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"All the sweat and fear of real life combat, playing on Live."

I am trying my best to make this review non biased.

General Knowledge:

This is the second in the Ghost Recon series for the Xbox. This one takes place in Cuba, as the first one took place in Russia.

Sound 9/10:

The sound is brilliant. Matching the sound of the guns when shooting, explosions, reloading, and even the sounds of the nature like the trees, wind, waves, and even birds. No music in the background to distract you. Voice communication on live is like a radio, have to hold down the White Button to talk (a helpful tip for many beginners) and only one person can talk at a time.

Graphics 8/10:

The graphics have improved, the camo for each team is better, the graphics have more texture and detail to them, and most of those 2D graphics are gone. Night vision is closer to the real thing, it seems that the night vision is like someone is saving what you see as a .jpeg file in MS Paint. So it is blurry and hard to see many times, making it useful at times and not at other times. Now you can't see the gun. This angers many people but I prefer not to see it, as many of these guns will take up over half of the screen and while lying down, about 4/5 of the screen. I'd have to say this is the only problem this game has with realism. This game only kept four maps from the original Ghost Recon, one of them is the most played, Embassy, another is Battlefield, Night castle, and Wilderness. The last three were some of the least played on the original Ghost Recon. Night castle was played mainly by clans, it wasn't played by someone to warm them up or practice their skills, unless that is they were practicing the map. This is from my experience. Some of the new maps though are definately a challenge, fun, and worth a shot.

Gameplay 10/10:

This is where the game almost hits its peak. But is still close enough to perfection. Each gun and grenade are as close to the real thing than any video game has ever come. You die in one hit depending on where it is, sometimes up to 7 (personal max I've seen) if in the right spots. This ain't no Wolfenstein where you live getting shot in the head three times, or where you can be revived after getting hit in the head. Getting wounded affects your gun and speed.

Game with Live 10/10:

This is where it hit its peak. With live, you can play up to 16 people in a free for all slaughter, 6 on 6 team game in Last man Standing (like Team Deathmatch), Siege, Hamburger hill (hold a base), SAR (Search and Rescue hostages).

Game without Live 7/10:

This game is amazing on Live, but without it, you need to be able to tolerate a short campaign and repetitive quick missions.

Worth a rental without live, worth the $50 for any FPS lover with Live.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/03

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