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    FAQ/Walkthrough by punkrawkpunk88

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 03/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       Amped 2 full walkthrough-  
                       Version 0.1-
                       Written by Kyle Shelton- 
                       email: punkrawkpunk88@gmail.com-
                       Xbox Live Gamertag: Kyle Shelton
                       Last updated: February 1st, 2006-
        Hello my name is Kyle Shelton (punkrawkpunk88 on the gamefaqs message 
    board) and welcome to my walkthrough for Amped 2!  The game was 
    released on October 28th, 2003 in North America for Xbox and it just happens
    to be my favorite snowboarding game.  I hope you find this walkthrough useful.
    It is my first attempt at a guide so please excuse any problems, or let me 
    know about them by emailing me and I will try my hardest to fix it! If you can
    think of anything this guide needs just let me know.  If you have any other
    information on Amped 2 (such as techniques and snowman locations. I know I'm
    probably going to need help on those) then just email me and I will add it
    to the walkthrough and give you full credit.  I also check the Amped 2 message
    board from time to time so we can always discuss things there.  Thank you!
    Table of Contents
    1.  Game Basics.......................................................(11oooo)
          a) Getting Started..............................................(12oooo)
                I) Menu controls..........................................(12oooI)
               II) Basic In-game controls.................................(12ooII)
              III) Navigating Menus.......................................(12oIII)
               IV) Creating a character...................................(12ooIV)
                V) Creating a Music Playlist..............................(13oooo)
          b) Basic Techniques.............................................(14oooo)
                I) Navigating.............................................(14oooI)
               II) Jumping................................................(14ooII)
              III) Landing................................................(14oIII)
               IV) Pre-winding............................................(14ooIV)
                V) Spins/flips............................................(14oooV)
               VI) Off Axis Spins/Flips...................................(14ooVI)
              VII) Frontside/Backside.....................................(14oVII)
             VIII) Grabs..................................................(14VIII)
               IX) Jibs/Railslides........................................(14ooIX)
                X) Butters................................................(14oooX)
               XI) Tweaking...............................................(14ooXI)
              XII) Style..................................................(14oXII)
             XIII) Combos.................................................(14XIII)
              XIV) Half-Pipe techniques...................................(14oXIV)
               XV) SnowSkating............................................(14ooXV)
          c) Snowboard Trick List.........................................(15oooo)
                I) Grabs..................................................(15oooI)
               II) Jibs/Railslides........................................(15ooII)
              III) Lip Tricks.............................................(15oIII)
          d) SnowSkate Trick List.........................................(16oooo)
                I) Grabs..................................................(16oooI)
               II) Flip Tricks............................................(16ooII)
              III) Jibs/Railslides........................................(16oIII)
               IV) Lip Tricks.............................................(16ooIV)
    2.  Career Information................................................(21oooo)
            I) High Score.................................................(21oooI)
           II) Media Score................................................(21ooII)
          III) Sponsors...................................................(21oIII)
           IV) Photoshoot.................................................(21ooIV)
            V) Pros.......................................................(21oooV)
           VI) Tricks.....................................................(21ooVI)
          VII) Gaps.......................................................(21oVII)
         VIII) Snowmen....................................................(21VIII)
           IX) Legend.....................................................(21ooIX)
            X) Own the mountain...........................................(21oooX)
    3.  Walkthrough.......................................................(31oooo)
           I) Millicent 1.................................................(31oooI)
          II) Breckenridge................................................(31ooII)
         III) Event 1.....................................................(31oIII)
          IV) Bear Mtn. 1.................................................(31ooIV)
           V) Mt. Hood....................................................(31oooV)
          VI) Laax 1......................................................(31ooVI)
         VII) Event 2.....................................................(31oVII)
        VIII) Mr. Buller..................................................(31VIII)
          IX) New Zealand.................................................(31ooIX)
           X) Millicent 2.................................................(31oooX)
          XI) Event 3.....................................................(31ooXI)
         XII) Bear Mtn. 2.................................................(31oXII)
        XIII) Laax 2......................................................(31XIII)
         XIV) Event 4.....................................................(31oXIV)
    4.  Fequently Asked Questions.........................................(41oooo)
    5.  Extras............................................................(51oooo)
           I) Cheats......................................................(51oooI)
    6.  Xbox Live.........................................................(61oooo)
    7.  Version History...................................................(71oooo)
    8.  Conclusion........................................................(81oooo)
                   Section 1      GAME BASICS (11oooo)                            
                                Getting Started (12oooo)
    Menu controls (12oooI)
    The left joystick and D-pad are used to select different menus
    A - used for the accept button
    B - used for going back to previous menus
    X - used for selecting Xbox Live
    Y - used for other options (such as deleting a profile and Xbox Live options)
    L+R - used to change pages in the portfolio
    Basic in-game controls (12ooII)
    LEFT THUMBSTICK - On the ground you can move the thumbstick left and right to
       turn.  Holding up speeds your character up slightly and holding back
       slows/stops your character.  Quickly tapping up then down, or down then up
       starts a butter.  In the air the thumbstick is used for spins and flips.
    RIGHT THUMBSTICK - Makes your character grab a side of the board in the air.
       Different directions do different tricks.
    D-PAD - moves the camera around.  When you press it left or right, it will
       revert once you let it go.  When you tap it up or down, it will stay like
       that until you press up or down again to make it normal.
    BACK - Resets the boarder if they are start
    START - pauses the game and brings up the menu
    LEFT AND RIGHT TRIGGER - On the ground it makes your character change stance
       between normal and switch.  In the air they are both used to tweak grabs.
       If you hold them down on rails you will do tweaked grinds.  If you are
       holding down B while grinding the Left and Right Triggers to spin.
    A - Jump up into the air.  Hold it down to gain speed.
    B - jib/railslides
    X - This is only used for the snowskate.  It does flip tricks
    Y - This does handplants in half-pipes and quarter-pipes.
    * B and Y can be changed in the game options menu
    Navigating Menus (12oIII)
    Career mode - You can select 'Ride!' to start playing the main game.
       'Change Gear' lets you customize your characters looks.  'Board stats' Let
        you change the spin/flip, big air, ollie, balance, and switch stats that
        you earn as you progress in career mode.  Finally, 'Portfolio' lets you 
        look at everything you have unlocked so far.
    Free Ride - This is just a mode that lets you try to beat your best records
        without the worries of things from career mode.  This mode also lets you 
        snowboard as one of the following pros: Bjorn Leines, Bobby Meeks,
        Gigi Ruef, Janna Meyen, Jason Murphy, Jeremy Jones, J.P Walker,
        Mikey Leblanc, Mitch Nelson, Scotty Arnold, Seth Huot, Torah Bright,
        Travis Parker, and Yoshinari Uemura.
    Tutorials - This mode teaches you the basics of the game.  Even though you
        have this guide, I think it is best to play the tutorial as it explains, 
        demonstrates, and then lets you practice.  For each of the follow, there
        is a lesson and a practice: Basic Riding, Jumping, Spins and Flips, Grabs,
        Rails, Style, and finally Combos.  These should explain the basics 
        better than I can.
    Multiplayer - From here you can select splitscreen multiplayer with two
        players.  LAN multiplayer with up to 4 Xboxes (and 8 players total), or
        you can sign onto Xbox Live from here.  On Xbox Live you can look for a
        game in quickmatch or optimatch.  You can create your own game, change
        options, check your friends list, and download Slopestyle 2003
        (free level).  You can check statistics for yourself, your friends, and 
        for the best players in the world.  Select XSN Sports to access your pack
        (clan) and tournaments.  I have not checked this option for a very long
        time, but I think it is pretty much dead.
    Options - Select game options to change control vibration, camera distance,
        button layout and hints.  In the audio menu there are options to change 
        the different audio levels and a few preferences that include headphones,
        shuffle play, and song info.  You can change your soundtrack in the next
        menu (more on this in the next main section).  In the Xbox Live options
        you can change your status from online to offline and you can choose if 
        you want audio to come through your TV speakers or through your Xbox Live
        headset.  As you can probably guess, you can input cheats into the cheats
        menu.  Note that the game will not save if you have entered a cheat and 
        that you can't play multiplayer with the cheats on.  This is to prevent 
        you from getting all of the stats in single player easily and then playing
        multiplayer with a maxed out snowboarder.  They are still fun to play
        around with though; go to the cheats section to find a list of all cheats.
        The last option is the credits movie where the development team finally 
        get their chance to be seen.
    Replay Theater - You can watch or delete replays that you have saved during
        the game.  On the right side under "replay info" the boarder, time, date,
        and mountain is listed on whatever you have selected.  Once you have 
        selected a replay, you can view it.  A little menu will be near the bottom
        of the screen with five options.  Starting from the left to right there is:
          -Restart: plays the replay from the beginning
          -Play: Begins the replay if it has been paused and also makes it play
           at normal speed if the replay is going in slow motion or fast forward.
          -Pause: pauses the video
          -Slowplay: Makes the replay go in slow down so you can see things better
          -Fastplay: Makes it speed up so you can skip the slower parts
         One last thing is that the Y button hides the menu
    Choose boarder - Right here you can create a boarder, delete a boarder, or 
        choose between different boarders.  A boarder is basically a profile.  If
        someone else wants to have their own profile then they need to make their
        own boarder.  The next section goes through the process of creating a
    Creating a character (12ooIV)
      One of the first things you're going to have to do is create a character.
    There are 12 male and 12 female face outlines that you can choose from.  You
    will customize them next but after you finish this step, you will never be
    able to go back!  Change stance with the Y button.  Regular stance means the
    boarder puts their left foot forward and goofy means the rider will put their
    right foot forward first.  Press A to move to the next step.  I usually pick
    goofy, but I'm going to pick regular stance this time.  The next thing you
    have to do is name your character.  This part also can't be changed so pick
    something you like.  After you're all done the game will  take you to the
    main menu.  Go to career so you can change your gear.
      Now that you are here lets get started.  You don't have to go in order, and
    you can always come back and change your characters gear in this menu!  There
    are nine categories to choose from and they all have many options inside.
    Experiment and try a bunch of different things.  I decided to try something I
    thought I wouldn't like, but my character ended up looking pretty cool.  When
    you're done press B a few times until it says "building boarder" Everything
    here is finished!
    Creating a Music Playlist (13oooo)
      I think a very important part of Amped 2 is the music.  Some games have
    music that goes along with the game, a lot don't.  Amped 2 has over 300 songs
    that you can listen to so most people will be able to find something that they
    like.  I think you should take it one step further though and make sure you
    have some good custom soundtracks too.  Personally, if I'm listening to a song
    while playing that I don't like, my skill seems to be lowered.  Because of 
    this, I really try to make sure I'm always updating my Xbox hard drive with 
    more music as I play.  Amped 2 has the following genres you can choose from:
     Rap/Hip Hop
     Ska/Reggae/Surf Punk
      In the soundtracks menu you can turn each of these on or off.  You can also
    do this with your custom soundtracks.  During gameplay, the black button adds
    a song to your favorites (plays the song more often), and the white button
    skips to the next song).  So if you add a song from the Rock section to your
    favorites and then disable rock a few days later, that one song you added to 
    your favorites still plays.  You can disable favorites here, or clear them.
    Each profile saves the users custom playlists which is nice.  So if you like
    rock and your little brother likes rap, it doesn't matter if you both use a 
    different profile. Playlist shuffling can be changed under options, then 
    audio otions.
                                Basic Techniques (14oooo)
      Well, you can find your way around the menus, you made a boarder, and you
    hopefully have a good music playlist.  Time for you to learn the basics!
    Navigating (14oooI)
      The left joystick is using for moving your character when they are
    snowboarding down the mountain.  Pressing the joystick left or right will make
    you steer left and right.  Holding forward will make your character speed up
    slightly while holding back on the joystick slows you down/brings you to a 
    Jumping (14ooII)
      The A button is used for jumping.  You can just tap it for do a hop but if
    you hold it down then your character will prepare to complete a large jump.
    You will gain more speed when holding down the A button and you will gain more
    height/distance once you let go.  When you are going to launch off of a jump,
    it would be best to hold A while approaching it and then release A when you
    are at the very end of the ramp.  This will give you the most height/distance.
    Landing (14oIII)
      Some people find it difficult to land but there are a few things to help you
    out.  You want to line up your board with the mountain. Most of the time that
    means you will want to land with a slight downward angle.  If you launch off a
    jump on a funny angle and it looks like you are about to land on top of
    another jump, then point the tip of your snowboard upwards a bit.  If you pull
    up on the joystick, the front of your board will dip down, ad if you pull
    back on the left joystick then front of the snowboard will move upwards.
      However this is changed when your character is backwards (after completing a
    180, 540, 900, etc spin).  During these times your character will be facing
    backwards so pushing up on the joystick will move you up and pushing down will
    move you down.  This may be a bit tricky to get used to so practice!
      Sometimes when you land, different things will come up.  If "Stomped it" in
    yellow text comes up, that means you landed very well and smoothly.  You will
    get a lot of bonus points and your character will keep speed.  The next thing
    that can pop up is "sick" which means you landed it pretty well.  It will be
    in green text and you will get a slight bonus when landing it and also keep
    your speed.  "So-so" is in black text and it means you didn't land
    it very well so your points will stay the same.  When you see red text with
    "Sketchy" then you landed pretty badly.  When you see this then you will have
    points taken away and you will lose some speed.
    Pre-winding (14ooIV)
      Do you want to get a head start on your trick?  No problem!  Right before
    you go off of a jump hold the left joystick in the direction you want to be
    while in the air (such as holding back if you want to complete a backflip in
    the air).  Basically you are giving your character extra time to prepare the
    trick, so you will do your trick must faster this way and it will give you
    extra time to do another trick or land smoothly.  So plan your trick ahead of
    time instead of trying to think of something in mid-air.
    Spins/flips (14oooV)
      Move the left joystick left or right to spin in the air.  A half circle spin
    is called a 180.  A full spin is called a 360.  So a 720 is two full spins and
    a 1260 is three and a half spins.  You can do front flips and back flips by
    pulling the left thumbstick up and down respectfully.  If you are facing
    backwards (after doing a 180, 540, 900, etc) then pulling the joystick back
    will make you do a front flip instead of a back flip.  All spins and flips are
    the same way; so when you are facing backwards, everything is reversed.
      A few more things.  There are tricks called late spins/flips; you may see
    yourself doing them every once in awhile.  Basically a late spin is when you
    go off of a jump, do a trick, and then spin after that trick is complete. For
    example, do a front flip and then a 180 for a late spin.  To do a late flip,
    do a trick and then do the flip.  Such as doing the 180 first and then do the
    front flip.  The other thing I wanted to tell you about spins are BS spins.
    BS means "Back Side" and you do it by spinning to the left instead of the
    right.  You will also see a lot of BS and FS (front side) tricks when you are
    doing grabs and grinds.
    Off Axis Spins/Flips (14ooVI)
      Doing a spin and a flip at the same time is called an off-axis trick.  You
    can do these by pushing the left joystick in a diagonal direction.  Keep
    holding them in one direction until you have gone all the way around (it is
    hard to adjust in mid-air after doing half an off-axis trick), and then make
    corrections afterwards to line up with the mountain.  Moving the left joystick
    up/left or up/right makes you do a corkscrew and moving it down/left or
    down/right makes you do a rodeo.
    Frontside/Backside (14oVII)
      If you do a left spin it is called a frontside spin.  If you do a spin to
    the right is called a backside spin.  If you pull either of the triggers while
    on the ground to switch stance and then spin to the left, it will now be a
    backside spin and a rightside spin will now be a frontside spin.  You will
    also see FS/BS jibs and grabs while you play the game.
    Grabs (14VIII)
      The right joystick is used in Amped 2 for doing grabs.  The joystick pretty
    much symbolizes the snowboard.  You tilt the joystick up and your character
    grabs the top of the board, tilt it to the lower left and your character grabs
    the lower left of the board.  You would think that there were eight directions
    but there are only six (top left, up, top right, lower left, bottom, and lower
    right).  The way there are more tricks is from the tweaks.  You can find more
    about tweaking in the grabs section (14ooXI) and a list of all grabs in the
    trick list section (15oooI).  You only start out with six basic grabs but you
    will earn more by progressing through career mode by beating pros.
    Jibs/Railslides (14ooIX)
      Jibbing is when you slide down a rail or any grindable surface (such as the
    edge of a half-pipe).  I often call it jibbing, railsliding, or grinding so
    I'm sorry if you get a bit confused.  All you do is press B when you are on
    one of these surfaces.  Sometimes you will be able to start grinding on an
    object that is at ground level, but a lot of the time you will have to jump
    onto the grindable surface.  If you move the left joystick in different
    directions just before hitting the rail you will do different grinds. There
    are 8 grinds you can do (see section (15ooII).  If you are holding down B then
    you can press either of the top triggers and your character will spin around
    on the surface.  IF you're not holding down B then when you press the top
    triggers, you will do tweaked grinds.
      After you come off the end of a grindable surface that is above ground
    level, your character will automatically re-adjust their position in the air.
    This will not happen if the surface is very low to the ground or when you jump
    off of the surface by yourself instead of falling off of it.  If you jump off
    of a rail when the balance meter is in the red, you will jump off in that
    direction instead off straight off.  This is useful when you need to jump from
    one surface to another (such as when you are trying to get huge combos on top
    of a chair lift)
    Butters (14oooX)
      The butter move is a manual.  It links tricks together in between jumps.
    Either on the ground or right before you touch the ground after a jump, press
    down and then up on the left joystick.  You will have to keep the meter that
    pops up in the middle by using the left thumbstick or you will crash and your
    combo will be lost.  Instead of pressing down and then up, you can press up
    then down to do a tail butter.  Switch stance does not matter.  You can softly
    use the left and right triggers to do crooked butters which will give you more
    points.  If you pull the triggers all the way then you will quickly and safely
    stop the butter.  You can't use style with butters unfortunately.
    Tweaking (14ooXI)
      Tweaking is used with the left and right triggers.  You do not start off
    with the tweaked grabs and you will learn them as your progress through
    career mode.  A tweak will change the trick you are doing.  For example, a
    melon grab+L will do a crooked cop, melon+R will do a palm, and melon+L+R will
    do a method.  All grabs can be tweaked.
      When you grind down a rail and hold B the left and right triggers make you
    spin.  To do a tweaked grind you have to let go of B after you are on the
    rail, then when holding the triggers you will do a tweaked grind instead of
    Style (14oXII)
      Style is used to make your tricks smoother and at the same time give you an
    insane amount of points.  Style can be used on grinds, grabs, and spins/flips.
    To use style you have to control your movements.  Move the joysticks half-way
    between the middle and edge to perform style on spins/flips and grabs.  Gently
    pull the triggers about half-way for tweaked style grabs in the air and grinds
    when either spinning or tweaking.  The longer you pull off style tricks and
    the more control you have over them, the more points you will get.  If you can
    use style on a spin, grab, and tweak at the same time (such as a 360 method)
    you will get an insane amount of points.  So practice hard!
    Combos (14XIII)
      Combos are always a good thing.  The larger the combo you do, the bigger the
    point multiplier is.  You can't just get a combo by doing one grab and then
    another or something very simple like that.  You have to link different types
    of tricks together to complete a combo.  Usually that method of linking tricks
    is spins/flips and butters.  Here are some basic ways to do a combo:
     - Jump and spin/flip onto a rail
     - Do a railslide and spin/flip off of it 
     - Do a butter and jump then land on a rail
     - Do a railslide and jump off and land in a butter
     - Do a spin/flip and land in a butter
      Any combination of these will work and it can be  a lot more complex than
    that.  The larger the combo is, the more points you get, but it also becomes
    harder to control.  If you crash while doing a combo then you lose all of the
    points that you earned mid-combo.
    Half-Pipe techniques (14oXIV)
      Sometimes doing tricks in a half-pipe can be pretty hard.  It is often hard
    to tell where you are going and it is easy to lose speed.  One thing I find
    useful is to hold up on the left joystick when I am in a half-pipe because I
    usually lose speed quickly coming up the side and I don't get much height.
    Holding up gives a nice extra boost of speed.  If you hold up for too long
    then you will almost always end up doing a front flip when you come out
    though.  I have noticed that if I go up the left side of a half-pipe and do a
    spin to the right, I go so far that I almost always travel too far down the
    pipe.  This also happens when I do a spin to the left when I am going up the
    right side.  So whenever I go up the left side, I spin to the left, and when I
    go up the right side, I trick to the right.  Doing this usually always lets me
    fit in more tricks in a half-pipe run.  One more important thing, if there are
    two half-pipes beside each other (or if you just want to get out of a
    half-pipe) click in the button on the left joystick (push it down in the
    middle until it clicks), and hold it down while going up a side and you should
    launch out.  I don't think many people know about this but it is a cool thing
    to know.
    SnowSkating (14ooXV)
      Snowskating is a new addition in Amped 2 and it is pretty sweet.  You can
    only snowskate at certain points (when choosing a run on a mountain at the end
    it will be marked with "sk8").  The advantage with snowskating is that you are
    not attached to the board so you can do flip tricks (which can be used in
    combos).  You can do these tricks with the X button.  For a full list of
    Snowskate tricks go to section (16oooo).  Since the snowskate is not attached
    to your feet, you can't exactly move freely in the air like you can with a
    snowboard.  If you want to spin/flip then you must be doing a grab or your
    snowskate will go flying away.
                             SNOWBOARD TRICK LIST (15oooo)
    Grabs (15oooI)
    |  DIRECTION  |    TRICK    |    L TWEAK    |    R TWEAK   |    L+R TWEAK    |
    |   UP/LEFT   |    Melon    |  Crooked Cop  |     Palm     |      Method     |
    |     UP      |    Nose     |     Shifty    |    BS Nose   |       Lein      |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |    Mute     |    FS Mute    |   Mute Palm  |      Japan      |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |  Stalefish  |  Stale Method |    BS Stale  |  Tweaked stale  |
    |    DOWN     |    Tail     |  Tail Shifty  |    BS Tail   |    Tail Poke    |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |    Indy     |     Poptrt    | Crooked Indy | Indy Nose Bone* |
    * Thank you to cosmic22 for providing the L+R Indy Tweak!
    Jibs/Railslides (15ooII)
    |  DIRECTION  |     TRICK     |        L TWEAK        |        R TWEAK       |
    |No Direction |     50-50     |        Baglady        |      FS Baglady      |
    |   UP/LEFT   |   Noseslide   |   Tweaked Noseslide   |   Tweaked Noseslide  |
    |     UP      |   Nose Press  |        Crooked        |       Overcrook      |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |  FS Noseslide |  Tweaked FS Noseslide |  Tweaked FS Noselide |
    |    LEFT     |   Boardslide  |        Baglady        |        Baglady       |
    |    Right    | FS Boardslide |       FS Baglady      |       FS Baglady     |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |   Tailslide   |   Tweaked Tailslide   |   Tweaked Tailslide  |
    |    DOWN     |      5-0      |        FS Salad       |         Salad        |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT | BS Tailslide  | Tweaked BS Tailslide  | Tweaked BS Tailslide |
    Lip Tricks (15oIII)
    |  DIRECTION  |      TRICK      |
    |   UP/LEFT   |     Disaster    |
    |     UP      |      Nose       |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |  Indy Nose Pick |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |      5-0        |
    |    DOWN     |      Blunt      |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |    Hand Plant   |
                             SNOWSKATE TRICK LIST (16oooo)
    Grabs (16oooI)
    |  DIRECTION  |    TRICK    |    L TWEAK    |    R TWEAK   |    L+R TWEAK    |
    |   UP/LEFT   |    Melon    |  Crooked Cop  |      Judo    |      Method     |
    |     UP      |     Nose    |   Rocket Air  |    BS Nose   |       Lein      |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |     Mute    |    Air Walk   |   Mute Palm  |      Japan      |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |  Stalefish  |   Glue Shoe   |    BS Stale  |  Tweaked Stale  |
    |    DOWN     |     Tail    |    Shifty     |    BS Tail   |    Benihana     |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |     Indy    |     Poprt     | Crooked Indy | Indy Tuck Knee* |
    * Thank you to cosmic22 for providing the L+R Indy Tweak!
    Flip Tricks (16ooII)
    |  DIRECTION  |         TRICK         |
    |   NONE (X)  |        Kickflip       |
    |   UP/LEFT   |        Kickflip       |
    |     UP      | Front Foot Impossible |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |       Heel Flip       |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |      Pop Shove-It     |
    |    DOWN     |      Impossible       |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |      FS Shove-It      |
    Jibs/Railslides (16oIII)
    |  DIRECTION  |       TRICK       |       L TWEAK       |       R TWEAK      |
    |   UP/LEFT   |     One-Footed    | Tweaked One-Footed  | Tweaked One-Footed |
    |             |     Noseslide     |      Noseslide      |      Noseslide     |
    |     UP      |     Nose Press    |       Crooked       |      Overcrook     |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |   One-Footed FS   | Tweaked One-Footed  | Tweaked One-Footed |
    |             |     Noseslide     |    FS Noseslide     |    FS Noseslide    |
    |    LEFT     |     Boardslide    |       Baglady       |      Baglady       |
    |    Right    |   FS Boardslide   |      FS Baglady     |     FS Baglady     |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |     One-Footed    |  Tweaked One-Footed | Tweaked One-Footed |
    |             |      Tailslide    |      Tailslide      |     Tailslide      |
    |    DOWN     |        5-0        |       FS Salad      |        Salad       |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |   One-Footed BS   | Tweaked One-Footed  | Tweaked One-Footed |
    |             |     Tailslide     |    BS Tailslide     |    BS Tailslide    |
    Lip Tricks (16ooIV)
    |  DIRECTION  |          TRICK          |
    |   UP/LEFT   |         Sweeper         |
    |     UP      |          Nose           |
    |   UP/RIGHT  |     Backside Boneless   |
    |  DOWN/LEFT  |        Doneless         |
    |    DOWN     |          Blunt          |
    |  DOWN/RIGHT |  One-Footed Hand Plant  |
                              CAREER INFORMATION (21oooo)                        
    Hi Score (21oooI)
      In the high score challenges you have to get more points than what is listed
    in one run down the mountain.  You can get them using any method but it must
    be during a normal run and not during a photoshoot, sponsor, pro, or Legend
    challenge.  Each time you beat a high score challenge on a level, you will
    unlock a sponsor challenge.
    Media Score (21ooII)
      In media score challenges you have to get more points than what is listed in
    one run down the mountain except you will only get points when doing tricks in
    front of a camera.  As you go down the mountain you will see large red icons
    and that is where a camera will be.  Once you get close enough it will look
    like someone is taking your picture (the red bars at the side) and during this
    time you will get points for tricks you do.  Any points from a combo not done
    in a camera section will not add to your media score.  Each time you beat a
    media score challenge on a level, you will unlock a photoshoot challenge.
    Sponsors (21oIII)
      In sponsor challenges you have to impress a sponsor by doing the specific
    type of tricks that they like most.  Doing other tricks will not impress them
    at all and will often only disappoint them.  When you disappoint them then
    the Amped meter will drain.  Your goal is to fill the Amped meter and it will
    fill up as you impress the sponsors.  The meter will slowly drain as you go
    down the mountain so you have to be doing tricks often.  The meter must be
    "Amped" (as in full) when you finish the run.   Messing up tricks will only
    make your meter go down faster.  To unlock each of the sponsor challenges on a
    level you have to beat the hi-score challenges on the level.  Each time you
    beat a hi score challenge you will unlock another sponsor challenge.  You also
    have to beat the sponsor challenges in order to be able to attempt the next
    one however.
    Photoshoot (21ooIV)
      In photoshoot challenges you have to go through every yellow ring and get
    more than what is listed at the same time.  If you miss a ring, bail, or don't
    get enough points then you will lose this challenge.  To unlock each of the
    photoshoot challenges on a level you have to beat the media challenges on the
    level.  Each time you beat a media challenge you will unlock another
    photoshoot challenge.  You also have to beat the photoshoot challenges in
    order to be able to attempt the next one however.
    Pros (21oooV)
      In these challenges you have to follow a pro down the mountain and finish
    the run by beating their scores at specific spots down the mountain.  You have
    to do tricks through the rings for your points to count.  If you mess up, or
    don't have enough points after going through a ring then you will miss.  You
    can miss two rings during a run; when you miss three rings, you lose.
    Another thing is that you must complete the last trick (purple ring) or you
    will not pass this challenge (even if you have no other misses).  The ring
    colors from easiest to hardest are:  Green, blue, red, yellow, and purple (the
    last ring that you must pass).  To unlock the first pro challenges on each
    level you have to complete Event 1.  When you complete Event 2 you will
    unlock the second pro challenges.  You unlock the third pro challenges when
    you finish Event 3.  You will have to beat the first pro challenge before
    being able to try the second one, and you will have to beat the second pro
    challenge before being able to try the third one.
    Tricks (21ooVI)
    There are 5 tricks listed on each mountain and you need to get 3/5 of them to
    pass the challenge.  If you want to "own the mountain" then you need to get
    all 5.  Just complete these at any time down the mountain and finish the run
    for them to count.  A message will pop up when you complete one of the tricks.
    Gaps (21oVII)
    There are 5 gaps listed on each mountain and you need to finish 3/5 of them to
    pass the challenge.  If you want to "own the mountain" then you need to get
    all 5.  Gaps are shown down the mountain by flashing blue lights in a line.
    You must jump form the start of the line and land at the end of the line to
    get a gap.  You have to land them pretty well for it to count.
    Snowmen (21VIII)
      There are 8 snowmen on each level that like to bother you pretty much.  Just
    cruise right through one and they will scream a little and fall apart.  I
    think you have to find 4 or 5 of them to pass the challenge and then find all
    8 to "own the mountain."  They are often hidden well so the best way to find
    these is to turn down the SFX and music in the audio options and turn the
    voices up.  You will be able to hear them mock you much easier and you can go
    crash into them.
    Legend (21ooIX)
      Legend challenges are unlocked after you win first place on Event 4 (become
    the number 1 snowboarder).  These challenges are tough and will test your
    Amped 2 skills to the limit.  The Legend challenges all have different
    objectives.  Good luck with these!  Don't give up either.
    Own the mountain (21oooX)
      To own the mountain, you have to complete all of the 18 challenges on the
    mountain (tricks, gaps, and snowmen).  That is all there is to it, but those
    snowmen and gaps can cause quite a bit of trouble to say the least.
                                WALKTHROUGH (31oooo)                            
      Well, welcome to the main walkthrough! Since the guide is just starting I
    will be completing one mountain per update.  At first I will not have the
    snowmen and gaps sorry.  I will work on those after I complete the main
    walkthrough for the levels.  After I complete the Events I will go back and
    write guides for the pro challenges since they are unlocked after completing
    the Events.
                                Millicent 1 (31oooI)
    Career rank needed to unlock: None
         Main Street
    Hi Score Challenges:
    Media Challenges:
         540 Spin
         2 Trick Combo
         Back Flip
         Nose Grab
    Level tips:
      I picked Evergreen at first because of the two jumps at the beginning. On
    the first jump you can go for a 540 spin along with a simple grab.  If you do
    a pre-winded spin you should be able to complete a 540 (maybe even a 720, but
    then you would not get the challenge bonus).
      On the second jump there is a photographer.  Take advantage of this.  I did
    a backflip nose grab (left joystick down, the right joystick pushed up; both
    opposite).  If you land this then you get two challenges completed in one
    trick!  You may also get 5,000 or more points if you land it alright which
    will be enough for the media challenge.
      If this is your first run however, then I am getting ahead of myself.  You
    should try going down both runs available just trying to land jumps correctly.
    Don't worry about combos or anything yet.  I don't think you will need them.
    Just try to get used to the system.
      Going down the mountain doing simple jibs (no style, no tweaking, and no
    tricking on and off) should give you 1000-3000 points each.  It adds up quick
    and you will get the feel for the balance bar.  Try doing a boardslide (left
    or right direction and then jib) to get another challenge point.  Also try
    doing a jib along one object and right before the end, press A to jump off
    and try to do a spin left or right and land on the ground.  By doing this,
    you have completed a 2x combo.  Alternatively, you could try jumping and
    spinning and then railsliding.  Master doing spins on and off of rails will
    extremely help you later on in the game.
      If you can't complete the 50,000 point hi score and 30,000 point media
    challenge yet don't worry.  Try just cruising down the mountain looking for
    the gaps and snowmen while tricking down just to see which tricks you can
    do so far.  Or you can try doing some other challenges so you can get more
    stat points which will help you do bigger tricks so you can get more points.
    Sponsor 1: Dave - The head liftie
        Likes: Aerials
      Dave wants to see tricks done in the air.  This can be spins/flips and grabs
    or both at the same time.  Since you're starting out, try not to go too big.
    It does not take too much to impress Dave, so keep that in mind.  If right
    away you fill it up to Amped, don't bother doing many more tricks.  Just take
    your time until later down the run.  You must finish the run with Dave feeling
    Amped or you lose so you don't want it to get too low.  You don't have to use
    style but it will help you out.  By the time you get to the moguls
    (bumps/mounds) try to have it at Amped since you are really close to the end
    of the run.  Your reward will be.. a piece of pizza! You will get silly things
    like this that don't really help you out, but they will be in your portfolio
    if you want to check them out later.  Sponsor 2 will not be unlocked if you
    have completed the second hi score goal.
    Sponsor 2: Zech - Life Maintenance
        Likes: Rails
      Just do basic jibs here.  Try spinning or tweaking on the rail if you want
    but you probably won't even need to.  Doing air tricks does not impress Zach
    at all; it might even make his Amped meter go lower.  Combos do not even help
    much, or help at all.  There are plenty of rails so use them.  It only takes
    around 4-5 rails to leave Zach feeling Amped and you can probably trick off
    of 8-12 of them in one go so don't worry.  If you keep crashing then focus
    more on the balance and less on the trick.  
    Sponsor 3: Dan - Marketing
        Likes: Grabs
      Dan likes grabs a lot.  You can do plain grabs or grabs and spin/flip at the
    same time which will help out a lot.  There are a lot of rails but they will
    only make the Amped meter worse.  However, if you grind a rail and jump off
    and do a grab after, he will give you the thumbs up.  I do not recommend
    doing this if you are not used to it though.  Style is also good if you like
    using it.  Head for the half-pipe, it is your friend!  This run is pretty long
    so doing most of the work at the beginning in the half-pipe and you will
    succeed.  All you have to do for the rest of the run is a grab every once in
    awhile to keep it full.
    Photoshoot 1: Video crew from school
       Rings: 5
       Score: 4,000
      There are 5 rings here all in a straight line.  You barely even have to move
    left or right to line up to go through them, so your main focus will be on the
    jump and the trick.  Jump right around when you go through the first ring.  I
    was able to get around 12,000 points by doing a double front flip (up on the
    left joystick) nose grab (up on the right joystick).  You don't even have to
    do two front flips.  All it takes is one if you hold the grab the whole time.
    Actually, I even tried it out and I was able to get more than 4,000 points by
    only doing a nose grab and nothing else.  I carefully used style on that last
    trick, and it shows you how important style is.  This is a really good place
    to practice I think.
    Photoshoot 2: Josh from Slug Magazine
       Rings: 4
       Score: 2,500
      Your goal is to grind down the log in this challenge.  Start off by steering
    to the left a bit and then coming back around so you get a good angle
    (otherwise you may go off of the jump and it can be hard to land on the log in
    time).  Doing a spin onto the log helps a lot; railsliding and then doing a
    spin off of the log helps even more.  The log is not long enough to do a basic
    grind without any other trick so this is your chance to do tricks on and off
    of rails if you're not used to it yet.
    Photoshoot 3: Andy from Milo
       Rings: 7
       5,000 points
      This will probably be your first hard photoshoot.  You need to launch off of
    the jump, land on the rail, then jump off and land on a rail to the right.
    First thing, don't worry about your points; you will have plenty if you can
    follow my method.  The hardest thing in this challenge is jumping right.  When
    jumping off of the first ramp, spin.  I want you to do this so your board
    spreads out.  There will be more area for your board to grab onto the rail
    with.  Once you are on the rail, get your balance meter to the right because
    this will make your character move to the right after they jump.  Once you
    are in the air, spin again so you hopefully catch the rail at the right.
    Jump at the end of the last ring so you don't bail.  You should have around
    10,000 points or more.  You will get a new video when you complete this
    Pro #1: Jason Murphy
        Trick 1: 392
        Trick 2: 3328
        Trick 3: 2755
        Trick 4: 1198
        Trick 5: 1325
          Unlock: Palm Grab [melon + R]
      Well there are 5 tricks here and you can mess up on two so that means you
    only have to beat 3 tricks! (You have to beat the last trick or you lose no
    matter what.)  The first trick is a tiny little log.  Jump onto it and grind
    without spinning or using style and you should be able to beat it no problem;
    so just line yourself up.
      The next ring is a little bit bigger so try a stylish spin and a simple grab
    which should give you enough to spare by a bit.  For the third ring all you
    have to do is a simple front or back flip which will give you 3,000 points
    without even blinking.  The next two are also very simple; just do flips again
    and you will do fine. 
                                Breckenridge 1 (31ooII)
    Career rank needed to unlock: 245
         Four O’ Clock
         Vista Haus
    Hi Score Challenges:
    Media Challenges:
         10,000 point trick
         Front Flip with 1,000 style points
         5,000 point combo
         300 point butter
         2,500 point railslide
    Level walkthrough:
      The two runs to start off with are "Four O’ Clock" and "Dukes".  I think the
    first run is best for media challenges and the second run is best for high
    scores.  I think the first run is the most balanced (between jumps and rails)
    however and it is easier to get the 5 tricks completed so I’m going to start
    off with it
      So starting on the Four O’ Clock run… There is a jump to the right with a
    rail and a smaller jump to the left but I like to ignore both of them so I can
    set myself up for what is next.  There is a rock that can be used as a jump to
    the right but there is an awesome rail to the left.  Now this may be a bit
    tricky but it is worth it so try your hardest!  Come around the left side and
    jump and do a spin onto the rail.  Once you are grinding, pull the L or R
    trigger softly so you can do a stylized spin.  At the end of the rail, jump
    and do another spin off.  If you can, try to do a quick grab also (use style,
    but don’t tweak it).
      If you perform that combo well you probably got between 25,000 to 50,000
    points!  One or two hi score challenges will be complete along with one or two
    media challenges.  Plus you get 3 of the 5 tricks completed: 10,000 point
    trick (from the stylish railslide spin), 5,000 point combo (from spinning on
    and off the rail), and a 2,500 point railslide.  Now a lot of your work is
    done from one quick combo.
      Up ahead there are two jumps.  Take the one on the right and do a slow front
    flip.  Use style here and also do a grab (something simple like a nose or tail
    grab).  There is also a photographer here so you should get about 5,000-8,000
    media points and your 4/5 trick completed.  Quickly go to the jump to the left
    since there is another photographer.  I did a stylized grab while spinning
    because I did not have enough time to line myself up for something else.  I
    gained almost 15,000 media points on this ramp so hopefully you can gain
    around 5,000-15,000 (just remember to use style).  I finished my three media
    challenges here and only needed a bit more for the high score challenge.
      Do a trick off the next jump in front of you and then there will be an open
    area.  This is such a great place to go for your 300 point butter.  Press down
    then up on the left joystick to get the butter going.  It will only take a few
    seconds to get the 300 points so mainly just watch your balance bar.  To end
    the butter you can do one of three things: jump and land, pull all the way
    back on the left joystick, or pull the L or R trigger all of the way.  5/5
    tricks completed. 
      In the next area there are a few jumps to the left and a few rails to the
    right.  The photographer is looking towards the rails so go for them if you
    need media points.  After there are jumps to the right and a half-pipe to the
    left.  This could be a good time to practice in the half-pipe if you have
    enough points already.  You could also try grinding the ledge of the half-pipe
    (it will get you a lot of points if you do a stylized grind down it).  You are
    almost at the end of the run now.  There are mostly rails and a few jumps.
    You can try going off jumps and landing on rails for large combos.
      If you did not have enough high score points go to the Vista Haus run which
    should be unlocked now.  Go straight forward until you pass the media icon and
    head right.  You should see 3 ramps and the middle ramp should have a tree
    behind it. Your goal is the middle ramp since there is a large rail that you
    can jump on.  It may take quite a few tries to get onto but it is worth it.
    I almost had 90,000 points after I did a stylized spin grind on it and jumped
    off and did a spin in the air and then landed.  It is quite tricky to do with
    your current stats though.
      If you need more media points, head to the left on the Vista Haus run and
    stick to the far left.  There are many media spots on rails and it leads to
    the Dukes run.  Right before you join onto the Dukes run, there is a large
    yellow rail that will give you a ton of media points if you do a nice grind
    on it.
    Sponsor 1: Nate Dog 
        Likes: Spins
      Gotta spin until you are dizzy hah.  Front and back flips are worthless.
    Rodeos and Corkscrews work well however.  Grinds suck unless you jump and do a
    spin on the rail and then jump off and spin.  Style helps so much here (you
    will learn that is useful for almost anything). So go for the jumps and do
    spins and go for different grabs.  If you have enough spin stat points you can
    jump in the air and do a plain 360 (without going off of a jump), and you will
    get 1,000 points (1,250 if you are in switch stance) which will make Nate say
    "so-so."  It does not increase your Amped bar much, but it does help.  Pretty
    quickly into the run there is a half-pipe to the right which is very useful.
    Sponsor 2: Mick of 97.7 @ DJ Majal 
        Likes: Rails
      Doing tricks onto and off of rails is pretty useless in this run.  Any kind
    of air trick will only mess you up.  Style on rails is good but actually not
    necessary this time.  Tweaked rails are alright but just stick with spinning
    on the rails.  After the first 2 rails, the path sort of splits; go right
    (towards the log).  There are a lot of rails all in a row that are easy to
    take.  Don't go too big, the points add up quickly.  After a bit to the very
    far left is a green half-pipe and you can grind along the side.  Don't try to
    grind the whole thing because it is hard and you will probably bail.  It will
    fill up your Amped bar so much though.
    Sponsor 3: Christian from Marketing
        Likes: Flips
      Don't do any spins and don't go on any rails.  Rodeos and corkscrews work
    very well.  But just do front and back flips with a grab.  Style always helps.
    At the very, very beginning you can go right and there are two half-pipes
    which I do not think are very useful for this run.  There is also a ton of
    empty space to the right so just stick to the left.  About half way down the
    left run it splits into two; I prefer to go left again.  At the end there are
    pretty much only rails and you may not have full Amped so do a quick front or
    back flip with a quick grab on the tiny jump at the end.
    Photoshoot 1: Your friend
        Rings: 6
        Score:  2,500 points
      This is the first challenge that involves the chairlift.  It is also easy if
    you know what to do.  Ignore the points since you will get them no problem.
    Basically after jumping off the ramp you need to do two things; the order does
    not really matter.  Just hold B so you catch onto the rail (press it right
    after you get into the air when you are underneath the chairlift).  You can
    latch onto the rail on the way up instead of on the way down.  The problem is
    getting onto the tiny rail.  The easiest way is to spin.  When you spin, your
    body is spread out, so there will be more board spread out to catch onto the
    small rail.  Once you are up, you should pretty much already have the points
    so jump off after the last ring.
    Photoshoot 2:  Your friend
        Rings: 11
        Score: 2,000
      This is another photoshoot where it is easy to get the points, but is hard
    to line up.  My first instinct in a half-pipe is to do a spin.  The problem
    is what when I spin to the right during the first jump, I overshoot the rings.
    When I spin to the left, I usually stay in the rings.  Don't use style, you
    don't need it.  Just stay focused on the landing.  On the second jump, spin to
    the left again since you want distance and not height.
    Photoshoot 3: The resort web guy.
        Rings: 10
        Points: 8,000
      I honestly tried about 10-15 times trying to get to that stupid branch.  I
    finally managed to get up to it when I did a nose grab.  I tried a few times
    over with nose grabs and it really helped me out.  Maybe it tilts the front of
    the board up high enough?  I'm not sure.  You may want to try this, or wait
    until you have higher stats to complete this photoshoot.
      Any ways spin along the first branch until near the end.  You need to
    transfer over to a log to the left and to do that, make the balance meter go
    to the far left (pretty much in the red) and when you jump, you will jump left
    instead of straight,  Spin in the air here if you can.  There will be another
    log right after and you will fall directly on it.  I held down B from the last
    log but that did not let me latch onto it.  So what I did the second time when
    I was near the end of the first log, I started tapping B; I got onto the next
    log fine.
      So grind down this log and do some spinning along it if you need the points
    (although I'm guessing you shouldn't).  Jump off at the end and another
    challenge is completed.
    Pro #1: Mitch Nelson
        Trick 1: 2500
        Trick 2: 1500
        Trick 3: 1000
        Trick 4: 5000
        Trick 5: 750
        Trick 6: 2000
        Trick 7: 1500
          Unlock: Crooked Cop [melon + L]
      A bit harder than Millicent 1 but still easy enough to the point where you
    don't need to use the grab stick or any style (yes I tried).  A front or back
    flip is good for the first ring.  The second ring you should go for a 540
    spin or higher.  The third ring only needs a 360.  The fourth ring will be the
    hardest here.  You can do this with a double front or backflip but you may not
    be able to flip fast enough so you might want to do a spin and grab with some
    style.  The fifth ring tricked me since I thought it looked like you had to
    grind on the log but it is actually a tiny little mound.  Do a quick 360 and
    don't worry about fancy stuff.  For the sixth ring, do whatever you want since
    it is a nice ramp; maybe a simple flip or spin.  For the final ring I advise
    to do a flip and nothing else since you don't want to screw up.  Right here a
    flip is easiest to land.
                                 Event 1 (31oIII)
      Welcome to the first event here.  There is only one run since it is a
    competition.  There are three runs and your goal is to get 3rd, 2nd, or 1st
    place.  To be at the top you have to get a high score, media score, best
    combo, and best trick.  The best you do in each catrogry during each run is
    saved.  So if you want, you only have to focus on one thing during a run.  For
    example, you may have gotten a high combo the first run which put you at the
    top for best combo and best high score.  You second run you could go for best
    trick and you could go for media points the third run.
      There is a timer so don't take too long.  Also, press the X button to switch
    between your media, combo, and trick scores.
      On this run, the left side is mostly jumps and the right side has rails. The
    first half of the run has a lot of jumps on both sides and the lower half has
    a lot of rails.
    Quick high score, best combo, best trick
     There is a very easy way to get first place in these three categories very
    quickly at once!  Once the run begins, trick off of the first two jumps/rails
    on the right side of the run.  Now you can go off of the third jump or take
    the time to line yourself up; its your call.  Basically, there is a massive
    rail here if you look over the ledge at the right.  You may not see it when
    going down the run normally, but this rail is very easy to get onto and will
    give you a load of points.
      Jump on this rail and keep B held down.  Use the L or R trigger to spin on
    it and pull them gently so you get a lot of style.  At the end of the rail,
    jump off and do a spin.  This is important for getting first place with a
    combo.  This will land you 50,000-100,000 points and probably 1st place in the
    competition (even without any media points!)
    Media score
     Almost all media is on the right side of the run so this is the way you
    should go.  After the first jump you should see the media icon.  It is a fair
    jump that is best for spinning or a very slow stylish flip.  Beyond the very
    long rail is the next media jump.  It is on a funny angle so take your time to
    land or you will get a sketchy landing and lose a lot of the points (I did
    this, doh!).  There will be a few rails and you need to go off a jump to the
    right to reach the third media spot, but this one is the best.  It is a
    staircase and when you grind a side ledge or the middle rail, you will get a
    lot of points.  Jump off at the end so you don't trip and continue on; almost
    done, only one left.
      For the last one, it is a quarter pipe with side rails.  I prefer the side
    rails since you can get a combo.  Just grind the first ledge and jump and
    grind on the edge of the quarter pipe, then jump and grind the next rail.
      If you still have another run left, use it to try and fix your lowest
    scores.  If you won then you unlocked a new video and you will now be able to
    go do the level 1 pro challenges (which will let you learn new moves).  Plus
    you will unlock Bear Mtn. 1 and maybe Mt. Hood if you completed enough
    challenges.  Plus some stat points.  Wow, you sure get a lot eh?
                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (41oooo)
      Send me emails at punkrawkpunk88@gmail.com and I will answer any questions,
    suggestions, or just respond to whatever you have to say about this guide.
    You can also email me alternative methods for objectives and I will use them
    Gladly.  Please just mention Amped 2 in the title or something similar.
                                   EXTRAS (51oooo)
    Coming soon
                                  XBOX LIVE (61oooo)
    Coming soon
                               VERSION HISTORY (71oooo)
    Version 0.1 - February 9, 2006 - Made the main FAQ layout, table of contents,
                                     game basics, basic techniques, trick list, 
                                     career information, and the walkthrough for
                                     Millicent 1.
    Version 0.2 - March 21, 2006   - I completed Breckenridge, Event 1, and added
                                     a few pro challenges.  I also added 1up to
                                     the list of websites that can host this FAQ
                                 CONCLUSION (81oooo)
    I'd like to thank everyone for helping me with this guide!  
    The following users were a great help so far:
    - cosmic22 (For helping me with Indy grabs)
    - DavidK5 (For helping me with information on FAQ writing)
    - Prometheus89 (Wow.  He helped me so much with the Pro challenges by
                    providing the points for each trick that every pro does in all
                    of the challenges.  Thank you so much!)
    I would also like to thank CJayC for creating GameFAQs.  I have been using
    the guides and message boards here for many years and I am very thankful that
    I am finally able to contribute to this website!
    This entire document is (C) 2006 Kyle Shelton. All trademarks are property
    of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
    reference to any material contained within.
    Please email me at punkrawkpunk88@gmail.com to enquire about gaining
    permission to use this document.  If you find any other websites using or
    stealing my guide, please email me about it.  Thank you very much! All the
    sites mentioned below have permission to host this document. 

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