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"OK, I will try my best not to bash this game with swears..."

Ok, I'm not doing my usual intro of the game, that will just break my promise from my review title, so straight on to the review for program.

Story: 1/10
OK, theres this Drake guy who is part of a gang called the 99 dragons. One fine day the 99 dragons got pillaged and owned by this mysterious gang, and all of the gang members are killed and an artefact stolen. The gods revived Drake so that he can retrieve the artefact and avenge his gang mates. What of a story is that??? Very original heh? Thats what happens for the first part, but the storytelling in the game is SO bad! Drake does not seem to be able to speak english very well, and often the game introduces new characters and stuff without mentioning anything, so a bit into the game and you probably won't even bother about the story.

Graphics: 1/10
Well, the cel-shading effect really doesn't do anything except make things look shiny and irritating. The characters move very oddly and stiffly, and are very blocky and horrible to look at. The enemies can basically only do a couple things, and the game's bugginess will simply make the enemies go into an endless loop of doing stupid actions. The background looks like what will show up if a kid ate a lot of paint and vomited it onto a piece of paper, you can't bear to look at it.

gameplay: 1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000trillion

Notice the oddly low score for gameplay. IT DESERVES WORSE. Oh great holy pants, this shouldn't even be classified as a GAME. Games are supposed to make you enjoy fun and make you happy, this ''game'' will most likely have you taking a hammer and destroying your Xbox in frustration.

The game does have a couple innovative additions, such as Drake's ability to hold 2 guns, one in each hand. He can shoot both with the right and left sticks. He can also walk on walls, and as he collects the ''souls'' of his deceased gang-mates, he gets to move matrix-style in bullet time and stop time. Sounds nice, but ALL of that is cancelled out and destroyed by the game's INSANE aiming system.

have you played Halo on the Xbox? Or any shooter for that matter? The aiming is rather OK isn't it? Now get this, on a scale of a hundred million, I rate this ''game'''s aiming system 0.000001. Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but you get the idea. Aiming is controlled by this targeting reticule which might as well be non-existant, since the game mostly relies on its auto-targeting system to hit an enemy. The problem is, the auto-target system is screwed up. Badly. The thing just simply swings your guns to a random enemy somewhere, so you could run into a room full of enemies (which, incidentally, will be what is going to happen 99% of the time), and suddenly your gun swings all the way somewhere because there is a enemy a mile away in that direction and the system decides to aim there. So you swing back, and trigger a camera bug, while your enemies eat you for lunch. When you do manage to get used to this atrocious aiming system, you will be amazed at how boring this game is. Most of the mission involves ''From here, go there, and kill anything that moves''

Audio: 1/10
Basically non-existant, you won't bother about the background sounds (i wont call it music) as you struggle to get the camera angle right. Another point, the door opening sound is exactly the same as the AOL Messanger Buddy sign-on sound. Gives you an idea how much the developers put into this game.

Buy, rent, or what: Burnination
If you are thinking if getting this lame excuse for a game, DONT. if you already have, trade it for a roll of toilet paper. This game isn't worth 2 seconds of your precious time.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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