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"As Fun As Watching Paint Dry..."


Story? What story? There is no story behind this game, but then again there wasn't meant to be.


Very simple and straightforward controls at your disposal, you move around with the analog stick and fight with the X, Y, B, and A buttons. The back triggers provide blocking and the black button gives us a taunt. The problem I have with it is when you press the buttons in combat they sometimes do not respond and the hits do not connect. This can get highly annoying.


The gameplay is downright horrid, it is absolutely no fun to play. It gets extremely repetitive in minutes and the way you fight is ridiculous. It seems more like a kiddy fight than a bloody brawl, sure the program had things like this but they also punched and kicked the crap out of each other. There are really no punch or kick buttons like a regular fighting game. Rather objects are pulled from nowhere and used on your opponent. A grapple move can ensue as well, but they are not much to be excited about. It is bland and boring, you can also beat the game in no less then twenty minutes and unlock everything there is available! The Create-A-Celebrity mode is barely there, no depth in it what so ever and you can only pick between two fighting styles and not be able to select your own fatality. The only reason I gave this a two as a matter of fact are the fatalities, not many are gory as I expected but more comic and funny, I was letdown by this very much. It would have also been nice to include some death highlights from the show as a DVD bit, but there is nothing of the sort. You get some cool weapons tossed in, but if you don't get them quickly they dissipate into air. No match options to pick, only the same fights over and over with not many celebrities make this a drag.


The character models are smooth and crisp, very nicely done. The blood and explosion\fire effects look very well too. But sadly, everything else is so plain, the levels are not interactive and look very average and boring, nothing goes on.


The music is dreadful but the voices are done well and are this score's saving grace. Funny innuendo lines are provided abundantly which provides us some laughter.


After you beat the game in under twenty minutes or so, there is nothing else to this game. You shall have unlocked and seen everything there is to it. Only around six selectable arenas are given and a couple of celebrities await to fight when there should be myriads of them. I was highly disappointed with the replay value and the game in general.


At only twenty dollars and given the name and popularity of the title, many will probably notice this and pick it up. Which is a shame because what could have been an awesome title has been made into a disaster. Do not make the same mistake I did and fall for the name, thinking it will be some extravagant slaughter-a-thon, it won't. It is very disappointing and as fun as watching paint dry.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/29/03, Updated 11/26/07

Game Release: MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch (US, 10/14/03)

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