Review by Sinister187

Reviewed: 11/29/03

A Work Of Greatness!


In this installment of ''The Prince Of Persia'' series, the Prince is tricked by a dying Vizier bent on evil to unleash the Sands Of Time. It is a spectacular hourglass and a strange dagger, these two objects can turn the one who holds them into an immortal god. The Vizier wishes to have these to his own, and upon unleashing the Sands Of Time, the Prince obliterates a kingdom and causes it's population to become savage demons. Now, it is up to the Prince to save his kingdom and try to undo his mistake.


The gameplay in this is superb and done well to the fullest extent. Your character is able to run on walls, do amazing gymnastic maneuvers, swing on poles and perform some unique and great swordplay. Also, there is ''The Dagger Of Time'', so if you should die, simply activate this baby and reverse time. This way it will be as if you haven't perished at all. But it does come with one down side, you must collect sand from vanquished enemies in order to activate it. If your health is low, just locate some water and drink it and watch your health rise to the heavens. The game also includes some puzzles and offers plenty of combos for you to dish out on evil beings. Along the way, you will also acquire new and stronger swords. This makes fighting even easier because your foes will succumb to your blades in the blink of an eye in later levels. It is also pretty neat to watch the prince, flip over them and slice them in half.


Fantastic looking title, Ubi Soft has really made a magnificent looking game for us to enjoy.The animations are fluid and very realistic looking, the character models are simply gorgeous as are the spellbinding lighting and particle effects. All the textures are clean and smooth as silk, the physics are dynamic. The camera is well placed and works great in this game, no flaws with it for me to be disappointed. Outstanding job in the graphics department.

SOUND: 10\10

The sound is very European and suites the game well, everything about it is exotic and fits perfectly. Extremely well crafted voice work too, it just oozes brilliance.


A breath-taking title that will have you coming back for more action many times after completion. And with it being online and having the old-school Prince Of Persia games to play as extras. As well as a ''Making-Of Featurette'', what's not to enjoy and come back for more!?

OVERALL: 10\10

You're still here reading this? Go out now, purchase this game and have a fun time!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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