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"All Great things must come to an end(some quickly)"

In General:
A lot of you might know the old Prince Of Persia series from the older game systems, this version is pumped up with a ton of new moves, better graphics, rich sound, a very easy controller layout, but the game takes around 11-12 hours to beat.

The graphics are amazing, they have used rich colors and designed a very amazing life like castle. Theres no problems with frame-rate in this game, the enviroments will make you feel as if you went back in time and are in a real arabian castle, thats it! Theres not one problem with the graphics in this game.

The sound is very impressive, they have tons of sounds in this game which are all clear, and never freeze up or have problems giving multiple sounds at once. From the princes combat, to the objects being smashed, to the monsters transporting , and groaning, to the characters voices. The sounds will echo in the giant castle and fade when outside, it creates a cinamatic experience.

The controls are VERY easy to get used to, they can be mastered in the first 10 minutes of playing the game, the prince has a ton of combos from fighting, to manuevering around. The prince can also control time which is easy to do, you can either REWIND, HASTE (haste freezes all the monsters and speeds up the prince, this uses up all the sand tanks but its really awesome!) and SLOW-MO. The prince can do everything frum wall running, to jumping and swinging from pole-to-pole. His combat skills are easy to master, he can block attacks, jump over the monsters and slice them in the neck, or jump from the wall and stab them in the stomach, all in all the controls are very easy to master and theres a large variety of controls to master. You can also stab the monsters with the dagger of time to momentarily freeze them.

My Score:
I give it an 8 out of 10, youre probly asking why?? youve gave it great scores in every category so far, well the answer is because the game ends to soon! But atleast rent it, because its an awesome game with tons of controls, and a great presentation, you can also unlock the original PoP 1 + PoP 2, the game will keep you entertained for 11-12 hours or more if you want to master the old Prince of Persia games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/12/04

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