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"Mindless shooting has been taken to a new level"

This game has very few problems but these are covered up the graphics, sound tracks and the gameplay. The only problem is the damage done to the monsters are unable to be tell if you have hit them or not, the monsters in the early stages have no difference in there health and When the monsters die and flipped up if they hit the roof they will be stuck in. The graphics have vastly improved since the first version on the computer and the sounds are also an improvement.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are quite interesting and they have put a lot of detail into the different enemies. The guns have been well designed to incorporate the two different weapons that have been merged into one. They show the two weapons clearly not hiding the second weapon underneath. The only thing I have wrong with the graphics is if you make an enemy explode into pieces in a hallway they will merge into the ceiling and leave their soles up there.

Soundtrack: 8/10
I usually hate the sounds of games due to there repetitiveness on the music been the same three notes over and over again. The music has some depth in it and has proper instruments playing in the background and it doesn't drown out the sound of the monsters exploding and the sounds of the guns ripping the monsters apart. The only problem with the soundtrack is the monsters don't really make any noises apart from the fact when you make them explode they make a squelch sound when they hit something.

Story: 9/10
On a dark and stormy night Daniel Garner is driving his wife, Catherine, to her birthday party at a restaurant, and as they are driving down the street they are hit by an on coming van. They both die and Catherine is sent to heaven and Daniel is stuck in the bounds of Purgatory and Samiel, a messenger from God, forced Daniel to fight through the ranks of Lucifer's army so he may see his beloved Catherine in heaven.

Gameplay/Replay: 10/10
The different game difficulties provide different gameplay values and because the harder difficulties have different things available such as the highest difficulty doesn't allow you to use the most powerful weapon in the game, the demon mode. The different difficulties do provide some replay value but there are many different secret areas so you might have to go back into the same levels over and over again.

Overall: 9/10
Painkiller: Hell Wars is a combination of three different games. Serious Sam the amount of enemies that come after you and the types of weapons. Quake the fact that you can strafe quicker that running in a straight line. Lastly Doom the type of enemies that come at you but they don't seem as bad due to the areas are much more well lite. Overall Painkiller: Hell Wars is one of the best games I have played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/09/06

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