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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ShadowN64

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    The Hobbit 
    A Guide for Perfects
    by Logan West A.K.A. The Shadow A.K.A. ShadowN64
    Expressly for Nintendo GameCube
    Copyright (c) 2004-2005. All Rights Reserved
    This FAQ is dedicated to J.M. 
    Prov. 31:30.
    Table of Contents: (Use Ctrl+F to find your section)
    1. Introduction (INTRDCTN)
    2. Story Line (STRY)
    3. Basic Moves (BSC)
    4. Perfect Walkthroughs (PRFCT) 
     4a.  An Unexpected Party (CHPTR1)
     4b.  Roast Mutton (CHPTR2)
     4c.  Troll-Hole (CHPTR3)
     4d.  Over Hill And Under Hill (CHPTR4)
     4e.  Riddles In The Dark (CHPTR5)
     4f.  Flies And Spiders (CHPTR6)
     4g.  Barrels Out Of Bond (CHPTR7)
     4h.  A Warm Welcome (CHPTR8)
     4i.  Inside Information (CHPTR9)
     4j. The Gathering of the Clouds (CHPTR10)
     4k. The Clouds Burst (CHPTR11)
    5. Scroll Locations (SCRLL)
    6. Objective Lists (OBJCTV)
    7. Boss Battles (BSS)
    8. Frequently Asked Questions (FRQNTLY)
    9. Bonus Fun Stuff
    10. About the Shadow (SHDW)
    11. Revisions History (RVSNS)
    12. Copyright Information (CPY)
    13. Contact Information (CNTCT)
    14. Credits (CRDTS)
    1. Introduction (INTRDCTN)
    Welcome! And let me congratulate you first of all for buying this game, second 
    of all for reading this FAQ! I personally have tested out all of my strategies 
    (and I don't even own a guide so I figured and found all of this myself) and 
    hope you'll be able to follow along what I've written.
    First off, if you've bought this game just because it looked neat, you may be 
    in for a disappointment. While it is indeed a very good game, I believe that 
    it's great virtue for me lies in the fact that I read the book many years ago 
    (and was a Tolkien fan long before the movies came out and EVERYBODY knows 
    about it now). I recommend that if you like to read, read the book before you 
    even start. It will make your experience just that much more enjoyable. If 
    you've read the book (or don't care to) then read on young warrior, and good 
    The main purpose of this FAQ is to get perfect scores. Now if you can't even 
    figure out the level then I suppose it will help out with that as well, but 
    mainly, I strove to get perfects, and being that there are no other 
    walkthroughs out for this game yet, decided to write up some of my own in the 
    (faint) hope of helping others. I think that's about it.
    2. Story Line (STRY)
    *From the Manual*
    Gandalf the Wizard has always said that there is much more to the little 
    Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins than meets the eye. You're about to prove hime right, for 
    you are about to put yourself in the shoes of Bilbo himself. That is-- if he 
    wore shoes on those leathery soles of his.
    It is another in an endless stream of perfect days in the shire, and Bilbo is 
    at home in Bag End, his comfortable Hobbit-hole. Usually his biggest concern is 
    wondering when he'll enjoy his next meal. But that concern will soon be 
    overshadowed by the great responsibility Gandalf places on this diminutive 
    Prepare to lead Bilbo on an epic journey where he encounters the dangers and 
    wonders of Middle-Earth beyond the boundaries of the Shire. Travel with Bilbo 
    and the Dwarves as they seek to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the clutches 
    of Smaug. They'll meet some curious characters along the trail, as well as 
    ferocious creatures of the surrounding forests and caves. Bilbo will learn 
    combat skills unknown to other Hobbits. He'll use them in pursuit of Quests and 
    to help the Dwarves seek their vengeance.
    *End Manual*
    *My notes*
    Let me also say, for those of you who just might not know (shudder) that this 
    was an actual book written by J.R.R. Tolkien and has nothing to do with Peter 
    Jackson. Sierra (and whoever else worked on this game, Vivendi I guess) did a 
    very deucedly good job working with the book and getting it close to fact. I 
    admire them for sticking to the book even though to have made them more like 
    the Lord of the Rings movies would have brought them more money (I'm talking 
    about Gollum's voice and things like that). So hurrah to Sierra! If you need a 
    story line, read the book is all I can say ;)
    3. Basic Moves (BSC)
    (A) button causes you to jump. No problem. Got it.
    (B) button is used to slash your stick (or *spoiler* sword *unspoiler*) and to 
    talk to people, pick up items, etc. It's your action button. Oh yeah, you can 
    also throw stones if you have them equipped.
    (X) button cycles through your weapons.
    (Y) button targets enemies. By pressing it multiple times, you can toggle 
    between target and untarget. Awesome!
    (Control Stick). Um, moves?
    (C-Stick) rotates your camera around. You'll figure it out pretty quickly.
    (Control Pad) This is your handy "quick" access tool. Press > for Walking 
    stick, ^ for Sting, < for stones, and v to make Bilbo drink a health potion!
    (L) This will make you go into "stealth" mode if you hold it down. You can 
    creep around real sneaky like. Also, if you have your walking stick equipped, 
    you can do a long jump by pressing L really quick and then the (A) button to 
    (R) Toggles between First-Person mode and regular mode. To throw stones while 
    in FP mode, press B. Incidentally, I like to invert the vertical on the First 
    Person mode (look in the start menu and select game controls).
    Other moves include the Jump attack. To perform this (after you learn it) you 
    jump up into the air and hit the (B) button. You'll smash down upon your foes!
    4. Perfect Walkthroughs (PRFCT)
    Your first task before the real level begins is to go through a Dream World. 
    Believe me, if you can't figure out this then you'll have problems with this 
    game. You're invincible so just run at the enemies and slash them. You can 
    throw stones from afar, you can jump attack, whatever.
    Defeat all the enemies in the first area, then up the steps, down into a little 
    section (with nothing really of worth in it) and back up some more steps. A 
    cutscene takes place and you then attack some more goblins. When they're all 
    gone, a ladder drops, you climb up, and guess what. You wake up just in time!
    More dialogue and then you finally start your quest.
    Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party (CHPTR1)
    ()Meet the Dwarves
    ()Find Walking Stick
    ()Help Fix Bridge
    ()-Find Hammer
    ()-Find Three Bundles of Nails
    []Retrieve Gammer's Sewing Needle
    []Move Hanna's Butter Churn
    []Retrieve Provisions for Bombur
    []-Bring Sugar
    []-Bring Spice
    []-Bring Wheat
    []-Bring Three Berries
    []-Bring Three Eggs
    []-Bring Three Apples
    []-Bring Sausages
    []-Bring Tea Cakes
    []Open Lorella's Chests
    []Scare off Crows
    []Find the four Hobbit Children
    []-Find Hamfast
    []-Find Hilda
    []-Find Bell
    []-Find Sadoc
    Right Double-Oh-Seven. Now you can't be going on this adventure without your 
    walking stick! This is one of my special pieces. It is a fine straight walking 
    stick equipped with all of the latest gadgets including a long-jump and of 
    course, the standard "slash." I want to see this returned in one piece so be 
    careful with this.
    I'll let you find it on your own. You can't leave the house without it anyway. 
    You'll also come across a bright red shiny thingy in the middle of the doorway. 
    Don't touch it! Actually, you want to collect these things, they're Courage 
    Points, and each bit you collect fills up that meter in the upper left corner. 
    When you have a thousand courage points totale (that red one is worth 5 by the 
    way) you'll get a bright flash and your health will increase by one bubble! Get 
    all of them! 
    Open the chest and your on your way! Head to the door where Gandalf is 
    0 Silver Pennies, 5 Courage Points, 1 Chest, 1 Quest
    Though I didn't really need to put this checkpoint in here, I thought I would 
    just to familiarize you with it. I'll insert these quite often and you can 
    check on your progress with it. On this first level, unless you do exactly what 
    I do, you'll probably not match my numbers but the subsequent levels will be 
    easier to follow. Trust me.
    Now you're outside right?
    Head on over to the terraced garden on the right of Bilbo's house (as you come 
    out of the door) and you'll find a sack of silver pennies! Sacks are generally 
    worth ten, stacks are 5, and a single coin is worth, well, one. Hop down on the 
    side and gather in the three red courage points sitting there at the base of 
    the terrace. Behind the nearest tree is a fourth one. Now, the bushes in 
    Hobbiton are very unique in that many of them host a courage point or two. Run 
    around the outside of the little gated flower garden for ten. 
    Walk inside and gather four from the outside circle and one from the inside 
    bush. If you head back outside you'll find a path leading to the left of 
    Bilbo's house with three courage points and a silver penny up the road. If you 
    want to save, go ahead and do that, now walk up the path. Before you head down 
    the hill though, guess what?
    11 Silver Pennies, 63 Courage Points
    If you don't have those numbers, I suggest you turn back. Unless you don't care 
    about perfects :)
    Run on down and talk to the first lady you see. Gammer will ask you to find her 
    needle for her! Of course, being the gentlehobbit you are, you'll gladly do it!
    Gather in the Silver Penny (from here on: SP) next to her and talk to the next 
    lady, who'll inform you that she'd like a churn moved from the adjacent shed to 
    her front porch. Sure! While you're in the shed, collect the stack of SP in the 
    back left corner.
    Grab with (B) and carry it onto the porch.
    She gives you some Berry Crumble Tea Cakes and of course, Courage Points (CPs).
    Run on down the road little Bilbo!
    six CP greet you, run along the left, gathering in the two SPs and three CPs in 
    the center of the road, grap three more blue CPs at the far end of this valley 
    but don't go down by the river just yet! Plug back along the opposite side of 
    this valley. 
    Now if you climb the rope on that little wooden "hangman's" structure there, 
    you can get onto the roofs for three green Courage points (worth 10 each). Use 
    your Long Jump (with your stick) to ensure that you don't miss. 
    Now drop down (after you've got all three) and scrounge around in the bushes. 
    There's 8 total I believe (red ones). Make sure you grap the SP on the porch of 
    the first house!
    Now you can go down by the river.
    20 Silver Pennies, 170 Courage Points
    Moving right along there!
    A group of hobbit children confront you and volunteer you to play hide and 
    seek. While you might normally decline, this will allow you to get more courage 
    points, and well, you wouldn't want to disappoint the children!
    Walk over toward the guy by the broken bridge, who politely informs you that 
    the bridge is out but also says he'll fix it if you bring the hammer and nails. 
    Of course!
    Walk into the Mill and to the left is a save station. I suggest you use it.
    To the right of the entrance, on top of the haystack, is a green CP. Now climb 
    up the haystacks by the save station.
    You're at the top. Before you rush forward though, turn directly around and hop 
    up onto another wooden platform. Grab the three CP there and hop onto the 
    conveniently dangling rope. Whack all three jars for the nails. 
    Congratulations! Go back.
    There's three blue CP by the exit of this place, and of course that large, Pink 
    CP in the corner by the haystacks (near the exit). It's worth 25.
    Now exit this place.
    20 Silver Pennies, 220 Courage Points
    Turn to the right but don't go on the dock yet. Around the far side of this 
    Mill is some haystacks, at the end of the haystacks, lo and behold! A sack of 
    Silver Pennies! Grab 'em and hop onto the water wheel.
    Get ready to hop through a hole to your right though!
    Inside is a various assortment of SP and CP AND, your first hobbit child! Talk 
    to her for you reward. Do you think Hamfast likes her?
    Hop out the window behind her and be careful not to fall down yet. Grab the one 
    red and two green CP on the ledge. Now, hop up onto the roof for four SP! Don't 
    fall down!
    Just go back to the pond, the quickest way is to walk back to that window you 
    exited the Mill by (where the hobbit girl was) and NOW you can fall down 
    towards the lake.
    If you haven't gotten any of the CP on the dock, you should have,
    37 Silver Pennies, 275 Courage Points
    This next part is special, if you hop across all of the lily pads without 
    falling off of one (starting from the dock) you'll get 100 courage points when 
    you get to the solid column way out there. Keep trying if you can't make it! My 
    sister had to try for 15 minutes.....but that's a different story :)
    Now there's a bunch of goodies on these cliffs. I won't detail all of them, 
    just gather as much as you can and if you want to check to see if you got them 
    all, go back to the center of the pond and take a look around.
    Now you've gotten everything right? You're at the top by the save station 
    anxiously awaiting your next orders. Before going onto the lily pads (and saved 
    if you wished),
    52 Silver Pennies, 425 Courage Points
    Jump across the lily pads (doesn't matter if you fall in) hop up the pillars to 
    the mushrooms (each will refill one health bubble if you need it) walk (or 
    jump) over to the silver pennies and across the tree stumps to Carl. Talk to 
    him for the hammer. Hurrah!
    Be sure to pick up that Health potion by the tree!
    Now before you drop down, do a long jump to that highest pillar in the area. If 
    successful, you'll be rewarded with ample CP.
    Now drop down and save if you wish. We're going back to Sandyman by the bridge.
    55 Silver Pennies, 491 Courage Points
    You're across the bridge right? I wouldn't suggest talking to the fat dwarf by 
    the bridge as he'll reward you with CP, and that would mess up my numbers. Talk 
    to him at the end of the level for quite a large reward all at once!
    He'll catch you when you first get there, but DON'T talk to Bombur again. Grab 
    the two SP in the stall next to him. 
    Now talk to the lady in the stall across the path. She'll tell you about not 
    having her keys and so if you can get into the chests then you can have what's 
    in them! 
    It's not hard to open chests, just land whatever it is on green (red is bad) 
    and you'll have it! Later on they get harder.....
    Congrats! You just got all the Chests in this level!
    Now continue on and pass the dwarf with the yellow beard but don't go to the 
    door just yet, keep going past it, gathering the courage points on the 
    doorstep. If you go inside, you just end the game, and we don't want that just 
    yet do we?
    You're getting a Silver Penny, then backtrack to where Bombur was.
    58 Silver Pennies, 625 Courage Points
    Keep going past him. At the next house there are two SP on the doorstep, and 
    one CP on the roof and hello! A sack behind it. Gotta catch 'em all!
    Talk to the poor man standing next to the garden. Tsk! Tsk! Trouble with the 
    crows! Not too tough for our great hero Bilbo! Yeah. Crows.
    Whack the scarecrows a few times to scare the crows (haha) and go back to the 
    man. Great! Just what I always wanted! Wheat!
    Save at the station and then go into:...........The MAZE!!!!!! Ooooooh.
    Make sure you sneak around. You can take any route you please I suppose, but I 
    like to work my way clockwise. And well, it's not really much of a maze, 
    especially if you center the camera above your head.....
    Oh, that's right, you can't sneak yet. Well, if you go slow you can do it all 
    right, if you really want to sneak, go near the barn door real quick and it'll 
    give you the ability. Anyhow, you got all three berries and all the CP and 
    snuck back out right? We'll see.
    70 Silver Pennies, 865 Courage Points
    Wow! You'll make a decent burgler yet! Head down by the river and past the 
    hobbiton lady. Grab the stack of SP. Yeah.
    Now all over these haystacks is all sorts of CP and SP. I'll leave it to you to 
    gather them. 
    Hey! It's another one of those bra......er.....precious little children! Talk 
    to him for a reward. Now behind the tree closest to the river is another SP. 
    Grab it and walk over to the barn. I suggest saving.Got the CP and eggs? Good. 
    Very good!
    One more stop. Go to the back of the barn and surprise! There's a needle in 
    that haystack! Grab it and run back to Gammer.
    She gives you sausages! Hurray!
    Now go inside that gate that wasn't open before. It's back down the path. 
    Inside is a Silver Penny and another boy! Great going! Don't forget to talk to 
    Run to the apple orchard
    Drag the block a little closer to the cliff and hop up. Before you grab 
    89 Silver Pennies, 980 Courage Points
    Now get the SP, the CP by the well, and then go into the orchard. Knock down 
    the apples with your stones and collect everything. Now you have all the food 
    Bombur could possibly want! At least for the afternoon.....
    Plus, you got a new health bubble. Check it out! Go out the orchard and down by 
    the river. Along the right side is the last child (and of course the CP that 
    come with it!). Not to mention a SP on the way!
    Now follow the river back down and you'll come to a small dock with the last 
    SPs that you need.
    100 Silver Pennies, 1075 Courage Points
    Great! Now just talk to Bombur, collect your last CPs and you're on your way to 
    the door of the Green Dragon Inn! You did it! I'm so proud! *eyes mist up*
    You don't HAVE to get this, but it'd be nice. You can get a Waters of Vigour by 
    going back up to the well and pressing B on the handcrank AFTER you've got all 
    the Hobbit Children.
    Oh, and my recommendation at the vendor, don't buy anything. You won't need it.
    Chapter 2: Roast Mutton (CHPTR2)
    ()Talk to Thorin
    ()Investigate Light
    ()-Lower Water
    ()-Raise Water
    ()Steal Wallet
    [] Bring a Burberry Plant to Kili
    []-Find Burberry Plant
    []-Return Burberry Plant
    You start out your level with 100 silver pennies right? Well, it doesn't matter 
    really, I just wondered.
    Head to the save station and save without picking up anything. This is your 
    starting file. If anything goes wrong with a level, you want your starting file 
    to be right at the very beginning so that if you have to start over again 
    (which you most likely won't because you have me to guide you with my 
    checkpoints) then you'll be able to do so.
    Now run around all the fringes of this area before you talk to Thorin, he's the 
    dwarf staring off into the distant red glow. A stack of SP by the tree, three 
    red CP behind the tree, three more behind the save station, and while your at 
    it, why don't you talk to that shivering Dwarf sitting on the stump? He'll 
    appreciate it and reward you with a quest! He wants your to fetch a burberry 
    plant. Being as you've never even SEEN a burberry plant before, you might think 
    it'd be tough, but no problem!
    Head on over to the White bearded Dwarf you were supposed to avoid before.
    Well? Scuttle off then!
    Starting on the right side and going down to the left is a kind of stairway, so 
    follow it down a few "steps." Before you go too far though, let me introduce me 
    to a "friend" of mine. It's a plant that is sort of a second cousing to the 
    Piranha Plants unless I miss my guess. The easiest way to eliminate it is to 
    target using (Y) and then equipping your stones and throwing one at it.
    Keep going down. Bilbo alerts you to a wolf's presence so go ahead and 
    eliminate him. I find the best technique is to whack at it a few times until it 
    backs off, and follow it and when it starts coming towards you, whack it some 
    more! If you let him nip you, it can get annoying. Especially when you have 
    three wolves nipping you at once. I hate that. Man.
    These wolves however aren't too tough, you could just whack each maybe three 
    After he's dead, three more come to *cough* "help." But they'll be quickly put 
    silent won't they? Now at the base of the cliff you came down by is some 
    courage points, pick them up. Nope, sorry, you can't go in that hole. I still 
    try it every time I'm in this level.....
    All right, now keep walking out through the canyon (I don't think there's 
    really much to get lost on here) and you'll come to an open area. There's not 
    really much in here so just go up the path shown to you by the blue CP. Don't 
    miss the sack of Silver Pennies at the first turn!
    Before you go rushing into where those plants are, why don't you head the 
    opposite way, toward the left. After a bit you'll pick up some CP and a chest. 
    Got it. NOW go back.
    Take out the two plants with your arm of might (it's easy enough to hit them 
    with your stick as well) and go down. Balin will tell you to long jump across 
    the wide gap (leading to the platform with two more of those plant things) but 
    we don't want to do that just yet. Go up the mountain side and get the CP at 
    the very highest point. Kill the plants and behind them is, Hey! It's a 
    Burberry plant! (Well, leaves).
    Do I have to tell you what to do next? Drop down and talk to Kili, and Thank 
    you! Kili!
    Go to the save station if you wish.
    60 Silver Pennies, 257 Courage Points
    Now you'll want to go back up to where Balin was, but curiously enough, a rope 
    dropped so you can now take a shortcut back up.
    Now you can do your long jump.
    Hurrah! And whack those plants! And do another jump to the save station.
    Hear that? You're supposed to get to the floodgate eh? It's easy enough to 
    follow the path up to it so go switch it. 
    You may want to grab those stones sitting there, then hop out across the rocks 
    in the water for a sack of SP. It doesn't really matter if you fall in because 
    the water is shallow enough but I think it is possible to die here if you try 
    hard enough :)
    Now if you make your way back to where you go down, look to the left through 
    some narrow passages and there's another "room" back there. In it you'll find 
    CP and a Skeleton Key!
    Ready? Now go back down, all the way to that save station if you wish and start 
    out across the water. 
    85 Silver Pennies, 415 Courage Points
    You'll run into some frog-like creatures (wish I knew the names to all of 
    these). They should easily fall under your hand. Make sure you get the chest ;)
    Run up towards the chain and take out the plant right around the corner. If you 
    need health there's mushrooms at the top of that little mound past the chain. 
    All set? Let's depart Indiana Jones style!
    Kill the plants and save if you desire.
    135 Silver Pennies, 504 Courage Points
    Run down the path to a stack of SP, then left again for the CP. Okay, you want 
    to jump onto the rop that's hanging off of the platform here, and climb down as 
    far as you can go, then drop. Kill the creatures (if you wait a little while, 
    the wolves and the "frogs" will start killing eachother and I think the wolves 
    Get the chest and all of the CP, then head up the rope you've not been on yet. 
    Up the steps, kill the plant, and grab the sack of SP in the corner. Open the 
    floodgate and while the cutscene takes place, you get another health bubble! Go 
    up the ladder, down the other one. Down here is a Piranha Plant and some CP, 
    collect them. Ready to jump across the pond? Don't fall in! Hobbit's can't swim 
    very well and you will surely die!
    Hop across collecting the CP of course, and then go down the hill, kill the 
    plants and save. Phew!
    This next part might be a little tricky for you, it's good practice with the 
    camera though :)
    Hop onto the big wooden gate thingy when it comes around to you. Be patient! 
    Stay on this for a little while and collect the two Courage Points that you 
    will come underneath of.
    When one of the smaller ones come close (towards the center of this vortex) hop 
    onto it and ride it around for three more green CP. Now hop onto the next 
    closest one (or the very center one if you think you can make it) and then onto 
    the rope. Scary huh?
    Jump towards the side that has the courage points close by. Get them and then 
    turn around the other way. Long jump across the gaps if it makes you feel 
    safer. Before you rush straight ahead, turn to your left and get that sack of 
    SP. On the right side is some more plants and CP. Get them all. Now you can 
    head straight in.
    A cutscene takes place and you're stuck inside this area with three monstrous 
    There's a save station on your right.
    200 Silver Pennies, 1017 Courage Points
    Head to the left (of where you came in and you'll run into a dead end, but it 
    has two red CP and one green. Now go back the other way.
    Follow the trail of blue CP. When you come to the ledge that drops down, be 
    careful! You don't want to get caught! Wait for the troll to come up to that 
    rock wall that is on your right side, he'll stand for a minute and then stump 
    back off, that's your cue to get moving straight for the other side! If you're 
    quick, you can grab the CP off to the right and make it up the steps before 
    you're caught.
    Make sure you grab the green CP though!
    Now follow the path and get the chest (and the red CP before it too). Wow! A 
    Wallet of 50 SP! That's nice!
    Watch out for the troll on patrol, and scamper down towards the next spot. Hide 
    behind the rock until the troll stomps off again, then run like mad toward the 
    red group of CP, then the blue. Hide here! Wait until the coast is clear and 
    then dash of again. Talk about nerve racking! You've got to sneak past this 
    next troll (hold down L) and make sure you don't step on the leaves or you'll 
    be caught! 
    Once through, hop along the platforms and grab the CP and chest. Wow! A sack of 
    100 SP! That's pretty snazzy!
    Okay, your through, got it all. Before going to save at the station go back 
    towards that log, there's a sack with your last SP in it.
    400 Silver Pennies, 1123 Courage Points
    Now save.
    Sheesh! This troll sure can yawn! Sneak past him when he starts. Boy! Is he 
    Hide behind the rock that has the Blue CP next to it, this next part might be 
    tricky, you have to be patient for that troll not to grab you.
    Go down to the next blue CP but look back where the troll is walking back and 
    forth. There, out in the open is a pink Courage Point! What? Do these 
    programmers think you're a burgler or something? No one in their right mind 
    would risk that! Um, well, we would wouldn't we? Snap it and run back. Wait for 
    the troll to have his back toward you and then race off to the next hiding 
    spot. The best time is when he's walking the same direction you wish to go. 
    When he turns back and starts walking there, run towards the next hiding spot 
    and get around the other side quick!
    Grab all the CP here and wait for it to all disappear into your body. Now check 
    your stats.
    400 Silver Pennies, 1200 Courage Points
    Two perfects in a row? I'm quite impressed with you Mr. Baggins! Grab the 
    In the Vendor I would recommend that you buy the medicine chest, you might need 
    Chapter 3: Troll-Hole (CHPTR3)
    ()Find the Troll Cave
    ()Find the Troll Key
    ()Retrieve the Healing Draught
    ()Return the Healing Draught
    This one is pretty linear so it should be easier for ya. Save at the station 
    and then go down the hill.
    All right! Expert Stick Tactics! That'll make things a bit easier!
    Just head straight down the hill, we've got a date with some wolves. Kill them 
    and to the right is a small canyon with a chest in it, grab it. Ooooh. Now go 
    up the steps on the hill.
    Gloin (Gimli's father by the way) tells you about the Troll key you need to 
    find. After hearing his speech (or skipping it, whatever) turn toward where he 
    is facing and long jump out there. Do another long jump towards that white 
    thing. This is a White Courage Point and is worth 50! Open the chest Bilbo. 
    This is a trolls cave after all, so we should be finding lots of money eh? Go 
    back up the hill past Gloin.
    Okay, you've gotten all the courage points on your way right? You're standing 
    at the entrance of a dark, scary cave right?
    75 Silver Pennies, 90 Courage Points
    Well, don't worry, we'll get more.
    Watch out for these spikes in the wall! They'll take your health down real 
    fast! Just go to the opposite side of the wall the spikes are on. Phew!
    See that pool coming towards us? There are a couple of those froggy creatures 
    around here so take them out. Don't you like that music?
    Now go back to where you came into this room. There are these little pod 
    looking things with a bright, pale blue circle on them. These often contain 
    treasures. Bust 'em open!
    There's a dark vine hanging from the ceiling, this usually means that the vine 
    will break after a short while, so you'll want to line yourself up so that the 
    vine is between you and the platform with the CP you're trying to reach, and 
    then jump for it, jumping off the vine after climbing for a second or two, onto 
    that platform.
    Okay! Now we can head to the next vine. This one's stable, so you can take all 
    the time you want. When Bilbo reaches out on a vine, it means he's reaching for 
    another vine, just line him up and he'll do the jump for you. Jump to the next 
    vine, then onto the platforms, and drop down on the other side of that wall.
    80 Silver Pennies, 161 Courage Points
    In this next area are more frogs. Destroy!
    Now again, towards where you came into this place is a pink rock and behind it 
    is a pod. Bust it baby!
    Head along the wall and there are two more pods next to eachother, one contains 
    a SP.
    There's a chest at the far end, open it and then walk around the pillar next to 
    it for a pink CP. Now you can make your ascent. Get the pod at the top, and of 
    course the blue CP's on your way over this next little wall.
    At the bottom of this wall are two green CP and some holes in the ground, stop 
    for a moment.
    106 Silver Pennies, 268 Courage Points
    Hop over these "holes" in order not to get "stuck."There's a green CP in front 
    of you and around this next corner is, what IS that? It's and elvish lady! A 
    cutscene will take place when you get near her.
    Let's take this monster! It's not really that tough, all you have to do is kill 
    that little armadillo thing next to it and it gets mad and rears up, revealing 
    its soft undersides, whack it as much as you can. Then two minions come out, 
    kill them and whack the big one, then THREE! Once they are all gone, hit the 
    monster one last time and it should be over. If only Bullroarer could see you 
    There's lots of goodies in the cavern and it's a bit hard to walk you through 
    it. Follow along the left wall (as you came into this place). There are pods 
    that you see pretty quick but all you get are mushrooms. Open them anyway 
    though. Pretty soon you'll see a sack up in a dark section of the wall, it 
    leads into a cave so follow it. Destroy the armadillos (or whatever it is), 
    collect your CP and chest, and head back out to the big room. Hey! Did you get 
    another health bubble? Congrats!
    See all those dragon things in the ground? They are very annoying, but easy to 
    kill, just use rocks and whack them. If you've still been following the wall, 
    follow the blue CP towards a stand by a cliff. We can't use it yet. However, 
    you can head behind those rocks to your right and get a SP from that pod! Keep 
    following the wall to a rock pile. Inside are three green CP, get them. Now 
    there's only one thing left in this place, to climb up the platforms and get to 
    the end of them (the platforms are in the center of this cavern by the way).
    There are several ways to get up there, but once you are at the top, you'll see 
    a healing draught sitting there, and a cave to your right. Inside the cave is a 
    green CP, get both and drop down, now go back to the elf.
    She rewards you with a Witch King Crystal! Now you can go back to that stand. 
    Save if you wish.
    187 Silver Pennies, 664 Courage Points
    Go to the stand, place the crystal and either hop on really quick or wait for 
    the platform to come back. It comes from below so watch for it!
    Get on and ride it till it takes you down and to a little covey in the wall 
    with an armadillo and a chest among other things. Get the pods and chest.
    Now go back up and to the other side. Going up you'll meet another armadillo 
    and if you look sharp, between two rocks to your left (before the tunnel) is a 
    pod, break it open. Get the two pods in front of you and head left. Jump over 
    the spikes, break the pods, kill the armadillo, get the chest and the CP in the 
    little space behind the rocks, and back out. Simple as that. Now go!
    Well, pretty fast, but it could be done faster. Now back out and go up the 
    Sharp to your right is a green CP, before the spikes. If you wait for that 
    creature to come at you, he'll impale himself very satisfactorily :) Just make 
    sure you pick up the CP.
    Keep going up, kill the armadillos, head to the right (NOT towards the sunlight 
    yet) and by that red CP is a pod, break it open. Keep going toward the greenish 
    area but don't get near the edge! You'll slide down! collect the CP as you go. 
    There should be a nice Pink one at the end, and four pods, break them. Now 
    carefully go back to the center of this slippery area and cautiously look over 
    the edge, center yourself so that you'll slide down next to that chest and CP. 
    Now go!
    Whew! That was fun! Collect everything and jump on the vine, which will carry 
    you up so you can jump on another vine and quickly (or it will break) jump to 
    safety. If you fall all the way down, don't sweat, you'll just have to go the 
    long way around again. 
    NOW go out towards the sunlight. It looks beautiful doesn't it?!
    358 Silver Pennies, 859 Courage Points
    Climb up the vine with the Blue CP on it and....uh-oh. Back into those dark 
    Watch out for those spikes! There are three sets this time.
    After another turn, a cutscene will show you where the key is, when it ends, 
    keep going. Take out all of the three enemies and then collet the CP next to 
    the edge by the water, don't fall!
    Two red and one green I believe. Get the blue ones at the far end next to the 
    save station and save.
    358 Silver Pennies, 917 Courage Points
    Now hop onto that closest platform. Turn right and go across the vine to the 
    next, then down to the left, onto another vine to the right (towards the 
    waterfall) and then onto that small platform way down there with the green CP 
    on it. Get onto the next vine and can you kind of see the cave behind the 
    waterfall? Of course! Every kid knows that every waterfall has a cave behind it 
    right? Or if it doesn't then it ought to. Get inside and prepare to fight a 
    spider. It might be tough for you at first, but you should be able to get it. 
    Ah! It's dead. Now you can collect at your leisure. There's that white CP next 
    to the two Pink ones, a pod with a sack of coins in it, some more CP by a web 
    (which you can't get through) and a chest. The chest contains money AND some 
    Expert Throwing Tactics, now your stones deal more damage!
    Go back out to the water pool.
    443 Silver Pennies, 1062 Courage Points
    The easiest way to get out there is to stay in the water and get to those small 
    platforms near the edge of that chasm, then hop up (be careful not to keep 
    going over the falls) and get the sack, then onto the vine. You'll get a ride 
    up, then you'll want to hop onto the next vine (heading out toward the falls), 
    then onto the platform with the green CP and then onto the last vine, which 
    will drop you down near that Pink CP, which you'll be able to get easily. Now 
    get back up and onto that platform. You can go back to the save station if you 
    wish, or you can continue to the other save station across the pool from it. 
    You're definitely saving here right?
    Open the chest, get the CP and kill the Armadillos. To your right is a small 
    cave where there's a chest and a crystal. Go back and towards that slimy hill 
    that you'll have to go up. At the bottom of the hill.
    Get up there and kill all those little enemies that run towards you, they are 
    easy and only take one hit each. There are a number of CP around here, get 
    them, open the chest near the save station, place the crystal, get the blue CP 
    next to the vine.
    Now onto the vine, and then the platform, then the moving platform. You can 
    wait a little while for the next, lower platform to get in good timing, then 
    hop onto it, to your right (you're on the second moving platform) there is a 
    vine, jump on it and at the top is a platform with lots of goodies! Get them!
    539 Silver Pennies, 1290 Courage Points
    Go across the platforms again, this time going on all of them, there's the key! 
    Once you have it, to your right is a platform with some CP on it. Get those 
    too. Hop back, across the vine, and into the upper tunnel (you've already been 
    in the lower one). 
    Watch out for the spikes and get the chest behind the rock to the left before 
    you go on the vine. Hop across the vine and out into sunlight again!
    Long jumpt across the ravine, but if you fall down, it's not too far of a walk 
    to get back, just go into the cave again, and up the new vine that is there. If 
    you didn't fall, good lad! And go up to the right side, kill the wolves.
    Whoopee! Get the three white CP, the chest, and you're done! How do you like 
    that OTHER new health bubble?
    654 Silver Pennies, 1500 Courage Points
    Let me see, go ahead and get the rock bag upgrade now :)
    Chapter 4: Over Hill and Under Hill (CHPTR4)
    []Talk to Bofur about the Campfire
    []Get Firewood for Bofur
    ()Fix the Gold Machine
    ()-Find Large Gold Gear
    ()-Find Small Gold Gear
    ()-Find Medium Gold Gear
    ()-Find Gold Shank Arm
    ()-Find Gold Shank Head
    ()Fix the Copper Machine
    ()-Find Large Copper Gear
    ()-Find Small Copper Gear
    ()-Find Medium Copper Gear
    ()-Find Copper Shank Arm
    ()-Find Copper Shank Head
    ()Fix the Metallic Machine
    ()-Find Large Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Small Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Medium Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Metallic Shank Arm
    ()-Find Metallic Shank Head
    Find Bofur and he'll tell you to find some firewood, pick up the three CP in 
    front of him. Now head back out to Gandalf, turn to the left along the cliff, 
    grab three more blue CP and a Expert Sword Tactics. Save.
    0 Silver Pennies, 6 Courage Points
    Now you can go to the firewood. My! That was quite a wild ride! Away from the 
    water fall and towards a small circle of CP in an opening you'll run into some 
    wolves, so take them out, by the way, Sting will kill them quicker so it's best 
    to equip that. There are mushrooms around this area so you can keep up your 
    health pretty easily.
    Head back to the save station and jump out past it onto the first platform. Off 
    to the left is another, higher one. Go to it. Then the next.
    Do you see two ropes? Well get onto the NEXt platform, and it should be the one 
    in front of the second rope. If you look real hard you can see a cave behind 
    the waterfall, jump into it. Inside are some more of those dragon things, and 
    two chests. Get 'em all!
    Now go out of the cave and jump to the rope you've not been on yet. At the top 
    of this rope you'll be able to jump towards the cliff wall and get on a ledge. 
    Along the left side is another narrow rock jutting out that you can jump to 
    (use your long-jump if you're uncomfortable) and then down below that you'll 
    see a large white Courage Point. That's what we were after so grab it, and drop 
    down by the save station (saving if you wish) and then back across the 
    platforms in the middle of the waterfall area.
    When you reach the very highest one, look off to your left and you'll see a 
    small ledge you can grab on to, and on that ledge is a blue chest. Open it. Now 
    jump down the pillars to the save station on the side you're on (the one you've 
    not been to yet). Don't go towards the blue CP yet! Instead, jump back out onto 
    a lower platform near the edge of where the water falls down into nothingness. 
    Now over to that Red Courage Point.
    Drop down by the rope and then on to it, slide down and turn around to reach 
    for another rope. Jump on to it. Be careful here! Make sure that you face the 
    wall when you jump off this vine or you'll jump down into the abyss! Open the 
    chest and then go up and back to that save point. You haven't gotten those 
    three blue CP by the save staion have you? Good.
    95 Silver Pennies, 160 Courage Points, 4 Chests
    Now you can go get them, and fill up on mushrooms if necessary.
    Down over the edge by that first dead tree is a red CP. Get it. Now go over by 
    those two pine-looking trees by the far edge, down the side is another Red CP. 
    Here's a tricky part for you! Pole-jump out to that vine that has the white CP 
    by it. Then jump back :)
    Now go up by that white block, you don't have to move it, and jump onto the 
    ledge above it. Open the chest, and jump onto the rope. There's a red CP at the 
    top of it. Back towards the white block is a higher up ledge with another red 
    CP, jump over to it, then drop down, climb up the white block, onto the ledge, 
    and BACK onto the rope. Now jump the opposite way.
    Follow the ledges along the rock wall and drop down by the blue chest. Get it, 
    and then run back to save if you wish, if not, then continue back down, and 
    past the white block to get on another vine.
    135 Silver Pennies, 263 Courage Points, 6 Chests
    Hop up the vine for some more blue CP. Then just follow the walkway. Jump up 
    onto the next vine, and when you jump off of this one, you can grab onto a 
    little ledge and wiggle your way around this tricky part of the cliff. Regular 
    cliff-hanger you are!
    Stick close to the edge and then to the save station. Phew!
    135 Silver Pennies, 273 Courage Points, 6 Chests
    Here's where the fun begins. I'll be writing fast so I hope you can keep up 
    with me! ;)
    There are a group of Stone Giants who are using you Mr. Baggins, for target 
    practice! Being the perfect little dodger you are, foil their every plan by 
    keeping out of the way.
    Run around the cliff and get that little orange thing. These are fire stones 
    and will make your stones do incredible damage. Equip them and keep running up 
    to the next area, quickly target and throw a stone at each of the wolves. That 
    was easy! No time for congratulating yourself though, you've got to keep on the 
    Run into that little cave at the end and smash open the pods for some Silver 
    Now hop up onto the lower rope outside that little cave. The giants apparently 
    can't hit you when you're not on the ground, so you're safe here. Jump across 
    the vines and grab the CP on the ledge. Drop down, don't go up those steps 
    where the blue CP are yet, we don't want to go there yet! Drop down the side of 
    the cliff by that dead tree and get the green CP down there, there is also a 
    red one on the vine that you use to get back up with. And another red one on 
    the side of the cliff after that. Keep backtracking along the edge of the 
    cliff. Get the two green ones on the ledges by the other dead tree in this area 
    (no rope hanging down from it). Your last stop is to run into the cave right 
    across from where that large stone is just sitting in the open. Bust open the 
    pods and now go to those steps and go up them. 
    You have to be quick on these vines, I believe if you stay too long on them 
    that you will fall (don't know for sure though, as I never cared to make 
    certain). Jump across them quick!
    Phew! Up on that ledge? You can survey where you have come from to make sure 
    you didn't miss anything. Run down and quickly gather in the Pink CP over the 
    edge, and the red one by the mossy pillar, and then save.
    235 Silver Pennies, 399 Courage Points, 6 Chests
    Now trick those stone giants into making a bridge for you. You can do that by 
    standing over next to that large mossy pillar until one of them throws a stone 
    at you while you're there.
    Run across the bridge and whack that wolf. Kill it, and grab that pod over to 
    the left by the rope. You may just as well jump on the rope too. Make sure you 
    get the green CP at the top, and then jump over by the chest. Jump across the 
    ropes and then all the way down to kill the other wolf in this area. Ready? Go!
    There's another VERY large group of wolves around here. Rush over to the orange 
    thing again and get the fire stones. As quickly as possible, race to the cave 
    entrance and when you start to see wolves, target, throw, target, throw, 
    target, throw and keep doing that until all are dead. There's plenty of 
    mushrooms in this room if you need it. Get the courage points and that's about 
    all you can do. Run back out and whack the pods along the left side of these 
    walls. Then drop down for the red CP, and then hop up to the vine (long-jump 
    might be necessary) for the pink one. Hope back.
    If it hasn't happened already, you need to trick the giants into making another 
    little bridge for you. Stand by that tall pillar. Now run into the safety of 
    the cave. When you come to the bridge, take a good look at it. You can use 
    trial and error, but just for your information, it's weak in the center. So 
    pole jump over that light coloured spot.
    See the save station? Save at it! Don't drop into that large hole, you'll want 
    to go around it first.
    There's more wolves out here, so equip your sword and charge them! Run around 
    the pillars to pick up all the courage points, and then hop up onto that small 
    pillar, then jump to the bigger one. The pillars are gathered to shelter a weak 
    spot in the floor, you DON'T want to drop down until you've got all the courage 
    points up here, you can even save that little blue one on top of the weak spot 
    for last. Once you've got them all though, stand on it and the stone giants 
    will help you for the last time.
    Equip your stick and kill all those little bouncy guys down there, the reason I 
    say to use the stick is because it only takes on hit to kill them regardless of 
    what weapon you use, and the stick has the longest range. Now walk down the 
    passage. Take out some more little bouncers.
    Whack those pods in the corner. Don't exit to the outside yet.
    See that little cave that steps up and there's a rope inside? Well go in it. 
    You'll see the room with all those wolves that we eliminated before, and across 
    a gap is a chest! Pole-jump to get to it.
    Inside is Expert Jump Tactics! Now you can deal more damage with your jump 
    attack! Go back the way you cam in.
    Before you exit to the outside though, pull that block over underneath the vine 
    hanging down in the central room. Jump up and grab the three sacks of Silver 
    Pennies. NOW you can go outside :)
    Kill the two wolves and you should get another health bubble!
    The walkway leading alongside the cliff gets blasted away, so we'd better go 
    through the cave down here. Make sure you got all the Courage Points around 
    where the wolves were. Then head into the cave by where the path got blasted.
    After a small loading scene, check your stats.
    400 Silver Pennies, 979 Courage Points, 8 Chests
    Okay, now head on down. Like that music?
    Fill up on health if you need it, grab the two chests, and the CP and head into 
    the only exit you can (other than the one you came in by). We need to get some 
    pieces to that gear setup don't we?
    Save and then go in the exit by the station. 
    Oh well! I guess we won't be going back that way anytime soon!
    In this next big room drop down and kill all the little guys first.
    Around the fringes of this room is two chests, mushrooms, courage points, and a 
    couple of pods, make sure you bust those open.
    Grab that shiny gold thing on the low ledge. This is your first part! Now up 
    the rope in the center of the room. Hop onto a pillar and keep going that 
    direction (away from the save station) and in a little covey is another part. 
    Now head toward the save station!
    If you desire, save, but in any event, head to the right across those vines. 
    The third one is brittle, so don't stay on it long! Grab the gold part and then 
    open the chest. Now back toward the vines, you can walk on top of where they 
    are hanging from. At the end of this little stair-step sequence is a Pink CP. 
    Then head back down. Go past the treasure chest you last opened to a lone vine. 
    Climb up it. Then across the ledges and down to that platform that is next to 
    the platform with the save station on it! You can jump back and save if you 
    530 Silver Pennies, 1075 Courage Points, 13 Chests
    Now head into that entrance that is at the top of the pillar, and down this 
    area you'll come to a room with lots of big pillars.
    Grab that gold piece in front of you, but don't jump off just yet! Over to the 
    left and down is a ledge with pods on it, and in these are some large sacks of 
    Silver Pennies. Get them! And then head out across the pillars. 
    At the very top is a chest, a gold piece, and a save station! Save.
    630 Silver Pennies, 1081 Courage Points, 14 Chests
    Hey, we're back in that room again! Place all the pieces you found and a new 
    path will open. Follow it. It is your destiny.
    There's a save point down here you just might want to use. But follow the ledge 
    along and jump across the small pillars in the water. The water is poisonous so 
    don't fall in! Besides that, you'd probably drown! These are the olde dwarf 
    Hop onto the steps but don't go all the way up. Just go into that little niche 
    and you'll be able to grab onto the wall and wiggle your way to the left. Jump 
    onto the rope. Hop onto the wooden platforms and then across the broken bridge. 
    Jump across some other platforms at the base of the receiving end of the 
    bridge. You're at the base of a castle looking structure, with Courage points 
    guiding your way. Make sure you get the ones that are actually sitting on the 
    castle structure itself.
    Ah! Save point! Save there and before you continue up the steps into the castle 
    area, jump out to that little pillar out there. Then onto the next large 
    pillar, and then onto the vines. See where we're heading? Out to that Pink CP 
    of course! Get it an hop back. Try not to drop too far though.
    Where were we? Oh yes, back by the save staion now, right? Go up the steps and 
    head left first. Down some more steps that lead, hey! Right into the water! Ah, 
    but to your right is a wooden raft with a red CP on it! And next to that is a 
    small covey with three Silver Penny sacks! Oh joy!
    Now head back up and press B on that switch on the pillar. It triggers a small 
    block to appear. Head up that block/step, and get the copper piece and open the 
    chest. Directly opposite the chest you'll see some Courage points on top of 
    some pillars. Get them by jumpin out there. There are two reds and one green. 
    Make sure you pole jump! Now head back down towards the switch. Go down the 
    stairs past it and off to your left is a pillar that is higher than you and has 
    a chest sitting on top of it. It's out in the water. Jump to it and get it, 
    plus the copper piece next to it.
    On a lower bit of land sitting just above water level is a pink CP, make sure 
    you get that too and jump back to the stonework. Off all by itself to the left 
    is another copper gear. Now go up the stairs and to the right is a little 
    copper gear. The last you need!
    Before you place all the pieces though, open the chest. Now look above where 
    you are supposed to place all those pieces you found. It looks like some sort 
    of a button! How do you suppose we could trigger it eh? You guessed! Stones! 
    This was the last thing for me to find in this level! 
    It opens a door (back where you caused that stone step to appear) and inside it 
    is a chest, 5 courage points, and 30 silver pennies! I remember that well 
    because twice I got to the end of this level and that's all I had left to get 
    for a perfect score! It was a relief that they were all in the same spot!
    Okay, go ahead and lower the bridge now. Before you jump off the end 
    745 Silver Pennies, 1466 Courage Points, 18 Chests
    Got it? Got it. Great. Phew!
    You can save here if you want of course. Go to the right and open up the chest. 
    The only other little thing in this area is a silver piece for ANOTHER one of 
    those gear boxes? Wow.
    Walk past the save station again toward the other end of the spectrum. At the 
    far end is a small silver gear and around the corner of the pillar next to it 
    is a green courage point!
    Head back up to that block. Now you don't have to move this block to get up to 
    that small pillar with a chest on it (it's toward the area you jumped across 
    the bridge from). If it makes it easier for you though, by all means, move it! 
    Don't miss the green CP while you're up there!
    Now on the opposite side of the block you can jump up on top of a small square 
    pillar, get up there and up to the next area. There's a large gear! See that 
    white block up there? We don't need it. Just jump onto that little ledge on 
    your right to get up to the high top. All that you can see from here is a gold 
    treasure chest out on top of another one of the buildings. You'll want to pole 
    jump out there, preferably left because it seems easier to land on top. Open up 
    the chest for a LOT of Silver Pennies! 
    Go around the side to where you can see a pillar down below, jump onto it and 
    then pole jump out to that white CP. Jump back, try to carefully get down to 
    ground level, save if you want and continue this way. 
    Go past that pillar that you jumped on top of before, and turn to your right. 
    Jump across to your right and you'll see some little CP and a chest on a little 
    ledge too! Get the chest and jump back onto that pillar, now just stand there 
    for a moment. See that little button? Throw a stone at it. Now continue up 
    (probably to your right) and get another little silver component and the red 
    CP. Keep going up and around to your right towards where that door you just 
    opened up is. Trigger the switch here.
    The switch opens a door, and in the door is a chest and ANOTHER switch! Plus 
    another piece you need. Before you go anywhere else, go around the left side of 
    the building (the one you're on) and around the corner is a red CP. Now drop 
    down and get the chest in that door you opened with a button, inside is Expert 
    Sword Jump Tactics!
    Now get back on top and that pillar you raised up has opened a new path for 
    you, so take it. Keep following the path and then go down the steps on your 
    left towards that treasure chest.
    Go back up and place all the parts you found. Now go across the bridge but 
    before you drop down, save at the save station right at the edge.
    900 Silver Pennies, 1695 Courage Points, 25 Chests
    Now drop down and whack all those little bad guys. Pick up any health you need, 
    grab the key, and go through the door!
    In here is lots of stuff to get so I'll let you roam, when you think you have 
    it all come back to me and I'll check on your work.
    Are you waiting for me at the hole with the vine in it? Good.
    1075 Silver Pennies, 1736 Courage Points, 26 Chests
    So drop down and save if you wish.
    Ah! Finally! Back outside again! Follow the mountain path.
    You can't really mess this up, just keep going and grab the chest at the bottom 
    of the second vine, get back up etc. It's your last chest and last Silver 
    Pennies. Or should be anyway :S
    Gandalf will call to you, when the cutscene is over, make sure you grab the CP 
    around the other side of that rock sticking up. Then up the path! A cutscene 
    takes place once more and then goblins are attacking! You can either let 
    Gandalf handle them, or join in yourself and whack them. When they are all 
    gone, pick up the loot. Make sure you're quick or they'll disappear! Then exit 
    the area via where those two pink CP are. You should have another health bubble 
    by now! Before you end the game, talk to the first dwarf you see. It's Bofur, 
    and you have his firewood. That's your last objective. Good lad!
    1100 Silver Pennies, 2200 Courage Points, 27 Chests
    Either talking to Gandalf (recommended) or running in the cave behind him you 
    can end the level. Congratulations! Buy a Medicine Chest Upgrade.
    Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark (CHPTR5)
    ()Exit Caves
    ()-Extend Bridge
    ()-Lower Bridge()Free Balfor
    ()-Go to Jail
    ()-Talk to Balfor
    ()-Hit Cell Door Switch
    ()Bribe Guard to Open Gate
    ()-Find Wart-Stone
    ()-Take Wart-Stone to Guard
    ()Activate Wart Lift
    ()-Find Key for Mugg-lift
    ()-Activate Mugg-Lift()-Find Key for Grit-Lift
    ()-Activate Grit-Lift
    ()-Find Key for Dim-Lift
    ()-Activate Dim-Lift
    ()-Take Wart-lever to Wart-lift
    Tynam McCulloch has these two tidbits to offer:
    "1. After Bilbo says 'What an odd looking contraption' near the start, get on 
    the wheel and ride it round until you can see the mine cart tracks and then 
    pole-jump towards it. You should land on a little platform. Follow it around 
    the pillar and there should be a little breakable box with a health potion 
    2. When you get off the Grit Lift, go to your right, look down and you can see 
    a platform, align yourself and you can fall off the side and end up by the 
    Waters of Vigour you get at the end."
    Thanks Ty.
    *END EDIT*
    I got quite lost the first time through this but it's pretty simple really. 
    Just follow what I say.
    If you haven't already figured it out, Bilbo will say something about a glowing 
    blade and guess what?! You can use Sting to light your path!
    Follow the only route you can. Throw stones at the three bat things that shoot 
    fireballs at you. You can target the first and third, and just manually throw 
    one at the second one. 
    There are a group of those snake things. An easy way to kill them is to jump 
    attack one and patiently wait by the hole until you see the targeting mark 
    appear in it. Then swing and you'll kill it before it even pops up!
    There are four of them, and then you'll come to a save point. I recommend 
    saving here just in case you mess up on grabbing that rope/web thread hanging 
    down. Get it? Got it? Good.
    Now pole jump out there and then jump into that cave. Inside is a health 
    potion, an antidote potion, and a pink CP.
    Now you can drop down. The way I like to do this next part is to jump to the 
    bottom and run madly around the room cutting the webs as I go, this triggers 
    lots of spiders to come at you, and then you just equip your stick and you can 
    whack them easy! The green ones will poison you, if that happens, use your 
    antidote, but for heavens sake! Don't TRY to get poisoned!
    In this level, the things you break open (like the pods in the past two levels) 
    are either boxes, pots, or these little cacoon looking things down here, make 
    sure you whack them if you see it. Make certain that all the webs are cut, even 
    the ones by that big door and that all the spiders are dead.
    Now you can climb up that little web/rope hanging at one end of the room. Go 
    straight back first, cutting the two webs up here.
    That huge spider really isn't so scary after all, a jump attack and a couple of 
    whacks will take it out fast! Collect your booty.
    Now backtrack and jump up that ledge to the right. Again, make sure you get 
    those cacoons in the ground. Jump across the ropes provided and around and 
    you're past the gate! Keep going and saveif you have everything.
    35 Silver Pennies, 229 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    See those crates on the left? The cracked ones are breakable and can be smashed 
    with a blow from your sword or stick. Go near the bars and a cutscene will 
    Easy enough right? Well, there's quite abit involved :)
    Take the only path provided, down the wooden platforms to the bottom. When you 
    reach the last platform, instead of going down the ladder, take the boxes 
    because then you'll be ready to fight! There are snakes around the perimeter, 
    but the goblins are your main threat right now. Fight Bilbo Fight! Now take out 
    the two snakes and follow the tunnel.
    Wow! What a grand view! And we have to get THERE!!!! To your right is some 
    boxes. Then back past the save station is some blue CP leading to the left. Hop 
    on and ride all the way around to pick up a green CP at the top. Then hop onto 
    the lower lift when you get the opportunity.
    Kill the goblins down here and then grab the chest back by the lift you just 
    rode down. 
    Then go down the ladder by it. There's a goblin down here and a chest, with a 
    box there too. Back up the ladder.
    Don't worry about the goblin throwing explosives at you from across the way. 
    Just go around the right side of that huge column in the area and you'll see 
    some blue CP leading the way down to a switch that will extend the bridge. 
    Go across the bridge and if you think you might need it, get that shiny silver 
    thing up on the little scaffold. It is Freezing stones and will temporarily 
    stop you enemies in the tracks, allowing you ample time to hack them to death! 
    Then clean up everything in this area, there is a box on a lower platform, a 
    chest back by the Ice Rocks, and a box there too. More boxes in the corner. 
    Lastly there is a blue chest. Save here.
    165 Silver Pennies, 643 Courage Points, 4 Chests
    Jump onto the lifts. At the bottom of the first one (if you ride it all the way 
    around) is a pink CP. Then jump onto the next set of lifts. At the peak of this 
    on is a walkway kind of in the direction that the last save point was, get onto 
    it and follow the large column you are against, clockwise. Hey! A box and a 
    chest! How grand! If you look up on your way back you'll see a white CP 
    silouetted against the "sky." If you know of an easy way to get this then 
    please let me know, I did it by doing it the hard way I think :( I'll explain 
    **Big EDIT!!**
    According to Bigbadwolf of GameFAQs, you can get this white CP the easy way by 
    getting on top of that box and then jumping up to that cross-bar, if you break 
    the box though....tough luck, you'll either want to kill yourself and restart 
    from the last save point (recommended) or do it the hard way like I did. A big 
    thanks to bigbadwolf!
    Go back to the lifts and this time take the other route, hopping onto that 
    narrow beam with the green CP on it. Stay on the beam and walk out towards the 
    end, jumping onto another and then up for a chest. Now go back and along the 
    walkways again, following the green CPs. Beware of the platform with the grey 
    boards in it though! These will break and you will plummet to your destruction 
    if you're not careful (or running fast enough). Get the chest. About here you 
    should get another health bubble! That is, if you've been getting perfects from 
    the start....
    Now back to the lifts and ride them to the top. You'll have to jump onto 
    another set. Kill the two goblins up here. 
    Follow the path along. Yes indeed, we might be able to use those barrels! But 
    wait just a moment, keep going past the barrel on this side and into a HUGE 
    nest of those snake things. Kill them all and climb to the top for a chest. Now 
    go back and remove the barrel from where it lies. Hey! Our side of the bridge 
    dropped down! Now how do you s'pose we could do the same for the other side 
    when we can't get over there? Obvious answer? EXPLODING BARRELS! BANZAI! Just 
    throw a stone at that red barrel.
    The explosion conveniently kills the goblin there too, but be quick and grab 
    those CP or they'll disappear!
    Keep following the path along and you'll come to another group of those 
    "snakes." Kill them, grab the blue CP by the edge and then save. If you have 
    everything, then.
    345 Silver Pennies, 865 Courage Points, 8 Chests
    Now go down the lift. Hop onto the next one and get the Pink CP, either when 
    you jump onto this lift, or by riding it around. Then down to the floor and 
    take out the goblin.
    A word to the wise: A jump attack with the stick can take out a lot of the 
    snakes at once.
    Go back by the lifts, there is a small passageway there with some scaffolding 
    and after climbing up a ladder, you'll reach some mushrooms, a chest and a box. 
    Gotta catch 'em all!
    Then go back out and follow the cavern floor to some other rooms. Eliminate as 
    you go.
    There are plenty of mushrooms around the next room so you'll be able to keep up 
    on your health pretty well I should think. Get that red CP up on the platform 
    and grab the rest of the treasures around the room. Shouldn't be too hard ;)
    At the end of it you come to two goblins and a save station. The only way down 
    is by a ladder. Save if you wish and then go down this ladder.
    Ah! The gate! Uh-oh, it wasn't as easy as we thought was it? Well, on our way! 
    Now back up the ladder and hey! Another ladder has dropped down over to the 
    right! Well, don't just stand there gaping, go up it! Thank goodness for these 
    blue CP to guide us!
    Jump onto the lift you see rotating. Down below you'll see the control box for 
    the dwarf lift you are supposed to start but, what's this? It's broken! Now how 
    about that. Well, time to scat! Get the broken box and the chest, then back up 
    the lift and jump on a chain that wasn't there before. Jump across the chains.
    You've been here before, but just follow the blue CP. Kill the goblin and snake 
    and off to the left is a chest. Get all the CP and then place the key you just 
    found in the control box. Does anyone besides me think that "mugg-lift" has any 
    correlation to "face-lift?"
    495 Silver Pennies, 1266 Courage Points, 12 Chests
    Now jump onto the lift as it comes around and get that blue CP underneath it. 
    Stay on it long enough to get the pink CP at the very top. Then down. Drat. We 
    need another key. Head on to the left. In this area is a goblin and a key. One 
    other thing, there are pots all around this room, they contain little treasures 
    so break them all. They are only little pots.
    When you have all the pots and boxes, save.
    505 Silver Pennies, 1404 Courage Points, 12 Chests
    Now go back to the lift and place the key in the golden box. It starts the 
    Hop on and ride it to get the first two or three blue CP, then jump down to the 
    left, climb down the ladder, watch out for runaway mine cars, jump across the 
    tracks, grab the pink CP and scram back up the ladder and catch another one of 
    the platforms on the lift coming by. Phew! All that for a little pink CP? Oh 
    If you like riding ski lifts, then you just might enjoy this ride too because 
    it's BORING! Aside from watching Bilbo flip is sword around, trying to hang off 
    the edges, and jump the entire time you are riding, other fun and engaging 
    activities include Ooooooh, trying to center the rope so it's facing directly 
    into the camera! What fun!
    When you finally reach the end, turn right and jump across the gap to the 
    platforms going clockwise around that large column. Around it you'll find a 
    white CP. You may wish to pole-jump back to where the lift is. Then keep 
    following the wooden platforms down to the ladder! Get the box by the ladder. 
    Then up and kill the two goblins.
    Then break all the pots and grab the key. I love that quote. "Haven't these 
    goblins heard of keyrings?" Then go back down the ladder. Jump down onto those 
    little stone ledges by the railcar track. Be careful here, as sometimes a cart 
    will come along and end your little party! Don't play on the railroad tracks! 
    Go to where those goblins are. Pole jump to make sure you reach it! There's not 
    much here besides the goblins, the two snakes, and the chest.
    Then down the ladder provided and place the key! Get all the blue Courage 
    Points around here and before going on the lift, save.
    585 Silver Pennies, 1694 Courage Points, 13 Chests
    Now get onto the lifts. Say, this looks kind of like the other one! *snore* At 
    least you get Courage Points! I think it's about time for another health 
    upgrade eh? Poof.
    At the end, hop off and follow the ledges and you find the lever! All right! 
    Luckily they made it easy on you by providing a quick and safe method of 
    getting back down. Hop on the little chain there my friend.
    Whoah. That was brief. Just follow the Blue CP now in order to get to the 
    control box! Follow the blue CP and kill the two goblins below. You may want to 
    save here.
    Okay, ride the lift and kill the goblin. go down by the pink CP. Follow the 
    ledges around and get the two chests. Okay, now carefully get back up. 
    If you're not very confident, ride the lift back and save, then come back over. 
    If you are sure of yourself, then onward ho!
    Go over to those rotating lifts. There is a ladder to the left of them go down, 
    get two boxes and a pink CP. You know the routine.
    Now get on the lifts. All three go at different rates, so you'll have to time 
    things properly. Ride the first one all the way around for a green CP. Same 
    with the second for another green CP. Get onto the third rotating lift. At the 
    top, save and then go up the ladder.
    Break all the boxes on your way up and then attack that hooded dude in the 
    little cave area. He's not difficult. Break all the pots and get the chest 
    opened, finally! The wart stone! Go back down to the save station.
    715 Silver Pennies, 2054 Courage Points, 16 Chests
    Go the other path, past the save station. Keep going past the breaking bridge, 
    and past the little narrow bridge with the pink CP above it and kill that 
    hooded guy. To the left in that cave is another pink CP. Get it and then walk 
    over to the edge of the cliff. Look around and you'll see a platform. Drop to 
    Now keep following the platforms until you come to the chest. All right! Drop 
    carefully down and save.
    Now we can go to the gate. Ask politely for the goblin to open it up, he does, 
    but he'll fight you too! He really is a tough old buzzard......This might be a 
    good spot to practice on your jump attacks!
    Collect the loot inside and follow the tunnel up. Make sure you break all of 
    the breakable boxes. Climb up to the top and across the chain. Before you go 
    into the room however, follow the right wall down for a gold chest. Now back up 
    and save at the save station.
    810 Silver Pennies, 2219 Courage Points, 19 Chests
    Now walk into the cavern and a cutscene will ensue. I like to walk along the 
    right side, hiding behind the boxes and waiting for an opportunity. You're on 
    your way to talk to the dwarf. He'll tell you where to go next. Oh, don't whack 
    any of the crates yet! It's your cover!
    When you talk to him, he tells you to go activate a switch that will free him 
    from his cell. Do so when you get the opportunity (i.e. the goblins aren't 
    looking) and he'll run out and slay them all for you. Pick up the CP he left 
    behind. Hehe.
    At one side of this room there is a cutaway up above and there are three red CP 
    and some stones in there. Use the boxes to get up there, if you destroyed all 
    the boxes, there is one that you can drag over.
    Once up, throw a rock at that lever to drop a ladder, then up the ladder! To 
    the left are some CP and a box. Forward is a gold chest, several boxes and CP. 
    In the chest you get Master Stick Tactics! You can chain three attacks now! 
    There is one more area up here, with two chests in it, a box, a skeleton key, 
    and a lever. Activate the lever to open up one of the cells downstairs.
    Did you get another health bubble? Go into the dwarf's cell and behind one of 
    the boxes to find a pink CP. Now go back to that save station you were last at. 
    Next to it is a cell that was just opened and you can get SP and CP in there! 
    Including a white one!
    Now go back to the room and out the other exit. Just follow the trail of CP all 
    the way up to the top of the large cavern. Oh great. More goblins. Joy. Go 
    ahead and help yourself!
    Get the two boxes on the shelf (that tiny one too) and then save. This room is 
    clear except for the mine cart right?
    950 Silver Pennies, 2972 Courage Points, 22 Chests
    Now into the mine cart flyboy. It's a wild ride so fasten your seatbelts! I 
    love this.
    There are switches all along the pathway, ignore the first two and hit the only 
    green one you see to switch it to red, just ride to the end and pick up the 
    White CP and treasure chest, not to mention Waters of Vigour. Smash that jar 
    for a pink CP while your at it too. There's a good lad. 
    **A BIG EDIT!!!!!!**
    According to Bigbadwolf of GameFAQs, you don't have to go all the way around, 
    you can get to that little cross-brace by getting on top of a crate first, if 
    you break it though, then tough luck, you'll have to do it this hard way, 
    detailed in the next paragraph.
    Now here's the tricky part I told you would come. You have to walk out on the 
    tracks, line yourself up with that beam underneath you (the one with the White 
    CP on it) and jump for the wall, hopefully you'll land on the beam and be able 
    to pick up the CP, if not, tough luck, but you did save right? Now you have to 
    drop down, make your way ALL the way back to the gate that you opened, ALL the 
    way back to the prison cells, and BACK to the mine cart. Seems like a waste of 
    time doesn't it. To me too. :S 
    If you did it the "easy" way, then just get back into the mine cart and it will 
    take you to the starting point again. If not, same thing, you'll go back to 
    this starting point.
    Now into the mine cart and whack the first red sign you see, then the second, 
    and likewise the third. We're out! Hit the crate (where you landed) for the 
    last of the Silver Pennies.
    Walk over by the pool and head along to the right, climb up some stairs, grab a 
    health poition and, hey! That shiny thing there, what is it? 
    1000 Silver Pennies, 3100 Courage Points, 23 Chests
    Buy the Rock Bag upgrade. Don't worry about anything else, you should have 
    plenty of health potions and enough of the antidotes to go around.
    Chapter 6: Flies and Spiders (CHPTR6)
    ()Find the Dwarves
    ()Rescue the Dwarves
    ()Escape the Spider Lair
    ()Burn Away the Thick Web
    ()-Find Oil
    ()-Use Oil on Campfire
    []Find Memento for Corwin
    First things, save at the save station. As the title of this level suggests, 
    there are going to be a lot of spiders in this level, again, the green ones 
    will poison you, try to take these out first. If you get poisoned (your health 
    bubbles turn green) then you'll want to use one of your antidotes. What's nice 
    now though is you finally have the Ring! It will make you invisible for a 
    period of time, to certain enemies. Keep and eye on the ring meter on the upper 
    right of your screen, when it is depleted, you will cease to be invisible, and 
    depending on where you are, this can be awful inconvenient!
    Break open the three cacoons. I'll call them pods. Then climb up the vine.
    In this little area you meed some new enemies! These plants will wind up (or 
    take a deep "breath" if you can call it that) and then let loose a stream of 
    missile seeds at you. Ouch, that hurts. They can sense you even with your ring 
    on, but when you have it on you can tip-toe around and they won't shoot at you. 
    Kill the three that are in this next little area. Make sure you get the red CP 
    in one of the "normal" plant ;)
    There's a chest here as well. After you've opened it, climb up on the log and 
    hop on over to the other side, there's another plant as well as a spider web 
    and some pods. Cut the web and climb up on the log. Hey! That's Dori's Helmet! 
    I'll do a checkpoint here.
    16 Silver Pennies, 91 Courage Points, 1 Chests
    hop down and be prepared for some spiders to come and attack you. The best way 
    to deal with most enemies is to jump attack them and then slash them a few 
    times, run away, and repeat. The large spiders are no exception. The small ones 
    can be dealt easily with if you only whack at them while they are coming 
    towards you.
    When you cut the large web spanning the path in front of you, you'll trigger 
    three spiders to come at you, the dreaded green ones! If these touch you then 
    they'll poison your health! If that happens, make sure you kill all the green 
    ones to prevent getting re-poisoned and then use an antidote potion if the 
    green hasn't stopped (it will cease after some time). 
    The best way to deal with these small spiders is to cut the web, run away 
    (jumping as you go) and switch to your stick. Then jump attack to kill lots of 
    them at once, as long as the spiders are within a certain radius, they will be 
    That water DOES indeed look foul doesn't it? Hop onto the vine hanging in the 
    middle. There is another vine also, you'll want to hop quickly onto that and 
    then off because it will break. There are certain fouler things than Orcs and 
    goblins around here. Minions of the Necromancer! As you continue down to the 
    river they will come at you, first one and then two at a time. They are easy to 
    kill, jump attack them and then whack whack whack!
    You can save at the save station right on the river side of that foul pond by 
    the way.
    What's this? A rotten log do I see? Throw a stone at it to make it fall, 
    creating a convenient bridge for yourself! Aren't you clever!
    On this side of the river is a chest, some pods and some flowers, do what you 
    want first, but then go back to where that rotten log was hanging before. Don't 
    go up the vine by where the flowers were yet though. Head to where the log was 
    hanging. You'll be able to walk across and jump on a vine, from there you can 
    jump onto another branch and collect the courage points there, then onto the 
    next vine. This one will drop down, so if you fall you don't have to go all the 
    way back across the river to get up again.
    Jump to and on the other side of the next rotten vine. Collect the CP and then 
    you'll see two little rotten vines hanging close to eachother, go along them to 
    get to a little covey in the tree with a white CP in it, now go back and go on 
    the green vine (to go across the branch hanging over the foul pond. You're 
    trying to get to that branch. It has a mushroom on the tip of it.
    It's hard though because Bilbo sort of "targets" that vine that is hanging from 
    the branch, so your jump will be bad. I like to point Bilbo to the left until 
    he stops reaching for the vine, and then jump, just holding right so I'll land 
    on the branch. 
    Now walk carefully along and then jump onto the next vine. It looks like it's 
    far away but you should be able to just do a normal jump to it. Then go on over 
    to the left and gather in that group with the Red CP. Walk to the end of this 
    branch and you'll see what looks like a rotten vine, get on it and then jump to 
    the left. Two red and one green CP await you right? Walk straight to the chest! 
    Not a bad batch of Silver Pennies!
    Take the only fork that is left and gather in the remaining CP in this area, 
    drop down, go across the foul pond again, across the log in the river, and then 
    over to where the flowers are/were. Up the vine to get over that huge log and 
    you're in a camp. You can save here. Before you go forward any.....
    132 Silver Pennies, 550 Courage Points, 3 Chests
    Run towards the man you see. His name is Corwin and his story is sad. Doesn't 
    that music make you want to cry? Go through the log and cut the web, we've got 
    to get the oil!
    Next is one of the most fun parts in this level I think, just slash and hack 
    all the way! There is a huge group of flowers, you should be in the market 
    about now for a health bubble upgrade so be alert for that. Slash the flowers! 
    Down with the daisies! You may or may not need to use a health potion or two 
    (or even a waters of vigour, you should have two by now) but try to stay alive, 
    the dwarves need you! Collect the CP before going on over the log. 
    There are some odd looking platforms in front of you, they start moving as soon 
    as you jump on them. First off we want to go forward and to the right (across 
    the platforms) If you fall of, try to get back on because apparently the ground 
    has some sort of poisonous gas or something......
    Did you get that white CP that was there? Good, now go across the rest of the 
    platforms to get to the other side where the savepoint is. Save before dropping 
    136 Silver Pennies, 1116 Courage Points, 3 Chests
    Now go down and get that chest over in that little covey. More money! The only 
    thing left to do now is to walk out onto that very obvious hole covered with 
    leaves. How do you suppose we get out of here? Well, first we collect all the 
    Courage Points, then we move the block that is holding the water back! This 
    causes the water to rise so get on that log as quick as possible or you'll be a 
    drowned rat in no time!
    Ride the log to the top but instead of jumping on over to the other side, why 
    don't you hop onto that vine that is right next to you log? From there you can 
    climb up a little and then jump onto that little ledge with all the goodies. 
    Careful though! You don't want the vine to break before you make your leap! Be 
    quick about it!
    Now get back to your log and then go onto the other side with a pole jump. 
    There are plenty of spiders in this area so be careful! A couple big spiders 
    and several little ones will come at you if you go straight. If you cut the web 
    to the right then three poisonous ones will come, if you go ANYwhere then 
    you'll run into spiders. Yikes.
    Oh well, just take them one at a time and soon you'll have them all beat. 
    Get the chest (it has the oil) and then go to the left of the chest. There's a 
    hole you can go down into, with a monster spider in it! It's really not hard to 
    kill, all you do is jump attack it and then slash it while it's down, then when 
    it gets back up, run around until your sword meter builds up again (if you need 
    it to) and then jump attack it again. It should be dead after 10 or so attacks. 
    Pull the block over so you can get up onto that ledge that has the spider web 
    covering the opening.
    Inside is two Gold Chests and a signet ring! How in the world did that spider 
    get so much money? Oh well, now hop up around the rock outcroppings that are 
    around this room. Make sure you jump across for those two Pink CP!
    Ah! We're out of this dank dark hole at last! Ignore the stuff on the trees up 
    above, we can't get to those just yet, just head up the steps (where the three 
    poison spiders were) and get the chest up there, the hey! We're back in the 
    camp! Talk to Corwin (who gives you a handsome reward for finding his family 
    heirloom) and then why don't you save while you're in the camp.
    538 Silver Pennies, 1556 Courage Points, 8 Chests
    Walk over to the fire and press B on it to place the oil Don't get too close or 
    you might singe the hair on your furry little toes!
    Hop over that log and hey! It's Nori's cape! To your right behind a spider web 
    is some mushrooms if you need them, but we're almost due for another health 
    upgrade so it's not really important.
    All of a sudden a bunch of spiders come at you! What will you do brave hero? 
    You of course calmly whip out your sword and kill them all right? N-n-n-now 
    wasn't that b-b-b-brave? Open the chest for a health potion, and then bust open 
    the pods. Ah! More health bubbles!
    How do we get across the river? You ask me. I reply matter-o-factly that you 
    merely go to the tree. Which tree? You query further. Why, that tree by the 
    waterfall of course! I exclaim. See. I continue. There are some vines on the 
    river side of the tree that you'll be able clamber up and then leap to the 
    hanging vine by! Simple as that!
    Pole jump across the gap in the logs and cut the web, beware because instantly, 
    three nasty, horrible poisonous spiders will try to attack you! Kill them. All 
    of them.
    Ah! A savepoint. You want this. See, I TOLD you we'd soon come to this area up 
    above and here we are! I didn't lie! Once you hop onto that green vine, it will 
    drop down so that if you fall, you can always get back up again! Pretty nifty 
    You'd better make it drop and then head back, see that green CP? Get it and 
    then you'll be able to jump across the gap to a chest and pink CP. Now go back 
    the other way and jump across the top of those columns to the next save point. 
    Get the three CP and the stack of Silver Pennies next to the save station. Save 
    597 Silver Pennies, 1729 Courage Points, 10 Chests
    Now go on down the log. Hey! Well that was a long way to get around the river 
    wasn't it? Anywho, drop down and start collectin'. Or not. There's a TON of 
    those Necromancer minions here! Wow! What a fight! There are exploding rocks 
    that you can gather to help yourself along, but for the main part just dodge 
    and jump attack, slash and hack and for heaven's sake, keep out of their way! I 
    had to use a health potion (or rather I wanted to) but you might not have to if 
    you do it right.
    Open the chest up and then go to that green vine. It carries you up to a little 
    cave in the tree that has a stack of SP. Nice. Then go up the steps and drop 
    down on the other side. Great. More minions. Oh well. One method is to stand 
    like a chicken on the steps you just dropped down from and throw stones at the 
    poor minions, or you can fight it out like a ma.....a hobbit. Excuse me. I 
    would just say watch out especially for those guys who shoot the bows, they can 
    cause REAL damage if they hit you with one of their explosions. Again, there 
    are exploding rocks that may aid you. Open the chest. Luckily they give you 
    plenty of health potions in this game! 
    There are some SP and pods down by the water, then I suggest you save because 
    you don't want to have to go through all that again do you? You DO! Fine, don't 
    save, see if I care! :)
    610 Silver Pennies, 2294 Courage Points, 12 Chests
    There's lots of ways to do this area. Here's just one of them.
    Hop onto that raft and when it comes around and past the save station again, 
    jump onto that little bit of land with a vine going up (it's next to the save 
    station). You'll know you're on the right one when you climb up and it looks 
    like you're on a huge stump from an ancient tree. Pole jump across, then onto 
    the vine, and then hey! It's the red pot! What's it for you ask? Well, just 
    wait and find out. You can drop down now.
    Now get onto the raft again and this time jump onto that little island that has 
    the vine hanging down by it. Climb up and hop onto the branch that has a SP and 
    red CP on it. Walk along the branch and you'll come to a green vine, if you 
    jump on it it will drop so you can get up again if you fall. Convenient. Turn 
    around towards the tree that you just came from and you'll see a rotting vine 
    that leads to a brown chest. Go get the chest!
    Now back, and through the hole in the tree ahead to the blue chest. Nice. See 
    that tiny vine next to that tree that the blue chest is in? It's a rotting one. 
    Yeah, that one. Pole jump to it and quickly go around and get the stack of SP 
    in that little niche. Now go back to the blue chest. If you fall, don't sweat 
    it, you can get back via that vine that dropped earlier.
    Hanging from the tree with the tunnel in it there is another vine. This one's 
    safe so get on it. Jump to the next branch and to your right, hey! It's the 
    blue urn! You can pole jump from here to the last branch in this area with 
    goodies on it, alternately, you could have gone to this branch when you got the 
    red urn.....
    Now go to the save station and save again.
    Back on the raft and get that green CP on that island if you haven't. Then ride 
    the raft over to those two vines, from here you can jump across to get the last 
    urn, the yellow one. Now set the urns on the pedastal.
    To place the Urns (apparently they are in alphabetical order) you need to 
    select them in the right order. Of course, red is first, then blue, then 
    yellow. Just press B on the pedastal and then scroll down using the d-pad to 
    get the proper Urn. Simple as that.
    Yikes! It's the Wight Lord! The mushrooms regenerate in this area so if you 
    don't want to use health potions you can keep running around the room until 
    they reappear. Three minions appear to help the Wight Lord, one just has a 
    sword and two have those nasty bows. Take those two out and leave the sword 
    weilding one, if you kill him then three more will appear and we don't want 
    that do we? When you get the opportunity, jump attack the Necromancer and then 
    whack him several times, jump to avoid his attacks when you retreat. It's a 
    game of cat and mouse.
    An alternate method, and one that I use myself is to rush the Wight Lord as 
    soon as you can before he can summon his minions, just stick close to him and 
    keep whacking him and jump attacking when you meter is full, you can get his 
    health all the way down to the red before he even calls his minions and you 
    don't lose much health!
    Finally he is dead! Or banished, whatever, and you can easily take out that 
    last knight minion. Then head out the opposite exit. Open the chest and then 
    you should save. At this point you should have
    786 Silver Pennies, 2461 Courage Points, 15 Chests
    Now trudge forward. Hey! It's Ori's boot! To your left is some pods and 
    spiders. Use your stick jump attack to take out a mass of them at once!
    Now go the opposite direction and cut through several webs, I know you're 
    expecting spiders to drop down every moment but just be patient, you'll get 
    your fun! In this next large room they send the attack. Try to take out the 
    small ones first with your stick jump attack, then switch to your sword and 
    jump attack that large spider, he's much easier than his other relative and 
    should die quickly. Hurrah! Now get the chest and cut through the next web. 
    You can save here and there is a large mushroom group behind another web. Now 
    up the vine and hop onto the first branch, along this one there are some red CP 
    and wow! You get another health bubble. Nice.
    Next branch up there is a pink CP. Now go to that green vine and ride it up to 
    the next highest branch which has another pink CP. Walk over and jump across 
    the vines to the other branch. Collect the red and blue CP on this level of 
    branch. Then onto the next green vine. You'll want to jump off it though on the 
    way up to grab those pink CP and the gold Chest. You got the Master Sword 
    Tactics! You can chain three attacks, this will be handy. Now back to that 
    green vine and ride it all the way to the top branch, don't miss the Pink CP 
    and the silver pennies up here, then go into the cave in the tree.
    Cimb up another vine. We're pretty high up now! Hey! Blue sky!
    Don't be frightened like I was the first time I heard the intense music, I 
    ducked inside a hole and fell down, ended up killing myself and having to climb 
    all the way back up from the bottom of the trees again. Lol. Save here, you 
    definitely want to save.
    Get the chest on the end of the branch. Before you go down the log.....
    891 Silver Pennies, 2754 Courage Points, 18 Chests
    Let me tell you couple things about this log. Inside are a number of Courage 
    Points that you can collect so try to get them all, if you miss some, then 
    reload your game (if you're going for perfect that is). Usually I miss one of 
    the green ones if I miss one. Check at the bottom if before you get anything, 
    you should have 2912 CP. Now gather in the treasures (that chest behind you 
    included) and save. Balin's belt! Hey! Are we playing the Hobbit or "Where's 
    Once you cut the webs here, a barage of spiders will come at you so deal with 
    them as best you can. Sheesh! You think there's enough of those poison spiders? 
    Go into that area with the chest and flowers, eliminating the flowers. Inside 
    the chest is the last of the silver pennies! Cut through the next web to 
    unleash even more of the little fiends. Then through the final web and open up 
    the chest. Health and Antidote's! Congratulations! You just got the last chest 
    as well! Wow! Save at the station. There are also mushrooms back there if you 
    need to replenish your health.
    1023 Silver Pennies, 3319 Courage Points, 21 Chests
    And those numbers are for if you haven't been up on the log and gotten those 
    three blue CP yet. If you did then of course you'll have 3321 Courage Points 
    Go into the cave and ahem. Well, something is unleashed. Kill all the spiders 
    down below and then head up one of the large columns, it doesn't matter which 
    because you'll have to go up all of them. At the top of a couple you can save, 
    and at the top of a couple more, you'll be able to ride a rope (web rope) to 
    another platform. Press B on the dwarves to free them. Once you do, more 
    spiders will come out so wait until they come to you and then hack them. Watch 
    out for Red Spiders, they poisoin you similar to the green ones, only these are 
    harder to kill and take multiple hits.
    Somewhere along here you should get another health bubble, this starts your 
    second row of health. Congratulations! Just after you free each set of dwarves, 
    get down to the ground (a fast way is to jump onto the walls, which are sloped 
    and therefore you ride down) and kill the spiders down there. Make sure you 
    collect all the CP on each of the columns around here!
    Once they are all down you'll see a cutscene and a battle with the Huge Spiders 
    will occur. Eliminate any remaining "little" spiders (all except for the huge 
    Sister Spider) and you should have
    1023 Silver Pennies, 3900 Courage Points, 21 Chests
    Then kill the Boss Spider by jump attacking. She goes easily.
    The next sister appears. Again, kill all of the little spiders first and then 
    go to work on the boss. This boss is only subsceptible to Fire Rocks and 
    conveniently they appear :)
    The mushrooms in this room regenerate so you should have plenty of health. 
    Throw a fire rock at the Spider and it damages her! Surprise! So just keep 
    chucking rocks to kill her.
    After she's gone the third and hardest spider sister drops down, again, kill 
    all of the lesser spiders before concentrating on the boss spider. When they 
    are all gone, grab the freezing rocks and throw one, it stops her in her 
    tracks, which allows you to do a jump attack on her! I like to do a jump 
    attack, whack a few times and then jump out as fast as I can, throw another 
    rock, jump attack, etc. Over and over again. I keep targeted on her nearly all 
    the time unless I need health. You win! Like the music?
    1023 Silver Pennies, 4400 Courage Points, 21 Chests
    Ah, don't by anything in the vendor, you can save your money now for those 
    Special potions. It's about all you'll need to buy now.
    Chapter 7: Barrels Out of Bond (CHPTR7)
    ()Find the Dwarves
    ()Find Opening Crystals
    ()-Find Crystal 1
    ()-Find Crystal 2
    ()-Find Crystal 3
    ()Open Stockade Door
    ()Find an Exit
    ()-Talk to Balin
    ()Find Potion Ingredients
    ()-Find Moonleaf
    ()-Find Wollowweed
    ()-Find Spidersbane
    ()Make Galion Drowsy
    ()Talk to Balin
    ()Find Thorin
    ()Find Deep Cellar Keys
    ()-Find the First Key
    ()-Find the Second Key
    ()-Find the Third Key
    ()-Find the Fourth Key
    ()Free Thorin
    ()Open the River Gate
    First off, run over toward the save station, collecting the three CP on the 
    way. There is a vine that is over on the right side that goes across the river, 
    climb it. Then jump onto the ledge and hop down onto the next vine, slide to 
    the ground.
    This is the level where you really get to use your ring, and it's a lot of fun 
    too! The elves make funny comments such as "Was that the wind?" To which I 
    always reply "Yes, it must have been."
    Use your ring when you get to the bottom, or else the patrolling guard elf will 
    spot you. Follow alongside the river. If you wish to listen to the conversation 
    the elves are having on the bridge, it is very interesting. Just be careful not 
    to be caught.
    Follow the main path up towards the gate and yet before you get to the two 
    elves standing in front of it, go back on the left side towards the river and 
    over a little ledge to pick up a treaure chest.
    Now go past those two guards and trigger the crystal stand that opens the door. 
    Simple enough! There are other things in this area but we'll come back anyway 
    so it will make it easier if you just go inside now. After a cutscene, go ahead 
    and save.
    25 Silver Pennies, 12 Courage Points, 1 Chests
    That's not very much but anyway.....Go down around the right side of this big 
    column that is sheilding you, there are a number of elves in this room so keep 
    your ring equipped. Drop down into the water and go to the right. Grab the two 
    red CP as you go down into the water. There's your first opening crystal on top 
    of that small pillar. Strange....looks more like a berry.....Jump up on the 
    vine to get the pink CP and then head back out. Stay down in the water and 
    recharge your ring if you need to, then go up to the king's throne, just not 
    too close!
    Follow the trail of blue CP past the king and up a vine, from here head right 
    (we'll be back to the left later) and keep going past the bridge all the way to 
    where the two vines are hanging down, jump across them and then onto the ledge 
    for the final opening crystal. Before you go to place them though, keep going 
    and jump onto that lone, long vine. At the bottom of it is a red CP and across 
    some more platforms is a green leaf (moonleaf) and up on top of another ledge 
    is a green CP.
    Now go back to the bridge. See those stands and the blocks next to them? You 
    need to place a crystal in each of those stands. It lowers a little thing and 
    then you can drag the block over on top of them. Look closely at the patterns 
    on the top of each of the blocks and drag them over to the corresponding 
    position. Simple enough!
    Now go across the bridge and save without gathering any of those blue CP 
    leading down into the cave yet.
    25 Silver Pennies, 79 Courage Points, 1 Chests
    Now head on down into the prisons. Soon you'll come to a room with three elves 
    in it, run behind them (I don't have to tell you to have your ring equipped 
    right?) and get the three red CP, then head down to the right through another 
    tunnel, a loading scene will tirgger.
    Now head out into the next room and a cutscene will trigger, there's the 
    dwarves! You just follow the trail of blue CP to the other end of this cavern, 
    then up the ladder next to the two elves guarding a cave entrance. 
    Once up the ladder, you're probably getting low on ring usage, so duck behind 
    that pillar to the left (there is a lady elf there). Hopefully you don't get 
    caught! Then keep going that direction in order to gather in a green a pink CP 
    next to eachother. You may have to wait for a man elf to move out of the way :)
    There is another group of two green and one pink CP and then by some barrels is 
    a red CP. Then go over to the dwarves cell, talk to Balin who is by the 
    "window." He give you enough CP to give you another health bubble! 
    25 Silver Pennies, 294 Courage Points, 1 Chests
    Then save and go through that cave where the two elves were guarding before, 
    they've left now and in their stead is some blue CP leading down. After a 
    cutscene with Galion, Bilbo gets the idea of sending the dwarves down the river 
    in barrels! There's not much of interest here yet so head on back up, following 
    the new path of CP back to Balin to tell him of your discovery. Lianna makes 
    her entrance again.
    All right, you've got the web potion now. Head up the path laid out in front of 
    you. A loading scene tells you you're coming to the surface again. Hop onto 
    that green vine (it drops down so that if you fall you can get back up again) 
    and then over onto the other side. To your right is a ledge that you can go 
    grab onto and wiggle along, if you need stones, there are some there but what 
    we really want is that chest way over there. Keep wiggling. 
    Now go back to the vine and climb up it. Go across a rotting vine and then to 
    your left what looks like a maple leaf is another herb. Pick it up and hop onto 
    the vine next to it. Go across and through the door. Aha! A spider web! Burn 
    it. Kill all of the poison spiders and then cut through some of the webs, it 
    will trigger a LOT of bigger spiders to come, take them all out. Once you have 
    everything in the room, go ahead and head out again.
    25 Silver Pennies, 711 Courage Points, 2 Chests
    Instead of going back into the cave you came into the courtyard from though, go 
    past the main gate. There is a save station on the other side that you can use 
    if you wish. You can find a deep celler key 3 back in a little area (you are in 
    the courtyard right now), then jump up onto one of the cliffs nearby to get up 
    to the vine. From that vine you can jump to another vine, and from there you 
    can get to that pink CP. Now get back up to that spot you first jumped onto 
    that vine from (all in the same vicinity) and follow the little ledges along 
    the cliff to the left (towards the river) to get some more CP in front of a 
    grate. Now go back to those two vines I keep referring to. Jump across to the 
    other side. You'll be able to wiggle along a ledge over here to another spot 
    where you can place a crystal, only you don't have the crystal yet so just grab 
    the red CP and head inside the main gate.
    Alternately you can go to the other side where that green vine is, and that's 
    probably the best way. You're going back to the barrel room where Lianna was, 
    so I'll meet you there. She tells you to place the herbs in Galion's mug so 
    sneak on down there and press B on his mug, then place all three herbs in 
    there, a cutscene takes place and you get a bunch more CP.
    25 Silver Pennies, 926 Courage Points, 2 Chests
    Then you can go back to the prison cells. Follow the trail of Blue CP of 
    course. Talk to Balin. After a cutscene, Lianna takes you to the entrance to 
    the darkwater caverns. Jump on down!
    There are a lot of creatures around the edges of this room so I suggest going 
    around the perimeter and killing them all first.
    In one area you'll see a small archway that has a lot of those frog things in 
    it, kill them (watch out for their poisonous breath) and make sure you get that 
    pod there, then back to the place you came in (near the save station).
    Right next to where you came in is a vine that leads up to two red CP.
    Then back next to the save station is a small "island" that I want you to go 
    to, from there you can hop onto a vine-wall and climb up, off to the right is a 
    couple of vines, and a platform you'll jump to with a green CP at the end, also 
    there's a pod. Get them and then go back to the platform with that clinging 
    vine on it. Jump to another vine in order to get to that platform with the 
    green and red CP on it, then across another vine to some more green and red CP. 
    Then across two more vines and you'll be able to jump to a narrow (very narrow) 
    ledge that leads around the corner. Jump to the next two vines and you'll pick 
    up a small round bluish object. A blueberry! Well, not exactly.....It's the 
    fourth elvish opening crystal, we'll use it later. Go ahead and drop now. 
    See those narrow bridge-like objects in the water? Get onto them and walk to 
    the end to pick up a Pink CP (among others). Now back to that wall-vine! 
    Straight ahead of you as you reach the top, you'll see some blue CP (if you 
    haven't accidentally been over there already) and a ledge that you can grab 
    onto, grab onto it then. Jump off it onto a vine, then up the vine and onto 
    another ledge. At the end of this one, hop off onto a little platform and down 
    below to your left you can see yet another part you can grab onto, but you 
    don't need to grab on, just walk around it and drop down by the blue CP.
    Jump up onto the vine nearby and climb up for three green CP. Then back down 
    and into the cave up here. Inside are a bunch of those little tiny guys, so 
    equip your stick and slay them. A jump attack with the stick works nicely on a 
    large group! Make sure that before you go up the vine that drops down (when all 
    of them are dead) that you get the pod that is in a small cave area (next to 
    three mushrooms) then go up the vine. Get the three CP by the save station and 
    then save.
    70 Silver Pennies, 1602 Courage Points, 2 Chests
    But don't be really worried if you don't have the same statistics right here, 
    there is still more to come (this is a large, not really linear area so it's 
    hard for everyone to do it exactly the same). First jump to the green vine off 
    to the right (just in case you fall) then go back and onto the other vine. 
    Across this one is a pod, straight ahead and to the left is a little ledge with 
    some CP on it, so get those and then back to this bridge thing. Walk along it 
    to get to the first Gold Chest. Sometimes it's a little tricky to open. Wow! 
    That was quite a cache! You ain't seen nothing yet baby! 
    Go across that rotting vine to the next Gold chest. Open it. 1100 Silver 
    Pennies all at once! We musta found the royal treasury or somethin'! Then hop 
    up the other rotting vine next to it to get that white CP. Now back to that 
    green vine and up it and on top of that archway. Sheesh! The SP are still 
    counting up! 
    Now that you're on the archway, get onto the platforms and start climbing 
    vines. Get on top of that tall platform for a green CP, and then get down and 
    on that ledge with the red and green CP. From here you can go on a couple more 
    vines to a blue chest.
    This should be the last of the Silver pennies.
    All the enemies are dead down below right? Well, back across the vines and 
    platforms to that entrance with the Blue CP leading into it. This tunnel winds 
    up and to the left. Jump across a couple of gaps and wiggle across that 
    handhold area, then keep going. Follow the blue CP all the way. Get onto a 
    couple of vine and at the top is another cave entrance and your last Deep 
    Celler key. Go on up and you'll get another loading scene.
    This is where Thorin is kept! First off, go to the left and open that gate (you 
    trigger it by using that crystal stand). Then go over by Thorin's cell and open 
    that chest. Trust me, you want to do this first. And that was your last chest. 
    Now save.
    1445 Silver Pennies, 1763 Courage Points, 6 Chests
    If you have less than these numbers, you should be worried now. *Edit* These 
    number may have gotten a little tweaked somehow, if you're within three you're 
    Place the crystals in the proper places to open Thorin's cell. You can use the 
    process of elimination easily enough. The hole closest the Thorin is number one 
    and then work your way around clockwise.
    A cutscene takes place where Bilbo is packing the dwarves. At last! More CP! 
    It's funny to hear the dwarves comments while they're packed like sardines in 
    those barrels! Before you open the gates and end the level, we have another 
    errand. Go up to that little room just above the Barrel room (but before the 
    prisons) and up the tunnel to the outside. Remember that crystal we couldn't 
    place before? Now we can thanks to our blueberry!
    By now you should have 1937 CP. I'll let you find your own way to the crystal 
    stand in the courtyard. Now go down the tunnel for a couple of white CP, and a 
    scroll! Master Throwing Tactics! Equip your ring and you're back down inside 
    the palace! Ahead of you is a bridge but we don't want to go on the bridge just 
    yet, to to your right and up a vine on top of this big table area. To your 
    right is some red CP. Then to a pole jump to the vine heading to the other side 
    of the room, from that vine, jump (make sure you've climbed high enough to make 
    it) jump to the rotten vine, and then down onto the other large flat platform. 
    Go to the right of it for two more red CP and then jump down to a little ledge 
    for a green and two reds. That's the last of them!
    1445 Silver Pennies, 2100 Courage Points, 6 Chests
    Now head past the throne again and go down to the barrel room. Once there, go 
    up the ramp and head over to the crystal stand to open up the gate and let out 
    the barrels. Good job Mr. Baggins!
    You don't need to buy anything, but if you want another health bubble (This is 
    all you'll be spending money on now) then buy a Waters of Fortitude.
    Chapter 8: A Warm Welcome (CHPTR8)
    ()Talk to the Master of Lake-town
    ()Stake Out the Wine Warehouse
    ()Follow the Thief
    ()Inspect the East Warehouse
    ()Talk to Bard
    ()Explore the Cider House
    ()Find Rennar
    ()Inspect Rennar's Warehouse
    ()Tell Bard about the weapons
    ()Find the Black Arrow
    ()Talk to Malloc
    ()Bring Malloc his Dagger
    ()Find Theives Hideout
    ()-Find a Bottle in the Cider House
    ()-Find a Bottle in the Cider House
    ()-Find a Bottle in Rand's House
    ()-Find a Bottle in Elik's House
    ()-Find a Bottle in Orlan's House
    ()Retrieve the Black Arrow
    ()Return Black Arrow
    Thorin tells you to find the Master of the town and give him your thanks. 
    However, I tell you to run around the town first and "clean" it up. We'll want 
    to collect everything we can before talking to the Master of the town. 
    First off, let's be sure of one thing. The center of this town has all the 
    building in sort of a square around it, the water is in the center way down 
    below. Go to the center and head left next to a save station. See down in the 
    water where you can drop down to that Pink CP? Drop down and get it, then 
    follow the other CP to the large White one. Once you have it (don't fall in the 
    water) go back to that floating piece of wood and then up the little 
    Back up and off the piers? Go into that little passage in the corner behind the 
    man standing right when you get off the piers. Up on a little walkway to the 
    left is a green CP, you don't have to go up and around to get it, just jump for 
    it. Then go under the platform with the save station on it, and out to the 
    water. Along the walkway you'll come to a sign that says East Warehouse. Right 
    about there you want to drop down to the water, on top of a little platform 
    with a red CP on it. Along the base of the waterline you see another Pink CP, 
    walk along the little narrow walkway to it. Then turn directly around and keep 
    walking and hopping along the little walkways. 
    Soon you'll come to some platforms that go up to your left and out of the 
    water. Follow. Recognize these broken crates? Smash it, and then hop onto the 
    vine, grab the Pink CP on top of all the crates, then down and smash some more 
    crates. To your left is a small stack of crates you can climb on and get over 
    that fence thereby. Do it. You can save here if you want.
    100 Silver Pennies, 160 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Then walk along the bridge and you're back at the East Warehouse sign! Continue 
    along the docks. See the ropes right near Rennar's Warehouse (reading the 
    sign)? Jump up on them. After the second one, you see three pots near a 
    doorway, one large and two small. Smash them.
    Up on the next highest rope you'll be able to jump to a green CP. That's about 
    all you find up here so go back down and back to the Rennar's Warehouse sign. 
    There is a dock directly across from it and at the end is a little group of CP. 
    Grab them. Again, you can save here if you wish. Then back up and continue 
    along the out walkway some more.
    We pass some crates that look like crab traps or something, keep going to the 
    boat that is turned upside down on the walkway. Right here is a little place 
    that looks like a boat repair shop. There are some rops here and you can hop up 
    to get a green CP.
    Kind of a ramshackle shack isn't it? Keep going along the walkway. Right next 
    to Kili is some platforms going out around a tower with some Pink CP and ropes 
    hanging down. A lot of the platforms will collapse after a short time to be 
    quick about going around the ropes. Also, a couple of the ropes are rotting, so 
    be careful on that point too. But hey! They ARE Pink CP after all!
    Keep going around past Fili. Take a right at Nori :)
    The sign behind him says Wine Warehouse. Remember these signs. Anyway, you took 
    a right at Nori. Walk along these upper platforms and you'll find another 
    skeleton key. How nice! I haven't used any of mine yet....
    Jump up onto the rope, then onto the upper platform that is right below that 
    Pink CP. Easy. Then grab the Pink CP of course!
    Looks like a dead-end. Ah! But across from there you can see another walkway, 
    jump to it and go around this lone tower-like thing (it's the one you went 
    around for those three Pink CP on those ropes, only now you're on top). There 
    are lots of jars back here, for lots of fun! Smash Bros.
    Now grab the green CP, that's the last thing that's up here.
    155 Silver Pennies, 310 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    To the left of Nori (near the Wine Warehouse) is a passage that will take you 
    right back to the center. Anyway, you'll find your way back to the center, then 
    talk to the Master (or Bard), that's about all you can do at this point.
    The Master is in the center area, surrounded by a three men. On either side of 
    him you'll find a Red CP and three lead up to him. So you should have 323 CP 
    right before you talk to him. He introduces you to Bard, who in turn asks for a 
    hand with something. Sounds like fun right? To catch a thief.......Besides, he 
    gives you money.
    Turn to the left and follow the Blue CP to the Wine Warehouse. Bilbo spots a 
    good place to hide, so run there. All you have to do is stay fairly close to 
    the theif, use your ring when you need to and follow him (or if you're daring, 
    you can run ahead of him, just don't get too far ahead). He eventually leads 
    you back to the East Warehouse.
    There he disappears and you go and tell Bard. Now he asks you to investigate 
    the East Warehouse. Simple enough right? Turn to the right, go across the 
    bridge to the East Warehouse and save at the station.
    180 Silver Pennies, 512 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Press B on the warehouse door to get inside. Whack open all those crates in 
    here and then drop down into the next room. Goblins! Here! How did they get 
    here! You know what to do with goblins by now don't you? There are a couple up 
    above that you'll either have to jump up to or throw stones at. Phew! There are 
    some breakable crates in a corner.
    Under a small hole between crates is a sack of SP. There is a chest to the 
    right of that. Then activate the switch to the right of the chest.
    Inside is a couple of chests, some breakable crates, a switch, and a save 
    station. You can use that block in the center to get to the blue chest (or you 
    could just jump up on the save station) and the switch. You don't have to 
    activate it if you don't want to, you could pole jump instead. Now get out and 
    climb up up to the platforms around the perimeter of the large room. Go around 
    counterclockwise to the blue chest (activate the switch and break the crates on 
    your way), then back on the rope and through the doorway you came into the 
    warehouse from.Before you press B on the door though....
    510 Silver Pennies, 732 Courage Points, 4 Chests
    Bard talks to you and asks you to visit him at the Cider House. After being 
    transported to the Cider House, he asks you to get some information for him 
    fron the frequenters of the Cider House, information regarding his Black Arrow. 
    Then he gives you a mess of Pink CP to boot! Grand! Go into the pub.
    On the upper floor is a man who can tell you some information, talk to him. 
    After he tells you that the weapons are in Rennar's Warehouse, leave and go 
    there. But we can't get in yet! Follow the trail of Blue CP to the man standing 
    on the dock. He'll give you the key. Now into the Warehouse!
    510 Silver Pennies, 913 Courage Points, 4 Chests
    Not that I really needed a checkpoint there but anyway....
    There is lots of green gases coming out of the floor and walls here, it will 
    poison you but if you try to go slow, chances are you'll get hurt worse. Just 
    run through and turn around and run through some more, ignore the CP at this 
    There's a switch down here, AHA! It turns off the gas! Now we can go back and 
    get the Green CP there. Go to the end of the stack of crates before you turn 
    back though, if you get on top of that board you can jump on top of the crates 
    and get some goodies up there (in breakable crates). Go ahead, help yourself! 
    The trick to getting on top of the crates is to press forward against the ones 
    you are trying to climb, you'll be able to stand on a tiny lip and then jump up 
    to the top. 
    Now go back to the switch and jump up to the save station. Then quickly jump up 
    those narrow boards to the top, they will fall after a short period so hurry 
    up! Once you're safe on a rope or platform then jump up to the rope near that 
    little shaft leading down. Fall down and battle some of those Froggy things. I 
    got another health bubble from it :)
    In one corner is some crates you can break (joy), in another is some pots to 
    break (double joy) and then get up onto the crate and climb up. You'll have to 
    weasle your way across platforms and moving ropes. There is a save station up 
    here. If you look closely you'll see a rotting rope, jump to it and then to the 
    next rope, climbing all the way up this one to a Pink CP and a Gold Chest.
    Then drop down to that Blue CP and into the next room. Up the rope here and 
    across the wooden walkways to another rope. Just follow the Blue CP to where 
    you want to go. Save at the station and then open the door (switch to the 
    left). Ah! The Black Arrow! Collect the Pink CP and trigger the switch. Again, 
    follow the trail of Blue CP all the way around to that other save station. Then 
    trigger the switch there. Drop down onto a crate (so you don't fall as far) and 
    then out the door you just opened. Before you leave.....
    680 Silver Pennies, 1238 Courage Points, 5 Chests
    Now Exit. Bard asks you to talk to Malloc who is in the Cider house. Not a 
    problem right? The Cider House is easily marked as the one with the Blue 
    Courage Points leading into it :)
    Malloc is the old man. Talk to him and he'll ask you to get his dagger. Outside 
    the Cider House, go clockwise to get to Malloc's house. Three Blue CP are 
    outside the door. You need to get his dagger!
    It's inside a chest in the house, easily grabbed. Then go back to the Cider 
    House. Malloc tells you that now you need to gather bottles to unlock the door 
    to the thieves lair. One you can get by talking to the man behind the bar, 
    Vaden, he'll give you bottle. Another is down in the celler (the opening to it 
    is near the two dwarves in this room).The doorways of the houses of the theives 
    are easy to spot, they have a large Red Serpent sign on them. Plus, when you go 
    near the doors it will say something like "Orlan's House" etc. Go inside and 
    get the chest when you come to a door like this. There are two in the center 
    area, and one is near the East Warehouse, up on that upper area across from it 
    and up by the save station.
    Now back to the Cider House for more instructions from Malloc!
    Yellow is to the left of Red and Blue, which is not next to Black.
    Purple can only lie beside Black and none else,
    Black is to the right of Yellow.
    Huh? That's it! We don't even need that third clue because this is so easy! I 
    urge you to figure it out for yourself but if you can't, the read on.
    Since we know that Purple is only beside Black and none else, then we know that 
    Purple is on an end. Black is next to it. Okay, we only have three more 
    bottles. Yellow is not next to black, but Yellow IS to the left of Red and 
    Blue, so from that we can deduce that Purple is on the far right, Black is 
    next, and Yellow is on the far left. All we have now is Red and Blue! Since the 
    riddle doesn't specify in which order they go, they can alternate. So we have 
    two possible combinations:
    Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Purple or
    Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Purple. Confidentially, it's the latter :)
    Go down into the celler (and see what you can find) and place the bottles in 
    the proper order, from left to right. Easy! Piece of cake! It opens the passage 
    to the theives lair.....
    1030 Silver Pennies, 1622 Courage Points, 9 Chests
    Okay, we've got to go down that rope and into the *gulp* lair. Easy enough! 
    There's a save station down here. Use it and then go over to those controls. 
    You want to switch around the pieces to get to certain areas. You want to be 
    able to get to opposing corners at the same time, so if you want to get to the 
    lower right corner, you have to also be able to get to the upper left corner. 
    All right. 
    Switch the center lower one, and the center middle one. This allows you to get 
    to the upper right and lower left at the same time. Press B to get out of this 
    control mode. Then go up to the upper right, activate a switch and back down to 
    the lower left to get in the door before the time runs out. If you skip the 
    cutscene you'll have more time to run. 
    For PC Users only! I had a section for you near the bottom of this guide in the 
    "Frequently Asked Questions" section. Unfortunately, no one seems to check that 
    part of the guide and so I frequently get asked the same questions anyway :( PC 
    Users have a problem getting to the side platforms, you have three choices: One 
    is to use a Gamepad or a Joystick for analog control. Another choice is to (I 
    have heard) use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The final, and likely the 
    easiest is to use your "strafe" keys, which should be A and D on your keyboard. 
    These are standard strafing keys on most games. Use A to go left and D to go 
    right. I wonder if I'll still be asked this question now......?
    Grab the two chests and then activate the switch on the back wall to open the 
    doors. Go back to the control panel. You can figure this one out for yourself, 
    you just have to be able to get to the upper left switch and the lower right 
    door at the same time. Get the chest and then back to the control panel (if you 
    need to) and make a path for you to go straight ahead through that door with 
    the three Blue CP in it. There is a save station in here.
    Try to figure out this next part for yourself, a cutscene shows which doors 
    will open if you place a barrel on that panel first, that panel will light up. 
    Then you can experiment to see which panel you should place a barrel on next 
    (it is sequential) and finally the third. Pull all barrels off to restart.
    There are six panels on the floor and different combinations of barrels do 
    different things. If you look closely you'll see the barrels have varying 
    levels of weight. First, take the largest barrel and put it on the lower 
    picture of the large barrels. Drop it and get the medium barrel and place it on 
    the upper picture of the large barrels. Place it and yet we still don't have 
    enough weight on this one, get the small barrel and place it on the same space 
    as the medium one. A door should open.
    Go through the door and get the chest. Master Jump Tactics for the stick! All 
    right! Now back out and pull all of the barrels off so we can start from a 
    clean slate. Place the small barrel on the upper small barrel panel. Now place 
    the medium barrel on the lower medium barrel panel. Then finally place the 
    heavy barrel on the upper medium barrel panel. It opens a door and you can get 
    the two chests. Remove all barrels from the panels again. 
    Place the small barrel on the lower small barrel panel this time. Then the 
    medium on the uppder medium barrel panel, and finally the heavy barrel goes on 
    the upper heavy barrel panel. Hey! I figured all these out for myself so you 
    should be able to also! 
    Go through the newly opened door and save.
    1625 Silver Pennies, 1628 Courage Points, 16 Chests
    Now go into the room for a cutscene. Open the chest immediately to the left. 
    Apparently the goblins and theives don't see you unless you are on the floor. 
    Likewise, if you have your ring on, they can't see you even if you ARE on the 
    floor. Jump down for the first blue CP. Jump to the right and get the Pink CP, 
    then slip on your ring and go to the left for a sack of SP, believe me, you 
    want to get these now or you won't be able to later! Don't bother with the save 
    station, but just go past it. There is another sack of SP down there and a 
    larger one by the leaders. 
    On top of a tall stack of crates (above where you just got those two sacks) 
    you'll see a Pink CP. From there, look around and spot a save station with a 
    Blue Chest there. Get it. Now drop down and follow that trail of Blue CP over 
    that stack of crates and you'll find the Black Arrow! Before you go further 
    (and before you get that Blue CP leading up some other crates.
    1800 Silver Pennies, 1682 Courage Points, 18 Chests
    Congratulations! You got all the Silver Pennies and all the Chests! Now up the 
    crates and onto the rope. Once you get up on the platform up by the save 
    station, a fighting scene wil ensue and you will be caught if you go down 
    there, ring or not. Jump to that rotten rope and then quickly to the good one. 
    Over to your left you can see a Pink CP, jump to it and you should just grab on 
    to the edge. From there, pole jump to the crates (the tall stack) and to the 
    left is a platform with some Blue CP, to the right you can pole jump for three 
    more, then there is a rope after that. Get on it and then jump to the top of a 
    crate, from there you can jump to the save station and three blue CP leading 
    out the doorway.
    A cutscene takes place and Bard captures the villains! Hurrah! He gives you a 
    reward and you get a Perfect! Congratulations!
    1800 Silver Pennies, 1900 Courage Points, 18 Chests
    You can talk to him if you want to end the level. You can buy a Waters of 
    Fortitude, or you can save up your money like I've been doing. I've got all 
    four chest upgrades (spent 3000 on them total) and an extra 4522 spending 
    money. I like to save them up and buy a bunch of Waters of Fortitude at the end 
    of the game ;)
    Chapter 9: Inside Information (CHPTR9)
    ()Retrieve the Golden Cup
    ()Find Smaug's Weak Spot
    ()Bridge the Cavern
    []Find Groin's Giant Ruby
    []Find King Bladorthin's Spears
    []Find the Golden Tray
    []Find the Necklace of Girion
    This is probably the hardest level to write a walkthrough for because it 
    certainly is NOT linear! I'll walk you through the best I can, but by this time 
    you should be pretty well acquainted with how to do things so hopefully you 
    won't need too much help.
    Remeber, there are many ways to do this level, you could get chests right at 
    the beginning, you could save them all for the end, however you choose to do it 
    is fine, only if you don't do it exactly how I do it, then I can't help you 
    Walk into the tunnel. After a short way you'll come to a large room and a save 
    station, save if you want to, though it's really not that much closer than the 
    other save station.
    Hop up the steps, following the blue CP and you'll get a cutscene. So THAT's 
    Smaug eh? Terrifying.
    I want you to follow the trail of Blue CP, don't turn to the right or left, 
    just follow the CP. Forget about the chests. Trust me. You can get them later. 
    All you want now is to get to your objectives by following the Blue CP. Go.
    Down the steps and turn to your left, across a gap (don't step on the Gold 
    coins as that rates really high on the "Smaug-o-meter") to the row of three 
    blue CP, then onto the chain a little to the left so you can hop on top of that 
    broken pillar with the CP on top of it.
    Right at this next part, Smaug's tail is going up and down next to a brown 
    treasure chest. You don't want to get the chest just yet! Just time it and jump 
    down and run towards that save station. Behind the Save station is a pillar 
    with a blue CP on it, then to the left of that one is some more pillars. Keep 
    following the trail.
    Go past another brown chest. Tantalizing isn't it? Well......Jump up and then 
    drop down, turn to your right and keep going. Now you can jump onto some chains 
    to get to a cleared spot (next to a block, a Dwarf Head Statue, and a save 
    station) save if you want and carefully drag the block over to where the Blue 
    CP are sitting. Be careful and watch the Smaug-o-meter or else he'll wake up 
    and you'll be toast!
    Remember this Spot in particular. I'll call it The-Clearing.
    Once you have the block over there, get on top and jump up onto that large 
    ledge with the blue CP on it. Then keep hopping up the levels of this pillar, 
    following the trail of CP. When you get to the top, turn and jump onto that 
    hanging platform. From there onto a chain and another hanging platform. Repeat 
    and hop to a chain and then a second chain next to it. 
    Camera view changes down and you can slide down the chain to the cup of Thror. 
    Quite nerver-racking eh? Being this close to a dragon! 
    After the cutscene, jump down to those blue CP, then take a left and you'll see 
    some other blue CP out in the distance. Go to them. You'll have to eventually 
    run under Smaug's tail again. Then out the passage way. When you get to the 
    hallway leading back to the Dwarves you should (if you've been following) have 
    these stats.
    0 Silver Pennies, 53 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Pretty pathetic huh? Well, we'll do better later. Trust me. Keep going down the 
    hall for another cinematic. The CP that Thorin gives you should be enough for 
    another health Bubble, if you've been following through getting perfects on 
    every level. Go back into the cave for another cinematic. Smaug is awake now 
    and we'll have to be more cautious. Slip on your ring when you are out in the 
    open. Again, only follow the trail of Blue CP, no more. Don't get any treasure 
    chests, there will be plenty of time for that later.
    After you go down the "steps" instead of going for Smaug's tail, you'll want to 
    turn to the left and climb up on that slab, gathering the Blue CP. You can 
    stand behind pillars and stuff and recharge your ring if you need to. You're 
    heading for The-Clearing. Hide behind the Dwarf head statue to recharge. Then 
    continue on towards Smaug. Running past the length of Smaug you'll be on a 
    long, fallen, broken pillar going towards a Dwarf-Head Pillar. This is another 
    important place to remember, I'll call it the Dwarf-Pillar. 
    You'll probably be low on Ring Power when you get to the other side of this 
    pillar, so rest for a few moments and save if you desire. Now jump on top of 
    the Dwarf-Pillar and alternate jumping from a platform to a chain and back to a 
    platform until you get to the large one with the Pink and Red CP on it. This is 
    where you are supposed to be. Gather the CP (nice after all those blue one eh?) 
    and a cutscene will ensue.
    After the cutscene (which I really enjoy every time) you'll find yourself back 
    in The-Clearing and a trail of White CP lead you out this time! Joy! Hide 
    behind the pillars when you hear Smaug take a breath. Then wait until ALL of 
    the fire subsides (even the smoking stuff) and then hightail it to the next 
    hiding spot. You don't HAVE to wear your ring through here, but it sure makes 
    it more fun :)
    After a short while you'll make it to the last White CP and a cutscene will 
    take over. Don't you just love that story-board picture of Bilbo!
    Thorin asks you to get the dwarves across the Chasm, but we have other plans. 
    Now that the Dragon is gone, we can take all the treasure we want! Hurrah!
    Talk to the four dwarves closest to the Save station and they will each tell 
    you of some treasure they would like. We'll find it for them.
    This is the hard part for me, because I can't really say "turn three degrees to 
    the north and take two steps and then to the right and over a small mound is a 
    treasure chest." It simply will not work! So you'll be on your own for the 
    bottom floor. Just stay on the very bottom and go around all the edges and 
    such. Don't go down into the chasm yet, just gather treasure chests and sacks 
    of coins. Don't jump up on anything just yet. Please!
    Over by The-Clearing is some sacks of Silver Pennies near a grate by the wall. 
    Keep following the wall counter-clockwise around the room to gather in some 
    chests. Don't jump up to any of the upper levels yet! Not even if it's "right 
    there!!" Don't get onto any of the walkways around the edges of the rooms, not 
    even for a short detour. Just collect everything in on the gold coins, all the 
    treasure chests and all. Don't go on top of the Dwarf-Pillar either.
    When you are through, save near the Dwarves (as a reference point) and check.
    1150 Silver Pennies, 919 Courage Points, 15 Chests
    Not bad! Go back to The-Clearing. Nearby you'll see a chain hanging, it goes up 
    to a higher level and you can get to the chain by getting on top of a block. 
    Before you go too far up, jump to that blue chest in that middle balcony. Then 
    back on the chain. At the top of it you'll be able to jump to another chain, 
    and from that one you can access a switch on a balcony. Go ahead.
    Now climb back down and go to The-Clearing. Behind it (towards the wall) is the 
    panel that the switch opened, and inside is the necklace of Girion! Back to 
    The-Clearing and go counter-clockwise around the room. You'll come to a low 
    balcony that you can easily jump up onto and gather in a Pink CP and some sacks 
    of Silver Pennies.
    There is nothing really to do now but go to the Dwarf-Pillar (remember that?) 
    Save at the station here. 
    1400 Silver Pennies, 944 Courage Points, 16 Chests
    Don't get the chest right there just yet. I want you to jump to the low balcony 
    on the opposite side. From here you can get to some chains and climb up. 
    There's another switch up here! Activate it and then turn around and go back 
    towards the blue chest (counter-clockwise). Open it and then go back to the 
    switch. See that save station way over there? That's where we're going baby! 
    Get onto the decoration ledges on the wall and walk your way over there. Nifty!
    Up here is a chest and a panel in the wall that needs to be open. We'll be back 
    here later. For now, get on the railing and walk your way to some sacks of SP 
    (you're going clockwise around the room now right?) and hey! Some spears too! 
    Awesome. Go back and past the save station (unless you know of an easier way to 
    get to the bottom) and back to the Dwarf-Pillar. 
    Now get that chest on the opposite side! Okay, this might be a little tricky 
    but it's very possible. Line yourself up so you can do a pole jump to the left 
    of the chest, you're trying to get over that slab. If you get on top of the 
    slab, then good, jump up to the balcony. If you fall to the lower balcony, 
    don't fret, just jump back up to the slab and jump to the upper balcony. There 
    is a gold chest up here. This is all you want up here so go back to the lower 
    balcony and get the Gold chest there, then continue on down the walkway towards 
    the sack of CP and some stairway going up on your right. This is the exit and 
    we can't leave just yet so don't worry about it.
    Go up the other side and gather in that green CP. Hey! There's a big slab 
    blocking our path! Turn right around and up onto the ledge on the wall, now we 
    can get up onto another walkway. Not much up here except a dangling chain. 
    Climb up it. It doesn't matter which way you go, you're on the uppermost 
    walkway now. I went counter-clockwise around the room.
    The pillars conveniently have little ledges that you can walk around on, so do 
    that. You'll collect a sack of SP. Go a little further and get two more sacks. 
    Now right past those two sacks are two pillars and in between those two pillars 
    are two MORE sacks of SP! Get them! Then grab the white CP.
    You'll come to a couple of hangin chains that you can go across, well, go 
    across then!
    Ah! At last! A save station! Get the chest next to the station and then save.
    2900 Silver Pennies, 1024 Courage Points, 22 Chests
    Keep going towards the next Gold Chest. If you go past the Pink and White CP 
    (getting them as you go) and turn around, you'll see a Pink one sitting out on 
    a pillar. That's inconvenient! But if you get it, it is possible to pole-jump 
    back to the platform. If you die, well, you just saved back there didn't you?
    Keep going counter-clockwise and get the next Gold Chest. Then drop down to the 
    save station. Phew! Activate the switch there. Now if you want, there is a 
    skeleton key sitting on the next balcony (counter-clockwise) and that brings 
    you back to where you got onto these ledges, but if you get that, then come 
    back to the save station. We're going on some platforms!
    3175 Silver Pennies, 1149 Courage Points, 24 Chests
    Jump on the hanging platform nearby. Go clockwise up the platforms to the one 
    with the save station one it. Near this one you'll see a Gold Chest down below 
    on a pillar-archway. It's easy to get. Now get back up on the platforms. Keep 
    going clockwise and you'll pick up a couple of Pink CP. When you get the one on 
    the chain, slide down the chain and jump to the chain that you see that has a 
    Pink CP on it. You should get another Health Bubble! Just wait for the 
    platforms to swing close to you (or rather the chains) and then make your jump. 
    Keep going for a white CP on one of those chains (you're underneath the 
    platforms now). Don't fall!
    When you get the white one, go back on the chains and back up onto the 
    platforms again, going clockwise again to another save station. Get on the 
    chain next to it and down to the Gold Chest. All right! Master Jump Tactics for 
    the Sword!
    Back onto the platform and save if you will. Then jump onto the last platform, 
    get the Pink CP and onto the next chain for the last one. From this chain you 
    can get onto a platform that will lead right down to where you got on these 
    hanging platforms of doom.
    3300 Silver Pennies, 1349 Courage Points, 26 Chests
    Not doing bad! Now get down to the bottom floor, all we have left is those two 
    Down behind the Dwarf Pillar is the Gold Platter. Get it. Now get onto the left 
    arm of the Dwarf-Pillar (his left arm) and get onto that lower balcony, onto 
    the chains, and over to that save station (remember I said we'd be going back 
    there?). Get on the ledges on the walls to get there. Back here is the Giant 
    Ruby! All right, now go back to the dwarves and give them their treasures. 
    After you've talked to the dwarves, save.
    3300 Silver Pennies, 1849 Courage Points, 26 Chests
    Get on the chain, we're going down into the chasm.
    Follow it down for the first Blue CP that are leading you down. Then just keep 
    going, you really can't go wrong (unless you fall).
    When you come to the first vine, climb up it to the very top and jump onto that 
    ledge. Then onto the next vine and over to the ledge with the SP on it. Go back 
    the way you came and follow down until you get to the very bottom. You should 
    3340 Silver Pennies, 1861 Courage Points, 26 Chests
    And the Courage Points are the big thing. Did you get all of the little blue 
    ones coming down?
    Now go around the bottom area (in the water) collecting all of the chests. Just 
    follow along the wall. There are four in the water and one up above underneath 
    where the large wooden gate is sitting. Get them and you have all the chests! 
    There is a save station at the bottom, go ahead and save. Now you can do this 
    next part in two ways.
    You need to fill up the cavern with water, the way we accomplish this is to 
    drag all of the blocks on top of all of the holes in the cavern so the water 
    can fill up. You can go and get all of the items first on the way up, or if you 
    think you're fast enough, then just move that one in the water on top of that 
    little whirl-pool and then make a dash for the top, not missing anything and 
    moving all the blocks as you go! It's not too difficult to make the dash, but 
    if you're not confident, well......
    Move the block onto the whirlpool in the water. 
    By the way, if any of the blocks accidentally drop into the water, by all means 
    DO NOT save or else you'll be stuck!
    Move the first (dry) block into place (you'll know you have it right when a 
    short loading scene shows) and then run up to the next one. There are some pods 
    on the way you can break open. They are off to the right and before you get to 
    the second block. Move the second one in (third if you count the bottom)
    3765 Silver Pennies, 1879 Courage Points, 31 Chests
    And these numbers are for if you are doing it the "Speedy" Way.
    Keep going up and quickly off to your right there is a platform with four sacks 
    of SP, you want to get those, pole-jump back and continue up past the save 
    station. I would NOT save it I were you. Push the block into position and 
    continue on. Up ahead you can see some pillars in the water to the left but you 
    don't want to go there yet, keep going straight for some more Silver Pennies 
    and some pods. Break the pods and keep going (nerve-rending isn't it) and 
    gather in for more Sacks and three pods with three more sacks. NOW you can 
    hurry back to the pillar in the center and get on it, onto the next pillar, 
    onto the vines (getting the CP) and finally onto the gate! Whew!
    Since it's a long ride up, it's a perfect place for a checkpoint.
    4000 Silver Pennies, 1900 Courage Points, 31 Chests
    And we'll get the last 200 Courage Points when we get to the top, leaving us 
    4000 Silver Pennies, 2100 Courage Points, 31 Chests
    To end the level, just head on up the stairs.
    Remarkable Mr. Baggins! Yet another perfect! I am still saving my Silver 
    Pennies, but if you want to buy something then you can buy some Waters of 
    Fortitude, since that's all you really need. I'm saving my money until after 
    this next level and then buying a bunch of Waters of Fortitude at one time! 
    I've got 8,522 SP right now :)
    You can only buy three Waters of Fortitude at a time, so buy some in this level 
    so you can get your max. Otherwise you'd not be able to buy one!
    Chapter 10: The Gathering of the Clouds (CHPTR10)
    ()Retrieve the Arkenstone
    ()Open the Doors
    ()Activate the Lifts
    ()-Repair the Gears
    ()-Power the Gears
    ()Activate the Forge
    ()-Light the Forge
    ()-Power the Bellows
    ()-Power the Cooler
    ()Get the Treasury Key
    ()-Get the First Throne Key
    ()-Get the Second Throne Key
    ()Open the Treasury Door
    ()-Power the Door
    ()-Find Missing Chain
    ()-Expose the Keyhole
    This level is not quite so difficult to write a walkthrough for, yet it's one 
    of my favourites! I love four of the music sequences in here and well, it's a 
    great chapter!
    First off we want to collect all of the Courage Points around the room. Over by 
    the Save Station there is a scaffold set up, climbing up there you find some 
    Red CP and a gear belt! Curious.... Oh well, we'll use this later. From here 
    you can work your way around the room in either direction (clockwise or 
    counter, doesn't matter) and collect all of the CP and Silver Pennies. The SP 
    are in the jars that are littering the area. You can go up the steps and talk 
    to the dwarves there as well if you wish, mainly to get the Blue CP leading up 
    to them though.
    The two points that you want to catch though are the Green and Red CP over by 
    the large entrance (that is barricaded at this time) and also on the opposite 
    side of the roome (where the doors to the Water Room are) is a bunch of CP (and 
    a Silver Penny inside the throne) There is a green CP near Thorin (beside a 
    fallen pillar) as well. When you've collected it all, come back and save. 
    Think you have everything you can get without going to the puzzles?
    6 Silver Pennies, 214 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Now let's go and try to figure out those blocks for Oin.
    You're trying to match up the markings on the blocks so that they will complete 
    the picture obviously. The trick is to get the correct mark in the correct 
    spot. You can flip the block with A.
    For the blocks by Oin, face where they are to go. The left-most block goes in 
    the right hole just so you know.
    For the left block, grab onto the front (the side away from the spot where it 
    goes) and flip it once. Then go on the right side and flip it once. Then go on 
    the back side and flip it once more. It's now ready to be inserted into the 
    right-hand slot!
    Now on the right hand block, go to the front (the side away from the slot) and 
    flip it once. Then go to the left side and flip it once. Finally to the 
    backside and flip it one more time. Insert it where it goes.
    There are two more blocks across the waterway. We'll work on those two. These 
    ones are in front of their respective holes but they are a bit more tangled up.
    On the left block, go to the front and flip it once. Then the right side and 
    flip it one time. Then the back and flip it a last time and in it goes!
    For the right block, flip it twice from a side (doesn't matter which) and twice 
    from either the front or back (again, it doesn't matter). Then insert this last 
    Now that all the doors are open, we can explore freely. Naturally the first 
    place you'd want to go is to the Water Room like you've been told. But I think 
    it might be easier if we explored around a bit first. Go into the Forge (It has 
    pictures of Bellows on the stairway leading up) and walk over some fallen 
    rubble. Lots of spiders will come out (Red ones) and we want to kill them. The 
    Sword works best on the Red spiders because they are harder to kill (and they 
    poison you as well, nasty).
    They can take health down fast can't they? Go ahead and into the forge, head 
    for the Save Station. Around the sides of the forge leads a trail of Blue CP, 
    let's follow it! Around the back side you'll see a ladder going up, up here is 
    a little pot with fire in it. Press B next to it to make it drop, this will be 
    helpful later on. It fires the forge.
    There are lots of pots around this room get all the ones on the lower floor. 
    Now back behind the stairs and rubble you can find some Courage Points, and 
    more spiders! Kill them (this is on the bottom floor) and then back out and up 
    the stairs to the top floor.
    About when you battle the spiders below, you should get another health bubble.
    On the upper floor there are various things, make certain you get those Courage 
    points that are right at the front edge (toward the forge) and also the ones on 
    the sides (you'll have to work your way around the ledges on the pillars to get 
    there). Go around all the pillars here because you never know what you may 
    find. A Pink CP for instance!
    Go back to the bottom floor and save, then exit the opposite way you entered 
    and slay some more spiders.
    When you get back to the main room, check your stats.
    14 Silver Pennies, 1363 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    And then head through the door leading to the Treasury (it has a jewel on it). 
    Kill the spiders on the way.
    In the Treasury room, break open all of the pots and then jump on the three 
    chains that are hanging to lower the Keyhole partway. Got it all? Well then, 
    climb up one of the chains and get to the top floor. There's one chain missing, 
    but we'll get that later, for now just gather the Courage Points up here.
    Then go back down and out.
    26 Silver Pennies, 1619 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Now head on to the Gear Room killing the spiders on the way. Once in the Gear 
    room, go around the edges and break all of the jars, then go down to the 
    bottom, get the two sacks of SP and then get on the scaffolds and grab the 
    green CP and go to the top of the scaffolds. Remember that Gear Belt we found a 
    while back? Well, we can place it at the top of the scaffolds. Now we can get 
    out of here!
    39 Silver Pennies, 1791 Courage Points, 0 Chests
    Walk to the Water Room, there are jars on both side of the doorway but there's 
    nothing in them. The signs to either side say that "You must walk through 
    EREBOR to get to it's heart."
    Um, what could be more obvious than that? Although, er, we don't know the 
    translation of "Erebor" to runes now do we? Ah! But there IS a statue behind us 
    and on it it says Erebor! Copy down the runes or just remember them and walk on 
    them in order. The doorway opens! Hey, how did Gloin get in here before us 
    anyway? Hurrummph.
    Break open the jars as usual and then climb up the ladder to an upper platform. 
    You can only use one of the ladders because the other is broken. Once at the 
    top, you can jump onto the chain to make it drop (though really it's only a 
    faster way down) and then press B on that lever. It brings up a view of all of 
    the valves that you can rotate. The trick is to get all four of those channels 
    carrying water at once! The easiest way might be to start at the top and work 
    your way down. It's too hard to tell you exactly what to do, your on your own 
    for this one sweetheart.
    Very kindly, Jette Nielsen sent me a picture of the layout, which I attempted 
    to put into a sort of legible form for a text file, just make sure that the 
    arms or pipes directing the flow of water are directed in the same way as these 
    "arrows" in this picture (either a v, for down, ^ for up, < for left or > for 
    Left Channel                            Right Channel
    |-----------------------------|         |-----------------------------|
    |(v>)  (^>)  (<v>) (^v)  (^>) |         |(v>)  (v<^) (v>)  (<^)  (<^) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(<>)  (<v>) (<^)  (^>)  (<v>)|         |(^>)  (<v)  (^>)  (<v>) (<>) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(^>v) (<^)  (v>)  (<v>) (<^) |         |(^v)  (^>v) (<>)  (<^>) (<v) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(<^>) (<^v) (^v)  (<^)  (^v) |         |(^>v) (^v)  (<v)  (v>)  (^>) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(^>)  (^v)  (4)   (4)   (4)  |         |(<>)  (<^>) (4)   (4)   (4)  |
    |-----------------------------|         |-----------------------------|
    (Where the ladder is broken)
    Once all four channels are powered, press B to back out of this mode and hop 
    onto one of the passing carts (they are powered now, since you got water to the 
    gear room). Before you go into the tunnel though, jump onto the upper walkway 
    (above the doorway to the Water Room) and gather in the Courage Points as well 
    as, curious! A Key Mold! About here I got another Health Bubble, just so you 
    See where those carts are coming into this room? Well, snag one (by walking 
    into the tunnel, getting up on the walls and jumping for a passing cart) and 
    ride over to the other control switch. Then change the valves around again so 
    that water goes to all of the channels. Make certain you get the pot back 
    there! It contains a Silver Penny!
    The two side channels of course open up panels where Treasure Chests are 
    hidden. You can get the two that are in this room (on the bottom floor) by 
    jumping on that chain and riding down.
    Open the chests that were just revealed and then get onto the carts using 
    whatever method you want (i.e. climbing either chain or the ladder).
    446 Silver Pennies, 2258 Courage Points, 2 Chests
    Take a ride and keep going through the tunnel. The first room you come to is 
    the Gear Room, jump off onto the upper walkway. Some spiders will greet you so 
    be prepared. Wipe them all out and collect the Courage Points (there is also a 
    couple of pots if you want to be thorough), then jump on that chain and ride it 
    down to the ground floor. One of those channels you put water into triggered a 
    panel in this room to open, revealing a chest. Grab it.
    Now go back up the chain and onto the carts again. Ride on past the next room 
    (Treasure Room) because we can't really do anything in there yet, sure there is 
    a chest down there but we'll get that later, just keep riding into the next 
    room. It's the large center room. Be quick and either jump off while still in 
    the tunnel (and walk the rest of the way to the upper walkway. There is some 
    Courage Points and more importantly a chain that if you jump on it, it will 
    drop down. We're coming back up here later so be sure to drop it.
    Now ride across to the other side of the room and hop off. You'll probably want 
    to save here. Walk along this side, pole-jump across the gap and soon you'll 
    run into a passle o' spiders and to boot, your second Key Mold! Whip the 
    spiders soundly Make sure you drop that chain that is hanging there (for 
    convenient access later) and then continue along the ledges, working your way 
    carefully around the pillars.
    Keep going past the waterfalls gathering in the CP and pots then around some 
    more ledges and pillars. You'll run into some more spiders, obviously they want 
    to keep you from something......It's a chain! All right! Ride that hanging 
    chain down to the bottom floor. We've got another stop here, and that's the 
    Forge. Go there and forge those two keys!
    The way to do that is to place the key mold on the cart over by the forge, then 
    you go to the switch and press B. Watch. Wow! Fully automated! That's 
    incredible! Do the same for the other key. 
    While you are in this room, go up to the top floor, there is a chest up there 
    that I'd like you to meet! You'll have to go across the ledges to get to it, 
    it's on one of the walls (a panel was hiding it before).
    Now we'll want to head on over to the main hall and to the throne. Place the 
    two keys and the throne will drop, revealing a White CP and another Key Mold! 
    Let's go make that key as well, then come back to the main room.
    I was saving this for a suprise but I guess you can have it now, there are four 
    chests that you can get in this manner:
    Take a look at each of the four statues in the main room and then write down 
    the runes that are on them. If you reset the panels on that "Erebor" rune 
    puzzle, you can walk on the runes (same method) of these four dwarves names and 
    four more panels will open. I have the runes copied down yet unless I do some 
    ASCII art then I can't very well duplicate them for you :(
    That's why I told you to drop those chains down, because three of them are up 
    there, the fourth is near one of the entrances to the Water Room. Once you get 
    the four, 
    732 Silver Pennies, 2891 Courage Points, 8 Chests
    Go to the treasury now and get the chest behind the panel that is now open. 
    Then climb up the chains and place that one chain where it goes (collecting the 
    CP on the way of course). Just so you know, there is a treasure chest up here 
    as well.
    Then jump on it to lower the pillar the last bit. Now we can get into the 
    Place the key on the key slot and look inside! There are 2 White CP on either 
    side and two gold chests. The Arkenstone is that shiny thing in the middle so 
    don't get that until you are ready to exit this level. If you've got all of the 
    Courage Points up until now, you should have just enough (perfect) to get a 
    last health bubble. Congratulations!
    1017 Silver Pennies, 3100 Courage Points, 12 Chests
    Again, walk into the Arkenstone to end the level, buy whatever you want in the 
    vendor, this is the last level so spend freely! I bought out the Waters of 
    Fortitude and then whatever else, just to spend my money ;)
    Chapter 11: The Clouds Burst (CHPTR11)
    ()Deliver Message to Bard
    ()Save the Dwarves
    ()Save Corwin
    ()Return to Gandalf
    ()Find Lianna
    ()Destroy the Wall
    ()Find Beorn
    ()Help Beorn
    ()-Follow Beorn
    ()-Drop the Bridge
    ()Free Beorn
    Since the Courage Points in this level are limitless (to the best of my 
    knowledge) it is kind of useless to do a walkthrough for that, however, I'll 
    try to be complete and show you where all the chests are and such. Like you 
    really need any money in and after the final level......
    Gandalf wants you to deliver a message to Bard does he? First we'll get the two 
    chests in this area and then head out. Up and over the first steps you see some 
    of the dwarves pinned down! Use your ring to get to the rear and pick off one 
    goblin at a time from the rear. Just like a flock o' wild turkeys.
    A ladder drops and the grateful dwarves give you thanks. Go up the ladder. Down 
    here are some Wargs that you honestly don't need to worry about, just go up the 
    steps when you are ready and head right, drop down into the pit and jump over 
    the spikes to get to the gold treasure chest. Then back out the hole. 
    Pole-Jump across the bridge (it will fall on you otherwise) and get the chest, 
    then past the chest you can drop down and get some more creatures if you wish. 
    Then head through a maze of gates. The goblins here are unlimited in number so 
    don't worry about them, just keep going to take out the goblin controlling the 
    catapault. When you come to a barrier, just wait and an explosive will soon 
    target you and take out the barrier.
    Once the goblin by the catapault is gone, trigger the switch yourself to create 
    an escape route. There's a bonus for you behind the catapault though, a funny 
    goblin (that you can talk to several times) and lots of mushrooms. Then go 
    through that gaping hole you just made.
    In this next area you meet up with Corwin again! Rescue him by killing the 
    Go through this next part (I did it by using my ring) and up the vine, then 
    drop down on the other side of the wall. Here's Bard.
    After talking to him, just follow the good old trail of Blue CP around. There's 
    really only one path you can take.
    Soon you'll pass Gandalf, and a while after that, Lianna. Now you need to 
    contact Beorn, so first you'll have to break through. Go up one of the ladders 
    (the one NOT next to the catapault) and around the backside, climbing up the 
    ladders and jumping over, after some time you'll find a handle, now go back to 
    the ladder by the catapault and place the handle where it goes. Then up and 
    trigger the barrel for a real treat of a cinema!
    Now just work your way across the large rocks with the Goblins on them and 
    you'll meet up with Beorn. I'm glad he's on our side! Gulp.
    Climb up the chain and follow Beorn and watch gleefully as he smashes a goblin 
    to shreds!
    We have to get this bridge lowered so jump along the platforms to get to the 
    other side.
    On the way you will encounter a chain, climb all the way up to get to a Gold 
    Chest (the final one in this level) which contains a lot of Health Potions.
    Once on the other side, blow up the barrel (obviously) by the bridge for Beorn. 
    Then follow where he led.
    Beorn is held captive! You've got to save him! You're on your own for this 
    part, just follow the trail of Blue CP to the Blue Barrels and trigger them for 
    some fantastic cinematics! I just love them! Hurrah! You beat the game!
    5. Scroll Locations (SCRLL)
    Some people thought I should add this, I figured that if you're going for 
    perfects anyway, you wouldn't need a scroll list but whatever! :) I suppose it 
    makes it more complete.
    1. Your first scroll you find is right at the very beginning of Chapter 3: 
    Troll-Hole, you can't miss it. This gives you Expert Stick Tactics.
    2. Behind the Water Fall in the same level as the above, there is a chest 
    containing Expert Throwing Tactics.
    3. At the beginning of Chapter 4: Overhill and UnderHill you'll find Expert 
    Sword Tactics.
    4. Above the room with the bunch of wolves in the afore-mentioned level, you'll 
    find a Gold chest with Expert Jump Tactics inside.
    5. Inside the SAME level, inside the dwarf ruins, after you lower the first 
    drawbridge, you can get to an area where you collect the Mettalic gears (I call 
    'em Silver) and there is also a switch in the area that you can activate by 
    throwing a stone at it, this reveals the location of another Gold Chest and 
    inside are Expert Sword Jump Tactics. I think you're all Expert now! Woohoo!
    6. In Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark, you can get Master Stick Tactics by 
    getting on top of the central platform in the room where you free Balfor from 
    his prison cell. Get onto the rock ledge first, then throw a stone at the 
    switch to cause a ladder to fall and then you can get up to all the goodies.
    7. After fighting the Wight Lord in Chapter 6: Flies and Spiders, you'll come 
    to a small area with a Gold Chest, inside is Master Sword Tactics.
    8. In Chapter 7: Barrels Out of Bond, you can find Master Throwing Tactics in a 
    small cave in the outer courtyard, the only way to get into the cave is to get 
    the fourth evlish opening crystal from the Deep Celler, then going back outside 
    to a ledge where the stand for the crystal is located, to the left of the big 
    door as you are coming out of it.
    9. Inside one of the three doors in the Barrel Room (the room where you place 
    the three barrels on three of the six switches) in Level 8: A Warm Welcome, 
    there is a Gold chest containing Master Jump Tactics for the stick. To get into 
    that particular door, place the large barrel on the lower picture of the large 
    barrel, then place the other two barrels on the upper picture of the large 
    barrel, then you can get inside.
    10. In Chapter 9: Inside Information, you can find Master Jump Tactics for the 
    sword by going up to the very top and getting onto the platforms that go in a 
    circle around the room, the Gold Chest is on one of the two archways that you 
    can reach by jumping across chains and platforms. And that's it! That's all ten 
    6. Objective Lists (OBJCTV)
    All of the Objectives that look like this:
    Are necessary, or mandatory, you HAVE to do these.
    All the Objectives that look like this:
    Are optional, but you usually get lots of Courage Points by doing these.
    Sub-objectives look like this:
    ()- or
    Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party
    ()Meet the Dwarves
    This ends the level, they are at the Green Dragon Inn of course!
    ()Find Walking Stick
    If you can't find this, I seriously doubt you'll get through the game, you HAVE 
    to get this item to get out of your house!
    ()Help Fix Bridge
    No problem! Just find the Hammer and Nails.
    ()-Find Hammer
    Up above the waterfall, talk to Carl
    ()-Find Three Bundles of Nails
    Inside the Mill, go across the hanging rope (simplest way).
    []Retrieve Gammer's Sewing Needle
    Behind a haystack behind the "chicken barn."
    []Move Hanna's Butter Churn
    It's in the shed next to her house. 
    []Retrieve Provisions for Bombur
    A lot of them!
    []-Bring Sugar
    In one of the chests by Lorella's shop.[]-Bring Spice
    []-Bring WheatThe man who wants you to scare the crows off gives it to you once 
    you fulfill your task.
    []-Bring Three Berries
    In the garden "maze."
    []-Bring Three Eggs
    In the Chicken Barn.
    []-Bring Three Apples
    In the Apple Orchard, either follow the river up, or climb on top of that hay 
    block (the one you can move with B) and then throw rocks at the hanging apples.
    []-Bring Sausages
    You get them by returning Gammer's Sewing Needle. See above.
    []-Bring Tea Cakes
    Move Hanna's Churn onto her porch. See Above.
    []Open Lorella's Chests
    Your first chests! They are behind Lorella's stand, which in turn is across 
    from Bombur.
    []Scare off Crows
    Whack them with your walking stick.
    []Find the four Hobbit Children
    I don't remember the exact names, but I'll guess.
    []-Find Hamfast
    He's in the fenced in area up near Gammer and Hanna's house. The gate is open 
    once the children run to hide.
    []-Find Hilda
    Over behind the Apple Orchard
    []-Find Bell
    In the loft of the Mill, accessable via the waterwheel.
    []-Find Sadoc
    Behind the group of haysbales near the chicken barn.
    Chapter 2: Roast Mutton
    ()Talk to Thorin
    That's easy enough, he's standing right at the start!
    ()Investigate Light
    We'll finish this near the end of the level (once you see the trolls basically)
    ()-Lower Water
    By using the switch
    ()-Raise Water
    Another switch
    ()Steal Wallet
    That's the last thing you'll do
    [] Bring a Burberry Plant to Kili
    Okay, for his cold right?
    []-Find Burberry Plant
    Go clockwise around the first area, get up on top of the cliffs and you'll be 
    above Thorin, the plant is up there.
    []-Return Burberry Plant
    Just go talk to Kili, he's the dwarf with the yellow beard sitting on the 
    Chapter 3: Troll-Hole
    ()Find the Troll Cave
    Last objective.
    ()Find the Troll Key
    Um, jump across the witch king platforms.
    ()Retrieve the Healing Draught
    It's in the room with the Armadillo Boss, up on top of the platforms, you can't 
    go anywhere without getting it first anyway.
    ()Return the Healing Draught
    Right, just go back to the girl.
    Chapter 4: Over Hill and Under Hill
    []Talk to Bofur about the Campfire
    Just search around in all of the canyon areas for the dwarf kneeling in front 
    of a fire.
    []Get Firewood for Bofur
    You'll return it at the end of the level, he's the first dwarf you meet before 
    you can talk to Gandalf (it's after the battle scene with Gandalf).
    ()Fix the Gold Machine
    By finding all the gears of course and returning them!
    ()-Find Large Gold Gear
    ()-Find Small Gold Gear
    ()-Find Medium Gold Gear
    ()-Find Gold Shank Arm
    ()-Find Gold Shank Head
    ()Fix the Copper Machine
    ()-Find Large Copper Gear
    ()-Find Small Copper Gear
    ()-Find Medium Copper Gear
    ()-Find Copper Shank Arm
    ()-Find Copper Shank Head
    ()Fix the Metallic Machine
    Likewise I'm sure.
    ()-Find Large Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Small Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Medium Metallic Gear
    ()-Find Metallic Shank Arm
    ()-Find Metallic Shank Head
    Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark
    ()Exit Caves
    Last Objective, completed by finding the Ring.
    ()-Extend Bridge
    There's a switch near the bridge.
    ()-Lower Bridge
    One end by lifting up a barrel on your side, the other end by throwing an 
    explosive stone at the barrel on the other!()Free Balfor
    Near the end of this level.
    ()-Go to Jail
    This is where you're trying to get to.
    ()-Talk to Balfor
    He's in the cell furthest from your when you enter the room.
    ()-Hit Cell Door Switch
    Just walk over to it when the guard isn't looking and press B.
    ()Bribe Guard to Open Gate
    With the Wart Stone.
    ()-Find Wart-Stone
    By following the path of Blue CP to each lift you need to activate first.
    ()-Take Wart-Stone to Guard
    He's down by the gate, remember?
    ()Activate Wart Lift
    ()-Find Key for Mugg-lift
    ()-Activate Mugg-Lift
    ()-Find Key for Grit-Lift
    ()-Activate Grit-Lift
    ()-Find Key for Dim-Lift
    ()-Activate Dim-Lift
    ()-Take Wart-lever to Wart-lift
    Chapter 6: Flies and Spiders
    ()Find the Dwarves
    It's near the end.
    ()Rescue the Dwarves
    This is the last objective, just press B on each bundle of dwarves.
    ()Escape the Spider Lair
    By killing the Queen Sister Spiders.
    ()Burn Away the Thick Web
    With the Oil of course!
    ()-Find Oil
    It's in a gold chest in the other camp.
    ()-Use Oil on Campfire
    Press B to put oil on.
    []Find Memento for Corwin
    It's in the other camp, go down a slippery tunnel and fight a large spider, 
    then up onto the ledge and through the web for two chests and the ring! Not as 
    nice as yours though...
    Chapter 7: Barrels Out of Bond
    ()Find the Dwarves
    In their cells! Talk to Balin.
    ()Find Opening Crystals
    Got it, no prob.
    ()-Find Crystal 1
    One is in front of the Elven King's throne.
    ()-Find Crystal 2
    One is to the right of the Elven King's throne (his left) down in the water, 
    follow it to get to it.
    ()-Find Crystal 3
    Near where you place the Crystals is a couple of vines, follow them to the 
    third one.
    ()Open Stockade Door
    Once you find the crystals, place them, and then place the blocks properly.
    ()Find an Exit
    You need to get to the Water Room.()-Talk to Balin
    He tells you to go to the water room, then go back and talk to him.
    ()Find Potion Ingredients
    Easy enough!
    ()-Find Moonleaf
    Near Crystal number three.
    ()-Find Willowweed
    Outside on the way to the spider's lair.
    ()-Find Spidersbane
    In the cave with all the spiders (you can get to it from the courtyard).
    ()Make Galion Drowsy
    By putting all three herbs in his mug.
    ()Talk to Balin
    Easy. He's on the upper floor of the stockade. Climb up the ladder and go to 
    the other end.
    ()Find Thorin
    In the Deep Celler (scary).
    ()Find Deep Cellar Keys
    ()-Find the First Key
    One is to the left of the gate (in the courtyard) quite a ways.
    ()-Find the Second Key
    One is in the Spider's lair
    ()-Find the Third Key
    One in route to and through the Deep Celler
    ()-Find the Fourth Key
    One is, uh, somwhere around there. You'll find them, don't worry :) See the 
    walkthrough for complete details!
    ()Free Thorin
    By placing all four cyrstals.
    ()Open the River Gate 
    There is a crystal stand/switch in the water room (up on the bridge) just press 
    Chapter 8: A Warm Welcome
    ()Talk to the Master of Lake-town
    He's in the center of Laketown near the Great Hall.
    ()Stake Out the Wine Warehouse
    That's easy enough, the Blue CP lead the way.
    ()Follow the Thief
    Just stick close enough to him so you don't lose him and use your ring to 
    remain unspotted.
    ()Inspect the East Warehouse
    Take a peek around, tell us what you find Inspector Bilbo!
    ()Talk to Bard
    He'll catch you once you come out of the East Warehouse
    ()Explore the Cider House
    It's in the center area.
    ()Find Rennar
    He's down on the outside, on a long dock.
    ()Inspect Rennar's WarehouseRennar is sort of facing it.
    ()Tell Bard about the weapons
    Don't call him, he'll call you.
    ()Find the Black Arrow
    It's in the Theives Hideout, later on.()Talk to Malloc
    He's in the Cider House after a certain point.
    ()Bring Malloc his Dagger
    It's in his old house.
    ()Find Theives HideoutIt's in the celler of the Cider House, you'll need five 
    bottles to open it. The houses that contain the bottles are marked with a large 
    Red Serpent on the door.
    ()-Find a Bottle in the Cider House
    Talk to the proprietor.
    ()-Find a Bottle in the Cider House
    In the Celler.
    ()-Find a Bottle in Rand's House
    It's near the East Warehouse.
    ()-Find a Bottle in Elik's House
    In the center plaza you'll find his house.
    ()-Find a Bottle in Orlan's House
    In the center area.
    ()Retrieve the Black Arrow
    You'll find it in the Theives Hideout.
    ()Return Black Arrow
    Bard will take it without your giving it back so um, he fulfills this for you 
    Chapter 9: Inside Information
    ()Retrieve the Golden Cup
    Follow the trail of Blue CP to a chain that you can drop right down to it!
    ()Find Smaug's Weak Spot
    Again, follow the Blue CP until you get to the platform above Smaug.
    ()Bridge the Cavern
    By filling up the cavern with water.
    []Find Groin's Giant Ruby
    It's in one of the panels you open with a switch.
    []Find King Bladorthin's Spears
    They are on an upper balcony.
    []Find the Golden Tray
    It's in a panel that opens behind the "Dwarf-Pillar."
    []Find the Necklace of Girion
    Behind a panel (you open with a switch) near "The-Clearing."
    Chapter 10: The Gathering of the Clouds
    ()Retrieve the Arkenstone
    It's in the Treasury. Since all of the objectives on this list are required, 
    you can't get through this level without doing them all.
    ()Open the Doors
    By doing the Block Puzzle for Oin.
    ()Activate the Lifts
    Will do.
    ()-Repair the GearsThe belt is on a pillar (accessable via a scaffold) in the 
    Main Hall.
    ()-Power the GearsWith Water from the water room.
    ()Activate the Forge
    ()-Light the Forge
    By pushing that flaming pot underneath it.
    ()-Power the Bellows
    Water from the Water Room!
    ()-Power the Cooler
    More Water Room!
    ()Get the Treasury Key
    We'll have to lower the throne first....
    ()-Get the First Throne Key
    It's on the upper balcony in the Water Room.
    ()-Get the Second Throne Key
    It's on the upper balcony in the Main Hall.
    ()Open the Treasury Door
    Not a problem.
    ()-Power the Door
    Guess what? Water Room!
    ()-Find Missing Chain
    On the upper balcony in the Main Hall, you'll have to go a long way around.
    ()-Expose the Keyhole
    By jumping on all four chains (the fourth you have to find and place).
    Chapter 11: The Clouds Burst
    Since all of these are mandatory and pretty easy to figure out, I won't bore 
    you with the usual comments.
    ()Deliver Message to Bard
    ()Save the Dwarves
    ()Save Corwin
    ()Return to Gandalf
    ()Find Lianna
    ()Destroy the Wall
    ()Find Beorn
    ()Help Beorn
    ()-Follow Beorn
    ()-Drop the Bridge
    ()Free Beorn
    7. Boss Battles (BSS)
    Large Armadillo:
    For lack of a better name :S He's pretty easy, like the hint says, just kill 
    his little minions (the little armadillos) and he will rear up, showing his 
    belly, just whack him with your stick. Then two little armadillos come out at a 
    time, repeat and then three come.
    Goblin Guard:
    This guy you can just jump attack with your sword and then slash him until your 
    meter fills up again, then jump attack, it should be easy, but long.
    Wight Lord:
    There are several methods. The fastest is to rush him as soon as the cutscene 
    is over and just keep jump attacking and whacking him until he summons his 
    minions. If you do it right, you can take down nearly all of his health and he 
    won't be able to attack you (he tries to block with his sword but your jump 
    attack can break through that) and you'll win easily.
    The other way is to take out the two shooting minions and leave the sword 
    weilding one or else all three will reappear. Then run around collecting the 
    mushrooms as they appear and jump attacking the king and slashing until you get 
    low on health, then run around the perimeter some more until you build your 
    health back up.
    Spider Sisters:
    The first is easy, just jump attack it and slash it like normal.
    The second you need to grab Fire Stones and throw them at her, only they will 
    hurt her.
    The third is the hardest of course, you'll need the Freezing Stones, freeze her 
    with one, switch to your sword and then jump attack or slash her. Repeat until 
    On all three, it's easiest if you deal with the lesser spiders first before 
    concentrating on the boss.
    Not really a boss, but just keep behind the pillars as you work your way out. 
    You can tell when he's going to blow fire by listening to him breath :)
    Again, he's not really a boss but you'll have to save him, kill all of the 
    Hooded dudes by triggering those blue barrels, you'll have to hurry! See 
    Walkthrough for more detail.
    Other Enemies and Tactics For Defeating Them
    Piranha Plants:
    Not too hard to kill, a stone will do it, or a rush-in-attack-fast will do the 
    trick as well.
    The normal ones aren't too bad, when the come at you just attack them and keep 
    pressing towards them and keep attacking.
    Keep pressing close to them as well and attacking, jump attacks work fine but 
    the slashing is what will get them.
    I don't know what else to call them, Pretty much the same as wolves only they 
    will curl up every once in a while and you'll have to wait until they drop 
    their guard to get them (or hit from behind).
    Little Annoying, bouncy froggy things:
    When they come at you you can slash them with your stick as they only take one 
    hit to kill. They don't do much damage but they sure are annoying! A jump 
    attack with the stick will take out lots at once.
    Not a big deal, just jump attack and keep slashing, if they raise their weapon 
    to block blows, either jump attack or wait until they drop their guard.
    The small ones can be killed with one slash from the stick, or better yet, a 
    stick jump attack to take out lots of them! The larger ones you should use your 
    sword on.
    Sheilded Goblins:
    Jump attack to break their shield and then deal with them like regular goblins.
    These things can shoot missile seeds at you, so get in quick and slash them to 
    Necromancer Minions:
    Break their sheild and then stick close and slash fast and furious! Some shoot 
    projectiles at you that do lots of damage so kill those first if you can.
    Large Spiders:
    Jump attack to knock them on their back and then slash them. Repeat.
    8. Frequently Asked Questions (FRQNTLY)
    Although I don't know why I put this in here. Everyone seems to e-mail me 
    instead of looking at these questions. I mean, some of these I've been asked at 
    least 50 times! *grumble*
    Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party
    Q: I'm missing 100 Courage Points! Any idea where they are?
    A: Most likely you didn't jump across all of the lily pads on the lower pond in 
    succession, just jump across each one, starting at the "dock" and don't fall 
    Q: I can't find the sewing needle! Where is it?
    A: It's right next to a haystack (haha) behind the barn with all the chickens 
    Q:Where's the last Hobbit Child?
    A:Depends on which one you're talking about. There is one that is behind the 
    Apple Orchard, one in the loft in the mill, one back by Gammer (the lady who 
    wants the sewing needle) and one behind a bunch of haystacks over by the 
    chicken barn.
    Q: I'm missing ten Silver Pennies. Where are they?
    A: Hey! I don't know everything! If I were to take a guess though, I'd say that 
    they were around the side of the mill, next to the water mill and some stacks 
    of hay.
    Q: I'm missing 5 Silver Pennies. Where are they?
    A: Could be that they are in the shed where the butter churn was.
    Chapter 2: Roast Mutton
    Q: Where is the Burberry plant?
    A: It's up above the starting point, to the right (near Thorin). You'll have to 
    go around the outer rim (clockwise) to get to it. Past Balin.
    Q: I can't get past the troll who is yawning! Can you help?
    A: Well, if you're not sneaking (holding L) then he'll hear you.
    Chapter 3: Troll-Hole
    Q: I'm missing a hundred Courage Points! Where are they?
    A: A possible place is in the room where you get the troll key, look up high. 
    There is a platform with two White CP and a Silver Penny. To get up there, get 
    onto the first two Witch King platforms, then onto a vine that will go up next 
    to the one you want.
    Q: I'm missing ten Silver Pennies! Arrgggh!
    A: It's probably in one of the tunnels, in a pod, some of the pods are cleverly 
    turned so you can't see that glowing blue spot, making them hard to see.
    Chapter 4: Over Hill and Under Hill
    Q: I'm missing 5 Courage Points and 30 Silver Pennies and one chest. Where are 
    A: Lol, I'm missing those too. Just kidding! I finally found them! In the dwarf 
    ruins, next to the first bridge you lowered is a switch, hit it with stones to 
    reveal a little opening.
    Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark
    Q: I can't find the Wart-Stone! Help?
    A: All I can really say is follow the walkthrough, or the trail of Blue Courage 
    Points to each new objective.
    Q: I can't get out of the tunnels on the mine cart! Where should I go?
    A: Start from the spot where you're supposed to and hit first arrow sign to 
    make it green, then the second to make that green, and then hit the third and 
    you'll go up a steep incline and whammo! You're out!
    Q: I'm at the dark pool but I can't find the Ring!
    A: Um.....How did you get THIS far?
    Chapter 6: Flies and Spiders
    Q: How do I kill the Queen Spider Sisters?
    A: Check the Boss Section.
    Chapter 7: Barrels Out of Bond
    Q: Where are the three herbs again?
    A: Check your notebook.
    Q: How do I get to Thorin?
    A: You'll have to find the Barrel Room first and also put a sleeping potion in 
    Galion's Drink, then go back to Balin's cell and Lianna will take you to the 
    entrance to the Deep Dungeon. Go through a lot of enemies and jumping down here 
    and eventually you'll wind up near Thorin's cell.
    Q: I got to Thorin but I'm missing a key, where do I find it?
    A: The most commonly missed key is in the Courtyard, outside. The quickest way 
    from Thorin's cell is to place the opening crystal on the stand, sneak past the 
    two guards in the hallway, then hang a left (you're in the cell-room now) and 
    down the tunnel at the far end. This leads to the barrel room. Don't go all the 
    way down though, go past the save station and up the tunnel (after a while a 
    loading sequence will take place) and voila! You'll be outside! Keep on the 
    same side of the river, go past the large front gate and ahead will be a small 
    covey that contains the crystal.
    Chapter 8: A Warm Welcome
    Q: I can't figure out the order for the bottles! What is it?
    A: I'd rather you figured this out for yourself, just cut away pieces of paper 
    with the colours written on them and arrange them in the only order they could 
    possibly be, with the exception of two of them, which can be swapped around (I 
    think it's red and yellow).
    If you STILL insist, then here it is:
    Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Purple. Satisfied?
    Q: I'm trying to get into the Thieve's Lair but can't move the platforms to get 
    across, you're walkthrough says to figure it out for myself but I've tried and 
    tried and I can't!!!!! Please, Help?
    A: You wouldn't believe how many e-mails I've got regarding this. You are 
    undoubtedly playing on the PC version of The Hobbit because no other version 
    has this problem. Seeing as I'm also psychic, I'll also venture to say that you 
    are playing on a keyboard eh? Boy! Am I smart or what! Okay, okay, the answer. 
    This only happens with the PC version, apparently the normal movement keys 
    don't allow you to select any but the center three platforms, so what you 
    should do is......use the arrow keys (I have heard) or simply use your strafing 
    keys: A to go left and D to go right. Hooking up a joystick or a gamepad also 
    solves this problem, or so I've heard tell.......
    Chapter 9: Inside Infomation
    Q: Your walkthrough says to run along the long broken pillar to the dwarf head 
    statue but when I get to the end and try to jump up, I can't no matter how hard 
    I try! Help please?
    A: Well, I really can't say unless I was actually there, but the long broken 
    pillar I am talking about lies along the length of Smaug's body, the dwarf head 
    pillar has two platters on either side that apparently it is holding up with 
    it's "hands." If you still don't get it, then please don't e-mail me as I can't 
    help any further than what I've already stated here. I just simply don't know 
    what you're doing wrong!
    Q: I'm trying to find a way for Bilbo and the Dwarves to get across the chasm 
    and I moved those blocks on the black spots but nothing happened! What do I do 
    A: Go to the very bottom of this place and place that block that is in the 
    water on the "drain." Then go and position the blocks on the way up to make 
    sure each of those holes (black spots) are plugged.
    Chapter 10: The Gathering Of The Clouds
    Q: What do I do with the blocks in the large room, I can't open any of the 
    A: You must align the blocks so that when you place them in their spots, it 
    completes the picture of the rune shown next to it. Keep in mind that the block 
    in front of the hole might not necessarily be the one that goes in it (of the 
    pair that are on each side, one is swapped). Each side of the block has a 
    different little mark, and you'll need to flip the blocks over (with A) to get 
    to the correct mark that will complete the Rune.
    Q: I can't get in the Water Room! What do I do?
    A: The sign says to walk in the steps of Erebor. Yet how do we know where he 
    walked? He walked all over himself! There is a statue opposite the door that 
    has Runes on it and if you read it, it says Erebor. Walk on only the Runes that 
    are in his name (you'll have to look closely at the statue). You have to do it 
    in the order of the letters (i.e. you can't do R,E,R,E,O,B).
    Q: I can't figure out the water room puzzle! Please help!
    A: Well, here's a bad rendition (done by me) of a great picture (done by Jette 
    Nielsen) sent to me.
    Left Channel                            Right Channel
    |-----------------------------|         |-----------------------------|
    |(v>)  (^>)  (<v>) (^v)  (^>) |         |(v>)  (v<^) (v>)  (<^)  (<^) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(<>)  (<v>) (<^)  (^>)  (<v>)|         |(^>)  (<v)  (^>)  (<v>) (<>) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(^>v) (<^)  (v>)  (<v>) (<^) |         |(^v)  (^>v) (<>)  (<^>) (<v) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(<^>) (<^v) (^v)  (<^)  (^v) |         |(^>v) (^v)  (<v)  (v>)  (^>) |
    |                             |         |                             |
    |(^>)  (^v)  (4)   (4)   (4)  |         |(<>)  (<^>) (4)   (4)   (4)  |
    |-----------------------------|         |-----------------------------|
    (Where the ladder is broken)
    Q: How do I get to the other side where the ladder is broken?
    A: Well......If you really want me to tell you....the puzzle you just did 
    should have directed some water into the Gear Room, then you need to fix the 
    gears there. The belt that fixes the gears can be found atop a small pillar in 
    the large room (near Thorin). The carts start moving and you can easily jump on 
    one of them (from several locations around this Chapter) and ride on over to 
    the other control panel. Enjoy the view!
    Q: I can't get four chests! What am I doing wrong?
    A: The chests you are most likely missing are the ones behind four panels in 
    the large center room. Look at the runes on the four statues in that room 
    (Durin, Thorin, Thror, and Thrain) and walk on the runes representing their 
    names on that panel in front of the Water Room. This is my favourite puzzle in 
    the game, took me a little while to figure out! ;)
    Q: I can't find the fourth chain for the treasure room!
    A: It's in the large center room, up above. Ride the carts to the top and you 
    have to go the long way around, above the old treasure chamber, around above 
    the throne, and all the way almost to where the carts come in. Get off the 
    lifts on the side that they exit the room.
    Q: Where are the two keys I need to lower the throne?
    A: You actually need two molds first. One is on the upper level in the Water 
    Room (ride the carts to get to that upper level) and the other is on the upper 
    level in the center room on the side that the carts exit. Get the two molds and 
    go to the Forge and forge the keys.
    Chapter 11: The Clouds Burst
    Q: Where is that last chest?
    A: I don't know, I can't find it either. Wait a sec. I just found it. :D It's 
    at the top of the chain you use to climb up to the other side of the bridge 
    (when you are lowering the bridge for Beorn). It's got a lot of Health Potions 
    9. Bonus Fun Stuff (BNS)
    There are of course many different things that you could do, one of them is 
    after you get the perfect scores on each level, go back and try to get the 
    LOWEST scores! Sometimes it can be quite difficult.
    My best stats for Unexpected Party are::
    84 Courage Points
    0 Silver Pennies
    1 Chest
    5 Quests Completed
    Which is actually pretty good, try to beat it!
    Check out the "minimums" FAQ I'm working on to see more information!
    Or you could run for fast times like I did, I used a stopwatch to time myself, 
    started it as I took control of Bilbo in his house (after Gandalf had started 
    talking) and didn't stop my watch until I went in the door of the Green Dragon 
    Inn. To make things go faster, I didn't save at any stations (because obviously 
    that would take up a lot of precious time!) and just did the bare minimum. My 
    best time was 
    2'06" and I'm certain that it's possible to get under 2 minutes with enough 
    Another thing I tried was to get Perfects on the first level as fast as I 
    could, again, I didn't save, I skipped all of the cutscenes and people talking 
    (by pressing start to skip) and went through the entire level collecting 
    everything in 
    10'27" and I think that with practice, it is possible to go under 10 minutes. 
    Just think how hard this is though, to go through both the berry patch and the 
    chicken barn without saving! If you mess up, you have to go all the way back to 
    the beginning! Plus, you have to lay out everything in your head so that you 
    are not making needless trips back and forth. It's quite a challenge! I urge 
    you to make the attempt to better these scores, if you dare! :) Just follow the 
    same rules I did, start your watch when you gain control of Bilbo in his house, 
    and don't stop it for anything until you go in the door of the Green Dragon 
    Incidentally, my best time for DreamWorld is 57 seconds which I know isn't that 
    10. About The Shadow (SHDW)
    I started gaming in 2000 (at a rather "old" age of 15) with a Super Nintendo 
    system. With it came Top Gear Racing and then I bought Super Mario World. Now, 
    Top Gear went by the roadside pretty quickly, but Super Mario World was 
    fantastic! So I soon branched off into Super Mario All-Stars, and from the went 
    into Super Mario Kart, my first brush with a racing game.
    After some time, my brothers and I (who owned shares in the SNES) decided to 
    sell it off for some games for our new present from our parents, a used N64 
    (remember, this is still 2000). GoldenEye came with it and it was one of my 
    most beloved games of all time, I played that game for about 40 hours and 
    discovered that I had some talent at video games, I had beaten the entire thing 
    in the hardest difficulty setting (00 Agent) and even unlocked all of the 
    cheats (not using push-button-codes, which I didn't even know about, but 
    unlocking them all by beating the target times in the correct difficulty). I 
    then bought Perfect Dark as the sequel to it. I beat that one too and unlocked 
    all of the cheats, but sadly have never beaten either Challenge 28 or 30 in the 
    Combat Simulator mode. I just wasn't interested in that. From there I bought 
    The World Is Not Enough 007 and 100% completed that as well, though I wasn't as 
    fond of that game as GoldenEye. I competed on the-elite.net (a different name 
    then) for fast times in all three games and didn't do too badly considering the 
    amount of time I spent at it.
    I usually spend about 30 hours on a game and my goal is always to 100% complete 
    it, and I have high standards.
    I was done with First Person Shooters for a while and turned to Rogue Squadron 
    (on recommendation from a friend of mine, Mr. E) and ended up completing that 
    too. He also recommended Battle for Naboo and while I admit that was a lot of 
    fun and I would like to complete that someday (I only got about 6 Platinum 
    Medals) I was burned out on that so to speak, and turned to other games such as 
    Super Mario 64. After getting all 120 Stars I was tired and ready for something 
    new, on recommendation from S.E. (another friend) and SamSim, I bought The 
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Having never played a Zelda game before (nor 
    knowing what they were like) I was quite pleasantly surprised! I fell in love 
    with the game and I think I've spent more time on that game than any other 
    game. I went through it my first time, a couple of months later went through it 
    a second time to get all of the Heart Pieces and Skulltula with no deaths, and 
    then a third time (Perfect) on the GameCube version. I also went through with a 
    Perfect on Master Quest and prided myself on getting EVERY single chest in 
    EVERY dungeon, regardless of whether or not it was necessary.
    Anyway, after falling in love with Zelda, I decided to buy another Super 
    Nintendo (realizing that selling the old one was a huge mistake) and bought 
    Link to the Past. It was great. It prompted me to buy a NES and the later, the 
    Currently I am still collecting old games and playing many of the new ones that 
    are coming out (but only the best ones).
    Old games that I've bought for the NES include:
    Tetris (awesome game!)
    Legend of Zelda
    Legend of Zelda II
    Dr. Mario
    For the SNES there is
    Super Metroid
    Link to the Past
    Secret of Mana
    Secret of Evermore
    Super Mario All-Stars
    Super Mario World
    Super Mario Kart
    Donkey Kong Country
    to name a few (I'm only listing the "best" ones).
    64 games I have:
    Super Mario World
    GoldenEye 007
    Super Mario Kart 64
    F-Zero X
    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
    Super Smash Bros.
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Mario Kart: Double Dash
    F-Zero GX
    Hobbit (really?!!!)
    Metroid Prime (one of the best games ever made)
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    Zelda Collector's Disc
    Zelda Bonus Disc.
    Metroid II
    Metroid Fusion
    F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
    Super Mario World
    Legend of Zelda: Oracle games
    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past/Four Swords
    Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    Tetris DX
    Sword of Mana.
    Being of nature very competitive, I recently have been at FZeroCentral.com and 
    have been competing internationally there and am currently the moderator of the 
    message board (with about 250 members on the board and over 500 members on the 
    site) and rank 5th overall on all four F-Zero Games. Not too bad ;)
    Being a Tolkien fan from long ago, when this game came out I decided to give it 
    a shot and try it out, couldn't hurt after all now could it? I love it. It is 
    an excellent game, especially for one who has read the book. I don't see why 
    the critics give it a 6 or 7. In my book it rates as one of my favourite games, 
    which is why I am writing a FAQ for it. I think it deserves at least an 8. The 
    graphics aren't the best, but Game Play is good (true there are a few glitches) 
    and the Music is excellent, the humour is wonderful and of course, they STUCK 
    to the book very closely! That is always hard to do and Sierra: My hat is off 
    to you!
    11. Revisions History (RVSNS)
    V 1.0 
    This FAQ was originally completed on the 25th of December 2003. That was 
    Christmas Day! Soon after was submitted to GameFAQs. This is supposed to be the 
    final version, but who knows, I might add some more junk.
    V 1.1
    Added Bigbadwolf's easier way to get the White CP in Riddles in the Dark, much 
    thanks for that!
    Also added my horrible ASCII (is it really?) art for the water channels in 
    chapter ten, it was based off of a picture sent to me by Jette Nielsen, thanks 
    so much for it!
    Added e-mail to contact section (oops)
    Added Scroll Locations section.
    Added Bonus Fun Stuff section.
    V 1.2
    Added more questions the the FAQ section (I've gotten over 200 e-mails asking 
    simple questions that should not have been directed to me, but anyway.....)
    Added more information to the Contact Section (don't contact me about simple 
    "get past the level" questions that should be asked at the message board).
    Added more sites to my list of people who are allowed to host links to this 
    Added one more Waters of Vigour location (Riddles in the Dark), thanks to Tynam 
    V 1.3
    Basically revitalized this entire FAQ, changing the style and headers, etc. 
    mostly minor changes, one spelling error that I happened to spot (*gasp!* A 
    spelling error!!!!!). I'm trying to standardize all of my guides so that's why 
    I remodeled everything. Lookin' good!
    V 1.4
    Fixed numerous little things, made a few additions and corrections, changed a 
    few sentances around, added a few other things such as the correct keys for PC 
    users to strafe (don't know why I should be concerned about it though) and.... 
    tried to make the FAQ section more noticeable. It's ridiculous how many 
    questions I have answered in there that I still get questions for.
    V 2.0: Final
    I don't see anything else that should be added to this guide so I am sealing it 
    up, yes!
    12. Copyright Information (CPY)
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright 2003 by Logan West, please do not claim it 
    for your own, nor use anything from it in a walkthrough you may be writing or 
    on a site unless you ASK ME FIRST AND I GIVE PERMISSION!!!! At this point I am 
    only allowing the following sites to host this document:
    There is one site in particular that I do NOT want to see this or any other of 
    my possible future FAQs on, and that site is Cheatcc.com because someone there 
    has taken my FAQs (albeit they asked, but didn't get my consent) and posted 
    them on this site, also tampering with my FAQ and adding cheatcc.com to my list 
    of sites alowed to host it! This is dishonest and dishonesty gets rewarded with 
    refusal to let any of my FAQs be hosted on their site. 
    If you have a spot for it on your site and you ask very nicely, I may consider 
    letting you host it as well :) Don't host it without permission from me, or 
    I'll call in my personal army to come and reposess it.
    You may print this document out for offline use, just don't try to publish it 
    or lose the pages (someone else might find it or something, I don't know). 
    Anyway, just be careful, I'm trusting you with this you know :)
    13. Contact Information (CNTCT)
    I enjoy any kind of mail, so long as it's the nice kind. I don't like Mail-
    order offers, advertisements for getting rich quick or flaming mail. If you 
    would like to ask a question then I'd suggest going to the GameFAQs message 
    board first and if that doesn't work, THEN ask me and I'll be happy to answer 
    it if I can, but please be specific. I can't answer questions that say "I can't 
    get across that one gap, can you help please?" Because I have no idea which 
    LEVEL you are talking about, let alone which GAP!!! And please be as clear and 
    grammatically correct as you can. None of this:
    "Teh gam is da bets an onli i m haveig trubl one this 1 patr. Kan u help plez?"
    Because while I think it's funny, I can't very well read through much of it at 
    a time.
    If you'd like to contact me just to say thank you for the FAQ then please do 
    so! I love hearing if any of my walkthroughs have helped even in the slightest! 
    I always attempt to do my best and yet rarely ever hear any kind of feedback, 
    for all I know, no one has ever looked at a FAQ of mine......
    Apparently no one read the previous section because I've had over 400 e-mails 
    from people who can't do one thing or another. PLEASE: IF YOU NEED HELP, CHECK 
    VERSION OF THE HOBBIT!!!!! That is the best place to go (I'm frequently there), 
    don't e-mail me any more with questions on how to beat the game! I like helping 
    people out but this is ridiculous, I wrote the guide for advanced players who 
    already knew what they were doing and now just wanted to get Perfects, 
    thankfully (since it is the only walkthrough out there that I know of to this 
    date) it has been able to help new players as well, but that's not the purpose 
    for which it was written. I still will accept e-mail of course, I'm not THAT 
    mean, but please, show some consideration if you can. If you'd just like to 
    drop a line to thank me, WELL!!! Feel free to do so! 
    14. Credits (CRDTS)
    1. Thanks to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    2. Thanks to my parents for raising me properly.
    3. Thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien for writing the Hobbit!
    4. Thanks to Sierra (and other companies) for developing this game!
    5. Thanks to Silas Verrinder, who first told me about Tolkien many years ago.
    6. Thanks to myself :) Have to put that in there! ;)
    7. Thanks to you my dear reader!
    8. Thanks to all the people who have kindly given me many e-mails telling me 
    that they enjoyed the FAQ, you don't know how much I appreciate that!
    9. Thanks to Bigbadwolf of GameFAQs for his easier method of getting the White 
    CP in Riddles in the Dark.
    10. Thanks to Jette Nielsen for his picture of the puzzle in the Water Room in 
    Chapter Ten: The Gathering of the Clouds
    11. Thanks to Tynam McCulloch (look at these great names!) for his extra notes 
    for Chapter Five: Riddles in the Dark.
    12. Thanks very much to Alexander Davidson for his program: Metapad. I like it!
    13. A special thanks to Silas for FAQ Writer and to all the people who have 
    helped and just dropped me a line. Much thanks to those who also followed my 
    contact instructions!
    No thanks to those who didn't.

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