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"Prince of Persia, wheres all the hype coming from?"

In Prince of Persia you take the role of a young prince who has brought chaos to a large palace with the sands of time. You can rewind time using your newly found power, and slow down time in battle. With this power comes a cost. When the prince unleashes the sands of time chaos is brought into a large palace, and the world around the young prince begins to crumble.

Let me start by saying the game is beautiful, you can tell there was a lot of work put into the title. However, it has its short comings. I personally only played the game for 2 hours, but that was enough for me.

Story: 7/10
Since I didn't play long enough to learn the entire story, I will review the story thus far and how it is told. The narrative in the story is excellent I thought. The story is narrated as you play through the game. The story is fairly original but still fits the bill of disaster has happened.

Visual: 7/10
The graphics are very smoothed out and efficient for the type of gameplay, however not the best on the box by far. The large environments and characters are well depicted. You will be able to rotate your camera with the right analogue stick. The white and black buttons switch your view to an aerial view of the area, or a first person view. This is a must for seeing where you need to go and what you are doing.

Control: 7/10
The game controls very well. During battle you have access to several innovations such as using people to jump off of and land behind them. You can dodge attacks with a simple analogue + A. You can run along the sides of walls holding the R button. All of these maneuvers are executed efficiently.

Gameplay: 3/10
This is the big downfall for me. The difficulty being one factor. The other factor is repetition, and ease of the game. The game simply does not require you to be skillful. You enter a large room will you will perform a number of acrobatic maneuvers to get to the next area, where you will perform more acrobatic maneuvers. These maneuvers dont require much skill and become old very quickly. You will be A) running up walls and jumping off them to reach poles / bars. B) jumping C) swinging on bars D) figuring out how to reach the rooms exit. You will enter in fights where X swings your sword and Y swings your dagger. The fighting is very minimal and did not present a challenge to me. Being able to rewind time is definitely a cool implementation, but am I the only one that looks at this as just extra lives?

Sound: 5/10
Nothing bad here, nothing great. However the fx are implemented quite well. You will hear every sword clash, and hear your character grunt as he climbs or falls.

Summary: 5/10
To sum it up, this had the potential to be a very enjoyable game for me if it were executed in a different manner. I felt no gratification as I hacked up a couple dozen enemies, because it was so easy. This would be a game I would buy for a child in elementary school. I personally cannot find the enjoyment in it. I do not see how it received such high scores from every publication / reviewer I've seen. If you are looking for an action/platformer, I suggest giving Jak II a rental.

Buy / Rent ? :
Definitely give it a rental first to be sure this is a title you will enjoy. The game is also quite short and can probably be beaten in a rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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