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     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
                       FAQ Writer: Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor
                       E-Mail: payne_feelit@yahoo.co.uk
          Faq Name: The Suffering Weapons/Items/Enemy/Archive Guide
                                 System: XBox
     _____ _          _____     ___ ___         _         
    |_   _| |_ ___   |   __|_ _|  _|  _|___ ___|_|___ ___ 
      | | |   | -_|  |__   | | |  _|  _| -_|  _| |   | . |
      |_| |_|_|___|  |_____|___|_| |_| |___|_| |_|_|_|_  |
    Table of Contents:
    A.       Introduction
    B.       Warning Information
    C.       FAQ Version
    D.       Weapons Guide:
           I. Revolver
          II. Thompson Sub Machine Gun (A.K.A "The Tommy Gun")
         III. Pump Action Shotgun
          IV. Inmate Made Weapons
           V. Relics
          VI. TNT
         VII. Shrapnal Grenades
        VIII. Browning M2
          IX. 'The Gonzo Gun'
           X. 'The Flamethrower'
    E.       Items Guide:
           I. Flashlight
          II. Xombium
         III. Maps
          IV. Paperwork
           V. Flares
          VI. Flash/Bang Grenades
    F.       Creature/Enemy Guide:
           I. COs
          II. Other Inmates
         III. Slayers
          IV. Marksmen
           V. Mainliners
          VI. Nooseman
         VII. Burrowers
        VIII. Festers
          IX. Inferna
           X. Hermes
          XI. Horace
         XII. Dr. Kiljoy
        XIII. Torque in Monster Form
         XIV. Torque in Human Form
          XV. Torque in Final Form
    G.      Ending Information
    H.      Unlockables
           I. Clem's Archive
          II. Consuela's Journal
         III. Chapter 0 : Waiting To Die
    I.      Acknowledgements/Thanks To
    J.      Legal Information
    A. Introduction:
    This is the first guide I have written (Well 3rd actually, 
    but 1 and 2 weren't accepted because they were bad), 
    and it may be the last, but we'll see.  This FAQ is NOT 
    the full guide to completing the game, but instead it 
    teaches you of other things, those include Boss Beating 
    Tactics, Archive entries, Creature Guide, Weapons Guide 
    and an Items Guide and the first place you can locate 
    them. Example, "You first find [Name of item/weapon here]
    in the [Place here]."
    I am planning on writing the FAQ on how to complete the 
    game soon, but after I finish my other one for the game 
    "Big Mutha Truckers" which I started one night on scraps 
    of paper.
    If you wish to contact me to ask questions etc., use my 
    e-mail, payne_feelit@yahoo.co.uk
    B. Warning Information:
    __          __              _             
    \ \        / /             (_)            
     \ \  /\  / /_ _ _ __ _ __  _ _ __   __ _ 
      \ \/  \/ / _` | '__| '_ \| | '_ \ / _` |
       \  /\  / (_| | |  | | | | | | | | (_| |
        \/  \/ \__,_|_|  |_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, |
                                         __/ |
    'If you don't like it there's a bowl of cry baby soup 
    waiting for you inside the wah-mbulance that will be called 
    to heal your broken little heart.'
    Got that? Good, let's move on then.
    __          __              _             
    \ \        / /             (_)            
     \ \  /\  / /_ _ _ __ _ __  _ _ __   __ _ 
      \ \/  \/ / _` | '__| '_ \| | '_ \ / _` |
       \  /\  / (_| | |  | | | | | | | | (_| |
        \/  \/ \__,_|_|  |_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, |
                                         __/ |
    C. FAQ Version:
    VERSION = 0.5, August 28, 2004
    Began writing the guide. Table of Contents, Introduction and
    Weapons and Item section done except from a few blank spaces
    where I have forgotten where somethings are. Some Bosses not 
    D. Weapons Guide
        I. Revolver
    Though seldom used inside the penitentiary walls, all Abott
    COs are issused .357 revolvers for use in emergency 
    situations. Note on use of revolvers: the recent popularity
    of Hong Kong action films has led to the common 
    misconception that firing two pistols at once is "cool." 
    In reality, doing so is not really practical unless you are
    a highly trained weapons expert. At the very least, using 
    two revolvers at once will result in a significant losss of
    Location: You will find a guard with a revolver bursting 
    out the first toilets you see on Chapter 1. Kill him and
    take it, if you want to be bad, or be good and do as he 
    says. When he says "Stay Here", follow him and take it 
    from his dead body when it's safe.
    My Rating: You'll use this gun the most since you'll pick
    up loads of ammo for it. It's packs a decent punch for 
    taking down enemies, and has fast reload times. Also the 
    dual revolver feature will keep monsters at a distance.
       II. Thompson Sub-machine Gun (A.K.A "The Tommy Gun")
    This weapon is most commonly used by COs positioned in guard
    towers. It's spread and continuous rate of fire is quite 
    effective at stopping escaping inmates.
    Location: Found at the top of the stairs near a small office
    where Torque gets a flashback of the Colonel shouting at a 
    My Rating: Good for mowing down wave after wave of slayers
    and mainliners. You'll be using this until it runs out of
      III. Pump Action Shotgun
    This weapon is primarily used for crowd control in riot 
    situations. Officialy, COs are advised to use rubber 
    buckshot to prevent the inadvertent loss of life from use of
    the shotgun. However, it is tactitly understood that most 
    officers keep their shotguns loaded with something 
    considerably more deadly.
    Location: [UPDATE LATER]
    My Rating: Can kill most creatures in one blast, but at 
    point blank range only. At a distance, the spread of the 
    pellets does nothing to creature... You'll need this one in
    your inventory, just to feel safe.
       VI. Inmate Made Weapons
    You'll find the inmates are dangerously resourceful when it
    comes to making weapons. The "shiv" or "shank" is slang for
    any inmate-bladed weapon. Inmates who are interested in 
    doing considerably more damage have been known to make 
    "Molotov cocktails" out of glass bottles filled with 
    flammable fluids. Extremely anti-social inmates have been
    known to construct far more deadly weapons, so be prepared
    for the worst.
    Location: The "shiv" is the first weapon you have to 
    collect. You find it in "Goose's" cell in your cell block.
    My Rating: *Ahem* As soon as you pick up your first gun, 
    this one will just sit and do nothing. Not that effective
    except to smash some crates, but you could just shoot them
    to save time.
        V. Relics
    Carnate Island has a long and troubled past, and from time 
    to time inmates have managed to dig up some old relics and 
    use them to wreak havoc. If you stumble upon any of these
    dangerous items, be sure to notify your superior immediately
    so they can be properly disposed of.
    Location: [UPDATE LATER]
    My Rating: I have never, ever, found a relic....or at least 
    I don't think I have. So I can't rate anything.
       VI. TNT
    Abbot was built out of rocks from the Carnate Quarry, where
    TNT was used extensively.
    Location: I believe you will first find this in the quarry.
    My Rating: Brilliant, can take out whole groups of 
    creatures instantly. And one of the ways to kill a Fester..
      VII. Shrapnel Grenades
    These "pineapple" style grenades date back to WWII when 
    Fort Maleson was based on the island. These grenades are 
    old and extremely dangerous, so if found, do not attempt to
    pick them up.
    Location: [UPDATE LATER]
    My Rating: You may not use these because of the blast 
    radius, but still good to kill creatures in groups.
     VIII. Browning M2
    Another relic of Fort Maleson is the extremely powerful 
    Browning M2 tripod-mounted machine gun. Particularly 
    reckless COs have been known to use these for target 
    practise. As a direct result, these officers are no longer 
    employed by the DOC. (Department of Corrections)
    Location: You'll find this during "Abbott Prison Blues", 
    two prisoners are hung upside before being blasted by one.
    Kill the operator of it and take control.
    My Rating: The best weapon to have...'cept one thing, it's
    unmovable, so you can't take it with you. But it rips 
    through all the creatures without you even breaking into a
    sweat. Best weapon in my opinion.
       IX. 'The Gonzo Gun'
    Location: [UPDATE LATER]
    My Rating: [UPDATE LATER]
        X. 'The Flamethrower'
    You can not pick this gun up straight forward, you must 
    assemble it yourself from pieces around the Island.
    Locations of pieces: [UPDATE LATER]
    My Rating: Great weapon, can dispact of all enemies with 
    ease. A must have to kick ass.
    E. Items Guide
        I. Flashlight
    The clip-on flashlight is standard issue to all Abott COs. 
    Be sure to monitor your battery usage keep spare batteries 
    on hand. There have been many staff complaints that it does
    not look "cool" to clip the belt to your shirt, but the 
    attachable nature of the light allows you to illuminate an 
    area while keeping your hands free for handling weapons.
    Location: You'll find this in "The Break Room" during the 
    first level.
    My Rating: You'll need this 100% of the way, since turning 
    it off takes time. Plus it won't run out because you have
    way too many batteries.
        II. Xombium
    Studies have shown that working in a maximum security 
    penitentiary is one of the most stressful and emotionally 
    challenging jobs in America. For this reason, the DOC 
    (Department of Corrections) issues Xombium to keep COs at
    their best. If you're ever feeling overwelmed or just a 
    bit down, don't hesitate to pop a few of these.
    Location: In the cells at your cell block, open the doors
    by pressing the button in the Control Station.
    My Rating: The only way to cure/heal yourself in the game, 
    and so are very important to completing "The Suffering."
       III. Maps
    For the newjack CO, maps are essential for finding your way
    around Abott.
    Locations: In the Control Station in your cell block.
    My Rating: Nice concept and idea, but you won't use them 
    since the game is very lineal and you'll find your own way.
        IV. Paperwork
    Paperwork is a large part of your job as a CO. Do it right
    the first time or the warden will make sure you do it 
    Locations: Scattered around the Island.
    My Rating: Again, nice concept and idea of telling stories 
    via notes and letters. Not needed really, but helps you 
    make your own conclusions about the game.
          V. Flares
    Ideal for night use, these flares will keep an area 
    illuminated for 15-30 seconds.
    Locations: Any supply stash will have theses lying around.
    My Rating: Equiping these take too long, so you're most 
    likely going to rely on your flashlight. So be a man! 
    And charge into the shadows!
         VI. Flash/Bang Grenades
    Flash/Bang grenades do little lasting damage, but do 
    temporaily blind and deafen everyone within a thirty foot 
    radius. There are an essential part of crowd control during
    riot situations.
    Locations: Like the flares, you'll find these in supplies 
    stashes everywhere.
    My Rating: You won't need these as much because you'll 
    forget most likely, as you'd rather keep your finger on the
    trigger then stop. But good for somethings like the really
    dark places in which you dare not venture...
    F. Creature/Enemy Guide
          I. COs
    The COs are the people who aren't afraid to shoot you, but
    some of them are nice and would like you to help them. But
    if they're shooting at you first, make sure you shoot back. 
    They were their Guards Uniform through out, and usually 
    armed with revolvers, and some with a Tommy Gun or two.
    Location: You'll find your first dangerous COs on a guard 
    tower during "Abbott Prison Blues"
    Techniques on beating: Shoot to kill. Simple.
    My Rating: Just another human, no real threat so don't be 
    too afraid to just charge into battle with them.
         II. Other Inmates
    These guys are as afraid as you are, and you will only 
    fight them once, well, twice really but he is nice and you
     can work with him later on in the game. 
    They are either armed with guns, or shivs.
    Location: In a rec yard, during the level "Abbott Prison 
    Techniques on beating: Shoot to kill....again.
    My Rating: Like COs, they're just humans, and no threat to
        III. Slayers
    The first monster you come across, and are easy to beat. 
    These guys have no  arms, or legs, but instead, sharp and
    deadly blades. They're fast, they're dangerous, and they can
    do kick-ass backflips.
    Location: You'll see these in the opening cutscene, but will
    face him as he kills a guard who crawls away from his with
    his life. He comes out the toilet where you meet the guard
    with the gun.
    Techniques on beating: Shoot off their heads to make it 
    harder for them to find you. Then blast them in the torso til
    they go down. Sometimes they shield themselves with their 
    blades, just shoot them in the legs instead. Later on in the
    game, after the level "Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner" they 
    begin to regenerate and come back to life thanks to the good
    Dr. Killjoy. Way to stop them from coming back to life, 
    blast their heads off.
    My Rating: They're just regular monsters that pop up all the
    time. Not really scary after a while because they're too damn
         IV. Marksmen
    These guys look hard to bring down, as they're large, tall 
    and bare some 6 or so rifles on their backs. If they see you,
    they will kneel down and let rip with the guns. Other notable
    features are the blindfolds round their eyes, and they are 
    also quite slow due to their size.
    Location: You'll see this big man executing a CO tied to a 
    post and blindfolded during "Descending"
    Techniques on beating: Shoot...and don't stop. Their heads
    can come off with a well placed shot so make sure you place
    it. They're easy to defeat with a gun.
    My Rating: Nice design of creature, the blindfold, the pole
    it is chained to when it appears, and the rifles on it's 
    back are brilliant.
          V. Mainliners
    These creatures crawl along the ground and are a living 
    festation of lethal injection needles, as they're covered 
    with them, sticking out their backs, through their eyes, and
    all over the arms and legs of the creature. They appear out 
    of puddles in the ground, usually blood and water.
    Location: "Abott Prison Blues", Dallas will look at a puddle
    of bloon in, T Block I think and a Mainliner lunges out.
    Techniques on beating: Blast them, no other strategy to it. 
    But they do have a trick up their sleeves, that being when 
    they jump and climb on to you trying to jab a needle in your
    neck. If they do this, trigger-mash L to throw them 
    My Rating: One of my favorite of creatures because of the 
    design. If you're faced in a group of them, they're a good 
         VI. Nooseman
    A creature who hangs by a noose, only his upper body 
    remains, and can surprise you very easily.
    Location: [UPDATE LATER]
    Techniques on beating: They appear where they are is a pool
    of blood on the ceiling, they drop from this and try to 
    strangle you. Shoot the ones that drop in front of you, or
    better yet try to avoid the patches of blood on the roof, 
    that way you are not left...."Hanging around"...
    My Rating: Very annoying, and can't do any damage if you 
    avoid them. Not that great an enemy.
         VII. Burrowers
    Think of these people as the creatures from the film 
    "Tremors." They burrow under the ground, move under the 
    ground, and leap up when they think they have you. They're
    easy to spot because of the Earth moves above them leaving
    a trail as they move about.
    Location: These will "Pop up" inside the quarry in 
    "Darkest Night, Eternal Blight" where a guard tells Torque
    to be quiet and not move.
    Techniques on beating: If you keep moving, they'll just 
    follow you underground and won't pop up, so stand still
    and let rip with a shotgun when he pops up right next to 
    your face, killing him instantly.
    My Rating: Easy to kill, you won't worry about these people
    to much but they still can prove a problem when you're 
    facing a whole group of them as they sneak behind you as 
    you try to kill one in front.
         VIII. Festers
    These are creatures that are not harmed by bullets, and 
    they emerge from the depths of the sea surrounding Carnate,
    and more importantly, come from the wreck of a slave ship. 
    Your ally, the inmate Clem who's journal you own, helps you
    if you help him. He's a good fighter, but may blow you up 
    if you get in his way.
    Location: You'll fight them on the beaches!....during 
    "Dancing At The Dawn Of Apocalypse"
    Techniques on beating: Fire....and lots of it. Keep at a 
    distance, that way you'll just need to throw grenades and
    Molotov Cocktails. They are slow so just get back and 
    throw. One explosion and they're down.
    My Rating: A great creature because of it's resistance to
    bullets, so it helps trigger-happy gamers think before they
           IX. Inferna
    These will scare you, the thought of a little girl who's 
    been dead for a long who walks in a white dress talking 
    about witches before randomly exploding into a ball of 
    flames and chases you did slighty startle me.
    Location: When you climb out of the basement of the 
    lighthouse during the well named "And A Child Shall Lead 
    Them" you'll be greeted with them.
    Techniques on beating: These are hard to beat, because 
    they're way too fast and hard to see in the trail of flames
    they leave. Instead of following Inferna with your 
    crosshairs, aim ahead of her and fire with a weapon such 
    as a Tommy Gun. When she does die, or fall into a pile of 
    ashes, shoot the pile, as like the slayers, they will 
    My Rating: A scary monster because of the lack of gore,
    just a small 13 year old girl who walks around in a white
    robe who bursts into flames. The Best Common Enemy in my 
            X. Hermes
    Hermes is the ghostly gas of the old executioner, Hermes 
    Haight. Who took his own life in the gas chamber, "Just to
    smell the gas", he says. You'll meet him alot in the game,
    where he likes to taunt you all the time.
    Location: In the basement of the Lighthouse.
    Techniques on beating: Inorder to beat him, you must turn
    off all the valves that are pumping out gas. So run to each
    corner and turn them off. Once that is done, run to where 
    there is a pulley and shoot the board that holds the rope 
    in place. Close the one on the left hand side of the room
    by pressing Action. Push the large crate over one of the 
    vents, and finnaly shoot the crates of dynamites at the 
    back of one of the open vents. Now begin cranking the 
    valve in the centre of the room to blast Hermes inside the 
    furnace. Close the door and you've beaten him.
    My Rating: A very creepy boss, mainly due to the accent 
    and the way to says things. The gas form  makes him seem 
    even more freaky, as you can only imagine where he 
    appears. A very, very decent boss.
           XI. Horace
    Horace is the man who was sent to Death by means of 
    electricution for slicing his wife up whle she visited him
    in prison. He felt like she would not be faithful and he 
    was saving her from herself. He haunts Abbott with his 
    electricity and ghost.
    Location: In the Electric Chair Room.
    Techniques on beating: 
    My Rating: Creepy....misunderstood....and a complete mirror
    image of "Nice Guy Eddie" from "Reservoir Dogs," from his
    voice, his looks...to everything. He's not really an enemy
    because he does infact help you, he's still creepy if he was
    against you.
          XII. Dr. Killjoy
    Location: In his operating room at the Mental Institute.
    Techniques on beating: Quickly deal with the slayers and
    blast out the projectors on the sides round the lab. 
    Shoot the slayers again, and then blast out the rope/pulley
    thing attacted to the wall to drop the cage with the projector
    in it, or just shoot it through the bars.
    Now finally, look up to see the final projector, behind bullet
    proof-glass, either throw a stick or two of TNT up their, or 
    just blast the power box that's below the platform on the 
    ground floor. 
    My Rating: It's hard to tell whether he's good, or bad. He
    does want to help Torque...but with strange methods. He will
    scare you, purely because he's a projected image...that can
    do some creepy-ass things (Mainly lethaly injecting an imate
    and then stabbing him to death...nice eh?). But yes, he is 
    one of the best villians in Video-gaming history.
         XIII. Torque in Monster Form
    You've seen this guy run around the prison block (Trivia:
    He was the monster that cut your cell door open at the 
    start of the game) He's your alter-ego, and you get to control
    him during the game. 
    Location: At the docks on the last chapter.
    Techniques on beating: Shoot....over...and over. There is a
    gun-turret on top of some crates in one of the small pens.
    Climb up here and and he won't beable to touch you. Use the 
    gun and blast him til he goes down.
    My Rating: A scary monster that will charge at you, blade
    shining. He's not 'the' scariest of monsters but he is does
    pack a punch enough to scare you into not going into the 
    shadows....dare to follow him? I wouldn't.
           XIV. Torque in Human Form
    This is Torque....in human form, quick, strong...and basically,
    Location: At the docks on the last chapter.
    Techniques on beating: Use monster Torque to kill him, as
    bullets will only cause a "Bad Teddy Bear" to flash on screen.
    That and the fact that bullets can't harm him. 
    My Rating: A lot of video-games today have charcters up against
    themselves: Torque vs. Torque, Max Payne vs. Max Payne....
    which is a brilliant idea, facing a man (or women) against
    themselves. It's a great concept and it works great here.
    So does this mean Torque really is a monster?
            XV. Torque in Final Form
    Big....bad...and an ass. Put that togeather and you get this
    guy. If you thought Festers were bad....just imagine around
    50 or more of them, all rolled into one big one. With energy
    bolts blasting from his hands and a miniture Torque swinging
    around his waist.
    Location: At the docks on the last chapter.
    Techniques on beating: Lower Dr Killjoy's device and use the
    power blast type things. Try to aim at the large "Button" type
    thing in the center of his chest. Repeat over and over to win.
    My Rating: Pure evil. A mad, mad creature who will most likely
    make you want to sit in the corner, cry and rock slowly 
    backwards and forwards. You will love this creature, and hate
    him. One hell of a monster, and one hell of a final boss.
    G. Ending Information:
    As you play The Suffering, you will notice you have choices 
    on what to do,either good or bad. Now what path you choose 
    to play, will result in differentgame endings. This not only
    gives you replay-ability, but a much closer look into the 
    mind of Torque.
    The Good Ending:
    The name doesn't do anything for you, as you'd expect it to
    be good as in as a
    happy ending.....
    In this ending, Torque's Family are murdered by a group of 
    killers....and so Torque ends up looking like the killer 
    and is sent to Abbott.
    The Bad Ending:
    This is the bad ending.....in this, you are the killer and 
    you kill your wife and kids yourself.
    You get sent to Abbott for killing everyone, great job!.
    The Ugly Ending:
    The ugly ending. You get angry and push your wife, she 
    accidently cracks her skull open on a cupboard. Your son, sees
    this and runs to drown his brother, before finally jumping
    to his death from his bedroom window. 
    You get blamed and sent to Abbott.
    [You can find a list of the Good-Bad choices in the game 
    in the other FAQ I'm writing for The Suffering.]
    H. Unlockables:
    These are things that are unlocked throughout the game.
             I. Clem's Archive
    Clem's Archive helps Torque understand about a monster that 
    appears in the game, all thanks to the inmate Clem who has 
    seen everyone, and knows the history of Abbott, 'oh so well.
    Page 1. (Introduction)
    Contained in these pages are my observations of the bizarre 
    creatures that have appeared on Carnate Island since the 
    cataclysm struck. The creatures emerge in a variety of ways,
    but many of them appear to come from within the island 
    itself, as if the very earth of Carnate were poisonous and
    vile. Though I scarcely have the time to keep a journal like
    this while trying to keep myself alive, my inquisitive nature
    forces me to write down what I see in the hope that I might 
    better understand it. But how can this unspeakable horror
    possibly be understood? It is as if Carnate's horrific sins,
    both past and present, are being brought to life in a pageant
    of death.
    Page 2. (Slayer)
    I first witnessed these creatures jumping out of the ground 
    itself. Their heads are detached from their torso, held 
    aloft by hideous contraptions.Their limbs have been replaced
    by blades of the sharpest steel. To my eyes, they appear to 
    be a manifestation of decapitation, yet it seems improbable
    anyone ever had their head chopped off in Abbott. I suppose
    on Carnate anything is possible. I have dubbed these 
    monstrosities Slayers.
    Page 3. (Marksman)
    Based on the battery of rifles attached to its back and the 
    blindfold around it's head, this marksman appears to be the 
    reincarnation of a military firing squad. Abbott was 
    originally a POW camp during WWII, so it seems likely they 
    would have had executions of that sort. Indeed, there are 
    stories of a rouge colonel who was to be court marshaled, 
    but instead took his own life. Perhaps he is connected to 
    these abominations.
    Page 4. (Mainliner)
    In the 1970s, Lethal Injection was introduced as the most 
    "humane" means of state-sanctioned killing. To date, 25 such
    procedures have taken place in Abbott. This creature -I call
    him the Mainliner- appears to suffer with every move he makes,
    perhaps the mixture of Sodium Pentothal Pancuronium Bromide, 
    and Potassium Chlorine in his veins is not to his liking. 
    The numerous needles jabbed into his body cannot help his 
    Page 5. (Nooseman)
    Not only is this Nooseman dead from being hung by the neck, 
    but also appears to have had his skin removed. I wonder if 
    these creatures are tied to the legendary story of the 
    inmates who, outraged about the death of fellow workers in a
    quarry mining accident, hung and skinned five COs. The 
    Noosemen are more supernatural than many of their brethren, 
    ripping themselves straight out of the ceiling in some 
    entirely impossible manner.
    Page 6. (Burrower)
    These Burrowers are some of the most lethal creatures I 
    have encountered, primarily due to their ability to spring 
    forth from the ground itself and justas quickly re-submerge.
    They are closely tied to the very soil of Carnate, A theme 
    among these monstrosities. Its appearance is of a human body
    tied up in a gunny sack and constrained by leather straps, 
    with deadly steal chains attached at various locations. I 
    believe they represent those buried alive.
    Page 7. (Fester)
    Continually emerging from the slave ship, these are the 
    festering creatures who foil my attempts to escape this 
    confounded rock. Rats live within their flesh, writhing 
    within it and then springing forth randomly. They appear to
    be a reincarnation, not of the slaves - for then they would
    be of darker skin tone, but instead of the slave traders. 
    In this form, they are forced to live out again and again 
    the fate they forced upon those hapless slaves.
    This is an ugly ending, as the death of Torque's family is 
    purely accidental...well, killing the wife was an accident, 
    but one of the sons saw the dead body and killed his brother
    and himself.....Torque gets sent to Abbott.
    Page 8. (Inferna)
    From what I have witnessed, this manifestation of evil 
    appears to have two distinct forms: the first, a young girl
    in Puritan dress, perhaps 13 years of age. This transforms 
    into an altogether more disturbing flaming creature. Both 
    clutch a small hand-made doll. To my mind there is no doubt
    that these creatures are tied to the three young girls who 
    made witchcraft accusations in the late 1600s and lead to 
    the incendiary death of 11 innocents.
    Page 9. (Dr. Killjoy)
    One of Abbott's most persistent legends tells of Dr. 
    Killjoy, the quite insane psychiatrist/surgeon who ran an
    asylum on Carnate. Doing research of my own, I found that he
    did indeed exist, though which stories are true and which are 
    fabrication is anyone's guess. Since the cataclysm, I have 
    three times seen a surgeon formed of pure light, 
    reminiscent of 16mm film projection come to life. Could this
    be the fine doctor?
    Page 10. (Horace)
    Many inmates break once inside Abbott. But none have snapped
    more than Horace Gauge who, the tale goes, became convinced
    his wife wasn't safe without his protection and sliced her to
    ribbons during a conjugal visit. He ended up in the mercy 
    chair, electrocuted by Abbott's then executioner, Hermes 
    Haight. For years inmates have said he haunts Abbott, and I
    believe I saw him ten minutes ago. I surely wish I had not.
    Page 11. (Hermes)
    Since the cataclysm I have several times found myself 
    mysteriously surrounded by noxious green fumes. I have fled 
    in each case, and I think if I had not, I might not be alive
    to write this now. Within the gas I have seen a humanoid who
    seemed to take great joy in the prospect of my death. Could
    this be Hermes, Abbott's resident executioner for several 
    decades? If I recall, he took his own life in the gas chamber.
    Page 12. (Un-named)
    I only briefly saw this enormous creature a single time, 
    near the docks. I cannot even begin to describe him, save for 
    one thing, he seems to be quite literally connected to an 
    inmate, the convicted killer Torque. Incredible as it may 
    sound, this creature appears to have a miniature version of 
    Torque attached to him via a long umbilicus beyond that, I 
    can only say that I view him as the most evil of all the 
    creatures, a pure manifestation of fury and evil.
    Page 13. (???)
    Page 14. (Torque)
    Since the cataclysm I have seen the death of many inmates, 
    but one seems to be a unstoppable survivor. I have seen him 
    take out packs of marksmen and slayers without even 
    breathing hard. Torque is an inmate of some ill-repute, 
    having been sentenced to die for the killing of his ex-wife 
    and children. Of course, being convicted and being guilty 
    aretwo different things. Perhaps he will save us all, but I 
    feel certain he will at least save himself.
    Page 15. (???)
            II. Consuela's Journal
    This journal helps you understand about the history of the 
    Island. Dating back 
    to the 1600's to the 1900's. You have Consuela, Ernesto the 
    COs wife to thank for writing this information....
    Page 1. (Introduction)
    When Ernesto took his job at Abbott, I was far from excited.
    When he told me we would need to move to Carnate Island as 
    well, I was not happy at all. But I tried to find a good 
    side to the situation: I have always been interested in the
    history of unique places. What kind of history would we find
    on Carnate? This scrapbook project was started primarily to
    fill my time here, but also so I could record what I had 
    discovered. In my exploration of the island, I uncovered 
    many of Carnate's secrets. Though I record them here, I do 
    not think I will tell them world about what I have found: 
    Carnate is a place whose secrets are best kept to itself.
    Page 2. (The Island)
    Carnate Island is approximately three miles wide, and lies
    some ten miles off the coast of Maryland. In addition to 
    man-made structures, Carnate is also home to a labyrinthine
    natural cave system unlike anything I have seen before. 
    Through my studies I learned of the island's dark and 
    unsettling history. Though it may sound ridiculous to say 
    it, Carnate seems to bring out the worst in those who make 
    the mistake of coming here.
    Page 3. (Abbott State Penitentiary)
    Originally built as a part of Fort Maleson to house German
    POWs during WWII, it was taken over by Maryland following 
    the war, and converted into Abbott State Penitentiary. 
    Mostly built out of local quarry rock, the prison is now 
    home to nearly 1000 inmates, and has the worst safety 
    record and highest homicide rate of any prison in the 
    Maryland Department of Corrections system. The state also
    carries out the majority of it's death sentences here.
    Page 4. (The Death House)
    The most ominous structure inside of Abbott is the death 
    house. Electrocution,gas, and lethal injection have all 
    been used within its walls, though only the last is still
    used today. The Death House is also the prison's oldest 
    structure, built as the administration building when the 
    prison was a POW camp.It's basement was also built during
    the war and in it you can still see relics of that time. 
    The basement has been closed off for twenty years.
    Page 5. (Prison Cemetery)
    When an inmate dies and his family does not claim the 
    body, he is buried here.The cemetery is named after the 
    infamous corrections officer Hermes T. Haight. He was in 
    charge of executions for several decades, before finally 
    killing himself in the gas chamber. Also buried here is 
    notorious inmate Horace Gauge who savagely killed his 
    wife on a conjugal visit. To me, the cemetery is the 
    most bleak and depressing place on all of Carnate.
    Page 6. (The Quarry)
    At the same time the prison started operation, digging 
    commenced at Carnate Quarry. Prisoners were forced to 
    work this quarry for twelve hours a day, cutting the rock
    that would be used to build the prison walls. Work 
    conditions in the quarry were far from ideal. Inmates 
    who complained were severely disciplined. Carnate 
    Quarry has not been in use since the 1960s, with its 
    mining equipment simply abandoned where it stood to 
    rust and collapse.
    Page 7. (Quarry Cave In)
    At some point in the mid-50s, weak mine shaft support 
    beams gave way and trapped a number of quarry workers 
    under several tons of rubble. The official story was that
    the prisoners were killed instantly. Other inmates 
    maintained that the workers survived the collapse, but 
    no attempt was made to rescue them.
    The inmates were so enraged they revolted against the COs
    and lynched five of them. What really happened may never 
    be known.
    Page 8. (The Asylum)
    On the far western edge of Carnate stands an old Victorian
    home built in 1877. In 1899, the home was converted into 
    the oddly titled Carnate Institution for the Alienated. The
    small institution was run by one Dr.Killjoy whose methods 
    were far from conventional and often tragically lethal. 
    What exactly happened to Dr.Killjoy is unknown, but the 
    asylum was abandoned in the 1930s, and has been uninhabited
    ever since.
    Page 9. (Burned House)
    Though I know little about this site, these ruins of an old 
    home are oddly fascinating to me. The small house appears to
    be from the mid-19th century, and I would say it certainly 
    predates the Asylum. Nearby is an old, abandoned well that 
    seems to be especially deep. Since the house burned down, one
    cannot help but wonder if Carnate itself was trying to drive 
    away the people who lived inside it. If one chooses to believe
    in such things.
    Page 10. (Slave Shipwreck)
    On the northwestern beach of the island is a massive shipwreck
    from the early 18th century. The ship carried a cargo of 
    slaves, and was en route to Norfolk when it was knocked off 
    course and crashed. Apparently the traders feared releasing the
    slaves they carried, and instead left them trapped in the hull, 
    where they were slowly eaten by rats. How the ship has survived
    the elements nearly three centuries is certainly a mystery.
    Page 11. (The Bluff)
    On the south side of the island, near Fort Maleson there is a 
    bluff which appears to have been forgotten since the 1940s. 
    Along the ocean side of the bluff are three wood posts riddled
    with bullets, to which dead bodies are still attached. This 
    seems to be the site of the little-known 1944 execution of 
    three American soldiers. Executed on suspicion of treason, no 
    actual evidence of wrong-doing was ever found.
    Page 12. (Crashed Plane)
    This bizarre relic is a Horton 229-A1, an experimental plane 
    developed by the Germans during the latter stages of WWII. It 
    crashed on Carnate in 1944, to the great distress of the fort's
    Colonel. Taking his cue from the Japanese internment camps of 
    the West, the colonel wanted to root out the traitors he 
    suspected had led the plane to Carnate. He executed three of 
    his own men who happened to be of German ancestry, but who were
    almost certainly innocent. Why the plane actually crashed here 
    remains a mystery.
    Page 13. ( World War II Fort)
    Built in 1942, Fort Maleson served as both coastal defense 
    facility and POW camp. The fort had some 250 men, and held 
    approximately 1000 prisoners. The fort's most notorious story 
    is of its colonel who executed three of his men for treason 
    because a German airplane crashed on the island. A subsequent 
    court martial found no evidence to justify these executions, 
    and the colonel ended up taking his own life.
    Page 14. (Old Cemetery)
    This cemetery is home to the remains of elevan Puritans who 
    were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 1681. 
    Witch burning was all but unheard of on this continent, with
    other supposed witches, such as those in Salem, having met 
    their demise at the end of a rope. It appears that hanging was
    not enough for the residents of Goodsmouth, no doubt because 
    Carnate Island is a place that drives people to extremes.
    Page 15. (Burning Site)
    In the 17th century, Carnate was home to a small Puritan 
    village named Goodsmouth. In 1681, for unknown reasons, a 13
    year old girl accused several townsfolk of witchcraft. Joined 
    by two close friends of hers, the trio formed an unholy 
    alliance which led to the burning of eleven people, all of 
    whom are interred nearby. Shortly thereafter, the girls 
    mysteriously disappeared. This is the place where those 
    terrible burnings occurred.
    Page 16. (The Lighthouse)
    The lighthouse is the oldest standing structure on Carnate 
    Island. Its corner stone states that its date of 
    construction as 1834. The light was origianlly oil 
    powered, but since the 1950s has ran off of a nearby 
    generator. Similarly, the lighthouse's rotation was 
    originally powered by a system of gears that would 
    periodically need to be re-cranked. To this day, when
    the power goes off, the motion needs to be re-started
    by hand cranking.
    Page 17. (The Town)
    Built on the site of the Puritan village of Goodsmouth, 
    this town is home to nearly thirty corrections officers 
    and their families. It has a single dilapidated general
    store, a small overgrown park, and a church that, for as
    long as anyone can remember, has had no minister. It is
    generally agreed that no-one would live in this 
    depressing place were it not for the daunting distance 
    back to the mainland and lack of ferry service.
    Page 18. (The Docks)
    The only functional dock remaining on Carnate, this is the 
    sole point of entry for inmates and their visitors, as well 
    as corrections officers and those of us who happen to be 
    married to them. I remember the first day I came to Carnate,
    it was raining in sheets, and the ship had trouble docking. 
    I remember thinking the island didn't want us coming here. 
    I've long thought it would have been better if we turned 
    back then.
     III. Chapter 0 : Waiting to Die
    This is the original starting level, but was taken out 
    during development. It becomes playable after completing the
    game once on any difficulty. Basically it is where Torque is
    taken out of the boat and has to wait in a pen for the 
    Prison Bus to come pick them up.
    Easter Egg:
    There are 3 convicts standing in the corner of the pen, and 
    during the level a crow will land next to them. If you stand
    on the crow, you'll be wearing a cowboy hat and hear the 
    Director of the game tell you about the level.
    I. Acknowledgements/Thanks To
    I'd just like to thank all the people who have helped write
    this guide (I.E Only Myself) And those who gave me moral 
    courage and support, and so here they are:
    Vagabond Sausage, Out there, The NailV3, KageShinobi, 
    ClockworkHare, Master Channeler, Flyingpigsunited, MCR, 
    Yams, FullArmourEva00, beckhambro, die70sdie, and monday 
    Other people who I should thank are as follows,
    "Moth366, for writing another guide that I looked at so I 
    knew how many characters I could have on one line."
    "Pikadeth's Playhouse for making up that quote which can be 
    found in the "Warning" section."
    "Midway for making this game"
    "My Parents for loving me so much"
    "Money, because without it , this game would never had 
    reached my hands"
    "The dark, for scaring me"
    "God, due to his power and smiting techniques....and for 
    putting me on this Earth."
    "And finally reddragonflame (A.K.A The one and only....
    Waterboy!) for being the best of the best. Thanks man, 
    I owe you."
    J. Legal Information:
    This text file, "The Suffering Guide" may not be republished
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    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
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