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    BACKYARD WRESTLING: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME Game Guide Version 1.0 for the 
    PlayStation 2 game console by John "Dragon Lord" Mercer. Unauthorized copyright 
    of this guide without written consent is prohibited by law and subject to 
    litigation. For questions and comments, or to ask to use this FAQs page for 
    your site, e-mail me at DragonLord1975 (at) Adelphia (dot) Net.
    This FAQs page of Backyard Wrestling is not finished yet. I need to know the 
    controls for the game since I've only rented it. I've unlocked most of the 
    game's secrets and moves and I need some help. If you help me out, I'll give 
    you credit when I update my page the next time. Thank you.
       a. STYLES
       b. THROWS
       c. SLAMS
       e. AERIAL SLAMS
       f. FINISHERS
    Backyard Wrestling is the underground phenomenon that's sweeping the nation. 
    The wrestlers in this circuit do the most outlandish, insane, completely 
    twisted, and extremely hardcore matches using all sorts of weapons like light 
    bulbs, wooden boards, gas, bricks and anything else that is or isn't nailed 
    down. Backyard Wrestling includes current TNA Superstar Sabu and the Insane 
    Clown Posse, voted the worst band in the world. You can also create your own 
    wrestler, but the choices are limited unlike those in WWE games (Sorry, Vince 
    McMahon). However, you can list your own moves and style unique to your 
    wrestler. For more information about Backyard Wrestling's superstars and 
    history, visit WWW (dot) BackyardWrestling (dot) COM.
    D-Pad: Move Wrestler
    Left Analog Stick: Move Wrestler
    R1: Run
    R2: Donkey Kick/Finisher
    Square: Punch
    X: Kick
    Circle: Grapple
    Triangle: Picks Up Weapon
    D-Pad + Square: Throw
    D-Pad + X: Slam
    Circle: Hammer Throw
    Square: Attack with Weapon
    X: Throw (small weapon)/Choke (long weapon)
    Circle: Drop Weapon
    L1: Pin
    Circle (near head): Picks Up Opponent
    Circle (near feet): Drags Opponent
    D-Pad + X (with weapon): Moonsault with Weapon
    D-Pad + Square: Attacks with Weapon
    D-Pad (near any high flat surface or ladder): Climb to the top
    Square/X: Aerial Attacks
    Circle + Square/Circle + X: Aerial Slams
    The Talk Show Mode is the story mode in Backyard Wrestling. The fictional show, 
    "Today's Topic", tells about how Backyard Wrestling has altered many lives. The 
    show then goes to the venue in discussion and the game is on. You can read the 
    Talk Show Script in the In-Depth section. The 7 Levels are Backyard Bedlam, 
    Truckstop Turmoil, Meatlocker Mash, Club Beatdown, Shopping Spree, Mansion 
    Mayhem and Talkshow Terror.
    Each Backyard Wrestler has their own moves and styles. The styles will be 
    listed by number and then by letter to avoid confusion. The first 15 styles 
    will be used for your created wrestler. A total of 31 Backyard Wrestlers make 
    up this game. Some of them you need to unlock to get.
    MDOGG20: Style 9
    TYLENE BUCK: Style D
    KARNAGE: Style 2
    GUPTA: Style B
    VIOLENT J (Insane Clone Posse): Style H
    SHAGGY 2 DOPE (Insane Clown Posse): Style J
    SABU (TNA Wrestling): Style K
    ATROCITY XXX: Style 7
    MAD MAN PONDO: Style 4
    JCW'S EVIL DEAD: Style M
    EL DRUNKO: Style P
    SALLY: Style C
    JEZEBEL: Style E
    JAMIE MADROX (Twiztid): Style 6
    THE MONOXIDE KID (Twiztid): Style 8
    TOM DUB: Style 5
    RUDE BOY: Style 3
    ROSS LOVER: Style 6
    DAMEON REDD: Style 7
    EL CHICHARRON: Style 4
    SONNY D. CHOPPER: Style 2
    ROSIE: Style E
    HERNIA: Style D
    JOSH ASBILL: Style F
    There are 7 venues in Backyard Wrestling.
    THE BACKYARD (OBVIOUSLY): The Backyard is the main place for backyard 
    wrestling. The fat guy Wendell is at his barbecue grill, someone is welding a 
    car, there's a train track over the fence and the entire backyard is littered 
    with wooden boards, bricks, tires, sledge hammers, trash cans, a mattress, a 
    gasoline can and light bulbs. There are tables to smash there, too. You can 
    perform diving moves from the roof of Wendell's house as well as from the 
    treehouse platform. Throwing someone into Wendell will cause him to 
    accidentally burn his face on the grill.
    THE TRUCK STOP: Al's Truck Stop has lots of hay bales, a pet elephant, and lots 
    of weapons lying around. Lots of buses and truck cabs are everywhere and can be 
    used to perform diving moves. One of the buses is the ICP Tour Bus. There are 
    also motorcycles near the truck stop building. Once the motorcycles are knocked 
    over, a mean biker steps out of the building holding a 2 x 4 with a nail 
    attached to it ready to smash anyone who wrecked his ride.
    THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE: The slaughterhouse has lots of chopped meat scattered 
    everywhere. Most of its bones can be used as weapons. There are conveyor belts 
    to leap off of as well as a giant grinder well covered with bars to prevent any 
    unwanted entry, until the wrestlers slam them into the bars exposing the giant 
    fan. There's also a giant window in the foreman's office.
    THE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB: The Peppermint Rooster is an all-night strip club that 
    has a relaxed feel to it. There's a bar, poles for the strippers to dance 
    around, lounge chairs used as weapons, a high rise balcony to leap off of and a 
    giant tropical fish tank built into the wall. Too many slams into the wall tank 
    will cause it to crack open and spill all the fish and sand all over the club. 
    There's also a bartender who hates party crashers and strippers knocking down 
    anyone getting too close by swinging around the poles.
    THE MALL: The Downtown Shopping Mall is exciting to visit, but the parking lot 
    is where all the action is. You have a drunken mall Santa with a shopping cart 
    full of "goodies" as well as parked cars, dumpsters, mannequins and lots of 
    other good weapons.
    THE MANSION: Dr. Mike Fleming's mansion is placed high above the hustle and 
    bustle of the city, but even the high life can enjoy a wild time. The mansion's 
    backyard has a Jacuzzi, a Tiki Bar, a picnic table and a concert platform.
    THE TELEVISION STUDIO: The set of "Today's Topic" is the final battle in Story 
    Mode where you take on Mad Man Pondo one on one in a duel to the death. The 
    weapons on display during "Today's Topic" are actually used in the battle. Once 
    you've beaten Mad Man Pondo, relax and watch the credits roll. Even if you lose 
    to Mad Man Pondo, you can still watch the credits, just don't get P.O.'ed that 
    you lost.
    15 of the 23 Styles are named. The other 8 I just named on the spot. The 
    entrance and winning styles are very unique and may mirror some famous 
    wrestling taunts.
    STYLE 1 (BACKYARD BRAWLER): The wrestler walks out with his arms in an X
    STYLE 2 (SLAM STUNNER): The wrestler slaps the camera and smacks himself to 
    prepare for battle
    STYLE 3 (KNOCKOUT KING): The wrestler walks out similar to Jeff Hardy
    STYLE 4 (HEAVYWEIGHT HITTER): The wrestler hits his head repeatedly preparing 
    himself for battle
    STYLE 5 (LEAPING WONDER): The wrestler rubs his wrists preparing for battle
    STYLE 6 (BONE CRUSHER): The wrestler does the "Raise the Roof" motion and walks 
    taking big steps
    STYLE 7 (COMMANDER BEATDOWN): The wrestler imitates Hulk Hogan's old taunt
    STYLE 8 (CAPTAIN DAZE): The wrestler jumps up and down spastically and out of 
    STYLE 9 (HIGH FLYER): The wrestler is breakdancing
    STYLE A (RUSH DOWN KID): The wrestler performs a martial arts-style kata before 
    going into battle.
    STYLE B (MISHMASH MASTER): The wrestler acts like a boxer ready to fight
    STYLE C (BACKYARD BABE): The babe does a standard hip pose
    STYLE D (KILLER KITTY KAT): The babe struts in seductively and poses with her 
    chest showing at the sides
    STYLE E (HEAVENLY HOTTIE): The babe does a rendition of Sable's grind
    STYLE F (THE DESTROYER): The wrestler flips into the air and lands on the 
    ground, similar to some fighters in Dragon Ball Z
    STYLE G (CIRCUS NINJA): The wrestler rolls in and does a kung-fu pose
    STYLE H (WICKED CLOWN): The wrestler works the crowd by waving his arms up and 
    STYLE J (CLOWN LOVE): The wrestler struts in and motions to the crowd by waving 
    his arms up and down
    STYLE K (SABU STRETCH): The wrestler jogs in place and stretches his elbows and 
    arms before battle
    STYLE L (SEXY SEDUCTRESS): The babe raises her arms over her head and shakes 
    her hips sexily
    STYLE M (JUGGALO WALKING): The wrestler staggers in drunk and almost passes out
    STYLE N (MAJOR DEGENERATE): The wrestler comes out doing the "D-Generation X" 
    Cross Chop
    STYLE P (SATURDAY FIGHT FEVER): The wrestler does a parody of John Travolta's 
    disco dance from "Saturday Night Fever"
    STYLE 1: The wrestler crosses his arms and puts them down in a ready stance.
    STYLE 2: The wrestler tackles the camera and threatens to hit it.
    STYLE 3: The wrestler blows a kiss and shoots his arm up as it he was giving 
    "the finger" to his opponent.
    STYLE 4: The wrestler laughs at his opponent arrogantly.
    STYLE 5: The wrestler headbutts the camera twice.
    STYLE 6: The wrestler imitates Ravishing Rick Rude.
    STYLE 7: The wrestler does powerhouse muscle flexing.
    STYLE 8: The wrestler acts like a cowboy and then does Randy Orton's taunt.
    STYLE 9: The wrestler breakdances and stops with his feet in the air while on 
    one hand.
    STYLE A: The wrestler falls back slowly and then springs up into a kung-fu 
    STYLE B: The wrestler does the "Raise the Roof", then raises his fist in 
    STYLE C: The babe crawls towards the camera and waves at it.
    STYLE D: The babe raises her arms and then blows a kiss to the camera.
    STYLE E: The babe imitates Sable.
    STYLE F: The wrestler does 2 martial arts kicks to the camera.
    STYLE G: The wrestler imitates Hulk Hogan.
    STYLE H: The wrestler hits the camera, does the "Raise the Roof", and smacks 
    the air down.
    STYLE J: The wrestler does two muscle poses and shrugs it off.
    STYLE K: The wrestler does Sabu's winning pose from TNA/ECW.
    STYLE L: The babe rubs her legs up and does a feminine pose.
    STYLE M: The wrestler staggers around until he passes out face first.
    STYLE N: The wrestler imitates Val Venis.
    STYLE P: The wrestler does some disco moves including "The Solo Arm Wave".
    Here are the standard throws used in Backyard Wrestling. Any similarities to 
    the moves used in other wrestling organizations are purely coincidental.
    BLOODY FISTCUFFS: The Rock's People's Punch Combo
    HEAD TRAUMA: Slams opponent's head on knee
    NOGGIN KNOCKER: A strong headbutt
    WRECK'N SHOP: 2 punches and a spinning back kick
    TURN AND COUGH: A big kick into the groin
    BREADBASKET BUSTER: Joanie "Chyna" Laurer's low blow from behind
    CRANIAL DISORDER: William Regal's double knee attack to the head
    THE BLACKSMITH: A hard club to the neck
    TREE TRIMMER: Armhold and a kick to the shin
    CHEESE GRATER: A simple back rake
    TOOTH FAIRY: European Uppercut
    KEEL'D OVER: A knee into the stomach
    CUBBY HOLE'D: Rake in the eyes
    CHIN MUSIC: Elbow to the chin
    ROYAL BEHEADING: Ron "The Truth" Killings' Axe Kick
    BUM RUSH: Grabs opponent's head and gives him a double knee strike
    KNUCKLE UP: A strong punch
    THE CHESTERFIELD: A big karate chop to the chest
    SHUCK AND JIVE: Same as the Bum Rush, but uses forearms to hold head
    HEAD BANGER: Al Snow's multiple headbutts
    STRAIGHT CHEATIN': Woman's slap combo
    NO MEANS NO!: Woman stomps on opponent's foot and punches
    JUST TEASIN': Woman dances around and kicks unaware opponent
    SOUTHERN COMFORT: Woman dances near opponent and then delivers the Manhattan 
    Here are the standard slams in Backyard Wrestling. Any similarities to the 
    moves used in other wrestling organizations are purely coincidental.
    SCOOP SLAM: Standard body slam
    TSUNAMI DROP: Samoan Drop
    TOILET SEAT: Atomic Drop
    BELL RINGER: Brock Lesnar's F-5
    FULL NELSON FLUSH: Bubba Ray Dudley's Bubba Bomb
    ROCK-A-BYE-BABY: Standard sidewalk slam
    FLIP FLOP: Standard Snapmare
    SCOTTISH WHIP: Irish Whip into a back drop
    PANCAKE SQUASH: Belly to Belly Suplex
    SLING SHOT: Standard sling shot toss
    CPR: The Hurricane's Eye of the Hurricane
    GROUND FLOOR: Powerslam
    STAKE DRIVER: Piledriver
    THE ICE PICK: Brainbuster DDT
    CRUCIFIX: Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall's Razor's Edge
    SIX FEET UNDER: Triple H's Pedigree
    OVER THE RAINBOW: Death Valley Driver
    THE SPANISH FLY: Kurt Angle's Belly to Belly Suplex
    AROUND THE CLOCK: Kurt Angles' German Suplex
    LUMBERJACK DROP: Stalling Vertical Suplex
    STRANGLE HOLD: Undertaker/Kane's Chokeslam
    SHAKIN' THE GOODIES: Woman puts opponent's face in her chest then delivers a 
    THE EXECUTION: Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner
    PRIVATE DANCER: Woman playfully lap dances her opponent and then delivers the 
    Stone Cold Stunner
    FREE FALLING: The Rock's Rock Bottom
    RIDE'EM COWGIRL: Woman jumps onto opponent and slams head into the ground
    RETURN TO SENDER: Fall Away Slam
    EAR MUFFS: Woman puts opponent head between her legs and then delivers the 
    WRECKING BALL: Randy Orton's RKO
    FACE LIFT FALLOUT: Shawn "X-Pac" Waltman's X-Factor
    HAVE A SEAT: Standard Spinebuster
    THE MOUNTIE: Standard Hurracanrana
    HEAVEN'S DROP: Wrestler tosses opponent into the air and delivers an elbow drop
    HOOK 'N' SINKER: Double Underhook Suplex
    GROUNDS KEEPER: Standard Bulldog
    BV SPECIAL: The Hurricane's Verta-Breaker
    FORKLIFT PRESS: Batista's Batista Bomb
    LIL' PIK-ME-UP: Tigerbomb
    ROOT CANAL: Jawbreaker
    SPLASH DAMAGE: Goldberg's Jackhammer
    HAIR STYLIST: Woman's Snapmare
    GUILLOTINE DRIVER: Billy Gunn's Fame Asser
    SPIN CYCLE: Matt and Jeff Hardy's Twist of Fate
    BODY MASSAGE: Batista and Triple H's Spinebuster
    BRAINSTORM: Standard DDT
    THE CHIROPRACTOR: Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
    COLD SHOLDER: Godfather's Shoulder Breaker
    THE LAWN DART: Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver
    HELICOPTER CRASH: Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Cutter
    BOTTOMS UP: Reverse DDT
    The Aerial Throws vary by tiers or different heights. Each wrestler has 2 to 3 
    tiers of aerial pain to deliver. Here are the Aerial Throws as they appear. The 
    Styles show you which aerial moves are associated with that wrestler.
    DAREDEVIL DROPKICK: Standard Missile Dropkick
    BACKDOOR BOMB: Doink the Clown's Whoopie Cushion
    FLAT OUT: 450 Splash
    TREE JUMPER: Diving Cross Body
    THE LAUNCHING PAD: Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash
    LEAP OF FAITH: Standard Moonsault
    YAM'S AWAY: Shooting Star Press
    CRASH N' BURN: A diving double chop
    HAMMERHEAD DIVE: Chris Benoit's signature diving headbutt
    PAINT THE TARGET: Diving Knee Drop
    AIR STRIKE: Moonsault Knee Drop
    CROWD SHOCKER: Standard Diving Headbutt
    SUICIDE PLUNGE: Standard Lucha Libre Plancha
    HEAVEN'S ARROW: Corkscrew Missile Dropkick
    BIG THUMPER: Jeff Hardy's Whisper in the Wind
    SUMMERSAULT CRASH: Marc Mero's Marvelocity Moonsault
    SLEEPY TIME TUMBLE: Randy "Macho Man" Savage's Bionic Elbow
    TERMINAL VELOCITY: Corkscrew Stomp
    HOT CROSS BUNS: Molly Holly's Molly-Go-Round
    LAZY BOOMERANG FLIP: Dragon-style Moonsault
    STYLE 1: Daredevil Dropkick ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 1: Flat Out ([]) Backwater Butt Drop (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE 2: Tree Jumper ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 2: The Launching Pad ([]) Leap of Faith (X) Tier 2
    STYLE 2: Yam's Away ([]) Summersault Crash (X) Tier 3
    STYLE 3: Crash N' Burn ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE 3: The Launching Pad ([]) Backwater Butt Drop (X) Tier 3
    STYLE 4: Hammerhead Dive ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 4: Backwater Butt Drop ([]) Air Strike (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE 5: Tree Jumper ([]) Crowd Shocker (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 5: Suicide Plunge ([]) Backwater Butt Drop (X) Tier 2
    STYLE 5: Big Thumper ([]) Summersault Crash (X) Tier 3
    STYLE 6: Hammerhead Dive ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 6: Crash N' Burn ([]) Leap of Faith (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE 7: Paint the Target ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE 7: Air Strike ([]) Heaven's Arrow (X) Tier 3
    STYLE 8: Sleepy Time Tumble ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 8: Terminal Velocity ([]) Air Strike (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE 9: Crash N' Burn ([]) Tree Jumper (X) Tier 1
    STYLE 9: The Launching Pad ([]) Yam's Away (X) Tier 2
    STYLE 9: Suicide Plunge ([]) Big Thumper (X) Tier 3
    STYLE A: Hot Cross Buns ([]) Daredevil Dropkick (X) Tier 1
    STYLE A: Lazy Boomerang Flip ([]) Air Strike (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE B: Suicide Plunge ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE B: Crowd Shocker ([]) Hot Cross Buns (X) Tier 3
    STYLE C: Crowd Shocker ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1
    STYLE C: Hot Cross Buns ([]) Backwater Butt Drop (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE D: Sleepy Time Tumble ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE D: Terminal Velocity ([]) Air Strike (X) Tier 3
    STYLE E: Hot Cross Buns ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1
    STYLE E: Yam's Away ([]) Summersault Crash (X) Tier 2
    STYLE E: Leap of Faith ([]) Big Thumper (X) Tier 3
    STYLE F: Tree Jumper ([]) Crowd Shocker (X) Tier 1
    STYLE F: Suicide Plunge ([]) Backwater Butt Drop (X) Tier 2
    STYLE F: Summersault Crash ([]) Big Thumper (X) Tier 3
    STYLE G: Suicide Plunge ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1
    STYLE G: Hammerhead Dive ([]) Hot Cross Buns (X) Tier 2
    STYLE G: Crowd Shocker ([]) The Launching Pad (X) Tier 3
    STYLE H: Sleepy Time Tumble ([]) Paint the Target (X) Tier 1
    STYLE H: The Launching Pad ([]) Leap of Faith (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE J: Yam's Away ([]) Backdoor Bomb (X) Tier 1
    STYLE J: Lazy Boomerang Flip ([]) Leap of Faith (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE K: Sleepy Time Tumble ([]) Hammerhead Dive (X) Tier 1
    STYLE K: Hot Cross Buns ([]) Leap of Faith (X) Tier 2
    STYLE K: Crowd Shocker ([]) Summersault Crash (X) Tier 3
    STYLE L: Sleepy Time Tumble ([]) Daredevil Dropkick (X) Tier 1
    STYLE L: Lazy Boomerang Flip ([]) Flat Out (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE M: Hammerhead Dive ([]) Suicide Plunge (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE M: Summersault Crash ([]) Lazy Boomerang Flip (X) Tier 3
    STYLE N: Crash N' Burn ([]) Crowd Shocker (X) Tier 1
    STYLE N: Tree Jumper ([]) The Launching Pad (X) Tier 2 & 3
    STYLE P: Backdoor Bomb ([]) Crash N' Burn (X) Tier 1 & 2
    STYLE P: Hot Cross Buns ([]) Hammerhead Dive (X) Tier 3
    Aerial Slams are very powerful and can be used at any height no matter what. 
    Like Aerial Throws, Aerial Slams vary depending on the wrestler's Style. Here's 
    a list of Aerial Slams.
    PERILOUS FLIGHT: Combined Shooting Star Press with body slam
    LIFT OFF: Gorilla Press Slam from the top
    TO THE MOON: Toss into the air and uppercut
    GUT BUSTER: Holds left arm and left leg and kicks in the middle
    NEUTRON BOMB: Super Powerbomb off the top
    WISHBONE SPLITTER: Shades of the Kinniku Buster used by M.U.S.C.L.E. Man
    WINDMILL BREAKER: Combine Airplane Spin and body slam
    HAY BAIL HEAVE: Super Scoop Slam from the top
    CORKSCREW BUSTER: Brock Lesnar's F-5 from the top
    THE MULE: Toss into the air and karate kick
    STYLE 1: Perilous Flight ([]) Lift Off (X)
    STYLE 2: To the Moon ([]) Gut Buster (X)
    STYLE 3: Neutron Bomb ([]) Wishbone Splitter (X)
    STYLE 4: Wishbone Splitter ([]) Lift Off (X)
    STYLE 5: Hay Bail Heave ([]) To the Moon (X)
    STYLE 6: Lift Off ([]) Neutron Bomb (X)
    STYLE 7: Windmill Breaker ([]) Wishbone Splitter (X)
    STYLE 8: To the Moon ([]) Corkscrew Buster (X)
    STYLE 9: Hay Bail Heave ([]) Gut Buster (X)
    STYLE A: Perilous Flight ([]) The Mule (X)
    STYLE B: Perilous Flight ([]) Corkscrew Buster (X)
    STYLE C: Gut Buster ([]) Wishbone Splitter (X)
    STYLE D: Neutron Bomb ([]) Windmill Breaker (X)
    STYLE E: Hay Bail Heave ([]) The Mule (X)
    STYLE F: To the Moon ([]) Gut Buster (X)
    STYLE G: Gut Buster ([]) Lift Off (X)
    STYLE H: Neutron Bomb ([]) Lift Off (X)
    STYLE J: Hay Bail Heave ([]) Corkscrew Buster (X)
    STYLE K: To the Moon ([]) The Mule (X)
    STYLE L: Corkscrew Buster ([]) The Mule (X)
    STYLE M: Perilous Flight ([]) Gut Buster (X)
    STYLE N: Hay Bail Heave ([]) Neutron Bomb (X)
    STYLE P: Hay Bail Heave ([]) Windmill Breaker (X)
    The finishers are the ultimate combination attacks to heavily do damage to your 
    opponent. When your wrestler's stamina bar flashes red, grapple your opponent's 
    head and hold R2.
    STYLE 1: 2 Samoan Drops + Lionsault
    STYLE 2: DDT + Atomic Drop + Samoan Drop
    STYLE 3: Wristlock and Elbow + Abdominal Stretch + Spinout Powerbomb
    STYLE 4: Powerslam + Backbreaker + Matt Hardy's Side Effect
    STYLE 5: Reverse Hurracanrana + Double Knee Drop + Headbutt Driver
    STYLE 6: Uppercut + Club to the Neck + Spinning Tombstone Piledriver
    STYLE 7: Tree Trimmer + Jumping Swinging DDT
    STYLE 8: Twist of Fate + Judo Armbar + Moonsault Suplex
    STYLE 9: 2 Head Chops + Head Scissor Takeover
    STYLE A: 2 Kicks + Head Scissor Takedown + Twisting Hurracanrana
    STYLE B: Leapfrog Attack + Camel Clutch + Tornado Reverse Death Valley Driver
    STYLE C: Knee Strike + Armbar Takedown + Slingshot + People's Elbow
    STYLE D: Twist of Fate + 2 Kicks + Spike Stomp
    STYLE E: Petey Williams' Canadian Destroyer + Hurracanrana + Senton Splash
    STYLE F: Uppercut + 3 One-Leg Whips + 2 Punches + People's Elbow
    STYLE G: Spinebuster + Boston Crab + Queen Suplex
    STYLE H: Reverse Full Nelson & Back Slam + Whirlwind Back Slam
    STYLE J: Knee + 2 Punches + Multiple Mounted Punches + Knee to Groin
    STYLE K: Punch + Moonsault Kick + Hurracanrana Toss + Death Valley Driver
    STYLE L: Camel Clutch + Bow and Arrow Backbreaker + Spike Stomp
    STYLE M: Shoulderbreaker + Kneebreaker + Tornado Backbreaker
    STYLE N: German Suplex + Atomic Drop + Whirlwind Verta-Breaker
    STYLE P: Same finisher as Style M
    The Create A Wrestler feature isn't as variable as the WWE games are, but you 
    can still edit your moves when you find the right body for your character. The 
    standard throws and slams can be edited, but aerial moves are not. Aerial Moves 
    depend on what style you've chosen for your character. Only 15 of the 23 Styles 
    are for editing.
    UNLOCK EVERYTHING (reported by Satanic Nemesis2K)
    At the main menu, hold L1 and press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, 
    Triangle, Circle.
    UNLOCK OPTIONS (reported by Acklor)
    At the main menu, hold L1 and press X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle.
    SONG SELECTION (reported by Tyrant234)
    During the match, press L1 and L2 simultaneously to select a different song.
    PASSWORDS (reported by Crippler104, Bad Asno and Meweight)
    Enter the following name for your created wrestler and play story mode to get a 
    special code.
    DEATHGAMER: All wrestlers and arenas
    tpiperi: Big Feet
    okendall: Big Hands
    rtaylor: Big Head
    tho: Big Head, Hands and Feet
    edma: First Person Camera
    pjefferies: Ghost Mode
    ksimeonov: Grayscale Mode
    jgintu: Halo Mode
    stomanovski: Hardcore A.I.
    denicholas: Invincible Code
    jche: Player 1 Invincible
    ddaniels: Player 1 Infinite Supers
    cbarlow: Player 2 Invincible
    jmaxwell: Player 2 Infinite Supers
    ewilliams: Wireframe Mode
    pstapley: Toon Player
    mbilodeau: Toon Background
    mstapley: Toon Background
    MISC. UNLOCKABLES (reported by SpacePirate, eviltab and Crash 6190)
    BACKYARD BABES 101: Beat Talk Show Categories in Level 1
    CLOWNING AROUND: Beat the Requirements in the final stage
    JCW BOYS: Beat the Mall Stage
    EL DRUNKO: Win Truckstop Turmoil as Karnage
    JAMIE MADROX: Win Club Beatdown as Sabu
    MASKED HORN DOG: Win Backyard Bedlam as Masked Mike Jackson
    TOM DUB: Win entire game as Mad Man Pondo
    DAMEON REDD: Win Meatlocker Mash as JCW's Evil Dead
    TYLENE BUCK: Win Shopping Spree as Shaggy 2 Dope
    SALLY: Win Mansion Mayhem as Violent J
    I'd personally like to thank...
    Eidos Interactive and Paradox Entertainment for making Backyard Wrestling the 
    video game,
    The people at Backyard Wrestling, Inc. for their hard-earned commitment to top-
    notch entertainment,
    All the Juggalos and Juggalettes who are big ICP and JCW fans the world over,
    And of course, GameFAQs for their generous contribution.

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