHEAST - Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Hornets,
                Atlanta Hawks
                NBA LEGENDS: Darryl Dawkins, Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson
                *Breakdown: Another easy division.  Slightly harder than the East
                            because of the huge team play they provide.  This
                            legends squad plays very cautious. They didn't fall
                            for all the fakeouts and got back on defense rather
                            quickly.  Kill them with dunks and you should win this
                            one quickly.
    Congratulations! You've beaten every team and now your baller can play for any
    team they want.  Just choose a NBA team for your Created Baller to join.
    You are awarded with a trophy that resembles the NBA Finals trophy.  Hooray!
    Now you must pick an NBA team to put your created character on.  You can either
    go with your home town favorite to spice up your team or just go for one of the
    powerhouse teams like LA Lakers, Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Mavericks or
    Sacramento Kings.  I took Portland because of their versatility but you can
    choose whatever team you like best.
    This is the most demanding of all the game modes in the game.  You create a
    player, give them a look and some skills then try to become a street legend by
    playing all over the country in various tournaments, challenges and pick up
    games.  The first thing you have to do is create a baller.  My player was
    modeled after me so he was a shooter, 5'10" with the little belly at 200 lbs.
    As you finish different locales, you will gain progress points towards your
    street ball rep, some developmental points (depending on how well you played)
    and unlock some of the local legends, moves and jerseys.
    Level 0:
    Reward:  Nothing!  You're a scrub with a scrubby team.  Make sure you pick a
             well balanced team with what you have to work with.  A solid shot
             blocker, someone with good handle to get you some decent trick points
             and a shooter with range.  You'll need them to beat your first few
    Level 1: Rookie
    Reward:  Now people know your name.  They've seen you around the courts and you
             are starting to draw some attention from the ballers.
             Clyde Drexler Throwback Jersey
    Level 2: Baller
    Reward:  Starting to move up in the world.
             David Thompson Throwback Jersey
    Level 3: All-Star
    Reward:  You are given a nickname by your fans and our announcer Bobbito Garcia.
             Mine was "Ice Water" since my outside jumper was deadly.  Its very cool
             to be recognized in the game when you show off your stuff.
    Level 4: Super star
    Reward:  You're one step closer to completing your legendary tour.
             Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Throwback Jersey
             Boss Move: Nique ()
    Level 5: Legend
    Reward:  That's it!  You've beat all the courts and all the challenges that
             come with being a legend.  Now, for the Grand Prize!
             New Audio track - "Young Guru" by Just Blaze
             NBA Legends - Dr. J, Connie Hawkins, Earl Monroe are playable
             characters now
             Street Champ Jersey (Black with yellow trim jersey with shorts
             to match)
             "Be A Legend Mode" Trophy
    The description under the court is taken directly from the game.  I have
    included an explanation of what has to be done and the way I completed it.
    The progress states the number of progress points you must earn in order to
    complete this court and the Rewards reveals what your hard work will net you.
    >>>>New York<<<<
    NYC Rec Center: Pick up Games
    They call it the Rec Center, but there's nothing recreational about this
    basketball court in Harlem world.  Y'know how they do it.  Either come strong
    or don't come at all.
    Explanation: Get used to playing the game.  You'll have some crappy competition
                 but even on Got Game (easy), they can play pretty well.  Don't
                 pick up anyone from these teams since they are low in basic skills.
    Progress:    15
    Rewards:     Progress points acquired
    Soul in the Hole: Tournament
    Deep it the heart of do or die, Bed-Stuy is one of the most storied courts in
    all the land, Soul in the Hole.  But just who do you think is responsible for
    putting the Soul in the Hole?  Right On!  The old school playa with the eternal
    game, Stretch.  Don't jump.
    Explanation: Your first real challenge.  The key is to try to double Stretch
                 and make his teammates score.  After you win, take Stretch along
                 for the ride with your team.
    Progress:    25
    Rewards:     Level Boss - Stretch
                 Boss Move - The Stretch & the Glide
                 Progress points acquired
    Soul in the Hole: Street Challenge (Old School Rules )
    When Stretch started running at this court, there was no long range arc.  All
    shots were worth one point, no matter where you shot the ball.  Return to
    yesteryear and win a 12- point game with old school style.
    Progress:    none
    Rewards:     Pete Maravich Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - The Pistol
    The Cage: Pick up Games
    West 4th Street, NYC, a.k.a. The Cage.  One look and you'll know why they used
    to call players "cagers".  The court may be small, but the balers are big.
    Gotta bring your game if you want the fame at this one.
    Progress:    30
    Rewards:     Progress points acquired
    Uptown: Pick up Games
    Everybody's got ups uptown.  That's because it's high in the sky.  Our advice:
    leave your jimmy at home and take it to the baja as often as possible.
    'Cause up here, the winds through lots of block parties.
    Progress:    40
    Rewards:     Progress points acquired
    Rucker Park: Tournament
    Ballers around the world know this court.  Welcome to the one and only - Rucker
    Park.  And if you don't know (please tell us you know), Bonafide will Clue you
    in.  Miss a shot, and he'll tell ya as he boards it.
    Progress:    100
    Rewards:     Level Boss - Bonafide
                 Boss Move - Bonafide
                 Progress points acquired
    Rucker Park '78: Be A Legend (Legendary Challenge)
    You are standing on hallowed ground.  This is the classic Halcombe Rucker Park.
    Former home to "Tiny" Nate, Earl "The Pearl", Wilt "The Stilt" and the one
    before you now - the Legendary one - Doctor J.  Old School rules to 21.  Bring
    Explanation: I had to play "The Hawk" Connie Hawkins, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe
    and "Dr. J" Julius Erving.  There are no 2 pointers except for the double GB.
    Progress:    50
    Rewards:     Court - Rucker '78
                 New Audio track - "Young Guru" by Just Blaze
                 NBA Legends - Dr. J, Connie Hawkins, Earl Monroe
                 Street Champ Jersey (Black with yellow trim jersey with shorts
                 to match)
                 "Be A Legend Mode" Trophy
                 Progress points acquired
                 Rep Level : Legend
    Broad Street: Pick up Game
    Broad Street.  It may not look like much, but it's a true baller's paradise
    tucked away on the mean streets of Philly.  Leave your jive at home, and bring
    plenty of heart, hustle and soul.
    Progress:    20
    Rewards:     Progress points acquired
    Broad Street: Street Challenge (Trick Challenge)
    On the Back street courts of Philly, style and flash are more important that
    scoring points.  The final score here doesn't matter.  The first team to score
    250,000 trick points will be declared the winner.
    Progress:    none
    Rewards:     Darryl Dawkins Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - Chocolate Thunder
    Foster Beach: Tournament (Single Elimination )
    Foster Beach, the stomping grounds of Biggie Little.  In Chi-town, his
    mischievous game will turn any frown upside down.  Unless, of course, yours is
    the head Biggie uses for a touch pass.
    Explanation: One loss here and its a wrap.  Biggie Little is great with the
                 handle but undersized at 5 foot 4, double team him and just block
                 everything he throws up.  If you leave him slightly open, you can
                 stand back and just lick your chops at the chance to pad those
                 blocked shot stats.
    Progress:    30
    Rewards:     Level Boss - Biggie Little
                 Boss Move - Biggie Little
                 Progress points acquired
    Foster Beach: Street Challenge (Dunks Only)
    In Chicago, fans are hoping to see one Thing and one thing only: huge,
    rim-breaking dunks.  Give the people what they want and play a game to 12 points
    where only dunks will score.  Oh, and did we mention the 12 second shot clock?
    Explanation: Dunks Only simple enough.
    Progress:    none needed
    Rewards:     Wilt Chamberlain Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - Big Dipper
    Greenlake: Tournament (Double Elimination)
    Bring yo galoshes, raincoats, and umbrellas.  At Greenlake Park in Seattle,
    there ain't no sunshine even when the clouds are gone.  'Cause Whitewater is
    madd busy making it rain all day long.
    Progress:    35
    Rewards:     Level Boss - Whitewater
                 Boss Move -  Whitewater
                 Progress points acquired
    Greenlake: Street Challenge (No Gamebreakers)
    This is Whitewater's court, and he's a fan of fundamental ball.  No tricks, no
    flashy stuff and definitely no Gamebreakers.  Win this one with pure basketball.
    Explanation: Since there are no GBs, tricks won't be calculated.  Just come down
                 court, hit the open man (or woman) and drop the shot.
    Progress:    none
    Rewards:     Larry Bird Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - The Legend
    Mosswood: Tournament (Double Elimination)
    J-Kidd taught him everything he knows and GP gave him his nickname at Mosswood
    Playground.  Osmosis makes everybody better, even if they can't walk and chew
    gum at the same time.
    Explanation: Double Elimination means you'll have to play Osmosis twice to beat
                 this level.
    Progress:    must get 65 progress points to pass
    Reward:      Level Boss - Osmosis
                 Boss Move - The Oz
                 Progress points acquired
    Mosswood: Street Challenge (Gamebreaker wins)
    Here's the chance to show you've mastered your game.  Trick points and score
    don't matter.  The first team to score a level 2 Gamebreaker wins.  Don't
    forget, you can cancel "pocketed" Gamebreakers and they can cancel yours.
    Explanation: The score stays at zero because the mission is to get the double
                 gamebreaker.  This one is fairly easy.  Pick a player with good
                 handle and use the Off the Heezay trick (stand still facing opponent,
                 hit 2 turbos and pass to throw it off their face) to shoot your
                 trick points up real quick.  Don't to do this trick if someone on
                 your team is going for the Alley Oop because you'll pass to them.
                 Get to single GB, hit select to pocket it then repeat.  You should
                 be at the double GB by the time you hit 3 points.
    Progress:    none
    Reward:      "Dr. J" Julius Erving Philadelphia 76ers Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - The Doctor
    >>>>Los Angeles<<<<
    Lincoln College: Tournament (Best 2 out of 3)
    At Lincoln College, this hoop goddess will steal your heart AND yo rock.  She's
    cold as ice, fine as wine.  And her name is Dime.  Can we get a witness?
    Explanation: Best 2 out of 3 tournament.  Dime steals pretty easy and her team
                 is pretty good with the steals and handle also.  Her downfall is
                 that she doesn't dunk very well, she's smaller than most players
                 and her shot is not guaranteed.  Work for the mismatch and dunk
                 on the shorter, weaker Dime.
    Progress:    40 (tournament win)
    Reward:      Level Boss - Dime
                 Boss Move - Droppin Dimes
                 Progress points acquired
    Lincoln College: Street Challenge (NBA Scoring)
    NBA teams, NBA rules.  Play a game to 50 points with NBA style scoring against
    an NBA team.  Think you can play in their league?
    Explanation: I had to play The Lakers.  Best strategy is to play good defense
                 and force them to shoot outside.  I played close to whomever had
                 the ball until it went to Shaq; then I stole it.  And remember,
                 this team likes to run so get back on Defense for the block
                 quickly or Fisher and Kobe will run up the points on 2 pointers.
    Progress:    none needed
    Rewards:     Earvin "Magic" Johnson LA Lakers Throwback Jersey
                 Boss Move - Magic
    Stretch Monroe walks you through the basics of the game.  Since you're just
    learning, you use the Lakers.
    Pass - press the X button
    Short Range Shot - inside the 3 point arc, just hit the circle button
    Long Range Shot - outside the 3 point arc, hit circle
    Dunk - hold turbo and shoot (circle) while going to the basket
    Dunk to Lay-up - go for a dunk with turbo and shoot then before you dunk the
         ball, hit the shoot button again.  This can keep you from getting your
         dunk blocked in a game
    Alley Oop - just pass to a player jumping toward the basket
    Trick Move - hit square
    Gamebreaker - when GB meter is filled up, hit 2 turbos and the shoot button
    Switch players - hit X
    Steal - hit square when standing in near a player with the ball
    Block - hit triange; stand in front of the person with the ball and they will
         start to shoot.
    Trick Counter - kinda tricky...hit 2 turbos and the steal button while your
         opponent is doing a trick
    Turbo Block - hold 2 turbos and hit triange to turbo block; same as the
         block...stand in front of your opponent and they will begin to shoot.
         Hit the Turbos and the triangle to jump up and grab the ball
    >>>Advanced Moves<<<
    Pump Fake - tap circle
    Fadeaway - go for a jump shot anywhere and pull away from the basket while in
         the middle of shooting the ball
    Pick - press the R3 button (right analog button); run to the top of the key and
         hit the R3.  Your teammate will come give you a pick
    Dive - hit turbo twice; computer will drop the ball so you can dive and get it
    Kick Pass - hit L3 (left analog button) and X to kick pass
    Off the Heezay - 2 turbos and X; when a player is standing in front of you,
         you'll throw it off their head
    Back to Papa - 2 turbos and X while moving toward the basket; this counts as a
         fakeout trick.  When You throw the ball off the basket back to yourself,
         you confuse the defender so you can go right past them
    Advanced Trick Move - all turbos and square; just don't use Shaq for this one
    Advance Dunk - going toward the basket, hit all turbos and shoot.  For it to
         work, you SHOULD be headed right down the middle of the lane and be
         slightly past the free throw line.  Your player will throw it off the
         backboard and you must catch it and put it in (the Dinner's Served dunk
         from the first Street)
    Give & Go - tap the right analog button to pass to a teammate.  You still
         control the character that passed the ball so now you have free movement.
         If you hit turbo and shot while going to the basket, you can go for the
         alley oop.  Just hit X so the computer passes it back to you.
    Pocket Gamebreaker - when you have built up your gamebreaker meter, hit Select
         to pocket it and use it later.  You can't use it until you fill up the
         meter a second time (see Level 2 GB)
    Cancel Gamebreaker - if an opponent has a gamebreaker pocketed, you can kill
         it by building up you GB meter then hitting turbo and select.  This will
         kill their pocket GB but also delete you GB.  It could be worth it so they
         don't hit their Level 2 GB and get the huge point swing
    Level 2 Gamebreaker - Use the same as the GB1; hold 2 turbos and hit shoot
    ALERT!!  ALERT!!  Don't read this section if you want to figure them out on
    your own!!
    There are 2 ways to earn the special Old School Throwback Jerseys.
    Either you pay with the Reward points that you earned by winning games or by
    accomplishing a special Milestone.  They are listed below.
    Milestone #1: Score 1,000,000 trick points in a single game (any mode)
            Reward Points required: 50
            Reward: Bill Walton Portland Trailblazers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #2: Shut out the other team
            Reward Points required: 100
            Reward: Elgin Baylor Los Angeles Lakers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #3: Win a game with 21 Alley Oops
            Reward Points required: 150
            Reward: Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #4: Win a game without being blocked
            Reward Points required: 150
            Reward: "Mr. Clutch" Jerry West LA Lakers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #5: Max Create a Baller skills (one level 6 skill, 6 level 5 skills)
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Moses Malone Philadelphia 76ers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #6: Complete Northwest Region in NBA Challenge mode with no losses
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Bill Russell Boston Celtics Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #7: Complete Central Region in NBA Challenge mode with no losses
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Walt "Clyde" Frazier New York Knicks Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #8: Complete South West Region in NBA Challenge mode with no losses
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: "The Big O" Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Bucks Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #9: Complete North East NBA Challenge with no losses
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: James "Big Game James" Worthy LA Lakers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #10: Complete South East Region in NBA Challenge mode with no losses
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Earl "The Pearl" Monroe New York Knicks Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #11: Clear Street School
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Bob Cousy Boston Celtics Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #12: Clear Street School without failing a lesson
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Nate "Tiny" Archibald Kansas City Kings Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #13:  Win a game and score 20 blocks
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins Phoenix Suns Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #14: Win a game and make 20 steals
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #15: Reach Rep Level 1 (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 250
            Reward: Clyde "The Glide" Drexler Portland Trailblazers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #16: Reach Rep Level 2 (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: David Thompson Denver Nuggets Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #17: Reach Rep Level 4 (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #18: Reach Rep Level 5 (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: "Iceman" George Gervin San Antonio Spurs Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #19: Play 1 game in each of the My Rules categories
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Michael "MJ" Jordan Chicago Bulls Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #20: Complete Broad Street Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Darryl Dawkins Philadelphia 76ers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #21: Complete Soul in the Hole Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: "Pistol" Pete Maravich Atlanta Hawks Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #22: Complete Foster Park Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain LA Lakers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #23: Complete Greenlake Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Larry Bird Boston Celtics Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #24: Complete Lincoln College Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 500
            Reward: Earvin "Magic" Johnson LA Lakers Throwback Jersey
    Milestone #25: Complete Mosswood Street Challenge (Be a Legend Mode)
            Reward Points required: 1000
            Reward: "Dr J"Julius Erving New York Nets Throwback Jersey
    STREET LEGENDS and NBA Legends
    These players are rewarded by either giving up your hard earned Reward points
    or by accomplishing something in the game.
    1. Unlock Bobbito - 500 reward points or win 10 games in pick up
    2. Unlock Just Blaze - 500 Reward points or win 15 games in pick up
    3. Unlock Nelly and the St. Lunatics - 750 Reward points or 20 games in pick up
    4. Unlock Stretch - 1000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    5. Unlock Biggie Little - 2000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    6. Unlock Whitewater - 3000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    7. Unlock Dime - 3000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    8. Unlock Osmosis - 4000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    9. Unlock Bonafide - 5000 Reward points or beat in Be a Legend Mode
    10. Bill Walton - given to you from the beginning
    11. Elgin Baylor - given to you from the beginning
    12. Rick Barry - given to you from the beginning
    13. "Mr. Clutch" Jerry West - given to you from the beginning
    14. Walt "Clyde" Frazier - given to you from the beginning
    15. Erving "Magic" Johnson - given to you from the beginning
    16. Michael "Air" Jordan '96 - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    17. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    18. Moses Malone - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge (SOUTHWEST)
    19. Bill Russell - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge (EAST)
    20. "Big O" Oscar Robertson - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    21. "Big Game" James Worthy - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    22. Bob "The Cooz" Cousy - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    23. Nate "Tiny" Archibald - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    24. Isiah Thomas - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge (CENTRAL)
    25. David Thompson - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge (NORTHWEST)
    26. "Human Highlight Reel" Dominque Wilkins - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in
        NBA Challenge (SOUTHWEST)
    27. "Iceman" George Gervin - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    28. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in Be A Legend Mode
    29. Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins - 1000 Reward Points or defeat in Be A Legend
    30. Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins - 2500 Reward points or defeat in NBA
        Challenge (SOUTHEAST)
    31. Pistol Pete Maravich - 2500 Reward points or defeat in NBA Challenge
    32. Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain - 2500 Reward points or defeat in NBA
        Challenge (EAST)
    33. Larry Bird - 2500 Reward points or defeat in NBA Challenge (CENTRAL)
    34. Dr. J Julius Erving - 2500 Reward points or defeat in Be A Legend Mode
    35. Michael Jordan '85 - 5000 Reward points or earn all Trophies
    These are called EA Trax in the game.  Its all hip hop joints.  From the moment
    you turn on the game and the intro to Pete Rock and CL Smooth's classic joint
    T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You, for all of those players that are not hip hop
    junkies like myself) starts playing, you know that you're getting some of the
    best from the new and old school.  So let's run em down.
    These are just the beats with very little verbal assistance.  They are mostly
    instrumental tracks.
    Bleek 'n Freeway
    Just Blaze
    Get Up
    Nate Dogg
    2 Beat
    Just Blaze
    Ride Wit Me
    MC Lyte
    Just Blaze
    Live on Stage (Remix)
    Dilated People
    Just Blaze
    Rock The Party (Instrumental)
    Dully Drop
    Just Blaze
    Plan B
    Just Blaze
    Wurlitzer Track
    Just Blaze
    Young Guru
    Just Blaze
    Chief Rocka (Instrumental)
    Lords of the Underground
    Blaze 5
    Just Blaze
    React (Instrumental)
    Erick Sermon ft Redman
    These tunes are the actually songs with some variation depending on the on-
    screen action.  During an instant replay, you may just hear the lyrics filtered
    through an echo effect without the bass or drums.
    Not In My House (Vol. 2 Exclusive)
    Nelly ft the St. Lunatics
    They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
    Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    Choice is Yours
    Black Sheep
    Chief Rocka
    Lorda of the Underground
    Live On Stage (Remix)
    Dilated People ft Talib Kwali
    Ride Wit Me
    MC Lyte
    Rock The Party
    Erick Sermon ft. Redman
    Get Up
    Nate Dogg
    1. I have 440 points in legend mode and i feel i have done all the challenges
    so what am i missing???????
    Ans: This is the most common problem in the game.  PAY ATTENTION!!!
    Advice from Christoph Huwiler via email: You need to reach the last reputation
    level.  this will gain you the 10 points to play the last challenge in rucker
    Advice from TheKID540 via email: Play the Be a legend mode with a different
    difficulty level!
    SO in conclusion...I don't think it matters which game you play (pick up,
    tournament or street challenge) as long as you play another game and bump your
    reputation up a notch to the last level.  Or you can change the difficulty 
    level.  This is what opens the Rucker 78 court.  I think that your created 
    baller has to do most of the work in order for it to boost your reputation.
    Try to make your created baller the star of the game.  REMEMBER: Assists aren't
    counted in your stats so use the Be the Oop trick on your alley oops.  Focus
    your game on more that just scoring points.  Also do more than you usually do
    with That player so if you block lots of shots then steal the ball more.  What
    is going to boost your rep is developing the other skills.
    2. I wanted to know what a boss move is and how we perform it.
    Ans: A boss move is a special move, either a dunk or a trick, that is
    specialized by that player.  An example is Julius Erving and his Boss move...
    the Doctor.  This is one of the many moves that he is caught on video doing in
    his days in the NBA and it is always associated with him.  It is dunk that
    shows him going to the lane and doing a full extension dunk (ALA the Michael
    Jordan Nike symbol).  In the intro of the game, they show him doing this same
    dunk and after you beat him, you can go to the Create a Baller menu and edit
    your moves so that YOU TOO can be like the Doctor.
    3. How do u get someone to do a hook-up?
    Ans: A hook up is done when one player goes for the dunk (usually you) and
    then passes in mid-air to another player going for an alley oop.
    4. I have a question...Do the legends only have a TRICK OR A DUNK? I mean one
    or the other? Or do they have trick shots..those who can't dunk? I try to
    figure the ballhandlers such as pistol or magic only have tricks. I have also
    been trying to do a HOOK shot (dying to try Magic Johnson out on it). It does
    not say how to do it anywhere.  I've looked.
    Ans: Well, all of the Street Legends and NBA Legends have special moves that
    are reserved for them.  Let's take Magic as an example.  His boss move, Magic,
    is a trick move where he take the ball in his left hand and wraps it around
    his body (across his chest and drops it back on his left side...absolutely
    sick!).  But he is also known for his long armed hook shot, which is executed
    by running across the lane and hitting the shot button.  I like to do this move
    as his 2 point shot (running behind the three point arc starting from the
    sidelines and going to the center of the arc).  All of the legends have at
    least 2 moves that are reserved for them but can later be used by you.  You can
    edit your ballers move so you can do them also.  Its a matter of knowing those
    players' games to be able to execute it.
    I've found that most of the special dunk moves for the legends are pulled off
    by pressing L1,L2 and R1 when dunking.
    Dr. J - the Doctor dunk and his up and under flip shot (reverse layup that the
    NBA always shows him doing; executed by doing dunk to layup from either side)
    Dawkins - the Chocolate Thunder dunk and also his Gorilla dunk (2 handed behind
    the head dunk that he used to shatter the first backboard ever broken in an NBA
    Stretch - the Stretch dunk and also does the Fro Fake trick move
    D.Wilikins - The Nique and also does his 360 tomahawk (standing in the lane,
    not moving towards the basket, hit turbo and dunk)
    You'll find special dunks and trick moves for different legends that other
    players can't do...keep experimenting and you'll be surprised at how much they
    put into the game.
    5. Where can I buy some of these throwback jerseys?  I've been looking for a
    place to get a Rick Barry old school jersey?
    Ans: I own some rare ones from all across different sports (Walter Payton,
    Baylor, and Strawberry just to name a few).  Try an auction site like Ebay or
    a store that specializes in Mitchell & Ness (the definitive company making the
    jerseys).  I've found that heckledepot.com has a good selection of throwback
    basketball jerseys that are found within NBA Street Vol2.  But since Mitchell
    and Ness still hand stitch their jerseys, they cost an arm and a leg (usually
    around $300) no matter where you buy them.
    6. Can you tell me how do I get a crown over a skill?
    Ans:You can max out all your skills up to 5 and you can max 1 skill up to 6.
    You can only max out 1 skill to get the crown over it so choose carefully.
    7. How do I do a tip slam?
    Ans: When your player shoots the ball and it misses, if it stays near to the
    basket you can do a tip slap.  To execute a tip slam, hit turbo and shoot while
    near the basket and your player will try to stuff it home.
    8. Can I delete a created player?
    Ans:   To delete a created player, go to Options and then game data.  You have
    the option to Save your game, Load a previously saved game and delete created
    9. How do I win the tip off?
    Ans: Its all about timing. You have to wait 'til The ball hits the top of the
    tip off and hit turbo and shoot (circle).
    10. How do I get my trick points to go up faster?
    Ans: Linking tricks together.  Here's a good strategy.  Bring the ball up court
    then do the Off the Heezay trick (2 turbos and pass when standing in front of 
    your defender without moving).  If you do one successfully, do 3 more while the
    player is stunned.  Then drive to the hoop and dunk it.  Your trick meter 
    should go skyhigh.  You should fill up the meter in 2 tricks down court.
    11. How do I guarantee that my created player will get the trick points on a 
    Level 2 Gamebreaker?
    Ans: Drop a 2 pointer from the corner baseline.  The main thing is to not have
    anyone around you or they will be included in the play.
    12. How do I pass it off the backboard during the alley oop?
    Ans: Do the Back 2 Papa trick (2 turbos And pass while moving toward the 
    basket).  Your player will pass it off the backboard to the alley ooping player.
    13. Do you know how you can combine two separate NBA Street V.2 memory cards
    files onto one card?
    Ans: Unfortunately, NO.  Street 2, unlike the first one, doesn't read the 2nd
    memory card slot.
    14. When you go to the rewards section in the game and you buy develpoment 
    points, where do they go because they didn't show up on my create a players
    Ans: Go back to where you bought the points.  The points will be highlighted.
    Choose the points again so you can allocate them to the player you want.
    15. Are there any "fantasy" characters to earn, like a fire or ice guy like 
    in nba street volume 1?
    Ans: No magmaman, Abominable snowman or alien dude in this one.  Just players
    from the past and present.
    16. What do you have to do to get the last trophy?
    Ans: Finish both Be a legend mode and NBA Challenge mode.
    17. What are the buttons for a fakeout move and a hookup?
    Ans: A fakeout is done by doing a trick and knocking over your oppenent.  The
    hookup is performed by going in for a dunk and while in the middle of doing 
    your dunk(in the air still), you pass to a teammate flying high above you for 
    the alley oop.
    There are alot of things going into this extras section.  They include codes 
    for special things in the game, more boss moves specified for each NBA Legend 
    and other cool things.  I originally didn't want to do this section but I was
    told that in order to have a full Faqs guide, I should include these things.
    Holcombe Rucker Park (AKA The Rucker)
    155th Street at 8th Avenue
    Israel Putnam Playground (AKA Soul in the Hole) 
    Marcus Garvey Blvd. bet. Monroe and Madison Streets, Brooklyn
    West 4th Street Playground (AKA The Cage)
    West 4th Street at 6th Avenue, Manhattan, NY
    Belvedere Castle (AKA Uptown)
    Central Park at 75th Street
    Mosswood Park in Oakland
    Corner of W MacArthur and Broadway near downtown
    Greenlake Park
    7201 East Greenlake Drive North, Seattle, WA
    There have been alot of emails asking how to get certain boss moves and what 
    they are.  Most can be performed by hitting the L1, L2 and R1 buttons while 
    either dunking or tricking.  You still have to figure out what distance they 
    have to be performed from the basket and sometimes the move itself.  It helps 
    to know the actual player.  Please email me if you find any that are not on the
    list yet.  A lot of thanks goes to KraCkeR93@aol.com.
    1. Bobbito - 
    2. Just Blaze - 
    3. Nelly and the St. Lunatics - 
    4. Stretch
          The Stretch - 
          Fro Fake - 
    5. Biggie Little
          Biggie Little - 
    6. Whitewater
          Whitewater - 
    7. Dime
          Droppin Dime - 
    8. Osmosis
          Osmosis - 
    9. Bonafide
          Bonafide - 
    10. Bill Walton - 
    11. Elgin Baylor - 
    12. Rick Barry
          Barry - a layup that kind of looks like the photo of him in the game 
                  (thanks KraCkeR93@aol.com)
    13. "Mr. Clutch" Jerry West - 
    14. Walt "Clyde" Frazier - 
    15. Erving "Magic" Johnson
          Magic - 
    16. Michael "Air" Jordan '96 - 
    17. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler
          The Glide - 
    18. Moses Malone - 
    19. Bill Russell - 
    20. "Big O" Oscar Robertson - 
    21. "Big Game" James Worthy - 
    22. Bob "The Cooz" Cousy - 
    23. Nate "Tiny" Archibald
          Tiny - a layup that sort of combines the smoothness and fundamental 
                 layups (thanks KraCkeR93@aol.com)
    24. Isiah Thomas
          Zeke - a spinning layup (thanks KraCkeR93@aol.com)
    25. David Thompson - 
    26. "Human Highlight Reel" Dominque Wilkins
          Nique - the 360 tomahawk dunk used by the Human Highlight reel in the 
                  1988 Slam Dunk contest
    27. "Iceman" George Gervin
          Iceman - a sort of twisting layup executed while once running the 
                   baseline (thanks KraCkeR93@aol.com)
    28. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - 
    29. Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins
          The Hawk -
    30. Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins
          Chocolate Thunder - 
    31. Pistol Pete Maravich
          The Pistol -
    32. Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain - 
    33. Larry Bird
          The Legend - 
    34. Dr. J Julius Erving
          The Doctor - 
    35. Michael Jordan '85 - 
    The best place to get all the game codes for this game is gamewinners.com
    Below is the link to the site.  These codes were taken in their original form
    from their site.
    Unlimited turbo:
    Hold L1 and press Square(2), Triangle(2). 
    Big heads:
    Hold L1 and press Circle, Square(2), Circle. 
    Small players:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle(2), Circle, Square. 
    ABA ball:
    Hold L1 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square. 
    WNBA ball:
    Hold L1 and press Circle, Triangle(2), Circle. 
    Ball trails:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle(3), Square. 
    No display bars:
    Hold L1 and press Square, Circle(3). 
    All jerseys:
    Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle(2). 
    All courts:
    Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle(2), Square.
    Information in this section was contributed by Meccablue85. 
    St. Lunatics team and all street legends: 
    Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.
    Information in this section was contributed by Meccablue85 and charlie ward. 
    All NBA legends:
    Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle(2), Circle. 
    Classic Michael Jordan:
    Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Square(2). 
    Explosive rims:
    Hold L1 and press Circle(3), Triangle. 
    No counters:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle(2), Circle(2). 
    All quicks:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square. 
    Easy two pointers:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle. 
    Difficult two pointers:
    Hold L1 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle. 
    Coming soon!
    There are quite a few.
    I can be reached at pinkpanfa@hotmail.com.  Just leave NBA Street 2 in the
    subject field.
    Legal Notice
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    the EA SPORTS BIG logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic
    Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved. The NBA and
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    violation of copyright
    EA Sports BIG - for creating such a true adaption of a street ball game
    All the street Ballers that actually pull off some of these hardcore tricks.
    This game was made as appreciation to your skills and dedication to the sport.
    GameFaqs.com - without you, game players would be spending hard earned cash on
    game guides instead of the actual games.  Thank you for looking out for us,
    the gamer.  There isn't a person out there playing a game that doesn't
    appreciate everything you've done for us.
    Christoph Huwiler - helping to clarify how to earn the final 10 progress
    points in Be A Legend mode.
    Cheatplanet, Cheat Code Central and Neoseeker - for looking out for all the
    game players that need a helping hand and for posting my work on your sites
    Anyone that emails me with helpful hints or things that I haven't got to yet.
    An advanced thank you goes to all of you.

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