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"Incredible, simply incredible."

Finally, a game that combines kicking ass, puzzles, and time control, that actually doesn’t suck.

This game puts you in the third person view, which to say the least just works. If at any time the camera should vex you (which it never will anyway), you have the ability to press a button and make the camera show you the world around you. Quite a revolutionary idea actually, the whole area around you is easy revealed which definitely negates those horrible moments in gaming where you simply cannot see anything.

The Ass-kicking, simply put you do a lot of it. What makes the combat in this game stellar however, is the fact that while in combat time is at your fingertips. You have the ability to slow down time, which gives you a definite upper-hand, and you also have the ability to rewind time. If you die you can travel back to any time you want to within about a minute or so. This not only allows you to regenerate but it allows you to know what moves the enemies will be throwing at you because you have already seen them. The dexterity of the prince is also quite impressive, he can vault of the shoulders of enemies, propel off of walls, back flip, and pull off some nifty moves with his sword, and dagger, yes both a sword and a dagger.

Puzzle wise the game is a little weak, the puzzles although quite logically based don’t present too much of a challenge and you will find that you won’t have too many problems with most of them. However, the puzzles themselves are for the most part downright huge, and very detailed in texture which always makes for a pleasurable gaming experience.

Maneuvering in the game itself, is very, very smooth. You hardly ever see any frameskips, and I think I’ve only seen one camera chop. The things that you can do with the Prince are just completely incredible. Basically you can do everything that you could do in Enter the Matrix, except it doesn’t suck. The list of capabilities includes, running up walls (both running horizontally, and vertically), climbing and sliding down columns, swinging on poles to lunge yourself forward, jumping hella-far, and my personal favorite, running horizontally onto a wall, jumping off of the wall, and grabbing onto a ladder.

The sound is very convincing too, you really feel the atmosphere of the game through the sound, and the best part of the sound is that the Prince actually is telling his story as you play the game. The whole game is actually a story being told by the Prince so he is narrating.

By the way the graphics simply astound me, this is easily one of the biggest visual pleasers… ever. I am probably one of the hardest people out there to impress in terms of graphics, but wow was I impressed. The detail of everything was just incredible, and to say the least, the areas in which you travel are so visually convincing that you feel like you are actually walking through them.

The menus are incredibly easy, and there will be no issues with save files because there is a huge abundance of them. Oh and just in case Prince of Persia: Sands of time isn’t enough to keep you busy, both the full versions of the original Prince of Persia and the sequel are included in the game!

I really loved this game, I loved every bit of it, I have no regrets in purchasing it, and if you don’t have it. Then drop your shovel get, out of the sandbox and GET IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/16/03

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