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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JediMeister

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 05/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    	       		       Complete Walkthrough v.1.20
    				 Last update: 5/22/04
    		    Created by: JediMeister (alvinshek@hotmail.com)
    				Copyright 2004 Alvin Shek
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    	- Legal Info
    	- Version History
    	- About the Author
    2. Weapons
    	- Lightsaber
    	- DL-44 Blaster Pistol
    	- E-11 Blaster Rifle
    	- Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
    	- Wookiee Bowcaster
    	- Imperial Heavy Repeater
    	- DEMP 2 Gun
    	- Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
    	- Stouker Concussion Rifle
    	- Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System
    	- Throwable weapons
    		- Thermal Detonator
    		- Detonation Packs
    		- Trip Mines
    3. Level Maps
    	3.1 		Yavin Jungle
    			Training Area
    	3.2	Tier 1 Missions
    			Mercenary Activity - Tatooine
    			Droid Recovery - Tatooine
    			Emergency Assistance - Bakura
    			Merchant Rescue - Blenjeel
    			Cult Investigation - Corellia
    	3.3	Hoth
    			Ice Planet Hoth
    			Echo Base
    	3.4 Tier 2 Missions
    			Rescue Mission - Nar Kreeta
    			Meet Contact - Zonju V
    			Covert Operation - Kril'Dor
    			Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant
    			Cult Investigation - Dosuun
    	3.5	Vjun
    			Bast Castle Lower Floors
    			Bast Castle Interior
    	3.6	Tier 3 Missions
    			Cult Sighting - Chandrila
    			Cult Investigation - Tanaab
    			Dismantle Device - Yalara
    			Force Theft Investigation - Byss
    			Weapon Destruction - Ord Mantell
    	3.7	Taspir III
    			Taspir III		
    			Imperial Power Station
    	3.8	Korriban
    			Sith Crypts
    			Sith Ruins
    4. Enemies
    5. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Legal Info
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Version History:	v 0.25 - Played the demo released on 9/5/03 and wrote
    			   	 initial walkthrough. Later included locations
    				 of located secret areas.
    			v 0.30 - Included weapons list and random notes on
    				 dueling various enemies.
    			v 0.50 - Received game in mail and wrote walkthrough
    				 for first tier missions and Hoth.
    			v 0.75 - Finished second tier missions and completed
    			v 1.00 - Finished third tier missions and submitted to
    				 the web.
    			v.1.01 - Included secret areas and tips submitted by
    				 readers. Keep checking for more updates.
    			v.1.02 - Included tip by Andrew Gaut regarding Ragnos
    				 on higher difficulty levels. Also included
    				 general tips submitted by Dharmon.
    			v.1.03 - Adding submitted secret areas and tips by
    				 Abu Sayeed Ahad and Robert Lavigne, and other
    				 assorted secret areas found by myself.
    			v.1.1  - Received permission from JarJarBinks to post
    				 a copy of his Tanaab walkthrough from the JA
    				 LucasForums. It's a whole lot more detailed
    				 than mine. Wrote up a whole bunch of secret
    				 areas, too many to count. I think that's the
    				 last of them unless someone has other ones to
    			v.1.11 - Included several more secret areas from Hoth,
    				 Taspir, and Korriban.
    			v.1.12 - Included alternate strategies for Rax and
    			v.1.20 - Added general strategies developed by other
    The following sites are permitted to host this as well as my other walkthrough:
    About the Author
    This is my second game walkthrough, the first being Star Trek Elite Force II.
    As I am still new at this, any recommendations or constructive criticism are
    very welcome. I will also be accepting tips and other strategies developed by
    fellow players. If you would like to contact me, just send me an e-mail with
    the words JA walkthrough in the subject line.
    2. Weapons:	1) Lightsaber - The weapon of a Jedi. A beam of pure energy,
    				capable of slicing through virtually any known
    				substance and capable of blocking energy bolts.
    				Dangerous to both user and foe alike in hands
    				of a novice, but effective and deadly with the
    				guidance of a true master. Primary fire is
    				differing slashing and swinging attacks
    				depending on the player's movements. Secondary
    				fire is a force-powered lightsaber throw.
    		2) DL-44 Blaster Pistol - Possibly the most common firearm in
    					  the galaxy due to its customizability.
    					  Primary fire is an accurate single
    					  bolt. Secondary fire is a charged
    					  shot using up to five energy units.
    		3) E-11 Blaster Rifle - Once the weapon of choice of Imperial
    					Stormtroopers, this weapon is now used
    					by mercenaries and smugglers. Primary
    					fire is a slow but damaging shot.
    					Secondary fire is more rapid and as a
    					result even more inaccurate than the
    					primary fire. Secondary fire uses up
    					energy packs twice as fast as primary.
    		4) Tenloss Disruptor Rifle - Rips apart matter at the molecular
    					     level. Primary fire is a fast shot
    					     which almost instantaneously hits
    					     its target. Secondary fire
    					     utilizes the attached scope, 
    					     allowing for greater accuracy and
    					     charged shots. A fully charged
    					     shot can completely disintegrate
    					     an enemy. A non-charged shot uses
    					     three units of energy. A fully
    					     charged shot uses thirty units.
    		5) Wookiee Bowcaster - A primitive weapon, it fires greenish
    				       bolts of energy which are effective
    				       against both personal shields and bodies.
    				       Primary fire is either a single bolt or
    				       a charged shot of up to 5 bolts. 
    				       Secondary fire is a highly reflective
    				       shot which can bounce off walls. Uses
    				       five energy units per shot.
    		6) Imperial Heavy Repeater - A weapon which definitely fits the
    					     description more quantity than
    					     quality. Like most rifles, it is
    					     inaccurate at long range. Best for
    					     up-close-and-personal ranges.
    					     Primary fire is a spray of
    					     metallic bolts. Secondary fire is
    					     an energy grenade useful for
    					     eliminating groups of enemies.
    					     Secondary fire uses thirty units
    					     of ammunition per use.
    		7) DEMP 2 Gun - An electromagnetic pulse gun. Most useful
    				against electronic devices. Primary fire is a
    				single bolt which affects droids. Secondary
    				fire is a charged shot capable of damaging
    				organic persons as well. The secondary fire
    				has splash damage within a radius of three
    				meters. A single shot uses eight units.
    				A fully charged secondary fire uses thirty.
    		8) Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon - Usually used by higher
    						      ranking Stormtroopers,
    						      this weapon is known for
    						      the danger it poses to
    						      both the victim and the
    						      user. Primary shoots
    						      hot shards of metal in a
    						      shotgun-like spread. 
    						      Secondary fire releases
    						      two bouncing mines, which
    						      detonate either upon
    						      contact with an enemy, or
    						      otherwise detonate within
    						      three seconds. Both
    						      primary and secondary
    						      fire use eight units of
    		9) Stouker Concussion Rifle - One of the most dangerous weapons
    					      in the galaxy. Kills most targets
    					      with a single shot. Primary fire
    					      is a powerful explosive shot
    					      which can launch enemies into the
    					      air. Secondary fire is a burst of
    					      ionized particles which almost
    					      instantaneously reaches its
    					      target and throws them violently.
    					      Uses forty units of ammunition
    					      for primary fire and fifty for
    					      secondary fire.
    		0) Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System - A rocket launcher.
    							      Primary fire
    							      releases a single
    							      dumb missile
    							      which flies
    							      straight to its
    							      intended target.
    							      Can be pushed.
    							      Secondary fire
    							      is a tracking
    							      missile which
    							      locks onto the
    							      target. It can
    							      be pushed away
    							      but will re-seek
    							      its target.
    		-) Throwable weapons
    			Thermal Detonator - A grenade which releases energy
    					    and heat to destroy everything
    					    around it. Primary fire is a time-
    					    delayed detonator which explodes
    					    after four seconds. Secondary fire
    					    detonates on contact with any
    					    surface. Ten may be carried at any
    					    one time.
    			Detonation Packs - An explosive with a remote detonator.
    					   Primary fire places the pack.
    					   Secondary fire detonates any placed
    					   detonation packs. May carry five.
    			Trip Mines - Useful against a pursuing enemy or as a
    				     delaying tactic. Only 5 may be carried at
    				     a time. A laser extends from the casing to
    				     the nearest parallel surface. If either
    				     the casing is fired upon or the beam is
    				     broken the mine will detonate itself and
    				     any other explosive devices nearby.
    Some weapons use the same type of ammunition. For example, the blaster pistol
    and rifle use blaster packs. The disruptor rifle, the bowcaster, the DEMP use
    power cells. The repeater, the flechette, and the concussion rifle use metallic
    General Notes
    On dueling single-bladed reborn: These are generally the easiest variant of the
    reborn in Jedi Academy. Do not try to do the ground stab with any of the
    reborn. More than half the time you will be jump kicked and be on the receiving
    end of a ground stab yourself. The easiest strategy is the hop around like a
    madman slicing them as you flip and twirl around the area. If its becoming too
    hot a situation for you, use speed and run the heck out of there. You usually
    have time to heal yourself before the reborn catches up with you and more often
    than not the reborn will kill himself trying to reach you. Rolling stabs are
    also useful.
    Revision note: If you manage to jump on a Jedi's head and knock him down, the
    ground stabs can be quite effective on the lower leveled duelists.
    On dueling dual-sabered reborn: The key things are to keep on moving. The
    moment you stop moving, the npc will either grip you or lightning you. So keep
    moving. Another thing, always keep on jumping. Keep your reticle on the
    opponent and you may even connect with a few lucky swings to his head or
    shoulders. If he uses the saber barrier, throw your lightsaber and finish him
    On dueling lightstaff reborn: When they start doing their kata or twirls, just
    throw. In between, use the same strategies as against the dual-sabered reborn.
    A useful move, that is, if you're using dual sabers, is the DFA move. You can
    on average connect on two of the strikes. The other two stances, that is, the
    single saber and lightstaff provide no easy methods to rid yourself of this
    enemy except the rolling stab. Never attack when they begin a kata unless you
    throw your lightsaber.
    Also key to dueling are acrobatics. For example, if you're cornered up against
    a wall, use the wall-grab jump and get out of the corner you've backed up into.
    Or just jump over the person and stab them from behind. If you're knocked down
    and the opponent is going for a groundstab, just forward or back kick them.
    Again, don't try your own groundstab, throw the lightsaber. Jumping also allows
    you to land on top of an enemy and possibly force him to the ground much like
    a kick. Another useful combination of attacks and evasion is the cartwheel.
    Dharmon also reports that similar to the reborn in JO, thermal detonators are
    effective against the duelists after you've eliminated their cultist buddy.
    However, don't try to use this on blue and red duelists as they will push it
    back in your face.
    Regarding Saber Locks: Try to win every saber lock. I know this is a
    no-brainer but depending on which direction you push while in the saber
    lock, e.g. left, right, forward, or back, you will almost always perform an
    instant kill move. With a single lightsaber, the finishing moves are either a
    stab to the chest, or an upward diagonal swipe from right to left. With two
    lightsabers, again, either a stab to the chest, a move where you knock the
    enemy's lightsaber away and perform a double cut at chest height, or also a
    third, and most rare occurance, where you throw your second lightsaber around
    the enemy and slice him up as you hold off his lightsaber. With a lightstaff,
    you perform an upward slice to finish off the enemy.
    Mission Tiers: You only have to complete four of the five missions in a given
    tier. Because I went through all the missions, I came out with three extra
    force points. However, these aren't particularly necessary. The extra force
    points can be used to beef up your offense if you're light by investing in 
    lightning or grip and to get mind trick or heal if you're dark.
    Force Powers: Force sense is by far one of the most useful powers. At any level
    force sense will allow you to see mission objectives that are nearby. Powerups
    are colored yellow, enemies in red, allies in green, and objectives in blue.
    The most practical use of this power is to guide you through a level. The best
    case of such use is on the Ord Mantell mission vs. Boba Fett. After you rush
    through either door near your fighter, sense will enable you to see the three
    detonators you must plant near each stockpile. This force power is also useful
    on the Bakura and Kril'Dor missions, as they allow you to "see" the bombs you 
    must deactivate. The above tip was recommended by Jean Eric-Preis.
    The next useful powers are mind trick and absorb. I didn't really find the dark
    powers all that useful except lightning and grip, but that may be because I
    stayed primarily light in order to get absorb and protection. Note that mind
    trick can be used on the Wampa as well as the Rancor. Bizarrely I could only
    manage to trick the Rancor once and every other time it resisted the mind trick.
    The above tip was submitted by Julius Petty.
    Grip is one of the crucial powers if you go darkside. Not only does it lower
    the defense of your saber wielding enemies (at least temporarily), but you can
    also use it on the weaker saber enemies to toss them over cliffs or into lava.
    Use of grip and saber throw simultaneously is also an efficient way of
    eliminating reborn. This tip was posted by Lasse Pedersen and Adrian Toh.
    Note that you can also push the enemies as they are gripped and send them
    Against normal enemies, e.g. the non-lightsaber guys, push and pull are useful
    powers. Speed + fast style are an efficient way for killing the maximum number
    of stormtroopers possible. The lightsaber twirls, e.g. crouch + w + attack cuts
    through normal enemies like butter. For bigger concentrations of enemies, use
    mind trick to even the odds by tricking the trooper with the most powerful
    weapon. This tip was submitted by Dharmon.
    I have to agree with Dharmon. Mind trick was my most frequently used force
    power on most missions. Mind trick is most useful on levels such as Vjun
    against those Hazard Troopers, on Dosuun when you're weaponless, and on the
    Byss Dreadnaught mission. I'm sure there are more places where mind trick can
    be used effectively, but these were the missions where I found it the most
    Another tip regarding non-jedi submitted by Jeremy Guebert:
    I've noticed that the only stormtroopers with weapons better than the standard
    blaster rifle always have orange shoulder pads. (with the exception of Hazard
    Troopers) (this info is based on Padawan difficulty only... please correct me
    if this is different on higher difficulty levels). 
    This is quite true, and I'm surprised I forgot to include it in the previous
    revisions. If you take out the officer or the higher ranking stormtrooper,
    usually wearing grey or tan colors the other stormtroopers will scatter
    allowing you to hunt each one down instead of trying to hold off several shots
    at a time with your lightsaber.
    Dueling Tip submitted by Robert Lavigne: I have a tip for single or dual saber
    fighting that works great in almost all circumstances.  This is a trick I
    picked up playing RUNE a few years back, and is incredibly effective in most
    sword fighting games I have tried.  The idea is to start with a quick tap on
    any strafe button, and then immediately redirecting in the opposite direction
    and hitting the attack button.  This consistently lures your opponent(s) to
    one side while also ensuring that you swing horizontally which keeps away any
    opponent you're not hacking to bits.  Then of course if you persist in the same
    direction your character spins on himself and swings his saber around neatly,
    hard to direct but deadly and hard to defend for ennemies.  I greatly enjoy
    battling multiple reborns in this fashion, and I usually save the game before
    such duels and then return over and over again...
    Other random general notes submitted by Sauli Aalto:
    First dueling with the reborn. When dueling with multiple of them
    simultaneously, acrobatic-strategy is the safest, but when there is only
    one of them - with any kind of weapon, it has proven to be very lethal
    attacking him using simultaneously force speed rank 2 or 3 and very rapid
    lightsaber attack (tapping attack-button like a madman). Usually this combo
    makes you able to finish a reborn with single raber at ease before he even
    gets chance to hit you. If his saber is on your way, he might cause some
    minor damage to your shields, but less than 20 points even though. With
    dual-sabered reborn this tactic is effeccient usually only from behind
    (but hey, correct timing with force speed and you have plenty of time to
    circle around him and then slash him good).
    Additionally, force speed and saber -combo can be very useful also with
    multiple reborn as a startoff for the fight, but to try this you should
    have enough room to pull back if situation gets too hot and also see your
    opponents beforehand (ie. from distance with force sense) to know their
    position (only way to be not surprised if force speed fades out sooner
    as you expected.
    My second point was about force abilities since I have found force grip
    the most useful of all force powers. At level3 you are able to kill almost
    all of the regular enemies with a very simple trick: Grip the bad guy
    off the soil and smash him back to ground. And this can be done with a
    single sharp vertical mouse movement. Barely bacause this I prefer growing
    grip to the highest level as the first power in the beginning of the game
    (regardless of wether you wish to become light or dark jedi)
    And the tactical use of this little griptrick follows: On most of the
    missions you are able to see enemies beforehand using force sense. All
    single guards are very easy to eliminate silently and gaining no damage.
    Using grip doesn't usually catch attention of other, more distant enemies
    on the same area, but using saber does. This makes you able to take out a
    few lonely enemies on large areas before the majority of them notices you.
    Then, when you face larger squads of stormtroopers, one of them has usually
    annoying flechetteweapon or even rocketlauncher. If you rush close enough
    before the firing begins, you are able to take out that bastard at once. After
    that, dealing with the rest of the squad will be a lot easier. Even if you fail
    to finish him to ground, he drops his weapon and spends a while searching for
    it unarmed (and you get a second chance to grip). Also it is useful to notice
    how long radius grip actually has. Sometimes you are able to pick enemies off
    ledges to same level with you using grip (and they, of course, lose their
    weapons same time).
    Finally grip is useful also against the reborn and even the real dark jedi -
    used as combo with force absorb. Thus you are able to grip the dark one and
    punch him to the ground several times - and they are helpless, because if they
    try to do something against you, you only gain more force power (and that is
    more time to keep him gripped). Punching to ground three or four times is
    usually lethal for the most of the reborn. The real dark jedi don't die on this
    but even though they will lose a huge bit of energy. When facing multiple
    reborn simultaneously, you can also use grip to convert one of them as a hammer
    to hit the others. Only weakness of this strategy is that when absorb fades
    away after awhile gripping, you are totally out of force power for a while.
    More Force suggestions submitted by Svetzolar Todorov:
    I noticed it was more focused on lightside powers and grip and lighning from
    the dark side powers. So I thought I might present you some useful info about
    the drain and rage powers. Let`s start with drain. On lvl1 it`s only draining
    from a close range. Lvl 2 is like lightning level 2 - affects one target from
    a greater range. Level 3 is the ultimate  - it affects everyone in line of
    sight; it seems it is quite like lightning though it heals in addition to
    damage. I found it useful mostly when maxed to lvl.3 - that`s the only way you
    can lose less force points, gain more healthpoints (about 1/4 higher than your
    base), and not waste too much time on doing so. You should better max it early
    in the game or after you go through Hoth base to get the most of this force.
    It`s not to be underestimated though as it adds additional health points (well
    it`s actually for a short time but it`s useful when in the heat of the battle).
    Also if you drain non-jedi you drain their life-force allowing you to kill
    them with drain. Draining Reborn and Cultists though drains their force points
    only, but I think draining them of health occurs when you are very close to
    them, actually right beside them. When you drain them that way there is a
    moment of 2-3 seconds after the draining when they stay with deactivated
    lightsaber and do nothing so you can use it to your advantage. I can`t remember
    of anything else about that force power so I'll head to rage now. Rage lvl.1
    is rather annoying - your health goes down to 1 but you get 10 seconds of
    immortality. Lev.2 is more or less the same thing. To use rage on lvls 1 and
    2 means to be sure you`re gonna kill your opponents and to be sure to have heal
    or drain to restore your health. Rage gives you a nice damage protection too.
    The ultimate rage comes on lvl.3 at the cost of only a small part of your
    health points for 10 seconds, 50%speed , 90% damage immunity, which allows you
    to dive into the big melee and rip heads off without caring about loss of
    shields or health( except you get a really nasty hit while raged but on the
    rate of speed you`re moving it`d happen only if you`re not careful), and of
    course, immortality. Why take rage? 1st beacuse you can kill Tavion on Jedi
    Master with a couple of blows of your lightsaber :) 2ndly it makes fighting any
    saberwielders faster and safer. You may sacrifice a grip fora rage if you like,
    it`ll be more handy at times. Like 3rdly on saberlocks. When you enter a
    saberlock immediately tap rage (which i forgot to mention, makes your attacks 
    stronger) and chop your opponent. It works ALWAYS unless your enemy escapes
    the saberlock which i doubt he can do as fast. Also you can deal with those
    nasty hazard troopers (though a bit roughly). That`s all I remember now for
    rage. This force power shouldn`t be underestimated for it`s first 2 levels
    because of the massive bonuses it provides on lvl3. I`ve tested those two force
    powers on Jedi Master and it`s been quite the test - they proved their worth as
    I found out that dark side is easier than light side.:) Let me give you my
    force power recommendation : you max them out one by one in the following order
    lightning, heal/drain(better heal),rage,absorb and grip. I don`t have anything
    against other powers : I think they`re all useful - there aren`t any that are
    given without purpose, but those five, I`ve figured, are what can make you a
    powerful adversary.
    3.1 First Missions
    3.1.1 Yavin Jungle
    From the start, head forward through the weeds in the stream, and up to the
    right. Cut down the tree. Head upstream and face two reptiles. Kill both or let
    Rosh shoot them. Proceed ahead. When you can proceed no longer get up onto the
    streambank with the stone building. After Rosh shows off his growing Force
    powers, enter. To the left is another one of those weird reptiles. Saber him
    and walk forward. Cross the bridge. On the other side, to the left, behind some
    rocks is another reptile. In the clearing ahead, you'll hear Rosh comment that
    you can make another bridge with a cut tree. Head up your new bridge. Exit left
    and face another reptile. Just past it, you'll come upon a cutscene which
    introduces some more familiar enemies: stormtroopers. And, surprise, so soon,
    your first duel. This guy is a dead pushover, with emphasis on DEAD. After he's
    passed on to join the Force, a cutscene will lead you into the next level.
    3.1.2 Training Area
    As you start, follow Kyle's instructions and enter the door in front of you.
    Wait for a cutscene and enter the next room, where you will face several
    remotes. Don't worry, you won't face them all at the same time. The best
    strategy is to use saber throw to eliminate them rather than having to slice at
    each one. In the next room is a broken bridge. Jump over the gap and push the
    different colored wall in front of you. Walk through and prepare for battle.
    Apparently Luke has a saber wielding droid. After he's delimbed or whatever,
    proceed onwards into the door just past a stone pillar on the left side of the
    room. Cutscene with Jaden. Listen to Kyle give some advice and then pull the
    switch. Head forwards and take a right at the next opportunity. Head downstairs
    The second column on the right, furthest from you holds a medpack. Push to
    reveal. Remember what Kyle said? Use Force Sense and see the stones you must
    pull to make it out of the room. There are three total. The first one is to the
    right of the door as you enter. That said and done, when on the upper level,
    exit left and through the series of doors. In a room with a pillar, turn right
    and take the door on the left. In the next room you'll have to use speed to
    make it through either door. It doesn't particularly matter. Enter the single
    door. By the end you'll transition to a cutscene which will introduce you to
    the next level.
    3.2 Tier 1 Missions
    3.2.1 Mercenary Activity - Tatooine
    Recommended Force Power: Mind Trick Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Bowcaster, a throwable weapon of choice
    Would you like to know why I suggested bringing along the Blaster Rifle? Well,
    if you go without it, you only have 30 shots with the blaster pistol. With the
    rifle, you have a full loadout. First things first, stay out of Chewbacca's
    line of fire. Yes, yes, he's a lovable furball but his aim sucks especially
    since he hits you more than he hits the enemies. As the mission starts, there
    are four enemies in this area. One Rodian, two blaster toting mercs, and a
    Trandoshan armed with a repeater. I suggest eliminating one or two of them with
    your pistol as your saber defense skills are somewhat limited. After they are
    all dead, retreat into the last alcove on the right and enter the door. A
    Trandoshan awaits you to the left, a merc to the right, and two Rodians further
    in the room. Continue straight ahead, through the door and exit through the
    right. Two more mercs await. Either interrupt their conversation rudely or
    politely wait for them to finish and then kill both. Exit out the door. To the
    immediate right is a Trandoshan. To the left in the main area are two mercs.
    One you can snipe with your weapon of choice but the other you will have to
    kill in person. There are two more enemies in the adjoining two alcoves to the
    right, a merc with a bowcaster, and another Trandoshan with a repeater. After
    they are both killed, two more enemies will run out of the door in the alcove
    with the merc. A Gran with thermal detonators will also enter the area from a
    walkway above. The simplest way to deal with these numerous enemies is to snipe
    each one with your pistol. When the two mercs are eliminated, three more
    enemies will enter from the door nearest the ship parts. After they are dead,
    walk into the next area through the door they entered from. If you would like
    to refill health and shields, the door which the two mercs ran out from
    contains a shield generator and a medpack. In the next area are a Trandoshan
    and a merc to the left. Mind trick both to make it go easier on yourself. Exit
    the hallway through a door to the right as you face the wall where the two
    enemies were and come upon Kyle's ship, the Raven's Claw.
    Secret Area: The rightmost alcove behind the boxes has a belt of grenades and a
    shield booster.
    The last alcove of the open space leads to a cutscene. After the cutscene, mind
    trick the two guards and slice and dice. Exit through the door ahead and meet
    the checkpoint. After the checkpoint, proceed cautiously into the next room. 
    Inside are several trip mines, easily avoided, a Trandoshan, and two Rodians,
    one armed with a blaster, the other with a disruptor rifle. Mind trick the
    Trandoshan who is to the left of the room next to some boxes. After you kill
    him, stay behind the boxes. The Rodian with the blaster is probably running
    around by now, so kill him and then the one with the disruptor by either using
    speed or mind trick. Exit through the door behind the Rodian. Activate speed or
    have mind trick ready and kill the Gran at the head of the stairs. Past him, to
    the right, are two Weequays and a merc. Mind trick all three and kill them. A
    healthpack and shields are in the room. Exit through the door onto the walkway
    overlooking the Millennium Falcon. Mind trick the Rodian as he enters through
    the door across from you and kill him. Keep in mind that even though you mind
    trick him he still may fire so don't run straight at him, run along either side
    of the walkway. Enter through the door and through the next door and see two
    Rodians. Mind trick both and kill and proceed up the elevator. Hit the switch,
    and enter the other half of the control room to meet the new and improved
    Reborn. After trading a few taunts, cut him down and hit the other switch to
    deactivate the tractor beam. Head back onto the elevator which will disembark
    you a level below where you originally got on. Turn around 180 degrees and exit
    through the door to see Chewbacca, hale and hearty. Through the smallish door
    on the right, opposite end of the hallway, you see the Falcon once again. There
    are an average of two enemies in each alcove. The first alcove on the left has
    two mercs, the next has two Rodians, and there are two more Rodians in the
    area. One is by the first two Rodians, and the other one is hiding behind boxes
    on the far side of the area. Once all are dead, Kyle arrives.
    3.2.2 Droid Recovery - Tatooine
    Recommended Force Power: Heal Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Bowcaster, a throwable weapon of choice
    From the start area, head right. You'll come upon Jawas under attack by three
    Sand People. There is a fourth up to the right with a rifle sniping at you.
    Past the arch the fourth Sand Person was firing at you from are three more
    Sand People approaching from the right. On the left side of the rock on the
    left, you will find a Disruptor Rifle and accompanying ammo. A belt of grenades
    is behind the area from which the Sand People rushed you. Head further into the
    canyon. When you can see the moisture farm up ahead, four more Tuskens (Sand
    People) will attack you, one armed with a rifle, and three going for
    hand-to-hand. A fifth one is on the cliff above the farm. Enter the farm. 
    Clear each cave section until you reach a door. Inside is a secret area.
    Secret Area: Inside is a large shield booster.
    Backtrack until you see a path leading up on the left. A few more Sand People
    will have spawned. Clear them and head up. At the first turn, behind some
    explosive crates are two blaster packs. Head up and exit outside. There are two
    Sand People waiting to the left. As you approach the first building on the left,
    three Sand People rush. There is a sniper hiding in the building on the right.
    It appears he's guarding some supplies, medpack, small shield booster, and
    Thermal Detonators. After that, cross the canyon using either of the arches.
    Three Sand People are on the level area, and another is perched atop one of the
    buildings. Head past all the buildings to the back of the area and enter
    another cavern. Inside are more Tusken Raiders. To the right of the first
    cavern are shields and a belt of thermal detonators. Exit the area to find a
    Sandcrawler. To the left of it facing the back are three Sand People. Go around
    to the front of the Sandcrawler. Take out the four Sand People, and head for
    the door. When Jaden says, "I wonder if I can get up there," go back out and
    pull down the mechanical crane. Jump on and let it go back up. Upstairs are
    three enemies. Two on the "ground" level, and one on a catwalk above. To go
    face-to-face with the third one, jump up onto the boxes on the right and onto
    the catwalk. Hit the switch. Transitional cutscene. Another Raider shows up on
    the uppermost catwalk. Jump back down and go to the opposite side of the room.
    The elevator is blocked by a cart of some kind. Pull it and head up the lift.
    Kill the Raider and head through the door. Through two more doors, you will
    come across a molten metal pit. Notice that the side closest to you is quite
    cool. You must be wondering why it is cooler? The simple answer is that the
    pipe to the left and below is dripping water. Throw the lightsaber and cut the
    pipe. Head across and through the door on the right. Inside and to the right
    are flames. Don't even try to run through them. Instead, go to the left most
    aisle. Notice that one of the flames intermittently dies? Jump when its gone
    while hugging the wall. Kill the Raider on the other side. Hit the switch by
    the Jawas. Go around them to a lift that was unreachable due to the flames.
    Take it down. Three Tusken Raiders await you in the first room. Head through
    the next door. Throw your lightsaber at the enemy you can see through the boxes
    to the right. Then push the cart. Kill the four remaining Tuskens and head for
    the back of the room. Pull the next cart to reveal the R5 unit. Hit use on the
    droid. It will take the lift down. Drop down after it. There are several
    Tuskens waiting, six to be precise. After they're dead, the level will end.
    A cutscene showing the Jedi trainees relaxing. Rosh is sure acting strange, eh?
    3.2.3 Emergency Assistance - Bakura
    Recommended Force Power: Mind Trick Lvl. 2
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Bowcaster, throwable weapon of choice
    Walk around the platform heading in the direction of the main door. Notice
    all the dead workers and the marks that look suspiciously like those left by
    a lightsaber on your landing platform. Enter and head for the security station
    on the left. Here you'll find out your objectives. Secret area in the room.
    Secret Area: As you enter the room, there should be a grate to the right of the
    door you just entered from. Cut open the grating and help yourself to shields
    and health.
    Heading for either door will alert two stormtroopers who enter from the door by
    the console. The other door holds a tripmine trap, a ammunition generator, a
    medpack, and three blaster packs. Back to the door with the stormtroopers. Kill
    both. A secret area lies under the stairs in plain sight.
    Secret Area: Thermal detonators and a large shield booster.
    Heading upstairs, there are two more stormtroopers. The door leading left takes
    you to stealth-cloaked enemies. Past them is a control room. But return to the
    first hallway. Shoot the mines and walk outside. Directly in front is a set of
    explosives. Use to deactivate. Return to the control room where two enemies are
    waiting, a stormtrooper armed with a repeater and one armed with a rifle. After
    both are dead, head past them and come upon a hallway of flames and steam.
    Hug the left wall to get around the first obstacle. For the steam, wait until
    the steam from the right side of the wall dissappates and then run through. For
    the last set of fire, walk onto the panel and jump when the flames from the
    upper left die down. Exit through the door ready for the automated sentry to
    the right. Down the ramp is another stealthed trooper. Notice the door with a
    security lock. Head back up the ramp and through the other door. You can jump
    over all of the mines except the last set. You shoot the one on the left by
    hugging the right wall. In the next room are two stormtroopers and an officer.
    Mind trick one of the stormtroopers and slice up the leftovers. The officer
    holds a key which will open up the security lock. But first, go up the steps
    leading to four mines. Shoot the middle two mines and jump past. Two more spec
    ops stormtroopers await you outside. Kill both and deactivate the second bomb.
    Return to the locked door and open it. Two stormtroopers await you outside.
    Cross the walkway and go to the right. Kill the stormtrooper with his back to
    you and continue. Enter the door and kill the officer and three stormtroopers.
    Collect the officer's key. Face the stealth-cloaked commando at the end and kill
    him. Open the door, which leads back to the room with the security console.
    Backtrack and this time take the left path from the bridge. Two foolish workers,
    while trying to kill you, accidentally blow themselves up. Peek around the
    corner. The stormtrooper all alone right there is going to run to a stationary
    blaster if you get any closer. So don't let him and snipe him. Take the level
    path and enter the first door you come to. Kill the stealth commando. Exit out
    the other door. Take a right immediately and take the lift down. Circle around
    the base of the tower to find a secret area.
    Secret Area: Medpack and detonators.
    Head back up. Through the next door in line are two stormtroopers. After you've
    killed them, go to the back of the room and exit. Outside are two commandos and
    an officer. When all are dead, deactivate the third bomb. Secret Area nearby.
    Secret Area: After deactivating the bomb, go around the four storage tanks to
    find some health and shields.
    If you need or want shield or ammunition, follow the walkway and down some
    stairs. Otherwise, go back to the building in the middle and open the door with
    a key you should have grabbed from the last officer. Inside are three enemies.
    The first is a stealth commando between the first and second columns, and
    another stealth trooper and stormtrooper on the top level. After the first
    stealth trooper is dead, you can pull the two up top down one at a time and
    finish them. If you go downstairs, health, shields, and grenades await you. If
    instead you take the lift up, take a door, you will be in close proximity to
    two bombs. One is in the room below you. The second and last one is past the
    door to the right on the top level. You have to jump to reach the door. The one
    on the top level is guarded by two stormtroopers and a commando. You can see
    the commando using sight. Deactivate this bomb and exit through the door. Two
    stormtroopers will spawn on the upper floor as will another commando on a
    catwalk below. Kill everyone in the room and deactivate the last bomb. Inside 
    the room is the last and final secret area.
    Secret Area: There's a set of energy conduits that go around the two sides of
    the room. Jump up to where they meet to find the secret area. Contributed by
    Take the lift back up and jump across to the platform the two stormtroopers
    were on. Exit through the door behind them and come upon two commandos. Two
    stormtroopers are in the next room past them. Drop down and surprise two more
    stormtroopers. Exit out the door and turn left. Kill anything and everything on
    the way. Remember that door which led back to the security console? It was
    reached by going completely around the building and through a door across a
    walkway, which returns you to the main room where you first discovered your
    mission objectives. When you return to the main door, more enemies await, in
    the form of four stormtroopers. Two to the right and two to the left. If you
    have mind trick 3, mind trick one or two and kill the rest. Head back across
    the walkways to your ship to end the level.
    It has been brought to my attention as well as through my browsing on the
    Jedi Academy Forums that you can't take the long way to return to your ship.
    You can only take the path I have listed above, otherwise the main door will
    not open. The solutions to this are quite easy. First, make sure you have 
    disarmed all five bombs. Second, take the path listed above and enter the room
    from the right of the entrance. Otherwise, if you don't want to walk around,
    just noclip through the wall.
    3.2.4 Merchant Rescue - Blenjeel
    Recommended Force Powers: Force Heal Lvl. 2
    Recommended Weapons: You really won't need any so the choice is yours.
    You start off the mission by crash-landing on the planet. You mission is to
    retrieve the parts necessary to repair your ship. However, there are a bunch of
    creatures similar to the sandworms in Dune between you and the pieces. The key
    part of the level is to stay for the most part off the sands. Any time you run
    more than three seconds on the sand, you're probably doing something wrong.
    The first piece is the power cell. The way to get this part is to jump on top
    of the piece of wreckage in front of you. From there, jump from piece to piece
    until you see a brown rock in front of a big stone formation. Hop on top of the
    whole structure. You ought to be able to see the power cell on the ground. Pick
    it up and jump on top of the pillar-like rock formation. As you jump from rock
    to rock, they begin to sink so return as fast as you can to your ship and place
    the power cell in the second compartment on the right. Go back outside. The
    power coupling is near where you got the power cell, by another group of rocks.
    From these rocks, jump down, grab it and immediately jump onto a nearby box.
    Make your way back and place it inside. The damper is the furthest from you,
    near the front end of the merchant ship, by another group of rocks. Make your
    way to these rocks and then grab it. Immediately after grabbing it, jump back
    onto the rocks and make your way back to the ship. The power convertor is in
    the front most merchant ship piece. Make your way here by first going from the
    back piece. Jump inside and onto the walkway, over the railing, using the box.
    Past the door and to the right is the convertor. Return to your ship, and place
    the last part. End of level.
    Andy Winters submitted the following tip: For the most part, you can use Force
    Speed to get to any of the destinations.  Instead of jumping between pieces of
    wreckage or boulders, choose the "safe" area you want to go to and use Force 
    Speed to get there.  Also, you can throw thermal detonators on normal mode to
    attract the attention of the worms and move them away from your location before
    you run.
    This was a pretty useful strategy. Now I understand why there were so many
    grenade belts strewn through the map. I kept wondering if they were a way to
    kill the sand burrowers, but now we know one of the uses for them.
    Another thing a few people have submitted. You can actually kill a sand
    burrower or two with your thermal detonators, but they'll just respawn again.
    3.2.5 Cult Investigation - Corellia
    Recommended Force Power: Force Protection Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Disruptor, throwable weapon of choice
    You start in front of a door you cannot open. If you walk on the ledge to the
    right you find the first secret area.
    Secret Area: Medpack, small shield booster, detonation packs.
    Jump from one of the L-shaped pipes (there are two of them on the back of the
    tram) on to the top of the car. Kill the two mercs up top and then drop down.
    Turn around and kill the two mercs in the room with the droids. Go back to the
    last car and kill the remaining merc. Pick up the det packs if you like and hit
    the switch. You can now run on the connectors between cars. Jump up on top of
    the car. Proceed ahead. On the next car, a Weequay starts to shoot at you with
    his bowcaster. Reply in turn with your blaster. Drop down slowly and jump 
    across to the next car. Jump on top of the boxes and get back to the top of the
    car. On the next car a Rodian will shoot at you. Below is a merc armed with
    a blaster rifle. Take him out if you like, and then jump across, staying up top.
    Here comes another duel. He's another easy kill. Another merc is in the room
    below. You can break the glass and drop down and kill him. To get back up top,
    jump on either of the big L-pipes and jump back up top. Gently slide down to
    the bottom level of the car. Jump across. Enter the room and kill the three
    mercs. One to the right as you enter, and the other two on the far side of the
    room. Exit the room. Turn around and backpedal. You should see the tip of a
    Weequay's head. Snipe him and then jump to the next car. Jump onto the walkways
    on the left or right of the car, each supported by two guidewires. Drop down.
    If you hear a conversation and you can't see anyone, use sense, they're most
    likely on the other side of the tram. Enter through the door the merc with the
    repeater is guarding. Inside are two mercs. After both are dead, examine the
    raised section of plating. It is in fact an elevator. Ride it up. You should
    be in a room with a blue force field. See the red fuse boxes on either side?
    Either saber 'em or shoot them. I recommend shooting, personally b/c you'll get
    shot a couple of times by the two mercs, a Rodian and a Weequay behind the
    force field. Take the time to admire the huge amount of ammunition before you.
    Unfortunately, you can't pick up any. Oh well. You can however pick up the trip
    mines and break through the glass up top. Jump onto the yellow canisters and
    run across the connectors, there are two of them and they're grey. Cross the
    next connector, there's only one. Move forward cautiously. There is a Rodian
    with a disruptor up ahead. I don't think you can snipe him so the alternative
    is to drop, use speed and run to the side to the left or right of the metal
    ramp. Secret area.
    Secret Area: Look back to the car you just jumped from. Standing to either of
    the side of this car you should be able to notice the lights of an ammo
    generator, jump across to find a medikit, small shield booster and ammo
    Heal up whatever HP damage you took, and speed up and slice him. Snipe the merc
    across the way. Cross on the shipment of pipes, and snipe the next two visible
    mercs. Drop down, jump across. Checkpoint! There's another duelist to your left
    as you enter the room. Kill him and also the merc in the room. Bomb? Hey, its
    that yellow thing in the middle of the tram car. Hit it and go forward. There
    is no urgency so suck up the shields and ammo generators in the room as
    necessary. There are three mercs ahead. Two you can see on the next car, and
    the other one is on your tram to the left of the exit. Snipe the ones you can
    and jump across. On the next car are two more visible enemies, a Rodian and a
    Weequay. Shoot both and jump across. There are two more mercs on this tram
    car. Kill both and then also the Weequay across the way. You probably see your
    next duel if you're looking closely. Kill him as well as the merc inside.
    Before you walk in and end the mission, consider jumping up on top of this
    front tram car to find a secret area.
    Secret Area: Above are a shield booster and health medpack.
    Walk to the controls and hit use. Mission accomplished.
    The last two secrets were submitted by Abu Sayeed Ahad.
    A cutscene introduces you to your next mission, the snowy world of Hoth.
    I'm going with the standard loadout of disruptor, bowcaster, and grenades.
    3.3 Ice Planet Hoth
    3.3.1 Ice Planet Hoth
    Recommended Weapons: DEMP gun
    As you start out, even though Jaden thinks he should use the Taun Tauns, you
    really don't need them. Its more of a hassle this early than it is any use.
    Secret Area: Before proceeding forward, go into the cave behind your starfighter
    and investigate. Kill the wampa within and go past him to find a pack of trip
    mines and health.
    Advance until you can see the outline of an Imperial and let fly blaster bolts.
    Snipe every single snowtrooper you can see. Advance until you can see their
    outlines in the fog and snipe each one. When you see a group of four, and an
    accompanying E-Web stationary blaster cannon, snipe the one on the left first.
    He's the one who runs for the blaster so if you eliminate him first you should
    have an easy time with the other three. Keep moving after you take a shot so
    you can avoid their shots. Just past them is a cave entrance blocked by a pile
    of rocks. Jump in. Whoa, doesn't this look a little familiar? Perhaps a wampa
    or two around? Let's see. When the path starts to slant up, you can see the
    outline of one. My advice is to run as fast as you can back up to the beginning
    of the cave. From the rocks you can safely saber throw him into a new fur coat.
    Watch out though, sometimes he can get up onto one of the rocks and pummel you
    from his new vantage point. When he's dead, advance further into the cave.
    When you come to a fork, take the left. The right is a secret area.
    Secret Area: This fork of the path is filled with a large shield booster, two
    medpacks, and a stack of trip mines.
    Advance further until the cave begins to narrow. Eventually it will open up
    into two Taun Tauns approaching you. Snipe the two snowtroopers and throw the
    probe droid to scraps of metal. Jaden will comment that this is not where the
    Imperials entered. So turn around and follow the beacons of light. Two
    snowtroopers are hiding in ambush behind a few boxes. Snipe both and proceed.
    A few more snowtroopers are ahead. Snipe them as well. When you see an E-web
    cannon, notice that there is a single stormtrooper nearby. Without him, the
    cannon cannot operate. So shoot him, please. On the remains of the AT-AT walker
    the cannon is mounted on are also shields and health. Approach cautiously.
    When an AT-ST looms out of the fog, take a deep breath. Return to the cannon
    and reposition it so that it is facing the general direction of the AT-ST.
    Run towards the AT-ST until it follows you. A few shots from the cannon, its
    over, baby. Note that you can also use the DEMP gun to kill the AT-ST with
    little to no fuss. Return to the gate the AT-ST was guarding. Kill the lingering
    snowtroopers and hug the right wall. There should be a box you can use to jump
    over the gate. There is a probe droid just over the wall. Enter through the
    main doors. Inside waiting are three snowtroopers. Below are more snowtroopers.
    Take the lift down to face them. Take the lift back up. Now take the other lift.
    You are now within close proximity to two secret areas.
    Secret Area: Use your lightsaber to cut the grating and step into the room. It
    contains a large shield booster.
    Secret Area: Turn around, kill the snowtroopers and the officer. Inside this
    control room are ammo and shields. There is another room adjacent that is
    covered with shards of ice. Push and enter. Contains health, tripmines,
    and thermal detonators.
    For a bit of nostalgia from the movies look up and hit the main control panel
    in front of the window. Ion cannon!!! 
    Back to the mission. There is a switch on the opposite side of the room from
    Ion Control which you need to hit in order to open a locked door below. Take
    the lift back down, and another lift down. Now the formerly locked door is open,
    find out what's inside. A snow filled hallway. Take the door on the right and
    kill the four snowtroopers within. Congrats! You found the power core. Through
    the next door are two more snowtroopers. Again, through the door. The right
    passageway takes you to a shield booster hidden behind a box. The left passage
    takes you to a medpack on a box. Straight ahead is the rest of the mission.
    Within are three snowtroopers who run you when they hear your footsteps. Take
    out the next two snowtroopers and head through the door. Checkpoint! Inside the
    room are two snowtroopers, a shield generator, medpack, and three blaster packs.
    Take the lift up, ready to mind trick some poor souls. Three snowtroopers are
    upstairs. Kill, them, and then walk...outside? Ah well. Jump over the boxes and
    man the cannon, something on the order of ten snowtroopers are about the bust
    the party. After they are dead, turn around and backtrack back to the door to
    find a secret area.
    Secret Area: Around to the left after exiting the door are grenades and
    blaster ammunition.
    Like Jaden said, keep following the beacons. When an E-web starts to fire,
    take cover fast, and check where its coming from. It oughta be the top of
    an AT-AT. There's another snowtrooper covering him. Behind the AT-AT are a
    probe droid and yet another snowtrooper. Continue following the beacons. Along
    the way you'll encounter yet more snowtroopers. Eventually you'll reach the
    front doors to Echo Base. But wait, they're closed. Ignore that for now, and
    enjoy the kind gifts of the game designers, a pair of shield and ammo
    generators. Secret area nearby. 
    Secret Area: While facing the doors, go to the left and hug the wall. Eventually
    it will sink down into a depression holding health and trip mines.
    It took me a helluva time to find this so be happy!!! Remember that AT-AT the
    cannon was mounted on? It's actually a damned bunker with a forcefield set up
    on the other side. Cut through the power posts and drop down. Kill the two
    snowtroopers and then drop down where you can see the ladder. There are three
    more snowtroopers. After they're dead, drop down in the jagged gash you see in
    the skin of the walker.
    The first secret area was submitted by Abu Sayeed Ahad.
    Mind trick is extremely useful against the Wampas on this level. It may take
    one or two stabs at the hotkey but it will keep the Wampa silent and nonmoving
    as you swipe away at it.
    3.3.2 Echo Base
    Keep on walking forward. You'll end up on some kinda supply container with
    a medpack and a large shield booster on it. Peek over the edge and hear three
    snowtroopers. Kill them. Exit the cavern through the only unlocked door. Three
    foolhardy snowtroopers rush. Cut them down and proceed. You will hear the
    talking of four snowtroopers below. Mind trick one or two and finish the rest
    off. From the entrance to the area there are two paths, left and right. Right
    takes you to a secret area.
    Secret Area: Three snowtroopers enter talking. Mind trick one and kill the
    rest. Discover a medpack and small shield booster beyond them.
    Now take the left path. As you come around the corner, mind trick one or two.
    Hopefully they'll kill the E-web operator. Or alternatively mind trick the
    operator and have him blast his buddies. Exit through the door and enter...
    the medical ward. Mind trick as many snowtroopers as you can. Inside is a
    shield generator. Head towards the next door. Duck into the alcove on the right
    and discover a secret area.
    Secret Area: Small shield booster, medpack, and detonation packs.
    In the next room are two snowtroopers. The tube opposite the lift holds a
    medpack which you can pull to yourself. Take the lift up. Checkpoint! Above
    are three snowtroopers. Mind trick...ah, you can do it yourself. Rinse, wash,
    and repeat. When they're dead, head left from the entrance. Inside the next
    room are an E-web operator and a snowtrooper. Mind tricking the operator as he
    takes control of the E-web is one of the most effective strategies. Anyway,
    take the ramp down and head out the exit on the lower level. Three snowtroopers
    inside. Kill them and take the unblocked exit. Checkpoint! There's a large
    shield booster and an ammunition generator in the next room. Pass through the
    green door. Kill the next three snowtroopers, and return to the icy hallways.
    Turn the corner and find just one snowtrooper. Don't worry, three more rush
    from the side passages. Two snowtroopers on your side is quite helpful in this
    battle. Exit through door. Four snowtroopers next. Three at the next hallway.
    Eventually you'll reach and empty room with shield and ammo generators. Suck
    them dry and take the lift down. Two snowtroopers are down here but their 
    fighting will draw the attention of a third. Mind trick another at the end of
    hallway to start the motion. At the end of the next L are another pair of
    snowtroopers. Continue ahead, mind tricking as you go until you enter a wrecked
    control room, girders hanging everywhere. A cutscene will ensue. Run around
    the computer bank and slice up the duelist. Exit room from passageway on other
    side. Continue onwards until you see a wampa attacking a Taun Taun. Kill the
    wampa. If he manages to grab you, just hit attack, I think it must be an 
    instant kill move, but not sure. Just past it are two more ammo and shield
    generators. Checkpoint! (How many checkpoints is this for this one level?) You
    should probably be getting worried. Through the door is a big boss battle.
    Extremely similar to that of the battle between Kyle and Tavion. Every now and 
    then you can sneak in a combo on the Twi'Lek. Save every time you do damage.
    She doesn't seem to use a lot of force powers, mostly saber skill. Eventually,
    she'll run after you cut her up so much she looks like a chewtoy.
    More cutscenes. You find out from Luke you get promoted to Apprentice. This
    means you can pick and additional saber style. I picked fast b/c I want to use
    dualsabers. But hey, whatever goes, its up to the individual player.
    3.4 Tier 2 Missions
    3.4.1 Rescue Mission - Nar Kreeta
    Recommended Force: Mind Trick Lvl. 3 or Force Protection Lvl. 2
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Repeater, throwable weapon of choice.
    Secret area from the start.
    Secret Area: Turn around and jump onto the beam to the left and above of the
    pipe. Then jump from rock to rock that you saw in the cutscene to the watchtower
    against the wall. Shields and mines are here I believe.
    Walk forward and then turn left before the fan. Cut the grating and listen to
    the mercs talk. The prisoner's can't get far because of...the Rancor! Cut
    either of the grates and drop down. Kill the two mercs, and the two Grans, as
    well as the Weequay at the end of the hall. Don't forget the two Trandoshans
    who are unloading their repeaters at you. Mind trick one and let them duke it
    out. There are two ways out of here. One is through the green tube room from
    which the Gran came running out, and the other is from where the Trandoshans
    were. If you want to free the prisoners, hit the switch in the room that the
    lift takes you to. The green tube room's exit is on the left of the room as you
    enter. Inside are four enemies, a Weequay with a security key, and three Grans.
    The security key opens up the door that leads to your exit. The green room
    holds a secret area.
    Secret Area: Opposite to the exit leading to the pipe is a mesh door. You can
    slice it with your lightsaber to reveal two sets of power cells.
    To get to the prisoners, jump through the window of the control room to the
    ground below. A rancor immediately begins the attack when you contact the
    prisoners. Mind trick will distract it temporarily leaving you time to run away
    or alternatively slice him up while he's distracted. Leave the prisoners in the
    hallway and open the door leading back to the pipe for them. You have freed
    four of the Hutt's prisoners. To reach the other prisoners, return to the
    locked room that was by the lift. You automatically picked up a key from one of
    the Hutt's prisoners as they were escaping. Walk through the door and take the
    lift down. Two Grans await you, with three more further in the bar area. Exit
    through the door. On the straight level path, ignoring the lifts for now are
    three workers, a Gran with thermal detonators, a Weequay, and a Rodian. The
    last three are in the room to the right. The Rodian will snipe at you so mind
    trick one of his buddies. Now walk around. There are three lifts, three control
    rooms. Enter each one, eliminate the opposition and hit the switches. The
    first control room, which I'm numbering going from the entrance to the back, on
    the left holds three guards. Run into a corner and mind trick two, kill the
    survivors. Hit the switch, drop down, run to the prisoners and they will know
    where to go. They will run ahead until they can see the rancor. Draw the rancor
    away from the prisoners by throwing at it until it starts to follow you. Then
    mind trick it or lure it back to the ground exit. From the safety of inside
    you can throw the rancor to death. Each time you free prisoners, more mercs
    will spawn in the bar, so beware. Also, another rancor spawns every time you
    kill it. The third time you free the prisoners, the mercs will set up trip
    mines in the bar, along with two guards. Mind trick both or either and sneak
    past the mines by jumping into the area with the bartender. Secret area in the
    Secret Area: Use force sense on the taps behind the bar. Using your saber, slice
    a hole in the wall and find a large shield booster.
    When you go to the last control room, by my definition the one on the right,
    there is a Gran and two Weequays. Mind trick the two Weequays to do the dirty
    work and repay them by slicing them. Hit the last switch, drop and start killing
    the rancor to distract him from the prisoners. Run after the prisoners and
    eliminate the three waiting Trandoshan guards. If you don't kill them, they
    will kill the prisoners, ending your mission. Escape back to the tunnel to
    finish the mission.
    The first and third secret areas were discovered by Mike of LucasForums who
    was kind enough to permit me to include them in this version of the walkthrough.
    3.4.2 Meet Contact - Zonju V
    Recommended Force Power: Force Absorb Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor and Repeater, throwable weapon of choice.
    Once you start out on the swoop, several swoops will attack. You can ignore
    them or try to take them out with your lightsaber, or the laser cannon mounted
    on the bottom of your swoop. To use it press your attack key without a weapon
    in your hands and it will open fire. Note that it will take a few shots in order
    to kill a person or their swoop, whereas it takes one swipe with your saber.
    However, by no means get off the swoop. You will be cut down instantly.
    Continue on the straight path, until you come to an unpassable gate. Get off
    the swoop, jump up, and then drop down. Walk towards the building at the far
    end of the area. Cutscene. Fill up on the shields or ammo from the generators
    and then proceed out the door. Get onto one of the swoops and leave 'em in your
    dust. Keep on going straight until you get a message on your screen. When the
    game tells you to use turbo to jump the chasm, do so. And also turn a slight
    right otherwise you will crash into the wall on the other side. Keep going on 
    the same path until a cutscene ends the level. General strategies: weave from
    left to right, zig-zag, be everywhere but where they think you will be. Also,
    if you see someone heading straight for you, move to the side. If you are
    coming into a narrow pass, ram him until he has nowhere to go but into the wall.
    A few rest stops along the way provide some nice goodies in the form of health
    and shields.
    You find out Rosh has been captured by the Imperials. What do you think the
    next missions are going to be?
    3.4.3 Covert Operation - Kril'Dor
    Recommended Force Power: Force Lightning Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor and Flechette, throwable weapon of choice
    Your mission, should you choose to accept, will be to serve as the whole of a
    ground force accompanying Wedge Antilles to capture a gas platform held by the
    Imperial Remnant. Enter the large hangar bay door in front of you. Kill the
    stormtroopers and TIE pilot within. There are a pack of trip mines on boxes. 
    Then take the lift up. Directly above you is an automated turret as well as a
    TIE pilot on the opposite side. Kill both and take the lift on the other side.
    Exit through the door. The first enemy you see will be a jet-equipped trooper,
    armed with a repeater. Mind trick him and then kill him. Turn left from the
    door and cross the walkway to the shield generator. Hit use on the beacon,
    which is on the far side of the dimple. Enter cutscene. The next beacon, to be
    placed on the hangar, is directly behind you. Another cutscene. An Imperial
    worker will attack you. Push him off or slice him. Face the door to the hangar
    bay and jump onto the uppermost pipe, from there to the roof of the hangar, and
    to the barracks building which is to the right. Hit the beacon and watch the
    cutscene. Return to the hangar bay. Take the improvised walkway down, it used
    to be a support strut of the grid holding the TIEs. Walk through the door ready
    to mind trick some people who will attack from the central platform. A total of
    five will attack. Mind trick two and let the sparks fly. The comm station is to
    the right path of the platform where the stormtroopers just attacked. But wait,
    you can't get in through the front door. Look at the comm station. See the
    huge walkway that leads from the biggest and baddest platform? Hey, why don't
    you try to get up there. Two stormtroopers are waiting outside. Enter and face
    two or three stormtroopers on each level, which are reached by taking the lifts
    up. Ignore the lifts down for now. On the second floor, are two stormtroopers.
    One to your right, and the other by the next lift. The third and final floor
    holds two flechette wielding characters. But hey, you can mind trick through
    glass and gratings now. Hit the switch on the top floor and break the glass
    with your lightsaber. Out the window is a secret area. You'll have to work for 
    it though.
    Secret Area: Go around the ledge to find a pipe leading to the comm tower a
    floor or two below. Drop from ledge to ledge while quicksaving between drops.
    When you've finally made your way down, walk across to the comm building,
    watchful of the waiting jetpack stormtroopers. After both are dead, continue
    across and pick up the goodies. I recommend getting these secrets after blowing
    up the comm tower, otherwise you'll have to backtrack back up the tower after
    making your way back down using the ledges. This was contributed by Mike
    "txa1265" of the LucasForums.
    Exit right on the ledge and drop to the walkway below
    using the tower's awkward construction. Run towards the comm tower. Another
    jet-pack stormtrooper will appear. Use the same strategy as before and place
    the beacon. Take the lift down. If you face the platform you'll see a secret
    Secret Area: Thermal Detonators and health.
    Go back around the platform and enter through the door. Now, concern yourself
    with the lifts that go down. In case you can't tell the difference without
    riding down on it, there are green and red arrows. The red arrows point down.
    The green arrows point up. Take the lift down and face the lightsaber wielding
    opponent. It is a whole bunch easier if you lure the stormtroopers outside in 
    and mind trick them. They serve as a good distraction for the lightsaber guy,
    during which you can push him and stab or push him into the electrified area
    below. There should be one last stormtrooper across the way. Kill him and then
    take the lift down. Place the beacon and watch the cutscene. The control room
    was the room from which the stormtroopers rushed you. To get there, take the
    lift back up. When you reach the top, two jetpack stormtroopers will attack.
    Mind trick one to force him to kill his buddy. When both start ignoring you,
    saber throw the enemy one to death and finish off his compatriot. Make your way
    back to the control room tower. If you don't remember which one it is it has
    three doors with blue borders on the bottom. Enter and take the lift up. Inside
    are four enemies, and two automated turrets. To be cheap, just run for the
    beacon and run for it. Otherwise, turn on speed, kill the officers and the
    stormtrooper, throw the turrets to pieces. Then calmly pick apart the duelist.
    When he's dead, hit the beacon and head back down. The four platforms Wedge
    mentions are next to the tallish cylindrical towers. Walk around the platforms,
    they are all within close proximity to each other and deactivate the bombs.
    Make your way back to the hangar bay and your ship. Inside are five enemies.
    One is a lightsaber duelist and the other four are stormtroopers. Mind trick
    the stormtroopers so they mutiny. While the duelist is thus distracted, stick
    him in the back. Finish off the stormtroopers and proceed through to your ship.
    3.4.4 Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant
    Recommended Force Power: Force Absorb Lvl. 2, Force Lightning Lvl. 2
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, DEMP, throwable weapon of choice
    Since Racto blasted the most direct route to him, you'll have to find your own.
    Turn around and circle around your figher to the other side of the platform.
    From here, you should see the next building across you can jump to. It has 
    boxes on it. You'll face two mercs, a Rodian, and a Trandoshan. Mind trick to
    simply things. Keep going around until you see a Rodian in a floating platform.
    Mind trick him and then run around the platform you're on to wipe out the merc.
    Note that on Jedi Knight difficulty, there is another Rodian sniper in the
    area. He is in the buliding directly in front of you when the vehicle is to
    your right. I used speed to snipe him, or you could just avoid him.
    Jump across the gap onto the floating vehicle. Kill the two Weequay who rush
    from the right steps on the building across. Finish off the Rodian. Jump to the
    other side and take the steps on the left up. Come upon three mercs. Kill them
    and then jump to the next roof over. On the next roof are two Trandoshans and
    three mercs. On the roof of this building is a Gran who starts tossing 'nades
    at you. Jump up onto the lampost and from there to the top where you can finish
    him. Jump to the next rooftop. Behind the box furthest from you is a new enemy,
    an assassin droid. Its tactics are simple: it drops its shields when its
    shooting or running. When it does, run around it with force speed and chop it
    up. Your saber cannot break through its shielding so don't even try. Also, its
    shielding will hurt you severely if you run into it. You can alternatively use
    the DEMP against it to overload its circuits. Secret area nearby.
    Secret Area: Turn around and face the building you jumped down from. Use the 
    box to get to the highest level on the roof and go around to the left to find a
    large shield booster.
    After its dead, jump to a landing platform across the way with a speeder on it.
    As soon as you jump down two mercs will rush. Enter the room they just vacated
    and find two Trandoshans and a lift. Kill both and then take the lift. A Gran
    is nearby. Push him over the edge. Proceed down the walkway that's above your
    ship. Two Trandoshans and a Weequay are hiding in ambush. Mind trick a pair and
    kill them all. Further ahead are two more Weequay and another assassin droid.
    Past them is another roof you can jump to. Break the force field generators
    with your lightsaber then kill the merc hiding behind the second pair of
    generators. Another merc is laying in wait behind the boxes ahead. Walk to the
    other side. Around to the left are shield and ammo generators guarded by a merc.
    To the right is possibly the biggest ambush in the entirety of the game. Mind
    trick all you are able to and proceed when the carnage is finished. Jump over
    and take care of the droid located to the left. Past him if you need is are a
    large shield booster and a medpack. Now go to the right. Jump across and over
    the obstruction to get to the Racto's side of the bridge. Approach the door and
    find a checkpoint. Inside the room are a cultist and his lightsaber wielding
    buddy. Kill the cultist, the guy wearing green first. After he and his partner
    are dead, exit through the lift past the door to the right. Twin medpacks are
    in the rearmost right corner of the room. Upstairs a cutscene will introduce
    you to four of the assassin droids. Same tactics as you would with one. Stay
    close to one and when its shields go down, run in slashing and cutting. Save
    after you kill each one. When the last one goes down, Racto will open up the
    barrier thinking you're dead. But, aha, surprise! Please, remind me who the guy
    with the lightsaber against his neck is? Mission complete!
    The secret area above was also found by txa1265.
    3.4.5 Cult Investigation - Dosuun
    Recommended Force Power: Force Absorb Lvl. 3, Force Lightning Lvl. 3
    What did the droid say in the briefing? Do not engage members of the cult. Only
    investigate. Well, gee, Kyle, that ain't gonna happen now is it? You're in the
    damn brig! Ah well, things could be worse. But wait, things are worse. You no
    longer have possession of your lightsaber. Ah well, you'll pry it from Rax's
    hands. First things first, jump up and out, mind trick the guard as he exits
    and grab a blaster rifle from the nearby rack. Hopefully he'll remove all
    threats. But, on the off chance that he didn't, be prepared. There are a total
    of five stormtroopers, and one is armed with a repeater. Proceed ahead and view
    a transitional cutscene. When he's done firing, duck into the unlocked door.
    Save. To the left is a forcefield and to the right are trip mines. Kill the two
    stormtroopers just behind the forcefield at an angle. If you're skilled you can
    kill both with a shot each. Then slowly peek around the corner. There is a
    stormtrooper armed with a flechette gun. There is also a sentry on his side of
    the forcefield. Take a potshot at the sentry, that oughta draw the
    stormtrooper's attention, then blast him. Take out the forcefield. Next, turn
    around and blast at least two of the mines behind you. Ignore the other doors,
    they're locked for now. Within are a stormtrooper and an officer with a key.
    Kill both and then turn around. The door on the left opens when you use the key
    on the lock. Within are four Imperial workers. Two are to the right, one is
    beneath the stairs, and the fourth is up the stairs in front of some computer
    panels. Blast all four and then hit the switch up the stairs. Take the lift on
    the opposite side of the room. At the top there is only one Imp worker and his
    back is towards you. Sneak up and shoot him. Grab the belt of grenades on the
    ground. Walk through two doors. Two stormtroopers are in the next room. One
    armed with a repeater, and one with a blaster rifle. Mind trick the one you can
    see, he being the one with the repeater. He'll kill the other, while you repay
    him with a shot to the head. Hit the switch on the console. This will unlock
    all the doors nearby. Forget exiting through the main door. Exit the way you
    entered. Secret area nearby.
    Secret Area: Inside the room next to control area, look up at the wall in front
    of you. Notice the hole in the wall and the three boxes blocking the way? The
    fourth box is missing. Jump up and collect a DEMP gun for your troubles. I have
    a suspicion that Raven upped the destructive capabilities of the DEMP because
    it took many less shots to kill an AT-ST in JA than it did in JO.
    Take the right door at the next opportunity. Just outside are two stormtroopers,
    standing by the smallish doors to the left. Mind trick one, and kill both. Go
    past them to the large door behind. Inside are two officers, as well as eight
    stormtroopers. Mind trick two at a time and all should be fine. The second
    officer and two stormtroopers are in the room in the middle. The last officer
    is on the other side of this barracks area. Rush him with full auto. For the
    inner room, blast the forcefield, and mind trick both stormtroopers. Shoot to
    kill. Vacuum up all the powerups inside, if you need them, then return to the
    smallish doors in the large hallway. Inside this room, on top of one of the
    lockers is a disruptor rifle. Head back out to the main hall and enter the
    lifts (the smallish doors). Exit and then take the closest door to the lifts. 
    Enter the control room on the left. Mind trick the stormtroopers so they kill
    the officer. Enter and kill the survivors. Examine all the camera stations
    available to you. They show you your next destination. Exit and take the second
    door on the left, including the lift doors. In the intervening room to the
    firing range, there is a secret area.
    Secret Area: Look up to the stack of boxes. Notice the explosive crate? Shoot
    it and then drop down behind it. Tucked within are shields and detonation packs.
    Hey, this must be that target range the stormtroopers were talking about before
    you interrupted them. Hit the switch nearby to lower the forcefield, and use
    the cannon to blast holes in the wall behind the furthest targets. Just before
    you jump through, shoot the explosive case on the other side. It will become
    apparent as to why you must do this soon. As you jump out, an AT-ST walks out
    from the gate to the left. You can kill him now or later. Get yourself into the
    hole you blasted with the explosive crate and jump in. Shoot the explosive
    crates by the control room to blast open the glass. Jump in and eliminate the
    officer. Hit both switches. One opens a door to the rest of the level inside
    the AT-ST area, and the other opens up the door behind the switch. Jump over
    the mines and hit the switch on the right. Start running towards the door on
    the other side and take the lift up. Get in the AT-ST and blast the troopers
    outside. The AT-ST is also still outside. Blast all and then return to the
    tower holding the AT-STs. Stop near the upper level so you can jump up.
    Take the other door on the same level. Exit through the other door that you did
    not use to get onto the upper floor. Take the stairs up but have speed and
    sight ready. When you reach the top of the stairs, the fat guy is waiting for
    you. Get yourself some cover and then run for the E-web cannon on the other
    side. Blast him as well as the three troopers and the hiding commando. The
    commando is near the right side of the path. Your primary target, of course is
    the guy with the concussion rifle. After he retreats, remove the other four
    from existence.
    Note that you can also just backtrack down to the AT-ST bay and use an AT-ST
    to blast Rax into retreating. This is a much much safer method especially
    since you'll chase away Rax before he can do too much damage to you, and it
    also protects you since you're inside the AT-ST instead of firing without
    cover from the E-web cannon.
    Tip submitted by Joel Sutton.
    Continue along the wall until you reach a checkpoint by a door. Checkpoint!
    Just before you  enter, you hear the familiar sound of stealthed commandos.
    There is one to the left. You can see him with sight. I recommend using both
    speed and sight so you can bag him before he hits you. There are two on the
    other side as well. Shield generator is nearby. Use it if necesary.
    Backtrack. Within this walkway are two additional hallways you probably
    passed. If you went left from the entrance they are on that side. Take either
    hallway, it will lead to a door which opens up onto a hangar bay. Kill everyone
    inside and then go into the control room in back. Note: There is a stealthed
    commando in the room armed with a disruptor. He is by the left entrance to the
    control room. It would be advisable to kill him first as he is the most
    dangerous, and then mind trick the rest. Inside the control room are two
    officers. Mind trick the grey uniform one and then snipe the other one. Enter
    and hit the switch, opening the door behind you. Take the lift down and walk to
    the other side of the bay, past the doors. A cutscene introduces Rax again.
    This time you have some proper weapons. Try and get up to the level where he
    is. When you do make it up, or if you do make it up, follow him around the top
    level. When he's near, turn on speed and blast him with your blaster rifle full
    auto. After about 10 seconds of sustained fire his days as an Imperial are over.
    Alternate Boss Strategy: I was just watching my friend play today and he found
    a sweet spot to snipe at Rax without having to jump all the way up. Once you
    enter the docking area, go right. You should see a lift along the wall. Take it
    up and from this position, Rax has only one position to shoot at you. But you
    have the sniper rifle... From this spot you can fire away with little fear of
    his attacks. Sure, a shot or two may make it into your hiding spot. But have
    no fear, he'll be dead after a few shots from the disruptor. Use force sense
    to keep track of him and then zoom in on his leg, which is possibly the only
    visible body part of his. Even on Jedi Master difficulty, two fully charged
    disruptor shots were sufficient to kill him.
    Alternate Boss Strategy: If you raid the area with the elevator along the right,
    you should find a rocket launcher. Make your way up to the top level and keep
    pounding Rax with your repeater secondary fire. After expending all your ammo,
    the game will automatically go to the next weapon, the rocket launcher. After
    you lock onto Rax and fire off two rockets the battle is over. Tip submitted
    by Kai Ito.
    If you're going to pick one darkside power, this level almost demands that you
    pick lightning, or even better yet lightning level 3. This will fry most of the
    stormtroopers before they even have a chance against you. Tip submitted by
    Marie Godin.
    3.5 Vjun
    3.5.1 Vjun
    Note: You'll face the famed Hazard Troopers here. I hope you're ready for them.
    As the mission starts, duck under the Raven's Claw for cover. You'll have to
    run through the acid rain to the nearest cover. But wait for a moment as the
    first Hazard Trooper shows up. Let Kyle take care of it. Wait for him to return
    and then turn use a combo of speed and protection to run over the concussion
    rifle and to cover. Run all the way to the end of the cover. Another Hazard
    Trooper is in here and Kyle will eliminate him. Just stay far far away from
    either of them. When the trooper is dead, turn on speed and protection and run
    up the path the the left with your concussion rifle out. Fire at the emerging
    Hazard Troopers, and then retreat. Kyle will kill both of them. Wait for force
    to recharge and run back to the entrance. If you don't mind heading back out
    into the rain again, there is a secret area below the ramp flush with the wall,
    under the highest point of the ramp.
    Secret Area: This secret area holds shields and health.
    There are shields by the entrance so just heal up and pick up the shields. Head
    down the ramp. Halfway down, three stormtroopers will run in from the door
    across the way. You can take all three before Kyle sees them and steals your
    kills. Continue ahead and you'll enter a control room of sorts. Step back and
    let the Jedi Master deal with this. When they're all dead. Head through the
    door. Ammo and shields are in this control room. When you pass through the next
    door, three stormtroopers are already waiting for you straight ahead in the
    alcoves. Turn on speed and waste them. The two side doors lead outside to more
    Hazard Troopers. Turn on speed and protection, run outside, attract the
    attention of the Hazard Troopers. Run back in and let Kyle handle the four of
    them. There is one on the ground as well as one on the roof on each side. Kyle
    will kill all of them for you. Out the door to the left are two secret areas.
    Secret Area: One of the panels on the surface of the octagonal pad can be
    broken. It holds a belt of thermal detonators.
    Secret Area: This secret area is on the roof of this hallway. To get up there,
    use protection to jump up after Kyle has eliminated the waiting Hazard Troopers,
    by using a box outside. Up there are two sets of detonation packs as well as
    The door in front is a checkpoint and just beyond are three unsuspecting 
    Imperials, and officer and two stormtroopers. Again, you can kill them without
    even trying. After they're dead, take the ramp up in the hallway to the right.
    See Kyle wipe out almost the whole entire garrison entirely by himself. Well,
    actually, you can help by mind tricking a few while he's at it. When they're
    all dead, go out the door on this level. Speed and protection again to run
    under cover. Enter the door to find shields, ammo, and health. Exit through the
    next door. When the door opens, backpedal and take cover behind Kyle. He'll
    finish off the Hazard Trooper. Proceed ahead until it opens outside again. Use
    speed and protection to run under cover of some platforms. Wait for force to
    recharge between platforms. A few moments later, you will see an archway of
    sorts. When you run towards it, three stormtroopers are waiting to the right
    before the archway. So turn on protection for the rain and then speed when you
    get closer. One of the stormtroopers is operating an E-web, so he's number one
    to die. Ignore the archway for now. A secret area awaits you within.
    Secret Area: Using protection to run through the archway, go right, where you
    can see a gap between some rocks and the structure itself. Inside this small
    covered alcove are shields and health.
    Rest under cover and then run back outside to the left when ready. Take cover
    under the first overhang you come to. Keep on going until you see an overhang
    with three stacks of canisters. Run in and duck. Ready mind trick. Mind trick
    two of the incoming Hazard Troopers and watch the show. Kill the remaining one
    at range with your concussion rifle. Continue ahead, staying away from the rain.
    When you are next to the river, turn left. Continue in this direction. Health
    and shields lay on top of some canisters nearby. A secret area lays at the mouth
    of the river.
    Secret Area: This non-covered area holds shields and health, but isn't really
    worth it, considering you'll get hit by the rain on the return trip since you
    don't have any force left.
    At the second bridge-like structure, run across and turn left. Take cover
    before the rocks. When ready, run across with just protection on and jump from
    rock to rock. Around the corner are two TIE bombers. They begin a cutscene of
    them bombing the area. Right after the cutscene, hit speed and rush the door
    to the right. Three stormtroopers race out. You can take them b/c speed is on.
    If the timing is right you'll only lose three health and shields. Around the
    pillar in front is an officer. Further in the corridor to the right is another
    Hazard Trooper. When you hear the hiss of the door, turn around and retreat.
    Kyle will mostly kill it. You can help by using speed, running around it, and
    throwing or slicing while Kyle's doing most of the work. After its dead and
    your force meter is refilled, go out the door. Turn on protection and speed,
    run left until you see the ramp. Go up the ramp and kill the stormtroopers. Two
    more stormtroopers are waiting under cover to the left. If you use sense on a
    nearby roof you can see several sets of detonation packs inside a storm hatch.
    You'll have to cut open the hatch and then pull to get the packs. This is not
    a secret area. When they're dead and force is full again, run for the only open
    door, which is the one by the last two stormtroopers you just killed. When you
    enter, four stormtroopers attack. If you need shields drop down into the room
    below, where a large booster awaits. Follow the corridor. When it begins to
    widen, two duelists are nearby. You can take both, but Kyle will probably beat
    you to it. The next next room from here has several opponents. Help Kyle out by
    mind tricking. Proceed along the  coiling corridor through several rooms of
    computer equipment. When you open a door and you see a protocol droid in front
    of some consoles, head up the ramp. A cutscene starts and Kyle goes back to the
    control room. A harder duelist shows up. This duelist is so hard, especially
    with a single blade. He uses strong style almost exlusively and has insane
    defense. After he's dead, Kyle will have unlocked the door. Head out with
    protection on and run for the gun emplacement. A few shots later, its all over.
    Run back inside, down the ramp, and now towards the right. This takes you back
    to a door that was locked. Do you remember the one? It was the one opposite of
    the door which you entered to find four stormtroopers waiting. Run down the
    steps, this time to the left and get yourself back indoors ASAP. Eventually
    you'll return to the outdoor canyon. You know the drill by now, go right with
    speed + protection. Go on until you see a building. Run up the ramp and close
    to the door, then you'll have completed the objective by reaching Bast Castle. 
    This mission begs you to use protection. If you don't...may your God or gods
    help you. You can survive for sure, but you'll take a lot of damage along the
    way which could easily be avoided by putting one measley force point on
    protection beforehand. If you lack protection, run through every outdoors area
    with speed and use the secret areas I listed above to reduce the pain. If you 
    also lack healing...no comment. On the other hand if you have drain this would
    probably make this level a little more bearable.
    3.5.2 Bast Castle Lower Floors
    Follow Kyle towards the lift. He finds out that its inoperable. Where to go?
    A secret area is nearby.
    Secret Area: The platform where the AT-ST is docked can be jumped to. On top
    are two healthpacks. The platform next to it has a belt of thermal detonators.
    Hug the wall until you find an open grating. Approach to open a transitional
    cutscene. Garbage, eh, sounds delicious! Jump out ASAP b/c here come the
    crushers. Don't follow Kyle he's going a different place than you. Go up the
    other chute ready with mind trick. You will come up in a room with an Imperial
    officer and three stormtroopers. Enter the control room after cleaning up. A
    secret area is nearby if you exit left and turn left again.
    Secret Area: At the end of the hallway are a set of boxes. Pull the middle one
    and slice the grate behind to reveal some health and blaster ammunition.
    Exit through the only door. Ignore the locked door and open the next one.
    Checkpoint! You hear sounds of battle. Rush in and help Kyle tackle three
    duelists. Go back to the locked door. Kyle will open it. Enter cutscene. See
    the machinery on the wall that look like pumps to drain the water? Push the non-
    rusted ones to get them working. Follow Kyle up the broken conduit to the
    ceiling of the room and jump up. Around the corner is one of those annoying
    mobile turrets. Let Kyle take care of it since you can't block its shots. Or
    just simply throw and hope you don't get hit. Continue along in the vents until
    you see an airtube. A secret area is inside this airtube but its very difficult
    to reach. 
    Secret Area: Halfway up the airtube is a level you can squeeze into. Inside are
    shields, health, and thermal detonators. However, you can only grab either the
    health or the grenades and shields b/c they are on opposites sides of the
    Follow Kyle up and get into the alcove he squeezed into. Let him kill the
    turret. In the next room, Kyle will use his level 3 force jump to get to the
    top. You however, must use speed to run through the laser conduit when it isn't
    firing. Four stormtroopers total in the next room as is a set of trip mines
    behind a pillar on the right of the room as you enter. Jump on top of the
    moving object and jump to the upper level before it lines up with the green
    Meet up with Kyle. Secret Area nearby.
    Secret Area: Go to the room Kyle jumped up into. Inside are trip mines, health
    and shields.
    Go through two more doors. In this room, two duelists will drop from the
    ceiling and three stormtroopers come in on the opposite side of the room. After
    they're dead, go into the next room, and kill the stormtroopers and the officer
    in the room below. The room below has ammunition and shields. Proceed into the
    next room where six stormtroopers await, two close to you, the other four on
    the far side. Kill them all. Return to the control room area. Take either of
    the two lifts up. The room above has several stormtroopers, and one is even
    armed with a rocket launcher. Kill them all and then take either door to exit.
    In the next room are two stormtroopers, one armed with a flechette, and another
    with a rocket launcher. Proceed into the adjoining room where two jet-packed
    troopers attack. Mind trick either and then kill the other one. Jump on top of
    the bunker with the boxes up top. A similar platform on the other side holds
    health and grenades. The one you want has trip mines by the boxes. Look at the
    laser emitters. You can use force pull on them to feed the energy back into the
    machine. After you've pulled all four, a cutscene will bring you into the next
    3.5.3 Bast Castle Interior
    Jump up after healing or refilling on shields nearby. The room above holds a
    jet-pack stormtrooper and three of the regular variety, as well as an officer.
    Mind trick the jet-packed stormtrooper and one of his buddies. Take advantage
    of the distraction and saber the remaining troopers. When everyone is dead,
    exit through the door. In the next room are two chatting duelists. Attract them
    and lead them back out into the large arena like area you just exited. After
    they are dead, take the lift up where another duelist is waiting. After he's
    dead, head through the door. These duelists aren't exactly pushovers, but a
    quick kata or two, or even a rolling stab, oughta finish them off. Out the door,
    head right. Four stormtroopers approach from across the room. Mind trick 'em.
    After they're dead, proceed across the walkway. Another duelist will run out
    to oppose you. Wait for him to throw his lightsaber and when you knock it to
    the ground, throw your own lightsaber. Through the door, in the next room is a
    tempting shield generator. However, peek around to the right and notice the two
    stormtroopers and automatic turret. Deal with them how you wish. Take the lift
    nearby upstairs. There are four stormtroopers. Detpacks if you need them are on
    the last bunk to the right.
    Note that on Jedi Knight difficulty, there are two automated turrets mounted
    on the ceiling, which makes this room somewhat more difficult. Run to kill the
    troopers and then turn around and worry about the turrets when you have cover.
    Exit through door. In the hallway ahead is another duelist. This one is more
    skilled than most of the ones you have previously faced. However, this also
    means he uses katas more often, which means you can throw at him while he's
    trying to hit you. Go around the column in the next room. There is a duelist,
    a cultist with a blaster rifle, and three regular stormtroopers. Listen in on
    the conversation about some sorta throne room. The column in the middle of the
    room is actually a lift of sorts. After you mind trick the stormtroopers, kill
    the cultist and duelist. Then head upstairs using the lift. Inside are two
    duelists, one hard, one easy, e.g. one red and one yellow. In case you haven't
    noticed, like in Jedi Outcast, the duelist's colors indicate their difficulty.
    Yellow/orange is weakest, followed by blue, and then red. If you need it, a
    small shield booster and medpack are to the left of the lift. Back up to the
    side of the room and then blast the explosive crate by the window. Below are a
    duelist, a cultist and a jet-pack stormtrooper. The cultist uses grip
    primarily. Stay away from him or better yet, shoot him from above before
    dropping down. His death makes this room infinitely easier. Jump down and when
    the jet-pack stormtrooper starts to attack, mind trick him to distract the
    duelist. Kill the duelist and then shoot down the stormtrooper with you
    concussion rifle. He drops metallic bolt ammo in the form of his repeater gun.
    You hear a conversation between Jaden and Kyle. Exit through the only door in
    the hangar, which is on the far side from the hole you blew in. There are
    shields, health, and ammo just by the door. Enter and get accosted by another
    duelist and cultist pair. This cultist is another force user. After both are
    dead, get yourself up to the area they were waiting from. Hint: use the nearby
    boxes and machinery. Through the door and in the next room is your first
    dualsaber opponent. If he starts his saber barrier, don't hesitate to throw
    your saber into his face. Generally, just run around, try and attack him when
    he's cartwheeling. Also, keep jumping, you can hit him on the shoulder or in
    the head. After he's dead, pick up the DEMP gun in the room. I have a feeling
    you'll need it. Enter the next room and hit the switch in the middle. Prepare
    yourself for a gauntlet of foes. Your first group will be two droids,
    interrogator droids to be precise. Next come two mobile turrets, followed by 
    two assassin droids of the type you fought on Coruscant. You know the drill.
    Two or three swipes for each and they're done. Now enter two saber droids, the
    same kind as the one you fought in training. However, these are definitely
    much more difficult than the one you originally fought. Wait, you have a DEMP
    gun. Use the secondary fire to wipe them out. Before you leave the room through
    the door that just opened, collect the shields and health in the nearby alcoves
    as necesary. Exit to a checkpoint. Take the lift down. To the right are a
    matched pair of cultists with blaster rifles. Eliminate them up close and
    personal and enter the next room.
    On Jedi Knight difficulty, in the room below is a blue cultist who uses
    lightning to fry you as you appear on the lift. Don't give him a chance and
    slice him up with absorb on.
    Inside is a dualsabered opponent, and this guy really uses them to the fullest
    extent. If you can get in a saber lock, whoop his butt. That's about all the
    advice I can give you. When you're done wiping the floor, check out the broken
    Vader statue by the window. Then head up the ramp. One of those cultists will
    start shooting at you from the upper level. Ignore him and enter the door on
    your level. Up the ramp and around is another duelist. Kill him and end up on
    the top level of the room with the broken statue. Head across to the door on
    the other side. Continue ahead until you see a person waiting for you. Its your
    first saberstaff opponent. Use the strategies I outlined above. If he starts
    doing the twirl, wait until he's almost done, and throw your lightsaber at his
    legs. Proceed through the door, ready for anything. Cutscene. Well, I guess you
    know who the boss of this level is now, eh? The key to winning this battle is
    to take out the two cultists defending the boss. They are some of the hardest
    npcs in the entire game, so several pointers: use protection and absorb. They
    use push so much that its as if they have unlimited force. In any event, after
    they die, the boss is quite easy. Just keep on running around slicing him up.
    When its over, watch the cutscene. 
    On higher difficulty levels, more duelists will appear in the rooms listed
    below: the throne room, where there are an additional cultist armed with a 
    blaster rifle and a yellow duelist await you, and also in the room directly
    above the throne area, which now holds two cultists, one blue, one green, and
    the green one is armed with a blaster rifle.
    Congrats! You have been promoted to Jedi Knight! You can now either pick to
    learn the last single lightsaber style or switch to a staff or dual sabers.
    I personally prefer dual sabers, but the choice is once again yours.
    3.6 Tier 3 Missions
    3.6.1 Cult Sighting - Chandrila
    Recommended Force Power: Force Protect Lvl. 3, Force Heal Lvl. 3
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Concussion Rifle, throwable weapon.
    As you start the mission, push the rock. Enter the area with your lightsaber(s)
    drawn. A dual-sabered opponent will drop from above. After killing him, exit to
    the right and jump down, but not all the way. Listen in on the conversation
    between two mercs or eliminate them and pick up the concussion rifle. Head
    along on the level path until you see a cultist and a reborn. Jump across and
    engage them. The reborn is single-bladed and the cultist is like most of the
    other ones you will encounter, meaning he uses force grip exclusively. Exit
    down to the left watching for the crumbling platform. In the next area are
    three mercs and a tougher Reborn, still single-bladed. Eliminate them anyway
    you choose. On the side of the walkway with the two mercs is the first secret
    Secret Area: Before jumping up to the second archway, snipe the waiting merc
    with your disruptor. Jump up and then walk down the ramp to a medpack and a
    shield booster.
    Take the archway with the downward leading path and come upon a merc setting
    explosives on the bridge. Speed across before it explodes or jump across after
    the fact. Head up the imposing stairs to face three single-bladed reborn. The
    best strategy is to draw out the first one on the left by himself, and then
    face the last two 2 vs. 1. After they are eliminated, head to the door on the
    right. Using sense, pull the marker on the door to open it. Just beyond and
    down the the stairs is a dual-sabered opponent. After he's dead, exit to the
    right where a Reborn will jump from below to attack. Checkpoint! When he is no
    longer among the living, drop down to the platform directly below the gap. In
    close proximity are two secret areas.
    Secret Area: Look back up towards the platform and notice a small alcove flush
    with the wall. Jump up and find rocket ammo.
    Secret Area: Turn around after dropping onto the platform. Jump onto the raised
    step and wall-walk to the other side. You should end up on top of an archway.
    Drop down to find a merc with his bowcaster guarding a shield booster.
    In any event, drop down another level to find a broken bridge, a single-bladed
    Reborn on your side, and a cultist, and another single-bladed Reborn on the
    opposite side. Two paths here. Either eliminate the Reborn on your side and
    then jump across to kill the two enemies on the other side and the attendant
    merc, OR, bypass them and jump onto the beam on the left and slide down.
    Below are two mercs and a dual-sabered Reborn. Whichever path you take you will
    have to face them. Note: if you pick the first path, there is the slightest
    chance that the cultist will grip you mid-jump and release you to your death.
    I suggest if you take path 1, eliminate him first. On the other side awaits the
    Reborn. After dueling him, take advantage of the shield booster and medpack at
    your disposal. Jump over the steps to the right and kill the waiting merc. Head
    down the path and eliminate the three enemies I mentioned above. The merc in
    the archway is guarding a shield booster. Get onto the platform which juts out
    over a series of stone steps. Nearby is a secret area.
    Secret Area: Jump from this platform to the platform above which has a
    flower-shaped crystal on it. Long jump (speed+jump) to the platform in the
    distance. On this platform and the adjoining walkway are two medpacks and a
    shield booster. From this platform you can also snipe the cultist in the next
    area. Jump back across onto the jutting platform, again using long jump to
    Drop down and engage the one or two enemies (one is the cultist, and the other
    is the Reborn) and continue, hugging the wall. If you continue on the path,
    you'll come across a wide open area, and a dual-sabered Reborn to the left.
    Look along the edge of the walkway until you see a platform which you can drop
    down to. From here you can snipe at the three mercs in the next area, as well
    as the cultist, leaving you with just the Reborn to deal with. After you
    eliminate the three mercs, the Reborn will make his way up to you. If you don't
    feel like dueling, push him into the abyss as he's jumping. Make your way down
    the way he came up, and drop to the broken platform. Note: From the second
    platform, don't jump all the way down, peek over the edge in front of you, drop
    down, and then jump to the last archway. Jump across and kill the cultist. Jump
    up to the platform above and onto the bridge. Only five more enemies left. One
    Reborn with the single-blade, two dual-sabered opponents, one cultist, and the
    boss of this level. The cultist you can snipe from the bridge, using the
    pistol. Take out his Reborn buddy and proceed into the immense final area. The
    dual-sabered enemies are in plain sight. The boss, armed with a lightstaff
    awaits you in the final chamber, in front of the Jedi Knight's coffin. The
    easiest way (but also the cheapest and most cowardly) to beat this chamber is
    to just run around the Reborn, activate sight, push the two blocks in the final
    chamber from the top of the steps leading to the coffin, and run back out to
    the bridge, leaving the three Reborn to be crushed as the burial chamber comes
    down around them. The hard way is to fight them and then seal the tomb. As you
    start to cross the bridge, it starts crumbling. Long jump across to finish the
    Matt sent in the following strategy for avoiding the cultists within the
    pillared room with the sense+pull door:
    I just wanted to point out that there are a couple of kindof hard jedi fights
    you can skip in the cult sighting mission on chandrila.  The first time playing
    through, I was having a really difficult time with the two jedi that you have
    to fight after crossing the bridge that is blown up as you arrive at it.
    It wasn't bad the second time through, but just exploring about, I realized you
    could skip a section of the map there.  If you head to the far end of the
    bridge from where you approach, you can do one of those force long jumps
    (speed+forward+jump) to the right and land on a platform near the next bridge.
    You get hurt pretty bad, but you survive it.
    3.6.2 Cult Investigation - Tanaab
    Recommended Force Powers: Well, I think I've covered most everything you need.
    From now on the choice is yours.
    Recommended Weapons: Doesn't really matter you won't use 'em at all.
    Watch the intro cutscene. If the dead cultist is any indication, stay the heck
    away from that mutant rancor. From the start, run straight ahead. Jump up to an
    alcove with a switch on it. The switch will activate a crane which will pick up
    a crate covering a door. A cultist and his duelist pal are just inside. Lure
    out the duelist and let the rancor eat him. The cultist is a pushover, just
    keep on slicing. Before you go through the next door, I really really recommend
    using Force Absorb. One of the enemies, the cultist, has level 3 lightning
    which really really cuts through you like nothing else. After this, the level
    wholly degenerates into a mad, frenzied, though wholly enjoyable romp through
    the area. Whenever you see a green door, enter within. Note that some doors do
    not open until the enemies around it are dead. Which either means you had
    better be extremely good at dueling or simply lure the rancor to eat them. At
    the end of one of the hallways, hit a switch which will clear a box nearby
    allowing you to jump up there. Secret area up here.
    Secret Area: Before you jump down to the other side, turn right, jump up to the
    other crates, and walk all the way to the end of the crates, to the big pipe
    with the electricity all over it. Now, look about 45 degrees to the right, see
    the big blue glowing transparent door? Jump over to that platform, go to the
    left of the door into the small alcove, and there is a medpack and a large
    shield booster.
    Keep running until you find another door. Just outside the door should be a
    switch, which will lower a box into position. Walk through the door.
    Checkpoint! Run up the ramp in the room and kill the duelists inside. I believe
    there are three of them, two dualsabers and one staff. They almost exclusively
    use push, grip, and lightning. So absorb would be quite useful as well as
    protection. When they are dead, you can take a small rest. Secret area nearby.
    Secret Area: Run outside, past the rancor, towards the blue forcefield at the
    end. On the left side there should be a small alcove with some goodies.
    Return to the control room, and hit the switch up the ramp when the rancor is
    in front of the control room.
    The first secret area above was discovered by JarJarBinks of the jediknight.net
    I know that my walkthrough for this level is not the most detailed of all the
    levels and I found someone who let me include a copy of their detailed Tanaab
    level walkthrough. Hope this is of more help that mine. Credit goes to
    JarJarBinks of the jediknight.net forums:
    Avoid any enemies the whole way through the level unless they block your path,
    like at the end in the control room.
    As soon at you start out, turn on force speed and go to the wall on the
    opposite side of the room from where the Mutated Rancor is released. Look for
    a platform you can jump on, there is a lever on the platform, pull the lever,
    then infront and slightly to the left of you a crate should raise. Go to where
    the crate was sitting and there should be a door, go in the door and walk down
    the small hallway (watch out for the cultists [1 with a saber, 1 force user]).
    Now you are in the second room, but you aren't safe yet, shortly after you
    exit the small hallway the Mutated Rancor should start beating on the big
    doors, it shouldn't take long till he destroys them so no time for breaks.
    Turn on force speed and keep going forward till you run into the wall. Now
    turn right (if your force speed runs out let your force recharge about 25-30
    points then reactivate it) and there should be a big hallway, walk down the
    hallway, if you went the right way there should be a big blue glowing
    transparent door up high at the end of the hallway. When you get to the
    end of the hallway turn left, there should be a locked door, go up to the
    locked door and a reborn on the other side should unlock it (If he doesn't
    just wait, it only opens if the rancor is close by). Go through the door.
    You're now in the third room, but again, no time for breaks, because shortly
    after you exit the last room the Mutated Rancor starts beating the wall around
    the door, eventually breaking through. Go left down the hallway (if your force
    speed runs out again let your force recharge to 100 before you reactive force
    speed again, you will need the extra force points), there is a lever at the
    end, pull it and it should raise a crate atop a bunch of other crates. It may
    look high but you can make it (this is where you need the extra force points
    [50-60]), force jump onto the crates. *Secret 1: Before you jump down to the
    other side, turn right, jump up to the other crates, and walk all the way to
    the end of the crates, to the big pipe with the electricity all over it. Now,
    look about 45 degrees to the right, see the big blue glowing transparent door?
    Jump over to that platform, go to the left of the door into the small alcove,
    and there is a medpack and a large shield thingy (+50). Now go back to the
    crates where you were before.* Jump down to the over side and keep going
    forward till you get to a small control room with the big glass window. On the
    one side of the control room (outside) there is a lever, pull it and a crate
    should lower.
    Go into the small control room with the big glass window, go up to the bigger
    control room with 2 floors and alot of glass windows, wait till the Mutated
    Rancor gets right infront of the glass windows then hit the lever on the
    second floor (be fast, he can grab you through the windows) and then the
    crate should squish the Mutated Rancor into the big blue glowing transparent
    door at the end of the hallway.
    3.6.3 Dismantle Device - Yalara
    Recommended Force Power: Force Grip Lvl. 1
    Recommended Weapon: Disruptor, Concussion Rifle, throwable weapon of choice
    Approach the door with lightsabers drawn. On the other side is a blue alien.
    His gun is similar to that of a bowcaster but is not a solid projectile. It
    seems to be some sort of gas instead. Back up immediately or take damage.
    Grip or mind trick the alien and then walk around the column after you've 
    killed it. Again, through the door, and mind trick the two aliens. Enter the
    door behind them, and take the lift up. Along the way, Jaden comments that the
    aliens are Noghri. There are five enemies to the left, and two to the right.
    Three of the five enemies are stormtroopers, and the rest are Noghri. Enter
    the structure directly in front of you. Within are two more Noghri. After you
    are done, take the final door on the ground level. Inside this pump room are
    several enemies, but as long as you take your time clearing the area, e.g. use
    mind trick, then there should be no difficulty. Take the door to the right and
    come upon a lift you should get on. As you get off, three stormtroopers are
    waiting for you. Turn left and exit through the door. Inside are an officer and
    his three stormtrooper friends. Hit the workable switch inside. Return to the
    pump room, and jump through the fan up the airstream. You will hit a grating
    that is electrified, and then land on the other side. You'll lose about eight
    shields. Jump past the fan and confront the pair of duelists. The door past 
    them leads to several Noghri and stormtroopers. It also leads to a duelist and
    his cultist pal. Wait for the stormtroopers to die and then use the disruptor
    to shoot the Noghri. It takes about four shots in the head, non-charged. The
    hallway to the left leads to two more Noghri as well as shields and ammunition.
    Head past the duelist, after he's dead of course, for the door behind him. 
    Checkpoint! Two duelists rush you as you pass through the door. Backpedal to
    draw them back into the hallway. Both use strong style only. Head through the
    door and towards the fan on the left. A lightstaff duelist will drop down. Kill
    him and then go up the airshaft. Inside are four stormtroopers and an Imperial
    worker. Kill them and then go to the right side of the platform and collect a
    small shield booster to repair the eight shield points you just lost. Head 
    through the door on the left. Up and to the right is a lightstaff enemy, and
    several stormtroopers are ahead. Mind trick the stormtroopers while you wait.
    Then rush out and confront the lightstaff user. Across the wooden bridge are
    two more Noghri. Mind trick them and then kill them. Enter the structure in
    front of you. A ramp leads up to a lightstaff duelist. Below the ramp are
    shields and ammunition as well as a secret area.
    Secret Area: Smash your lightsaber against the hole directly below the ramp and
    use the beams to make your way down. 
    Up the next ramp are a duelist and his cultist friend. Use absorb to make it up
    to the cultist and saber him. Then kill his buddy and head up the tower. At the
    top, next to a door  are two dualsabered opponents. Lure them outside and
    finish them there. Head back up with your concussion gun. Shoot only the
    sabered opponents and then rush in with speed to finish off the Noghri. Go
    around and take the lift up. At the very top are two duelists and several
    Noghri. Kill them all and hit use at each of the four explosives to set them.
    Cutscene and end of level.
    3.6.4 Force Theft Investigation - Byss
    Recommended Force Power: Force Grip Lvl. 2
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Concussion Rifle, choice of throwable weapon
    The Raven's Claw has been impounded by an Imperial Dreadnought. Your mission is
    to disable the tractor beam and Kyle will set the self-destruct. From the start
    watch Kyle go Qui-Gon and shove his lightsaber into the door to melt the lock.
    Return to the docking bay and head through the door on the lower level to the
    left, using the front of the Raven's Claw as a refernce point. To the right in
    the niche is a single stormtrooper. To the left are more troops as well as an
    automatic turret on the ceiling. Continue ahead to the next door, killing all
    opposition. In the next room are more enemies, approximately five of them, and
    an officer holds the security key. The room also holds an autmatic turret. Ammo
    and shields are behind a trip mine trap. Use the key to open the door to a lift
    and ride it up. Peek around the corner to the right where two stormtroopers are
    talking. Interrupt with your lightsaber and proceed to demolish the enemy. Soon
    two Hazard Troopers will approach, so prepare to use either mind trick or speed
    + protection + concussion rifle to eliminate them. A worker is also in the room
    with them. When all concerned parties are room temperature with the exception
    of yourself, proceed through the door by the formerly alive troopers. Inside
    are two officers and the switch to deactivate the tractor beam. Jump down to
    lowest level in the tractor beam room to find a secret area.
    Secret Area: The secret area is behind the elevator.
    The room on the other side leads to a few stormtroopers and workers. Nearby are
    trip mines you can push or pull them into. After you've turned off the tractor
    beam, start heading back to the Raven's Claw. However, the ship will be rocked
    by an explosion and more stormtroopers appear. Mind trick two or three. An
    automatic turret is up to the left and further in the room are more Hazard
    Troopers. Mind trick one and kill the survivor with your own concussion rifle.
    Proceed forward until you are almost touching the forcefield. Mind trick the
    mech trooper so he will kill the other ones with his rocket launcher. Nearby
    are health and rocket ammo. Head through the door. Three stormtroopers are in
    the next room, along with their officer. If you continue down the corridor,
    you'll find more enemies. But first, duck into the room nearby which has two
    stormtroopers, an officer, and a droid. It overlooks the Raven's Claw. Head
    back out to find a few workers to the left. The door in front leads to a room
    with two Hazard Troopers and two standard stormtroopers. Mind trick both Hazard
    Troopers for a good show. They will kill the two standard ones. You just slice
    them up while they're waiting. The two Hazard Troopers approach from far side
    of the room, from the left. Take the lift up. Kill the two stormtroopers and
    officer to the left as well as the stormtrooper with the flechette to the right.
    Kill everyone and then take the ramp down at the far right from the left. Kill
    the troops in the room and then take control of the turrets. There are a total
    of four TIEs you must shoot down. Make your way back the lift. Three
    stormtroopers and an officer will attack. Kill them and then take the lift down.
    Go straight until you hear Kyle taking on some Imperials and then lend
    assistance. The closest enemies are approaching from the left. Kill them and
    also the ones harassing Kyle in the hangar bay. When they are all dead, the
    mission ends.
    3.6.5 Weapon Destruction - Ord Mantell
    Recommended Force Power: Force Grip Lvl. 3
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Concussion Rifle, throwable weapon of choice
    An intro cutscene introduces you to your constant foe for this entire level...
    Boba Fett. Fett is armed with a rocket launcher, flamethrower, blaster rifle,
    and a disruptor rifle. The first order of business is to get yourself indoors
    ASAP, meaning down the parallel trenches in the arena. When you're ready, head
    for the doors into the western and eastern sectors of the city. There are three
    weapons caches in each sector. When you're done, make it back to your ship.
    Use speed and your concussion rifle to bring him down to earth. The strategy 
    with Fett is quite easy. Its the implementation that's hard. If he locks onto
    you with a rocket, use push to push it away. If he fires with the disruptor,
    Jaden will automatically use force speed to dodge it. When he fires his blaster
    use the lightsaber to deflect the shots. The flamethrower is what he uses when
    you're close to him. If you aren't close, don't worry about it. Once you've 
    defeated him, he's down for the count. Good luck on this mission. Use force
    sense to keep track of Fett as well as to find the stashes which are marked
    blue when you have sense on.
    Once you finish, Luke will call everyone back to the Academy. There you'll
    find out that your eventual destination will be Korriban.
    3.7 Taspir III
    3.7.1 Taspir III
    Rosh has sent a distress signal from an Imperial outpost. Kyle has decided to
    go and try to rescue him.
    Recommended Weapons: Disruptor, Concussion Rifle, throwable weapon of choice
    There are two stormtroopers outside the main doors to the power station. A
    jet-pack stormtrooper will see you coming and hover down. Mind trick him so he
    will attack the stormtroopers. Another pair of stormtroopers is just behind the
    doors. Two stormtroopers are in the same room as you, one on either side. In
    an adjoining room are an Imperial worker and a stormtrooper armed with the
    flechette. Exit after they are dead, the door in the room is a broken elevator.
    Go back into the main room and take the only unlocked door. Go down and hit
    both switches. Turn around immediately and mind trick the Hazard Trooper before
    he shoots you. Kill him and then hit the switch at the end of the corridor to
    the left. It will extend another walkway above. Return back inside, and take
    the now open door to the immediate left where a stormtrooper is. Ride the lift
    up. When you first enter, a stealthed commando is to the left. Inside this room
    are two stormtroopers, an officer, and a worker. Kill all five enemies. The
    door directly ahead leads to the platform the jetpacked stormtrooper was on.
    The door to the right is the rest of the level. Outside are a duelist, a force
    using cultist, and a stealth commando. After they're dead, proceed across the
    walkway. Secret area behind you. 
    Secret Area: From the area where the stealth commando was, face the building
    and jump around it to the left. There is a visible ledge which holds health and
    rocket ammunition.
    There are two stormtroopers on the opposite end. Kill both and then proceed
    indoors through the blue-tinted door. Inside are a duelist, a blue cultist (the
    one that throws lightning), two workers and two stormtroopers. Use absorb to
    defeat the wannabe Jedi pair and then kill the stormtroopers and workers. Go
    around the core to the other door. In this room be careful. Use force sense to
    see all the enemies, including the stealthed ones. Kill them all and try to
    head out the door. However, the walkway is broken. Notice that the reticle is
    pointing at one of the boxes to use force? Use push to push the box and use it
    as the spring point to jump through the mesh and into the air duct system.
    Follow the path around and then cut through the mesh with your saber. Ignore
    the door for now, continue around and kill the workers and the officer. Grab
    the key from the officer's body and now return to the door and open it. Outside
    by the comm dish is a duelist, dualbladed. To the far left in the distance is a
    jetpack stormtrooper who rushes to confront you when he sees you. Mind trick
    him as he gets nearer and saber him to death. As you proceed on foot two more
    jetpacked stormtroopers reveal themselves, as does a sniper on the roof of the
    building. The sniper you can kill with force sense and the your concussion
    rifle. For some reason the sniper rifle misses him the first time around every
    time. Mind trick both or one of the jetpack guys and have him take potshots at
    the other. Eventually, both will die. Continue across until you reach the
    building. A secret area is nearby.
    Secret Area: Go around the side of the building to the right and jump from 
    ledge to ledge. The uppermost one holds health and shields.
    When you jump from the rocks onto the building platform, checkpoint! Two
    officers and stormtroopers are inside. The officers are directly in front of
    you and the stormtroopers are to the left. Go around the core to the left and
    up the stairs. You can see the duelist in third person. Kill him and head more
    upstairs. A cultist and a duelist approach. Turn on absorb and kill both.
    Further up the stairs a duelist will drop from above. Backpedal and take him
    out. Head further up and then turn right. Mind trick the trooper and use sense
    to see the duelist in the alcove to the left armed with a lightstaff. After you
    kill him, ignore the door in front, it just leads to the broken walkway. Take
    the one to the right. Before reaching the door, kill the officer to the left
    hiding in the dark. Exit outside and face the two duelists on the bridge. One
    is armed with a staff, the other with dualsabers. Enter the room and kill the
    five stormtroopers and workers inside. Shields and ammo are nearby in the form
    of generators. Walk outside. There are three enemies. Two duelists across the
    bridge, and a jetpack stormtrooper to slight left. Shoot at the stormtrooper
    with the concussion rifle and mind trick him as he gets closer. Then snipe the
    cultist in the head with your blaster. Long jump across, kill the duelist. Then
    pull the jetpack in so you can kill him. Around the rock to the right, while
    following the path, are two jetpack stormtroopers. One is on the roof and one
    is hovering over the walkway. Mind trick one and then kill both. Two secret
    areas are nearby. The first one is outdoors.
    Secret Area: Walk forward off the path to a block below. Turn around and look
    for a gap between the landscape and the building. Once through, hug the right
    wall, and slide down to the ledge below. Around the corner you will find shields
    and rocket ammunition. To make it back up, simply jump back up to the path.
    Enter the door to find two stormtroopers. Pull them and kill both. A stealth
    commando is down the ramp on the right. Find him with sense and kill him.
    Further down the circular ramp is a duelist, armed with a single lightsaber.
    Kill him and see the next duelist further down. This one is armed with a
    lightstaff. After he's dead, proceed down. At the very bottom are two commandos
    and a worker. Kill the three and go out the door. Before you go, remember that
    there's a third secret area in here. 
    Secret Area: Drop down into the central area with the core. At the very bottom
    of this dark area are shields and health. If you can't find them, use sense.
    Shoot the cultist and kill his buddy the duelist then go through the door
    behind them. To the left and right are a duelist and a cultist. Use absorb and
    kill both. Continue through the hallway to the other side. Open the door and
    checkpoint! Several Hazard Troopers stomp out of bays. They exit out separate
    doors, but you can still mind trick them. Wait until all are dead, and jump
    from the broken bridge towards the bay on the left. Continue on the walkway all
    the way to the other side of the lava. Explore the bays the Hazard Troopers
    came from for shields and ammo. On the other side, go through the door. A
    dualsabered opponent will drop from the right. Back up and duel him outside.
    Then face the other duelist who is armed with a staff. Go through the door. A
    duelist and a cultist are on the far side of the bridge. The cultist is the one
    on the right. Snipe him and then kill the duelist. Pass through the door behind
    them. Kill the three workers and the accompanying two stormtroopers and
    continue through. In the next room are more stormtroopers, workers, and an
    officer. Kill them all. The first door on the right leads outside to shields
    and health. Return inside and fight the duelist guarding the other door, armed
    with a staff. Kill him and head outside. Across the bridge is a commando and
    another jetpack stormtrooper. Mind trick the stormtrooper as he attacks and kill
    the commando yourself. When done, kill the jetpack. The ledge to the left of the
    bridge takes you to some shields. Enter and kill everyone inside, using sense.
    The first door on the right takes you to a duel. A dualsabered opponent will
    drop from above and to the left. The red tinted door takes you to health. The
    last door continues the mission. Ride the lift up. A lightstaff opponent will
    attack the moment the lift comes to a stop. Kill him and then proceed to the
    right where a dualsabered opponent drops from the ceiling. Use sense to find
    the commando in the room, to the left, behind some boxes. Enter the two side-by
    side doors. To the right when you enter is a staff wielding opponent. Also in 
    the room is an officer. Proceed to the next door on the right wall. Exit to
    find another duelist armed with a single saber on the bridge. This guy has some
    huge HP. I only managed to kill him after I knocked his saber into the lava.
    This duelist is wearing the same outfit as those uber-force users so that may
    explain his enormous HP and defenses. Continue through the empty hall to the
    door on the other side.
    3.7.2 Imperial Power Station
    During the cutscene, you'll confront Alora, the red Twi'Lek, once again. After
    a few parting words, she brings the ceiling down. After the cutscene, look up
    at the statue in the corner. Could that be Marka Ragnos? Anyway, go around to
    the left, through the pair of gates and get on board the lift. Through the door
    is a duo team of cultist and duelist. Rush in and get the first kill with the
    cultist. Then take your leisurely time with the duelist. Continue through the
    corridor and out the door. Inside this room are two workers. The door to the
    left is the only one you can take. Watch out, it has flames. Enter and a 
    cutscene will begin. Immediately afterwards, two duelists will drop down. One 
    armed with a lightstaff, the other with dualsabers. Kill both and exit through
    the door opposite the one you entered from. Take the lift down. In the next
    room, two more duelists confront you. When both are dead, exit through the door
    across the way and through another. Secret area nearby.
    Secret Area: In the first room after you killed the duelists, look up. The pipe
    to the left from the entrance can be jumped up to. It holds a large shield
    booster. Use sense if you can't see it.
    When you can finally see the sky again, jump onto one of the pipes and make
    your way up to the top. Midway through Alora will taunt you. After the cutscene,
    jump up and face the duelist and his cohort, the ever present cultist. Secret
    area time!
    Secret Area: After they are defeated, face the structure in the middle of the
    room. Turn left about 45 degrees. Use force sense to see the shields and health
    and jump up.
    Exit through the door on the right, its the only one unlocked. Walk ahead to
    receive a checkpoint! Exit outside and face the dualsabered opponent. You can
    push him or pull him into the lava and see him melt. Go inside again, and
    through another door. The next door holds five stormtroopers. Four armed
    normally, and one with a rocket launcher. The other two are to the left. Exit
    through the door on the right. Inside are a cultist and a duelist. Again, same
    rule as before, kill the cultist first. Go down the ramp. Another pair will
    drop. Kill both. At the intersection, to the right is a locked door. To the
    left is one of those very skilled force users who were protecting Rosh on the
    Vjun mission. However, this time, he's not only a force user. He also has dual
    lightsabers. This guy is really really hard. He has heal lightning lvl. 3,
    protection lvl. 3, absorb lvl. 3, and drain lvl. 3. So in other words, he is a
    little bitch. Use absorb and protection to kill. I think a secret area is in
    order here, considering that the reborn probably just drained your shields.
    Secret Area: Backtrack back to the head of the ramp on the other side of the
    room. Look up and jump on top of the green pipe you can see. Follow it to the
    other end to find a large shield booster and health.
    After he is dead, go out to the left, past where he was. When you come upon an
    open area kill the worker, hit the switch, get on the conveyor, turn on speed,
    and run through before the forcefield reactivates. Enter cutscene. Run to the
    to the other side of the conveyor belt as the steam turns off. Stop between the
    second and third set of sprayers. Jump to the archway with the forcefield and
    then to the belt directly below it. Then drop to the walkway below. This will
    be a hard hit but use heal to fix it. Make your way across, to the door Alora
    was outside in the cutscene. Before you do, there's a not-so-helpful secret
    Secret Area: From the bottom conveyor, drop to the ground below, its survivable
    and look around for some kinda drain pipe. Crouch within to find rocket ammo.
    Enter and take the lift up. Kill the worker outside. Jump onto the conveyor
    belt and make your way across avoiding the steam jets. Near the end there
    should be a control platform similar to the one you entered on. Jump to it.
    Further in the corridor are another lightsaber duo. One duelist and a cultist.
    Use absorb and protection and they will be helpless against you. Out the door
    is a worker, and another duo. The cultist is to the right, and the duelist to
    the left. After he's dead, go left. Wait for the sidesmasher to go, then run
    when the electricity is gone. Jump onto a platform above and save. When the
    first vertical smasher goes up, use speed and run to the space between the
    first and second smashers. Then when the second one goes up, run through.
    Inside are two workers and a lightstaff user. I somehow managed to smush the
    duelist between the blocks and the blue forcefield, much like the rancor.
    Alternatively you can just fight him. Before you exit through the door, take
    some time to find the secret area in this room.
    Secret Area: The secret area is to the right from the exit door, by hugging the
    wall. It takes you around the smashers to shields and health. Alternatively, 
    you could have reached this by using speed while in the smashers area. After
    making it past the electrified area, when the forcefield deactivates ahead of
    you, you could have used speed and run into a gap on the right, and I don't
    mean the alcove you can take cover in.
    Exit through the door and go along the corridor. Checkpoint! Kill the duelist
    and then turn around. See the forcefield where a cart of sorts enters the room?
    Jump up there, onto the next cart, and from there to where Alora was talking.
    A cutscene will begin. You are given the choice of sparing Rosh or killing him.
    To be a light Jedi, spare him. Otherwise strike away. I chose light. A cutscene
    begins, after which you are placed in control and fight Alora. Using protection
    and absorb, I only lost 40 shields. If you go dark, an extra cutscene happens
    in which Kyle forgives Rosh for going dark and pronounces him a Jedi as Rosh
    dies. Otherwise, Kyle rushes to deliver Rosh to a medcenter and you continue on
    to Korriban.
    3.8 Korriban
    3.8.1 Sith Crypts
    I'm writing this section assuming you went lightside. If not, you'll have to
    fight all the Jedi as well as the cultists, making it twice as difficult given
    that the Jedi have protection, absorb, and heal. There are also a few places
    where duelists are substituted with Jedi.
    Use sense to find the nearest enemy. He should be a lightstaff wielder. Help
    your friends kill him and then proceed further into the crypts, helping other
    Jedi you meet along the way. Eventually you can take a left turn. Do so and
    enter. You should have a total of four Jedi with you if you saved the two along
    the way. Use absorb to negate push and pull. Secret area outside.
    Secret Area: Go back to the hallway just before the room with the pushable
    statues. Look up. Jump onto one of the beams and look around. There should be
    an area you can make your way to by jumping from beam to beam to find health
    and shields.
    When there are no more enemies remaining, push the statues to open up a hole
    below. A set of stairs form leading down. Use absorb to kill the cultist along
    with his duelist friend. Head down the stairs. On the way you will meet a
    lightstaff user. Finish him quickly. Run down and help fellow Jedi with the
    duelists. Go up to the door with a triangular window in it. Use force sense
    to see the symbols you must push. There are only three symbols. Head down
    with force absorb ready to kill the cultist and his pal the duelist to the
    left and the cultist to the right around the pillar. Return to the entrance.
    Pull the discolored rocks and use them to jump on top of the pillar. A
    dualsabered duelist will attack, kill him and jump to the very top of the
    pillar. Jump to the nearby platform and head down. Along the way, two duelists
    jump in from the sides. Kill both with rolling stabs and continue down.
    Alternatively if you have dualsabers, you can stab both with the help of speed.
    Help out the Jedi take on the duelists. Look for a huge hole in the ground
    which you can enter. Avenge the Jedi in the tunnel and pull the duelist as he
    retreats. Continue into the next chamber where there are two duelists and a
    cultist. Explore the lower level. You should come upon two more duelists and
    a cultist. As soon as you defeat these three, another pair will come rushing
    in. Use absorb against the cultist's lightning. Proceed into the next area and
    help out against the cultists.
    Secret Area: When you're done, look back towards the entrance of the room. You
    should see a gap between the wall and the ceiling. How to get up there? Jump
    onto one of the archways nearby and from there to a ledge leading to the gap.
    Within are shields. 
    When you're finished, head for the carving with a hole in it. Enter.
    Checkpoint! Drop down from beam to beam, and look for an opening you can reach.
    If you want a secret area, instead go up by jumping from beam to beam.
    Secret Area: On the top of the uppermost beam are rocket ammo and a large shield
    Now go up and jump into the room. A cultist is to the left, and a duelist is
    across the room. Kill both and then take the exit down. The next room holds two
    duelists. Again, use absorb and protection. Go down further the path to a room
    filled with lava. Use the stairs and jumping blocks and get to the other side.
    Upstairs are two duelists to the right, and a cultist to the left. Kill the
    cultist first. Then use absorb and protection to wipe out the two duelists.
    At the end of the room, two more duelists with lightstaffs drop down, and a
    dualsabered opponent from the right. Kill all three and then break the supports
    to the stone block in the back of the room. Also cut the two chains nearby, and
    return to the room where you had to use sight and push in the proper blocks, by
    jumping up near the two statues. The door you opened by breaking those supports
    is at the opposite end of the panels you had to push. A lightstaff user and a
    dualsabered opponent will rush. Another lightstaff duelist will appear, one of
    those insanely supreme force users. In all likelihood, he'll kill your support
    (if you went light) so you'll have to finish him off. Exit through the door to
    end the level. Note: If you went dark, just avoid most of the fighting between
    the duelists and Jedi and just go for the final door after you broke the
    3.8.2 Sith Ruins
    I am also writing this section on the premise that you went light. If not, its
    still the same path. Just you'll have to kill everyone, and I mean everyone to
    get there.
    As soon as you start, kill the dualsabered duelist outside. Head down the ramps
    and slide off the structure to the sand below. Walk left. Along the way you'll
    face several enemies. When you see fighting in the distance, move it. Walk down
    to the rock and use it to jump across to the other side.
    Secret Area: From the rock, drop down to the left before jumping and go into 
    the crack in the wall. Within is a large shield booster.
    On the other side is one of the dark masters armed with a staff. He is fighting
    three of your fellow classmates. Unfortunately by the time you get over there,
    they'll all be dead. Use absorb and protect. When he's dead, push the crumbled
    part of the pillar and use it as a bridge. Snipe the cultist, the one closest
    to you. Then kill his partner. Slide down the pit using the column below. Enter
    the structure on the left, which looks like a small bunker of sorts. Jump from
    rock to rock to get to the topmost level. Peek out to the left. Mind trick the
    stormtroopers and then jump over to get their attention. Mind trick everyone
    you can and then kill them. Weave between the shuttles, killing the cannon
    fodder as you run along. Help out another Jedi with the two duelists and
    Secret Area: By the parked shuttles, look for some half-broken pillars and
    obelisks. Jump up to the highest one and then jump onto the top of the brick
    building, the one without pillars on top. Make your way to the other side and
    grab the rocket ammo, health, and shields. If you jumped to the other building
    you can make your way onto the rocks supported by the pillars. Up here is
    another health pack and shields. I've never managed to grab the shields, I
    always miss the jump. Sometimes a duelist is up here just push him off the edge
    and down to the very distant ground.
    Backtrack to the tomb with a statue on top. Go up the long flight of
    stairs. A lightstaff duelist is waiting. After he's defeated, head down. A
    dualsabered duelist will attack. After he's dead, enter the great hall. A
    cultist is to the left and a duelist to the right. Continue along the walkway.
    Ahead are two more duelists, a staff user and a dualsaber opponent. After they
    have been defeated, head into the final room. You will first fight Tavion. She
    uses the staff to shoot you but you can jump over the beams. Or better yet, use
    speed and cut her up as she tries to keep up with you. After you've defeated
    her once, she'll infuse Ragnos with the power of the staff. His spirit will
    leave his body and possess that of Tavion. S/He uses a sword infused with the
    power of the dark side. S/He uses primarily lightning and drain which are
    negated with use of absorb. Eventually you'll have hurt it enough and the game
    is done. Enjoy the ending cutscenes where you reunite with Rosh and are given
    praise by both Kyle and Luke. Congratulations, you have beat Jedi Academy!
    Note that the duel above is much more difficult on higher difficulty levels,
    e.g. Jedi Master. Tavion/Ragnos uses lightning, rage, a healing/rage sort of
    combo, drain, push, and pull. On Jedi Master you must have a very good sense
    of which attacks do the most damage, which in most cases is the saber twirl,
    which is the crouch + foward + attack. On most standard duels this will kill
    off the opposition, but if used with speed and/or absorb/protection, makes this
    relatively easier.
    Above tip submitted by Andrew Gaut.
    Alternate Tavion/Ragnos Strategy submitted by Jason:
    Tavion is a pushover, just try and conserve armor. On Jedi Knight difficulty,
    Ragnos has the same force powers as Andrew Gaut describes on Master level,
    including the healing/rage which is REALLY ANNOYING. You will die more to
    this character than all other deaths in the game combined basically. My tip
    for defeating him is to always use absorb and wait to hit him until he
    throws the sword at you. Since his sword throws are really long you should
    be able to get a free hit in before the sword comes back. Always jump a
    medium distance away when the sword comes back so hopefully he'll throw
    it again and not use the healing spell. If he uses the healing spell (which
    you can't damage him during the animation) just start hacking away as much
    as you can since you have nothing to loose now.. either you die or he gets
    full hp anyway. After getting Ragnos down to about half health I lucked out
    and pushed him into a corner while his sword was thrown. w+c+attack just
    cut him to shreds. Just keep attacking and jumping away from his swings.
    Absorb will keep you alive, protect is marginal at best. If you need it
    you're getting hit too much to live long anyway. IMO hit the heal button or
    sense his hp instead.
    Your first duel with Tavion is much the same if you went dark. This time around
    she uses the staff not as a laser of sorts but like some sorta hammer which
    will knock you go the ground. Same strategy as before though, cut her up as
    much as possible. Except this time you cut Tavion down in the first encounter
    before she even wakes up Ragnos. The second fight of the hall is with Kyle. One
    of the reasons I picked dual sabers instead of staying single bladed or going
    with the staff was because I knew that Kyle could pull your lightsaber away. If
    he pulls your staff or your saber away, you are completely defenseless. However,
    if you have dual sabers, you still have a lightsaber to deflect his attacks
    with. Use what force powers you have, in addition to speed and Kyle will
    eventually be defeated. You have turned to the dark side! Good for you! You end
    up flying to the Star Destroyer, killing the Admiral, and taking over the ship.
    The Imperial March theme plays during the credits.
    4. Enemies
    	I will try and put this list in a coherent order, that is, the order
    you first encounter them in, from the first mission after the shuttle crash to
    the last mission on Korriban.
    	- Stintaril - A sort of reptilian quadruped. Emits a sonic attack which
    		      incapacitates its enemies as well as draining the shields
    		      and health of the recipient of such an attack. On higher
    		      difficulty levels they are more aggressive and some will 
    		      actually jump at you. If this is the case, backpedal and
    		      throw them to death.
    	- Stormtrooper - Encountered first on Yavin 4 near the end of the first
    			 level. Armed mostly with the standard issue blaster
    			 rifle, though some are armed with the more deadly 
    			 flechette and repeater rifles. There are one or two
    			 who carry rocket launchers.
    	- Duelist - A member of the disciples of Ragnos, who uses primarily a
    		    lightsaber of some sort. The yellow and blue varieties
    		    use single blades whereas the red variety uses the more
    		    powerful dual and lightstaff sabers. Yellow also rarely
    		    uses force powers. Blue can block force push attempts. Red
    		    has an extremely high ability with the force and frequently
    		    use force attacks to augment their offensive capability.
    	- Remotes - I think you only face them once, and that is on Yavin 4
    		    during your run through the training. They shoot relatively
    		    harmless laser attacks.
    	- Saber Droid - Used by lightsaber users to test their abilities with
    			the lightsaber. The droids move quite fast but the first
    			one you face in training is quite easy compared to the
    			ones you face on Vjun. While the ones on Vjun can be
    			defeated with masterful use of the lightsaber, they can
    			also be destroyed with the use of the DEMP gun or other
    			more conventional weapons.
    	- Mercs (Mercenaries) - Hired by the disciples of Ragnos to make your
    				life difficult. For the most part, they are
    				armed with blaster rifles. A few rare ones use
    				repeaters or bowcasters, and even more rarer
    				mercs use the disruptor rifle or concussion
    	- Sand People (Tusken Raiders) - Nomads in the sands of Tatooine. Use
    					 melee weapons called gaffi sticks. They
    					 attack in groups of three or four at
    					 a time. There are a couple on the
    					 Tatooine mission who are armed with
    					 blaster rifles which function as snipers.
    	- Commandos - Elite members of the Imperial Special Forces. Armed either
    		      with blaster rifles or blaster pistols. Their standard
    		      equipment is stealth suits which make them invisible to
    		      enemies. They are not immune to force sight, and the light
    		      reflecting off their armor.
    	- Sandworms (Sand Burrowers) - Carnivorous worms with rings of teeth.
    				       There are a number of them on the planet
    				       Blenjeel. They cannot be killed. They
    				       sense their prey through vibrations in
    				       the sand, so the environment around
    				       should be used to avoid the burrowers
    				       at all costs.
    	- Snowtroopers - The cold weather variant of the Stormtrooper. All are
    			 armed with blaster rifles.
    	- Wampas - The main predator on Hoth. Hunts for Taun Tauns primarily
    		   but will eat other organic creatures foolish or brave enough
    		   to face it.
    	- AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) - A bipedal walker armed with
    						a laser cannon, concussion
    						grenade launcher, and a missile
    						launcher. Vulnerable to force
    						lightning lvl. 3 as well as
    						stationary cannons.
    	- Alora - A female Twi'Lek with reddish skin. A chief member of the
    		  disciples of Ragnos, trained personally by Tavion. You will
    		  face her twice in the game, once on Hoth, and once on Taspir
    		  III on the mission to rescue Rosh. The first time she uses a
    		  single lightsaber, and the second time she uses dual sabers.
    	- Rancor - Bipedal creatures with clawed arms and legs. Primary attacks
    		   are grabbing and slapping. If you get caught in its grasp,
    		   attack madly until it releases you.
    	- Swoop Gang - a group of swoop racers who are hired to kill you on
    		       Zonju V. Armed with blaster rifles, they will try to
    		       shoot down your swoop or ram you into nearby walls or
    		       off cliffs . If you get off your swoop because it is too
    		       damaged, either get on another one quick, or prepare for
    		       a very one-sided battle. The swoop riders will try to
    		       run you over by coming at you head on. An alternative if
    		       your swoop is damaged is to hit strafe and jump while
    		       side-by-side with another swoop. You will jump onto the
    		       other vehicle and toss the rider off. Has a turbo gear
    		       which activates a sudden increase in thrust. 
    	- Jetpack Stormtrooper - A stormtrooper equipped with a jetpack to
    				 allow him to hover while he pelts his enemies
    				 with repeater fire.
    	- Assassin Droids - A new variety of assassin droids, armed with
    			    blaster rifles. Equipped with shields which deflect
    			    lightsaber attacks as well as damage the attacker
    			    if he/she gets too close, it is a true danger to
    			    non-Jedi and Jedi alike. It is only vulnerable when
    			    its shields go down to allow it to open fire on a
    	- Rax - The commander of an Imperial base on Dosuun. A cruel and
    		sadistic person, he likes to hunt live people. Armed with a
    		concussion rifle, he is a dangerous person.
    	- Hazard Trooper - A heavily armed variant of the standard stormtrooper,
    			   the Hazard trooper is equipped with power armor and
    			   is armed with the concussion rifle. Two shots from
    			   another concussion rifle are enough to eliminate
    			   this powerful enemy. When Kyle accompanies you on
    			   the Vjun mission, I recommend letting him tackle them.
    	- Cultist - A member of the disciples of Ragnos. Uses the Force for
    		    attack and defense. Sometimes armed with blaster rifles, the
    		    majority accompany their duelist counterparts into battle.
    		    If you can get the jump on them, just fire a single charged
    		    pistol shot into their head. Otherwise, use Force Absorb
    		    to negate their annoying use of push and pull and for the
    		    blue variety, lightning. The cultists come in three colors:
    		    green, blue, and red, green being the easiest enemies. Blue
    		    primarily uses force lightning to zap you while their
    		    duelist rushes in and slices you as you're vulnerable. Red
    		    cultists are similar to green cultists and generally just
    		    jump around and give support to the duelists. Note: Green
    		    cultists can also use grip to incapacitate you while their
    		    duelist pal throws his lightsaber.
    	- Rosh Penin - A former student at the Jedi Academy under the tutelage
    		       of Kyle Katarn, and friend of Jaden Korr, he was
    		       captured by the Imperial Remnant and was retrained to
    		       use the dark side of the Force by Tavion.
    	- Tavion - Desann's apprentice from JO. Apparently she's lost her mind
    		   since Kyle tossed her away like a discarded piece of garbage
    		   and now wants to kill all the Jedi with her scepter. She is
    		   your primary foe in the game.
    	- Mutant Rancor - A rancor found on Tanaab, genetically modified and
    			  chemically induced by the disciples of Ragnos to be
    			  very aggressive and territorial. Cannot be killed
    			  with weapons due to its unusually high health. Its
    			  attacks consist of slaps and swipes with its clawed
    			  hands as well as some kind of poison breath which
    			  is damaging to both health and shields.
    	- Noghri - Blue-skinned aliens who were the personal death squads of
    		   Darth Vader. Use staffs which fire a projectile gas which
    		   drains an enemies health. It will also lower an enemies
    		   personal shields should the projectile make contact.
    	- Boba Fett - The most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy. He wears
    		      Manadalorian armor and utilizes a huge arsenal of weapons
    		      as well as a jetpack. Fett is armed with a flamethrower,
    		      a blaster rifle, disruptor rifle, and rocket launcher.
    		      As long as you keep him in sight, you should have no
    		      problems. If he fires off a rocket at you, push it away.
    		      Any other shot you can deflect except the flamethrower,
    		      which he only uses when you try to use your lightsaber on
    		      him. He is impervious to lightsaber throws as well.
    	- Marka Ragnos - A dead Sith Lord who tries to get Tavion to revive
    5. Credits
    The following people contributed to the evolution of this version of my
    walkthrough. I would like to thank all of them.
    Jean Eric-Preis - Force Sense tip.
    Lasse Pedersen - Use of force grip in dueling reborn.
    Adrian Toh - Use of force grip in dueling reborn.
    Andy Winters - For tip on Blenjeel, use of thermal detonators.
    Mike - txa1265 - For secret areas on Coruscant, Kril'Dor, and Nar Kreeta.
    Neil Madden - For tip on Blenjeel, use of thermal detonators.
    JarJarBinks of the jediknight.net JA forums for use of his detailed Tanaab
    walkthrough and the secrets of the level.
    Julius Petty - Use of mind trick on rancor and wampa.
    Marie Godin - tip for Cult Investigation - Dosuun.
    Bob Smith - correction regarding Marka Ragnos.
    Andrew Gaut - Marka Ragnos duel info.
    Dharmon - General strategies vs. normal enemies. Hey Dharmon, sorry I forgot to
    post this up in the last update. Hope this makes it up to you.
    _SeHT - for last Bakura secret.
    Abu Sayeed Ahad - For Corellia tram secret areas, Hoth secret areas.
    Robert Lavigne - Dueling tips.
    Joel Sutton - Rax encounter #2 with AT-ST.
    Jason - Tavion/Ragnos strategy.
    Matt - Chandrila - avoiding cultist jedi
    Jeremy Guebert - suggestions against non-jedi enemies.
    Kai Ito - Alternate Rax Joris boss strategy.
    Sauli Aalto - Tips regarding dueling and force point allocation
    Svetzolar Todorov - Huge section tip regarding use of darkside force powers.
    I'd also like to thank Raven and LucasArts for yet another great SW based game.

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