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"The best Xbox Live game gets an expansion pack!"

I've played the original Ghost recon over and over online and offline, thankfully Red Storm ported the PC expansion Island Thunder to the Xbox and with the great price theres no way any Xbox owner would skip this title.

Gameplay: Since this is an expansion pack... the gameplay didn't change but that's a good thing since the original Ghost Recon had excellent gameplay. Lots of people complained because you couldn't see the gun your holding but once you play Ghost Recon you'll realize that it's for the better since usually the first person to spot an enemy will get the kill since it only takes about 1 or 2 shots to kill. The controls are exactly like 90% of the other FPS titles on Xbox... copying Halo's controls though none of us would have it any other way. The Ghost Recon franchise has always been very realistic and to be good in the game you will require a little bit of patience because if you run around the field guns blazing you'll get killed VERY fast. The A.I. is still great during campaigns and as bots in multiplayer, although you have to tell them EXACTLY where to go they still know how to shoot n kill very well. 10/10

Sound: In a game like this you need real good sound to pinpoint where a shot came from or how far the footsteps your hearing are from you so obviously Red Storm knew they had to make it great. The sound hasn't changed and so it's still great but I just wish Red Storm could've tweaked the sound a little to make it as good as games like Medal of Honor or Counterstrike. Don't get me wrong, it's great but knowing Red Storm they could've done a much better job. Obviously the sound hasn't changed but I wish it did a little so I can't give it the same score I did before. 9/10

Graphics: I wasn't impressed with the graphics before and now that even more games came out with great graphics I'm even more dissapointed with Red Storm. I know its a port AND an expansion pack but they could've improved it a little just so that we don't have to stare at 2D leaves on the trees. The character models are still very good but everything else stayed the same. At least its not the ugliest Xbox game yet but it would have been great if it were one of the best looking games on Xbox. 6/10

Story: Your done with Russia now your in... Havana, Cuba! Yea seems like a great place to have a vacation but instead you'll be stopping a drug-lord from ruining an election... which is even more fun! You'll be doing pretty much the same thing you did before... shooting anything on sight. I never payed attention to the story before but it must be good since it has Tom Clancy on the title! 9/10

Buy/Rent: If you have Live or not this is a must buy because of its great gameplay, different options, and of course... price. Xbox Live just adds to the already great game with Online Play and Downloadable Content. If theres no chance you'll buy this game at least rent it because it's a great game that every Xbox owner needs to play. Buy

Replay Value: Every single game with Xbox Live gets a ten from me because online play and Downloadable content add so much more to the game and will keep you busy for months and maybe even years after you passed the game for the first time. 10/10

Overall: Other than the graphics this game is almost perfect. The original was a fan-favourite on Xbox Live and I'm sure this one will be even more popular and if your in Canada buy this game before October 31st 20030 because then you'll get a $10 rebate and the game will only be $39.99 CND! A great game for $39.99 ... doesn't get much better than that. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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