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    Boss FAQ by Nick Scryer

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 07/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    PSI OPS: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Boss FAQ Version 1.30
    As this is my first FAQ, it won't look as fancy as a lot of others. Perhaps in
    a later edition it will. But for now, I'm learning
    Let's see...ah, the copyright stuff!
    This FAQ is copyrighted (2004) by me, Nicholas Jaragosky, and may not be
    redistributed or reposted in full or in part anywhere without my personal
    consent. All ideas in this FAQ are based off of my own gameplay (and my
    brother's, I admit). This is intended for personal use only.
    The following sites are the only ones allowed to display this FAQ. If you ever
    see it anywhere else, please notify me about it so it can be taken care of.
    1.) Gamefaqs.com
    2.) Wogaming.com
    3.) Neoseeker.com
    For further help (or boss play suggestions) you can contact me at
    njjlt@yahoo.com. I will add any ideas to the guide if they are viable.
    Questions that are answered in the guide will be deleted upon being recieved.
    FAQ History
    6-25-04: I begin writing the FAQ intro, legal mumbo-jumbo, and guides for every
    Boss, also begin the Evil Gnome Bonus Section.
    6-27-04: Updated the Particle Accelerator Section with an Alternative Method,
    and also added an extra way of fighting Marlena, and explain the "Marlena Bug."
    6-30-04: Added the location of two gnomes, a safe why to get down from the
    temple gnome, and added a new startegy the Particle Accelerator strategies.
    7-7-04: Added something to The General Fight, and a possible solution to the
    Marlena Glitch.
    Table of Contents
    Section 1:  Controls (added)
    Section 2:  Bosses (added
    Section 2a: Boss 1 (Leanov) (added)
    Section 2b: Boss 2 (Barret) (added)
    Section 2c: Semi-Boss (Graveyard Zombies) (added)
    Section 2d: Boss 3 (Wei-Lu) (added)
    Section 2e: Semi-Boss (Particle Accelerator) (added)
    Section 2f: Boss 4 (Marlena) (added)
    Section 2g: Boss 5 (Nicholas Wrightson) (added)
    Section 2h: Final Boss (The General) (added) (SPOLIER INSIDE)
    Section 3:  BONUS Evil Gnome Location Section
    Section 1: Controls
    I feel that if you have made it to a boss, then you already have a decent
    understanding of what the control layout is. So I won't bother writing it out
    here. Refer to another guide if you are still having trouble in this area.
    Section 2: Bosses
    Psi Ops offers a variety of boss fights, 6 in total, and two semi-boss fights
    (which will also be covered). They are all challenging in their own sense, as
    each one requires a different Psi power to defeat, or a combination of several.
    I personally enjoyed the Barret fight the most, and seemed the best boss I had
    faced in a long time.
    Also, the game can be beaten in not too much time, but lets face it, you're
    going to be having too much fun with the powers to want to beat it in a record
    These strategies are based off of the Normal Mode of play.
    Section 2a: Boss 1 (Leanov)
    Leanov is a master of Mind Control, with a minor in pyrokinesis. There are two
    stages of fighting with him, and in the first you don't really fight him at
    In the first part of the fight, Leanov is at the other end of the room, up
    above in a skybox. On each side of you are four chambers where Meat Puppets
    constantly pop out of.
    You start out opposite Leanov, behind a metal box. To either side of you is a
    Medical Pack and a Full Psi Recovery Pack. With my way you will hopefully need
    neither or any of these. (There are also Psi packs on the other side of the
    Immediatley crouch down behind the metal box. Several Meat Puppets will be
    coming at you fast. The only ones that matter are the ones on Fire. Your
    objective right now is to destroy the chambers that the guards are coming out
    of. Every time Leanov sets a guard aflame (which is about every seven seconds),
    grab that guard with Telekinisis and hurl him into a chamber. This will cause
    the chamber to explode.
    After you have done this, get rid of any non-flammable guards running your way.
    Throwing extra fire-guards at them or vice-versa will also take care of the
    problem. Use medical and psi packs as needed (which should be seldom). Continue
    with destroying the chambers until all are gone. You should never have to move
    from behind the box.
    In part two, Leanov himself comes down from his skybox. But before you deal
    him, make sure there are no more guards around to cause trouble (he brings one
    with him from the skybox).
    Leanov has 3 main attacks: a phsycic blast that hurls you through the air, a
    wave of balls of power that circles around him and spreads outward, and a form
    of semi mind control.
    Using my way, the metal box is still very important, although you won't be
    hiding behind it. As the first two attacks mentioned beforehand are very
    avoidable, you only have to focus on his mind control. My brother figured out
    before me that all he really does is reverse your controls (meaning, when you
    press up, you go down, left you go right). While this is happening, you just
    have to reorient yourself to face him and let a few clips of bullets go in his
    face. While this isn't happening to you, take the metal box from earlier and
    repeatedly slam it into him. I got rid of most of his health this way. You
    shouldn't lose much health during this fight, but if you do, there are plenty
    of med packs around.
    After you defeat him, watch the cool movie, then get the hell out of the place!
    Section 2a: Boss 2 (Barret)
    To me, Barret is the boss of all bosses in this game. He comes off as a real
    badass, has a hideous laugh (than can be come somewhat annoying after awhile)
    and has an awesome (and freakish) physical build.
    Barret's main power focus is Telekinisis. He has a minor power where if you
    get to close a shockwave comes out of him. Bullets do no good when he glows
    purple, and next to no good when he's not.
    Once again there are two stages (in fact every boss has two stages, so I'm not
    going to mention the fact again after this).
    In stage one, you are both in a factory room that has a conveyor belt running
    along all four walls. Pieces of random construction site object are always on
    it (and later strewn all over the floor).
    Barret is much better with TK than you; he can do it faster, pick up bigger
    objects, and has great aim. That is why we must use agility and patience to
    defeat him.
    He will start throwing stuff at you right away. It is a little difficult to
    dodge it all in such a small room, but you can manage must of the time. Throw
    stuff at him every chance you get. Sometimes he will throw you, and he will
    often grab stuff you have thrown at him in midair and throw it right back at
    you. Continue playing dodgeball with Barret until he has lost about a third of
    his health. He will then create a hole in the wall, and you follow after (via
    Part two, you are in a room facing a hole in the wall. But first turn around
    and go back behind a generator to grab a Med pack and Psi Pack. Now go through
    the hole, and out the door.
    A movie plays where Barret picks up a huge tanker truck and throws it at you.
    As soon as the movie ends, run up and to your left to avoid it. Let me say now
    that Barret can pick up everything in the area. EVERYTHING. Tankers, huge
    crates, trucks, whatever. All you have are small metal boxes (I do not count
    wooden crates, they suck), but they can do the job.
    He likes to throw stuff in bursts. If you can, hide behind something big and it
    will usually deflect what he has thrown at you (unless what he is throwing is
    the object you are hiding behind!). You can tell when he is taking a small
    break (maybe 3 seconds) when you don't hear the TK sound anymore. So run out
    and start throwing boxes at him. Your aim doesn't have to be great, the game
    seems to help you out a lot here. Just throw it in his direction and you
    usually score a hit.
    There are Psi packs on the right wall (I didn't need them), and after a while
    a Med pack appears near where you came into the area. It spawns from time to
    time, and you probably will need them.
    All in all, this boss is mostly a big game of David vs. Goliath Dodgeball. But
    Goliath rarely dodges, he usually just stands there. But he can take your boxes
    from the air and throw them back, so be careful! Also, when he has something in
    the air and doesn't have a good shot at you, he like to grab it again to change
    its course of flight. Watch out!
    ***Extra Fun!***
    In the main menu, go to the Boss Fight section and choose to fight Barret.
    In the second stage, hid behind a large crate, and let Barret throw multiple
    items at you. In a short amount of time you will be trapped under a huge
    pile of crates and trucks. I like to see how small of a space I can get myself
    stuck in. It's easy enough to get out, the boxes seem to spread usually when
    you push into them.
    Section 2c: Semi-Boss (Graveyard Zombies)
    The graveyard is a mental mirage created by Wei-Lu. Supposedly (from what I can
    tell), these are people from your past that you have killed and seek revenge.
    the first time I played, I wasn't sure what to do. The Objective says to "Free
    their minds". Ok, how do I do that?
    I went around shooting everyone for a while, and that wasn't working. Then I
    picked up a shotgun and blew off a zombies head. BINGO! Their spirit or
    whatever flies out and over the angels head in the middle of the graveyard. Do
    this to all of the zombies until the video plays.
    Medical Packs and Psi Packs can be found around the outside edges of the
    graveyard on the steps of the larger tombs.
    ***Alternative Method***
    My brother found out that Mind Drain also works well on the zombies. You don't
    have to sneak attack on them, it works just as well when you run up and do it
    to their face. Just know that they all have guns and they attack together.
    Section 2d: Boss 3 (Wei Lu)
    Wei Lu doesn't really have a focus on any of the six Psi powers you have. She
    brings her own genre to the game, but lets focus on stage one first.
    In stage one, there are eight stone Samurais around the room. Two come at you
    at a time. They normally move slowly, but sometimes they charge at you like a
    bull, waving their sword around. Very avoidable, as long as you keep track of
    where they are.
    Now I did things a little different.
    Avoid killing the Samurais for now. Around the room are 4 100% Psi Packs. Grab
    them all with TK and bring them to the door where you walked in and drop them
    there. Hopefully you have some packs on you from earlier in the game, you will
    need as much Psi power as you can get.
    Now deal with the Samurais.
    The Samurais cannot be be harmed as simple stone. Use Pyro and they will turn
    orange and freeze (ironically) for a short period of time. While they stand
    still, you can either shoot at them or throw pottery at them to make them
    break. Near the end as many as 3 Samurais may be chasing you at a time.
    After you defeat the Samurais, Wei Lu turns into a freakish kind of dragon
    thing with three heads. Her main attacks are acid spits, a psionic blast, and
    jumping up and down as if sh'es having a temper tantrum.
    Right off the bat run into the room where she came from and TK the two full Psi
    packs in there to where you have the others. This is where you make your stand.
    This tatic is only allowed because Wei Lu has a very simple AI. You have to
    continually throw pyro into her. She will become very upset, and run back and
    forth around the room. This would normally get you stepped on, but since you
    are on the steps, she can't reach you. As long as Wei Lu is on fire she
    probably will not attack. Pyro takes up a lot of Psi Power, which is why you
    need all of the packs nearby. You will probably use up most if not all of the
    packs defeating her. Using pyro will evenly distribute the damage inflicted on
    her, so all three heads should die at once.
    ***Alternative Method***
    You can still do this running around the room, but you now have more to avoid.
    She likes to run back and forth a lot, causing slabs of concrete to fall from
    the ceiling. Stay behind pillars as much as possible and jump out to flame her.
    Throwing pottery also works, but causes uneven damage to the heads. You will
    still need a lot of Psi Power most likely. Shooting her and even punching (I
    killed her the first time with a punch) should be used as a last resort.
    She will use acid spits against you, and her heads can shoot at an angle, so
    you can be hit even behind a pillar. Move back and forth in sync to the spits.
    She also has a psionic blast that will destory the pillar, and follow you if
    you move. It is usually avoidable.
    Section 2e: Semi-Boss (Particle Accelerator)
    It took me some time to convince myself that this belongs in a Boss FAQ. It
    isn't really a boss at all, just a really hard area to get through, if you
    don't know what you're doing. The main thing about it is TIMING. Timing is
    everythng here.
    You start off at the door which leads into the main control panel room of the
    Particle Accelerator. Inside are a scientist and a guard. I like to Mind
    Control the scientist and use him to kill the guard. And then Mind Drain the
    scientist to gain my powers back.
    There is a lever in the room that you must press. Each time you raise a lever,
    the speed of the energy ball goes up. Going out of the room brings you into a
    circular hallway that the energy goes through constantly. Throughout the circle
    are rooms with more levers, and little hiding spots for you to stand in while
    the energy goes by.
    Wait for the energy to go by, then peek out to see if there is someone in your
    next hiding spot. We are moving in the same direction as the energy, remember
    that. If someone is there, use Telekinisis to throw them out. The energy wave
    will make short work of them. As soon as you throw them, wait again for the
    energy to go by, then run for the spot. Wait for the energy again, then run for
    the next door. There is a guard inside. Kill him and raise the lever. Now you
    have to be even faster. Keep looking for guards or scientists that may be in
    your hiding spots, TK as needed.
    Once you get the accelerator up to 5.4, you really need precise timing.
    Milliseconds truly count here. It took me 20+ times before I could make it to
    my hiding place and to the final door. But afterwards, I could make it the
    first time I tried every time. Weird.
    Pulling the final lever stops the particle accelerator. The hard part is over.
    *Alternative Method*
    This was sent in by uninspired_2002@hotmail.com
    When you walk into the first room, take control of the scientist. Use him to go
    around the entire circle to turn on every switch except the first one, hiding
    in the hide spots as required. Once 4 have been pulled (Should be 5.4 
    Mega-Whatever's), go back to Scryer's body and pull the final lever.
    The only problem I see with this is you may run out of Psi-Power before you
    finish pulling the levers with the scientist, especially if you are on one of
    the harder modes when it drains a lot faster. If anyone knows a refined version
    of this, please email me with details on it.
    *Alternate Method 2*
    This was sent in by countless people, so I apologize if I forget to add your
    name. If it concerns you, email me again about it, and I will add it ASAP.
    Sent in by: mephisto@urbanet.ch, hyliansnake@earthlink.net,
    ovwong_2000@yahoo.com, and more. The way they described it was different, but
    essentially the same.
    Walk into the first room and kill the guard and worker. Pull the switch. Do the
    same in the second room (working in the same direction the beam is moving).
    When you reach the third room, kill the MP3 but NOT THE SCIENTIST. Also, DO NOT
    PULL THE LEVER. Now, mind control the scientist and send him to the fourth
    room and have him pull the switch there. Now exit his body and pull the switch
    in the third room, and go through the door that is right there. Piece of cake.
    Section 2f: Boss 4 (Marlena)
    I had the hardest time with Marlena for the stupidest reason. You'll see why
    in a moment.
    Marlena is PK based, and she's very good at it. Makes you seem like a match
    next to a flaming oil tanker.
    She starts off inside a protective chamber, so don't even try to shoot her.
    Her [rimary weapon right now is a huge laser-like thing that shoots high-
    powered, highly concentrated heat at you, in either fast spurts or in one large
    beam for about 10 seconds.
    In front of you will be a two-sided rack, with canisters or... water, or
    perhaps compressed air inside; it's hard to tell. These are your weapons for
    both stages of the fight. Once you use up a whole side of canisters, it
    replenishes itself. But you have to use all of the canisters. Dropping one on
    the ground doesn't count, they have to explode.
    The first time she uses her laser, she will only use it once. Dodge it as best
    you can, and throw canisters towards her at the main part of the laser as often
    as possible. After the laser is done, an overhead voice will say the place is
    gonna blow, get to a safe spot. It will say it twice.
    This is where I made my mistake many times.
    I didn't know where the safe place was. I was constanty hiding behind the
    canister racks and being evaporated. And then one time I turned around and saw
    The screens going up. These are the safe zones, behind the screens. You have
    to stay there until the intense light attack is done. If you are lucky, you can
    throw a canister or two at her while behind them, although aiming is difficult.
    After the first time, she will use both laser attacks each time, although there
    doesn't seem to be a pattern as to which one she uses first. Continue throwing
    canisters at the laser until it breaks. There are medical and Psi packs on the
    balconeies to either side. After every two, get back behind a safe zone.
    Also, it has been brought to my attention , that right before she starts the
    reactor core meltdown, if you use PK on the two small bulky tubelike things
    near her several times, it slows down the process for a small time. Use this as
    you will. (This was sent in by uninspired_2002@hotmail.com)
    Once the laser breaks, she comes out and faces you personally. Her three powers
    A wave of flame streamers that she likes to throw a lot. Fairly easy to avoid.
    A ball of condensed flame that when thrown explodes on impact. Very dangerous.
    The last one is a duplicate of herself made entirely out of flame. It likes to
    chase you around the room, and if it gets to close, will kick you high into the
    air. It can be destroyed using a canister, but I've learned that doing this
    right away causes Marlena to make a second one fast. She also likes to use this
    with her second weapon.
    She moves around frequently, and likes to have something between the both of
    you if possible. Canisters are the best way to destory her. Pick them up and
    take your time to aim, as since she likes to stay behind stuff she's easy to
    If you haven't figured it out yet, most of these boss fights are rinse and
    repeat. Just keep throwing canisters until she dies. Watch the video. Carry on.
    *The Marlena Glitch*
    This question has been asked about frequently, people saying that they cannot
    raise the canisters out of the racks. I never had this happen to me, but I can
    assure you it is supposed to come out using simple TK. If you are having
    trouble lifting the canisters, restart the mission and try again, or turn off
    the PS2 and restart. If anyone has a more definate answer, feel free to email
    it to me.
    UPDATE: I have been told the canister glitch has something to do with your save
    point, the one right before you go in the door. If you save at the elevator
    right before this, the glitch should be fixed. However, I do not have the game
    anymore (two week rental), so I cannot verify this. If anyone can, please
    email me so I can post that this is in fact a legit way to solve the problem.
    Thanks to bakerr18@yahoo.com for the information,
    Section 2g: Boss 5 (Nicholas Wrightson)
    Wrightson is a fairly easy boss, and is actually the only one I can think of
    who doesn't have two stages to it. You have to worry more about the aura beasts
    than anything else.
    He has one attack, and that's his lasers. He has an array of solar panels
    surronding his body that send out beams of energy. They stay in one spot and
    are easy to dodge. But get to close to him and aura beasts (scary bastards)
    will attack you. They will occasionaly attack you anyways, but not as much if
    you stay away.
    Each time he opens up a solar panel , shoot it. It takes no damage (noticable
    damage anyways) when closed. It may take a few times but will eventually break.
    As more break, the remaining ones will open up faster and faster to shoot you.
    There is ammo in the back, along with Psi and Medical packs. Psi powers will
    probably not be used in this fight, which is a rarity. Do not use PK on the
    aura beasts, it just seems to anger them.
    Once you defeat Wrightson, watch a cool movie, then move on.
    Section 2h: Final Boss (The General)
    The general is a little bastard and I hate his beady little eyes. I know you
    are trying to kill these guys anyways, but it pissed me off when he killed
    Barret like that. I guess that means the game makers have done their job.
    The General is going to have super everything, including TK and PK. These are
    his main weapons.
    First you need to collect the spheres of power. T do this, you need to break the
    spires that are spinning around him as he gains his health. Get up close to
    them and face the opposite direction they are spinning. Throw a continous
    stream of PK into them as they spin by faster and faster. They should all be
    broken within seconds. Now you need to go around the room to collect the
    spheres. There are six in all, and may be under stuff. The General is still
    gaining health, and will until it reaches its max or you find all six spheres.
    Either way he will have full health at the next stage.
    If you want to take the slow way about killing him, throw stuff. If you want a
    faster way, use the spheres, which can be done with the R1 button.
    He likes to teleport a lot, and will disappear for a while. Then he will pop
    and blast you with something, usually unavoidable. His other two attacks are
    throwing debris at you, and flinging balls of magma at you repeatedly. You can
    avoid all of these by standing under the small bridges leading to the center
    (this is also where med packs are). When you run out of sphere power, run into
    the middle and the floor will recharge you. But stay on it too long and the
    floor will charge up and throw you off with a shockblast.
    Note: When he disappears, you can use Aura View to see where he is. Thanks to
    Atten10@aol.com for this information.
    Rinse and repeat as required.
    I thought the ending sucked, as we will probably have to wait at least a year
    for the sequel to come out, and they really left us hanging. It's good to see
    that his memory is back, but it doesn't really do anything for us now. I hope
    the sequel is released soon.
    Evil Gnome Locations: Bonus Section
    I've decided to tell everyone where the evil gnomes can be found, as all of
    them can't exactly be found with ease. I know the location of 4, so if anyone
    knows of additional evil gnomes, please email them to me, and I will credit you
    with the information.
    Evil Gnome 1: Found in the second section of the game, in the Shipping Docks.
    In the second section, after you have moved the crane, there is a hollow center
    made by large crates. Use TK surfing or smaller crates to get in. Med packs and
    ammunition can also be found here.
    Evil Gnome 2: Found in the third base of the game, inside the ventilation
    shafts. When you go to get to the mirage offices, wing a right first and the
    gnome will be at the end.
    Evil Gnome 3: Found in the building that contains the Particle Accelerator.
    There are two ladders you have to use in this building that are inside sewer
    pipes. In the first one, go down instead of up, and he will be in the water.
    Evil Gnome 4: At the beginning of the temple level, use a slab of concrete to
    TK surf to the very top of the building onto a balconey. There are two
    balconies really, so go to the higher one. There may sometimes be two MP3
    snipers there, so watch out. The gnome is on the ground. I don't have a safe
    way to get down yet, so if anyone does, please email me.
    Getting down safely: Using the slab you had the get up there, auto-lock on it,
    and slowy work your way down the sky, letting go of tk and hitting it again in
    rapid succesion. This should slow the descent. Thanks go out to
    sven@team-ir.org for the strategy.
    Evil Gnome 5: Sent in by air_gordan1605@yahoo.com, and one other. I have to
    sift through my email to find your name. Anyways, look inbetween two trees
    in the graveyard during the zombie fight on the outer edge fo the graveyard. I
    do not have the exact location, so look around. 
    Evil Gnome 6: Sent in by reignofcain@yahoo.com, found in the first chapter of
    the game, right before the room with the auto-turret. In front of that door,
    turn around and there is a chain link fence you can climb over. On the other
    side there is a pit you can walk into, and the gnome is lying in it.
    Well, that's about everything. I will add updates as I deem necessary, and
    it will hopefully need only several revisions. Any grammatical errors found,
    please tell me and I will fix them, I like my stuff to look neat and
    professional. And lastly, I hope it helped you out a ton!

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