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"It's one HUGE obstacle course"

The highly anticipated Prince of Persia for all Next-Gen consoles is the best game in the Prince of Persia series.

Gameplay: 10/10

The most important thing to mention about this game has got to be the ability to control time. It is just simply amazing how you can rewind time, so for example if you fall off a cliff, you can rewind and fix your mistake…sadly there is a limit to your use of these technique. Rewind when you fall or freeze all enemies to kill them in half a second, it is just plain and simple, sweetness :)Running on walls, hanging on edges, jumping from ledge to ledge, swinging from poles and ropes...these are just some of the awesome mechanics in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. This game is focused primarily on the way you use these moves on the huge, gorgeous, ancient environments. It's a blast, jumping, running and swinging all in one area. All these maneuvers are great, but the most impressive element is the combat system. The original Prince of Persia was very famously known for their innovative combat and it's brought back into this 21st Century masterpiece. Flipping over enemies and slashing them twice in the back before they fall is just so cool! The controls are great and they are even greater in battle, so very easy to use. The sweetest, and most innovative part of this game would have to be the ability to control time. Rewind when you fall or freeze all enemies to kill them in half a second, it is just plain and simple, sweetness :) It's a smooth, fast paced action game, sort of a more action packed ICO. The gameplay itself truly makes this game shine.

Visuals: 9/10

With some expectations in the field of visuals, graphics are a deal in games now-a-days. In this game, the graphics in my opinion could be better. The characters look descent, with some faults but the environments are really nice. There is a good amount of CG (computer graphics) in this game, and they are pretty good, not the best, but good.

Sounds/Music: 10/10

The very sounds of ancient Egypt and the clashing of weapons are truly a work of art in this game. The voice over's are done very well too, there are times when the Prince makes jokes, its nice to hear a joke once in a while after finishing some of the most complicated obstacles and puzzles. The sound for this game is very nicely done.


The Prince retrieves a dagger of time and he listens to some evil dude when he tells him to stick the dagger in the sands of time and because he did that, the place of Egypt turned into chaos where the people are cheap fighting zombies and you play the game to fix what the Prince had done. So basically, the Prince has to fix his own stupid mistake, kind of funny :)

Overall: 10/10

This game is truly a masterpiece for 2003, the combat system and the gameplay mechanics are a really nice treat. Its about a 10 hour game so that's not too short and because some of the puzzles take some time to understand, it will definitely take longer. Gaze upon this beauty and buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/07/03

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