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"A must play game for all fps fans!"

Tom Clancy’s does it again with this one. This game kicks but on Xbox live. I waited 2 weeks for this game to come out and when it did I was so excited to play it that I have not tooks it out of my Xbox for a weeks! This game made me want to join the army cause of how good and how fun it looks like. Everyday when I get back from work all I do is eat play this until 3 every night. When I first played the first Ghost Recon I knew I had to play the next one. I had so much fun playing this game and now I would love to review it for all to see how the game is like. This might have a few spoilers…

Graphics~ 9-10

This game is so realistic that everytime I play it, it made me feel like I was really in the game ordering other troops to kill other soldiers and made me feel like I was on a mission to finish it. The only reason I did not give this game 10 for graphics is cause it can be a bit slow and freezes a bit when using a grenade of rocket launchers. Other than that this game is perfect for all other fps fans that love killing and feeling like there in the game.


This is about Castro being dead. And you are given a mission to capture other People in the game that can help you and will help you stop the war and go everything as to plan. One of them is Priego, he is a guy who is a drug lord from Cuba. Your are given a mission to fined him a capture him and kill anyone who gets in your way. And make sure that the people of Cuba are safe again and be able to have a free election.


I gave this game a 10 out of 10 because everything bit of the sound you hear while playing the game is actually the real thing! Thunder makes ever thing feel like its going to rain. Airplanes making the game feel more like people are dropping bomes on you from top and the way you move to sneak up to kill an enemy even sounds like the real thing. Also the guns, every time you shot someone it sounds like you are really shooting a real Rifle.

Controls~ 10-10

The controls are exactly the way I wanted it to be. Its awesome! It was exactly the same as the first one making the game feel like your playing the first one and not no new one and you got to figure out to use and how to move. Whatever you want and whatever you think would be the best way to move around and shoot its possible that you can change it to what you want.

Difficulty~ 10-10

This game can be played in three different setting one is Recruit which is do what ever you want go where ever you want with out using to much stragety. Veteran mode is a setting which you have to plan out a way to kill the opponent and which way would be the best way to kill an enemy when they least expected. Elite is a setting which you have to make a plan what is flawless and perfect. Also it is a good way to practice the level b4 trying to play it on elite so you know what place to kill an enemy and which place not to be when an enemy strikes.

Play time: About a few hours on single player.
The missions in the game is fun cant really get tired of it cause everything doesn’t always happen the dame as you last play it. There are 18 unlockable s in the game which can make the game more fun and more interesting. Games you can play are Defend, Fireflight, and mission.

Conclusion: This is the reason I gave this game a really good review cause its really fun to play with friends or by yourself. If you got Xbox live this game will be worth buying but if you don’t I say its just one of those game to rent cause this game can be beaten in about 1 to 2 days depends how good you are and how long you play it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/19/03

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