Review by Joe Thunder

"A dissapointing sequel to the fun and original Hunter: The Reckoning..."

- Well when this game came out I was originally having high hopes for it. I started to play and it was great at first until I noticed how repetitious the entire game was. Not only in enemy design but landscapes as well. Too much old and not enough new, remember kiddies variety is the spice of life, and video games too. This is more of a rehash of the other Hunter without half the plot to it.

Graphics: 10/10

- Yes the graphics in this game are even better than the first. I would expect no less from the Xbox.

Sound: 6/10

- The sound in this game is nice but nothing spectacular by any means. The voices are all realistic sounding and nothing really sounds cheesy.

Music: 7/10

- The music in this series is really non-existent except in boss fights and large battles, but it really gets your juices pumping in a heated battle.

Story: 3/10

- Probably the second saddest thing about this game is the weak plot and throw-together looking story. It just doesn't compare to the first one.

Gameplay: 2/10

- This is where this game REALLY HURTS. The problem is, after the first few stages you realize that every single stage in the game except a few is fighting THE EXACT SAME MONSTERS over and over. At least in the first Hunter they switched it up and mixed and matched between Zombies and Ghosts and Goblins and Rats etc. They even had distinctly different types of Zombies with different attributes. There's not enough monsters in this game in terms of variety. In this your basically either fighting Foot Soldiers or Security team members with little in between. That hurts the game a lot.

- Also the repetition of snowy city backgrounds that all look exactly the same also screams lack of effort. Even some of the bosses scream Deja Vu when you see them or abilities.

- However the new leveling up system is quite a nice touch to the game, even adds a bit of competition between in game player for kills and exp.

- This game would have benefited from more variety of stage types. If it had more survival stages, timed levels, or even more original things than that it would have given it more luster.

Controls: 7/10

- Controls are actually better than the original due to the fact that shooting is now AUTOMATIC saving your fingers some pain. Solid control scheme.

Game Length: 5/10

- This game is horribly short. Many levels are absolutely tiny or just a breeze to pass though. It seems like they just start throwing bosses at you halfway into the game with nothing much in between.

Replay Value/Secrets: 5/10

- There are quite a few un-lockable Hunters and even some fun Monster characters to use. Also secret things can be un-locked and viewed in a gallery. Other than the un-lockable items the only reason why you would ever want to play this game more than once is to level up your character.

Overall: 5/10

- This game had great potential but repetition and uninspired unoriginality just chopped it down before its prime. If they had taken more time with the game and implemented a good 4 or 5 new monsters and better boss designs, along with more stage variety and something called a decent plot, this game would rock as much as the first, perhaps more. Well, it can't rain all the time...

Rent or Buy?: Rent.

- For the most part I would say rent, unless you are a diehard fan of the series or if mind-numbing repetition does not bother you. Also if you like games where 4 people can play together then that is another reason to buy, but only if you plan on going through it multiple times, this game is not long by any means.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/02/04

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