Review by Def2k1

Reviewed: 11/24/03

This might be the ONLY game to get a 10 from me

As of late, I've seen quite a few reviews for this game. The guys at Penny Arcade said it isn't just the game of the year but the game of the last FIVE years. Now I remember playing the ORIGINAL Prince Of Persia and I found it to be quite hard/frustrating but I figured I'd give this one a chance.

In a word, it's amazing. This is one of the few times that a series has been reinvented and it's FAR better than the original.

Gameplay- Everything in this department is solid. All of the controls are tight and responsive. Everything moves fluidly and the levels are pretty big and complicated. The game is a bit challenging but not to the point that it makes you want to quit playing it. Most times, it involves YOU finding out what the best solution is to get thing done. At first, the game will hold your hand through these things as you learn how to play but after that, you're on your own. The Prince has some pretty cool moves too. Backflipping, wall running, twisting and turning, etc. And, the most important part, using the dagger to speed up and reverse time amongst other things. Overall the gameplay is like a mix between Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe with some differences and a few things added in.

Graphics- Absolutely beautiful. From the water effects to the sand to the flowing clothing. EVERYTHING. I haven't seen the PS2 or GCN versions but if they look like the Xbox version, they're easily one of the best looking games out on the shelves right now. It's pretty. Nothing esle to say about it.

Sound- Once again, scores in this department. The music changes from calm to a rapid thumping pace as you enter combat. The voice actors did a pretty good job as well. Nothing sounds corny or cheesy in the slightest bit. As you progress though the game, when the Prince talks, it seems like a real person telling you a real story. I'm not sure who the VA's were for this game but they did an excellent job.

Extra stuff?- In all versions, the original Prince Of Persia is available, in the Xbox version, the original plus part 2 are available (after you unlock them of course). This is a nice treat for fans of the original games.

Overall- This game is frickin awesome. Normally I don't say things like this but if you don't own this game, you need to get it or you're missing out. In fact, to go one further, you'd be stupid NOT to get this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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