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"Another cool Clancy game"

The classic Xbox live title returns once again with some extras from the PC update Island Thunder and Desert Siege. With pretty much identical game play to the original Ghost Recon, fans and newcomers can both get to grips with this classic game. Featuring an extensive 8 mission campaign and many multi player options /maps including the great Xbox Live play. Ghost Recon Island Thunder or GRIT is the latest Clancy game to come to console.

If you are unfamiliar with Ghost recon then let me explain. Basically you are an elite group of green berets who are sent on various missions which will help stabilize the region to prevent any major wars occurring. In this case the island of Cuba is the battlefield as a crime lord hopes to create havoc and chaos at the country's first free elections for many years. Your job is to get in, take out the warlord and his pals, then get out as if nothing had happened. Easy. Well actually it is far from easy especially if this is your first encounter with a Clancy game. GRIT uses a realistic (to a certain degree) approach to game play, for example. Bullets can kill in an single hit or seriously affect the wounded soldiers ability to operate effectively. This can also become apparent when a wounded soldier tries to engage the enemy. Recoil and steady aiming becomes an issue here for weapons fire and can make the difference between life and death. Thankfully you have a squad of 2 teams made up of a maximum of 3 members in each team. As the commander of the squad you get to issue commands or/ and take the lead into the battle. The team AI. Is pretty impressive and can often save you many times as learning the huge maps will take some time. If you are confident you can also complete the missions without actually firing a single shot yourself. The onus is definitely on replay here as to how you tackle the missions or who you take with you on your mission, such as snipers, support, riflemen and demolitions specialists. Each soldier class has their own distinct weapons to take out the enemy. Weapons all display there own strengths and weaknesses such as weight, recoil, accuracy and stopping power.

The single player missions can be attempted alone with CPU backup or in multi player on Xbox Live/split screen/ system link. Xbox live is where the real action is at as you are able to play with a full 6 man team of other players from around the globe. Combined with the headset this makes for some excellent online play. There are also many other competition and team modes available which come with their own maps from the PC add on Desert Siege and even some classics from the original Ghost Recon.

GRIT plays exactly the same as the original Ghost Recon. Featuring some new weapons and slightly improved graphical effects the game is great the way it is. What I noticed the most was an improvement in the maps themselves. I found them far more interesting than the original game. The maps are also pretty huge too and seem daunting at first. I guess as a veteran of the original GR I found it far easier to accomplish the tasks set out before me as the enemy seemed more predictable. It wont take long to beat the single player mode even on the hardest difficulty. That said, the fun and extra replay value from the multi player more than makes up for the brevity of the game. This is definitely a game to get into if you like realistic squad based action. You dont need to have played or own the original to play this. You dont need to have Xbox Live to enjoy this. All that is required is your own grit and determination to succeed and thwart the enemy at all costs. Get this game now , as you wont be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/11/03

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