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"Awesome game but as far as length goes..."

Game Play: Redeemer is a great game as far as the game playing goes. Each character has the own special approach which makes for good game play. You get to pick from 5 different types of hunters. The avenger who is big and strong, the defender who is a mix of the hunters in stats, martyr is rather weak but she is extremly fast, the judge is in my opinion the coolest and he has powerful convivction, and lastly the redeemer who is also a mix of stats. Also many unlockable characters are fun to play with. Well eight monsters are unlockable to play but only to mess around with. As for the remaining two one is Joshua the wayward and the other is carpenter.

Game Length: Absolutley terrible probaly one of the shortest games i have ever played hunter the reckoning: redeemer is great except it's so freaking short. I mean cmon people i know some people who go to the bathroom longer than you could beat the game in.

Story Line: Pretty good for as far as the hunter series goes but could have been made a lot better do to length of the game. There is one good plot twist in the game though.

Rent or buy?: This game may be short but since there are so many character classes to choose from and three difficulty levels it makes for a great game to buy, but i wouldn't pay fifty dollars for it the most i would pay for this game is around thirty dollars.

Graphics: Very good but i would expect nothing less from xbox. Although there are a few flaws in the scenery. As for an example the scenes of the street are way too repetitive. I think they should have added a bit more detail when you are going through the streets because you travel through them quite often. And also the sewers besides the level where you protect the wolf kin are also quite repetitive. I think some more detail should have been put into the game and mostly into the hunters.

The A.I. is quite annoying because when you are protecting or escorting someone to a certain area they tend to frustrate you because they act like morons when enemies come cause they run straight for the fight instead of staying with you to keep alive. Of course when i say A.I. i dont mean enemies i only mean the people your protecting.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/23/04

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