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"A bit of a rush job Charlie..."

This is an updated game of the 1969 classic movie which the game appeared on the PS1 and PC platforms. The Italian Job places you in the role of Charlie Croker out for revenge after being double-crossed.

Nicely detailed visuals and colorful textures, very good draw distance, no pop-ups whatsoever. 60 frames-per-second, smooth, great sense of speed.

Your usual bog-standard racing/traffic sound effects affair. There are some background music whilst racing but are drown out by the sound effects, you can adjust the sound settings accordingly - however, there are no custom soundtracks option is this game.

The aim of the game is to get back at your double-crosser (Steve), retrieve the millions he had taken from you. Mission-based objectives are the order of play here, some are based on the events of the movie and some added in. Missions are set within a time limit, they range from meeting up with your buddies to being chased by cops & robbers - it's all been seen and done before but with a new lick of paint. In a rather bizarre step, you're given a radar as a map to guide you to your target, which seems odd for a game of this nature, as it doesn't work particularly well as your target is shown as a red dot and basically it's like you having to try to sniff your way like a dog to reach it, it would have worked fine in a FPS genre such as Aliens Vs Predator, but for this game it just aint right. After each mission you are graded with a grade ranging from an A to a C, extra vehicles and modes are offered to you only on A-grades,

Control-wise, the response of the vehicles respond well to your movements, with each vehicle feeling as it should do, the collision detection is spot-on.

The are over 40 missions to get through, fun as they are as discovering shortcuts and alternative routes to reach your objective, they all are of an extremely of short duration, too short in fact, they are all over within a few minutes which may suit other gamers but for the majority of gamers and hardcordsters alike, it's all over way too soon, which is rather ironic, as the final missions do take some time to beat if you aren't too good at these games. After you've completed Story mode, there are other modes such as Circuit Racing, Time Trials and Stunt Modes to sustain your interest, a real blast with four-players, but as a single-player game it doesn't really add anything more to the game itself. BTW, there aren't any replays to savour after completing a mission - which is a shame considering most racing games have it as a standard now along with saveable replays.

Fun and easy to get into, varied missions but just way too short, could of been great but ends up being above average, try before you buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/10/03

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