"Not as good as i expected"

Intro:The wild west is a great big place with alot of outlaws,cowboys,and let's not forget the girls.During the 60s' through 90s' their had been alot of cowboy movies,and people were always interested in them.In the 21st century video games were the thing so atari thought that they could put this game on the Xbox so it sells well,big mistake.Dead man's hand is one of the worst games ever.

Graphics:Dead man's hand lacked alot in graphics,The characters look undetailed,and the animation is medicore.The good thing is that the town's look well detailed,and look everything like a old westren town,and the bad side is the characters,outside inviroment,and basically everything else look horrible,and can be compared to a PSX game,I mean I have never seen these kind of horrible graphics on the Xbox since Enter the Matrix.So this game is bad in graphics.

Story:You play an outlaw named El Tejon,who wants revenge on a gang who doublecrossed him,and left him for the dead(sort of like Gran Theft Auto 3 right?).El Tejon kills,and leaves a trail of blood in Mexico,as he persues his old friends.

Gameplay:The game is a first-person shooter with the all to familiar ''Unreal''engine.The games theme is really what makes it good,and stand out.It has an funny physics system in which when you shoot you can affect the enviroment around you.This can give you a advantage as well as a disadvantage,and you can blow up melons.This game is also simalar to an arcade game you collect power ups to boost your shots,this adds alot of fun,but gets old fast.
The atmotsphere for this game is good,it almost feels like your in a west west movie.There are tons of weapons to help you on your revenge quest,like shotguns,pistols,even TNT,the downside about this is your weapons are increadibaly unrealistic,the pistol can do more damage then the shotgun,that's just wrong!To make matters worse then auto-aim sucks all the fun out of the game,you can't aim or anything,and this really annoys hard core gamers,but is a good thing to novices.

Audio:The audio was excellent,it played a big part in making this game like a real wild west movie,the voice acting was really good,but it was good in the wrong places,like when your in prison,a man is telling you it's a really good day,in prison?Like I said wrong places.

Buy or rent:Rent it if your interested,but if you like wild west movies,and a new type of shooting game,get it.You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/10/04

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