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    Be a Legend Mode FAQ by aargh! ahoy, mateys!

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    NBA Street Vol. 2
    Be A Legend Mode FAQ
    This Document is my property only.  It MAY NOT be taken and used anywhere
    Else.  Or, as they say, (Copyright 2004 aargh! ahoy, matters)
    Table of Contents
    I: Introduction
    1: Version History
    1.5: Intro
    II: The Basics
    2: Controls/Basics
    2.3: Tricks/Dunks/Shots
    2.6: Strategy
    III: Be a Legend Mode
    3: Be a Legend Overview
    3.1: New York
    3.2: Philly
    3.3: Chicago
    3.4: Seattle
    3.5: Los Angeles
    3.6: Oakland
    IV: After-Word
    4: Sneaky Tricks
    4.5: End
    I: Introduction|
    1: Version History
    Version 1.0, 7/4/04: Happy 4th of July, everybody.  As an independence day
    gift... I have finished the guide!
    Version 0.9, 6/6/04: Just about done, I have completed the game.
    Version 0.6, 5/28/04: Sent in FAQ to Game FAQs.  Just about halfway through the
    game, will update as I begin to finish.
    1.5: Intro
    Hey!  This is my first FAQ on this site, and it's fitting that it should be for
    NBA Street Vol. 2!  This game is hot, and I hope I can help you get through its
    hottest mode, be a legend.  This whole guide covers the Normal difficulty, AKA
    the "Mad Game" difficulty.  For the easier difficulty, you shouldn't even NEED a
    guide, and most of the strategies aren't necessary.  On the harder difficulty,
    do everything said here, times 2.
    II: The Basics |
    2: Controls/Basics
    Gotta know these before you even THINK of stepping out there on the court, bro!
    If you need practice, Street School can really help.  Anyway, go into be a
    Legend Mode, and let's begin!
    First of all, all street games are all 3-on-3 to 21, with 1 and 2 pointers,
    unless playing special street challenges.  You create a baller to start the
    game.  Your created baller starts out with no stats, and you can add stats on.
    The stats are: dunks, power, handles, steals, blocks, rebounds, and shots.  Most
    of them are self explanatory, except for handles and power.  Handles means how
    well you dribble, and power means how easily you can dunk on people/jump in
    their face to stop a dunk.  Low power means you'll be knocked out of the air
    While playing, you have a variety of moves, tricks, shots, and dunks at your
    disposal.  Using these over and over in combinations with each other to score
    gives you trick points, and will also fill your gamebreaker meter.  Gamebreakers
    are just super-shots that give you points while subtracting them from the other
    team.  Once you have a gamebreaker and use it, whether it goes in or not, you
    reset back to 0% in your Gamebreaker meter!
    If you've gotten a REAL quick gamebreaker, you might pocket it.  If you're able
    to get ANOTHER gamebreaker, put it up for a gamebreaker 2!
    And now, the controls!
    Left Analog Stick (any direction): Move
    Come on, you know you have to MOVE to score.  When you move, your player
    automatically dribbles the ball.  Barely tilting the stick makes your player
    walk; jamming it makes your player jog, and jamming in conjunction with any
    turbo makes your player run.  Here's an interesting tidbit- if you press the
    stick BETWEEN jogging and walking speed, and keep your player at that speed,
    he/she'll actually start to walk while doing some fancy dribble moves, all
    automatically!  However, you need a baller with at least SOME handle skill.
    Square: Trick Move/Steal
    This is what the game's based on, trick moves.  Just pressing plain ol' square
    does a basic move at random, (for example, a double-crossover, of a behind-the-
    back dribble) and anyone, even people with NO handle skill can execute one.  If
    you do a trick in front of a person, there is a chance that they'll get faked
    out, and fall.  The chance increases for people with better handles.
    On the defensive side, square is to steal.  Pressing Square while someone with
    the ball is in front of you will give you a chance to steal the ball.  This
    chance is not random, however.  It depends on two things- your player's steal
    skill and whether the bouncing ball is near the stealer's hand-level or not.
    Therefore, it's important to time your steals.
    Circle: Shoot/Dunk/Lay-Up
    You'll need this to score, of course.  When you press circle while standing away
    from the basket, you'll throw up a shot.  MAKE SURE to release the circle button
    JUST BEFORE the peak of your player's jump, not too early and not too late,
    because too early, you'll undershoot, and too late, you'll overshoot.  However,
    the higher your person's shot rating is, the higher the chance of your scoring
    is, even when you're inaccurate with your release.
    If you press shoot while running TOWARDS the basket, if you're close enough,
    you'll try and dunk (if it's a bad dunker, you'll try to lay-up).  These dunks
    are all random.  Also, if you're under the basket, you'll automatically
    dunk/lay-up, too.
    If you have no dunking skill, you'll most likely miss the dunk.  In this case,
    ALWAYS lay-up.  If you find yourself going into a dunk, QUICKLY tap the o button
    AGAIN, and you'll change your position at the last second to a lay-up.  This is
    a special trick, which can also be used if someone like Shaq is in the middle
    trying to block you.
    Triangle: Block
    Press this when some punk chucks up a shot, and BAM!  Send it flying to the
    other side of the court.  If you have a huge player, you have the advantage of
    is better achieved with turbo block.  For turbo block, hold two turbos, and
    press block.  You'll leap SUPER high into the air, and, no matter what, you'll
    actually KEEP the ball in your hands, instead of blocking it into free space.
    Of course, you'll need blocking skill to even think about doing any of this.
    X: Pass
    The pass!  You'll need it unless you have a one-man human team on the court.
    And you don't.  Everyone passes equally, as I assume, and you're better off
    making short passes than cross-court heaves.
    However, there is another type of pass, and it's the ALLEY-OOP!  You can't
    control it (unless you do some advanced stuff), but when you see a teammate
    jumping up to impossible heights, which means they're going for an alley-goop,
    just hit x, and watch the fireworks.
    L1/L2/R1/R2: Turbo
    Okay.  Turbo is, basically, the core of the game.  You NEVER press these buttons
    alone, ALWAYS in conjunction with something.  And, of course, using turbo drains
    your turbo meter, which is constantly refilling itself.  But still, a dry turbo
    meter takes about 5 seconds of NONSTOP refilling to get back full again.  And
    some moves can even take up HALF the turbo bar!  Here are the moves with turbo-
    Any turbo + left analog stick- Run
    Run, boy!
    2 turbos + x: Off the Heazy
    This move is cool.  You literally THROW the ball off of the opponent's head,
    just to have it bounce back into your waiting hands!  This distracts the
    defender (obviously), so you have about a split second to chuck up an
    uncontested shot or run around him/her.
    As an unbelievable cool extra, if you do an off-the heazy while a teammate is
    going up for an alley-oop, you'll bounce it off the defender's head TO the
    alley-oop person!  This game is wicked.
    2 turbos + x + analog stick towards the basket: Back 2 Papa
    This move is ALSO cool.  You bounce it off of the BACKBOARD only to have it come
    back to yourself!  Besides distracting the defender, it has another purpose- if
    you try it at an angle, you won't bounce it to yourself, but to ANOTHER
    teammate!  Radical.
    Like the off-the heazy, you can do a back 2 papa alley-oop.  Even MORE radical!
    2 turbos + square (on defense): Trick Counter
    This kind of counter-balances the trick moves.  Now you can't just cut through
    the defense like Swiss cheese EVERY TIME, soon enough your opponents will trick-
    counter you.  When preformed as the player is doing a trick, it will IMMEDIATELY
    steal the ball.
    2 turbos + triangle: Turbo Block
    As said in the block section, you'll jump super high, AND keep the ball if you
    manage to snatch it.
    2 turbos + circle (while gamebreaker 1 or 2 is full): Gamebreaker 1 or 2
    You've done it now.  You've either got such a cornucopia of trick points that
    you have gamebreaker 1, or you've gotten an unholy amount, by getting
    gamebreaker 1, pressing select to pocket it, getting ANOTHER gamebreaker,
    turning it into gamebreaker 2.  Well, now, press 2 turbos and circle, and now
    you're done.  The shot is just about 99.9% guaranteed to go in, and if it does,
    your team gains points and the other team loses them!  So you're done!
    Not quite, actually.  For gamebreaker 1, unless it's a dunk, IT'S POSSIBLE TO BE
    BLOCKED.  Yes, on many occasions, I have gotten my GB1 blocked.  However, GB2 is
    unstoppable, and about 67 times cooler than GB1.  BUT FOR BOTH GAMEBREAKERS:
    keep your shots in front of half-court, because the chance of making them
    greatly decreases if you take LOOOOOOOOOOOONG shots.
    2 turbos + square or circle (offense): Trick/Dunk Level 3/Special Shots
    These are a bit more advanced than the other tricks/dunks, and they aren't
    random, you can control them.  The tricks have a higher fakeout percentage, the
    dunks are (harder), yet cooler to watch.  You can also do special shots, but
    they don't add anything but style to your gameplay.
    3 turbos + circle or square: Dunk/Trick Level 4
    These should NOT be attempted by anyone AT ALL unless they have 3 or more
    trick/dunk skills.  They are harder, MUCH cooler, and fake out people/get you
    trick points easier.  You'll even see stuff like classic dunks (the Jordan, the
    Doctor, the Glide, the Hawk, Nique, Chocolate Thunder, and Stretch, just to name
    a few) in here!
    All turbos + square or circle: Dunk/Trick Level 5
    This is just CRAZY!  DO NOT get comfortable with these ones without 4 or more
    handle/ dunk points.  All Level 4 dunks consist of throwing the ball off of the
    backboard, so NEVER do them unless you're running STRAIGHT through the lane, and
    NEVER do them at an angle, or you'll throw the ball away.  Level 4 tricks don't
    have technique involved, but they're CRRRRRRRRRRAZY!  Make SURE no one is going
    to trick-counter you, because they'll easily do it if you're caught off-guard.
    2 turbos + select: Cancel
    Did a team foolishly pocket a gamebreaker, and allow YOU to get one?  Just hit
    this, and BOTH gamebreakers reset to zero.  Cool.
    Select: Pocket
    Press this to pocket your gamebreaker.  If you're able to get another one before
    the other team cancels, bust out a gamebreaker 2!
    Right Analog stick: Give and Go
    This is an easier way to get through the defense.  If you just flick the stick
    in the direction you want the pass, the COMPUTER will control the ball!  And you
    can run free!  Press x to have them pass it back to you.  If you want to "be the
    oop," while you have a FREE LANE to the basket, press 2-turbos and circle to
    leap up into the air.  Without a free lane, you can't jump.
    L3 (click in Left analog stick) + x: Kick Pass
    This is cool, too.  Kick the ball to a teammate!  If you can kick pass to alley-
    oop, then we're in business!
    2.3: Tricks/Dunks/Shots
    Here's a rule of the thumb: Always have your stats in the handles/dunks category
    EQUAL to the level of the trick you're performing.  This way, there's minimal
    chance you'll fall/miss the dunk.
    The tricks/dunks are divides into different categories, from Level 2-4.  Higher
    level tricks/dunks are harder, look cooler, and they'll get you more trick
    points.  Higher level tricks are also more efficient.  I won't name the second
    level tricks/dunks, as they aren't listed in the game, and are always random.
    Shots are all in the same level.
    Level 3 Tricks (The stars tell the coolness level.  This is just my humble
    opinion, but ones with THREE stars are must-haves, ones with TWO are great, and
    ones with ONE aren't needed.)
    Double Dutch*
    Back To the Lab*
    Hip Drop***
    Left no Right***
    The Grampa***
    Getting Bent*
    Gotcha open***
    Breaking you off**
    Level 4 tricks
    Through the Cut*
    Da Treadmill**
    Check yo Bags***
    Baking Biscuits***
    Cha Cha***
    Head Banger***
    Fro Fake***
    Biggie Little**
    Dropin' Dimes**
    The OZ**
    The Pistol**
    Getting Krunk**
    Steady Rockin'**
    Kick it ova head***
    Level 5 Tricks
    Slip 'n' Slide**
    On Da' Low Low*
    Head or Tails***
    Level 3 Dunks
    Spin da LP**
    Put it Home*
    Look out below***
    Two scoops***
    Around the way*
    Take that*
    Hang Time***
    Around the world*
    Special Delivery**
    Da Hangman*
    Super fly***
    High Time*
    Jet Stream**
    Level 4 Dunks
    The Glide**
    The Hawk**
    Chocolate Thunder***
    The Doctor**
    Big Dipper**
    Air Raid**
    Jam City**
    Honey Dip***
    The Hammer***
    Through Wit It**
    Going Dolo***
    Hammer down**
    Ground shaker**
    Level 5 Dunks (Note:  You'll need to be running STRAIGHT through the lane to do
    Dinner's served***
    Nerve Damage***
    Krunk Junk***
    Tear Drop***
    The Legend***
    2.6: Strategy
    A legend-contender team consists of this: a crazy handler/shooter, a huge
    blocker/rebounder/dunker, and one slightly big all-around person.  So really,
    there are 3 positions in street as opposed to the 5 in regular basketball: Point
    Guard, Center, and Small Forward. However, when you just start out, you have
    none of this.  So, instead of trying to assign stats to yourself all-around,
    FOCUS on ONE of the 4 main stats- handles, shots, dunks, and blocks.  If you
    want mostly handles, assign at least one point to shots.  If you want mostly
    blocks, assign at least one point to dunks, and vice-versa.  This will build
    your player towards either a Point Guard or a Center.  And trust me, you'll find
    PLENTY all-around people out there, but NOT MANY specialized people, so make do
    with what you have!
    Now, for the game.  "D" wins games, right?  So here's the secret to ONE OF THE
    BEST kinds of defense out there-
    You'll need a big-time blocker, and it doesn't hurt for him/her to be tall,
    either.  Now, position them UNDER the basket (but far up enough not to slam
    their head on the backboard), and stay there (there's no defensive 3 in the key
    in street).  Whenever anyone chucks up a shot, use a TURBO block right BEFORE
    the shot would be passing over your head.  If you time it right, your player
    should be jumping up to snatch the ball right out of the air!  However, you'll
    need to position the player RIGHT in front of the ball's arc and time it pretty
    exact for it to work.  But once you master it, you'll have a MUCH easier time
    playing defense.  And if the other team is a dunking team, you COULD use the
    turbo block method, but this time, is more of a way to interrupt their dunk.
    You'll be better off using REGULAR block, as that can actually poke in through
    the dunker's hands and slap the ball away!  (Try coming up from behind and
    slapping that thing off of the backboard- it's fun!)
    However, for teams with no blockers, you'll have to play D the hard way: by
    actually getting up and playing D.  When you do this, MAKE SURE you DON'T get in
    the opponent's face.  In fact, play them loosely.  Or else they'll fake you out
    80% of the time.  Plus, they'll barely get in for a dunk, if you play well.
    However, with shooters, you'll have to anticipate when they'll chuck up a shot.
    Press triangle right away when you think they're about to- and don't be stingy!
    Now, For "O."
    Offense is the only way you're gonna score, you should know that.  Now, what's
    the best way to score?  Dunks, of course.  If you have a good dunker, you'll
    make your dunks 99.9% of the time.  However, to dunk OVER people (which you'll
    be doing 90% of the time), you'll need POWER, so just having dunks isn't good
    enough.  Also, you'll actually need a free lane to even try to dunk.
    And how do you get that free lane?  Fakeouts, of course.  If you have a good
    handler, almost NO possession should be without a fakeout attempt.  And not just
    tricks are counted as fakeouts, either.  If you do an off the heazy, that's a
    fakeout, and fooling someone with a back-2-papa is another fakeout.
    Also, you should almost NEVER take regular shots unless they're 2's, you can't
    break the D, or you're running out of time.  If you're taking a medium-range
    shot, come on, you can step back 5 feet and make it a 2.  And short shots can be
    turned into dunks/lay-ups.  You shouldn't take a medium-range 1-pointer by
    choice, (ALMOST) ever.
    And last, gamebreakers.
    The BEST way to get a quick gamebreaker is a fakeout, another one (in you can
    manage it), and then a level 4 dunk.  Short, sweet, and fills up about 1/3 to
    1/2 of your Gamebreaker Meter.
    Remember, once you have your meter a bit full, you can't relax.  Shot-clock
    violations bring the meter WAAAAY down, and defensive stops can bring it down,
    too.  And remember this well- always TRY to get your meter full when you STILL
    HAVE THE BALL.  Why?  Because once you have either gamebreaker, you only have 48
    SECONDS to get it off, or two possessions.  If the other team can purposely run
    down 24 seconds, then shoot, miss, and get the rebound, you're done, you
    gamebreaker will run out.  If they have the ball, LET THEM shoot, unless the
    game's on the line.  If you let them shoot, there's little chance they'll pull
    the miss-on-purpose technique.
    And last, never pocket a gamebreaker unless the other team has NO or EXTREMELY
    LITTLE gamebreaker.  And then, MAKE SURE you don't play around and get
    gamebreaker 2 quickly, or the other team will cancel your pocket.
    Gamebreaker 2 looks cool, but unfortunately, it's ALMOST certainly up to chance
    whether your player scores it or not.  But here's a way to make sure- make sure
    your player is in the corner, ALONE on his side of the court.  Because then,
    you'll execute (to my knowledge) the ONLY solo GB2 in the game.  You basically
    fake a pass, to get the defender looking, then do an off the heazy to him/her.
    When he/she falls, you then shoot a 2-pointer, nothing but net.
    III: Be a Legend Mode|
    3: Be a Legend Overview
    This is it!  The main mode of Street vol. 2.  The mode where you start out as a
    nobody, gain rep, and then become a legend!  But first, we have to create a
    Creating a baller is simple and straightforward, until you come to stats.  Like
    I said before, try to ordinarialize in the main stats, instead to spreading
    stats out evenly.  And try to fit your stats with the size of your baller.  If
    they're short, blocks won't do much good, for example.  The stats are all out of
    five, but it's possible to actually push a stat to SIX (the sign for this is a
    shining, gold crown over the stat), therefore attaining a mastery of that stat.
    Only one stat can have a crown, so choose wisely.  The stats are:
    (Starred stats are the MAIN stats.  These stats are the most important ones,
    integral to gameplay.)
    Shots*: How well you shoot, duh.  With a higher shot rating, you can shoot from
    longer distances easier.
    Blocks*: Your blocking ability.  You'll need this if you want to keep the
    opponent's scores to a minimum.
    Handles*: Dribbling ability.  Players with good handles usually have good shots,
    too.  With very high handles, you'll NEVER lose the ball just by doing a hard
    trick.  You'll also fake out people easier, too.
    Dunks*: How well you... er... dunk.  Below 3, it's a matter if you CAN dunk; 3
    and above, it's a matter of how well you dunk.
    Rebounds: How easily you can sky above the opposition and grab that board.
    Power: Should be used in conjunction with dunks.  With more power, you'll easily
    barrel over everyone for a dunk, and you'll also be able to keep others out of
    the lane by barreling THEM over when they try to dunk.
    Steals: How quick your hands are when it comes to stealing the ball.
    Now, the basic idea is to go through six cities, playing games and adding better
    people to your team (and kicking some off!).  Throughout the cities are many
    tournaments, where you can unlock and gain street legends.  Each one specializes
    in a different stat, and is tougher than beef jerky (ha ha...).
    When you win, you gain Development Points, or DP.  These are used mainly to
    improve your stats and tricks, although you can improve your clothes as well.
    You also gain progress points.  You need 500 to complete the game.
    Also, when you win, your reputation goes up.  If you lose, it goes down.
    Your reputation is displayed at the bottom of the map screen, out of five stars.
    Once you gain enough rep, you gain a star!  Stars do nothing but make you gain
    unlockables.  Oh, and there's the nickname.
    0 stars: Nobody
    Yep, you're nobody from nowhere, stepping out on the court to prove yourself.
    So do it, will ya'?  Make sure your team has a good handler, a good shot-
    blocker, and an all-around player.
    1 star: Rookie
    You'll get the retro Jerry West jersey here.  Now that people have seen you,
    they start to know your name and recognize you.  But you're still a rookie!  You
    have a long ways to go!
    2 Stars: Baller
    Finally, you're on par with all of the other balers out there.  You get the
    retro David Thompson jersey here.
    3 Stars: All-Star
    Finally, recognition, AND a nickname!  My nickname was "Shake" because I shook
    up the defenders so much with my crazy handles.  Bobbito Garcia (the
    commentator) actually starts to call you by your nickname!  Cool!
    4 Stars: Superstar
    You get the Dominique Wilkins Throwback Jersey here, along with the "Nique" boss
    move.  Now you're finally on par with those street legends and those who are NBA
    stars.  You may even have enough skill to be a court boss!  Sadly, that's
    impossible in this game.
    5 Stars: Legend
    You are now immortalized with MJ, the Doctor, Tiny Archibald, Earl "The Pearl"
    Monroe, Rick Barry, Jerry West, Connie Hawkins, and... all of the others.  You
    win!  You'll get Dr. J, Connie Hawkins, Earl Monroe, the Street Champ Jersey,
    and the Be a Legend Trophy for all of your hard work.  Phew!
    When you start, New York is the only city available for play.  Also, you have to
    pick your teammates.  Basically, pick whoever is needed.  If you have no blocks,
    pick a blocker, no shots, pick a shooter, no handles, pick a handler.  Make SURE
    you have at LEAST one handler, blocker, and shooter, including yourself.
    By the way, everybody here is bad in stats, just like you, so don't be alarmed.
    Now make up a team name.  I chose the Sizzlers (don't laugh!), and you can spell
    out any team name you want.
    Now, time to start your quest... to be a legend!
    3.1: New York
    NYC Rec Center: Pick-Up Games
    They call it the Rec center, but there's nothing recreational about this
    basketball court in the Harlem world.  Y'know how they do it.  Either come
    strong or don't come at all.
    Possible Progress: 15
    Strategy: It's your team vs. teams made up of the people you didn't pick.
    You're all about equal here, but, surprisingly, it can actually be a CHALLENGE
    to win.  You'll almost never get out of here unless you have the components of a
    team that I said, so make sure you don't mess up your team by picking all of one
    category of people.  Now, to win, lay off of the turbo-blocking method, unless
    you have someone with three or more blocks.  You have to take it to the hole
    just about every time, so just use your handler to fake out the opposition, hand
    it off to your dunker, and slam it home.  Win 5 games here to complete the
    court.  Don't bother picking up players from these teams; you already got your
    pick at the beginning of the game.
    Next: After winning five games, you'll move on to Philly.
    Soul in the Hole: Tournament
    Deep in the heart of do-or-die, Bed-Stud is one of the most storied courts in
    all the land, Soul in the Hole.  But just who do you think is responsible for
    putting the soul in the hole?  Right on!  The old school playa with the eternal
    game, Stretch.  Don't Jump.
    How to Unlock: Earn 17 progress points
    Possible Progress: 25
    Strategy: It's a single-elimination 8-team tournament, so you have to win 3
    matches in a row to win the whole tournament.  This'll probably be the hardest
    tournament in the game, because your stats are so low, and Stretch is GOOD.  The
    teams are all in progressing difficulty, and the last team is always team
    Stretch.  As in all tournaments, you can't take anyone from the other team until
    the end.  Team 1 is about as hard as the Rec Center people, so you shouldn't
    have much trouble there.  Team 2 can be tough.  They have a tendency to shoot
    from long out, so keep the pressure on the shooters.
    Last is Stretch.  He has a crown in dunks, has a move named after him, a dunk
    named after him, he's a great blocker, and plus, he's not a bad shooter either.
    Wow.  You need to SHUT HIM DOWN.  The turbo-block method can REALLY help here.
    And if he goes inside to dunk, you have almost no chance of knocking him down,
    so try and poke your hand in there with a regular block to swat the ball clean.
    When you get the ball, NEVER go up with him in your face.  ALWAYS shoot/dunk
    when he's not around or faked out.  And make sure you don't underestimate the
    girls on his team.  They can swat your shot from here to New Jersey.
    Concentrate on getting a gamebreaker, then try for a 2-pointer.  But MAKE SURE
    you pump-fake or you're all alone before you put it up.  This will almost
    certainly put you up by 2 or 3, unless you've been playing really bad.  When you
    get up, STAY UP.  Don't blow the lead with mistakes.  Your main purpose is to
    put the game away early to avoid any trouble.  If you have a great shooter, try
    2-pointers whenever you're WIDE OPEN.  Or, when Stretch isn't around, dunk.  All
    this should put the game away easily.
    After winning, you'll be able to pick Stretch for your team.  He should now
    become your main big man, pulling down all the boards, and executing the turbo
    block defense with ease.
    Next: The Cage in NYC, Foster Beach in Chicago, and the Soul in the Hole street
    challenge... right here!
    Soul in the Hole: Street Challenge
    When Stretch started running at this court, there was no long range arc.  All
    shots were worth one point, no matter where you shot the ball.  Return to
    yesteryear and win a 12-point game old school style.
    How to Unlock: Complete Soul in the Hole Tournament
    Possible Progress: none
    Strategy: With Stretch, this should be easy- just mow through the defense with
    his dunks, and keep them honest with his blocks.  Wow- this Stretch dude really
    helps you out!  And, oh yeah, don't shoot the 2's.  With them counting for 1,
    it's not worth it.
    The Cage: Pick up Games
    West 4th street, NYC, AKA the Cage.  One look and you'll know why they used to
    call players cagers.  The court may be small, but its ballers are big.  Gotta
    bring your game if you want fame at this one.
    How to Unlock: Complete the Soul in the Hole Tournament.
    Possible Progress: 30
    Strategy: The intro is right; don't write this off as a meaningless pick-up game
    court.  These players are good, although you should still be able to easily best
    them.  The Cage tends to have tall players, who can be shredded by a quick
    ballhandler.  If you're playing short people, however, use a huge blocker or
    stretch (you DID pick him, didn't you?)
    Uptown: Pick up Games
    Everybody's got ups at Uptown.  That's because it's high in the sky.  Our
    advice: leave your jimmy at home and take it to the Baja as often as possible.
    'Cause up here, the winds throw a lot of block parties.
    How to Unlock: 130 Progression points
    Possible Progress: 40
    Strategy: This pick up sequence could actually be kind of hard, but by now you
    should have at least one other street legend, preferably 2.  With 2 street
    legends, this whole court is easy.  Funny, as you're playing starting NBA
    (Here it is!  The last court!)
    Rucker Park: Tournament
    Ballers around the world know this court. Welcome to the one and only -
    Rucker Park.  And if you don't know (please tell us you know), Bonafide will
    clue you in. Miss a shot, and he'll tell ya as he boards it.
    How to Unlock: Get 300 Progression points
    Possible Progress: 100
    Strategy: This is a regular single elimination tournament.  But now, with your
    beefed up team, this whole thing should be a piece of cake.  Until Bonafide.
    Bonafide has a crown in rebounds, which really isn't an important stat, but he
    also has power.  Just don't go up for a dunk on him unless you have a Shaq, and
    you'll be fine.
    Next: Nothing!  Get your rep up to get the next challenge (see below).  Oh, and
    you get Bonafide.
    ------------ARE YOU STUCK AT 440 POINTS!?  READ ON FOR THE ANSWER!--------------
    Rucker Park: Street Challenge
    To get to this, once you have 440 progress points, you MUST play at least ONE
    MORE pick-up game, tournament, or SOMETHING.  Why?  Because your reputation
    needs to go up at least ONE MORE NOTCH so you can earn the last reputation
    level, and 10 progress points.  I recommend a pick-up game at the rec center,
    because that has the least chance of you losing.  Also, make sure that you
    actually play the game, and play it well, so your progress can actually go up.
    AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Play the Rucker Tournament again.  This has never failed
    for me.
    You are standing on hallowed ground. This is the classic Halcombe Rucker
    Park. Former home to "Tiny" Nate, Earl "The Pearl", Wilt "The Stilt" and the one
    before you now - the Legendary one - Doctor J. Old School rules to 21. Bring it.
    How to Unlock: 450 progress points
    Possible Progress: 50
    Strategy: If you know these legends, you'll know how to get around each of them.
    This whole thing can be done if you just choose your team correctly.  Dr. J can
    dunk, and dunk well, so use a blocker to shut him down.  Earl is a handler, so
    use a good stealer.  And the Hawk is a blocker (but he can dunk, too), so use a
    power dunker to get by him.  Play this 1-pointer game to 21 by shutting down
    each member of the team separately, and you should blow out the other team 21-14
    (like I did).
    Note that it's kind of useless to take long shots, as they won't count for 2.
    I've set up entire plays ending in a shot from deep, and have gone mad realizing
    that I could have just as easily dunked and gotten the same result.
    Next: You win, fool!  Nice work!  Admire your trophy, new court, and new
    3.2: Philly
    After tearing up the Rec center, you'll land here.  For the first time, you'll
    learn not every city has about 5 courts and a million stuff to do.  Not much to
    do here, but its court is ghetto.
    Broad Street: Pick up Game
    It may not look like much, but it's a true baller's paradise tucked away on the
    mean streets of Philly.  Leave your jive at home, and bring plenty of heart,
    hustle, and soul.
    How to Unlock: 9 progress points.
    Possible Progress: 20
    Strategy: Not much, after going through the rec center, this should be
    incredibly easy.  Just force your way inside every time, or shoot wide open 2's.
    Next: The street challenge!
    Broad Street: Street Challenge
    On the back street courts of Philly, style and flash are more important than
    scoring points.  The final score here doesn't matter.  The first team to score
    250,000 trick points will be declared the winner.
    How to Unlock: Finish the Broad Street games
    Strategy: All players here are good handlers, and will fake out everyone.  If
    you have steals, you should find paradise, but if not, don't let them fake you
    out.  The important thing here is- DON'T LET THEM SCORE AFTER A HUUUUGE COMBO.
    If they score, you'll have to just watch their trick points go UP!  You, on the
    other hand, must ALWAYS score with a dunk.  If you were to get a gamebreaker,
    and use it, (dunking, of course), you'll win in about 5 seconds.  However, once
    you have 250,000 trick points, you must score to win.  So... do it!
    3.3: Chicago
    After winning the Soul in the Hole Tournament, you'll land here.  The only thing
    to do here is get your second street legend, Biggie Little.
    Foster Beach: tournament
    Foster Beach, the stomping grounds of Biggie Little. In Chi-town, his
    mischievous game will turn any frown upside down. Unless, of course, yours is
    the head Biggie uses for a touch pass.
    How to Unlock: Win the Soul in the Hole Tournament
    Possible Progress: 30
    Strategy: This tournament is single elimination, so you need 3 wins in a row to
    get Biggie Little.  The first two teams should be no problem at all, with all
    you've went through.  But Biggie Little can be a toughie.
    First, you must know that Biggie Little is a little guy with big handles.  So,
    while playing him straight up, play back a little so he doesn't fake you out.
    But, to add insult to injury, his shot isn't that bad either.  Leave him open,
    and he's bound to throw up a 2.
    And notice that I said little guy.  That's right, if you have a big-time
    blocker, MAKE SURE that he/she blocks everything Biggie throws up.  If you don't
    let Biggie fake him/her out, you should be able to shut him down.
    With Biggie shut down, this is a piece of cake.  His other two teammates can't
    do anything.
    Next: You get the street challenge and the Seattle tournament
    Foster Beach: Street Challenge
    In Chicago, fans are hoping to see one Thing and one thing only: huge, rim-
    breaking dunks. Give the people what they want and play a game to 12 points
    where only dunks will score. Oh, and did we mention the 12 second shot clock?
    How to Unlock: Win the Foster Tournament
    Strategy: This challenge shouldn't be too tough, if you have a dunker.  If you
    don't, use Stretch.  Yes, it's a dunking game to 12 with a 12-second shot clock,
    so, it's important not to waste time with fakeouts.  If you can, don't even
    fakeout at all.  However, if you find the time running out, and you're SURE that
    you can't get through, run to about half-court and chuck up a shot.  If you're
    able to get the rebound, you get another try at a dunk, if not, oh well, you
    wouldn't have scored anyway.
    The other team has ALL powerful dunkers, but if you have a powerful blocker, you
    may be able to equalize them.  You might not even have to, if your defense is
    good enough.  You see, even though the computer has a tendency to dunk, they
    don't seem to think it to be imperative.  I've even see them waste a GAMEBREAKER
    on a shot.  Go figure.  So, stay in front of them, and they might shoot all day!
    3.4: Seattle
    After Foster Beach, you come here for yet ANOTHER tournament, and the Third
    Street Legend, Whitewater!  This tournament, however, is a bit different.
    Greenlake: Tournament
    Bring yo galoshes, raincoats, and umbrellas. At Greenlake Park in Seattle, there
    ain't no sunshine even when the clouds are gone. 'Cause Whitewater is mad busy
    making it rain all day long.
    How to Unlock: Win Foster Beach Tournament
    Possible Progress: 35
    Strategy: This tournament is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION.  That basically means that
    you have to lose TWICE to be kicked out.  Sounds good, right?  Not really, as
    Whitewater's team ALSO has to lose twice to be kicked out.  Whether you win or
    lose the first game, it doesn't matter; you're still facing Whitewater twice if
    you want to win.  Darn.
    But don't despair!  Use these opportunities to learn his team's playing style.
    The first team you face is a pushover, and if by some reason you lose, you'll
    face an even worse team.  Lose that, and its goodbye!  Win, and move to the
    semis and then the finals.  But you shouldn't be losing to nameless teams in the
    first place!
    Anyway, Whitewater can make it rain from deep all day.  In other words, he has
    crazy shooting ability.  If left unchecked, he'll kill you from deep.  It sounds
    bad, but it really isn't.  Why?  Because, even though he can, Whitewash rarely
    goes on a shooting streak.  Yes, the questionable computer programming strikes
    again!  What it all adds up to is Whitewater being an easy Legend to snag.  Just
    make sure that you don't give Whitewater ANY leeway, because, even though he
    rarely goes on a shooting streak, he can.  And don't forget about his teammates.
    Only one other can shoot, and the last is garbage.
    To win, just use your big-time blocker to block everything Whitewater and his
    teammate shoots.  When you get the ball, you'll learn that Whitewater's defense
    is very good.  If you can, always try to have the garbage teammate (the one that
    never shoots threes) defending your best handler, and then fake him out to get
    to the basket.
    Next: Los Angeles and the street challenge!
    Greenlake: Street Challenge
    This is Whitewater's court, and he's a fan of fundamental ball. No tricks, no
    flashy stuff and definitely no Gamebreakers. Win this one with pure basketball.
    How to Unlock: Win the tournament in Greenlake
    Strategy: This is a regular game with no gamebreakers.  So needless tricks don't
    matter.  But, however, they still help.  Sound easy?  It's easier than you
    think, because the computer, for once, actually gets the idea of the challenge,
    and won't use many tricks at all.  Too bad for them.
    3.5: Los Angeles
    After Greenlake, you land here for another tournament.
    Lincoln College: Tournament
    At Lincoln College, this hoop goddess will steal your heart AND yo rock.
    She's cold as ice, fine as wine. And her name is Dime. Can we get a witness?
    How to Unlock: Get 3 reputation stars
    Possible Progress: 40
    Strategy: This is a new kind of tournament, the best of three.  Basically,
    you'll face two different teams, team 1 and Dime, and have to beat them twice to
    advance/win the tournament.  The first team should, like always, not be that
    hard to beat.  But be warned- they almost always have a great shooter.  But you
    should know how to shut down shooters by now.
    Team Dime is a bit harder.  You see, Dime specializes in steals.  So, you must
    make sure that when you do tricks, they aren't to her.  I recommend having at
    LEAST two handlers and one big blocker.  That way, Dime isn't always tying up
    your handler.  Once you get past her, it should be easy to score.
    On defense, Dime isn't hard to stop at all.  Even though she has good stats,
    she's small, and not much of an outside shooter.  Watch out, however, for her
    Dropping Dimes move.  And, as always, don't underestimate her teammates.
    Next: Oakland and the street challenge!
    Lincoln College: Street Challenge
    NBA teams, NBA rules. Play a game to 50 points with NBA style scoring against an
    NBA team.  Think you can play in their league?
    How to Unlock: Win the tournament.
    Strategy: With a long-range shooter, this'll be over in no time.  I faced the
    Lakers, I'm not sure if that happens every time.  But they put up quite a match!
    Advice: don't put up shots with Shaq OR Kobe on you, as they both block well.
    And if you don't have the Lakers against you, it should be even easier.  Note
    that you're playing by NBA rules- 2 and 3-pointers.
    3.6: Oakland
    Mosswood: Tournament
    J-Kidd taught him everything he knows and GP gave him his nickname at
    Mosswood playground. Osmosis makes everybody better, even if they can't walk and
    chew gum at the same time.
    How to Unlock: Win Lincoln College OR get a certain number of Progress points.
    Possible Progress: 65
    Strategy: Double Elimination, like Greenlake.  The first team can put up a
    fight, so take them seriously.  Osmosis is a bit tougher.
    The OZ is a big-time blocker, so learn this and learn it well: Don't ever go up
    for a shot in his face, don't ever go up for a dunk with him in front OR behind
    you (behind is worse), and don't ever, EVER shoot a gamebreaker with him on the
    same side of the court as you (I've faked out my defender to have him jump 10
    feet towards me almost instantaneously and block it).  Learn it and you'll win.
    Beat him twice to go on.
    Next: The street challenge!  Oh, and MAKE SURE to get OZ, he'll be an integral
    part of your defense.
    Mosswood: Street Challenge
    Here's the chance to show you've mastered your game. Trick points and score
    don't matter. The first team to score a level 2 Gamebreaker wins. Don't forget,
    you can cancel "pocketed" Gamebreakers and they can cancel yours.
    How to Unlock: Win the tournament
    Strategy: With the Oz, all you have to do is concentrate on getting GB2 and
    block all of their attempts.  Remember; try to get GB2 when you STILL HAVE the
    ball, so they can't run it out.
    IV: Afterword|
    4: Sneaky things
    Having trouble getting past... well... anything?  Then you'll have to turn to
    the three last resorts: play the shooting game, level up, or... gasp... CHANGE
    You can easily put the difficulty lower by pressing R2 or something at the map
    screen, but I've done it so little (actually, never) that I've forgotten.
    Anyway.  The shooting game helps you by keeping you constantly ahead of your
    opponents, who most always go in for dunks or short shots (like you usually
    do!).  For a shooting game, you'll need one (or two!) players with crowns in
    shooting (5 points will work too), and one big man.  Now, your objective: SHOOT
    ONLY 2'S.  Forget the trick points!  Style doesn't matter when you're desperate!
    Just use your big men to set picks, or, if you're not open, dish it off to the
    other shooter, if you have one.  Since going to be passing up a whole lot of
    easy shots, MAKE SURE you don't botch up your shot.  Master the release of the
    ball, practice on an easy court if you must.  As a rule of the thumb, release
    JUST as you're about to hit the peak of your jump.  And don't release late,
    (better early than late) because your chance of connecting on the shots drops
    like, 30%.  Oh, and don't get your shot blocked (it happens easier than you
    think).  Always make sure you're open.
    If you play well, even if your opponents score on every turn, WHICH THEY
    SHOULDN'T, if you make all your shots, you'll end up winning.  However, the main
    flaws with this are, for one, 2-pointers are very low-percentage shots. Also,
    you won't be getting Gamebreaker anytime soon.  If you start missing a string of
    2's and your opponents are dunking on you like heck, abandon the plan and play
    it straight, man.
    And last, leveling up.  You should *NEVER* have to do this purposely if you're
    equal to the game's difficulty, but if you're having major, MAJOR problems, this
    may be your only chance.  Go to one of the first courts.  Blow out the teams
    there, over and over.  Gain development points slowly.  Level up.  Win!
    If you really want to get unlockables (even development points) the evil way,
    just complete Street School over and over under different names each time.
    1,000 reward points a pop!  Trade them in for legends, jerseys, or
    (coughcoughcough) development points.  You cheating evil monkeys, you.
    4.5: End
    Thanks for reading!  I really hope I've helped you get through this game mode.
    It's been tough work playing, and even tougher writing this, but I hope my
    knowledge will eventually help you in the end!

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