Review by the yugi ghost

"Did you ever wondered what Max Payne would be like if it stunk?"

Well wonder no more! Because this game is a perfect example of how shooting games could be like when they are messed up completely!


The graphics in here are ok. I like celshading a lot. Yep, when you first look at the graphics they seem to look like a comic book that came to life. But that's just looking at a screen shot. Now, if you actually played the game you'll see that these are crappy graphics! For some reason, I actually pulled out my Sega CD to see if it was compatible with it! It too bad it's no SCD compatible though. Man, I really wanted to play this on my SCD!

1/10 When you play it.
4/10 When you look at a screen shot of this game.


You are a man called Drake. You are a part of the mysterious gang called the 99 dragons. Another gang had just slaughtered the whole entire remainders of your gang. Then, you are brought back to life to deal with these menaces. You even have supernatural powers too! It just shows that they slacked off like always on making a good story! 3rd worst story ever(2nd comes big rigs, 1st goes to Evolution Worlds)!

1/10 Cool Drake. You have supernatural powers! Why don't you use bullet time like Max Payne does?


Just do me a favor, and turn the volume down for God's sake. I never liked the sound of this game. Some of it can even be repetitive at times!

1/10 Even the first level's music is awful. Also, this is one of the reasons why I never played to the last level


Just you plain and simple shooter. Only messed up a bit. I actually found a lot of bugs in this game to start with, and the next thing you know some enemies take more bullet hits than other. And you know what, that one enemy that takes tons of bullet shots looks exactly like the other enemy that dies quickly! And, as always, the camera angle is as bad as heck. But the camera is probably something that bad games like these can never prevent from being bad(That's a no brainier).

1/10 No, just no.

Rent or buy?:

If you don't believe me/trust me, you can rent it, but you'll regret it!

Yep, like I said, this is what Max Payne would be like if it stunk. Let's just pretend this game was never made. Um, did you play Mario and Luigi yet? Say, that's a nice shirt you got there! Is you cousin in the hospital fine?


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/24/04

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