"The Most Formidable Argument for Game to Called Art."

Perhaps theres something in the drinking water at Ubisoft... That's the only real reason I can think of for their continual pouring out of Classic Games. The Original Prince of Persia were without a doubt Classics of their time, and were the primary, hell the only reason that so many people know who Jordan Mechner is today. (he's the creator of the series, if you didn't know....)
Whilst the first two were wonderful games (the abomination know as Prince of Persia 3d shall not be mentioned in this review), it's been over 15 years since they were released. Today there is a whole new generation of gamers, who may not be satisifed with a crappy attempt at bringing the Prince back to life. Luckily Ubisoft have managed to appeal to the "MTV Generation" whilst keeping the Jaded old fans happy with the fundamentals that made the series great.

The story begins with the Prince's Father's Army amassed ready to invade a castle, Being the cheeky devil he is, the Prince wanders off in search of the Sultan's treasure room, where he discovers the Sands of Time (more on this later). This is where things start to go a little bit pear shaped for the Prince, and not to spoil anything, but boy, you think you have it bad?
So, the Sand of Time you ask? Basically it's a dagger that helps ol' Princey control the flow of time. Rewind, Slow Motion and another that I won't spoil are all at your disposal. Unfortunatly, they are not implemented terribly well and are never essential per se.

One of the first things this reviewer noticed was the amazing love that Ubisoft Montreal have put in this game. The arsenal of moves that the Prince has is more then Formibable, he's kinda like a monkey on steroids, but without the tail and not as hairy. As your guided through the first part of the game you'll learn how to Run Along Walls, Climb up nearly anything that takes your fancy and learn combat moves that would make Neo Green with envy. Of course this is only the beginning of the list, but one thing that all the moves have in common is that they have some of the best animation ever seen in a game. Every little move is animated to perfection.

The Gameplay, is of course the most important aspect, hence the word game. Prince of Persia's gameplay is about 60% Jumping, swinging and other feats, 30% Fighting sand monsties and 10% Puzzle Solving. Now, most of the time these mesh in well together, but the most seemingly artificial aspect of the gameplay is the way that it continually goes Platforming-Fight-Platforming-Fight. This aspect is repetitive and starts to grate after a while, especially as some as the fights can be rather annoying. There is also a lack in the variety in enemies, there is only about 6 or so sorts, which is kinda disappointing when considering the amazing amounts of detail featured in other parts of the game.

Of course, today all you kids wanna know about the wham fangled graphics and so forth, and rest assured disappoint this game does not. Ubisoft have made this game beautiful, every thing seems to shine from a graphical standpoint. The game is presented in a a sepia tone, which makes the game look even better. On that note the Palace in which the game is set is one of the most amazing locations for a game. This reviewer ofter found himself gazing off into the distance and looking up the castle's architechture. Throughout the game your go through all parts of the castle, and most of the levels are truly a sight to behold, and playing through them is even better.
Sound is also another aspect in which this game shine, especially the Prince's various quips on Life The Universe and Everything (no, not the board you sickos). We see that that Prince did not ask for this, and he's led a pretty cushy life up to this point. The music is a nice mix of ancient Persian and New Rock, a unnatural combination that works well together.

So basically this is one of best games this gen, and nearly everything in this game oozes goodness. Sadly, it hasn't sold as well as it should have, so go and buy a copy, please, the people at Ubisoft need to eat too!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/02/04

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