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    Song List by FlameToFace

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    Below is the Amped 2 song list in Alphabetical Order.
    Created by: FlameToFace (on message board)
    	    Flamez (on xbox Live)
    Any questions or comments, send to FlameToFace@hotmail.com
    If there are any mistakes I apoligize in advance.
    Band Name - Song Title
    315 Songs In Total
    Aceyalone - In Stereo
    Actionslacks - The Scene's Out of Sight
    Aloha - A Hundred Stories
    Alro-Mystik - Future Tropic
    Alro-Mystik - Inner Space Sonata
    Alro-Mystik - Move it Out
    Alro-Mystik - Polyrhythms
    AM/FM - A Best Man (Put My Girlfriend on Fire)
    American Football - Never Meant
    Arkham - 100 Snakes Loose
    Arkham - Better Than Me
    Arkham - Driving The Carpal Tunnel
    Arkham - Duellum
    Arkham - Facilitate
    Arkham - On This Path
    Arraya - Conspiracide
    Arraya - Saying Yes to No
    ASG - Cowboys And Indians
    ASG - One Less Crutch
    ASG - Yawn
    Atom and His Package - I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer
    Bagman - Bosh (Gaijin Mix)
    Bagman - Mama
    Bagman - Rock 'N' Roll
    Bagman - The Last Laugh
    BMC - Attack
    Braid - Collect From Clark Kent
    Braid - First Day Back
    Braid - Killing a Camera
    Braid - Perfect Pitch
    Braid - Please Drive Faster
    Brandtson - Some Kind of Jet Pilot
    Brandtson - The Rookie Year
    Brandtson - You Do The Science
    Buckwild - One Day
    Chric C - Boys Do
    Chric C - Rise&Shine
    Chris C - Tokyo Telelon
    Cross My Heart - No Give Backs
    Darwa - Take a Walk
    DJ Ozzy - Stained Glass
    Eco-Hed - A.K.A.
    Eco-Hed - Kojack
    Eco-Hed - Panic In Needle Park
    Eleventeen - Black Rose
    Eleventeen - Come Clean
    Eleventeen - Crestfallen
    Eleventeen - Impossible
    Eleventeen - In The Air
    Eleventeen - Inexpectation
    Eleventeen - Sink With Me
    Eltro - Elements of Style
    Fillbuster - Chip on My Shoulder
    Fillbuster - Fat Cat
    Friction - Squelch
    Fury 66 - Forgotten Ideals
    Fury 66 - H.C.S.
    Fury 66 - Self Will
    Fury 66 - With Broken Shells
    Fury 66 - Words
    Girls Against Boys - All The Rage
    Glasseater - At Your Own Risk
    Glasseater - Break Away
    Glasseater - Everything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down
    Glasseater - Falling Apart
    Glasseater - From Cradle To Grave
    Glasseater - Greetings...Goodbye
    Glasseater - Recurring
    Glasseater - Shortcut For A Quick Getaway
    Glasseater - To Feel Adored
    Grey Area - Better Man
    Grey Area - Cannonball
    Grey Area - Colossus
    Grey Area - De Heeg
    Grey Area - Stanley
    Helicopter Helicopter - 1234
    Helicopter Helicopter - Harsh Light
    Helicopter Helicopter - Helicopter Fight Song
    Hudson River School - Coming In Clear
    Hudson River School - Don't Keep Me Waiting
    Hudson River School - Find Your Way
    Hudson River School - Insecurity
    Hudson River School - Make or Break
    Hudson River School - Straitjacket
    Hudson River School - The Great Mistake
    Hudson River School - The Real Thing
    Hudson River School - Useless
    J Boogie - Le Booty Cinematique
    J Boogie - Oceanic Lullaby
    Kerosene 454 - What Was
    Knightz of Bass - Da M-Pire
    Landmine Spring - Maggots
    Landmine Spring - Ophelia Sinking
    Lunatex - 2012
    Lunatex - Abducted
    Lunatex - Everybody
    Lunatex - Shangri-la
    Lunatex - WitchProject
    Madcap - Better Day
    Madcap - Hometown
    Madcap - You Can't Forget
    matt pond PA - This is Montreal
    Medicine Circus - Blue Skies & Flowers
    Medicine Circus - Indian Summer
    Medicine Circus - Lost in Lux
    Micronaut - 12345678
    Micronaut - Dig This
    Micronaut - Fly By
    Micronaut - Gravitation Redux
    Micronaut - Half Life
    Micronaut - Hi Gain
    Micronaut - Infinite Space
    Micronaut - Ioncannon
    Micronaut - Log On
    Micronaut - Northern Style Kung Fu (drunken master remix)
    Micronaut - Probe Droid
    Micronaut - Psychosis
    Micronaut - Send in the Clones P1.2
    Micronaut - Syncronizer Two
    Ming and FS - 80 Watt Parker
    Ming and FS - High Pursuit
    Ming and FS - The L
    Mock Orange - 3 O'Clock
    Mock Orange - Brake Lights On
    Mock Orange - Does It Show
    Mock Orange - Growing Crooked
    Mock Orange - In Even Time
    Mock Orange - Nothing to Write
    Mock Orange - Poster Child
    Mock Orange - She Runs the Ride
    Morris - Better
    Morris - Fly Away
    MyG - Babylon
    MyG - Balance
    MyG - Don't get bit
    MyG - Eye of Horace
    MyG - Eye of the Beholder
    MyG - Funhouse
    MyG - Get up, Stand up
    MyG - Greenpeace
    MyG - If it's in the game
    MyG - Imperial
    MyG - La Luna Llena
    MyG - No Surrender, No Retreat
    MyG - Not About Me, Not About You
    MyG - Rhyme Mania
    MyG - Saturday
    MyG - The Ocean
    MyG - To Be Original
    National Skyline - Reinkiller
    Over It - Chasing A Constellation
    Over It - Fail
    Over It - Serial Kisser
    Over It - Worry Bomb
    Over It - Wrong Way
    Park - At Breakneck Speed
    Park - Clue Me In
    Park - Cover Up
    Park - Wreck Simple
    Pele - Egg
    Pepper - Tradewinds
    Places to Park - Ascension
    Places to Park - Blazing Trails
    Places to Park - Greatest Story
    Places to Park - Like This
    Places to Park - Martesia
    Places to Park - Part of It
    Places to Park - Signed and Sealed
    Places to Park - Slow Down
    Places to Park - So Different
    Places to Park - Too Soon
    Rated Hero - Hello
    Rated Hero - Scream
    River City Rebels - 22 Years
    Self Expression Music - Life is Outta Control
    Silverstein - Giving Up
    Silverstein - Red Light Pledge
    Silverstein - Last Days of Summer
    Sister Machine Gun - Bang Bang (Fully Operational Mix)
    Sister Machine Gun - Bring You Down (Take You Higher)
    Sister Machine Gun - Carbon Copy
    Sister Machine Gun - Down on Me
    Sister Machine Gun - Got to Be
    Sister Machine Gun - Never
    Sister Machine Gun - The Desert Companion - Like You
    Skylab 2000 - NightTrain
    Somehow Hollow - A Lesson in Longing
    Somehow Hollow - Broken Chords
    Somehow Hollow - Introduction To A Tragic Dream
    Somehow Hollow - Kamloops
    Somehow Hollow - Never Let You Go
    Spine - Rising To My Reflection
    Spitalfield - Am I Ready?
    Spitalfield - Fairweather Friend
    Spitalfield - Five Days And Counting
    Spitalfield - I Loved The Way She Said "L.A."
    Spitalfield - In The Same Lifetime
    Spitalfield - Kill The Drama
    Spitalfield - Make My Heart Attack
    Spitalfield - Stolen From Some Great Writer
    Spitalfield - Those Days You Felt Alive
    Spitalfield - You Can't Stop
    Staring Back - A New Method of Expression
    Staring Back - Change of Heart
    Staring Back - Feel Past the Words
    Staring Back - Invite Only
    Staring Back - Joey
    Staring Back - Many Will Play, Few Will Win
    Staring Back - One More Year
    Staring Back - Version 2.0
    Staring Back - X Out
    Student Rick - A Child's Cry
    Student Rick - Falling For You
    Subgenious - Unphazed
    Sunday's Best - Beethoven St.
    Sunday's Best - Brave, but Brittle...
    Sunday's Best - Don't Let It Fade
    Sunday's Best - Out Left Coast Ambitions
    Sunday's Best - Winter-Owned
    Sunday's Best - Without Meaning
    Taking Back Sunday - Bike Scene
    Taking Back Sunday - Ghost Man On Third
    The Dirtball - Instrumental
    The Dirtball - Makin' Rappin' Happin'
    The Dirtball - No Star
    The Enkindels - 1:00 AM
    The Enkindels - Blue Highways
    The Enkindels - Eva Luna
    The Enkindels - Just Another Sellout
    The Enkindels - Loose Screws
    The Ivory Coast - Lake Placid 1986
    The Ivory Coast - Swope
    The Ivory Coast - Traveler
    The Jazz June - Antiquated
    The Jazz June - Burned Out Bright
    The Jazz June - Day 7
    The Jazz June - Intro
    The Jazz June - Le Villanelle
    The Jazz June - Rich Kid Shakedown
    The Jazz June - Russians Part 2
    The Jazz June - Signal
    The Jazz June - Silver Dollar
    The Jazz June - The Oncoming 2600
    The Jazz June - The Possibilities Are Endless
    The Peripheral Visionaries - GreatMinds
    The Peripheral Visionaries - InnerSpace
    The Peripheral Visionaries - Paranormal Groove
    The Peripheral Visionaries - Road Funk
    The Red Hot Valentines - Calling Off Today
    The Red Hot Valentines - Don't Bother
    The Red Hot Valentines - Fair Warning
    The Red Hot Valentines - This Heart of Mine
    The Red Hot Valentines - Wait for Summer
    The Senate Arcade - I'm Going to Win
    The Senate Arcade - Theft Scenerio
    The Skirts - Blue Lies
    The Skirts - Dandelion
    The Skirts - I Can't Wait
    The Skirts - Seesaw
    The Smooths - Farewell
    The White Octave - Animal Chin
    The Ziggens - 61.9
    The Ziggens - Barefoot on Hot Cement
    The Ziggens - Bin Loop Baby Pt. II
    The Ziggens - Debutante
    The Ziggens - Dinah Shore
    The Ziggens - I Faught the Lawn
    The Ziggens - Surlungus
    The Ziggens - Tidal Wave
    theLINE - Beyond the Border
    theLINE - Commerical Music Clone
    theLINE - D-term Nation
    theLINE - Dig Deep
    theLINE - Harmonic Disallusion
    theLINE - Memory
    theLINE - The King
    theLINE - What is Creature
    Time Spent Driving - Angel and I
    Time Spent Driving - Balance
    Time Spent Driving - Flicker
    Time Spent Driving - Glass Rose
    Time Spent Driving - Here With You
    Time Spent Driving - If the Fault Fits
    Time Spent Driving - In Waiting
    Time Spent Driving - Leaving
    Time Spent Driving - Patterson Pass
    Time Spent Driving - Rain on Sundays
    Time Spent Driving - Silhouettes and Pictures
    Time Spent Driving - The Reason I Stay
    Time Spent Driving - Thin Like Paper
    Ultimate Fakebook - Combat Fatigue
    Ultimate Fakebook - Girl, Here's Another Lie
    Ultimate Fakebook - Popscotch Party Rock
    Ultimate Fakebook - Red Elbows
    Yellowcard - A.W.O.L.
    Yellowcard - Big Apple Heartbreak
    Yellowcard - Cigarette
    Yellowcard - Drifting
    Yellowcard - October Nights
    Yellowcard - Struck
    Yellowcard - Sureshot
    Walt Mink - Goodnite
    Whichman Vs. Jammin Unit - After Midnight
    whippersnapper - An Open Invitation
    whippersnapper - Clothes Horse
    whippersnapper - The Long Walk
    Zion I - Revolution

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