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""My precious! It must know the way out!""

The Hobbit is a great, little game. You play as Bilbo Baggins, a normal, respected Hobbit. That is, until Gandalf the Wizard and thirteen Dwarves show up at his doorstep and invite him on a grand adventure.

The controls of this game are easy to master. After a little while, you get all the weapons you'll ever have. The first one you get is your Walking-stick. It's long-ranged, and you can use it to long jump. You can get Throwing Stones for long-distance shots, and then your most powerful weapon, a sword that Bilbo names Sting. Movement of Bilbo and the camera are easy, and there is a separate button for the Ring (when you get it).

STORY (8/10)
The story stays close to Tolkien's original writings most of the time. In between chapters, Gandalf tells what happens next. Sometimes, it goes off a bit, like meeting a new dwarf or elf. It leaves out some parts that could have been included, but besides that, it's great.

The graphics in this game are amazing, especially in the cutscenes. Everything looks realistic (well, as realistic as hobbits and dwarves can look), but I have one small problem: the items. If they made everything else look good, why did they have to make the items 2D? The sound is also amazing. Every character has a voice, which is better than most games. Many people may think that Gollum's voice is wrong because it isn't Andy Serkis, but in my opinion, it doesn't matter.

This game has many sidequests, such as collecting food before your adventure and getting a plant to get a dwarf's cold, so it will last you a good while. However, there are no extra features to play after you beat the game, so that's why it gets a 7.

I'd recommend renting this game, because you may like it, you might not. Don't let the fact that Bilbo looks young stop you from trying this, because if you do, you'll really be missing out on some fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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