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    FAQ/Walkthrough by arouse

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    FUTURAMA PS2 - Walk through - Latest Version 0.20
    Warning. This walkthrough will help you through the game, but also hinder and
    reduce your enjoyment from the game. I suggest you only use this guide if you
    are absolutely stuck at a certain point and have tried every possibility.
    Futurama the GAME!
    Contents (TOC)
       1. Introduction
       2. Legal
       3. Version History
       4. Game Info (main)
         4.1. Controls
         4.2. Other Game Info
         4.3. Walkthrough
              Stage 1
              4.3.1. - Level 1 - Planet Express
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.2. - Level 2 - Sewers
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.3. - Level 3 - Subway
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.4. - Level 4 - Old New York
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.5. - Level 5 - Red Light District
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.6. - Level 6 - Uptown
                      - Level Details
                      - Walkthrough
              4.3.7. - Level 7 - New New York
                      - Level Details
                      - Chicken Walker Controls
                      - Walkthrough
                      - Nibbler Locations
       5. Tips and Tricks
       6. FAQ
       7. Contact Information
    1. Introduction
    Manufacturer's Description
    Based on the animated series Futurama, this game is a third-person action 
    shooter featuring the four main characters from the show, Fry, Bender, Leela 
    and Dr Zoidberg. Each character is fully playable and has their own select 
    moves and weapons as well as different playing styles. The game is very 
    straightforward and easy to pick up and play, and features a superb mix of 
    action (shooting, flaming, kicking and punching), agility (jumping, climbing), 
    simple puzzle solving (activate generator to use elevator to reach new area) 
    and, of course, hilarious dialogue. 
    My Comments on above description
    Well yeah that's basically what this is, although as the game has been targeted
    at a younger audience than myself, and most people who watch the show, the 
    comedy does not compare to the programme, and is generally of a different type. 
    Also as it is focused at a younger audience, the game play is very simplistic 
    and a little tired from use in other games. (The whole puzzle-solving thing).
    Having said that, I did enjoy playing the game, and some of the cut scenes are
    generally funny.
    If you ask me this game is very easy as it took me less than a day to complete,
    (the shortest time I have ever completed a game), so it is ironic that it is my
    first FAQ (for an easy game), but after checking the boards, I noticed that
    some people actually are having problems with it, so as some one suggested, I
    thought I'd write one.
    My name is Gus Rouse from the UK, and since I got into the Simpsons at an early
    age, Futurama was the next logical step. Computer games have always been a part
    of my life as well, so buying the Futurama game was an obvious choice.
    P.S I'm from the UK, so my spelling may appear different in certain words, plus
    my game version may differ from the one you are playing on.
    If you wish to contact me about this guide to either contribute or correct me,
    or for help with this game, please email me at a_rouse@hotmail.com.
    2. Legal
    This document is copyrighted (c) 2003 by Gus Rouse (author).  This guide is for 
    personal use only and may not be altered, printed or distributed for any 
    commercial purposes. This guide may be printed for personal use providing it is 
    not further distributed or sold. No part of this guide may be used without 
    written consent of the author and the requester agrees to provide proper 
    recognition. Violators of this copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest 
    extent of the law. The only Internet sites that have permission to use this 
    guide are www.gamefaqs.com. If this guide is found on any other sites, please 
    contact the author (see Contact Information section).
    3. Version History
    28/August/2003: Version 0.30
       -It looks like yesterday went well, because I've decided to work on it today
        Perhaps I'm just bored.
       -Finished Level 5 Red Light District
       -Added Level 6 Uptown
       -Added Level 7 New New York
    07/August/2003: Version 0.22
       -No updates in a while, but I suddenly felt inspired to work on it today.
       -Revised Walkthrough numbering system to incorporate Other Game Info
       -Added Other Game Info
       -Worked on Red Light District, but the game kept freezing so I gave up
        for today.
    06/August/2003: Version 0.20
       -Added Level 2 The Sewers
       -Added Level 3 Subway
       -Added Level 4 Old New York
       -Tidied and SpellChecked Walkthrough
       -Improved Level Details Idea Adding My Best Time
       -Added Futurama Quiz Questions to Completed Walkthrough Levels. 
    05/August/2003: Version 0.10
       -Guide Created 
       -Added Level 1 Planet Express
       -Added Legal
       -Added Contents
       -Added Version History
       -Added Controls
    4. Game Info
    4.1. Controls
    Left Analogue Stick/Direction Pad: Move Fry
    Right Analogue Stick: Move Camera
    R3 Button (Push in Right Analogue Stick): Enter/Exit First Person View
    X Button: Perform Weapons' Primary Attack
    Square Button: Perform Weapons' Charge Up Attack
    O Button: Jump
    Triangle Button: Perform Action
    R1: Target Lock On
    L1: Centre Camera View
    R2: Cycle though Weapons
    L2: Cycle though Weapons (Opposite way to R2)
    4.2. Other Game Info
    Number of Players: 1
    Release Date: Europe:
    Memory Required to Save Game: 149KB
    4.3. Walkthrough
    4.3.1. Stage 1 - Level 1 - Planet Express
    Futurama Quiz Question 1 (Easy to start): 
       What other animated series is Futurama linked to? (Answer Below) Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 48/50
    Nibblers Found: 1/1
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Main Objectives: Find Tools
    Best Time: 00:03:03 Walkthrough
    Ok. The game has loaded, you've sat through Numerous Developer intro movies,
    and you've selected new game. You've then watched a short FMV about how the 
    world is going to be taken over by MOM, and upon trying to escape, you discover 
    that your ship is severely damaged. Bender and Leela have been given tasks by 
    the Professor, and he also gives you the task of finding a hammer. The FMV 
    finishes, and in the words of MC hammer, "It's Hammer Time". 
    You are now in control of Fry. This level is designed mainly as a tutorial to 
    get you used to the controls, so follow the tips at the top of the screen as 
    you go along to understand them. First you have to find a hammer, and if you 
    get stuck doing this, then I suggest that you give up playing this game now. 
    For those of you who really can't find it I pity you, but it is in the far back 
    corner of the large room (the room with the ship in). The corner is the one at 
    the back left corner of the ship (in respect to the ship). You'll see a big 
    tower of junk, and as you approach it you'll hear Fry comment about a hammer 
    being at the bottom of the tower. The only logical thing that Fry would do here 
    is to take the hammer. So do it, by pressing the action button (triangle) when 
    you're near it. Then wait for the action before reading on.
    Did you think you'd died? It definitely fooled me when I first played it. 
    Anyway after the FMV finishes, you'll notice that you now have a hammer and a 
    new objective. Find the rest of the tools. If you're stuck on a tool, search
    this guy for 'TOOL LOCAION:' (without the quotes) and it should find the
    beginning of the description of each tool location.
    Through out the game you will have to collect cash icons, which I can only 
    assume are used to fund the re-animator, as every 25 you collect, you'll 
    receive an extra turn on the re-animator (essentially an extra like) In each 
    level, these cash icons are placed and sometimes hidden around the level, and 
    it's in your best interest to find them.
    From where you have re-appeared, head towards the screen (away from the hammer 
    location), and on your right you'll soon notice a storage like mechanism with a 
    screen on top. Walk towards it and press triangle to activate the red button. 
    You'll notice it opens, and you'll find a cash icon inside. Head back away from 
    the hammer and turn the camera around so you can see where fry is walking. A 
    little beyond the missiles (now viewed on your left) you will see some lockers 
    of the staff members of Planet Express. Proceed to press action at each locker 
    and take a look inside. There's nothing of importance in the first few but when 
    you get to Leelas', you'll notice it is padlocked shut. A tip comes up at the 
    top of the screen telling you to hit the padlock, and do it by pressing X. A 
    key card will fly out of the locker and you'll need it later. Continue to raid 
    everyone else's lockers especially Benders where you will find a further 3 Cash 
    icons, and Hermes' where you'll find a nibbler. (to get the nibbler you have to 
    smash the cage it is in.)
    When all lockers have been checked, you should have 4 cash items, and 1 
    nibbler. Head right from the lockers, and you'll see the Professor's tool 
    cabinet with 12 items missing. If you want, make a note of the shapes, as it 
    may help you identify them later. Nest proceed up the stairs either side of the 
    cabinet. In this area, you'll see various cupboards and the re-animator, 
    although this is unusable in this level, so ignore it. Search this whole 
    Laboratory like area checking all cupboards as you go along. You may also 
    notice the cardboard boxes that are on the surface at the back of the area. Hit 
    any of these you find in the level with the hammer to get any items that may be 
    inside. There should only be one in this area with a cash icon in, and the rest 
    contain nothing.
    Upon clearing the area of goodies, you should have 7 cash icons. Then proceed 
    to the back of this area to a door with a red light next to it. This is where 
    the key card is automatically used, but if you hadn't picked it up, you would 
    need it to get through the door. Proceed through by pressing action near the 
    red light and you'll immediately see 3 corridors in front. One going away from 
    you, one to the left, and the other to the right. You will also see some 
    electrical cables waving about from the ceiling with sparks flying off. Keep 
    away from these, as they will harm you. TOOL LOCATION: Avoiding the cables head 
    forward into the corridor intersection on the right of the corridor ahead, 
    you'll see a red, fire extinguisher style box on the wall. Head over to it and 
    hit the glass face with your hammer you'll automatically receive the fire 
    extinguisher inside which is one of the 12 tools needed.
    TOOL LOCATION: Continue down the corridor, and on the left you'll see 2 doors, 
    but the one with the red light need's a key card, so ignore it for now and head 
    into the green light door (Zoidberg's room). Inside there will be some boxes to 
    smash, hidden cash items (check the bin and look behind both posters on the 
    walls (thanks to Deadmeat X for these two) and Tool number 2: the Wire Cutters.
    Grab them and go into the little sub-room. (the door in the far corner will 
    automatically open). Inside at one end are 3 boxes, so smash them and collect
    the key card. You should now have 13 cash icons.
    Head back out to the corridor, and using your new key card, you can now open 
    the next room (Hermes Conrad Bureaucrat) Again do this by pressing action. 
    Inside will be various cash icons visible, and some more in the drawers and 
    cupboards in the room. TOOL LOCATION: Also in the room on one wall is a sliding 
    door/shutter with 2 green lights above it. Go up to the door and press action 
    to open it. Inside is tool number 3, a calculator. Upon leaving this room, you 
    should have 21 cash icons. 
    Once outside the room, continue down the corridor (to the left as you exit the 
    room) and enter the door. Inside, you'll see various cash icons and some boxes. 
    You know the drill, collect all the money and smash all boxes. TOOL LOCATION: 
    One of the boxes on the table with the 3 boxes on, contains the fourth tool (A 
    book, which I have not been able to read the title of). At each end of the room 
    there are more sliding door storage areas in the walls. Open these using action 
    to get another 2 cash icons. You may also notice a slurm (drink) machine in the 
    room. Upon pressing action in front of the machine, it will dispense a can of 
    slurm at no cost, which will give you 25 health points if needed (Each life 
    gives 100 health points, which are gradually lost as Fry gets hurt. To recover 
    Fry's health, cans of slurm can be found in the levels which will recharge his 
    health by 25 health points. More useful are the 6 pack of slurm which give a 
    full 100 health points back to you. Side Note: If one can gives you 25 HP 
    (health Points), then surely only 4 cans would be needed to give the full 100 
    HP and not the six in the game). Upon leaving the room, you should now have 29 
    cash, and also an extra life after having collected 25. Head back out the room, 
    and all the way down the corridor to the intersection. The take a left and 
    into the double doors of the lift (Elevator for you Americans).
    When the doors open, you will now be at on the first floor in an area that over 
    looks the large main room with the ship in. TOOL LOCATION: Immediately to your 
    left there is a button below a sign saying "Emergency Chemical Burn Shower" 
    Press the button, and the shower to the left will open, revealing tool number 
    5, a pogo stick. TOOL LOCATION: Continue left into the kitchen and check in the 
    fridge. Inside is tool number 6, a measuring jug. Head out of the kitchen and 
    left again to the double doors that look like another lift (elevator). TOOL 
    LOCATION: Head through into the lounge, and raid the room for cash and health 
    from the slurm machine if needed. Then open the sliding door at one end to 
    reveal tool number 7, something I can't recognise at all. Then leave the room, 
    and you should have 31 cash now. 
    If you want you can check out the Large TV screen on the right (outside the 
    room) and press action when hear it. All it does is give you views of the 
    Surveillance cameras around the level, which help you to find the tools in the 
    level. When you've finished with that, head back across the room/gallery area 
    collecting the four cash icons on the table in the centre of the room on the 
    way. TOOL LOCATION: At the other side of the room (where you entered from the 
    elevator (lift)) you will see another sliding door/shutter storage area. Press 
    action near the button to reveal tool number 8, a hair drier.
    Turn right to see a red button with a picture of a fan above it, both behind a 
    glass screen. It's hammer time again, so smash the glass to access the red (fan 
    power) button. (reasons for this will become apparent soon). Continue right 
    down the side of the balcony like area until you reach the railings. 
    Now it's time for some basic skill that you'll find in nearly all platform 
    games. Jumping over steam valves. Jump the railings at the end so that you land 
    on the ventilation tunnel, and continue along the panel timing yourself so that 
    you avoid the steam. TOOL LOCATION: To the right of this first ventilation 
    tunnel, you'll see a blue floating platform with what appears to be a drill on 
    it. Jump across on to the platform and collect the drill to get tool number 9. 
    Jump back onto the tunnel, and continue along collecting the cash on the way. 
    At the end of the first tunnel there will be a gap you have to jump to the next 
    tunnel, which is very easy to make. If you do fall, you will get hurt a little, 
    but you can always go to one of the slurm machines to regain your health. After 
    jumping across, you will be on a second ventilation tunnel with more steam, and 
    2 more cash icons on. Collect them and jump at the end of the tunnel onto the 
    metal platform further on.
    TOOL LOCATION: Once on the platform you will see the fan in front that should 
    hopefully have stopped spinning. Use your hammer to knock off the petal panel, 
    and then claim you tool item number 10 by pressing action in front of the 
    At this point you should have 41 cash items. If you are still reading the tips 
    at this point, you will see that it now says: "Press jump and push up (forward)
    to jump up, grab and climb on to the ledge above". And guess what? they aren't 
    lying. Do as it says, and climb your way up the fan box to the ledge on top. 
    When on top of the ledge, walk right a little to the edge of the adjacent 
    ledge, and you will see that there is another ventilation tunnel to the right. 
    Can you guess what to do next? Well if you can't then it's lucky I'm writing 
    this :). Jump across to the vent. tunnel and again avoid the steam collecting 
    the 3 cash icons on the vent. tunnel as you go. TOOL LOACTAION: At the end,
    drop down on to the metal platform below to the left an right in front of you
    will be the 11th tool, a bucket. Collect it and continue on to the vent tunnel
    ahead to collect the 2 cash icons. By now you should have 48 cash icons, and a 
    growing excitement as the end of the level approaches. 
    Drop down on to the vent. tunnel on the ground below. Don't worry though as the 
    fall isn't big enough to hurt you. You are now back near where you started, so 
    head forward towards the lockers, and take a left. The door in front, which was 
    closed, is now open thanks to the first key card you found. Take a left and go 
    through the door. You'll enter what appears to be a boiler room, which has been 
    flooded with a black liquid, which may be water from the boiler, or maybe oil. 
    The fact is that whatever it is it is completely irrelevant, but you should 
    just avoid it. By jumping from box to box, you can make your way through the 
    room, firstly collecting the two cash icons, and 6-pack of slurmys if needed, 
    all of which are situated on the counter on the left. TOOL LOCATION: Continue 
    jumping from box to box, round the room till you reach the final tool, the cog 
    which is on the box right in the corner. When you've collected all items in the 
    room you should be on 48 cash and head out the room jumping back from box to 
    box again. Once out of the room, you need to head back to the tool cabinet to 
    replace all the tools you've collected. To get there, turn right out of the 
    boiler room, the through the door next to the small set of stairs. Once through 
    the door, you'll recognise where you are, and you can see the tool cabinet up 
    ahead on the left. Head over to it, and press action to replace them.
    WELL DONE. LEVEL COMPLETE. Feel free to let out some screams of happiness, 
    because this is the easiest level out of the way, and you're going straight in 
    at the deep end after this.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 1:
    The Simpsons
    4.3.2. Stage 1 - Level 2 - Sewers
    Futurama Quiz Question 2:
    Who out of the Planet Express crew are related? Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 150/150
    Nibblers Found: 5/5
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Main Objectives: Get to the end of the sewers
    Best Time: Walkthrough
    So you've made it past the easiest level in the game huh? So what. That means 
    nothing now that you're starting the harder levels. When I first went 
    through the game, I found sewers the hardest, probably because it took me 
    some time to get used to the controls. This level requires a lot of jump 
    control, and as most games I play use X as jump, I often ran into the sewer 
    slime on this level, and it quickly became annoying.
    So you've got a gun as well huh? Well you can practise by taking out the 3 
    boxes that you can see when you first start the level. By taking them out you 
    should get an extra 100 ammo, as well as 1 cash icon. Continue by moving 
    towards the camera and then move the camera so you can see where you're going.
    About 10 paces along the sewer, you'll see a barrel in a puddle of green 
    liquid. For the ease of typing in this level, I'm going to call this liquid 
    slime. Oh yeah...and you want to avoid this at all costs, because it will kill
    you, and I mean that. The puddles themselves aren't such a problem, but it's 
    the deeper pools along the level that get annoying, as by falling in them, you
    will die instantly. x( Plus the barrels are explosive if shot at, although I 
    find very little use for them.
    Continue along this sewer tunnel jumping the slime puddles on the floor, and 
    after the second patch of slime, a sewer mutant will fall from an overhead pipe
    and start heading towards you. This is where the mutants will often appear
    so look up ahead for any similar pipes and expect a mutant to fall from it.
    Dealing with this mutant is relatively straight forward, and by locking on (R1)
    and by shooting it with a couple of single shots (X button) it will fall to the
    ground. I think 5 direct shots will do the trick. Continue to the intersection 
    where the mutant appeared and take a right. Shoot the two boxes on the ground
    to reveal a further 4 cash icons. After collecting them, you should have 5.
    Turn round, and continue straight forward, again avoiding the slime. After the
    patch that you have to jump over, a mutant will fall from a pipe, so quickly 
    lock on and take him down. Continue along to take out another mutant, and you
    see a slime river ahead with a bridge crossing it. On the other side of the
    will be 2 octopus like mutants with tentacle things sticking out of a pipe in
    the wall. Ignore them for now, but hug to the left wall, and slowly walk 
    towards the river. When you near the exit of the tunnel, keep your back to the
    wall, and look right down the river. Assuming you are far enough, eventually 
    a river mutant will appear rising out of the slime. It is similar to a snake,
    so for the sake of this walkthrough, I will call them snakes. These things 
    shoot slime out of their mouth, so keep moving if they do. Repeatedly tap
    lock on until you are locked on the snake, and then unload three shots in it.
    Three should be enough, but if not, just keep shooting until it stays down.
    Run to the other side of the mouth of the tunnel, and look left up the river.
    Another green snake will appear, so repeat the procedure. 
    After it is dead, cross the bridge, and turn left to face the octopus thing.
    One shot to these will make them retract up the pipe, but only for a few 
    seconds, so you'll have to run past while it is away. Ahead of you should be
    two boxes, so take them out to claim your ammo and health if needed. Continue
    back along the side of the river, remembering to take out the octopus before 
    you pass them. After passing 2 octopus, you'll be at the end of the walkway
    and notice some objects floating in the river. Guess what? You've got to jump
    object to object, making sure you don't fall in. Jump forward on to the one 
    to your right, and then jump on to the solid ground ahead. 
    As soon as you leave the floating object, a mutant will fall from the pipe 
    ahead. Lock on quickly, and take him out. Assuming you're quick, you'll have no
    problems dispatching him. Take out the two boxes in front, and collect the cash.
    Then turn the valve by pressing action when you're near it. It will skip to the
    cut scene showing a metal door opening. Head back towards the river, and look 
    in the far left corner. There is a snake that will keep on surfacing, so take
    it out now. Head around to the other side of the pillar (the opposite side you
    came from, and you'll see some more floating objects. Jump from each one along
    the direction that they are positioned in, until you reach solid ground to your
    left. This jumping was really hard for me first time through, but after a while
    you get the hang of it.
    As soon as you reach the ground, a mutant will be approaching you, so quickly
    lock on and take him out. Proceed through the gate, and destroy the boxes 
    either side of you collecting the cash and other items that come out. You
    should now have 11 cash icons. Continue along this sewer tunnel, taking out the
    box on the left, and using the slurm machine if health is needed. At this point
    the screen should vibrate, and the controller rumble, as a big mutant appears
    in the background. These look very similar to normal mutants, except they are
    bigger and have a yellow green crest on their head. They also take more hits,
    though if you lock on to them and shoot out lots of single shots, then they
    don't pose too much threat. This one is quite easy to take out, as you can lock
    on to it a long way away, giving you plenty of time to shoot multiple times at
    it and kill it. 
    Once dead, continue forward jumping over the slime and taking out the boxes on 
    your left. Collect the 2 cash, and continue through the whole in the wall left
    by the big mutant. Inside this area will be lots of cash, 4 boxes and a 
    nibbler. Clear the room by smashing the boxes and the nibbler cage, and 
    everything in there. By the time you leave you should have 20 cash, loads of 
    ammo, and 1 nibbler. Head out and take a left. Start making your way down the
    tunnel. avoiding the slime to your right, and around this area, a mutant will
    fall down up ahead. Take it out, and continue round the slight turn in the.
    Up ahead will be part of a slime river, with an octopus to the right, a snake
    to the left, and a mutant running at you. Take care of the mutant, and lock on
    to the snake. If it's not there, just wait a bit and eventually it will appear.
    Once the snake is taken care of, get ready to take out another big mutant.
    First, take out the octopus mutant that's covering the bridge to the right, 
    and run across the bridge. As soon as you get over, you'll notice the screen
    vibrate again, and a big mutant smash the wall down to your right. Keep tapping
    lock-on, until it is in your sight, and then unload a load of shots at it. If 
    it starts to get close to you, keep lock on held down, but move around keeping
    away from the mutant. You should be able to outrun it, so it shouldn't pose too 
    much of a threat. Just make sure you don't run into the slime river, or the 
    octopus mutant, as both will kill you automatically.
    Once killed, head through the whole in the wall that the mutant left. Inside 
    will be 5 cash icons at the back, so collect them to bring your total up to 25.
    Head out, and continue in the direction you were going, and you'll reach 
    another intersection of the tunnels. Smash the boxes to your left, to collect 
    the health if needed, and then turn right round, to check if a mutant is coming
    for you. If it is then take it out now, but if not then you can get it later. 
    If a mutant does appear, there may well be a big mutant behind it, so lock on 
    and take it out quickly. If neither appeared, or they are now both dead, turn 
    into another small area with 2 small boxes  behind a puddle of slime. Go and
    destroy the boxes to collect the contents, a further 2 cash icons.
    Once collected, head back out and to the left, (where the mutants would have
    appeared from) and if you didn't take them out, expect to see a mutant,
    followed by a big mutant as you walk down this tunnel. Continue down taking
    out any mutants that appear, and at the end head through the gate. At last.
    You've reached a checkpoint. (if you die, you will now re-appear here) One 
    thing to note is that if you haven't encountered he big mutant mentioned in 
    this paragraph, he is often hiding up at the end of this building on your side,
    so get ready to take it out before it gets too close. 
    Continue down to the end of the platform on your side (where the mutant may 
    have been), and you'll see a ladder to your right going over the edge of the 
    platform. Head down it onto the metal grating platform, and prepare for
    some risky jumping. Adjust your the camera angle so that you can see across the
    width of this room with the other side of the room in front of you. You will
    see a gap in the platform, which you have to jump to get the cash. Once 
    collected jump back across, and walk round the corner of the platform you are 
    on. Just after you walk round the corner, you should fall down onto the 
    platform below. Make sure you aren't running too fast as you may fall in the
    slime pool. On the platform below collect both cash on both parts of reachable
    platform by jumping onto the smaller one. Once collected, you now need to drop 
    onto he first level platform made of tarmac/concrete. Collect the 3 cash icons
    located one on each part of tarmac, by again jumping across from each one to 
    the next. Don't worry if you've missed any cash icons on the other platform 
    levels, as you can get them later. Jump from the tarmac, onto the floating 
    objects, and make your way to the tarmac in the far corner where there is a
    valve in the corner. Turning this valve will open the slime outflow, and hence
    the slime level in the pool will start to rise. To avoid the slime you will 
    need to stand on one of the floating objects, so after you activate the valve,
    turn round and jump onto one of the floating objects. (the fridge is the 
    nearest I think). Then wait for the slime level to rise. Once it has stopped
    rising, jump from floating object to the next to reach the platforms that have
    cash and other stuff on. Once you have all cash on the current platform level,
    you'll need to jump from object to object, in order to reach the platform 
    with the wall valve in the other corner. Once there again repeat the procedure
    activating the valve and jumping on the a floating object. Assuming you jumped
    on to the fridge, you just wait for the level of slime to stop rising and then 
    jump on to the platform directly next to the fridge. Once on this platform 
    turn round to face the centre of the pool, and keep tapping lock-on, as a snake
    appear from the slime. Take it out as soon as it locks on. Once dead, make your
    way across to any platforms with cash icons on, and when clear head to the far
    corner with a ladder. (not the corner with the ladder you first went down, but
    opposite corner to that). 
    Climb the ladder, and take a left. At this point you
    should have 34 cash icons. In front will be an octopus mutant, 3 boxes, another
    octopus and a valve. Hit and run past the first octopus, before destroying the 
    3 boxes and collecting the goodies. Then take out the second octopus and run
    past to activate the valve. turn round and head back taking out the octopus'
    along the way. Head through the door way at the end and take out the small 
    mutant running towards you. Head round the corner and take out the two snakes 
    that appear either side of the bridge before killing the big mutant that will
    appear in the far corner. If you lock on, you can take it down when it crosses
    the bridge, as when it's running straight towards you, your shots won't miss.
    Turn round and collect the 2 cash icons next to the wall if you haven't already
    done so.
    Once clear cross the bridge and destroy the 2 boxes in front. Then enter the 
    room to the left where the big mutant appeared. Clear that room and you should
    found a lot of cash and a nibbler inside. By the time you exit the room, you
    should have 49 cash, and 2 nibblers. Continue out across the bridge and take a
    left. Shoot the wood beams up ahead, and pass through the now clear doorway. At
    this point a big mutant will appear from round the corner, so lock on and keep
    shooting at it. If it starts to get close just walk back whilst still locked on
    and it should eventually fall. Walk forward to the exit of the tunnel, and look
    right. A snake will probably be spiting slime at you, so lock on and take it
    out. The look left and you will see another snake, so take it out. A little 
    further to the left will be a floating coffin, so jump on it to reach the cash
    on the platform after it. Head back and do the same thing the other way jumping
    on the fridge to reach the cash on the platform. Once you have the cash turn 
    and jump on the floating briefcase. Here, you'll want to jump from the case
    on to the alligator, but only when the alligator is moving from right to left.
    This will require jump accuracy, so prepare to get annoyed with it very fast.
    If you make the jump on to the alligator, wait for it to move along a little,
    and then ump on to the coffin when it is in range. From the coffin jump right
    on to the fridge, and collect the contents of the 2 boxes now. Then head back,
    jumping from fridge to coffin to suitcase before destroying the boxes and 
    activating the valve. You should now have 60 cash. Head back to the door that
    you saw being opened in the cut scene, and head through the passage. 
    Head out the passage, keeping to the left, so that you fall on the pipe on the
    floor. Collect the cash, turn round, and grab the ledge in front. After climbing
    up head forward into the fan room!!! This room is not fun, but if you know what
    you're doing then it's actually quite easy. Head forward and activate the first
    valve. This will slow down the first fan, making life a lot easier. What you 
    have to do here is very simple, and I'm not going to guise you through it step
    by step. All you have to remember is to avoid the fan blades by jumping at the
    right time. Make your way forward to collect the 5 cash, jump up to the 
    platform, and turn the valve, then turn and collect the 2 cash and slurm if 
    needed that you missed near the first fan. Continue through the fan room, 
    turning any valves you see, and collecting all cash. If a fan is still spinning
    fast, it means that you have not turned one of he valves, so go back and look
    for it. Once you have reached the exit of the fan room, you should have 90 
    cash. Head through the doorway and walk forward. As you approach the boxes,
    a big mutant will appear from round the corner, so lock on and take it out.
    Collect everything from the boxes in the area and when done continue through 
    gate round the corner.
    Once through the gate, you'll notice a grid of metal grating platform, 
    suspended above a pool of slime. As you walk towards the centre, a mutant will
    fall directly in front of you. Lock on and take him out quickly. Then turn
    round 180, and lock on and take out the big mutant running towards you. The 
    square gaps in the grating are actually your friend here, and they ensure that
    mutants take a while to get to you. If they get close, then just walk back and
    stay locked on, making sure that you keep an eye on the platforms. About 5 more
    mutants will fall down in this area, so keep turning round and tapping lock on
    to make sure you know where they are. The last one will be a big mutant that
    comes out of a doorway in the far corner to where you entered. Once it is dead,
    collect all cash, and head to the door where the last mutant came from. Just
    inside the door will be a small mutant, but it wont attack until you enter. 
    Using this to your advantage, you can hold down charge up attack, go in and
    instantly tap lock on. once locked on, release charge up attack, and the 
    maximum charge up should take it down with ease. Once dead, retrieve all
    goodies from the boxes, and collect the nibbler. If you still need health
    then you can use the slurm machine as well, but there is plenty elsewhere in
    this section. When the room is clear, you should turn the valve to open
    the other door and head to the other door with 97 cash and 3 nibblers. Head out
    the doorway, take a left and then another left and head through the now open
    When will this level end?? I know, but if you have got this far on your first
    set of lives then your doing ok, although ideally you should have 7 or more 
    lives left.
    Continue forward avoiding the slime and taking out the small mutant that is 
    running towards you. Just round the corner, you will find a snake, so lock on 
    take it out. Next to the snake is an octopus, which you will need to hit and
    run past. Jump the puddle of slime directly afterwards, to be faced by a big
    mutant running towards you up ahead. Unless you take your time, it's not a 
    problem to take out. Continue forward to the entrance to a big room, which is
    basically a giant slime pool. As you near the entrance to the room, look right
    to see a snake in the pool. Lock on and take it out. Destroy all boxes nearby 
    and collect whatever you need from them. The prepare for the hardest part of
    the level. However as you should currently have 97 cash, you are near to 
    getting an extra life, so if you die and have already got to 100 cash, then 
    when you re-appear, you will have 97 cash again, and never really lose a life. 
    It's probably a little complicated to understand, but basically as long as
    you get 3 cash icons each life (from this checkpoint) you won't lose any lives.
    Nearest to the platform is a ledge sticking out with 3 cash icons on. Jump 
    onto it and grab the cash. Remember that alligator earlier? Well there are two 
    more for you to play with here. When the first alligator swims under the ledge
    you are on you want to walk off the ledge and onto its back. It's best to get
    on when it's moving from right to left, just to save some time. As you approach
    the edge of the room, jump on the nearby briefcase to collect the 1 cash icon.
    Now wait for the alligator to return, this time moving in the opposite way. 
    Jump on and ride it for a while. Remember to jump over the ledge when you reach
    it as otherwise it will knock you off. Once you are nearing the other side of
    the pool, jump off to your right and land on the ledge to get another 1 cash. 
    When the alligator returns, jump on it and jump straight off it afterwards, 
    landing on the coffin. Wait there for the second alligator to swim past you 
    sure it is swimming in the direction towards the centre of the room. When it
    is, jump on and then jump off on to the ledge ahead. If you don't jump, it will
    again knock you off into the slime. Collect the cash on the ledge and then
    wait. At this point, 2 snakes will appear in the slime in the direction you 
    were travelling, so make sure you take them out. The wait for the alligator to
    return, swimming the same way it was (it will pass you swimming the wrong way
    and then return in the right direction) Jump on, and then get off on the next
    ledge up ahead. Collect the cash and then jump onto the floating fridge, to the
    coffin and then onto the land. Phew. Head forward into a room and collect 
    everything inside whilst also turning the valve. Head out and turn left. You
    see those footprints on the ground? Go to were they meet the pool of slime,
    and jump on to the briefcase, and then the fridge to collect the last cash icon
    in this area. By now you should have 109 cash icons. Turn round and head back 
    towards the door that the valve opened (follow the footprints), and walk 
    through the passage collecting the cash icons on the way.
    Once out of the passage, continue along the corridor, jumping the slime and
    killing the big mutant near the end. At the and, there is an opening, with a
    building in front surrounded by a moat. Look left and right in the slime to 
    kill the snakes that will appear. If you haven't already done so, destroy the 
    boxes and collect the items. Once clear, enter first person view, and aim 
    at the red flashing light at the top of the door in front. Shoot it. Once the
    door has opened, head through, and tap lock-on till it gets the snake in front.
    You know what to do. Once dead, walk right to the box, and destroy it. Then 
    climb the ladder. At this point there will be a few octopus', so when I say
    to pass them, I'll assume you know to shoot them first. At the top of the 
    ladder, pass the first octo whilst jumping the gap. Jump the second gap, 
    and pass the second octo whilst jumping the gap it covers. Jump the final gap,
    and climb the ladder. At the top, follow the same procedure, passing and
    jumping the last 2 octo's to reach the valve. Activate the valve to pull up the
    plug, then head back down the way you came, repeating the procedure for the 
    At the bottom, you will notice that the slime has now gone, so head 
    towards the steps and look for the ladder that goes down even further. Head
    down the ladder, and then down the next one till you reach the bottom. You will
    be standing on an area of tarmac surrounded by green slime. This slime is 
    essentially just a giant puddle, so don't stand in it. By jumping from tarmac
    patch to patch work your way round to the first valve and activate it. Then
    continue round to the second valve and activate that one. This will open up 
    the exit door, as well as an earlier door, so make your way back round to the
    ladder, and climb it. You will now see on open door with goodies inside. 
    Collect it all to have a total of 134 cash, and 4 nibblers head back down the
    ladder and to the exit door. 
    Head through the passageway, and kill the small running to you. Collect the 
    cash and continue forward. At the intersection, look left, and see a small 
    mutant fall from a pipe. Kill him and turn to get the contents of the 3 boxes 
    behind you. Continue along the tunnel in the direction of the mutant, and you 
    will see on big mutant at the end. Kill him as soon as possible. Continue 
    forward, and another big mutant will smash through the wall, so take it out as 
    well. Get the boxes at the end, and then go into the room where the mutant 
    came out. Collect all cash and the nibbler (the last nibbler), and then 
    continue along the passage collecting the cash to get 149 cash icons. When you 
    exit the passage, make sure you turn left to get the final cash icon. Head back 
    past the passage and through the gate to finish the level.
    Hooray!! Level Complete. And using this method, you can easily do it in under 
    30 mins.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 2:
    Fry and Professor Farnsworth
    4.3.3. Stage 1 - Level 3 - Subway
    Futurama Quiz Question 3:
    Which member of Planet Express is Fry's Grandfather? Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 75/75
    Nibblers Found: 3/3
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Main Objectives: Pass through Subway
    Best Time: 00.25.20
    Wohoo! Level 3! Subway isn't a hard level, but it's not easy either. You start 
    off from the exit of the sewers and have the gun and the hammer still. 
    Start off making your way through these corridors and after you first turn
    left, you'll face your first enemy of the level. Go forward and turn left. Go 
    down the stairs, and wait. After a couple of seconds a human like creature 
    carrying a shotgun will come round the corner. As soon as it does, lock-on and 
    fire some shots at it. As long as you keep shooting, it won't get a chance to
    get a shot in, and this is the case with most enemies on the level. 5 Shots
    will kill it, but don't stop till it falls to the ground. Another danger of
    these guys is that once dead, they will often get up and release one more shot
    in the direction they were last facing, which is usually at you. So move away 
    from them once they are dead. Continue along and take a right only to kill
    another shotgun armed guard. (for the sake of my typing, I will call these guys
    guards.) Once the guard is dead, hug the left wall, and sneak up to the corner.
    Move forward until you can lock on to a guard standing in front of a train. 
    Once dead, head down the stairs. Once you reach the bottom, look right and
    shoot a guard armed with what looks like a big stick who will be coming towards
    you. These guys are similar to the big mutants in the sewers in that they take
    twice as many hits as the normal guards. Hence I will call these tough guards.
    Once dead, destroy the 3 boxes, and creep forward towards the railway. Standing
    in the tunnel to your left will be a guard, and you can surprise him by quickly
    moving in front of him and letting off a few of shots into him. Grab the cash
    and other stuff left from the boxes, and jump back up onto the platform. 
    Continue walking parallel to the track away from the tunnel, and you will 
    approach a mound of rubble. Go right round it and collect the cash and the
    nibbler hidden behind the drinks machine. You should now have 11 cash and 1 
    nibbler. From here look into the windows of the train, and you'll see a guard
    standing in there. Kill him now while he can't shoot back, and when done walk
    back down the track to the entrance of the train.
    Walk down the train and get out on the left. As soon as you're out, take aim
    of the mine and blow it up. A guard will also appear behind it so take him out
    as well. When dead, turn around 180, and look beyond the front of the train. 
    There will be a guard luring around there somewhere so take him out. Go up to
    the area where he was, and collect everything there including the shotgun!!
    The shotgun is primarily a close rang gun, and if trying to kill someone far
    away, will be of little use, so for the moment stick to the handgun.
    Leave the shotgun area, and head back up the track away from the rubble. There
    will be a few boxes located in cutaways in the wall. Collect these. 
    (When I say collect the box, what I mean is collect the items inside by 
    destroying the box first.) Once cleared, head back towards the rubble, but this
    time go around the left side of it. Turn right towards the entrance of the 
    train, and jump on before jumping straight off again. This will spawn the guard
    on the train, and you will then be able to shoot him from the outside of the
    train. Once dead, head back on the train and look out of the windows to your.
    There should be a tough guard waiting outside, who you can pick off whilst
    still on the train. If you kill him, or can no longer reach him, head towards 
    the end of the train, and look out the back window. You should see a guard 
    hiding behind a box. Enter first person view, and do a full charge up attack at
    his head (A full charge up is holding charge up attack until it beeps). It 
    should make him drop with that one shot. Then step out of the train, and turn
    right to finish off the tough guard round the corner. Collect all boxes, and 
    you should now have 25 cash icons and 1 nibbler. Stand back on the step of the
    train and blow up the mine with 3 shots. The mine will then blow a hole in the
    wall, and 2 guards will appear. Now using he cover of the train, take out these
    guards before they get a chance to shoot. Then head through the hole in the 
    After passing through the hole, take a left and blow up the mine. At this point
    a guard will come round the corner, so get in your shots before him and take 
    him out. Once dead, you'll have to jump the gap, so take a run up because it
    WILL be close. Just make it? Good. Head round the rubble and immediately a 
    tough guard will appear so kill him quickly. When dead, go to where the tough
    guard appeared to get 2 cash and some ammo. Head back out and take out the mine
    followed by the guard that follows it. After he dies take cover in the cut-out
    to avoid his death shot. A tough guard will then appear so take him out as 
    well. Once they are dead head towards the boxes ahead on your right, and 
    collect them as well as anything else that is there. You should have 32 cash 
    now. Continue along the track blowing up any mines you come across. As you come
    across the second one, a guard will appear from the right, so take him out 
    quickly collect the boxes on the right and continue down the track. As you 
    approach the final 2 mines, a guard will pop out from behind the rubble on your
    right, so like the rest, take him out as well. As you blow up the nearest of 
    the 2 mines it will create another hole in the wall and a tough guard will come
    through. Kill him before he gets close and then blow up the second mine. 
    Collect the boxes at the end, and then make your way through the hole.
    Collect the boxes in front of you and turn to your right. Shooting the mine 
    releases a guard, so take him out quickly. Continue down the track killing the
    guard that appears to your left. Blow up any mines in the distance, and then 
    turn to your right. Walk under the archway and to your right will be nibbler
    number 2. Walk forward  toward the station, hugging the right wall and as you
    move under the archway. A guard will appear to your right, so kill him, and 
    then collect the boxes near him. Turn round towards the centre of the track 
    and tap lock on. You should become aware of a tough guard standing at the 
    opposite side if the station so take him out now. Head up the stairs to collect
    the 3 cash behind you and head back towards the track. Continue through this
    area dispatching any enemies that appear (most are normal guards), but at the
    other end of the station, a tough guard will appear from up the stairs, so be
    prepared for him. Once all enemies in the area are taken care of, you should
    have 55 cash. Head up the end stairs and switch to shotgun. Around the corner
    will be a tough guard reasonably close to you, so the shotgun will be more 
    After 3 or 4 shots to the tough guard he should be dead, so switch
    back to the handgun. Continue along the corridor,  and take out the guard
    appears. Take out the mine and then turn round to collect the cash icon that
    is hidden behind the drinks machine. Continue on up the stairs and take out 
    the mine, followed by the tough guard that appears after him. Continue to the
    end and turn left only to shoot the guard that appears from round the corner.
    Continue on through the passage till you reach the ticket office area. 
    Upon going through the gate, a guard will appear to your left and right, so 
    go for the one on the left quickly before turning to the one to your right.
    After that the area is clear of enemies so you can collect everything in sight
    Once clear head into the office (with the skeleton in uniform) and shoot the
    padlock on the cupboard. to get a full health regain if needed. Then activate
    switch (green button). This will open the gate and a tough guard will come
    through. Whilst he is tough, he is also stupid, as he just stands there, so 
    it's easy work to kill him with two full charge up shots from your handgun.
    Once killed, head past where he appeared and kill the guard that appears to
    your right. Then head to where he came from to collect the cash around the
    corner. At this point a tough guard may have spotted you and be coming for you
    from the room behind you. Quickly take him out and head into the room. Collect
    the box in there, and turn to the door with the padlock. Shoot the padlock, 
    and press action at the door. Inside is a load of boxes to collect, as well as
    the last nibbler. When you have cleared the room you should have 73 Cash and 3
    Head out of the room and continue around the corner to the right. A guard 
    should appear from ahead to the left so take him out, before turning to your
    right and facing the toilet cubicles inside 2 of them there will be a guard
    each, so expect them to come out and kill them before they get a shot in. Once
    both are dead, clear out the cubicles of cash and ammo and you should now have
    75 cash. Turn round and head towards the far left corner. Collect the box, and
    switch to shotgun. Blow up the mine and move forward. a guard will appear from
    round the corner followed by 2 tough guards. As long as you are close you will
    kill them quite easily, just make sure you kill the normal guard early as he
    will get some easy shots in while you take out the tough guards. After they 
    are all dead, continue round the corner to the end of the level.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 3:
    Fry is his own Grandfather.
    4.3.4. Stage 1 - Level 4 - Old New York
    Futurama Quiz Question 4:
    Where did Fry and Bender meet? Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 125/125
    Nibblers Found: 7/7
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Main Objectives: Make your way through the streets of Old New York
    Best Time: 00.38.10 Walkthrough
    This level sees Fry return to his old home: Old New York, and in the future 
    it's not a very nice place.
    The start of the game is one of the hardest parts, as there are quite a few
    guards present in the area, and there is no reliable tactic to use. Anyway,
    the method I use most often is to switch to handgun, and make your way up the
    first set of steps. Then take about 4 steps (footsteps) walking up the second
    set, and a guard will walk towards you, but not actually shoot at you. Instead
    he will walk round above the steps and wait diagonally behind you to your 
    right. If you move the camera to show Fry's face, you can see the guard at the
    top left of your screen. Enter First Person view, and check if you can see him.
    If not, then walk a little up the steps and look again. Eventually you will see
    his head, and by doing a charge up attack with the hand gun, you can kill him 
    in one. Then take a few steps forward and look in first person view directly 
    forward. Just above the top step in your view will be another guard. Charge up
    and kill this guy. After he dies, two more guards will appear from a door near
    the last guard. If you are standing high up enough (on the steps), then they 
    will walk straight towards you, making it very easy to kill them using charge
    up attacks. If not then they will walk towards you, but indirectly, and this
    makes it harder to kill them. Either way, just make sure you get a shot in 
    before them. Next look left and you should see a guard at the far end. If he's
    not behind the fence, then do a charge up attack on him. This will spawn 3 more
    to appear from behind the camper van. Ath this point, move away from the steps,
    as the railings will only get in your way. If you can, Lock on quickly and kill
    them, as some of them are carrying rocket launchers. Once killed, head over to 
    the basketball court, and shoot the padlock. Inside is a guard who is simple 
    enough to defeat. Just lock-on and wait for him to come out. Once dead, turn
    round and walk to the right of the van. A rocket launcher armed guard will walk
    from his location across to take cover while he shoots at you. Unfortunatley 
    for him, this cover actually only stops the rockets from reaching you, so it's
    an easy task of shooting him a couple of times in first person view. Once he
    is dead, the camera will skip to show another rocket launcher guard come out
    of a bar, and take the position of the previous guard. However this guard will
    shoot on sight, so step out and tap lock on. If it locks on to him, keep it 
    held down and walk backwards always keeping the van in between you and the 
    guard. After about ten steps backwards, step out from the cover of the van, 
    and you will now be out of his range but still in your range, so let off a 
    couple of shots and kill the sucker. 
    After him there are no more enemies in the area, so search around for cash in
    boxes, health and ammo. After clearing most of the area, you may notice that 
    there are some boxes behind a fence that you can't get to. Well you are wrong.
    From the centre of the fence, walk parallel to it away from the boxes. If you
    run about 14 paces in this direction you will see a dumpster. Jump on it, turn
    round, and jump up and grab the ledge above you. There should be 3 cash on it
    as well as another ledge higher up after it. Go and jump and grab on to that
    ledge. There will be another 2 cash on this ledge. At the end of the ledge, go
    round the corner and look over the edge. You see that girder? You're gonna fall
    on that. Once on it, just walk of into the fenced area to collect the boxes.
    Once you have the box contents walk bak up the girder and out of that area.
    Assuuming you have collected all cash icons in the area you should now have 16.
    If you only have 13, make sure you check in both the dumpsters in this area.
    If you have 16, you can head down to the bar where the rocket guard appeared.
    Inside is some loose cash as well as a box with some ammo in. Also in there is
    the beam which Fry is obviously very keen to shoot down, but first you may 
    notice noises coming from behind the picture on the wall. Well there is a 
    nibler behind there, but how do you get it? Well head over to the music player
    and press action. It plays a very simple tune of 5 notes. Then go over to the
    bar and look at the beer pumps. How many are there? 5 ofcourse. So what's the 
    link? Well if you press action at one of the pumps, it plays a tone and each
    pump plays a different tone. See the link yet? Well if not, play the different
    toned pumps in the order the music plays them. Still not sure? Well assmuming
    the lowest pitch pump (on the far left) is 1, and the highest on the right is 5
    then you need to play them in this order:
    1, 5, 4, 2, 3.
    Thanks to Deadmeat X for the numerical explanation.
    Hey presto! A nibbler and 2 cash.
    By now you should have 23 cash. Now you can shoot the beam, just make sure 
    you're not standing underneath it. Once it's fallen, jump up onto the platform
    and walk up. Be weary of a guard standing to your right at the top, but other
    than him, there is no-one else to worry about. Clear the area of cash and 
    collect all the boxes. When done, you should have 25 cash, then jump up onto 
    the fridge (jump and climb up), and then turn to the left and jump on to the 
    next platform. Collect the cash, and make your way all the way round to the end
    of the plat form. Just around the corner, you can see another small platform.
    You have to jump around the corner, which isn't actually that hard. Once there
    activate the valve and jump onto the platform directly opposite the valve.
    Collect the 2 cash and at the end of this high platform, enter first person
    view and look down towards the oven leaving gas. Shoot it. Then exit the 
    building through the hole after checking that you have 31 cash.
    Shoot the boxes infront of you and edge out onto the street. As soon as you do,
    a guard will come for you from right in front of you. But drop back into the
    alley and wait for a clean shot. Once dead, focus your attention to the guard
    coming from your left. Kill him collect any ammo/cash/boxes in the area, and 
    then turn to where the first guard appeared. Behind a big support pillar for 
    New New York is waht looks like a telephone service box. Either way, jump up on
    it, and then jup onto the ledge of the building in front. Inside are some 
    goodies for you including a nibbler and some cash. After clearing the room you
    should have 36 cash and 2 nibblers. Exit the room the same way you got in, and
    go round the frot of the building to the main street. Cross the street to 
    collect the cash on the first floor of a building with an upturned taxi infront
    of it. Cross the street and check the dumpster for a further 2 cash before 
    checking behind the upturned taxi for a box containing 2 cash and a full health
    regain. At this point, another guard will appear furher down the street, so 
    take him out. Continue down the street and shoot the window on you left to 
    reveal a further 3 cash. Continue down the street and another guard will appear
    behind you. shoot him quickly. This will probably lead to a cut scene showing
    rats strapped with explosives walking out a garage door. Lock on and shoot them
    quickly as they will really hurt you if you get too close. After you've killed
    all four, a rocket guard will then come out of the garage, so be ready to take 
    him out as well. Once he is dead, head down the street and turn left, to 
    collect a box in the ground floor, and some cash and a nibbler on the first.
    You should now have 49 cash and 3 nibblers. If so continue through the door 
    where the rats came from.
    Collect the health and ammo on you left if needed, if not, set your gun to
    fully charged on charge up mode, and proceed round the corner. At some point 
    in the corner, a rat will suddenly appear and run at you. when this happens,
    immediately lock on and release charge up attack. The continue to run backwards
    as another rat will follow. this time you won't have time for the charge up, so
    just lock-on and give it a couple of normal shots. If you lose any health, head
    back to the checkpoint, and collect any slurm that may be there. Then continue 
    up the road/path. After the corner, the road continues straight and there is
    a guard at the top waiting for you, so take him out quickly. Then the road 
    opens up into a larger room with various guards in it. By now you should know 
    how to handle these guards, so I wont bother going into detail about killing 
    them as you can probably work it out. Just make sure you get the rocket guard
    early, who is waitng in the floor above, but shooting at you through a gap
    in the floor. Once everyone else is dead, check the area for cash, you should 
    leave with 56, and then head for the narow road at the end. Like the last 
    turning ramp road, this one also has two rats on it, so follow the same 
    procedure as before. 
    At the top of the ramp will be a rocket guard hiding
    behind some boxes, so quickly switch to first person and kill him. Two more 
    shotgun guards will appear in the area, so thake them out before they get a 
    chance. One gurad will come out of a side room, and when he's dead, go in that
    room as it has 2 cash in it. Then turn round and you'll notice an open area
    with gaps in the floor falling to the level below. (this is where the rocket
    guard was shooting through the gap in the floor) You'll have to jump from 
    platform to platform, and once you get on the first, a guard will appear ahead,
    but as usual he won't shoot at you for a while, so lock on and kill him. Make
    your way to the third platform, and a guard will appear in the corner, so shoot
    him. Head towards the corner and take out the next guard that shows himself.
    Then sneak a little round the corner, until you can see a rocket guard hiding
    behind some boxes. Switch to First Person veiw, and do a fully charged shot at
    him. Once dead, clear the area of boxes and cash, and you should end up with 
    66 cash. Head to the exit but don't jump off. Instead look down, and you will
    see the lower half of a guard. Use a charge up and kill him in first person.
    Then exit first person and jump down to the cash icon on the platform infront.
    Next fall off the back of the platform to collect the cash around there. Then 
    turn right 90 and look up. In a window will be a rocket guard shooting at you
    so kill him quickly. COntinue down the street, till you pass a garage door on
    your right, and at this point 2 rats will start coming towards you, so quickly
    kill them. Meanwhile a guard will now be visible on the second floor of the
    building next to the one with the garage door. As he is a rocket guard, you'll
    want to kill him quickly. Then run to near the previous window, and look for a
    large piece of wall on the floor. Jump on of and then jump up to reach the 
    platform above. From here take a running jump for the window, and inside you'll
    find some cash and a nibbler. When clear, exit the room by falling through the
    hole in the floor. You will now be in the room that the rats came out of. From
    here, continue through the hole in the wall and round the corner to see a 
    square one floor building. go round the near side of it and shoot the guard 
    that pops up. Then continue round to the back and kill the guard round there.
    Once killed head towards where he was standing and shoot the black door down.
    Inside will be some cash and a nibbler, as well as some cash in the dresser
    (press action). Interestingly this room is that of Turanga Leela. Surely Leela
    didn'nt live in Old New York, so Im not sure on the reasons for this, but
    perhaps someone could tell me. Anyway, you should now have 5 nibblers, and 
    about 77 cash depending on how much you got when you killed the last set of 
    rats. Head back out of the building and back into the rat room, killing the 
    rocket guard that has magiaclly appeared along the way. 
    At the back of the rat room is a switch. Activate it to poen the garage door.
    Then walk up the wooden plank to get over the fence, and collect the 2 cash to
    your right. Head out, and keep to the right, as a rocket guard appears ahead to
    your left. Kill him quickly, and then turn right again to see a building with 
    cash on the first floor. Jump up using the piece of wall on the ground and 
    collect the cash. You should now have 82 cash. Malk down the street a little 
    more, and a rocket guard should appear by the boxes at the end of the street.
    When he does, kill him quickly. To your right there will also be a glass window
    in front of some cash. Smash the window and collect the 4 cash. After doing
    this and heading forward a little, a cutscene will start showing some more 
    rats. They will be a little further up on the right, so kill them and the
    rocket guard behind them as soon as possible. Once killed, continue down to the
    end of the street. On the right will be a hole in the wall, with some cash and 
    a nibbler inside, and on the left hand side there will be a box with some more
    cash. After the area is cleared, you should have 90 cash and 6 nibblers. If so,
    continue through to the area where the 3 rats came out.
    In this area there is a load of cash visible, plus some hidden inside the cash
    registers to the right and left of the entrance. Climb the escalator and smash 
    the glass. In the follwing room there will be 3 guards, so check you have full
    health and go in killing them all. Again there is a load of cash in this room,
    with some more in the register in the centre. Once clear you should have 111,
    and then activate the switch (the red light to the left of the entrance) and 
    this should activate the lift and bring down 2 guards with it. They are easy 
    enough to kill so I won't go into detail. Once killed, head into the lift and
    wait. When the lift opens, stpe forward to activate the checkpoint.
    Once the check point writing comes up, immediately enter first person view.
    You will see that you are in a medium sized room with a load of shelves running
    across the room. There are also about 3 guards in there, but by using first
    person view, you can take them out easily. Once all three are dead, continue to
    collect all the boxes and cash in the room, and by the time the room is cleared
    you should have 122 cash. Then continue into the next room.
    In the room is a fan blocking your way and a switch, as well as other boxes.
    Activate or shoot the switch, and collect the box contents, then proceed 
    through the fan when it has stopped. In the next area behind the fan, a guard 
    will appear, but if you react fast enough he is not a problem. Check all the
    side cutaways in the wall for any boxes, and then continue to the corner area.
    There is very little in here, but get whatever you need and turn right to the
    next section. Once you head towards the next passage, a guard will pop out
    from the right, so kill him, and then afterwards a rocket guard will apppear at
    the back, so lock-on and kill him as soon as possible. If he does shoot a 
    rocket at you, then run for cover behind the wall. After he is dead, make your
    way forward collecting anything you need in the cutaways along the side. You 
    will then reach the corner area where there is some health and little else. 
    Turn left to face the next passage. Immediately after the corner area you will
    enter a square room similar to the room with the fan in, but there is nothing
    to do here. Dontinue forward, and in the next section, a rat will appear from 
    the first cutaway on your left. Once it sees you, lock on and run backwards, 
    shooting at it all the way. Once that is dead, continue to the next corner 
    area, where a guard will already be coming at you fomr your right. Lock on 
    and kill it quickly. Then look round the passage that he came from and you will
    see 2 more guards lining up to kill you. One shotgun guard near to you, and one
    rocket guard at the end of the passage. Lock on to the near guard and kill him,
    again dodging any rockets that come your way, then gofor the rocket guard at 
    the back. Once both are read head down the passage, looking down the first
    cutaway on the left to locate the last nibbler. Then walk and wait next to the
    cutaway on you right a little further on. A rat will spawn out of here when you
    walk into the corner area, so move the camera around so you can see behind you 
    and walk towards the screen. As soon as the rat appears, turn and lock on 
    before blowing it to pieces. After the rat is dead destroy any nearby boxes
    for cash, and continue into the next area (another fan room). 
    If you walk near the fan, two more gurads will appear and you can just shoot 
    them when they do. Then, not surprisingly, de-activate the fan and continue 
    into the corner area. In the next room to your right there is a guard standing 
    in the near left hand corner. Get your charge up ready, run in lock on and kill
    him, before quickly turning right to see another guard coming down the passage.
    Again take him out quickly and head forward to see another guard up ahead 
    waiting to be taken out. Once dead, turn and look in the cutaway on the left 
    for the last cash icon (125), and then head back towards the end of the 
    passage. A rocket guard will appear close to you from the left, and after 
    kiling him, antoher will drop down up ahead. Killing these guys should be easy
    by now, so don't hang about. Once killed, make your way to the ladder at the 
    end of the level and that's Old New York completed, and the Old New York
    walkthrough finished. This one has been the most boring so far, so I hope 
    it helped you.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 4:
    They met in a suicide booth in episode 1.
    4.3.5. Stage 1 - Level 5 - Red Light District
    Futurama Quiz Question 5:
    In the international Basketball match, did the Earth Team win or lose to the
    Chicago Bulls? Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 100/100
    Nibblers Found: 4/4
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Main Objectives: Try to reach pawn shop to recollect the backup engine.
    Best Time: 00:06:54 Walkthrough
    From where you start, head forward and left and jump through the shop window.
    Inside is a Tommy Gun and some ammo. Once you have it turn round and head 
    across the square. On your left will be a set of dumpsters, so check inside for
    2 cash. Then jump on top, and jump again to pull yourself up on the building.
    Turn right and you'll see the classic platform game scenario, dodging steam.
    Make your way along the  first steam vent, collecting the 4 cash on the way. At
    the end of the first you will have to jump a gap to reach the end of another
    vent. Above you and to your right here, you will see an open window, so jump
    up and pull yourself in. Inside there are some boxes you'll want to destroy,
    but change to the hundgun or hammer first, as the Tommy Gun will shoot a
    minimum of 10 rounds and is a waste. Collect the health and ammo if needed, 
    and then exit through the window to continue along the vents.
    A little further on from the first window will be a similarly looking second
    window. Jump up inside to find a nibbler and some cash. You should now have 14
    cash. Exit the window and continue right along the vents. At the end you will 
    be an a the roof of a building with XXX on the side. Switch back to the Tommy
    Gun, and jump on to the extraction fan thing, and then pull yourself up on to
    the building in front (with the 3 vent covers on the wall). On the top of the
    building turn the camera so you can see the green robot ahead and to to your
    left. Then walk left across the top of the building until you can lock on.
    Once locked on, hold down the shoot button to destroy the green robot. Step
    down off this ledge and collect the 3 cash in the area. You should now have 19
    | VAN |                          |        |
    |     |                          |       R|
    |     |                          |        |
    |D    |                          |R       |
    |     |                          |        |
    |     |________                  |        |
    |              |                 |        |
    |              C_________________S        |
    |                                         |
    |_____Z_                                  |
            |$                                |
            |$                                |
    Next you will need to fall down to the street below. Before falling look over
    the edge of the building and look for any ledges. There should be one somewhere
    that you can reach with 4 cash on. Go for that ledge, collect the cash, and 
    turn round to head back towards the blue slurm truck on the road. If you can, 
    you want to destroy the boxes on the ground by the van as they will get in your
    way later. Once the boxes are destroyed, drop down infront of where the boxes
    were, and get ready to kill the green robot that appears from the building to 
    the nearside of the van. Onced destroyed, turn 180 immediately, and kill the 
    slightly tougher square grey robot that appears. Once destroyed, turn back
    round and collect the health from near the green robot if needed. Then jump on
    to the top of the yellow cab of the van collecting the 2 cash. Then turn to
    back of the truck and shoot the padlock. The door will automatically open, and
    inside will be some more ammo, and 5 more cash. Clear the van, now leaving with
    30 cash, full health and an extra life. Step out of the truck, and turn the 
    camera angle to show down the street that Fry is facing. On your immediate 
    are 2 dumpsters (D), each containing one cash. Collect the cash and head to the 
    light blue Zap Brannigan poster (Z) further down the street. Once you reach the 
    wall with the poster on, a robot with a Tommy Gun will spawn down the street to
    your left. Turn to face it and destroy it. Once destroyed, antoher Tommy robot 
    will appear further down the street and on the right. Destroy that too.
    Continue down the street, until you reach the corner of the pavement (C) 
    (sidewalk to those of you in the US), labelled C on the map, two more Tommy 
    robots will appear directly ahead up the street from the left. Destroy them, 
    and turn round to collect the cash.
    Head further up the street, and two more Tommy robots will appear at the end 
    of the street on the right. Destroy them and collect any ammo/health you may
    need. At the end of the street, turn left and head forward, until 2 tough 
    tough robots appear either side of the street up ahead. Lock on and kill them
    making  sure you strafe whilst shooting to aviod their fire. Continue down the
    street, and when you are level with where the tough bots appeared, a Tommy bot
    will appear on your left, and a little further down another will appear on 
    your right. Once destroyed, a cutscene will show the red door near the
    beginning of the section open, and a green guard appear. Leave it for the 
    moment however, and enter the rooms/areas where the last two Tommy bots 
    appeared (R). Inside will be some ammo, health and 2 cash. By now you should 
    have atleast 36 cash. Head back down the street,and look in the suicide booth
    on the corner (S). Inside will be another Cash Icon. When inside, make sure you
    don't press action, as it will activate the suicide booth and kill you. By all
    means try if you're feeling curious, but it's not worth it. Continue back to
    the beginning of the street and jump up onto the slurm van. From here you can
    get a clean shot at the green robot guarding the door. Once destroyed, head up
    towards the remains of the green robot by jumping on to the ledge infront, and
    then up onto the roof. Continue round and up to the red doorway. 
    After passing through the door, look on the left of the coridoor and notice 
    the first door on the left. Just after you pass it, a tommy bot will appear at
    the end of the corridoor. Destroy it and continue round. Head down the stairs 
    and through the red door at the end. From this next room, head forward and open
    the red door ahead collecting the cash and a nibbler. Head back out of the 
    nibbler room, and activate the panel that is slightly open already. Jump 
    through onto the black awningand then onto the glass tube that crosses over the
    street. Collect the cash on the tube, and jump onto the nearby ledge to the 
    right of the tube. Walk to the end of the ledge, and jump and pull yourself 
    onto the vent tunnel directly above. Continue around the tunnel collecting the 
    cash and avioding the steam. Round the corner is a nibbler which you can only 
    reach by jumping the gap in the vent tunnel. Once you have the nibbler, head
    back along the vents to the awning and take a right at the awning. At the end
    of the awning, jump to the vent on your right, and continue round the corner
    corner collecting the cash on the way. You should now have 54 cash and 3 
    nibblers. Head back along the vent, and continue along the awning to the far 
    end. At the end jump on to the ledge, and continue round the corner of the 
    ledge. Next you will see yet more steam vents, so follow the pattern of the
    steam and jump from vent to vent avioding the steam, until you reach the glass
    tube. Walk along the glass tube, collecting the cash on the way. At the end, 
    pull yourslef up onto the ledge above and collect the cash, putting you up to
    63 cash. Continue in the same direction, dropping down on to the lower part of
    the ledge. Make sure you have 66 cash at this point, as there's no turning
    At the end of the ledge, switch to Tommy Gun, and aim to fall on the black 
    boxes below and to the right of the ledge. Fall off these boxes, and and lock 
    on to one of the 2 Tommy bots that appear from the rooms/areas either side of 
    street. Another tommy bot will also appear ahead and on the left, so be 
    prepared for it. Once all 3 are destroyed, clear the area of goodies including
    the two sets of dumpsters at the end. Once cleared, head through the open 
    doorway with 72 cash.
    Once inside collect all the cash including the four hidden in the filing 
    cabinets. Head up the stairs collecting all the cash, on the first floor.
    You should now have 85 cash. Head up the second staircase until the door
    automatically opens. Up ahead, will be another tough robot, but as long as
    you don't walk too far, it wont shoot at you. Destroy it and continue 
    along the coridoor. Walk through the doorway, and wait. Enter first person 
    view, and look through the room locating the 4 robots in there. Take them 
    out from where you are standing. Continue through the room, collecting 
    anything you need. And then head to the door covered with wooden beams. Shoot
    the beams, and wait at the doorway. Enter first person view, and up ahead, you
    will see the top of a green robot behind some boxes. Destroy the box, and let 
    it walk towards you. It should then get stuck by the pipe, so using a charge
    up attack, destroy it. Clear the roof area of cash and goodies, and head to 
    the edge of the roof. Look over the edge at the ledges sicking out, and jump
    on to the near one on your left, then continue to jump from ledge to ledge
    collecting all the goodies on them. Then drop down on to the ground and look
    up ahead at the tommy bot. Destroy it and collect the nibbler from the room 
    bot appeared. Continue through the area, destroying the 3 bots that appear, 
    with one being a tough bot. Once the area is cleared, head into the laundrette
    at the end with 100 cash.
    Well done, I hope that wasn't too hard because it didn't have to be.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 5:
    NO. They lost to the Harlem Globetrotters, when Fry was substituted on.
    4.3.6. Stage 1 - Level 6 - Uptown
    Futurama Quiz Question 6:
     Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 75/75
    Nibblers Found: 5/5
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Main Objectives: Try to reach pawn shop to recollect the backup engine.
    Best Time: 00:06:12 Walkthrough
    From the intro FMV you can see that this level will involve the greatly feared
    Hover Bot Death Troopers!, but in reality they are easy targets, and as long as 
    you get a shot in on them, they will be unable to shoot you, so in all cases of
    encountering these bots (hover bots in this guide) make sure you get the first
    From where you start, turn the camera in the direction Fry is facing, and you
    should see a hoverbot just standing there, waiting for it. Lock on and destroy
    it, before destroying the 2 more hoverbots that will come round the corner.
    Clear the laudrette of cash including the side room which has quite a bit of 
    cash in. Once clear, check that your health is on full and that you have 10 
    cash, then exit the laundrette through the door to the main street. As you take
    a few steps into the street, the camera will cut away to show 3 hoverbots 
    ambush you. As soon as you regain control, lock on to either bot and shoot at 
    it whilst strafing. Then repeat the procedure for the remaining 2. By doing 
    this, you will lose very little health, if any at all. Once clear, head to the 
    right of the street, from where you started, and clear the bins of cash and 
    other stuff. Then cross the street to the chinese restaurant, and enter it.
    As soon as you pass the first seating area on your left, a hoverbot will appear
    ahead on your left. Destroy it quickly, then clear the restaurant of cash, and
    the nibbler in the corner. When you leave, you should have 17 cash, and 1 
    As you exit the restaurant, 2 hover bots will appear, one either side of the
    police hovercar on the other side of the street. When they are destroyed, head
    over to the alley they came from, and clear the bins at the end to regain some
    ammo. As you exit the alley, a hover bot will appear further up the street on 
    the other side. Destroy it, and head to the alley on the near side of the 
    chinese. As you enter it, a hoverbot will suddenly appear from round the corner
    so be quick and make sure you get the first shot in. Then head round the corner
    collecting the cash, and take the last corner to re-enter the street. As you 
    do, 2 bots will appear on the other side of the street. One on ground level, 
    one on the first floor of the building, weilding a rocket launcher, a (rocket 
    bot). Take cover behing the red hover car, and take out the ground level bot
    first. Depending on your position behind the car, you can then get a clean, 
    free shot at the rocket bot, but if not, move away fom the car until you can.
    Now be prepared for a frantic bit of killing. As you coninue down the street,
    suddenly a load of hoverbots and one rocket bot will appear. There is no real
    tactic for this, so just make sure you destroy them quickly in particular the
    rocket bot, and don't forget to strafe like you've never strafed before. Well
    you know what I mean. Once all those are destroyed, run for he nearby Slurm
    machine to regain as much health as possible, as very soon, more hover bots 
    will appear (yay!) back down the street. However, these bots seem easier to 
    destroy especially if you keep strafing. After they're all destroyed, clear 
    the area of cash, and head all the way back up the street to the Slurm van that
    backed out a little when the last bots appeared. You should now have 21 cash.
    Using the truck, pull yourself up onto the ledge, and continue along it 
    collecting the cash on the way. At one point, the ledge will turn to the right
    and there will be a glass tube runing across the street infront and below you.
    Around the corner is a hoverbot, so be prepared to take it out. Once destroyed
    continue towards where the bot was, and enter the room on your right to collect
    some cash and a nibbler. You should now have 38 cash. Head out of the room, and
    jump on the glass tube to reach the room where the last bot was standing. 
    collect the cash, and then head back down the tube, jumping the gap, and 
    reaching the other side of the street. Once at the end, jump to the ledge on
    your left, and collect the cash, then turn and jump onto the ledge to the right
    of the tube, avoiding the steam as you go. Continue forward along the ledge, 
    and jump on to the balcony/ledge of the building to the left, collecting the
    cash and goodies. You shouild now have 53 cash. Head back along the ledge and
    turn down the ledge intersection that leads down the alley. Collect the nibbler
    and head back to the glass tube. Cross the tube, and jump on to the ledge on
    your left, just after the gap in the tube. Continue along the ledge and pull
    yourself up where needed. Just after you pull yourself up, the ledge will turn
    right, hugging the corner of the building. Around the corner is a rocket bot,
    so charge up first, and then turn the corner, lock on and blow it to pieces. 
    Drop off the ledge and collect averything on the platform, inluding the nibbler
    hidden behind the wooden boxes. You should now have 66 cash. Continue back on
    to the other part of the tube, and follow it round. Before you fall of the end,
    make sure you have 71 cash. Then jump off aiming for the black boxes. 
    As you fall to the ground, 2 or 3 hover bots will appear, with one rocket bot 
    waiting in the far corner. Destroy them all quickly stafing while you do and 
    making sure you avoid all rockets shot at you. If you want, you can run for 
    cover from the rockets if you stand directly next to the car that the rocket 
    bot appears to be hovering on. He can't shoot at you, but you can still get 
    him. Once all bots have been cleared, the big door at the end will open, and 
    an onslaught of hover bots will come out to get you. If you use the cover of 
    the car, and enter first person view, you stand a good chance of getting them 
    before they do any real damage. There are about 8 hoverbots to destroy, and 
    2 rocketbots standing in the corner of the room ahead. From where you are, 2
    charge up shots from the hand gun will take them out, and they probably won't
    take a shot at you. Once all bots ared destroyed, clear the room of cash and 
    boxes, and you should find the remaining cash and the last nibbler in the far
    corner. You should now have 5 nibblers full health, a decent amount of ammo, 
    and 75 cash. When done, enter the big orange/red machine.
    Well that level wasn't too bad. You may have died from the many hover bots,
    and perhaps from falling of the ledges, but the level is actually very short
    and shouldn't have been too much trouble.
    Futurama Quiz Answer 6:
    They met in a suicide booth in episode 1.
    4.3.7. Stage 1 - Level 7 - New New York
    Futurama Quiz Question 7:
     Level Details
    Cash Icons Found: 50/50
    Nibblers Found: 6/6
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Main Objectives: Reach pawn shop to recollect the backup engine.
    Best Time: 00:06:57 Chicken Walker Controls
    Left Analogue Stick: Aim
    X Button: Shoot Laser
    Square Button: Shoot Rocket (Rocket ammo is shown in top right corner) Walkthrough
    There's not much of a walkthrough to this level nor specific methods for 
    pointing out the nibblers and cash, but as a general rule, save your rockets
    for the enemy chicken walkers, and take out the rocket bots before the hover
    bots. Nibbler Locations:
    1. On the left about 10 seconds into level
    2. After you face the first Enemy Chicken Walker, you turn right, and it's on 
       your right.
    3. About 30 seconds after nuber 2, you make a left turn, and it's a little 
       further up on right of the street.
    4. 10 seconds after number 3, when the second Enemy Chicken appears, on the  
    5. 20 seconds after number 4, you've just made a right turn after the second
       chicken, and it's in the second alley on the left.
    6. After number 5, you enter the last area which is a big square with a 
       fountain in the middle. As you enter it, the chicken walker will turn 90 
       degrees to the right, and in the far corner ahead is the final nibbler.
    The only help you may have got from me here is the nibbler locations, so 
    hopefuly you will have done this level by yourself, and had very few 
    difficulties in doing so.
    5. Tips and Tricks
    Not done yet!
    6. FAQ
    No Questions yet!
    7. Contact Information
    Mail me at a_rouse84@hotmail.com, or post a topic at the GameFAQ Futurama forum

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