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"Tom Clancy at his best."

Usually when picking a Tom Clancy game, one will usually wonder if they should or should not purchase this game. That question raced threw my mind over and over again. I was reluctant at first as to whether or not I should purchase the game. I was Motivated by the success of his other Xbox games, and I finally brought it up to the cashier. Driving home I kept wondering if I made a right choice or not. When I got home I went to the Xbox and started playing. When the title screen came up. I knew then and their I was in for a good game. So lets begin, and keep in mind that the following may contain spoilers.

Story- 8/10

Castro is dead. And the first democratic elections are being held in Cuba for some time. However, some are using force to ''persuade'' people into voting for them. One such man is Priego. He is a drug lord from Cuba, with ties in South America. Using his thugs he is forcefully persuading people to vote for him. This is where you come in. You command the Ghosts an elite group of green Berets. Your mission: stop Priego and his drugs. And make sure the people of Cuba have a clean fair election.

Graphics- 8/10

Yes I am being stingy on the graphics With out a doubt they are beautiful. However, looking closer you will see that the men from both sides have the butt of their gun inside their shoulder instead of against it, and some of your team members look like their bodies are to big and their arms to small. Also the Vehicles. They look like cardboard put into a shape with a steering wheel sticking out of it. Other than those few flaws I see nothing wrong.

Sound 10/10

Their is no in-game music. Only the sound of rain, birds, and wind, and boy let me tell you they are fantastic. The rain sounds like it is really hitting ground, the birds really sound like true chirping birds, and the gunfire sounds real to. When an explosion goes off to near your deaf for a few seconds. Which adds to the reality. The radio communication back and forth is wonderful to. You know what your men are doing, and if they are in trouble or not.

Controls- 10/10

Ok the controls are excellent to. You can tell were one of your teams to move while you control the other, and you can equip your men with whatever you think they need in the mission. You have the choice if you want your team decked out with only m-16's. or do you want m-203's with that. Do you want a sniper? a demolitions expert? or maybe you think a support gunner would be best? Whatever you think you might need in the game you got it.

Difficulty- 9/10

This depends on the difficulty setting. If you pick recruit. The AI couldn't hit the broad side of a barn point blank range. But if you play elite expect your enemies to be able to shoot a hair off your head, and expect a lot of them. Also, expect enemy snipers to hit more critical spots as the difficulties get harder and harder.

Rent or buy- Don't be like me. You will not be disappointed with this game. Even so it would be better if you rented this game, you may never know, it just might not satisfy your needs for a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/15/03

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