"After 4 years, still standing strong"

Boy was I surprised when I first played RCT when it was first released way back in 1999. Rarely had i ever played such an addicting game, one of those games that just doesn't let you go once you've started, and then to think that at first, before having played it, I didn't think much of it.
But.....that was 4 years ago, so is this still interesting stuff for someone who has played this game to death?


The game looks the same as the PC version, so anyone who has played that one knows what to expect. The thing is, these graphics were 1999 standard, but seeing the same unchanged ones 4 years later, after having played games such as Halo and UC, This seems a little cheap, also, why didn't they port RCT part 2 in stead of part 1? Seems a little illogical to me seeing as Part 2 has been out for some time already, it's just that....the Xbox can do much better then this. Although far from bad, this is DATED!

Graphics: 6/10


Well, I'm glad to say this still stands strong, and is just as addictive as it was 4 years ago.
For people who do not know what RCT is about: the whole idea behind the game is to build a huge themepark, crammed with not only coasters (although they are the most important rides ofcourse) but also tons of other rides such as haunted houses, slides, cinemas, freefalls, etc.
The Xbox version also comes with the 2 expansions originally released for the Pc version since it's release: corkscrew follies and added attractions. Overall this means a collection of close too 100 (!!!) different scenario's to try your hands on, ranging from building a park in a forest, to building one in a crater, on top of an iceberg, on 2 sides of a highway, and the list goes on and on.
Each scenario gives you objectives which you must complete, luckily these are not hard at all, and are mainly: get so many guest before the end of so year, get a rating of that, by the end of that, not to hard, but not something to forget about either, it's just perfect!
New attractions will become available after research from your science department, and you'd also better keep an eye on your staff, to make sure they're not goofing off.
By the way: you are only limited to building rollercoaster on groundlevel, you can even try your hand on a real challenge and try to build one underground, or far above the ground, seeing as you have full control over the landscape. The possibilities are sheer endless!
ps. for those who are not really looking forward to having to build a whole coaster by hand: there are also some ready made ones provided which you can place by the click of a button, but why do that right?

Gameplay: 10/10


Well, no improvement in the sounddepartment either. On the other hand, the music is fine, and the soundeffects are okay, so why change something that is already good?
You can set a few different kinds of music to all kinds of rides, spacy music, techno, waterstyle, and many more, and you can set these songs to any ride you like, the only exception to this are the caroussel and haunted house, of whom the music cannot be changed. (imagine a caroussel with techno playing in the background :)

Sound: 8/10


Still standing strong and equally addictive, people who have never played RCT before (shame on you) should buy this without hesitating, for those who have already played this to death: rent it first.

The good (things I liked most):

- Very addictive
- Possibilities are endless
- 100 Scenario's!
- AI of your guests is pretty extensive

The bad (things I didn't like but can be lived with):

- Music can get a little irritating after a while
- Doesn't let you import music from CD's

The ugly (things I really HATE in this game):

- There should have been a park editor or something that let's you create your very own scenario's
- Graphics stink, the Xbox can do much better then this!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/25/03, Updated 05/25/03

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