Review by CovanentElite

"Awesome game,Horribly Short"

I think this is an awesome follow up too the original. Everything about this game is better.

Lets start off with the good, Better graphics, tons of unlockables, Co-op play like before, leveling up.

Now the bad-Escort Missions, scavanger hunts and Horribly short.

Graphics-8/10- It looks better then the original, nothing special but nothing bad. Everything looks nice and clean, the firs is really nice and so is the monster design.

Fun Factor-9/10- Awesome It takes a lot for me too enjoy games these days and this one hooked me in from start to finish. They added a comprehensive Level up system and we all know leveling up equals too addiction. You can even take your high level characters and start a new game with them. This game is fun with friends or alone.

Alone your going to be addicted too leveling up your character.

With friends its just a blast working together. Always fun to tackle nightmare with your high level characters.

The special boss will make you laugh if you have a sense of humor.

Lasting appeal 5/10- This game hooked me from start to finish but the problem is start too finish was a 5 hour sitting with 2 of my freinds, worth going through 3 0r 4 times but in the end its still short.

6 unlockable characters help.

Hopefully we are treated to some coll DL content, character costumes are available now.

Gameplay-7/10- Escort missions are a pain and I hate looking for stuff. The screen not spliting when you are far apart from teammates hurt some of the co-op aspects but all in all we cant complain we need more co-op games.

The escort missions are a sore spot because the A.I is terrible so you will get frustrated.

Sometimes your walking around doing nothing for 10 minutes because your looking for something.

The unlockable monsters are really cool, you get to be Zombies and wolves, the wolves are Brutal so yo can just have fun ripping through everyone.

Despite Being easy and short its just a ton of fun so I think it deserves an 8.

The short time this game has your attention it will be the only thing you will want to play.

I wouldnt reccomend buying it at $50.00, I got it as my free game during the TRU Deal, If your constantly wanting good games to play with friends then get this game for $50.00.

If friends dont come over too often then just wait.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/17/03

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