• During Gameplay Hold L, R, and X then enter the following

    During Gameplay Hold L, R, and X then enter the following:

    hold L + R + X and press up, down, left, rightAll Bloody
    hold L + R + X and press Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, A, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down,All items and weapons except for Gonzo Gun
    hold L + R + X and press down, up, down, left, right, left, A, up, left, down, right, up, right, down, left, A, down(3), A(2)All weapons and items (exept Gonzo Gun)
    hold L + R + X and press left(2), down, up, ABad Karma
    hold L + R + X and press right(3), left(3), ABig Bang
    hold L + R + X and press Up, Down, Left, Right.Bloody Torque
    hold L + R + X and press left(3), down(3)BoomStick with Ammo
    hold L + R + X and press Down, Up, Right, Left.Clean Torque
    hold L + R + X and press Down(4).Commit suicide
    When you enable the "All items and weapons" code or two or more codes, you will constantly receive images from Dr. Killjoy's roomConstant images
    hold L + R + X and press Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, A.Dirty family picture
    hold L + R + X and press down(4), AFade to Black
    hold L + R + X and press Right(2), Down, Up, Left, Right, Left(2), A.Full ammunition for current gun
    hold L + R + X and press Left(3), Down(3).Full ammunition for Shotgun
    hold L + R + X and press right(2), down, up, left, right, left(2), AFull Current Ammo
    hold L + R + X and press left(2), up, down, right, left, right(2), AFull Current Throw Ammo
    hold L + R + X and press left, A (3), right, left, right, left, up, A(3), down, up, down, up, AGonzo Gun
    hold L + R + X and press Left, A(3), Right, Left, Right, Left, Up, A(3), Down, Up, Down, Up, A.Gonzo Gun
    hold L + R + X and press up, A, left, A, down, A, right, AGood ol' days (black & white) press start to deactivate
    hold L + R + X and press Right(3), Left(3).Grenades
    hold L + R + X and press down(3), up(3), AHell in a Bottle
    hold L + R + X and press Left(2), Down, Up, A.Increase negative karma
    hold L + R + X and press Down(3), Up(3).Molotov cocktails
    hold L + R + X and press Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, A.New family picture
    hold L + R + X and press Up, A, Left, A, Down, A, Right, A.Old movie mode
    hold L + R + X and press Right(3), A, Left(2), Right, Left, A.Overcome insanity
    hold L + R + X and press Right(2), Up(2), A, Left, Right, A, Right, Up, Right, A.Pills Refill
    hold L + R + X and press Left(2), A, Right(2), A, Up(2), A, Down(2), A.Psychedelic mode
    hold L + R + X and press down(3), A, up(2), down, up, ARefill health meter
    hold L + R + X and press right (2), up (2), A, left, right, A, right, up, right, ARefill Xombium Bottles
    hold L + R + X and press Down(3), A, Up(2), Down, Up, A. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.Restore Health
    hold L + R + X and press down, up, right, leftSqueaky Clean
    hold L + R + X and press Up(2), Right, Up.Wrinkled family picture

    Contributed By: Dragon King 187 and Darkness138.


  • Alternate Title Screen

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Title ScreenComplete the game once
    Director CommentaryStand on crow in the prison transfer yard near the three prisoners
    Monster ArchivesUse your Monster transformation for the majority of the game and complete the game.
    Prelude LevelComplete the game
    Torque ArchivesMake "Bad" decisions (i.e. killing characters, leaving characters to die, etc.) and beat the game.
    Torque's Family ArchivesMake "Good" decisions (i.e. saving characters from death, helping characters, etc.) and beat the game.

    Contributed By: ZoopSoul.

Easter Eggs

  • Cowboy Hat

    After beating the game once, start a new game, and turn immediately to your left in your cell, and you should see three prisoners talking. The prisoner with the mohawk will give you a cowboy hat.

    Contributed By: gamejunkie2000.

  • Designer's Room

    - Explore the caves near the Lighthouse (in the second-to-the-last level in the game) - Kill all monsters - (a dozen or more) - (You might have to keep all three prisoners alive) - Once done, fire erupts from the three cave pools in the main room - Toss an explosive into each fire pool - Once you've done this, a slight tremor will happen - Re-explore the far northwest cave (climb up area) - A broken wall now reveals a secret room: Lead Designer's office: - Killjoy dances on the Lead's head - Top Secret Documents are on the chopping block - Stan Winston's head is in a box on the floor - The telephone rings... answer it and Jimmy will talk to you

    Contributed By: alzagor.

  • Gonzo Gun

    The Gonzo Gun is a secret weapon found rather late in the game in The Suffering. It's quite literally resembles a chicken. It has the same ammo capacity as the Dual Revolvers and fires, of all things, eggs. One hit kills (you only have 20 eggs and it doesn't kill the final boss). HOW: - When you get the room in the basement where you hear your kid scream behind a wooden door - Blow up the canisters near it. - Open the red door and turn left. - There will be a wooden box. - Drag it back near the hole in the wall at the top. - Climb it and you will see a dead guard. - Later in the game there will be a Gonzo Gun.

    Contributed By: alzagor.

  • Iron Maiden references

    On many of the walls you will find &quot;If there is a God, then why has he let me die&quot;, which is an exact quote from the song &quot;Hallowed Be Thy Name&quot; by Iron Maiden. Also, on two walls near the beginning of the game, the words &quot;This is a world that has gone very wrong for me&quot;, which is also from the same song (&quot;In a world that has gone very wrong for me&quot;). This is difficult to read because its written in smeared blood.<p />

    Contributed By: Darkness138.

  • The Ring references

    When you are in the abandoned World War II bunker, you will encounter a desk with three phones. Two of them are are green and the other is red. Pick up the red phone first and you will hear the a girl's voice say "You will die in seven days" Also, in Chapter 15 (An Eye For An Eye Makes The World Blind), as you come from a staircase with two small Slayers and one large Slayer, you will find yourself in a small room with white walls and a few dead COs on the walls. There will be a phone next to the door you need to go through. Pick it up, and one of the Inferna Girls (the small girls in the pink nightgowns) will say, "You will die, in seven days"

    Contributed By: Darkness138.

  • The Shining reference

    After you leave the Asylum where you do all the tasks with Doctor Killjoy, you will be in an area which has what appears to be a nine-step staircase. Walk up it and follow the wall. Sou should run into an opening that has walls made of some type of vegetation. You will hallucinate and see images of your children. As you follow them, they will run down one way. While continuing to follow them you will encounter a corpse that is sitting up against the vegetation wall, with an axe laying beside him. This is a reference to The Shining, where Jack Nicholson is chasing his son through the labyrinth and dies against one of the walls inside. Note: The Shining was also mentioned in the game's bonus material.

    Contributed By: Darkness138.

  • Tool references

    There are two references to a song by the band Tool called "Ticks and Leeches." Early in the game look closely at one of the walls. You will see the words "Ticks & Leeches" which references the song. This is not a coincidence, as later in the game, about where the Noosemen appear, written on the wall are the words "Suck Me Dry," which is a phrase constantly repeated in the song. Also, the phrase "I hope you choke" or "I hope you choke on this" can be found written on a wall some time before the gun fight with the guards and the man with the gun turret. This is also part of that song.

    Contributed By: Darkness138.

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