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"A simple but fun fighting game that does the show justice. It's main downside? It's too short."

Celebrity Deathmatch was probably the goriest show to ever appear on television. It was extremely popular, so it was only a matter of time before video games based on it were released. Gotham Games picked up the license to this controversial show, and released 4 different versions of it. They were on PS2, Xbox, PC, and Playstation. The first three are the same, while the Playstation version is extremely downgraded and is, well, crap. The superior versions, however, actually do justice to the show. In this review I'll be reviewing the Xbox version.

Story: N/A

Who knows why these multi-millionaire celebrities are beating the crap out of each other? Is it jealousy? Hatred? Bragging rights? More money? Who cares, it's funny!!!

Graphics: 7/10

CD's graphics aren't exactly clay-like, but they are high resolution 3-D. Everything in the game looks great; from the scenery, to the announcers, and of course, the celebrities. There is no slowdown whatsoever, but there is a bit of clipping occasionally. You know, when something just goes through another thing like it's not even there? That's clipping. It doesn't happen all the time, but you will see it a lot.

The blood and guts from the show are displayed excellently in this game. The more you beat up your opponent, the more they bruise and bleed. At the end of a good match, if you win, you get to see a close-up of your celebrity's face. Let me tell you right now, bub; It ain't pretty. There is going to be blood, bruises, and the such covering the celeb's face! Why, once after I won as Carmen Electra, an entire half of her face was ripped off! Dude, I could see her skeleton!!! Arms, legs, and heads get chopped and ripped off in this game, if you didn't know. It looks awesome, too! The blood will stay on the floor, and so will their body parts! This game is equally as bloody as the show, and the graphics really show it off.

Sound: 10/10

The sound in this game faithfully recreates the late but great T.V show. Sure, there is no music during the fights, but there wasn't any in the T.V show, either. You don't need any music, because Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez give you commentary throughout the fights! Gotham got the original voice actors from the show to provide the commentary in the game. They say tons of different things; and just like in the show, they're funny. These two are the main reason the sound gets a perfect score. Oh yeah, the guy who does the voice for Mills Lane also provides commentary before every fight! It's like playing an episode of the show!!!

None of the celebrities are voiced by their real-life counterparts, with the exception of Ron Jeremy. He's the only celebrity that has his real voice in the game! Everyone else has someone that personates their voice for the game. By doing this, I think all the other celebrities are crazy not to have their voices in the game! If I was a celebrity, and I was asked to be in this game, I would totally go to the recording studio and be a bigger part of it!!! But oh well. Now, the other celeb's voices still sound funny, and they have a lot to say, also. The game isn't completely music-less. The main theme from the show plays in the main menu. It's a great theme, by the way.

Gameplay: 7/10

This is the portion of the game that most people tend to bash. I can see why they may not like it, but give it a chance, people!!! The game features an original, but simple fighting engine. If you want to play a deep fighting game, then look elsewhere. But you have to understand that the game is supposed to be simple. Why, you ask? Well, you never saw celebrities in the show doing 6 hit combos, switching between punching and kicking, now did you? No, you merely saw standard punches and kicks. I think that is why Gotham Games made the fighting engine the way it is.

Each of the game's 25 characters can do various things to knock some sense into their opponent. Of course there are the standard punches and kicks, but that's just the beginning. With the simple press of the B button, you can do your character's special move. Once you get your opponent's heath down to about 25%, your character's special move changes into something much more violent. Above each character's life bar is an MTV logo. This is MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. Anyways, the more you beat up your opponent and the more you taunt them, this logo fills up. When it's completely filled, a simple press of the black button unleashes your character's super move. This dishes out a lot of damage, usually enough to where you can finish your opponent off. The coolest super move in the game is Cindy Margolis's. She puts on a hockey mask, a la Jason Voorhees, and then whips out a chainsaw!!! With that chainsaw, you can cut your opponent's arms and legs off! Oh, the pain!

There are six arenas to fight in; 3 unlocked at the start, and 3 more you have to unlock. These range from the standard Deathmatch arena you more than likely saw on the show, to the Steel Cage arena, to the Big Kahuna, to the Mummy's Tomb, to the Graveyard, and finally to a Spaceship. These six arenas add a lot of variety to the game. In the Deathmatch arena, you can climb on top of the turnbuckle and then jump on your opponent to lay down the smack! That's always fun to do. Occasionally, power-ups and weapons (yay!) will appear in the arena. The power-ups range from gaining health back, to getting faster, and to getting stronger. I would always suggest rushing to a power-up, whether you need it or not, just so your opponent can't get to it first. Some of the weapons in this game are just plain awesome (The axe, the chainsaw), while others completely suck. (The Tennis Ball Launcher, The Crate) If your opponent's health is low enough, then the axe and chainsaw will be able to dismember some limbs! Aw yeah, that's quality entertainment right there! Once you completely deplete your opponent's health, they will stand in one spot, dizzied. Mortal Kombat, anyone? Once this occurs, stand close to the dazed celebrity, and press B. This executes your character's finishing move. Now sit back and enjoy the helpless celebrity get brutally murdered. Lots of finishing moves are great, but others aren't too good. You're just going to have to experiment with all the characters to see which finishers you like/don't like.

The game has three main modes, which I will go into detail below.

-Episode Mode

This is the main mode of the game. You play through 6 episodes of the show. There are only 3 unlocked at the start; you must beat them to unlock the other 3. Each episode contains three preset battles of celebrities. By beating these episodes, you will unlock new characters and arenas! The downside to this awesome mode? It's not going to last very long. You will have it completed in 1 to 1 ½ hours. Once you beat it, that's it. You've unlocked everything in the game.


In this mode, you can either play against the computer or a friend. You select the character's that are going to fight, and you choose the arena they will be dueling in. This is a great way to check out all the character's super and finisher moves. It's really fun to play against a human opponent, too.


This is another mode that people tend to bash. What I have to tell you bashers is this; It's better to have it than not have it at all. You get to make your own celebrity in this mode! You name him/her, select the parts you want to add, and then give them some moves. There are only 4 sets of moves; 2 for the guys and 2 for the girls. I thought that was the weakest aspect of this mode. Still, I'm glad that it's here.

Play Time/Replayabilty: 5/10

This is the weakest aspect of the game. Once you beat all of Episode mode within 1 to 1 ½ hours, that's it. You've unlocked everything. It's fun to play Deathmatch for a while, but it's not going to suck you in, making you want to play it. Now, you have to understand, the game is very fun, it's just short. If it had more things to unlock, then the game would have gotten an 8.

Final Recommendation: Buy

This game goes for $10 brand new, and it is totally worth the price of admission. I mean, you can't go wrong with it. Sure, it's short, but it's sweet. Well, this was my biggest review ever. I hope that I informed you about this game, and I hope that you buy, play, and enjoy this game to it's fullest extent. Thanks for reading!!!

Final Score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/15/05

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