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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DTran

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          "Begun, the Clone War has."
                                                    - Jedi Master Yoda
                   Star Wars: The Clone Wars FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 By: Legomondo
                     Version: 1.00 (Last Updated: 01/11/03)
                         Game System: Nintendo GameCube
      1.  Version
      2.  Introduction
      3.  Basics
      4.  Walkthrough
      5.  Offensive Units
      6.  Codes & Secrets
      7.  Powerups
      8.  Multiplayer
      9.  Legal Information
      10. Thanks
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    01/11/03 - Haven't updated this in a while, exactly a month.  Added a 
      new code that was posted on the GameFAQs message board.
    12/11/02 - 0.90: Added/redid the Codes & Secrets Section.
    12/04/02 - 0.87: Added an introduction to the walkthrough.
    12/02/02 - 0.85: Redid the Basics section, sort of.  I hope this update 
      will fill in the half-filled circle.
    11/25/02 - 0.82: Everything is virtually finished.
    11/23/02 - 0.80: Walkthrough is now complete.
    11/19/02 - 0.70: Walkthrough now covers to Mission 11.
    11/16/02 - 0.60: Everything completed, except the walkthrough only 
      covers to Mission 6.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Introduction]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Hiya folks.  Welcome to my Star Wars: The Clone Wars FAQ/Walkthrough 
    for the Nintendo GameCube.  I'm a Star Wars fan, although I really 
    don't know much about the universe and any characters that weren't in 
    the movies, but a Star Wars fan nevertheless.  I guess you could call 
    this game a sequel to Rogue Leader, although it's more like Battle for 
    Naboo.  Anyways...
    If you have any questions that you want to email me, you can do so at: 
    Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.  If you're wondering why I spelt out 
    the @ and ., it's because I get a lot of spam mail due to my guides, 
    which I'm guessing is due to lots of spam bots.  So, instead of 
    depriving you all a way to contact me, this will [hopefully] stop a new 
    wave.  Oh, and by the way, when you're emailing me, include the title 
    of the game in the subject.
                                               - Legomondo
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Basics]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    We'll start with the game basics, which really means the controls for 
    the game.  You don't really need me to cover the game menus, as it 
    would be a waste of my time.
    Control Stick - Thrust/Steer: Controls vehicle movement and turning.  
                                  The control is pressure-sensitive so the 
                                  farther you push the control, the faster 
                                  you move.
    + Control Pad - Squad Commands: Each direction on the + Control Pad 
                                    will issue a different command to the 
                                    player's squad.
    A Button - Primary Fire: Press to fire your primary weapon.  Primary 
                             weapons will differ when you're controlling 
                             different objects.
    B Button - Secondary Fire: Press to fire secondary weapon.  Like the 
                               Primary Weapon, they will differ with the 
                               different crafts you control.
    Y Button - Special Ability: These abilities vary for different 
                                vehicles, but they provide an extra feature 
                                for them.
    X Button - Camera Viewpoint: Switch the camera between first and third 
                                 person perspectives.
    Z Button - Zoom: Hold button to remain in zoom view.  I find this 
                     feature nifty, as you can accurately target enemies in 
                     the distance, without the fear of them firing back.  
                     Just watch out for other enemies nearby.
    Shoulder Buttons - Strafe: The Tank, Speeder, STAP, Maru, Jedi and AAT 
                               will strafe when this button is pressed.
                       Turn: This button will turn the head of the AT-XT.
                       Speed: These buttons will either slow, or speed up 
                              the Gunship.
    C Stick - Camera Control: Rotates camera around player vehicle.
    Start/Pause - Menus: Use the Control Stick/Control Pad to move up and  
                         down and scroll menus.  Press the A Button to 
                         select a menu option.  Press the B Button to 
                         return to a previous menu.
                                   Game Play
    The main thing about the gameplay is the features that appear on the 
    Radar: This is an important feature.  With this, you can see both enemy 
    and friendly units on the radar, allowing you to track them down.  
    Enemy units appear in red, while friendly units appear in green.  Dots 
    that have a pulsating circle around them are mission critical.  To head 
    toward a dot, make sure that the target is at 12:00 North, and go 
    forward.  You should reach it.
    Health: In the lower-left hand corner of the screen, a model of your 
    craft will appear, with a light blue halo around it.  The light blue 
    halo around the model represents your shields.  When your shields are 
    depleted, R2 will chirp, and any damage you take afterwards will deal 
    damage to your hull.  As you gain more damage, your craft will slowly 
    turn red.  Pick up a health pack to gain back your health.  If you're 
    running low on shields, wait awhile so they can replenish.
    Weapon Statistics: Also in the lower-left hand corner, will be your 
    secondary weapon display.  A counter will tell you how much of the 
    weapon you have left.  A bar to the left of that will show your Special 
    Ability.  When you use your Special, the bar will decrease.  Wait for 
    it to fully replenish before you use it again.
                           Strafe - Your Best Friend
    Once you get to the higher difficulty levels, you're going to find that 
    battles get a little more hectic, due to the fact that there are more 
    enemy units around that are trying to destroy you.  Most attacks can be 
    avoided by strafing (ones that are equipped).  Simple doing so will 
    allow you to dodge incoming laser fire and circle around targets that 
    move slow (like an AAT) and destroy them before they can dish out 
    However, not all situations are like this.  If you're afraid of taking 
    it out from up close, or you're low on health, then this technique is 
    for you.  Zoom in with the Z Button and your screen should switch to 
    first person.  If you're observant, you'll see that you have some sort 
    of rear-view mirror, but it's really not helpful.  To the left is a 
    blue bar which represents your shields.  The green bar represents your 
    life, and the bars on the bottom represent your special.  A secondary 
    weapons display is also included.  The main function of this is to 
    accurate pinpoint the enemy in the distance that you could not 
    previously do so in your normal state.  Fire off your laser shots [no 
    matter how inaccurate they may be] or your secondaries.
    Finally, you're going to be in a situation that requires more skill 
    that strafing.  Missiles.  Plain and simple, they track you and can 
    cause significant damage.  Hailfire missiles are relatively easy to 
    dodge.  Strafe, and they go past you.  However, a Protodeka's is 
    different situation.  They follow you whereever you go, and strafing 
    will get you nowhere - only damage in the side.  The best thing to do 
    is to shoot their missiles down.  No, there's not a huge explosion in 
    the sky.  If you notice, you can actually shoot your own missiles down 
    and they vanish into thin air.
    If that doesn't work, the spinning around in circles does the trick.  
    Go around in a tight circle and the missiles will hit the ground, 
    hopefully, not on you.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4. Walkthrough]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Here are the mission walkthroughs for this game.  I'm thinking about 
    adding maps, simple ones, so you can find exactly where each target is 
    and where to complete them.
                        A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
                        far away....
                                   Star Wars
                                 The Clone Wars
                           The  galaxy stands on  the
                           brink  of  war.  Thousands
                           of   star  systems   under
                           the  leadership  of  Count
                           Dooku,    have     seceded
                           from   the   Republic  and
                           formed   the   Confederacy
                           of Independent Systems.
                           The  separatist   movement
                           has  made  it   impossible
                           for  the  Jedi  Knights to
                           maintain  peace and  order
                           in the Galaxy. In response
                           to  the growing  conflict,
                           the  Galactic  Senate  has
                           commissioned    a    Clone
                           Army to aid the Jedi.
                           On  the  planet  Geonosis,
                           Obi-Wan   Kenobi,   Anakin
                           Skywalker,    and    Padmé
                           Amidala      have     been
                           captured   by   Dooku  and
                           sentenced  to  death.  The
                           Jedi  Council   has   made
                           plan for a rescue attempt.
                           Master   Mace   Windu  has
                           enlisted a legion of  Jedi
                           to  assist   him,  and  is
                           en route to Geonosis....
    Mission 1: The Rescue Begins
    [1] Destroy the First Anti-Orbital Cannon
    [2] Destroy the Second Anti-Orbital Cannon
    [3] Follow Luminara to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
    [4] Destroy the Power Supply to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
    [A] Complete mission in under 9:00
    [B] Recover three missing R5 Units
    [C] Destroy at least 100 enemies
    [1] Destroy the First Anti-Orbital Cannon
    This ones relatively simple.  Just follow Luminara to the cannon, while 
    taking out any GATs that you may encounter.  Your targets are the six 
    containers around the cannon.  When you attack, Luminara will warn you 
    of enemy units converging on your posistion.  You can let Luminara take 
    them out, but if you're constantly peppered, or annoyed, you can do it 
    yourself.  Try to take the Cannon out as soon as possible, as the 
    enemies never end, until you do.
    [2] Destroy the Second Anti-Orbital Cannon
    After destruction of the first Anti-Orbital Cannon, help Luminara 
    eliminate any stragglers, and follow her past the Turrets.  Destroy 
    them, and restock on weaponry and health if you need be.  Follow her 
    and destroy any opposition that comes your way.  She will eventually 
    lead you to some sort of "compound" where you must fight your way up to 
    the top.  Proceed to do so, and take out the Turrets, as well as the 
    GATs blocking your way up.  Before you can reach the second Cannon, you 
    must first eliminate the Dwarf Spider Droids in your way.  The 
    resulting explosion will blow up the bridge, but boost over it.  There, 
    you will rejoin with Luminara, and finish the second cannon.
    [3] Follow Luminara to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
    Follow Luminara, and take out the GATs as well as the Hailfire droids 
    that she warns you about.  Pick up the ammunition when you see it.  
    Once you reach a valley, and destroy all of the enemies, Luminara will 
    lead you to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon.
    [4] Destroy the Power Supply to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
    You're on foot as Mace, and you're thrust right in the middle of the 
    alarm.  Take out the droids in front of you with a Throw, and proceed 
    around the corner.  You might want to take out the Geonosians with a 
    Push, since they're all massed up, and continue along.  Furthur on the 
    way, you'll come across Dwarf Spider Droids.  Luminara will tell you of 
    their explosive capability, so Push or Throw them into oblivion.  You 
    reach a clearing with three Dwarf Spider Droids, so take them out when 
    a wave of Geonosians are near them.  They'll keep on coming, so you'll 
    want to destroy the six generators near the back as quickly as 
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Complete mission in under 9:00
    This ones pretty simple.  Get a feel for the level, and use your 
    Concussion missiles alot throughout this entire level.  Pick up any 
    powerups that will aid to your goal, and try to take enemies out in 
    groups.  It might take a couple of tries, but you'll get there.
    [B] Recover three missing R5 Units
    You can find the first one, right before you enter the enemy compound.  
    Hug the right wall, and you'll go up the side of the cliff, where 
    you'll find the Unit.  Drop back down and rejoin the fight with 
    The second can be found in the valley right before the cutscene where 
    you get out of your Fighter Tank and destroy the Third Anti-Orbital 
    Cannon on foot.  Forward as North, go West, then hug the wall, until a 
    green dot appears on your radar.  Head toward that green dot to find 
    the Unit.
    Finally, the third can be found as you're playing as Mace.  In the 
    clearing with the three Dwarf Spider Droids, an R5 unit will go around.  
    If you're too early, he won't show, so stick around for a while.
    [C] Destroy at least 100 enemies
    Relatively simple.  Wait for the Geonosians to come to you, then take 
    them all out at once.  Once you've finished the objective, continue on 
    with your mission.
    Mission 2: Infiltration of the Arena
    [1] Destroy all Opposition at the Enemy Landing Pad
    [2] Defend the Landing Pad
    [3] Escort the Convoy to the Arena
    [4] Clear the Separatist Outpost
    [A] All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive
    [B] Destroy All Enemy Turrets
    [C] Find the Hidden Weapons Cache
    [1] Destroy all Opposition at the Enemy Landing Pad
    Another simple task.  Follow Luminara and help her blast the Turrets 
    along the way to the Landing Pad.  You'll encounter light resistance of 
    STAPs, and some GATs, but nothing should be too much of a problem.  Use 
    missiles if you want, just get to the Landing Pad.
    [2] Defend the Landing Pad
    You must defend the landing pad from GATs, and Hailfires while three 
    Convoys are being air dropped in.  The Convoy themselves have a light 
    laser cannon on them, and will offer some defense, but use your 
    missiles and lasers to quickly take out the incoming enemies.  Your 
    main priorities are the Hailfires that come at you.
    [3] Escort the Convoy to the Arena
    Your first real protection mission, you need to protect the convoys 
    carrying the Jedi at all costs.  The convoys will head down a slope 
    into a canyon where turrets litter the walls.  While they don't really 
    pack a punch themselves, there's enough of them to do some decent 
    damage.  Take them out, and any Hailfires or GATs that should cross 
    your path.  Stay ahead of the convoy, until Luminara tells you that 
    they're drawing heavy fire.  This means that enemy units have snuck 
    behind the convoy.  Destroy them quickly.  
    Pretty soon, you'll come to a roadblock of Homing Spider Droids.  
    You'll want to use the nearby Super Laser upgrade to pound them into 
    oblivion, and reduce the amount of damage that the convoy takes.  The 
    convoy will continue ahead once the coast is clear.  Take out the 
    converging GATs, and anymore Turrets that remain.  As the convoys round 
    the corner, check behind them, and zoom through the distance to see 
    four GATs coming toward you.  Shoot them before they get the chance to 
    fire back.
    [4] Clear the Separatist Outpost
    Enemy opposition will be GATs and Hailfires, along with Homing Spider 
    Droids.  GATs will continually poor out of two tunnels in the walls.  
    Quickly destroy the outer defenses, and then focus on the units.  
    Quickly blast the tunnels with missiles to put an end to the 
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive
    Another simple bonus objective, once you get pretty good with this 
    level, just blast all enemies before they really come near the convoy.  
    The convoy themselves can take a lot of punishment, so this one 
    shouldn't be too big of a problem.
    [B] Destroy All Enemy Turrets
    Destroy all Turrets that you see in this level.  However, there is one 
    that's far off from your main path, which is probably the reason why 
    you don't accomplish this goal if you've been trying.  From the landing 
    pad, face the main path the convoys will take, and turn about 90 
    degrees left.  Head forward, and you should find the last Turret.
    [C] Find the Hidden Weapons Cache
    To find the hidden Weapons Cache, proceed the mission like normal, and 
    escort the convoy until they come to a stop outside the Separatist 
    outpost.  Check the radar and see if you can find the hidden passage.  
    The passage is a dark path on the right canyon wall near the outside of 
    the Separatist Outpost.  Proceed in there to pick up a Health Pack, 
    along with an Ammunition powerup.
    Mission 3: The Battle of Geonosis
    [1] Fight Your Way to the Gunship
    [2] Destroy All the Techno Union Ships
    [3] Defend the Mobile Assault Cannons
    [4] Defeat the Dark Acolytes
    [A] Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets
    [B] All Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive
    [C] Complete the Mission in Under 10:00
    [1] Fight Your Way to the Gunship
    You're on foot as Mace Windu again, and you're in the middle of the 
    Clone battle in the end of Episode II.  Battle your way through the 
    droids as quickly as possible, without taking too much damage.  You've 
    got Clone Troopers on foot as a little backup, but they're moderately 
    inaccurate, so don't count on them.  Watch where you swing your 
    lightsaber too, as you might kill one of the Troopers.  You're running 
    out of time if a Trooper tells you that the Techno Union Ships are 
    [2] Destroy All the Techno Union Ships
    Once you're in a Gunship, destroying the Techno Union Ship will be a 
    blast, literally.  Fire a volley of Concussion Missiles, along with the 
    pinpoint lasers, paired along with your regular lasers, and they should 
    go down in no time.  Destroy all of them, and you will be pointed out 
    to two more different valleys, each with more Techno Union Ships.  Take 
    them all out.
    [3] Defend the Mobile Assault Cannons
    Once you land and you're in the Republic Fighter Tank, you'll need to 
    defend the MACs from AATs, GATs, and Hailfire Droids.  Take out the 
    AATs quickly, as they prove to be the worst of the three.  Then, focus 
    on any other unit, including the Spider Droids in the area.  Use your 
    missiles, and wait for them to finish their job of taking down the Core  
    Ships.  If you notice, a continual supply of Hailfires will come from a 
    wall, which you can't destroy.  AT-TEs will also help you take care of 
    enemies, as long as they're still alive.
    You move on to the next area, where you must follow the same procedure 
    and defend the MACs from destruction.  This isn't too hard, as they've 
    got heavy armor.  Once done, you're led off to the third and final 
    area, where the last Core Ship stands, er, floats that is.  Pick up the 
    Super Laser powerup, and take out the Spider Droids.  Then, focus on 
    the armor, and turrets nearby.
    [4] Defeat the Dark Acolytes
    You're almost done, but before you can finish the mission, you're 
    stopped by three mysterious vehicles.  The Dark Acolytes here have 
    extremely tough armor, and rapid firing laser cannons, so you'll want 
    to pick up the Super Laser upgrade, and use it against them.  Pair that 
    up with your Concussion Missiles, and they should go down, though not 
    as fast as you would hope.  Once your super lasers expire, strafe left 
    and right, and pick up Health Packs, along with Ammunition when you see 
    fit.  Finish them off quickly, and you're done.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets
    When you're in the Republic Gunship, you'll notice the turrets trying 
    to shoot you down.  You could bypass all of them, but since you're 
    going for the bonus, take them out.  The simplest way is to tap the 
    Special Ability Button, and hopefully, they'll target the turrets.  One 
    second of the button will toast them.  Don't forget the ones of the 
    floor too.  Take them all out.
    [B] All Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive
    This is pretty simple.  If you want to reduce the amount of fire the 
    MACs take immediately, take them out when you're in the Gunship.  Use 
    whatever, and take the majority out before you land and begin to defend 
    them.  An AT-TE will be dropped down in the first area, and will help 
    take care of enemy reinforcements.  Use your missiles on heavily 
    armored enemies, and lasers for regular ones.
    [C] Complete the Mission in Under 10 Minutes
    You'll need to get a feel for this level, and do things extremely fast.  
    Well, not that fast, but you'll want to do this bonus on a separate 
    run.  Speed through, and take out the Techno Union Ships with one pass.  
    Keep on doing so, and make sure that you take out any opposition in 
    your way.  With practice, you'll get this done, if not the first time.
                                    Rhen Var
    Mission 4: The Evacuation of Rhen Var
    [1] Get to the Republic Outpost
    [2] Destroy All Ground-Based Enemies Near the Outpost
    [3] Drop off the Republic Troops
    [4] Defend the Republic Convoy
    [5] Get to the Jedi Sanctuary
    [6] Destroy All Enemies near the Jedi Sanctuary
    [7] Drop off the Jedi
    [8] Defend the 3 Transports Until the Evacuation
    [A] Rescue the Troops in Under 90 Seconds
    [B] All Convoy Transports Survive
    [C] Destroy at Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports
    [1] Get to the Republic Outpost
    Simple.  Just fly in the direction of the arrow, and you will soon 
    arrive at the Outpost.  Destroy any enemies along the way if you want.
    [2] Destroy All Ground-Based Enemies Near the Outpost
    Use your Special, as it will recharge during the cutscene when you 
    rescue them.  If you run out, start to use your Missiles, coupled with 
    your lasers.  It shouldn't take long for everything to be destroyed.
    [3] Drop off the Republic Troops
    Speed back toward the start of the mission and you will automatically 
    drop off the troops.  If you see any enemy transports, destroy them 
    now, along with any other ground troops along your path, but don't 
    stray off it.
    [4] Defend the Republic Convoy
    When you reach the Republic Convoy, use your lasers to take out the 
    GATs attacking from the behind.  Shoot the enemy transports down to 
    make your life easier.  Mortar Tanks, and AATs will also attack them, 
    so take them out with your missiles.  Ignore the Droid Starfighters, 
    and continue along the path.  When you're out of the valley, another 
    wave of GATs will come.  Follow the same procedure and turn them into 
    mince meat.  Destroy any Transports that fly around to reduce the 
    amount of enemy units.  Keep on defending them until Obi-Wan tells you 
    they have safely made it.
    [5] Get to the Jedi Sanctuary
    Follow the arrow to the Jedi Sanctuary.  There, you will need to 
    destroy the enemies around it.
    [6] Destroy All Enemies near the Jedi Sanctuary
    Use your lasers again, and turn them into dust.  Pretty simply, if you 
    ask me.
    [7] Drop off the Jedi
    You know what to do, head towards the landing pad.
    [8] Defend the 3 Transports Until the Evacuation
    This ones a bit tricky.  First, take out any incoming enemy Transports, 
    and then use your lasers on the Attacking AATs.  If you see any 
    clustered together, use your Concussion Missiles to inflict multiple 
    damage.  The main thing here is to take out the Enemy Transports before 
    they drop their payload.  Then, mop up the remaining units that are 
    attacking the base.  If they destroy it, your mission is a failure.  
    Just prolong it, so the transports can escape.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Rescue the Troops in Under 90 Seconds
    It's all about speed.  Hold down the R Button, and go full speed.  Use 
    your lasers on the enemies to ensure they are no longer a threat.  
    Then, speed back.
    [B] All Convoy Transports Survive
    The main thing here is to ensure that the enemy Transports don't land.  
    Take out any attacking units, and the AATs.  This one's simple too.
    [C] Destroy at Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports
    If you've been doing what the FAQ says, you'll already have this down.  
    Just destroy the ones while you're defending the convoy and the base, 
    and you'll successfully complete this one.
                                  Raxus Prime
    Mission 5: Scrap Yard Pursuit
    [1] Prevent STAPs from Returning to Headquarters
    [A] Take Both Shortcuts
    [B] Destroy all STAPs in less than 2:20
    [C] Complete Mission with 100 Percent Hull Strength
    [1] Prevent STAPs from Returning to Headquarters
    This is the only time you'll be using a Speeder Bike.  You'll want to 
    fire you lasers as soon as you start the mission to take care of the 
    STAP in front of you.  Once you do so, the chase is on.  Use your 
    Special and boost up to catch up with the STAPs.  There are five 
    destroy [four now], and you must do it fast.  You'll get periodic 
    notices about how far the STAPs are away from the base every 1000 
    meters.  Just destroy all five to complete this mission.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Take Both Shortcuts
    This ones hard to do, if you can't find them.  The first one is out in 
    the open, with a Health Pack at the entrance.  You'll find it within 
    the first 30 seconds of the mission.  
    The second is way off in the distance, and so close to the end, that 
    you'll probably have destroyed all the STAPs by then.  Proceed until 
    you see a ramp leading to an Invincibility Powerup.  Take it, and 
    continue until you reach what looks like lots of brown huts.  Take the 
    main path, and to the left, you should see another Health Pack.  Snag 
    it, and go up the ramp to finish the objective.  It helps to have all
    but one STAP destroyed.
    [B] Destroy all STAPs in less than 2:20
    You might want to do this on a separate run.  Just take them all out 
    within the time limit.
    [C] Complete Mission with 100 Percent Hull Strength
    If you're crashing a lot, this is going to be hard.  However, you have 
    two chances to redeem yourself if you're ever hit.  Just grab a Health 
    Pack and make sure you don't get hit again to complete the bonus.
    Mission 6: Ambush Among the Wreckage
    [1] Get to the Ambush Point
    [2] Ambush the Enemy Convoy
    [3] Destroy the Two Remaining Convoys
    [A] Find and Destroy Three Communication Outposts
    [B] Destroy all Convoys within 6 Minutes
    [C] All Squadmates Must Survive
                 ____________| |___/ /   
                 __   _______        \   
                 [A] |       |       |               _____/ /
                   | |       |  __   /              / ____  | 
                   \ \       / /  \_/              / /    \ \
                    \ \_    / /                   /  \     \ \
                   _/   \__/ /                    |   |    | |
                   __________ \______             |   |    | |
                             \______ \_ ___       / _/     | |
                                    \  |[A]|     / /       | |-[3]
             ____             _____  |  ___|    / / _      | |
            |    \___________|     |_| |_______/ /_/ \     | |
            |[A]  ___________       _   _______[2]_[1]|    | |
            |____/           |_____| | |       \ \ \_/     | | 
             Start                   | |        \ \_       | |
                                 [3]-| |        |   |      | |
                                     \ \        |   |      | |
      Key:                            \ \       /  _/      | |
      [1]=Primary Objective            \ \_____/ _/        | |
      [A]=Secondary Objective           \  _____/         / /
                                        /  \             / /
                                       / /\ \___________/ /
                                      / /  \_____________/
    [1] Get to the Ambush Point
    Just travel straight, while taking out the Turrets, and you should make 
    it.  If you're looking for the bonuses, you might be short of time, and 
    watch out for the Trash Compacters.  If you get stuck while they're 
    beaming trash up, you'll take massive damage.  Boost yourself outta 
    [2] Ambush the Enemy Convoy
    You'll want to wait until Anakin says to ambush them, or else, the 
    Separatists will drop in reinforcements.  Once you have the signal, pop 
    out and let loose with your Concussion Missiles and lasers.  You should 
    have mostly everything destroyed by the time your last Concussion 
    Missile is gone.  When you've destroyed the convoy, Anakin will tell 
    you that the other is splitting up.
    [3] Destroy the Two Remaining Convoys
    Turn around until you see the word "Convoy" into the distance.  Than, 
    head to that spot.  It's best if you restock with one of the many 
    powerup areas in this level.  Then, let loose with more missiles and 
    lasers.  It also helps to have your squadmates set to 'Attack'.
    Do the same for the third convoy, and the mission will end.  Just be 
    warned however, that you will always continually be tracked by two 
    Hailfires during this mission, no matter how many you destroy.
    Bonus Objectives: 
    [A] Find and Destroy Three Communication Outposts
    I knew this would be hard to describe in words, so I took the hassle 
    out and gave you a simple map.  Hope it helps, and as you can tell, I 
    didn't include every single route.  Only the ones that you'll need to 
    travel upon.
    [B] Destroy all Convoys within 6 Minutes
    You'll need to get used to this mission, and make sure to destroy the 
    Convoy fast.  Don't complete the first bonus objective, or you're sure 
    to fail this one.
    [C] All Squadmates Must Survive
    This ones simple.  Your squadmates can take a lot of punishment, and 
    they're not usually the ones to be targeted.
    Mission 7: The Conquest of Raxus Prime
    [1] Escort AT-TEs to the Separatist Base
    [2] Clear the Separatist Base of All Enemy Units
    [3] Destroy the Exavator Crane's 2 Fuel Bays
    [4] Destroy the Generator and Bring in Reinforcements
    [5] Destroy the Protodeka
    [A] All Republic Units Reach Separatist Base
    [B] Destroy Crane Before Shield Generator
    [C] Complete Mission is Less than 12 Minutes
    [1] Escort AT-TEs to the Separatist Base
    When you first start the mission, your friendly units will be attacked 
    from both sides by GATs.  They can handle them, but it's best to take 
    them out to minimize the amount of damage to take, and to save their 
    health for the future battle.
    They'll clear out chunks of debris before them and reveal enemy Turrets 
    guarding the wall.  Clear out the debris, and then focus on the 
    Turrets.  Up ahead, more GATs will come and you'll be able to see some 
    Homing Spider Droids and AATs in the distance.  Focus your fire on the 
    GATs, because believe it or not, they'll be the main cause of the 
    destruction of your Allies.  If you've got the time, help your friends 
    take out the Spider Droids and the AATs, mainly on the AATs.
    While continuing on this valley, Mortar Tanks will descend from the 
    sides and they'll bust up the AT-TEs and the AT-XTs real good if you 
    don't get rid of them quick.  After that, more GATs will show up.  
    There's still more to go.  Six waves of three Hailfire droids will show 
    up from the left and right and from the behind.  Your units can take 
    care of the side ones, and you can leave your squadmates on 'Defend' to 
    help ensure their destruction.  Finish the remaining enemy units, and 
    then take care of the Turrets in front of the wall.
    [2] Clear the Separatist Base of All Enemy Units
    You're all alone on this part, so you'll need to strafe a lot.  Not to 
    worry though, as there are plenty of powerups inside.  The main thing 
    here is to reduce the amount of enemy units and firepower that surround 
    you.  Take out any nearby GATs, and then proceed ahead.  Don't worry 
    about conserving your secondary, let them loose on the more heavily 
    armored units near the end.  Make it past and destroy the Spider Droids 
    and AATs littered around the complex.  Once you eliminate every unit, 
    the rest of the task force will arrive.
    [3] Destroy the Exavator Crane's 2 Fuel Bays
    You should destroy the two Fuel Bays, but you'll want to take care of 
    the enemy units first.  Head to the right, and use your missiles on the 
    Spider Droids and AATs.  It helps to put your squadmates on 'Attack' to 
    help take them down faster.  Pick up any powerups that will help you 
    including the Super Lasers, but try to reduce the amount of Ammunition 
    powerups you pick up.  Do the same for Health Packs, because you'll 
    need to save them for the future battle.  Once any and all enemy units 
    are taken out, attack the two Fuel Bays.
    [4] Destroy the Generator and Bring in Reinforcements
    The Generator is in the very back.  Use your lasers for it, and save 
    your powerups.  Once it's down, the force field will be down, and your 
    allies will come in.
    [5] Destroy the Protodeka
    Foolish Anakin will run off after Dooku, and Obi-Wan thinks it's too 
    easy.  He's right of course, as a giant ship massacres your task force, 
    leaving you all alone.
    The main strategy here is... there is none!  It's all about brute 
    force, and I hope you've saved the powerups for this fight.  The 
    Protodeka will attack with rapid firing laser cannons which are easy to 
    avoid, and some seeking missiles.  He'll let off a HUGE volley of them, 
    which will most likely deplete your shields and take a huge chunk of 
    your health away.  Run to a Health Pack, and use it to replenish your 
    health.  Let loose with lasers and Concussion missiles.  Just be sure 
    not to go near it, or you'll be dead real quick.  Pick up the Super 
    Lasers to aid your cause.  Also, you can take cover behind the 
    Excavator Crane, which will absorb a lot of damage before exploding.  
    The key here is to take this down fast.  The longer the battle remains, 
    the less of a chance you stand.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] All Republic Units Reach Separatist Base
    This objective is more of being quick then being cautious.  Your 
    priorities should be the Mortar Tanks, then the Hailfires and AATs.  
    The others are just small fries and you can leave your squadmates to 
    take care of them.  Unleash your missiles on anything you need to take 
    out fast, and then restock in the Separatist base.  If all goes well, 
    everything should survive, even if they're badly damaged.
    [B] Destroy Crane Before Shield Generator
    Simple.  Shoot the two Fuel Bays before the Generator.  You really 
    don't need the help from the units behind the field.  Your squadmates 
    are more than enough.
    [C] Complete Mission is Less than 12 Minutes
    I suggest doing this in a separate run.  Blaze through the Separatist 
    base, and unleash everything you have.  To make it go even faster, 
    leave your squadmates with the task force, and blaze ahead to take care 
    of any distant units.  It really won't make it that fast, but it'll 
    make it a little less hectic.
                                 Kashyyyk Moon
    Mission 8: Anakin's Escape
    [1] Escape From Your Cell
    [2] Get Your Lighsaber From the Command Droid
    [3] Get to an Empty STAP
    [4] Escape Into the Forest with Bera
    [A] Free the Prisoners
    [B] Trigger the Wookiee Alarm
    [C] Escape the Harvester in Under 2:35
    [1] Escape From Your Cell
    You've only got a minute to get on the STAP, so use a Force Push on 
    your door.  It should blow up, and you're off to face the Battle 
    [2] Get Your Lighsaber From the Command Droid
    While the droids are firing upon your defenseless body, you'll see one 
    particular one with the title: "Command Droid" on top.  Use another 
    Push on him, and run over to pick up your lightsaber.
    [3] Get to an Empty STAP
    You'll need to fight your way past Dwarf Spider Droids and Battle 
    Droids.  You can push your way through most of them, but for the Spider 
    Droids, a Throw may be better.  Fight your way to the STAPs, or become 
    victim to the Harvester.
    [4] Escape Into the Forest with Bera
    Once you're on your STAP, the main part of the mission begins.  You're 
    going to have to avoid trees on your escape from the Harvester.  Along 
    the way, you'll have to avoid obstacles, and enemy Turret fire which 
    can take big chunks of your health.  Enemy STAPs will also head 
    straight for you on a kamikaze attack and you WILL explode if you run 
    into them.  However, there are One-Fourth Health Packs along the way.
    You're almost done when Bera says for you to follow her.  There's a 
    tempting Health Pack before you cross the bridge, but I don't suggest 
    you get it because you could miss the bridge and land on the side of 
    the cliff.  Aim for the space between two little poles.  After you 
    cross the Wookiee village, you'll stop safely out of the range of the 
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Free the Prisoners
    Besides freeing yourself, you'll need to free the Wookiees captive in 
    the other cells.  You'll need to free the Wookies from thre cells to 
    succesfully complete this mission.  The first two are right infront of 
    you when you free yourself.  The last one is right before the STAPs, 
    next to a Dwarf Spider Droid.  Once you set them free, head for the 
    [B] Trigger the Wookiee Alarm
    Right before you have to trigger the alarm, you'll see a little sign 
    above it.  If you choose to fire, your guns will automatically aim at 
    it, and it will be accomplished.
    [C] Escape the Harvester in Under 2:35
    You might want to do this on a separate run from the first Bonus 
    Objective, and especially if you crash a lot.  You're going to want to 
    avoid trees at all costs, and use your boost on the straitaways.  May 
    the Force be with you on this one.
    Mission 9: New Alliances
    [1] Follow Bera to the Communications Outpost
    [2] Destroy All Enemy Units at Secondary Outpost
    [3] Use the AAT to Enter the Communications Outpost
    [4] Get to the Communications Center
    [5] Get Back to the AAT
    [6] Escape From the Outpost
    [7] Destroy the Power Generators
    [8] Escape Into the Forest
    [A] Recover 3 Missing R5 Units
    [B] Destroy All Enemy Units at the Comm Center
    [C] Complete Mission Under 8:30
    [1] Follow Bera to the Communications Outpost
    Follow Bera on your Maru, and you'll come across lots of Gnasp Hives.  Take 
    them out, either using your Thermal Detonators, or plain blaster fire.  There 
    are a lot per hive, so you better get cracking.
    After you destroy the first three hives, you'll come across a patrol of 
    STAPs.  You're going to need to take care of them before they can alert 
    the base.  Again, use your Thermal Detonators, or your Special, which 
    decimates them in seconds.
    After that, you'll come across another patrol, this time accompanied by 
    a GAT.  After destroying them, you'll enter a narrow valley, where 
    three hives a Gnasps come to attack you.  Pick up the Super Lasers, and 
    you'll waste them in no time.  After that, follow Bera to the Secondary 
    [2] Destroy All Enemy Units at Secondary Outpost
    Your main concern here is an active AAT.  Use your special to take it 
    out as well as the smaller STAPs, or take it down with a Detonator.  
    Once all enemy units are gone, you will take the AAT.
    [3] Use the AAT to Enter the Comm Outpost
    The main thing here is to make sure you're not going to fire any shots 
    while you're near the Outpost.  Other than that, there's nothing to 
    worry about.  The defenses will automatically let you through.
    [4] Get to the Communications Center
    All you need to do is to follow the arrow with the AAT.  Simple enough.  
    Or so you think.  You're going to be traveling on foot now.  Take out 
    the first droid you see with a Throw.  Proceed around the corner and 
    Push the group of droids.  There's probably going to be some remaining, 
    so hack your way through.  Follow the arrow, and blow up any Spider 
    Droids you may encounter.  Fight your way to the Communications Center.
    [5] Get Back to the AAT
    Fight your way back.  That's all I can say, except you'll be facing a 
    lot more of the Super Battle Droids.
    [6] Escape From the Outpost
    Once you're back in your AAT, you'll need to fight your way out.  The 
    GATs aren't really a problem, as you've got tremendous shields.  
    However, the enemy AATs will be a problem indeed.  The fastest way to 
    take them out is to charge up the main cannon and fire it at its full 
    max.  You'll need to strafe to avoid its return fire.  Destroy any 
    turrets in your way.
    [7] Destroy the Power Generators
    Once you're done with the enemies, you'll need to escape.  Destroy the 
    two Power Generators near the gate, and you're almost home free.
    [8] Escape Into the Forest
    You have one more AAT to deal with, but take it out with a charged up 
    cannon shot.  STAPs will continually pester you, so take them out with 
    laser fire.  Then, make your way back to the Secondary Outpost.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Recover 3 Missing R5 Units
    The first R5 Unit is behind the AAT which Bera will fix.  Go around it 
    while you're in your Maru, and you should find it.
    The last two are in the enemy base.  You can find the second on your 
    way back from the Comm Center.  Look for a white dot on your radar, but 
    if you still can't find it, it will be behind a huge white pillar of 
    sorts, which can be destroyed.  It's also in a dead end.  Hope that 
    The last one can be found while you're trying to escape in the AAT.  
    Look for a white dot on the map again.  Then, heads toward it.  It will 
    be in a corner, near a fence, before you blow up the generators.  Find 
    it quick.
    [B] Destroy All Enemy Units at the Comm Center
    This ones easy.  Just destroy everything that fires back at you when 
    you're in the Center.  Everything, including all droids and vehicles.
    [C] Complete Mission Under 8:30
    The main thing to complete here is to take out swarms of enemies with 
    one blast.  Kind of like the phrase: "Kill two birds with one stone", 
    or something like that.  Your weapon of choice is your Thermal 
    Detonators and your Seismic Pulse Emitter.
    Mission 10: The Liberation of Kashyyyk
    [1] Trigger the First Trap
    [2] Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near First Trap
    [3] Trigger Second Trap
    [4] Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near Second Trap
    [5] Defend the Wookiee Village
    [6] Fight the Separatists Back to their Source
    [7] Destroy the Harbinger
    [A] All Squadmates Must Survive
    [B] All Wookiee Huts Must Remain Intact
    [C] Complete Mission in Under 10 Minutes
    [1] Trigger the First Trap
    Your main goal here is to trigger the first trap so that enemy units 
    stop pouring into the the valley, but slow enough so you don't get 
    yourself killed.  Use your Seismic Pulse Emitter on the first Spider 
    Droid, then use Thermal Detonators on the others.  Shoot the first 
    trap, and it should fall, hopefully, stopping and destroying any unit 
    trying to enter.
    [2] Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near First Trap
    There should only be enemy STAPs and infantry Battle Droid to take care 
    of.  Assign your squadmates on 'Attack' and have them help you take out 
    the enemy units.  Once you're done, travel to the second trap.  
    However, you'll be harassed by Gnasps.  Shoot them down if they're in 
    your way, but ignore them if they're not.
    [3] Trigger Second Trap
    Same deal as the first one, except you might want to assign your 
    squadmates either 'Break' or 'Attack' so they'll go ahead and take out 
    the droids.  Pick up the Super Lasers powerup, and snipe the Homing 
    Spider Droid from a distance.  Once it's destroyed, destroy the other 
    droids using Thermal Detonators and trigger the second trap.
    [4] Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near Second Trap
    Hopefully, your squadmates have been taking stuff out, and you should 
    be left with a clean-up job, consisting of ground troops.  Take them 
    out and prepare to defend the Wookiee Village.
    [5] Defend the Wookiee Village
    You're automatically put back in the Wookiee Village.  Pick up the 
    Super Lasers, and have your squadmates set to 'Break' or 'Defend'.  Use 
    your lasers to take out the incoming STAPs, AATs, and GATs.  If Mortar 
    Tanks arrive, take them out using Thermal Detonators.  After about a 
    minute or two, they'll drop in reinforcements of Spider Droids.  Use 
    your Seismic Pulse to take them out with one shot.
    During the final moments of battle, the Republic reinforcements will 
    arrive.  You get six Republic Figher Tanks as reinforcements, and 
    they'll help you rid the incoming attackers.  Take care of the last 
    tanks, and you're off to stop the Separatists.
    [6] Fight the Separatists Back to their Source
    The enemies here don't offer much resistance.  Obi-Wan will follow you 
    for now, so speed ahead, and help take out the AATs and Spider Droids 
    before they decimate your allies.  Unfortunately, once you clear this 
    area, they will NOT follow you.
    [7] Destroy the Harbinger
    To destroy the Harbinger, you must attack the central piece, the one 
    where it fires concentrated beams of energy.  First, it will attack by 
    shooting energy balls at you which can deplete your shields in one 
    shot.  Wait until the Harbinger opens up, then unleash your firepower 
    on it.  Pick up the continually reproducing powerups in the area.  
    After its attacks, the Harbinger will drop some GATs.  Take them out, 
    or let Obi-Wan do the work.
    You can choose to destroy the defenses on the vehicle, but you can just 
    focus your attacks on it.  Once the main unit is down, everything else 
    goes with it.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] All Squadmates Must Survive
    This one is simple.  You can let them asorb some fire.  They'll hardly 
    ever die, unless you're playing on Jedi Master.
    [B] All Wookiee Huts Must Remain Intact
    The trick to this is to destroy all Mortar Tanks before they can fire 
    too many shots.  Either destroy them fast, or occupy their attention.  
    Then, focus on the AATs, and then the weaker units swarming around.
    [C] Complete Mission in Under 10 Minutes
    The easiest thing to do is to use your secondaries a lot to take out 
    groups of enemies.  Hit the enemy hard and fast, and you'll want to 
    focus mainly on the Harbinger only to accomplish this task.
                                    Rhen Var
    Mission 11: Eye of the Storm
    [1] Get to the Downed Republic Assault Ship
    [2] Defend the Downed Republic Assault Ship
    [3] Proceed to the Separtist Fuel Depot
    [4] Destroy the Separatist Fuel Depot and All Enemies in its Vicinity
    [A] Reach the Assault Ship in Under 90 Seconds
    [B] Don't Let Any Allies Die
    [C] Destroy the Four Radar Dishes
                                             |     Fuel Depot     |
                                             |[C]                 |
                                             |   T      T     T   |   
                    Key:                     |                 [C]|
                      T=Turrets              |_________   ________|
                  [-]/I=Gate                           | |
                    [A]=Secondary Objective            | |
                                                  |T         T|
                                                  |           |
                                                  |____   ____|
                                                      T| |T
                                                       | |-[C]
                                     __________________| |T
                                    |                    |
                                    |  Assault Ship    __|
                                    |                 /  |
                                    |                |   |
                                    |              __|[C]|
                                    |_________   ________|
                                              | |
                                              | |
                                              |  \
                                              |   \
                                              | | |
                                               \ \ \
                             _____________     | | |
                            / ______  ___ \    [-|-]
                           / /      \___ \ \___| | |
     ______               | |           \ \______| |              
    |_____ \              | |            \_________|
     Start\ \______   ____| |
           \____I_ \_/ _____|
    [1] Get to the Downed Republic Assault Ship
    Since the ship carrying the AT-XTs didn't make it to their destination, 
    you'll have to go to the crash site and secure the area.
    Proceed ahead and you'll come across a body of water.  Ahead, will be 
    enemy troops, as well as a gate blocking your path.  Destroy the Spider 
    Droid, and the two Turrets, then focus on the gate.  Shortly after 
    that, you'll pass "Marker 1".  There are four markers that you need to 
    pass, but you can bypass one of them by taking a slope up on your right 
    side.  You should see it before you pass "Marker 3".  Doing so will 
    take you straight to "Marker 4" and you'll bypass a wall.  Eventually, 
    you'll drop back down into the main valley and meet up with the Assault 
    [2] Defend the Downed Republic Assault Ship
    Your main enemies will be the AATs that swarm from all sides.  Assign 
    your squadmates to 'Defend' and your AT-XT friends will also help 
    defend the ship.  When all units have been destroyed, you'll be 
    assigned to destroy the Fuel Depot.
    [3] Proceed to the Separtist Fuel Depot
    You'll be in the AT-XT.  Go down the valley, and destroy any Turrets 
    that you encounter.  After a short while, you'll reach a gate 
    surrounded by AATs and by two doors that will continually produce enemy 
    units.  The first thing you'll want to do is to destroy anything lethal 
    to you, then focus on the two doors.  Destroy the wall and continue 
    down the valley.
    Take out the units on a bridge, by destroying the bridge with your 
    mortars.  Soon afterward, you reach the Fuel Depot.
    [4] Destroy the Separatist Fuel Depot and All Enemies in its Vicinity
    This thing is heavily armed with AATs, and you might find yourself 
    being pummeled to oblivion.  The best thing to do is to activate your 
    Plasma Shields and find a suitable place to snipe.  The ridge to your 
    right with one of the bonus Radar Dish is a fine spot.  Let loose with 
    your lasers from a distance, and use your mortars on anything they can 
    lay a hand on.  Once all enemy units are destroyed, your allies will 
    focus on the Fuel Depot.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Reach the Assault Ship in Under 90 Seconds
    You're going to want to use your boost all throughout the way.  Since 
    there are two paths you can take, choose either one, but I managed to 
    get it following the separate path.  Since gates will be a problem, use 
    your Concussion Missiles fast, and try to blow up the wall without 
    focusing too much on the defenses.  Have your squadmates 'Attack' and 
    hopefully, you will make it.
    [B] Don't Let Any Allies Die
    This part only really pertains to the final assault on the Fuel Depot, 
    where you have lines of AATs as a defense.  The main thing here is to 
    stay back, zoom in, and pound them with your mortars.  Your allies are 
    not slouch either though, and they will help you take out some enemies.  
    It's all about speed.
    [C] Destroy the Four Radar Dishes
    I'll probably have a map for this later in the future, but for right 
    now, we'll make do.  The first is near the downed assault ship.  Look 
    to your right, or your left, and you should spot a little ridge with a 
    Health Pack, Ammunition, and Super Lasers.  On that ride will also be 
    the first Radar Dish. 
    The second is after blowing up the first wall as an AT-XT.  Look to 
    your right once you pass it.  You might blow this up automatically 
    however, since there are so many enemies, so don't fret if you don't 
    find it.
    Finally, the third and fourth are [kind of] clustered next to each 
    other.  They're at the final assault on the Fuel Depot.  Look to your 
    right, and the ridge you were standing on to attack, if you followed 
    the FAQ, will house the third [or fouth] one.  Then, zoom off into the 
    distance, and you should see one on an unaccesible ridge.  Take it out, 
    and then finish the mission.
    Mission 12: Lost Legacy
    [1] Destroy All Enemy Units at Separatist Outpost
    [2] Follow the Markers
    [3] Destroy All Turrets at Command Center
    [4] Proceed to the Next Marker
    [5] Destroy Enemy Convoy Before it Reaches the Temple
    [6] Proceed to the Jedi Temple
    [7] Protect Republic Ground Forces
    [7] Defeat the Spectral Guardians
    [A] Destroy 6 Enemy Vehicle Carriers
    [B] Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes
    [C] Both Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive
    [1] Destroy All Enemy Units at Separatist Outpost
    You're in your Gunship.  Take out the Hailfires and any other ground 
    vehicle harassing the AT-TEs, and then focus on the various pairs of 
    Turrets stationed around.  You'll want to take them out by any means.  
    Use regular lasers, and missiles to take them out in groups of two.  
    The AT-TEs will also help you take them out, but they're real slow, and 
    it'll be faster if you finish the job yourself.
    [2] Follow the Markers
    Continue down the canyon, following the arrow, and you'll see two enemy 
    vehicle transports.  Obi-Wan will tell you to destroy them, which you 
    can easily do so.  By the time you've finished the first one, the 
    second one will be running.  Give chase, and bring it down with volleys 
    of missiles, and regular lasers.  Eventually, you'll reach the Command 
    [3] Destroy All Turrets at Command Center
    There are bunches and bunches of them.  While they are pretty weak and 
    easy to take out, they have powers in numbers, as well as the annoying 
    Droid Starfighters that like to stay on your tail.  Missiles will take 
    them out, as well as any other Turret near them.  Pinpoint lasers also 
    work well here.  Once everything stops firing at you, you'll move on.
    [4] Proceed to the Next Marker
    Follow the canyon, destroying any sheets of ice that block your path.  
    Eventually, you'll come across an enemy convoy which Obi-Wan tells you 
    to destroy.
    [5] Destroy Enemy Convoy Before it Reaches the Temple
    You'll need to destroy this large enemy convoy before they overwhelm 
    the Republic troops.  Take out any Turrets harassing you, and then 
    focus on the convoy itself.  They travel pretty close together, so 
    missiles work extremely well here.  If you ever run out, hurry to the 
    Jedi Temple and pick up some more.  Pinpoint lasers will also do the 
    trick in a jiffy.
    [6] Proceed to the Jedi Temple
    Just head straight for the Temple, and two platoons of Republic forces 
    will come in destroying any nearby Turrets.
    [7] Protect Republic Ground Forces
    The Core Ship in the middle will continually pour out Hailfires and 
    AATs, and you don't have the firepower to destroy it.  Try and pick off 
    the Hailfires as quickly as possible with your pinpoint lasers, and use 
    missiles and more lasers to take out the tanks.  The AT-TEs will fire 
    back, but they'll be overwhelmed if you don't destroy the enemy 
    opposition fast enough.  Eventually, the two Mobile Assault Cannons 
    will open fire on the Core Ship.  You'll get their progress from time 
    to time, and move on.
    [8] Defeat the Spectral Guardians
    You can't actually defeat the Guardians themselves, only their source, 
    which are their tombs.  The Guardians have overwhelming firepower, 
    about as much as a charged up shot from an AAT.  There will be lots of 
    obstacles in your way, like ice which will asorb some hits, before you 
    can get a clear shot on the tombs.  Use missiles, and strafe at all 
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Destroy 6 Enemy Vehicle Carriers
    The two that you destroy while following the markers will count here.  
    You can destroy four more when the Mobile Assault Cannons are beginning 
    their attack.  The Carriers will fly in from the two narrow openings 
    and will drop down enemy troops.  Shoot them down before they do to 
    eliminate the amount of enemies, and fulfill your objective.
    [B] Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes
    You'll want to speed through this mission fast, obviously, and you can 
    do that by using your pinpoint lasers to quickly and efficiently take 
    out the Turrets and convoy.
    [C] Both Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive
    This ones relatively simple.  Just make sure there are still some AT-
    TEs to asorb and return fire.  Aid their cause with volleys of missiles 
    and lasers.  It's best to fire missiles when they're still grouped 
    around the base of the Core Ship.
                                   Thule Moon
    Mission 13: Desperate Gambit
    [1] Defend the Republic Assault Ship From All Attackers
    [2] Escort Convoy to Shield Generator Complex
    [3] Destroy 4 Shield Generator Charger Couplings
    [A] Landing Ship Shields Above 50 Percent
    [B] Destroy All Reactors
    [C] At Least 2 Convoy Units Reach the Shield Generator
    [1] Defend the Republic Assault Ship From All Attackers
    I suggest leaving your squadmates on 'Defend' or 'Break' to ensure that 
    they stay active and take out any enemy units.  The GATs, Spider 
    Droids, AATs, and Hailfires themselves won't damage the ship, but 
    instead, Mortar Tanks.  
    Take out the little gun emplacements in the sides of the valley, and 
    attack any unit that you see.  AT-XTs will come out, one on each side 
    to assist.  Whenever one is destroyed, another will take its place, but 
    there can only be two at one time.
    After taking out some units, you will be warned that Mortar Tanks have 
    entered the valley.  Take them out, and then check up on the rides to 
    see if any have been deployed.  You'll see the "Mortar Tank" sign if 
    there is one.  After all units have succesfully been destroyed, you 
    must escort the convoy to the Shield Generator Complex.
    [2] Escort Convoy to Shield Generator Complex
    Keep your squadmates on 'Defend' or 'Regroup' to ensure their survival 
    during this mission.  You will encounter various enemy units, but you 
    should have no trouble.
    Along your way, the first convoy will be destroyed.  You cannot stop 
    it, but make sure that the other two make it.  When the first convoy is 
    destroyed, take out the tanks on the ridge, and focus on the two 
    Turrets nearby.  The convoy will move on, and you will be warned of 
    enemy units from behind.  Take them out.  Over the mound, you'll see 
    the Shield Generator Complex, as well as various enemy units.  Take out 
    the Spider Droids ahead, and any AATs that fire upon you.  If you get 
    the chance, zoom in to take enemies out from the distance.  Continue 
    ahead, and under every Reactor, there will be a Health Pack.
    Once they reach the Shield Generator, they will blow up the wall.  One 
    will probably be destroyed, and you lose the ability to give directions 
    to your squadmates.
    [3] Destroy 4 Shield Generator Charger Couplings
    Pick up the powerups, including the Super Lasers, and forge ahead.  
    You'll come across many walls, but they can easily be blow up.  
    Guarding each wall be a variety of units, including Spider Droids, 
    AATs, and gun emplacements.  Eventually, the path will curve down, and 
    you'll be right next to the Shield Generator.
    Proceed forward, and be wary of enemy troops.  You'll face CADs and 
    more enemy units.  Eventually, you'll come across the first Coupling.  
    The next two are grouped togther, and the last is just around the bend.  
    Take them all out to complete the mission.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Landing Ship Shields Above 50 Percent
    A little health bar on the top of your screen will show you the amount 
    of damage the ship has taken.  Just destroy the Mortar Tanks as fast as 
    possible, and you should complete this objective with no problems.
    [B] Destroy All Reactors
    Remember the blue cylinders on your way to the Complex?  Well, those 
    are your Reactors, each guarded by a Spider Droid and a couple of GATs.  
    Take them out with Mortars, or anything else.
    [C] At Least 2 Convoy Units Reach the Shield Generator
    Since it's impossible to have three, make sure that you're continually 
    clearing the path ahead of the convoy.  Enlist the aid of your 
    squadmates, but don't send them too far ahead or they will be 
    Mission 14: Assault on Thule
    [1] Destroy All Opposition at the Landing Zone
    [2] Pick Up/Drop Off/Defend Engineers and Destroy First Energy Farm
    [3] Pick Up/Drop Off/Defend Engineers and Destroy Second Energy Farm
    [4] Destroy the Command Installation
    [A] Destroy All 8 Techno Union Ships
    [B] Complete the Mission in Under 9 Minutes
    [C] All Engineers Must Survive
                      _____        _____________________
                     |     \______/                     |
                     |       [A]                Landing |
                     |____                       Zone   |
                   _______|[A]     _____       [1][2][3]| Key:
                  |               / [A] \____           | [1]=Primary
                  |[2][A]                    |          | [A]=Secondary
                  |___                       |[A]       |
                                             | Start    |
                                             |          |
                                            _|[A]       |
                                   ________/            |
                                  /   __________        |
                      Command        /[A][A]    \       |
                   Installation      \__________/       |
                     __________                         |
                               \                        |
                               |       [3]              |
                      __    __/                         |
                        \__/                            |
    [1] Destroy All Opposition at the Landing Zone
    You'll come across the Landing Zone quite shortly after you begin the 
    mission.  There are plenty of Turrets and enemy vehicles to take out, 
    and you can all do that with your lasers.  Fire missiles at groups of 
    enemies to inflict multiple damage.  Pinpoint lasers work really well 
    here.  However, Droid Starfighters will constantly pursue you.
    [2] Pick Up/Drop Off/Defend Engineers and Destroy First Energy Farm
    Once the Landing Zone is clear, you can pick up the Engineers.  Follow 
    the arrow once you've picked them up to reach the drop off point.  
    Clear the area with the usual compliment of missiles, and you should be 
    done real quick.  Once you've landed, the Engineers will head towards 
    the energy farm.  You must defend them from two factories that will 
    continously produce enemy units.  Your best be is to take them out 
    while they're just emerging with missiles.  Pick up the ammunition 
    powerup if you ever run out.
    Once they've disabled the Farm, take it out.  The Farm itself is 
    heavily shielded, and you're going to have a hard time destroying it on 
    your first run.  Pinpoint lasers will make slow, but steady work on it, 
    and you can add missiles and lasers to help finish the job.
    [3] Pick Up/Drop Off/Defend Engineers and Destroy Second Energy Farm
    Same deal as the first group of Engineers.  Again, you must clear the 
    drop off point, and defend them from attackers.  Destroy the second 
    Energy Farm and you're off for the Command Installation.
    [4] Destroy the Command Installation
    Go around until you see "Command Installation" in the distance.  Head 
    towards it.  There are plenty of gun emplacements in the walls, and 
    lots of enemy units on the ground and beams to knock you out of the 
    sky.  However, they're all really inaccurate, and other Gunships will 
    asorb the fire.  Take out the beams that connect the Command 
    Installation with missiles and lasers.  Powerups are on the floor, and 
    you'll have to dive to get them.  Once all the beams are taken out, the 
    mission is a success.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Destroy All 8 Techno Union Ships
    Another search-and-destroy type thing.  I've listed their locations on 
    the map, so good luck finding them.  Some will be defended by Turrets, 
    but they're real easy to take out.
    [B] Complete the Mission in Under 9 Minutes
    You'll want to clear the Landing Zone and Drop Off points as quickly as 
    possible.  Let loose with missiles, and keep the pinpoint laser button 
    pressed.  Take out the Command Installation fast too by destroying 
    everything in about one run.  You should have plenty of time though, 
    but don't dwadle.
    [C] All Engineers Must Survive
    You'll know if you've failed this objective if one of them says: "We're 
    taking fire" or something like that.  Just try to destroy the units 
    before they get near the farm.
    Mission 15: Dark Side Rising
    [1] Destroy the Two Starfighter Hangars
    [2] Defend the AT-TEs as They Destroy the Factories
    [3] Proceed to the Sith City
    [4] Destroy the Protodekas
    [5] Enter the Service Ducts and Destroy the Gate Mechanism
    [A] All Walker Squadmates Must Survive
    [B] All Fighter Tank Squadmates Must Survive
    [C] At Least 4 AT-TEs must Survive
                       /  \
                      /   T\
                     /[1] M/
                    /     /
                    \     \ 
                     \  /\ \
                      \/ | |  
                        / O |
                       |  _/
                       / /
                      /  |
                     | O |                     Key:
                     / _/                      H=Health Pack
                    / /___________             M=Mortar Tank
                   | ____         |            T=Turret
                  / /    |M   T   |          [1]=Primary Objective  
                 |  \____|    T[1]|             _________
                  \  _____________|            |   [5]   |   
                  / /                          |___   ___|
                 | |                               | | 
              _[-----]_                          __| |__
             |M       M|                        |  ___  |
              ¯|_   _|___                       | |   | |
                 [-]     |                     _| |___| |_
                 |       |                    |  __   __  |
                 |__   __|                    | |  |H|  | |   
                    | |                       | |   ¯   | |
                    | |                       | |_______| |
                     \ \                      |____   ____|
                     / /                           | |
                   _| |_                           | |
                  |M   M|                       Entrance
                   \   /  
                   /   \
                   | O |
                    \ /
                    | |   
                  __| |__
                 |       |
                 | Start |
    [1] Destroy the Two Starfighter Hangars
    There locations are on the map, but of course, you're going to have to 
    fight your way through.  Each hanger is guarded by Turrets, and you'll 
    encounter various lines of defenses.  Make sure to take out any AATs or 
    Mortar Tanks that are firing on you first, as they deal the most 
    [2] Defend the AT-TEs as They Destroy the Factories
    You're in Republic Fighter now, and you must defend the six AT-TEs as 
    they head for the factories.  The factories themselves will continually 
    make more units, and Mortar Tanks will not help the situation.  You're 
    going to want to purge ahead, and leave your squadmates on 'Defend' as 
    the units progress.  Take out any Spider Droids and AATs.  Hailfires 
    will cause the most damage, as they are fast, and the AT-TEs will have 
    a hard time hitting them.
    Periodically, supplies will be dropped down.  Head towards the 
    factories, and if you want to ensure the safety of the AT-TEs, leave 
    your squadmates on 'Defend' on one factory, and head towards the other.  
    Take out the defenses first before leaving them behind.  Two squads of 
    Republic Fighters will also come to help take out the units from the 
    factories.  Keep on pounding the units before they can  come out, and 
    this should be a piece of cake!
    [3] Proceed to the Sith City
    Well, head towards the open path, or at least try to.  You'll come 
    across TWO Protodekas, but thankfully, you have your squadmates.
    [4] Destroy the Protodekas
    Have your squadmates set to 'Attack' and pick up the Super Lasers.  
    Focus your firepower on one for them, while holding the Secondary Fire 
    button down.  You will be continuously resupplied by air, so pick up 
    the Ammunition if you're ever in need.  When both are destroyed, you 
    move on to the city.  Watch as an Assault Ship comes down, and then 
    watch your ship get destroyed by Cydon Prax and his Dreadnought.
    [5] Enter the Service Ducts and Destroy the Gate Mechanism
    Run with the arrow, and take out any enemy units.  If you watch the 
    battle, you can see the AT-TEs get destroyed, but more will always be 
    air-dropped in.  If you try to make contact with the enemy vehicles, 
    Turrets will open fire on you, and continuously follow you.
    The second smaller map is for this part of the mission.  You're going 
    to face the same number of enemies either path you take.  Try to 
    destroy the Spider Droids before the others as their blast will take 
    out any nearby units.  You will eventually reach the Gate Mechanism, 
    and you should blow it up.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] All Walker Squadmates Must Survive
    This one is simple.  You can leave your squadmates behind by setting 
    them on 'Defend' or bring them along with you.  Your squadmates are 
    never the enemy's target, so they should make it out alright.  Plus, 
    you could use their firepower.
    [B] All Fighter Tank Squadmates Must Survive
    Again, same as the first bonus objective, this one is also simple to 
    [C] At Least 4 AT-TEs must Survive
    Makes sense for at least four, as the AT-TEs are divided into two 
    groups, each having three.  So, if only three survive, one side can't 
    take out the factories.  Anyways, just destroy enemy units as they come 
    out, and they should make it.
    Mission 16: Fate of the Republic
    [1] Fight Your Way to the Sith Temple
    [2] Defeat Dooku's Henchman Cydon Prax
    [3] Defeat the Dark Reaper
    [A] Make it Through the City in Under 5:30
    [B] All Squadmates Must Survive Through the City
    [C] Destroy 45 Enemy Units
          |A             A|
          |               |
          |               |________
          |      [2]       ______  |
          |               |      | |                Key:
          |               |      | |                [1]=Primary Objective
          |A             A| _____[-]_____     _     AAT=AAT
           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |    T   T    |   |A|     SD=Spider Droid
                           |SD___AAT___SD|___| |     SL=Super Lasers
                           | |         |  _____|      T=Turrets
                           | |_________| |        I/[-]=Gates 
                           |SD___   ___SD|            A=Ammunition
                         AAT[2]  | |  AAT[2]          H=Health Pack
                            |   T   T   |
                       _____|    AAT    |______
                      |  ___AAT[2] SD[2] ____  |
                      | |   |           |    | |
                      |H|   |T__________|    | |
                       ¯          |          | |-T[2]
                           Reinforcements    | |
                          _____ATT   ____ ___| |___
                         |SD___ T|  |    |SD     SD|-A+H
                 ____    | |   | |  |AAT |SL_   ___|
               _|    |___| |   | |__|SD T|___| |
              |_Start ___  |   |  __     I_____|
                |____|   | |   | |  |SD T|
                         | |___| |  |AAT |_
                         |SD____T|  |____| |
                               AAT   Reinforcements
    [1] Fight Your Way to the Sith Temple
    Just follow the map.  As you can tell, I've detailed it very well for 
    your final mission.  The only thing I didn't include were the minor 
    enemies.  Just beware, and aid your reinforcements when they drop in.  
    You're probably going to be under constant fire on this mission, as 
    AATs are littered everywhere, with Spider Droids.
    [2] Defeat Dooku's Henchman Cydon Prax
    This one is easy.  You have a large open arena, and plenty of powerups 
    to help you.  Just have your squadmates on 'Attack' and let loose with 
    your missiles.  His attacks are to shoot lasers at you, and fire off a 
    volley of missiles.  Finally, he'll let off a huge wave of energy that 
    ripples out in a circle, kind of like dropping a rock into water.  He 
    should be easy to defeat.
    [3] Defeat the Dark Reaper
    Finally, the final boss in the game.  You will be guided throughout 
    your battle.  Watch out for the Reaper's attacks, as it will send 
    little drones after you, as well as a huge beam of laser that will 
    deplete your shields and your hull.
    The first thing you are instructed to do is to destroy the four energy 
    cores.  They require lots of missiles and lasers, and if you want to 
    finish the mission with most of your health intact, bring them down 
    Next are four cannons.  They are rapid firing, but aren't too accurate, 
    so you shouldn't have a problem.  You might now be able to take them 
    out in one run, so avoid the laser by boosting around, and picking up 
    Health Packs.
    Next up are the two Harvester Bays, and the Reaper itself.  The bays 
    are pretty weak, and they go down fast.  Finally, the energy sphere in 
    the middle is your target.  Defeat that, and you have beaten the game.  
    By the way, you can't stop your squadmates from being destroyed.
    Bonus Objectives:
    [A] Make it Through the City in Under 5:30
    It's all about using firepower to blast your way through enemies as 
    fast as possible.  Pick up anything that will help you, including the 
    Super Lasers, and you might want to use your squadmates.
    [B] All Squadmates Must Survive Through the City
    This one is another simple objective.  Just have them follow you the 
    whole time, and set them to 'Defend' and they make it out alright.
    [C] Destroy 45 Enemy Units
    GATs are the easiest enemies to take out, and there are plenty of them.  
    Just destroy everything in the city, and this objective is yours.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[5. Offensive Units]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This section is devoted to all vehicles and infantry that you encounter 
    in the game, that is capable of dealing out damage.  Some however, are 
    units that you will just have to protect.  
    NOTE: Any paragraph in " marks means that I took the excerpt from the 
    Instruction Manual.
    The Republic are the good guys in this war, and that is all I can 
    really say about them.
    Clone Troopers
    Primary Weapon: Blaster
    They're practically the Empire's Stormtroopers, except they're more 
    cooler loooking, and they have different stripes on their armor to 
    indicate their ranks.  They're mostly a support unit, although you can 
    see them when you're piloting a vehicle, battling against the Battle 
    Droids.  What's so cool about them however, is that they have the 
    ability to... clone themselves in the battlefield.  A prefect example 
    would be in the last level, where the Clone Troopers will multiply 
    whenever they're losing.
    The Wookies you encounter will be on Marus too, so they're basically 
    the same thing as you, when you're on one.  The thing is, they're just 
    Jedi Knights
    Primary Weapon: Lightsaber Swing
    Secondary Weapon: Lightsaber Throw
    Special Ability: Force Push
    With a lightsaber as their weapon of choice, the guardians of peace are 
    powerful warriors in combat with unmatched skill.  Besides using a beam 
    of energy as an offensive capability, they are able to use the Force to 
    extend their power to greater heights.
    You'll only be controlling one for very, very little in the game, but 
    it's a fun part.  When walking, they will automatically deflect shots 
    while facing in the direction of the shooter.  When attacking, you have 
    about a 50-50 chance that you will deflect one.  Besides your basic 
    hack-and-slash, you can throw your lightsaber and Push your enemies.  
    If you choose to throw your lightsaber, hold down B for a longer throw, 
    and use the Control Stick to arc the direction of the lightsaber 
    slightly.  Also, when you throw, you can only move toward the direction 
    of your lightsaber.  Using your Push will drain your special, but it 
    takes out large groups of enemies within a short range.
    TX-130S Republic Fighter Tank
    Primary Weapon: Dual Medium Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    Special Ability: Repulsor Boost
    "Considered to be the Jedi starfighter of ground combat, the TX-130S 
    fighter tank is a specially designed repulsor craft that makes use of 
    the heightened abilities of its Jedi pilots.  Its repulsorlifts are 
    specially tuned for quick maneuvering, yet the Republic fighter tank 
    still carries a heavy payload of firepower.  The Jedi commanders of the 
    Clone Wars find the TX-130S to be the perfect complement to their 
    increased agility and vision."
    Like the description says, these crafts are highly maneuverable, with 
    high speeds, aided by the boost.  They perform well in combat, and 
    their Concussion Missiles [20] pack a punch.
    AT-XT Assault Walker
    Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Mortar
    Special Ability: Plasma Shields
    "These two-legged assault walkers employ faster movement than their 
    six-legged counterparts, but also deliver high firepower and a solid 
    defense.  An experimental craft created by Rothana Heavy Engineering 
    and produced at the Kuat Drive Yards facilities, the AT-XT did not go 
    into full mass-production during the Clone Wars, as the engineers were 
    constantly revising its design."
    You'll only be using this in certain missions, and in multiplayer, but 
    it's slow.  If you notice, these are the pre-AT-ATs, but they have more 
    firepower.  In the game, you have the Proton Mortars [3], but they will 
    continually recharge.  If you've ever played Rogue Leader, you'll know 
    what I mean, when I say that its secondary is like the Y-Wing's 
    secondary.  They will automatically recharge over time, but you can 
    carry only a maximum of three.  The Plasma Shields are more of a last 
    defense against being destroyed.  They take a long time to charge up, 
    and its effect only lasts for 3-5 seconds.  They do however repel all 
    Primary Weapon: Mounted Twin Bowcasters
    Secondary Weapon: Thermal Detonator
    Special Ability: Seismic Pulse Emitter
    "The maru is a creature native to the Kashyyyk system, and has been 
    domesticated by the Wookies inhabiting the small moon Alaris.  The 
    Wookies raise the maru as beasts of burden, and as a means of 
    transportation.  It is a reptilian creature, agile and dexterous, 
    possessing a long tail that it uses to attack enemies.  The maru's 
    saddle is equipped with dual bowcasters and a seismic pulse emitter."
    For a creature, this thing is pretty powerful, and it lasts a long time 
    too.  The Thermal Detonators [6] are tricky to use, as the must land 
    right near the target to cause the most damage.  If not, they just 
    explode, and slightly scratch your target.  Good for taking out 
    clusters.  The best thing about this beast is the Seismic Pulse 
    Emitter.  This baby is strong enough to take out an AAT with one shot.  
    Add that to the fact that the shot spreads in an arc, and you have an 
    unbelievable weapon.
    Rothana Heavy Engineering Low-Altitude Assault Transport Gunship
    Primary Weapon: Multiple Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    Special Ability: Composite-Beam Pinpoint Laser Turrets
    "The Rothana Heavy Engineering Low-Altitude Assualt Transport/infantry 
    (LAAT/i) repulsorlife gunship is the workhorse of the Republic clone 
    army.  Primariliy used for troop transport and air support, these 
    versatile aircraft combine ultra-maneuverability with amazing 
    firepower.  Piloted by one of the highly trained clone pilots, these 
    craft can perfrom deft maneuvers in all environments and weather 
    conditions.  In the hands of a Jedi pilot, these ships can do the 
    This thing is powerful.  Besides being maneuverable and having 
    virtually not opposition (except for those pesky Star Fighters), this 
    craft can pack a punch.  Its barrage of Concussion Missiles [25] split 
    into multiple warheads which can then divide targets, depending if your 
    cursor changes targets.  It's Laser Turrets focus intense beams and 
    quickly destroy the target in a matter of seconds. 
    Mobile Assault Cannon (MAC)
    Primary Weapon: Heavy Turbolaser
    "Probably due to its cumbersome name, the Kuat Drive Yard's Self-
    Propelled Heavy Artillery-Turbolaser (SPHA-T) has mnay nicknames, from 
    the MAC to the bug gun, but it has just one use: heavy firepower.  
    These slow-moving cannons fire the heaviest turbolasers in the Republic 
    army and are used to great effect in teh invasion of Geonosis."
    It's too bad you'll never pilot one of these, you'll mainly be 
    protecting them.
    AT-TE Assault Walker
    Primary Weapon: Long-Range Heavy Laser Cannon
    Secondary Weapon: Six Laser Turrets
    "The All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) can perform a wide variety of 
    missions, from troop transport to straightforward assualt missions.  
    The AT-TE's six legs allow it to traverse almost any terrain, while its 
    firepower is nearyly unmatched.  A heavy projectile cannon mounted on a 
    turret is the main weapon, but it is also equipped with six anti-
    personnel lasers that defend the craft from both front and rear 
    Again, another vehicle that you won't pilot in the game.  Looks more 
    like a bug, a beetle to be exact.
    Speeder Bike
    Primary Weapon: Underbody-Mounted Light Laser Turret
    Secondary Weapon: None
    Special Ability: Repulsor Boost
    "The Aratech 74-Z military speeder bike is a fast, one-man craft that 
    allows troopers to get quickly from one end of a battlefield to the 
    other to deliver reconnaissance information.  Used by the Republick in 
    nearly all of their conflicts in the Clone Wars, this multipurpose 
    craft is much faster than a Trade Federation STAP and contains nearly 
    the same amount of firepower."
    'Nuff said.
    Republic Troop Transport
    Ground vehicles that you'll end up protecting in the game.  They carry 
    valuable resources and reinforcements to the battlefield.
    Jedi Starfighter
    It's really too bad you can't pilot one of these, but anyways, they 
    provide air support in fights, but nothing more.  You'll see them zip 
    around overhead, and they're used to transport you to different parts 
    of the game.
    Cargo Gunship
    They will either drop off supplies, or a Republic Troop Transport.  
    They won't need protecting, as they can fly off, but just keep an eye 
    out for what they bring.
    Republic Assault Ship
    Think of an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, and you've got the 
    beginnings of what these things look like.  They never provide fire, 
    which is too bad, because if they're anything like the Star Destroyers 
    in Rogue Leader, boy, the enemies would have been toast.  They're used 
    to deploy troops, but nothing more.
    In the first movie, it was the Trade Federation, but they still have 
    some familiar units.
    You'll encounter these on Kashyyyk and maybe some other places, but 
    they buzz around and fire green energy balls at you.  They do pretty 
    weak damage, and you can take them out pretty easily.
    Residents of Geonosis, they're also weak, like the Gnasps, but they 
    attack in swarms.  Your best bet is to use a Force Push when they're 
    clustered together and take them all out at once.  If they surround 
    you, use your lightsaber, but they're pretty much not a threat.
    Battle Droids
    Pesky little droids that are more of a nuisance than a real threat to 
    you.  You'll be facing these when you're on foot, but other than that, 
    they're just there for the scenery.
    Super Battle Droids
    Making their debut in Attack of the Clones, these are modified, and can 
    take a few more hits, if you're ever using a blaster in Jedi Academy.  
    However, they're still no match for your lightsaber.
    Dwarf Spider Droids
    These things are deadly to you while you're on foot, as they have a 
    medium laser cannon (which you can still deflect), and the ability to 
    explode when they destruct.  Take them out from afar with a Push or 
    Throw, and they may take out some nearby enemies.
    Homing Spider Droid
    Huge behemoths [although they're not living], they fire a homing beam 
    of laser if you attack them.  If they're preoccupied with something 
    else, they will choose to ignore you until you draw into range and 
    attack them.  They've got pretty strong armor too, so you might want to 
    use a few secondary/special weapons.
    Droid Starfighter
    These things are agile, and are only a threat when you are in the 
    Republic Gunship.  Since your vehicle is slow, they'll swarm around you 
    to no extent.  They don't do much damage however, and lasers will 
    quickly bring them down.
    HailFire Droid
    They have two big wheels, and they can travel pretty fast over any 
    terrain.  They're a big nuisance, as they will let off a volley of 
    missiles, both at you and some mission critical targets.  Take them out 
    Vehicle Armored Carrier
    These things are a huge nuisance, no joke.  They drop down lots of 
    enemy reinforcements if they are allowed to land.  You'll only have the 
    option of taking them down in the Gunship, but it is well worth it.  
    These things don't fire back.
    Techno Union Ship
    Don't worry about these firing at you.  You'll recognize them from the 
    movie, but you'll only have to take them out to prevent the enemy from 
    Trade Federation Landing Ship
    These things are like the Vehicle Armored Carriers, but are 
    indestructable.  You'll see them alot when you have to protect a 
    mission important craft, and they deplot a WHOLE lot more troops than 
    the previous above mentioned craft.
    Trade Federation Core Ship
    You won't be able to take these out, but the Mobile Assault Cannons 
    can.  Protect them so they can do their job.
    Corporate Alliance Droid [CAD]
    Basically, think of mounted guns attached to one tread.  There's your 
    basic, simple picture of a CAD, but they are heavily armored and have 
    repeating blasters.  They're hard to destroy, but they hardly make an 
    appearance in Campaign mode.
    Heavy Artillery Gun (Mortar Tanks)
    They look like AATs, but they have a powerful cannon.  You'll want to 
    take them out as soon as possible, as they usually attack critical 
    Spectral Guardian
    They look like ice figures, except they hurt.  You'll want to take them 
    out as soon as possible, as if they overwhelm you, you probably won't 
    make it out alive.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[6. Codes & Secrets]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    These are the current codes out right now, but I'm pretty sure that 
    more will be released in the neary future.
    CHOSEN1    - Gives your craft unlimited Secondary Weapon ammo, and  
      unlimited Special Ability.  Does not save.
    FRAGFIESTA - Unlocks all Multiplayer Maps.
    CINEMA     - Unlocks all movies.
    SAYCHEESE  - Lets you view team photos in sketchbook, however, you must 
      have it unlocked first.
    YUB YUB    - Grants you the three bonus points for the mission that is 
      displayed on your file name.
    ROGERROGER - Lets you use the Battle Droid in the Jedi Academy in 
      Geneosis.  Pretty weak, and no auto-aim.
    FUZZBALL   - Unlocks a Wookie in Jedi Academy, and is stronger.  Has an 
      auto-aim feature, and has more health/armor.  You can survive a lot 
      of waves with him.
    GASMASK    - Unlocks all missions.
    1WITHFORCE - Grants you invincibility, including the academies.
    CORDE      - Unlocks Padmé Amidala in Jedi Academy.  Another infantry 
      unit, she has limited auto-aim, quick movement, but does not have 
      much life.
    WAT TAMBOR - Gives you access to the Super Battle Droid in the Jedi 
      Academy Arena.  Much improved over the regular Battle Droid in both 
      accuracy and armor.  Now just waiting for the Jengo Fett code.
    Besides having codes to unlock various items and stuff, there are also 
    secrets that you can earn legitimately.  If you remember Rogue Leader, 
    than you'll know that this game has a point system too.  However, it's 
    not as challenging as Rogue Leader, but it adds replay value.  Each 
    bonus objective complete will give you one bonus point.  Not all bonus 
    objectives must be completed on the same run, so you can focus on one 
    Here are the secrets that you can unlock with the bonus points.  If 
    you'll notice, you only need to get 45 out of 48 possible bonus points 
    to unlock everything.
    Multiplayer Level: Raxus Prime [Duel] - 5 points
    Multiplayer Level: Thule Moon [Control Zone] - 10 points
    Multiplayer Level: Rhen Var [Conquest] - 15 points
    Multiplayer Level: Geonosis Arena [Jedi Academy] - 20 points
    Unit Viewer - 25 points
      It's basically a gallery where you can see 3-D figures of the more 
      main characters you will see in this game.  Use the Control Stick to 
      rotate them, and the A Button will make them do some different 
    "Making Of" Video - 30 points
      A really short video of the game's production, as well as a few 
      interviews with the staff.
    CD Player - 35 points
      You can view, and listen to all of the music tracks from the game.
    Sketchbook - 40 points
      You can view some of the designs for the game's characters and 
      vehicles, as well as view some of their comments for the designs.
    Jedi Master - 45 points
      You get to control Jedi Master Yoda.  He's more for advanced players, 
      as you will not receive any Jedi support.  Does flashy moves, but 
      he's the same as everybody else.
    Unlock Ewok Celebration Music
    This one was new to me, and I didn't even know it existed when this 
    guide was first released.  Anyways, here it is:
    Go to the options screen, and using the D-Pad, press UP, UP, DOWN, 
    DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, and START.  The Ewok music should 
    play.  If you get cancelled out of the options screen when pressing B, 
    you're doing it wrong.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[7. Powerups]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    One-Fourth Health Pack: They look like white spheres with a white halo 
    ring around them.  They do exactly what they're called, but your health 
    cannot exceed over 100.
    Full Health Pack: They restore all of your health to its max.
    Ammunition: They look like blue boxes with warheads sticking out.  Its 
    halo is also blue, and it restores all of your secondary weapon 
    capacity to its max.
    Invincibility: Looks like a triagle, with cuts in its side.  Has a 
    purple halo, and you can be invincible for 20 seconds.  Make them 
    Super Blasters: A triangle encompassed by a green halo, they upgrade 
    your blasters for 20 seconds.  Shooting this will only take a fraction 
    of the time it takes with regular lasers.
    Cloaking: Does exactly like it says.  You become cloaked for 20 
    Disintegration Field: Pick this up in multiplayer and crash into 
    opponents for 20 seconds to cause damage.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[8. Multiplayer]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    There are lots of different multiplayer games, and all except the 
    academies require at least two human players.  That's really a shame, 
    because I don't have two controllers, so I'll cover what I can.  More 
    will added to this section later.
    Thule Moon Academy: 
    This is all about vehicular combat.  The more waves you go through, the 
    more enemies appear, and the harder they are to destroy them.
    You can only choose two vehicles in this academy, and the are the 
    Fighter Tank, and the AT-XT.  The Fighter Tank is a more practical 
    choice in this round, as you're going to want maneuverability when 
    you're surrounded by enemies.  The AT-XT has better firepower, and 
    maybe more armor, plus its plasma shields and its unlimited secondary, 
    but I would still recommend the Fighter Tank.  Health Packs and 
    Ammunition will pop up after you destroy a certain number of waves.  If 
    you look closely, you can also see a Super Blaster upgrade hidden in a 
    niche.  Use it when you need it, and it will replenish.
    If you're playing alone, every third round will become a bonus point 
    round, where you try to collect Jedi credits.  As far as I know, there 
    are unlimited waves, but they call Wave 20 a Final Wave, where you face 
    a boss.  Then, it seems to repeat itself over again.
    Orange: 40 points
    Yellow: 25 points
    Purple: 60 points
    Blue: 100 points
    STAP: 10 points - First appear in Wave 1
    Ground Armored Tank: 25 points - First appear in Wave 1
    HailFire: 30 points - First appear in Wave 7
    AAT: 40 points - First appear in Wave 5
    Mortar Tanks: 45 points - First appear in Wave 13
    CAD: 50 points - First appear in Wave 7
    Homing Spider Droid: 60 points - First appear in Wave 10
    Dark Acolyte: 100 points - First appear in Wave 16
    Protodeka: ?? points - First appear in Wave 19
    Dreadnought: ?? points - First appear in Wave 20 [Final Wave]
    This part is just for fun, but here is what the narrarator [Mace?] says 
    after a certain number of matches.
    "Nice fighting.  Prepare for the next wave."
    "You have achieved the rank of Jedi Knight."
    "You fight very well indeed."
    "Could he be the one from the prophecy?"
    "You are truly a Jedi Master.  You are a Jedi Master.  Your seat on the 
      Jedi Council awaits."
    Of course, you'll want to have the highest points, but unfortunately, 
    your scores aren't saved.
    Geonosis Academy:
    I prefer this one better, don't really know why, but I like the 
    character combat.  You can play as five different Jedi (Yoda, Anakin, 
    Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and Evan Asani) and two infantry (Wookie, and 
    Battle Droid) once you have everything unlocked.  If you choose any of 
    the default characters when you first unlock it, you will receive Jedi 
    support.  The computer will give you the three main Jedi in this game, 
    minus the one you're playing as.  If you're playing as the Unamed one, 
    than you get all three, instead of two.  If you're playing as Yoda, or 
    as an infantry, you get none.
    Controls are exactly the same, minus the ability to side-step with the 
    shoulder buttons.  Enemies will appear from the four cardinal 
    directions, and will sometimes produce multiple waves.  One-Fourth 
    Health Packs will appear once you pass the third wave, and will produce 
    a certain amount with each wave, so don't run around when you're in 
    need of one and think that they'll appear.
    Yoda: Yoda is quick on his feet in the academy, and very fast moves, 
          but his swings are easy to get carried away with as they will 
          miss the target ocasionally.
    Anakin: Does a huge jump attack as his first move which leaves you open 
            to the opponents attack.  Does fair in battle.
    Mace Windu: Just like in single player, Mace does lightsaber swings and  
                kicks in midair.  Wide lightsaber swings though help take 
                enemies down.
    Obi-Wan: Ok, just like Anakin.
    Evan Asani: This is my favorite, as he has large wide swings and they 
                even cover his backside.
    Here are some tips: 
        1. Try to squeeze all of the help from the Jedi as much as possible 
           before they die.  Use the Clone Troopers and Padmé to the full 
           extent before they die/go away.
        2. Try to destroy enemies before they spread out.  Take them out 
           when they're still in their corners with a Force Push or a Throw 
           so you can minimize the fire coming out.
        3. All Jedis have a pause in their attacks, and this is when you're 
           most vulnerable.  Anakin's for example, pauses right before he 
           attacks, so push the attack button before he comes into contact 
           with the enemy.
        4. Press the X Button and then pause the game so that you can get a 
           first person view of where things are.  This should help if 
           you're trying to find a health pack.
        5. As the waves get higher, your Force Push gets weaker, or the 
           enemies get stronger, as more enemies become immune to it.
        6. The Wookie has lots of health, so he would be the easiest to 
           start with.
        7. Dwarf Spider Droids can take out large masses of enemies at a 
           time if they are near them when they explode.
    You'll be facing a variety of enemies in the waves. 
    Geonosians: 5 points - They first appear in Wave 1
    Battle Droids: 10 points - First appear in Wave 4
    Super Battle Droids: 15 points - First appear in Wave 8
    Dwarf Spider Droids: 20 points - First appear in Wave 15
    Padmé - will arrive in Wave 3 and help you out with a blaster, but she 
    will leave in Wave 5.
    Clone Troopers - will arrive in Wave 6, and will help out with blasters 
    until they die.
    Your Jedi friends will most likely die in wave 15, as they rush the 
    Spider Droids, and destroy them with hand-to-hand combat.  They can 
    survive one attack, but two is suicide.  I've only gotten one to 
    survive the wave once.
    A rather fun one, this one involves two teams, for two-to-four players.  
    Basically, each team (red and blue) has a base, which the other team 
    must destroy.  Of course, the teams or the Republic and the 
    Separatists.  However, instead of a simple search-and-destroy or defend 
    mission, you have the ability to produce allies, which you can give 
    commands to.
    Team 1: The Republic [Blue] - Allows you to control either the Republic 
    Fighter Tank, or the AT-XT.  Attributes are entirely the same as in 
    single player mode.  However, if you capture one of the many outposts 
    in a level, you will start to produce Turrets around it.  Once the 
    Oupost has four Turrets surrounding it on all four corners, the Outpost 
    will produce only two units.  The units that are produced are you most 
    heaviest armored and equipped, which is basically the  AT-XT.  You can 
    then order them directions.
    Team 2: The Separatists [Red] - Allows you to control the Ground 
    Armored Tank, or the AAT.  Like the Republic, the attributes are 
    entirely the same, minus the GAT, since you never did get to pilot it 
    before.  Same rules apply for capturing outposts.  Once you do, Turrets 
    are built.  Once you have four, the Outpost will produce two AATs, 
    which then can be assigned directions.
                                Attack Enemy HQ
                                  ___| |___
                    Hold Position|___   ___|Defend [HQ]
                                     | |
                               Defend [Outpost]
    Once all Turrets are destroyed around an Outpost, then the Outpost 
    becomes nuetral, allowing you to enter it and make it your own.  Yay!  
    Anyways, you need all four Turrets produced to start production on 
                                  Control Zone
    Think of a King-of-the-Hill type of match, and you've got the Control 
    Zone.  However, unlike [some] King-of-the-Hill matches, if two opposing 
    players are in the designated area, then the area is nuetral [white].  
    However, if only one side is in the circle, then the circle will revert 
    to that color.
    Players get points for staying in the circle, and kills also contribute  
    to points.  For playable crafts, you can either choose your standard 
    four crafts, plus the new Hailfire Droid.  It's a bit unpredictable.
    A basic arena where it's every man for himself, or, if you're on teams, 
    then... every team for itself.  To win this match, you must have the 
    highest number of points.  Like all other multiplayer matches, powerups 
    are littered around the map.  Vehicles available include all five.
    And, basically... that's it.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[9. Legal Information]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This document is copyright 2002 Legomondo, all rights reserved.  This 
    should not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and 
    without my consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, 
    unaltered for home use.
    This FAQ is only allowed on GameFAQs.com and should not be posted 
    anywhere else without my permission.  If you see this FAQ other than 
    the site listed above, email me immediately at Legomondo [at] yahoo 
    [dot] com.  However, I do not want emails asking if you can post this 
    FAQ or any others.  I will not let you, and I warn you not to post the 
    FAQ anyways.  As always, the most recent version of this guide will be 
    at GameFAQs.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[10. Thanks]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Thanks goes to:
    - Nintendo and their Gamecube, and for finally putting their games on 
    - LucasArts and Factor 5.
    - And you, the readers who make this better.
                            Copyright 2002 Legomondo

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