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Doom was a world wide hit on the PC and Doom II sold even more than the first, so after years of waiting Doom 3 or Cubed as math geeks might say, came out on April 3th 2005. This was one of the few games that made the original XBOX stand out and take over the market for huge chunk of time.

Story- You are a Marine assigned to a military base on mars it is the future and you have to look after it. On arrive you notice mars feels different from home it is a very sad a depressing place and you can't understand why. Then on your normal new rounds you discover all isn't well and demons live amongst you. It is then your chance to send these demons back to hell. Which I would think hell would have you listening to Pop music around the clock while spooning with Hitler, but that's besides the point. The story is long and there are a ton of levels I thought this game was over 4 or 5 times before it was. Judging on how well you can solve some puzzles, find thing, or how fast you can kill someone the game is about 30 to 40 hours long.

Game play- Intense is the word. The game play makes you jump a lot this game is dark in more ways then one. Demons pop out of just about every where and things make you jump even when you don't expect them to make you jump. The creators knew how to make this game, it doesn't just feel like a direct copy and paste Doom II with new graphics. Throughout the game you will get audio logs of people telling you of things that went wrong on the mars mission. Some of these logs help to get passwords for doors or chests, but most are there to freak you out. This game can make you jump and I don't easily jump at movies or when people try to make me jump. The online play is fun think of Goldeneye with more blood. This game is still active and I have seen people online for this game.

Graphics- They are damn good. They are right next to games five years into the XBOX 360 give it at points you can see the guys head is a cube, but 90% of the time it looks good. Level design is very nice but it doesn't really get creative until the end of game and you will find out why if you have not already. The designs the game has is just there to make you not feel at home or safe. Blood streaked down a long hallway as corpses lay on the ground and messages on the walls written in blood to tell you to stay away...ah sounds like Christmas in the ghetto...but in fact that is doom 3.

Enjoyment- If you have a weak heart it is hard to like/play this game. But for anyone who is a fan of horror it is well worth the try it will make you jump and make you feel like it is a horror movie.

Sounds- This game has great effect that are used in a perfect environment to make you jump or scream out “Oh Crap!” The voice acting is well done and the sound effects themselves are down right perfect right after a long period of time without any sound. Yes this game can be quiet at times to set the mood.

Replay Value- Surprisingly High. This game is fun just like the ones before it and is great for a Halloween night.

Buy or Rent?- Buy. To rent this would be a shame this game put XBOX on the map along with few other games on the XBOX.

Verdict- 9.5 out of 10. I like this game a lot it is up there with one of my favor shooters of all time, but I couldn't give it a 10. Note of advice don't be afraid to play this game in the dark....

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/21/10

Game Release: Doom 3 (US, 04/03/05)

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