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"A very tense action/platformer/adventure game"

Prince of Persia is a a game based on quick reflexes and easy but fun puzzles. The game was a thought out process that turned out to be remarkable.

Sound-10: The mix of Rock and Indian Culture is great. It transits through batles and regular very well. The music gets faster and faster as the battle progresses and slowly stops. The blades sound realistic as the clang against other blades. Sound comes in very nicely for stereos. (For the high rollers.) Either if it comes to small details like you slipping on the wall because you just rolled through water, or an amzing battle chorus, the sound is great.

Graphics-10: Holy cow. This is where the game shines. Everything seems to be soft and smooth and seems to have a dreamlike wave. This actually somewhat tunes in with the plot because he is telling a story. The sunset is the best sunset you will ever see in a game.( For the Xbox, PS2,and Gamecube.) I swear one time I looked at the sun for so long my eyes started to hurt. Dust sprinkles as you land on the ground. Foot prints are left from water, and hair moves realistically.

Gameplay-10: Yes the moves of course are very awesome. You knew that. Vaulting over enemies never gets old. That's not the best thing about the gameplay though. The best thing(s) is actually the platforming areas. You may walk into a room and look up and see your destination point and think. ''Oh crap... This is gonna take a while.'' when actually it may take you a couple of minutes after a few retries from fallen deaths. The actual running and jumping is the puzzles itself. Trying to get to point A to Point B isn't just moving some crates( Although the light puzzles are a tad bit annoying but nothing to harm it since there is only two.) but jumping of walls to push a switch then jump up on a bar and swing to a ledge before the time runs out and the door closes. This can create very very tense moments. (The prison for instance has you constantly running on the walls, spiraling downwards.) The other part of gameplay is combat. It isn't just flipping over enemies but strategy. You have to know the enemies and rememebr exactly what his weaknesses are. Some you may know for that they are strong but can be vaulted. Other are known for that they are sort of strong and can not be vaulted but are still weak against wall vaults and wall attacks. Others may be weak but black alot. Gameplay goes even deeper with the Dagger of Time. Some enemies can be vaulted and hit twice with regular attacks but can not be retrieved. It's all very deep. Another aspect is the time shifting. Sand tanks are absolutely crucial to survival. Rewinding time is orginal and well thought out. Freezing enemies is also very crucial but slowing down time isn't all that great. It only makes it so you can see enemies attacks better.

Story-9: The story itself isn't as good but the way it's told out. There are only 3 FMV's everything else is explained in dialogue but on a very cool way. It is all told through a story so if you die, The prince says '' No, that didn't happen like that.'' (This may seem like he's absent minded since I died a lot.) Even when pausing. The plot itself isn't original. It reminded me too much of Aladin. The evil Vizier with the Snake Cane. (Who has a goatee) The fat, short Sultan. And the hourglass. The characters were also ripped. The white bag pants on the Prince are a first. (Even the voice sounds like Aladin.) The Princess. (Who is so much hotter than Jasmine.) Everything seems to be taken. The Prince and Farah story is played out well too with trust and distrust.

Other things: Here comes the worst fault. The length. The game took me about 9 hours to beat. This was it's major flaw and what damaged it. I didn't want the story to end. I wanted to see what was going to happen next.(Oh well better wait for the sequel.) I would make this an 8 becuase of this but the game is so amazingly beautiful and awesome that I wouldn't have the heart to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/04

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