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    Saber Duel Guide by ergungurer

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy ---> Saber Dueling Strategy Guide  v 1.00
                           Created by Brute i3rut3@yahoo.com
                              Copyright  2003  Ergun Gurer
    Table of contents
    1. Intoduction
     1.1.About The Author
     1.2.About This Guide
     1.3.Version History
     1.4.Legal Info
    2. Lightsaber
     2.1.What is a Lightsaber?
     2.2.Lightsaber in JK Academy
     2.3.Lightsaber Moves
      2.3.1.LightSaber Basics Damage Crushing 
      2.3.2.Saber Types and Special Moves Associated With All Saber Types Saber Sabers
    3. Acrobatics
    4. Mastering The Saber
     4.1.Saber-To-Saber Strategies
     4.2.Quick Look On Balance
     4.3.Mental Effects
    5. Ending Credits
    1.1 About The Author
     My name is Ergun and I am from Turkey. I've been playing JK2 for 2 years. I 
    spent most of this time no force/no weapons dueling. After hundreds of hours 
    spent in duel servers, I had the idea of writing a FAQ and sharing my 
    experience with the starters.
    1.2 About The Guide
     This guide is a starters guide. It'll teach u rules of engagement, basic and 
    advanced acrobatics, saber moves, dueling strategies and many more... Just 
    keep reading :)
    1.3 Version History
    v 1.00 First Complete Version
    1.4 Legal Info
     This strategy guide is copyright 2003 by Ergun Gurer.Any part of this strategy
    guide may not be copied or distrubuted via electronic or non-electronic media. 
    To distribute, you must,
    -Mail and ask for MY permission
    -Distribute my newest work in original form
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    2.1 What is a lightsaber?
     Lightsaber is a beam of energy, slicing through any substance till it's 
    stopped by another lightsaber. It can also reflect energy based projectiles...
     It is the classic Jedi -and Sith variable- weapon in Star Wars series...
    2.2 Lightsaber in JK Academy
     Lightsaber is surely a great weapon in all JK series. Your character can auto 
    guard blaster shots and even send them back to your enemies. It's also very 
    good in offense. Even the blue stance swings are devastating against non-saber 
    enemies... Lightsaber with 2 blades in each end is called a "Lightstaff". Also 
    any saber user who uses 2 sabers at once is called "Dual Saber" User.
    2.3.1 LightSaber Basics Swinging
     I know that JK Saber has many special moves and katas... But basically; if u 
    don't know how to swing your saber, you won't have much chance... If you watch 
    duels, you'll see the pro's seldom use special attacks. But %90 of newbie 
    attacks are special moves :)
     Why? Simply, specials deal high damage. They are easy to perform. However most
    of them are hard to connect. And many of them have high cooldowns, which 
    ensures that you'll be punished for doing it -and missing-
     A swing -or slash- is a lightsaber movement, which u make only by attack 
    button plus your movement keys.
    If you attack while walking forward, you'll make a vertical downward slash...
    If you attack while strafing right, you'll make a horizontal -left to right- 
    If you attack while moving forward+right, you'll make a diagonal -up left to 
    down right- slash
    If you attack while moving back+right, you'll make a diagonal -down left to up 
    right-slash Dealing Damage
     When do we deal or receive damage? Each time a saber passes through a player's
    body, it deals damage, depending on swing type and hit location. Guading&Guard Crushing
     When u are not attacking, you have absolutely 100% chance of guarding normal 
    hits and blaster shots -assuming that you have lvl 3 lightsaber defence-  
    There are some other moves however... They can immediately knock your saber 
    down and pass through your defenses... Only defense against these moves is 
    NEVER STAND on their path... In this guide, I'll warn u if any of the moves 
    that I mention has a guard crush ability... Chaining
     A chain is like doing a combo with your saber. Some stances have chaining 
    limits -heavy-, others have none -light-
     If your stance has no limit, you can chain endlessly. This means you can 
    attack continuously by holding down attack button. If your stance has a 3 swing
    chain limit, you can swing your saber 3 times, then wait for the cooldown.
    2.3.2 LightSaber Types and Moves Moves Associated With All Saber Types
    attack + back -while enemy is behind you
    You can't perform it until the enemy is behind you. Unfortunately, if the enemy
    is behind you in this game, this means you are already dead. This move is 
    totally useless for me, but I have seen 1 hit kills with dual saber backstab. 
    Beware... It guard crushes.
    forward + attack -only performed if you have a fallen enemy in front of you
    I used that move a million times in SP. Your enemy seldomly falls down in no 
    force duels, so you won't be using this move often. It guard crushes.
    roll, press/hold attack while rolling
    Excellent move for offense. Excellent move to punish specials and katas. 
    Targeting is a bit tricky, though...It guard crushes. Standard Saber
     A very good weapon in offense. But in JA, I can't say it is a good weapon in 
    defense... This weapon has 3 stances and many specials&katas, making it a good 
    offensive selection.
     Quick blue slashes and medium range&damage yellow slashes... This weapon is 
    really unstoppable in the hands of a heavy master! Heavy swings are the most 
    damaging and long range swings in the game. They also crush guard. The drawback
    is, they are very slow...
    *Special Moves
    ***Blue (light) Stance
    Fastest and endlessly chainable attacks come to mind. They can't crush guard, 
    but catches the enemy when they are off-guard.
    *LUNGE (saber uppercut)
    crouch + foward + attack
    Excellent move for offense and for punishing mistakes... You can make it while
    running... Try binding your crouch to mouse2 and press both mouse buttons while
    running forward. This move crushes guard, and it is very fast. It is really 
    unstoppable in the hands of a master. It is very hard to target, but if u can 
    use it accurately, u are free to abuse it :)
    attack + alt attack
    Do it if u predict an attack from an enemy. Good counter against other 
    non-cancellable special moves. Poor offensive capabilities since your character
    doesn't move during this move. It guard crushes.
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    attack + jump + left or right direction
    Kickass looking evasive maneuver...  But i suggest simply jumping, if u want to
    counter attack your enemy
    ***Yellow (medium) Stance
    Medium range and damage... Good for most combat situations. This stance has a 
    4-5 swings chain limit.
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    jump + forward + attack
    Kickass looking move. Again, nearly impossible to target. Easily avoided and 
    severely punished, since it has a cooldown like hell..It guard crushes.
    attack + alt attack
    Like the blue stance kata, except your character moves forward a little, and 
    the kata finishes with a towards horizontal swing...It guard crushes.
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    attack + jump + left or right direction
    Kickass looking evasive maneuver...  But i suggest simply jumping, if u want to
    counter attack your enemy
    ***Red (heavy) Stance
    Whether u duel in JK2 or in Academy, your toughest enemies will be the heavy 
    masters. Heavy swings are the longest range and highest damage swings in this 
    game. Also they always crush guard. Weak points : They are slow and they have 
    a 3 swing chain limit. But a heavy master will negate this weakness by 
    evasive/aggresive jumping, good timing and a good sense of distance... 
    -: ) Yes, I was a heavy master once...-
    *HEAVY JUMP (the dfa)
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    jump + forward + attack
    Aaah the one hit kill legend of the JK2 : ) This move has changed a lot since 
    the old JK2. Now, you don't have to be in the middle of a heavy swing to 
    perform it. Has less cooldown time than the old one. But it doesn't deal +180 
    dmg anymore. Average dmg for this move is 30-80 hp's now, and since it is very
    hard to hit your enemy with this move, I wouldn't suggest it anyway...
    It guard crushes.
    attack + alt attack
    Like the other stance katas, but your character moves forward more, and has a 
    good vertical slash at the end...It guard crushes.
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    attack + jump + left or right direction
    Kickass looking evasive maneuver...  But I suggest simply jumping, if u want to
    counter attack your enemy. LightStaff
     This is my personal choice. It has excellent defence even when u are 
    attacking... Good offensive capabilities. Kickass looking spin slashes and 
    katas... It's only drawback is you can't throw it while dual sided...
     When you change stance in this weapon, you'll get the standard medium stance.
    But you can't perform a flip or kata of the standard medium.
     Continuously doing left-right slashes with this weapon is truely devastating.
    It's really the *left-right slasher*s tool. They don't have the long range of 
    the heavy swings, yet they are truely devastating,especially if you can connect
    both ends of your saber...
     It's spin slashes are the most useful of all the 3 saber types... Since your 
    saber has two blades, your guard is seldomly down during the spin slashes 
    -this is a big problem of the standard heavy spin slashes, which leaves you 
    totally open to all attacks-
    *Special Moves
    attack + jump + backward
    A kickass looking, but useless move... it's also very hard to perform... It 
    guard crushes.
    crouch + forward + attack
    Good defensive move against most of other special moves. If your enemy becomes 
    predictable in his attacks, welcome him with this move...It guard crushes.
    attack + alt attack -Press a direction to roll at the end of the move
    Good kata. Deals heavy damage. Really useful in the chaos of a FFA. Consider 
    using rolling stab at the end of it...You can hit the ones waiting to punish 
    you...It guard crushes.
    alt attack + direction
    Kickass move... Again useless : ( It lowers your defense terribly. I would 
    never use it but throwing someone off a cliff is very funny : D
    jump + alt attack + direction
    Cooldown will leave you vulnerable. It is very hard to connect
    alt attack -when there is enemy on your left and right
    alt attack -when surrounded by enemies
    alt attack -when there is enemy in front and behind of you
    Various kicks... Useful but you can use them in rare situations
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    jump + direction + attack
    Excellent move... Multikiller move in FFA's... Damages like hell, and has so 
    little cooldown that leaves you vulnerable. This move is very hard to punish...
    I've seen players doing this move again and again... Beware, masters can 
    severely punish u for abusing this move : ) It guard crushes. Dual Sabers
     A good selection. Hitting with 2 sabers simultaneously sounds good to me. Dual
    sabers really shine in saber throwable servers. Throwing one of your sabers, 
    and guarding with the other one is awesome. If u want to be a good dual 
    saberist, you must master the arts of one hit killing. Dual Saber backstab and 
    kata deals +80 damage, makes that weapon a powerhouse...
     Hit your change stance key to get the standard saber blue stance...
     Standard medium stance with 2 differences.
    -You hit with 2 sabers. 2x damage
    -Your attacks don't have a chain limit.
    *Special Moves
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    jump + forward + attack
    A move like the lightstaff butterfly. Differences are, less damaging, less 
    control over your character, doesn't have the left/right versions. This move 
    has no cooldown, and you won't get punshed unless u perform it into a kata...
    It guard crushes.
    crouch + forward + attack
    Good defensive move against most of other special moves. It doesn't have the 
    "twirl overhead" frame of the staff version. If your enemy becomes predictable 
    in his attacks, welcome him with this move...It guard crushes.
    *KATA (saber barrier)
    attack + alt attack
    The first frames of this move is extremely damaging, something like 80+. But I 
    suggest u to use it as a duel finishing or FFA chaos move, since it has a huge 
    cooldown.It guard crushes.
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    attack + jump + left or right direction
    Like the standard saber cartwheel's, but dual saber makes it look more cool : )
    Most of the acrobatics really shine in FFA games... The only ones you will need
    in duels are jumping and rolling...
    Moves List
    *Force Jump
    Requires Force Jump Level 1
    jump + a direction
    This move will save your life a million times... Whether you dodge a heavy 
    swing, a merr-son rocket or a Lightstaff Butterfly, this move is a very handy 
    *Superman Style Jump
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    jump + a direction, hold jump and release direction key immediately
    Charismatic looking jump... Nothing more...
    crouch while running any direction -you cannot roll while walking-
    This move gained offensive importance, when gamemakers add the move "rolling 
    stab". Also it is a good evasive maneuver. You can cross narrow gaps w/o 
    falling with this move...
    *Kickflip of a Wall
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    Run towards a wall. When close, double tap jump key then leave forward key
    When you are chased by a lightsaber user and perform this move correctly, you 
    will get behind him.
    *Wallrun Vertically
    Requires Force Jump Level 3
    Run towards a wall. When close, double tap jump key but DON'T leave forward 
    key. You can release forward key to kickflip during the run.
    In some areas, you can reach high levels by using this move. Good move as it 
    drains less force than simply jumping up there.
    *Sideflip of a Wall
    Requires Force Jump Level 2
    When next to a wall, tap jump key while strafing to the wall
    Use this like the kickflip
    *Wallrun Horizontally -parabolically-
    Requires Force Jump Level 3
    When next to a wall, press jump key while running forward and strafing to the 
    wall -keys: forward+wall direction+jump- You can tap jump to sideflip during 
    the run Usage is the same as the vertical run. Less force usage than simply 
    jumping. Also it is a good evasive move in SinglePlayer, using walls while 
    running towards some blaster mercenaries is safer.
    *Wall Grab
    Requires Force Jump Level 3
    While in air and next to a wall, tap/hold jump + direction of wall
    Can make u reach the areas higher than your normal jump height. Can save your 
    life when you are dropping down a bottomless pit...
    *Getting Up From Knockdowns
    When you fall, you can get up by...
    Pressing jump... Your character will jump up
    Pressing forward/backward... Your character will jump kick forward
    Pressing left/right... Your character roll left/right and get up
    4. Mastering the Saber
    Up to this point, I talked about how to handle your saber... This section will 
    give you strategies and tips to win your duels...
    4.1 Saber to Saber Strategies
    You'll have 3 main type of opponent in duels; Standard Users, Staff Users and 
    Dual Users. These opponent's have sub types, like Standard Heavy User, Staff 
    Butterfly Abuser, Dual Backstabber. Let's don't waste time with those and give
    you information about your all possible matchups...
    Standard vs Standard
    Ahh! The good old JK2... Yes, the standard vs standard battles still exist in 
    Academy, and they are very challenging... With 3 usable stances and many 
    specials, this battles have too many "options"
    Your opponent uses Heavy
    Then you can use light or medium... Light stance is very fast... In the time 
    between your opponent opens his guard and swings his saber, you can get 1-2 
    clear hits and jump away... Medium has longer range and deadlier than the 
    light, so it can be used to counter heavy stance too. Or, you can get in a 
    heavy vs heavy battle... One of the most challenging duels... With good timing,
    evasive and offensive jumping, you can win this battle.
    Your opponent uses Medium
    In fact, medium was pretty much underestimated in JK2. It is a very efficient 
    stance, and can beat both light and heavy stance. Because it has a range 
    advantage over light and a speed advantage over heavy stance... 
    You can play heavy against medium, but don't attack a lot like in a heavy vs 
    heavy battle. Your every attack will leave you open to attacks, and this is 
    exactly what your medium user opponent needs to beat you... 
    You can also play light against medium. Your swings are useless against medium,
    but your special move "lunge" can be devastating against all kinds of 
    opponents, if used properly...
    Your opponent uses Light
    If he uses light swings, you can crush him either with heavy or medium 
    stance... Medium is easier, since you won't need offensive or defensive 
    jumping, and just swinging left-right is enough to beat the light swings...
    But, if he uses light lunge, well.. I wish you luck... Lunge is still 
    devastating in Academy. If your enemy is a good lunge abuser, you'll have a 
    hard time beating him... What is his weakness? Ranging his lunge? Then use 
    heavy left-to-right swing to counter him... Targeting his lunge? Then use 
    medium or light swings, and swing his back when he misses... Also you can use 
    lunge too. This is the other one of the most challenging duels in old JK2. 
    Lunge vs lunge... Tip: Use lots of evasive jumping, but NO offensive jumping...
    Standard vs Staff
    First, know that if you get involved in a fight in close range, your staff user
    opponent can crush you to pieces in a second... Staff has a great damage/second
    potential, and has a higher defense during swings. Second, always be ready to 
    dodge and counterattack/punish your opponents butterfly... A heavy vertical 
    swing, or the light lunge are good options to punish butterfly. Standard vs 
    Staff is a easy battle if you can dodge and punish butterflies, since staff can
    not match the range of standard heavy swings... But, if your opponent changes 
    stance and uses the staff one-sided, you can have a bad feeling about this... 
    Due to my experience in JK2, I can tell you: a medium master is equal to a 
    heavy master, both can win the fight... But when you give the advantage 
    "butterfly" to the medium user, well, the medium user will beat the heavy 
    user... When your opponent goes one sided medium, than you must switch to light
    lunge... Be careful! One mis-lunge against the staff, your opponent goes two 
    side and does a couple of left-right swings, you are dead...
    Standard vs Dual Saber
    His attacks are like the standard medium... But, they can't counter heavy, 
    since dual saber swings will slow down your opponent, so he cannot 
    counterattack your heavy swings... Remember, dual saber users has the 
    opportunity to lunge. If he shuts down one of his sabers, treat him like a 
    standard light user... Lastly, beware of dual backstab and the kata 
    "saber barrier", since they can one hit kill you... Tip: Like the rule in 
    "Dueling vs Staff Users". Don't let him get close...
    Staff vs Standard
    Nearly the hardest match for the staff user... Since most of your opponents are
    from JK2, there are a lot of heavy masters around... Heavy beats the staff. 
    You must know how to use your staff one sided, and how to use one-sided staff 
    against heavy. If you know, than easy match for you if he doesn't do lunge... 
    If he changes to light, wait for his mis-lunge, and punish him to hell with 
    your left-right slashes. Butterflying in close ranges is also a good option 
    vs light...
    Staff vs Staff
    The most amusing match of the JK Academy... A lot of left-right swinging and 
    flying butterflies around... First, you must know how to punish butterfly. 
    There are 3 major ways to counter the butterfly, each with own advantages and 
    -Lightstaff Twirl can severely damage or kill your butterfly opponent, but 
    don't do it in close range. If your enemy can get behind u during his 
    butterfly, he can even instant kill you with the last frame of butterfly... 
    -Rolling Stab is tricky to target, but punishes butterfly with minimal risk...
    -Butterfly vs butterfly... Go to the right of your opponent, and move around 
    him in clockwise direction... His butterfly will end sooner than yours, and 
    you can hit him with your last frame...
    Second... If you can manage distance, one sided staff has a small range 
    advantage over the staff, so use it if you are involved in a swing battle...
    Staff vs Dual Saber
    Due to my experiences, your swings are stronger than dual ones; and you have 
    higher defence than dual while swinging... So, you can beat him in close range
    battles... Never butterfly him from a distance, he has a lot of options to 
    punish, even instantly kill you -like backstab, lunge, saber twirl, saber 
    barrier...- Beware of his backstab and saber barrier while he is dual... 
    Beware of his lunge while he is single... If he can't instant kill you, victory
    is yours...
    Dual Saber vs Standard
    His all stances are cheesy for you except the "heavy". His medium stance is 
    useless vs your 2 x damage and 2 x defence. His blue stance swings useless too,
    but the lunge... Wait for his mis-lunge, and punish him with your high damage 
    swings... His heavy stance is the hardest. Try to be close to him. When he 
    attacks, dodge his blows and continuously slice him till dead. Lunging him is 
    another option but if you mis-lunge, he will punish you 20-50 hitpoints...
    Dual Saber vs Staff
    Warning! You can punish his missed butterflies with saber twirl or kata, but 
    be extremely careful... If you make a kata "saber barrier" and miss, his next 
    butterfly will 70% instant kill you... Try to use your backstab... He will 
    like going close combat with you, and your one-hit-backstab-kill will ruin his
    day. Never go close combat with him unless you are intending to do a saber 
    twirl or a backstab... Most of these matches end with a dual backstab or a 
    staff butterfly. Chances, 50%...
    Dual Saber vs Dual Saber
    Like the dual vs staff... Backstab instant kills will be very popular. If you 
    are facing a backstabber, use left-right swings but keep your distance and be 
    careful. If your opponent does a  saber-barrier, punish him with a rolling 
    stab or a light stance lunge. Don't use a Dual Flip Attack against the 
    saber-barrier, because that move cannot pierce your enemies offence as good as
    the butterfly...
    4.2 Remember Your Advantages and Disadvantages
    Every style in this game has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Try to use
    your advantages a lot, and negate your disadvantages by evading, defending, 
    dodging etc. Sometimes the best defence is a good offence, though...
    Standard Saber Heavy
    -Longest range in the game.
    -High damage -wins in the trade-
    -3 hit chainable
    -No good special moves
    Standard Saber Medium
    -Moderate speed, damage and range
    -Has an advantage over all stances... speed over heavy, range over light. 
    But, you need to be a master to use this advantage
    -No good special move
    Standard Saber Light
    -Good special "The Lunge"
    -Fastest style
    -Weak slashes
    -Short range
    -Good special "Butterfly"
    -Has the highest damage/second ratio
    -Short range
    LightStaff Single Sided
    -Moderate speed, damage and range
    -Needs to be mastered
    -No special move or kata
    Dual Sabers
    -Good attack power
    -Instant kill options
    -Instant kill options has the instant slain risk
    Dual Saber Light
    -"The Lunge"
    -Short range, low damage
    4.3 Mental Effects During the Duels
    -There is no demoralisation, there is caution...
    Suppose A and B , standard heavy users are dueling. They are both medium 
    skilled. Starting victory chances are 50% for A and 50% for B. Duel begins. 
    A's saber hits B, and B receives 1 dmg. Now, the chances are %70 for A and 
    30%for B. Why? Simply, demoralisation... Damage is not important, but in a 
    heavy vs heavy battle, receiving a clean hit from opponent is extremely 
    demoralizing...especially in the begining of the duel... When you become a 
    master, you'll be sure of your skill, and morale will not affect your play... 
    When A hits you, he will be happy, and he will be less cautious. Your next hit
    can be a Kata, while he is happily slashing you. B wins the game...
    -There is no prediction, there is observation...
    Observe your enemies moves very carefully... If he is using light stance and 
    he miss-rollstabbed you twice, you can predict a lunge from him. If he is using
    medium stance and slicing the air while jumping, you can predict a Flip from 
    him. Whether your punishment is lunge, butterfly or kata, a predicted high 
    cooldown special move means death... If you predict a move from your enemy, 
    leave him some room by stopping your accurate attacks. Then, punish him to 
    death... Vice versa... If you can't perform a move twice, don't perform it...
    -There is no envy, there is intention...
    Most of the time, if one of the duelers do smth, the other mimics him... This 
    chance increases a lot, when he hits the other with his move... If your 
    butterfly hits your staff user enemy, his next move is 80% a butterfly... 
    You can make a dfa away from your enemy -to somewhere he can't punish- and 
    you'll see that your opponent's next attack will be a dfa. Sometimes he 
    remembers that he had this move in his arsenal, sometimes he wants to show you
    that he uses this move better than you... Both cases are a prediction, and an
    adventage for you...
    5. Ending Credits
    This guide is my 2 years of observation, and experience... But without my 
    playmates in Turkey, I wouldn't have the experience to write and share with 
    you... They are...
    KhazModaM, Kardeks, mini.obliVion, CeltSpirit, HellRaiser, Legolas, 
    Darth Sidious, PiP.sQueaK, Dark.Rage, Kajo-Shin, Imayoda, Navigator and Nerull

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