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"A great PC game now on Xbox"

I have always liked strategy games with a difference and Roller Coaster Tycoon for the PC was one of them. Now, after many years the game and it's expansion packs have been moved to Xbox, a good move?

Graphics: 7/10
There is nothing wrong with the graphics but nothing really right. They fit the game though, and that is what is important. As long as your not looking for real life simulation this really shouldn't matter.

Sound: 6/10
A major fault in the original and still present now. The sound effects of people screaming and the merry-go-round will really, really, annoy you. After a couple of scenarios you will be sick of it and probably mute it like I do. They really should have improved this.

Gameplay: 8/10
The game is slightly overwhelming at first. You will find yourself spiral into debt at your attempt to build a good coaster. Do not, I repeat do not, use already made rides unless you really have to. It will take away most of the fun of the game. Once you get into the game and learn how to handle your money you can start to learn how to make your guests happy. There are many scenarios to test your skills and as you progress more and more difficult situations will be presented to stop you in your tracks. This game is simple yet addictive. There are a few problems though. The game can seem extremely slow sometimes, the years seem to take way to long and you sit, left with no money, just repaying loans. This can add much frustration when you fail a scenario and find you cannot do it unless you start over. Please restrain from torturing the disc when this happens, just play again and calm down.

Long Term: 7/10
Although there are tons and tons of scenarios to do, you are likely to get bored if you leave the game for a while. You'll find that your so addicted but when you go on a week holiday and come back, you find it boring. And it's not easy going straight back into. It takes time.

Overall: 7/10
+ Very addictive
+ The original and expansion all in one
+ Plenty to do, if you've got the time
- Hard to get into and back into
- Can feel very slow
- Works better on PC

Purely addictive and a great game in it's own right but feels strange on a console. If you cannot afford it for the PC then buy it for the Xbox.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/13/04

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