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"The worst in the series but..."

Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer is the worst in the series but despite that fact it is still a very fun game to play. It has numerous improvements over the original game and makes up for some of the deficiencies present in Wayward. Unfortunately, in many respects it is also a step back from Wayward with the lack of many things that made the PS2 Hunter a very, very good game.

Gameplay: 9/10

Four-player mode is back and better then ever. The motives the developers had for making Wayward 2-player may be muddled and strange but fortunately that was negated in Redeemer. The most important element of the game, the thing that made the original Hunter so awesome has come back. Not only that but with five hunters as well as the benefit of two unlockable Hunters and eight special characters, there is PLENTY of variety in multi-player, as opposed to the original when players were stuck with the four basic Hunters.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are a definite step up from the original Hunter. They are far more detailed and far more attractive. There have been complaints about Redeemer's general lack of variety, the Christmas/snow look is visited on several maps and many of the maps look the same. Given the length of the game though, I don't see where this is a problem. It is nice that the entire city looks the same throughout.

CGI sequences are improved, although not noticeably. They are still terrible, far worse then anything other games such as Final Fantasy X have had to offer. At least they look better then the PS2 sequences. But they are only marginally improved over the original Xbox sequences. This is definitely one of the aesthical deficiencies of the game.

Controls: 5/10

The control scheme is EXACTLY the same as in the original Hunter. While the controls of the original Hunter were quite good, they had some problems. Fortunately many of these problems were fixed with the PS2 and its very sexy controller.

The Xbox controllers, even the small ones, are beasts but it is unfortunate that the instant switching between melee and ranged was lost. Definitely a step backward for Redeemer.

The game does include combos now but these can be somewhat difficult to pull off with the clunky Xbox controller. Really though, this can't be faulted on the game, it's not its fault that Xbox controllers are better used for garbage.

Story: 3/10

The story is hardly as in-depth as Wayward was. Like the original Hunter, what little story there is merely frames the goodness of multi-player mayhem. If you are looking for a single-player experience, Wayward is going to be the way to go. Unless of course you simply adore the Hunter series, in which case this review is insignificant.

Overall 7/10

Let's face facts; Redeemer is not as good a game as Wayward or the original. For multi-player action and for those who have grown tired with the same maps of the original Hunter, it can be fun. Unfortunately, the game itself is only between five and six hours long.

It does have some nice new features such as leveling up, which is improved over previous installments. It is also now possible to export powered-up Hunters and import them into new games. Unfortunately this isn't really useful as even on the nightmare difficulty the game is still very easy to beat. This is a plus if you found the original Hunter too difficult.

Don't be misled into believing that Redeemer is a bad game however. Based upon its own merits it is quite good, it's only real drawback being its shortness. However, when compared to the rest of the franchise it is by far the worst in the series. It's only improvement over Wayward is the reintroduction of four player support. Other then that it can be beaten in a single sitting and buying a brand new game and beating it five hours after bringing it home from the store is not necessarily a good thing.

Hopefully however between Wayward and Redeemer fans of the franchise can be sustained until the (hopefully) new installment arrives.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/10/04

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