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"A great idea turned into a great game"

Since the dawn of gaming, action games were primarily side-scrollers. Jump the platform, hit the bad guy, climb the vine, and swing to the next level. Since Pitfall, these events have basically made up both action/adventure and platform games. So much to the fact, that for awhile, lines blurred and they were one-in-the-same. But, since the invention of 3-d gaming, the lines have once again blurred and split apart. Since that day, Action games are getting farther away from platformers. Now, in today's high-tech gaming world, There is yet another separation. This time, it is action games from other action games. There is a new breed of A/A (Action/Adventure) games pushing through and setting a whole new line of standards. Games like Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto, and now, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Gameplay: 9/10

First and foremost, the gameplay is extremely solid. The controls are tight and leave nothing to be desired. The flow of the game from one stage to another is impeccable, and ultimately adds to the feel of the story. While some may say that the gameplay gets repetitive, I disagree. I feel that the beauty of the game, the innovative look and feel, and sweet presentation make sure that doesn't happen. My only beef, and the one thing preventing the gameplay from taking a 10, is the camera. But, this is both a good and bad thing. The camera is tricky and makes you frustrated, especially when you can't see where you need to go or need to balance. But, I really like the idea of the environment camera, and it looks pretty cool. Also, the whole rewind time idea is really cool.

Story: 10/10

Flat out, the story in this game us uber-cool. A great cast of voice actors, mixed with nice cutscenes, makes this story one that would make a great movie, much less a video game. You are the youngest son of a Persian King, en route to see your buddies, another kingdom, when an evil vizier (That's a royal advisor, kids) convinces your father to invade a nearby Indian kingdom. There, you join the battle, and decide to search for the sultan's treasure, to claim honor and glory for your father. From there, the fit hits the shan, so they say. Great story.

Graphics: 10/10

Absolutely beautiful level design is the best point of this game. Not to take anything away from anything else, but this is the best feature. Simply beautiful. The characters are great too, looking extremely realistic, and the interaction between player/environment looks nice too. Even the sand creatures look sweet. And when you go into Mega Freeze, the game just looks uber-cool.

Sound: 10/10

The soundtrack is really cool, the effects are nicely timed and inserted, but, best of all, the voice acting... sweet, in a word. Really sweet. the actor who does the Prince does a very nice job. And his humor adds a cool mood to the game.

Play Length: 6/10

My biggest problem: the game is very short. Like, short might be an understatement. You'd be lucky if you can milk 10 hours out of this game. Going through again will make it shorter. But, the first time you play it, you will look at your save screen and notice you've only been playing for an hour and already 16% through the game. Bummer, only extreme negative.

Replay Ability: 8/10

This game is replayable for two main reasons: 1. Searching for the secrets is really neat, and noticing the little details in every level is cool, and 2. The unlockables. Going back (if you didn't the first time) and unlocking POP2 and the first level in 3D are great, and really do add to the game.

To Summarize:

The game is good. Very good. Lets review, ''Judgment Day'' style:

+ Great Gameplay
+ One of most beautiful looking games ever.
+ The voice-work is really sweet.

+ Tricky Camera
+ Short Game-Time

Recommendation: Rent or Buy?

Buy. Quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/02/04

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