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"Infinitely spawning monsters and horrid control and camera make for a miserable experience"

Continuing the awfulness of the original game, this one repeats all the mistakes, but with somewhat better graphics and sound. You will be wending your way through twenty levels, each with certain objectives to fulfill, and none particularly interesting.

GRAPHICS: 5/10 Better than the first game, but basically pretty average. Monsters look fairly good, and animations are well done, but that is about it.

MUSIC/SOUND: 6/10 Perfectly average sound effects, but well done in Dolby Digital. The music is pretty much non existent, and what is there is not to good.

CONTROL/CAMERA: 1/10 Along with infinitely spawning enemies, these are the single most worse things about this game. There are 5 different controller configurations, but everyone makes you use the shoulder buttons to jump and attack. Attacking this way is very hard on the finger used, and there certainly doesn't seem to be any reason not to allow a full reconfiguration. As far as the camera goes, it doesn't. There is no camera control, mainly because, that is used to aim when standing still. Your long range attack and melee attack is the same button, so you have to cycle through even more weapons to get to what you want, and this requires 2 buttons, one for special weapons, like the flame thrower.

GAME PLAY: 3/10 In every level you must kill and avoid monsters while trying to fulfill the missions and explore for better weapons, etc. Since the monsters never stop re spawning, you will become overwhelmed by them, and die a lot, even on easy mode. You can; however, stay on level one and keep killing until you level up all your weapons fairly high, boring as this may be. The levels are not particularly long, nor are the missions. Because you cannot control the camera, you may find yourself losing innocents to the monsters simply because you can't find them.

VALUE: 5/10 Since this game will only cost you $20 or less, your value is dependent on your threshold for dealing with bad controls and camera and dieing a lot, etc. I, myself, was sick of it after 90 minutes, so I cannot say how long it actually is, but if you stick it out to the end, it will be about 10-20 hours, so even then ,it is not a particularly good investment.

FINAL COMMENTS: If the monsters would simply stop after killing a certain amount of them, the control scheme was better and with camera control, and improved graphics; this could have been a fairly decent game. What that means is that, if you favor game play over graphics and sound any day; and think the control scheme sounds just swell; and hate having to control the camera, preferring to let the game do it; then this game may be perfect for you; however, all others are hereby warned to stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/09/04

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