"What happens when things aren't doing so well? We send in the ghosts!"

One of the best Tom Clancy games this year! A great add-on to the Ghost Recon experience for only 30 dollars (with a 10 dollar mail in rebate), Ghost Recon includes 10 new missions, slightly improved graphics, and a campaign that will have you begging for more.

The plot is basically so - your an elite Ghost Recon squad - a team of trained military specialists with several skills ranged from sharp shooting to back up experts to demolitions as well. Your sent it from when things get heated up and go from bad to worse. This is of course the future where you'll have slightly better and improved guns to choose from, you'll equip your party to any way of your choosing and you'll try to slightly sneak in and complete the mission.

The online campaign is one of the best as you'll have a option to play up with 12 people for Co-Operative and 16 People in Head on head or team play (including new maps and downloadable content). Some people are really friendly as well online however others can be a real pain. They camp spawn points and wait for you as they ambush you. The Elite mode for Co-Op are pretty nice as well. The A.I. knows exactly what they are doing, and will play rough to win. However, since everyone already knows where they are going to be, it isn't going to be that fun and slightly will act as a First-Person-To-Have-The-Most-Kills-Wins instead of your average Recon. The servers will lag 80% of the time (Where was Ubi to host this) seeing as everyone tries to host up to 16 people and almost never succeed.

The regular standard gameplay as also a few new tricks as well. Jeeps will come out of no where and try to run you over and gun you down in the back (They are pretty slightly for something that old). Enemies will also throw plenty grenades at you, and night vision has been toned down a lot to make it harder to see and more realistic. Weather now changes to rain, wind, and overcast which sounds superb on Dolby Digital 5.1! Ubi Soft obviously did a great job on this game - several new missions, maps, weapons, and elements. This game is worth the low 30 dollar price tag, and will bring you that same amount of joy that the first Ghost Recon did.

Final Reviewed Score: 9/10 - Amazing!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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