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    Game Script by metal_cherry

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 09/24/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Suffering: Game Script
    By Metal Cherry.
    Greetings. :D As it says in the title, this is the *entire*
    game script for 'The Suffering'. That includes dialogue from
    cutscenes, during boss fights, even the dialogue from the minor
    characters that you meet along the way, and Torque's good/evil
    I realise this may seem a bit excessive, and definitely no easy task,
    but I always found the little tidbits of info and theories from inmates,
    C.O.s and other minor characters rather interesting. ;D
    This game script is transcribed directly from the game's subtitles,
    for the most part, except for some parts that were lacking in subtitles
    that I had to do myself.
    Before we start, please note that this document is still under some
    minor construction, as I have yet to complete the 'Neutral' and 'Evil' path
    dialogues. Fear not, for these shall be added as soon as I reach them
    in the game. I also have yet to add the ((action)) lines, i.e a line
    describing what is happening in the game during the dialogue, to help
    with understanding the script a little better. :3
    And I'm a bit of a scatterbrain right now, since I'm very busy, so if
    you happen to see any bits of dialogue missing without any (?)'s, it
    probably means I thought "Oh, I'll add them later." and forgot. >_<;
    Please don't hesitate to fill in any gaps or correct any errors.
    I apologize for all these inconsistencies, but they shall be fixed as soon
    as I have time.
    While the actual dialogue of this game obviously belongs to Midway,
    this particular document is copyright to me. I have put a LOT of hard
    work into transcribing every single bit of dialogue in the game, so
    please do NOT copy it and claim it as your own. If you wish to post this
    document on your site, simply e-mail me for permission to do so first.
    There were a few lines of dialogue in this game that I unfortunately
    could not transcribe, either because the character's voice was cut
    off by another, or simply because the subtitles appeared and disappeared
    from the screen too quickly for me to be able to catch them.
    So, if you see a (?) at some point in this document, it means that I
    was unable to transcribe that particular line. If you happen to know
    what any of these missing lines are, it would be greatly appreciated
    if you could send them to me by e-mail. My e-mail address is
    One rather large piece of dialogue that I'm currently missing is the
    dialogue between the inmates and C.O.s in the bonus chapter, 'Waiting
    To Die'; all over the voices and subtitles seem to overlap eachother,
    making it all very hectic and hard to transcribe.
    Of course, credit for any kind contributors will be given accordingly. :D 
    As every fan of 'The Suffering' should know, this game is CHOCK-FULL
    of profanity and coarse language. And I warn you now that I have NOT,
    I repeat, NOT editied ANY of it out, as it is part of the game, and
    as this is a game script, I believe it should remain un-tampered with.
    So please, DON'T let any young siblings look over your shoulder
    while you're reading this, 'kay? You have been warned. :D
    One last thing - I shouldn't have to point this out, but, since this
    is a game script, it's obviously full of lots and lots of **SPOILERS**
    So, best not to look at this unless you've finished the game, or if
    you just don't mind have the storyline spoiled. :3
    As this document is so long, I have included a 'code' for each section
    and sub-section. To instantly jump to the desired section instead of
    having to scroll through the whole document, simply press CTRL+F on
    your keyboard to bring up the search window. There, type in the code
    for the section you wish to jump to.
    The sections that I have marked with codes are the ones that I feel
    are the most significant and important. Various other pieces of dialogue
    can be found in-between them.
    The code is the set of numbers in brackets to the left of each section.
         (1.1) Meeting the first C.O
         (1.2) Going downstairs
         (1.3) Gas chamber C.O
    ((2.0)) DESCENDING
         (2.1) First transformation
         (2.2) Marskman introduction
         (2.3) Horace - Death House basement
         (3.1) Meeting Dallas
         (4.1) Mainliner introduction
         (4.2) Locking the cell doors
         (4.3) Recreation yard shootout
         (4.4) Dallas - Combat dialogue
         (4.5) The library
         (4.6) Hargrave
         (4.7) The loading dock
    ((5.0)) NO MORE PRISONS
         (6.1) S Block riot
         (6.1) S Block riot - continued
         (6.3) Killjoy - Break room
         (7.1) Hermes - Tower B2
         (7.2) Meeting Luther
         (7.3) Along the wall
         (7.4) End of the wall
         (7.5) The baseball field
         (7.6) The radio building
         (8.1) Cemetary voices
         (8.2) Cemetary path shootout
         (8.3) Burrower introduction
         (9.1) Stranded inmate
         (9.2) Littles girls - Water tower
          (11.1) Meeting Sergei
          (11.2) Meeting Killjoy in the lobby
          (11.3) Meeting Killjoy in the theater
          (11.4) Meeting Killjoy in the basement
          (11.5) Meeting Killjoy in the attic
          (11.6) Boss fight - Killjoy
    ((12.0)) A LONELY PLACE TO DIE
          (13.1) Meeting Clem
          (13.2) Fester introduction
          (13.3) Clem - Combat dialogue
          (13.4) Clem's escape
    ((14.0)) SURFACING
          (15.1) Boss fight - Horace
          (15.2) D-Block hallucination
    ((17.0)) DEATH BE NOT PROUD
          (18.1) Little girls - Flooded cave
          (18.2) Meeting Jimmy
          (18.3) Jimmy - Combat dialogue
          (18.4) Boss fight - Hermes
          (19.1) Meeting Ernesto
          (19.2) Meeting Ernesto, again
          (19.3) Ernesto - Combat dialogue
          (19.4) The generator
          (19.5) The cave
          (19.6) The lighthouse
          (19.7) Lighthouse roof hallucination
          (19.8) Through the gates
          (20.1) The tunnel
          (20.2) Hermes - At the broken bridge
          (20.3) Parting ways with Ernesto
          (20.4) Killjoy - Before final boss
          (20.5) Malcolm
          (20.6) Cory
          (20.7) Carmen
    ((21.0)) (ENDINGS)
           (21.1) The 'Good' ending
           (21.2) The 'Neutral' ending
           (21.3) The 'Evil' ending     
    C.O: How many times have I done this, and I still hate it.
         I swear Abbott's full enough already.
    (Two Corrections Officers are escorting an inmate through the
    hallways of the prison.)
    C.O 2: At least when you escort an inmate to
           death row, you know he's scheduled to
           get what he deserves.
    C.O: Ernesto, you can really be a jackass, you know that?
    C.O 2: You know what this one did?
    C.O: I don't wanna know. And you know
    C.O 2: He beat his ex-wife to a bloody pulp,
           killed her with his fists.
    C.O: Look I said I didn't...
    C.O 2: Then he drowned one son in the tub, threw the
           other out a window. Don't ask me to cry for him.
    C.O: Inmate, is this true?
    C.O 2: Oh, he won't say. Claims he blacked the whole
           thing out. A likely story. The needle's too good
           for him. Filthy inmate, they should all die.
    (They reach the cell block, and the C.O.s promptly shove
    the inmate into his cell.)
    Inmate 1: Willie's bed isn't even cold yet, and already
              they brought in a new guy.
    Slick: I heard he killed his old lady and kids.
           Sick motherfucker.
    Inmate 3: Be quiet you Jeri-curled fool. Don't
              you know who that is?
    Slick: Why should I?
    Inmate 3: That's Torque, the man himself. Word is he shived
              half the Aryan brotherhood over at Eastern.
    Slick: So fuckin' what? I can understand a guy
           killin' his old lady, but he popped his kids,
           too? Motherfucker deserves to be
           strapped down and dosed.
    Inmate: You believe what the C.O.s tell you, Slick?
            You don't know shit about the man. I'm
            telling you, what I heard, he's all right.
    Goose: That cocksucker's not gonna be all right for long if
           he's in the row with the rest of us short timers.
    Inmate 3: Shut your cracker ass Goose. Man's due
              respect, you show him respect.
    Goose: I decide who I respect, shitboy, don't
           you go tellin' me...
    C.O: Quiet down in there! Some of you wanna go
         back on the loaf? I didn't think so.
    Floyd: Hey you. Yeah you, neighbor, nice to meet
           you, my name's Floyd. How long you got 'til
           your turn on the table? Huh? You all out of
           appeals? Your lawyer fuck you? I read
           your trial, they got no witnesses, all
           circumstantial evidence. No one knows what
           really happened but you. But you can't
           remember a thing, is that right?
    Inmate 3: Best not to listen to him, Torque. Floyd's a
              degenerate parasite. They shoulda slapped the
              cuffs on him coming outta his momma's cunt.
    Floyd: At least I know Jesus is with me, man.
           Whatever I've done, the Reverend says
           Jesus's forgiven me.
    Goose: Will you shut the fuck up you baby raping
           sodomizing sack of shit.
    Inmate 4: I was just askin' the man a question Goose...
    (The lights suddenly shut off, plunging the cell block
    into darkness as it is rocked by a huge earthquake.)
    Inmate 4: What the fuck is that?
    Inmate 3: Shit, it's an earthquake!
    Inmate 1: Fuck, what the hell is going on?
    Inmate 4: The end times! The rapture!!!
    Inmate 3: C.O, you gotta let us out, we still humans
              man, we got rights!
    Inmate 3: The whole fuckin' place is comin' down!
    Slick: Sweet Jesus, what the hell was that?
    Inmate 3: Slick, you OK man?
    Slick: Is the prison collapsin'? Are we sinkin' into the
           ocean? C.O! C.O! What the hell's goin' on!?!?
    (Slick's voice is cut off when a creature, barely visible
     in the shadows, dashes towards him from behind.)
    Inmate 3: Slick, what in the fuck just happened? Slick?
              Slick? Goose, you still there?
    Goose: Yeah I'm still here, and it wasn't me, if that's
           what you're thinkin', I didn't touch that n-...
    Floyd: Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be
           name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on
           earth as it is in heaven, (?)
    Inmate: What was that? Goose, for fuck's
            sake, what's going on?
    (The earthquake slows to a stop, but the cell block remains
     cloaked in shadows.)
    Inmate: That was close. I thought we were done for. We
            gotta get out of this shitcan before it collapses...
    (Another creature drops down from the ceiling of the inmate's
     cell and makes its way towards him.)
    Inmate 3: Shit! There's something in here! It's in
              here! Help me! No!!!
    (The inmate clings to the bars of his cell, but is powerless as
     the unseen creature grabs him and drags him to the back of the
    (Torque, completely silent, remains still. The lights flicker back
     on, and a large creature wrenches the door from Torque's cell as
     it runs by.)
    (After walking around the cellblock for a few moments)
    (A C.O yells at Torque from behind a barred door)
    C.O: Inmate! Back in your cell! Everything's under control!
    (A pair of long, razor-sharp blades suddenly pierce the C.O's
     skull from behind. Blood gushes from the C.O's mouth. The blades
    belong to a creature, hidden from view as it dangles from the ceiling.
    (The creature then uses its blades to repeatedly slam the C.O against
    the bars of the door, splashing blood on Torque. The creature lets
    the C.O's limp corpse fall to the ground.)
    (After entering the first control room)
    (Evil conscience): Been... waiting... for... you...
    (After entering first corridor)
    (An inmate waves to Torque and gestures to a hallway on his right.)
    Inmate: There's a way out over here! Follow me!
            We can get out this way!
    (Before Torque can follow, however, a cave-in blocks the hallway,
     and crushes the inmate, with a pile of rubble.)
    (Near entrance to second control room)
    C.O: Thank God I made it into the light! I think
         I'm safe in the light. You've got to get me
         out of here! Nooaaaa!
    (Radio transmission in the second control station)
    C.O: Anyone read me? What's goin' on? Is it a riot?
         What's the situation? This's Nash up in
         tower A3, and I can't see what's going on. I
         hear sounds, but when I shine the spot down
         there it's like everything scampers out of the
         way. I can't see well enough to... Shit, get
         away from me! Man, I killed it, but that thing's
         impossible, it's like some kinda spider with
         swords... Goddamned inmates are behind
         this, I know they are. Is anyone listening to
         I think maybe I better just stay up
         here, where I'm safe...
    (Phone call in small room near showers)
    Carmen: T? T listen to me. You gotta get out of
            there. That island's more than just a prison,
            it's so much worse. It brings out
            the worst in everyone. Get out of there, T.
            Run! Run as fast as you can!
    C.O: Anyone over in the Death House read me?
         Hawks here, I'm in Cell Block T. The inmates... it
         looks like a lot of them have gone off and hung
         themselves. I... It's bloody anarchy in here, and
         Luther's lost his sodding mind. What's the
         status over there, you copy? Hello?
         Bollocks, I've got to get out of here.
    (Hallucination/vision in the men's room)
    Cory: Dad, what's going on?
    (A voice rings out from the men's room nearby, along with
     several gunshots.)
    C.O: Die, god damn you, die! I've had just about
         enough of you fuckers!
    (A C.O emerges from the men's room and points his revolver
     at Torque.)
    C.O: Hold it right there or I will cut you down! You
         hear me inmate, do you hear me?
    ((Carmen: Calm down, T.
              Don't let your anger get the best of you.))
    ((Evil conscience: Kill him. Cut him.
                       Fuck him. He should die.))
    (If you let him live...)
    C.O: Aw, to hell with protocol, everything's gone to
         shit and right now I'd prefer a murdering
         scumfuck from the row to one of those
         monstrosoties. We've got a better chance to
         survive if we stick together, but you will do
         exactly what I say or I will punch a hole in
         your sorry ass, got it?
    C.O: From what I've seen these bastard-spawn
         prefer to stay in the dark. Go get a flashlight
         from the breakroom down the hall. And no
         funny stuff or I will blow your head off, comprende?
    (If you attack him...)
    C.O: Watch that inmate or I will fuck you up!
    C.O: Back the fuck off!
    C.O: God-damn it inmate, this is gonna hurt you a
         lot more than it's gonna hurt me!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: I could never love a murderer!))
    (Waiting for Torque to get the flashlight)
    C.O: Come on man, get with it! You gotta get a
         flashlight from the breakroom down the hall.
    C.O: A lot of the lights were destroyed in that
         earthquake, you'll need a flashlight to
         see a damned thing.
    C.O: Go find yourself a flashlight and I may
         get us out alive.
    C.O: What are you waiting for, an engraved
         invitation? Move it!
    (After retrieving the flashlight for the C.O)
    C.O: All right, you got a light. We gotta head
         downstairs to get outta this shithole. And you
         better stay out of my way. If I need to shoot
         more of those fuckers, I will not hold my fire
         on your account, you read me?
    (Waiting for Torque to follow)
    C.O: We have to go downstairs to get out.
         Get your ass in gear!
    C.O: Convict! Get a move on! We're as good as
         dead if we stay here.
    C.O: What in god's green earth is your
         fucking problem, move it!
    (While fighting the Slayers)
    C.O: Damn, there's more of those things down
         here! Stay outta my way!
    C.O: Yeah, did you see that?
    C.O: Cut 'em down!
    C.O: That's the way!
    C.O: Take that you goddamn horror!
    C.O: That's the last of 'em. You handled yourself
         alright, fer an inmate. Carnate Island's got a
         strange history, and Abbott is one fucked up
         hoosegow. And let me tell you, we better
         stay away from the fucking basement. If
         things are bad up here, down there it's gonna
         be like the mouth of hell.
    (Parting ways with the C.O)
    (Torque and the C.O hear a voice calling to them from
     nearby. The voice is accompanied by loud crackles and
     fizzles of electricity.)
    Horace: Help me! It won't stop! It never stops!
    C.O: Goddamn, what the hell was that? I gotta 
         check it out. Stay here!
    (The C.O Runs towards the source of the voice.)
    Horace: Make it stop!
    ((Carmen: I always saw the good in you.))
    (Hallucination/vision in the Infirmary)
    Hermes: I always looked at their bodies when I was done.
    (Radio transmission in the Infirmary)
    C.O: Anyone hear me? This is Hawks again. I
         tried to get to the radio building, but there're
         so many of those... those things, they looked
         like yobs with stilts on... They're all over the
         yard, and I couldn't get through. Has anyone
         called for help yet? They'll need to call in
         the military to clean this mess up. What's
         that there?!? Bloody hell!
    (Phone call in the Visitor Area)
    Inmate: Hello Ma, it's me, Willie. Yeah, they said I could
            talk as long as I wanted to. No that's OK, I told
            you I didn't want you here, it's better this way.
            Ma... Now, c'mon Ma, don't cry, it's not goin' to do
            anybody any good at all. Y'know I love ya, right?
            And the reverend said I won't feel a thing.
    (If you electrocute Horace...)
    Horace: It still burns!
    Horace: No more!
    Horace: Make it stop!
    Horace: I want it to end!
    (If you electrocute Horace three times)
    ((Carmen: Can't you see you're hurting him?!))
    (Radio transmission in Foyer control station )
    Inmate: Hear ye hear ye, this is Radio Free Abbott, the
            inmates're runnin' the show now, suckers!
            This here's MC 25 ta Life, and I want you to
            know I am calm like a bomb. Lemme tell ya,
            I done seen more dead C.O.s today than I
            ever dreamed I would, and I wanna say they
            all had it comin'. I don't know what the fuck is
            goin' on, but I like it!
    (Radio transmission in control station next to L-chamber)
    C.O: Is this thing working? I think the buggerin' thing's on
         the blink, hello? Hawks again, still trying to find
         another C.O who isn't dead or gone off his nut.
         I've made it to the admissions building, but I don't
         know how I'm going to open the blasted gate. The
         whole mechanism's gone off the spout. If anyone
         can hear me, I'd advise you to look for a different
         way out, because it looks like I'm well and truly
         fucked here. The laugh's on us then, isn't it?
         Who'd have thought we Corrections Officers would
         be the ones trying to escape from Abbott.
         Fucking hilarious, if you ask me.
    (1.3) GAS CHAMBER C.O
    (Evil conscience?): Make him... suffer... burn flesh... eternal...
    (Torque arrives at the control room for the gas chamber. Through
     the window, he can see a C.O strapped to the chair inside the
    C.O: Oww... What happened, where am I... Oh
         fuck, this looks like... shit! Hello!?! Can
         anybody hear me? What's going on?
         Hello??!?! Let me out!
    C.O: Heh, I get it. They warned me about the
         C.O.s at Abbott and their practical jokes, but
         Jesus! Har fucking hardy har, very funny.
         Jokes over guys, c'mon, let me out!
    C.O: Murphy, was this your idea? Hawks? Which
         one of you fuckers thought of this?
    C.O: I may be a newjack, but you think I was born
         yesterday? I'm not scared, I know this thing
         was decommissioned in the '80s, they welded
         the door shut and everything, no way it can hurt
         me. How'd you guys get me in here
         anyway? Hello? Hello? Anyone hear me?
    C.O: You bastards sure put these straps on tight, is
         this part of the gag huh? Guys? Hello!?!?
    C.O: God damn it, just get me out of
         here, you cocksuckers.
    (When the gas is turned on)
    C.O: What's that smell?
         Oh no, oh fuck, oh Jesus, I've got to get
         out of this fuckin'...
         Fuckin' piece of shit!!!
    (The C.O pulls himself free of the chair and starts
     banging on the window of the chamber, shouting at
    C.O: Hey you! This is a mistake! Shut off the gas!
         Open the door!! Can you hear me? Do something!
         Fuck you!
         Those're my... last words... you...
    (If Torque turns on the gas...)
    ((Carmen: No!! You've got to think about what you do!))
    (After escaping from the gas chamber)
    Hermes: They won't leave you alone until you do it.
    (2.0) DESCENDING
    (Three voices echo through the hallways.)
    Killjoy: I want to see the real you, Torque.
    Horace: You can't put it off forever, this
            place is stronger than you.
    Hermes: Show me why you're in here. I want to
            know all about you.
    (Torque looks around as he walks into what appears to be a
     large boiler room. A set of stairs leads down to the lower
     level, where several C.O corpses lay. The door slams shut
     behind Torque.)
    (Across the room, the handles of three large valves turn.
     Green gas rushes out from the pipes to form a humanoid
     spirit. The spirit addresses Torque directly.)
    Hermes: Death is our stock in trade here at Abbott, the
            final solution... I am one of the few who will
            admit that. First it giveth, then taketh away.
    (The spirit falls silent as a jolt of electricity runs through
     some nearby wires and into a large fuse box. The front of the
     box suddenly bursts open to reveal Horace, struggling against
     the live wires. He turns and speaks to Torque.)
    Horace: I been here a long time, and I don't
            understand much about this place. But I
            know your bein' here ain't no coincidence.
    (The wires crackle to life again, and another jolt of
     electricity runs to a nearby room with a large
     viewing window. Inside the room, a projector flickers
     to life and projects and image of a man in a blood-
     splattered apron. He paces back and forth as he speaks
     to Torque.)
    Killjoy: Well well well, look what we have here. How
             long I have been waiting to encounter such a
             fascinating specimen. My understanding is
             you've had periodic blackouts since... when
             was it... ah, yes, early adolescence. Ever
             wonder what happens during those blackouts?
             Would you say you have visions of
             bloodshed? Yes, surely there is bloodshed.
    (The three apparitions speak to Torque as he fights a
     seemingly endless supply of Slayers.)
    Hermes: You've seen death, right? I read about
            your life, you sick bastard. Put me to shame,
            I never got to snuff a woman. But
            did you really do it? Because we get
            innocent guys in here, sure, innocent until
            presumed guilty... it doesn't affect me doing
            my job though, above all else, I am
            a professional, I am dedicated to the work.
            Nothing compares to the deep
            satisfaction of terminating a human life... but
            you already know that, don't you?
    Horace: You had a wife, right? Didja love her? How far
            would you go to make sure she stayed yours?
            When you get mad, you feel you could kill a
            man, rip him apart with your bare hands. You
            ever feel that way? Maybe you're not like me,
            it's hard ta say. Ya gotta fight it. Don't let this
            place do to you what it did to me.
    Killjoy: I can help you, Torque. I can make you well, I
             can give you control, if you really want it. But
             first you've got to show me. Come on now,
             give it a try for me, won't you?
    Killjoy: Embrace your inner self Torque, let it all out.
    Hermes: Blackout sounds like a convenient excuse to
    Horace: You ever see red? You ever just wanna
            let go? It's so easy.
    Horace: Certain things, a man's gotta do. It can't be helped.
    Hermes: Show me why you're in here. I want to
            know all about you.
    Killjoy: I'm waiting.
    Hermes: Come on, you bastard, do it! You think
            you're better than us?
    Horace: You can't put it off forever, this place
            is stronger than you.
    Killjoy: I can only help you if you'll help me.
    Killjoy: I'm sensing resistance, why is that?
    Hermes: They won't leave you alone until you do it.
    Hermes: Don't worry, we all have problems here.
            You'll fit right in.
    Killjoy: I want to see the real you, Torque.
    (After transforming)
    Killjoy: That's it Torque, that's the breakthrough
             we've been waiting for! The child within!
    (After transforming back)
    Killjoy: Very good, we've made a lot of progress today.
             But be careful... a good thing only lasts so long.
    Killjoy: We'll need to discuss this further, in our next session.
    (In the basement (Before Marksman introduction))
    (A man's voice can be heard from the other side of the door.)
    C.O: Just pull the god damn trigger already!
    C.O: Suck my cock you fuckin' monstrosity!
    C.O: I know what's comin', just end it.
    C.O: Come one, what are you fuckin' waiting for!
    (Torque walks into a room and finds a C.O tied to a post, blindfolded.)
    C.O: Where the fuck are you! What's takin' so
    long? Do it, fuckin' do it! Just fuckin' kill me...
    (There is the sound of several rifles being cocked just before the
     C.O's body is riddled with bullets.)
    (As Torque looks around to try and spot the source of the gunfire,
     a huge, hulking beast with multiple rifles embedded in its back
     stalks into Torque's line of sight. The creature is blindfolded,
     but apparently senses Torque's presence. Torque points his gun at
     the creature, as the monstrosity roars, ready for battle.)
    (Hallucination/vision in Solitary - Death House basement)
    Malcolm: Daddy, help me daddy! It's so dark in here.
             What's going on daddy? I'm
             sorry, I'm so sorry, I won't do it again! Just
             get me out... Daddy!
    (Solitary cell - Death House basement)
    Prisoner?: My soul left me alone in here.
    (Solitary cell - Death House basement)
    Prisoner?: That little girl wasn't so innocent after I was done.
    (Solitary cell - Death House basement)
    Prisoner?: I found a way out...
    (Solitary cell - Death House basement)
    Prisoner?: It left a bad taste... in my mouth... forever.
    (Hallucination/vision in solitary - Death House basement)
    Malcolm: Daddy, where are you, I can't see... Turn on the lights
             No, I don't want to see it no! Daddy no!
    (Hallucination/vision in old office)
    Soldier: You can't execute your own men.
    Colonel: They're spies for the Nazis, they're a threat to
             our security. Am I supposed to ignore
             that god damn airplane?
    Soldier: But sir...
    Colonel: This prison is my command! I am God here,
             you will follow my orders.
    (What Horace says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Horace: You're doin' well Torque. But watch yourself.
            This place can eat your soul.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Bad' path...)
    Horace: Seems you are like me. You know just as good as
            I do, a crime of passion ain't no crime at all
    Lethal injection procedure (L-chamber witness area)
    (A security camera shows Killjoy and an inmate. The inmate is strapped
     to the lethal injection table. As he struggles against his bonds, Killjoy
     addresses the camera, scalpel in hand.)
    Killjoy: When performing a lethal injection, it is essential that the
             needles be placed with absolute precision. And unlike
             standard medical procedures, with a lethal injection you have
             a patient who probably does not want the procedure to
             occur. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the restraints
             be tight and strong. Even with that, trouble may arise, and it
             may be incumbent for the practitioner to take matters into
             his own hands, using whatever sharp, bladed objects he
             may have on his person.
    (Killjoy then slashes the man across his stomach with the scalpel. The
     man screams in agony.)
    Killjoy: Lacerations to the body at
             strategic locations may put the patient into a state of shock,
             making him far more pliable, or at the very least, causing him
             to bleed to death, thus achieving the desired end. And who
             are we kidding? We're not really trying to be
             humane anyway. Class dismissed.
    Dallas: Hey! Is anybody in there? Hello?
    (The door opens, and Dallas approaches Torque.)
    Dallas: Man, it's good to see another human... Wait,
            what the fuck, Torque, is that you? Fuck,
            man! It's me, Dallas, from Eastern. Man, if
            anybody could survive this shit it figures you
            could. You seen some a these things man,
            fuckin' whack shit. I heard the governments'
            been conducting experiments on us inmates,
            next phase of MK-Ultra if you can believe that
            shit. Now it's turned into the mother
            of all cluster fucks.
    ((Carmen: He needs your potection!
              If you don't help him, he'll die.
    Evil conscience: He's a parasite.
                     You're better off without him.))
    (If you attack him (while he's unarmed)...)
    Dallas: What the fuck you doin' man? Step off!
    Dallas: You lost it, motherfucker - I thought we were tight!
    (If you attack him (while he's armed)...)
    Dallas: What the fuck you doin' man, step off!
    Dallas: That's cold, man - you crossed the line! It's
            either you or me, motherfucker!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: He needed your help, you bastard!))
    (If you let him live...)
    Dallas: It looks like there's no way out in here. C'mon man,
            follow me, we gotta try to get to the outside.
    (Torque and Dallas find the corpse of the man seen in the security
    camera video with Dr. Killjoy; the man's body is now pincushioned with
    glowing syringes.)
    Dallas: Jesus... Byron, look what they... did... This shit
            ain't right... you made bein' on the inside
            better, you were my main man, I'll miss ya.
    Dallas: You never went for that kinda thing on the
            inside, did ya Torque? Naw? Well you don't
            know what you were missin'. C'mon, this
            shit's too fucked up to look at.
    ((Waiting for Torque to follow))
    Dallas: This way, it's time for us to bust out!
    Dallas: C'mon Torque, we gotta get out of this motherfucker!
    Dallas: Yo Torque, over here!
    Dallas: Torque, fuck you waitin' for?
    Dallas: You comin' or what?
    Dallas: We gotta jet motherfucker, those
            creatures are everywhere.
    (When another group of enemies appears)
    Dallas: Holy shit, more of 'em!
    (After killing the group of enemies near the ladders)
    Dallas: Fuck man, you're a killin' machine. I knew
            growin' up in the group home wasn't no
            wine and roses shit but you're one bad
            ass son of a bitch.
            This way! It's time for us to bust out!
    Dallas: It's the government man, they made these
            goddamned monsters. And you know what?
            I betcha (?)
    (Finding the entrance to East Cellblock)
    Dallas: C'mon Torque the only way out's through this
            cellblock. Now, I been in there, there's some bad
            shit in there man, fucked up juju. But there's
            no other way. C'mon. 
    (Entering East Cellblock)
    Dallas: Torque, man, we gotta watch out. Those
            fuckin' cutters are everywhere in here. But
            this is the only way to go, man, if we gonna
            bounce up outta this shithole.
    Dallas: Wait - what the fuck is that sound? Shit man,
            I knew comin' back in here was a bad idea.
            Look, Torque, you're the bas ass killin'
            machine, not me. I think you better take point,
            lead us through this shit.
    (Upon entering Locker room)
    Dallas: Oh, fuck. What the... it's like what they did
            to Byron. Goddamn, looks like these
            things kill their own too.
    (When Dallas finds a gun)
    Dallas: Fuck yeah, I found a gat. I don't feel so
            naked now. I won't be able to smoke 'em like
            you can, but I got your back.
    (If you wander too far away from Dallas)
    Dallas: Torque, where the fuck'd you go?
    Dallas: Torque, did you split on me, man?
    Dallas: Hey Torque, wait your ass up!
    Dallas: You know what I just realized? I'm the only
            brother I ever heard of who actually made it
            outta Abbott before their bid was up. Fuck
            the parole board man, I beat 'em!
    Dallas: What I hear, there's an old abandoned asylum on
            the east side of Carnate. Maybe that's where
            the government's been doin' their experiments,
            you know, turnin' inmates into those freaks o'
            nature. Did't they ever read Mary Shelley,
            learn that shit don't ever work out?
    Dallas: This shit goes back to WWII. Army
            or navy or some shit had a base on this
            island. It's near the road that goes to the
            docks. That's gotta be where they started
            their experiments, trying to create a super
            soldier or some insane shit.
    (Seeing the Slayer and Mainliner fight through the control station window)
    Dallas: Look at that mutant thing. Shit, what the hell is it?
    (Near T-Block)
    Dallas: Shit man, T-Block. Yo, better keep our
            heads up in here, there's no tellin' where
            those gimp freaks are. I knew a skinny
            motherfucker once, spent all his days
            mainlinin' the china white, wound up so
            cooked he couldn't tell ya his own name.
            That freak-thing reminds me a him, fuckin' mainliner.
    (Dallas spots an odd-looking puddle of blood on the floor. He leans
     close and peers at it.)
    Dallas: Man what is this shit on the floor. Looks like
            blood, but it's like it's breathing or something...
    (A small, screeching creature with multiple hypodermic needles jammed
     into its body suddenly leaps from the puddle and latches onto Dallas,
     trying to stick a needle in his throat.)
    Dallas: Arrrgggghhhh!!!
    (After defeating the Mainliner)
    Dallas: Motherfucker, I grew up in Lafayette Court, and I
            tell ya I ain't never been so fuckin' scared.
            What kinda sick mutant was that thing? Fuckin'
            government, fuckin' experiments, fuckin'
            bullshit. Watch out, there's more!!!
    (While fighting the Mainliners)
    Dallas: Brutal, Torque... heh, brutal.
    Dallas: Yeah! What the fuck's up!
    Dallas: Popped that one!
    Dallas: That's right, fuck his ass up!
    Dallas: Bring the ruckus, motherfucker!
    Dallas: You popped that one, fuck yeah!
    Dallas: That's pain, motherfucker!
    Dallas: Hah, no place to hide!
    Dallas: Get 'em for what they did to Byron!
    (After defeating the Mainliners)
    Dallas: Now that those freaks stopped comin',
            there's gotta be some way to get these
            goddamn gates open.
    (Torque finds an inmate cowering in the corner of his cell.)
    Inmate: You're just gonna kill me... like you killed them.
    Inmate: I ain't leavin' this cell, no way.
    Inmate: Hey, can ya do a guy a favor? Shut the cells for
            me, lock 'em down, lock me in here. That'll
            keep me safe longer, I think, I think it will...
    Inmate: Oh god... Jesus Mary and Joseph... save me...
    Inmate: I'm beggin' ya, shut the cells. I could be safe
            in here if I were locked in...
    Inmate: Stay... stay back. Stay back stay back stay
    Inmate: I won't make a sound, if the door's shut, I'll
            be safe. Shut it for me, please...
    Inmate: What's that, did I hear one comin'?
    (If you lock him in...)
    Inmate: Thanks man, now go on, get away from me,
            you're just gonna bring 'em here!
    Inmate: God damn psycho!
    Inmate: Get the fuck away from me!
    Inmate: You're like a fuckin' magnet for those
            things, man, stay away!
    Inmate: You're one of 'em aren't you, you're one of 'em!
    (Hallucination/vision in the Maintenenance room)
    Corey: When are you gonna let me out!
    Corey: What did I do?
    Corey: Dad!
    Corey: C'mon, I learned my lesson!
    (Upon opening the door)
    Corey: You never were my dad. Not really.
    (An inmate shouts at Torque through a barred gate.)
    Inmate: Hey you! Help me, you gotta help me!
            Jesus, they're right behind me, you gotta get
            this gate open or they're gonna cap me.
    (The inmate is then shot in the back by a pair of C.O.s.)
    C.O: Nowhere to hide, inmate. Time's up.
    (Radio transmission in T-Block control station)
    Warden: Attention T-Block officers. This is Hargave,
            we have the situation under control in
            V-Block. Repeat, we have everything under
            control. C.O.s should report to V-Block to
            receive your orders. The hour of retribution
            is at hand.At last we shall cleanse this island
            of the filth that infests it
    (After opening the gates)
    Dallas: Hey Torque! The gates are open now, we
            gotta keep movin', man.
    (Hallucination/vision near the T-Block showers (If you locked the inmate
     in his cell))
    Carmen: Twice I felt trapped T, I just had to get out. The
            first time, I didn't want conjugal visits. The
            second, I just wasn't ready to give up my own
            life, my chance at a career. I regret both times.
            You've been trapped your whole life T.
            You've got to be strong to be free. 
    (Upon entering the T-Block showers)
    Dallas: Fuck man, the T-Block showers. Bad shit gone
            down in here. When I was livin' in T-Block, I'd
            rather a stayed stanky than shower in this pit.
    (When the showers turn on)
    Dallas: Fuck, who turned on the water?
    (In the recreation yards)
    Chico: Hijo de puta, diablo!
    (If Dallas is still with you...)
    (Dallas approaches a group of three inmates.)
    Dallas: Sup Chico, long time no see.
    Chico: Not long enough, I think. Dallas, you got
            cajones to show your dirty face in front of me.
    Dallas: Whatever, man, stop trippin'. It's fuckin'
            chaos, we just gotta bust outta here.
    Chico: You think I forgot, hombre? You and Byron
            thought you could hide that shit from me?
            Nobody sells meth or crank or H or sherm or
            nothin' in Abbott unless Chico gets a taste.
            you thought you could play Chico for a fool,
            eh? Play me like a fuckin' bitch?
    Dallas: You got a rat up your ass about some old
            news, man. Things are different now.
    Chico: I don't think so, pandejo, you fuck me once,
           you fuck me again, si? Muchachos!
    Dallas: Yeah, I'll fuck you up Chico, bring that shit!
    (If Dallas isn't with you...)
    Inmate: Hey Chico, who the fuck's this hombre?
    Chico: I don't know, I never seen him before. Buenos
           noches Senor, you come looking for Chico?
    Inmate: Shit, how do we know he's not one a those creatures.
    Chico: Yeah hombre, everybody in Abbott comes to
           me sooner or later, because
           Chico can get them whatever they want. So
           why don't I know you, eh?
    Inmate: I think he's playing with us, Chico.
    Chico: Oh yeah, you think you can play Chico, play me like
           a fuckin' bitch? Fuck him up, muchachos!
    (A fight then breaks out between the inmates.)
    (During the fight)
    Chico: Stick him, stick him!
    Chico: Es horrible
    Chico: Chinga tu madre
    Chico: Y tu mama tambien!
    Chico: Cuidado
    Chico: Cabron!
    Dallas: Brutal, Torque... heh, brutal.
    Dallas: Yeah! What the fuck's up!
    Dallas: Popped that one!
    Dallas: That's right, fuck his ass up!
    Dallas: Bring the ruckus, motherfucker!
    Dallas: You popped that one, fuck yeah!
    Dallas: That's pain, motherfucker!
    Dallas: Hah, no place to hide!
    Dallas: Get 'em for what they did to Byron!
    Dallas: How you like me now?
    Dallas: I ain't nothin' to fuck with!
    (In the corn stalks area of the recreation yards)
    C.O: Inmates, down there, plug 'em.
    (If you don't kill the C.O)
    C.O: Fuck it, we gotta get back to V-Block.
         Hargrave's waiting on us!
    (After climbing onto the walkway)
    Dallas: Aw yeah, you found a way. Hold on, I'll be
            up there in a snap.
    Horace (Recreation yards walkway)
    Horace: To survive this place, you gotta become it. I
            tried to fight it... but it's no use...
    (4.5) THE LIBRARY
    Dallas: What the fuck was that? 
    Dallas: I can't see shit in here!
    (Talking "corpse" in a room next to the library)
    Inmate: You think you got it bad.
    (Phone call in the Infirmary)
    Killjoy: This is your doctor, Torque. It's bad news
             I'm afraid. It looks like your problem is
             altogether more serious than I had originally
             suspected. You'll need to come in. In the
             meantime, don't do anything rash, don't
             become too upset, don't get in any
             alcertations, becuse there's no telling what
             horrible thing you might do. You must come
             to see me soon, if you ever hope to gain
    (In the V-Block, Torque finds two inmates hanging upside down with their
     hands tied behind their backs.)
    Inmate: Hey you! you gotta save us.
    Inmate 2: Shh... keep it down, he'll hear ya.
    Inmate: Hargrave's gonna whack us, hurry up!
    Inmate: In here, in here!
    Inmate: What are you doin, c'mon.
    Inmate 2: Please.
    Inmate 2: Help us!
    (4.6) HARGRAVE
    (Torque approaches the two inmates.)
    Inmate: Oh man, you're here, ya gotta save us
            before Hargrave gets back. Ya gotta cut
            us down, ya gotta...
    (Torque dodges out of the way as a spray of bullets tears through the two
    Hargrave: I don't think so. My prisoners never make it out alive.
              The time has come to wash the scum from
              the earth. This is my Armageddon.
              Lock it down!
    (During the fight)
    Hargrave: Inmates in the gallery, repeat, inmates in the gallery!
    Dallas: Aw shit, that's Headcase Hargrave, the
            fuckin' V-Block Captain.
    C.O: Hargrave's countin' on us!
    C.O: God damn prisoner!
    C.O: Bastard!
    Hargrave: On the flats!
    Hargrave: Inmates! Drop your weapons!
    Hargrave: Officers to your posts, shoot to kill!
    Hargrave: On the stairs!
    Hargrave: Beg for it, you maggots!
    Hargrave: On the second tier, god damn it!
    C.O: Don't let 'em live!
    Hargrave: Die like a man or die like a dog, the choice is yours.
    Hargrave: Submit, submit!
    Hargrave: Wash the puss away.
    Dallas: Hagrave's fuckin' buggin', man!
    Dallas: Jesus Christ, Hargrave popped all these inmates
    Dallas: Hargrave's always had a hard-on for inmates
            that put in grievances against him, or just
            ones that he didn't like.
    Dallas: Shit, man, Hargrave's holed up in there like a
            fat-ass in a White Castle. There's gotta be a
            way to get in there without gettin' blasted.
    Dallas: I think there's a break room above that control
            station, maybe we could get in through there. 
    (After killing Hargrave)
    Dallas: That's one C.O I'm glad to see dead man.
            They ain't all bad, but Hargrave, he was one
            twisted individual. May he fuckin' rot.
    Dallas: C'mon Torque, this way, I think I know a way out!
    Dallas: Oh yeah, this is it. Other side of these
            gates is the promised land, man, a way
            out, a chance at least.
    Dallas: Man, if we could just get through these gates, they
            lead right out of prison. We'd be safe, man!
    Dallas: Look Torque, let me tell you somethin'
            straight up. I'm goddamned shocked I ain't
            dead yet. Now, if we're gonna make
            it outta this slaughterhouse alive, you gotta
            open that gate, ya feel me?
    Dallas: Looks like the only way to open that gate is from
            the control room up there. But if I do it, I won't
            make it out in time. But you could open it for
            me, Torque, you're the bad ass killing machine,
            you got a chance to survive. You let me out
            man, I'll send help, just as soon as I can. I
            come through for you, word is bond.
    Dallas: C'mon Torque, you gotta get this gate open,
            you just can't leave me hangin'.
    (Hallucination/vision in the Loading dock bathroom)
    Malcolm: You can't catch me! You can never catch me
    (Upon entering the bathroom)
    Malcolm: Daddy... help me... daddy...
    (Opening the gates for Dallas)
    Dallas: You the man, Torque, you the man!
    ((Carmen: Your soul is strong, T.))
    (Radio transmission in Loading dock control station(After freeing Dallas))
    Consuela: Hello officers? This is Consuela Alvarez. I am
              looking for Ernesto, my husband. If anyone who
              hears this could have him call me on our
              home radio I would be very thankful. Tell him
              everything is OK. We, myself and the girls, are
              safe, for now, though there seems to be a fire in
              the woods around the town, and... I think it might be
              closer. Please please please have
              him call me as soon as he can. And tell
              him I said... I love him.
    (Inmates fending off a Marksman)
    Inmate: Fuck 'em all! Fuck 'em!
    (Escaping inmates' execution)
    (Two inmates wave to Torque and call out to him.)
    Inmate: Yo come on! We bustin' out over here!
    (A cloud of green gas rises from the manhole cover the two inmates are
     standing on. They choke to death. Hermes then rises from the gas.)
    Hermes: No. You cannot escape what I bring about.
    C.O: Did someone call for help yet?
    C.O 2: They're swarming around the East Yard,
           there's no way to get to the radio building.
           Unless you wanna go out there?
    C.O: I think I see something, move the light over there.
    C.O 2: Over where?
    C.O: To your left!
    C.O 2: Here?
    C.O: Your other left you dumb bastard!
    C.O 2: Fuckin' move it yourself then!
    C.O: Is that a human down there?
    C.O 2: Can't risk it, fuckin' blast it!
    (While fighting in the recreation yards)
    Hermes: Show me again that thing you do, I love
            to watch you work.
    (Two C.O.s are fighting a group of Slayers. One fights them on the ground,
     while another shoots at them from on top of a wall.)
    C.O: Get back, damn you, get away! Die die die!
         More bug-bugs, bugs, bugs!
    (The C.O on the ground manages to fend off several Slayers, but is then
     decapitated by one.)
    C.O 2: No! you bastards! Go to hell!
    (The C.O on top of the wall shoots at the Slayers, unaware that one is
     creeping up behind him. The Slayer impales him, before allowing him to
     drop onto the barbed wire fence below.)
    (Radio transmission in Control station)
    C.O: Excuse me, hello, is anyone out there? The
         creatures are outside the door, I can hear them
         scrape against it, they'll get through soon
         enough. Well while I wait, wait to die, I just
         wanted to tell everyone who might be listening:
         I've been lookin' for some answer to what's goin'
         on, but there isn't any, there's no answer, there's no
         explanation, it's just what it is. We are at it's
         mercy. I have seen the unspeakable and I
         won't be at it's mercy any more.
    (6.1) S BLOCK RIOT
    (Torque hears a group of inmates rioting on the other side of a barred
     door. Through the door, it's possible to see the havoc that the inmates
     are wreaking on the S Block.)
    Inmate: We're in charge now!
    Inmate: Our day has come!
    Inmate: Hell yeah!
    Inmate: Let's make it a real fuckin' inferno!
    Inmate: It's gettin' hot in here.
    Inmate: We're bringing Abbott down!
    Inmate: It's our turn to fuck over the C.O.s!
    Inmate: Wake up and smell the carnage!
    Inmate: C.O.s are at the end of their ropes now, ha ha!
    Inmate: I'm collectin' in kind!
    Inmate: Hell yeah my brothers, we bringin' Abbott down!
    Inmate: Down with the fuckin' COs!
    Inmate: The revolution will not be televised!
    (C.O.s fighting slayers)
    C.O: Shit,look at that one! Get him!
    C.O 2: These fuckers are everywhere!
    Inmate: What's that sound?
    Inmate: What's goin' on?
    Inmate: Lemme out of here, lemme out!
    Inmate: Is that blood?
    Inmate: Did you see that?
    Inmate: What's that?
    Inmate: Motherfucker, what was that?
    Inmate: C.O! C.O!
    Inmate: Somethin' grabbed him!
    Inmate: Yo, who dat?
    Inmate: Somebody gotta open these cells!
    Inmate: Where's this drippin' comin' from!
    Inmate: What happened to Lance?
    Inmate: Motherfucka, we gotta get outta these cells!
    Inmate: I hear something weird.
    Inmate: How'd it get in here!?
    Inmate: We're trapped, we're trapped!
    Inmate: I don't wanna die in here!
    Inmate: Oh my fuckin' God, it's up in here!
    Inmate: What's that thing movin' over there
    Inmate: Wasshappenin?
    Inmate: That don't make no sense!
    Inmate: Who's runnin' around out there?
    Inmate: Somebody open my fuckin' cell!
    Inmate: Somebody fuckin' do somethin!
    Inmate: Anyone fuckin' hear us? Help!
    (If you open the gate (before they stop speaking)...)
    Inmate 1: All right, we're outta here!
    Inmate 2: That guy let us out!
    Inmate 3: Fuckin' thanks man, we owe ya!
    ((Carmen: You can be so good. I remember that now.))
    (Nooseman kills a C.O)
    C.O: Where's this drippin' comin' from!
         Yo, who dat?
    (A Nooseman drops from the ceiling and chokes the C.O to death.)
    (Hallucination/vision in the Visitation area)
    Carmen: Come on, don't you want to talk to me?
    Carmen: T? Over here.
    Carmen: Pick up the phone, T, we need to talk.
    (When you pick up the phone)
    Carmen: T, I'm... I'm pregnant. And that's not all.
            Look, I just... It's over T. You say you're
            innocent, but I don't know if I can trust you.
            I'm filing for divorce. You can't be a father
            in jail, I can't bring Cory here to visit you, or
            the new one, it's better if they just... forget,
            for now. It's better for me, too.
            I hope you've forgiven me T. Things might
            be different if I had been able to hang on.
    What Killjoy says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Killjoy: I would hesitate to call you a gentle soul,
             Torque, but I do believe there is hope for you
             yet. Nevertheless, if I am to treat you,
             I must observe you further, see if you can
             think outside the box.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Killjoy: You have shown me just how brutal you are,
             and it is most troubling. I'm not sure
             you're curable. Nevertheless, if I am to treat
             you, I must see how you handle
             something a tad more delicate. Violence is
             not the only answer, you know.
    (Radio transmission in Control station near Lunch room)
    C.O: Help! Help me! Can anyone hear me, does
         anyone kn-kn-know what's happening?
         Jesus, I wasn't trained for this. I'm in the
         south cellblock building. I've gotta keep
         moving to stay away from the... hellspawn. I
         thought I was safe on the roof, but it's not
         safe nowhere, n-n-nowhere's safe! Send
         help, for God's sake send help!
    (Nooseman kills again (R-block stairs))
    C.O: Who's runnin' around out there?
    (Another Nooseman drops from the ceiling and
     strangles the C.O)
    (Phone call near R-block entrance)
    Horace: Yeah baby, I got it! They agreed to the
            conjugal visit. I called in some markers with
            some of the COs, they put in the good word.
            Yeah, they ain't all bad. Oh baby, it just
            drives me nuts thinking about ya out there in the
            world without me to keep ya safe. I love
            you so fucking much. I'll show you that,
            when you come. I can't fuckin' wait.
    (Radio transmission in Control station near R-block)
    C.O: How does this darn contraption work?
    C.O: Just hold that blue button.
    C.O: What this one?
    C.O: Yeah, that's it. I think you're live right now.
    C.O: Oh shit This is Corrections
         Officer Fuller at Abbott Correctional. Can anyone on
         the mainland hear me? Coast guard? Anybody?
         We've got a serious situation here and...
    C.O: Fuck that, it's the god damn apocalypse over here!
    C.O: Ray's right... everything's gone to hell. You gotta
         send help to come...
    C.O: Wait, that's not the radio, that's the PA.
    C.O: What? You're shittin' me.
    C.O: The radio we want is that big contraption over there...
    C.O: Fuck, they're in here! Son of a bitch! Blast 'em! I got
    (Hallucination/vision in one of the Laundry rooms)
    Cory: No Dad, you can't catch me!
    Cory: I won't let you do it again!
    Cory: You can look, but you'll never see me again!
    (Upon finding Cory)
    Cory: I'll never forgive you!
    Cory: You would get so mad at us then you
          couldn't even remember. I never understood
          how you could forget.
    (7.1) HERMES - TOWER B2
    What Hermes says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Hermes: I don't think you understand what we do
            here. There is not enough blood on
            your hands. Try harder.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Hermes: Impressive. I see I've got strong
            competition, you're twice the killer I thought you to be.
    C.O: Aaahhhh!!!
    C.O: Leave me alone!!!
    C.O: Lord protect me!
    C.O: No! No! No!
    C.O: Stay away! Stay away!
    C.O: They're everywhere!
    C.O: Momma!
    C.O: What are you supposed to do, when you're in a
         nightmare, and you just can't wake up? It's
         like I woke up from a dream, and
         everything beautiful is gone.
    C.O: Too horrible! Too awful!
    C.O: Help!
    ((Carmen: That poor man... He's terrified...
              He'll help you... If you keep him safe...
    Evil conscience: He's a coward. He will drag you down.
                     He's weak. He should be killed.))
    (If you let him live...)
    C.O: You're n-n-not a monster... you're not gonna k-k-kill
         me. What a relief, I've been running so long...
         Look, I may be a C.O., but believe me, I
         always thought I had more in common with
         the inmates than the gung ho C.O.s they
         got here at Abbott.
    C.O: Now, the only idea I have is that we gotta call
         for help, somebody has to be able to help us.
         C-c-c'mon, we need to get to the Radio
         Building. We can call from there. You'll keep
         me safe? Let's go.
    (If you attack him...)
    C.O: Don't shoot! I won't hurt you!
    C.O: I thought you weren't gonna hurt me!
    C.O: Watch it, watch it!
    C.O: Aaaah it burns!
    C.O: You're just another hellkite, stay away from me!!!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: You ruined my life! You ruined everyone's life!))
    (7.3) ALONG THE WALL
    C.O: C'mon this way.
    C.O: We're gonna call for help, c'mon.
    C.O: I'm gonna lead us to the Radio Building.
    C.O: This way, we gotta go along the top of the
         wall. That's the only way to get there.
    (When the Slayers jump out of the trees)
    C.O: Aaaahhhh!!!
    (While fighting the Slayers)
    C.O: Why don't they ever stop...
    C.O: It's all so horrible!
    C.O: C.O: You know what the magic hour is? It's when the
         sun's over the horizon, but it's still light out.
         Some folks call it twilight, but I call it the magic
         hour. But on Carnate, I swear it skips straight to
         night, no magic hour, no magic minute, just
         boom, like somebody turned out the lights.
         Something's not right here, it never has been,
         and it certainly ain't now.
    C.O: Oh god oh god...
    C.O: Oh no, I-I-I won't risk it, I won't take a chance if
         it's any a those hellhounds. Get rid of 'em! 
    C.O: Just make them g-g-go away!
    C.O: Lord save us all...
    C.O: I'd give anything, if they would just g-g-go away.
    C.O: I won't go out there, I won't, not when it's like that.
    C.O: Oh no, I won't go out there until you get rid of
         'em... g-g-get rid of 'em... I won't set a
          f-f-foot out there, I-I-I won't! Y-y-you gotta
          make 'em stop comin'!
    C.O: I think they afraid of the light... If there was
         light, I think... I think they wouldn't come out.
    (If Torque dies)
    C.O: Oh my God in heaven, they killed 
         him, oh god oh god...
    (After killing the Slayers)
    C.O: I-I guess it looks safe now, c-c-c'mon, this way.
    (7.4) END OF THE WALL
    C.O: Now, ta get ta the radio buildin', we gotta get into
         the yard... But hell, there's no way out of this
         tower, I thought there was, but there ain't.
    C.O: I dunno, I never believed it, but I think my
         momma was right. This is God's judgment,
         and we've come up short.
    C.O: What are you supposed to do, when you're in a
         nightmare, and you just can't wake up? It's
         like I woke up from a dream, and
         everything beautiful is gone.
    C.O: C.O: You know what the magic hour is? It's when the
         sun's over the horizon, but it's still light out.
         Some folks call it twilight, but I call it the magic
         hour. But on Carnate, I swear it skips straight to
         night, no magic hour, no magic minute, just
         boom, like somebody turned out the lights.
         Something's not right here, it never has been,
         and it certainly ain't now.
    C.O: My momma always said God was gonna
         judge us some day, gonna rain fire down
         from above. It ain't rainin' fire, but I sure
         wish it would, it'd be much better than this.
    (After destroying the tanks at the bottom of the ladder)
    C.O: I think that did it. You're a smart man, a little
         crazy maybe, but smart. We can get out
         now, we gonna make it.
    (Hallcuination/vision in the Baseball field)
    Malcolm: Yeah, I clobbered it!
    Cory: Nice swing Malcolm!
    Carmen: Run Malcolm, run!
    Malcolm: Your up, Cory.
    Cory: Aw I don't wanna. Why do we always
          hafta play ball with mom?
    Carmen: Cory always wanted to play with his father,
            but where were you?
    C.O: It's worse than the wall, worse! What did I
         ever do to deserve this?
    C.O: Oh god... I just... can't... take it... Momma!
    C.O: I ain't goin' out there! Those devils, th-they just
         keep on comin, r-r-right into the yard. We
         gotta get rid of 'em, or we'll never make it
         to the radio building.
    (After killing all the enemies)
    C.O: You must be an angel from above, an angel
         of vengeance. C-c-come to save us all.
         C'mon, we're almost there.
    (Waiting for Torque to follow)
    C.O: C'mon this way.
    C.O: We're gonna call for help, c'mon.
    C.O: I'm gonna lead us to the Radio Building.
    C.O: In here, the radio's in here!
    (In the Radio building)
    C.O: The radio's already on but... what is tha... that
         sound coming over the speaker. It's like it's
         possessed or something. After all of that,
         we're still damned.
    C.O: It looks like interference is coming from the
         Western part of the island... wait, that's got
         to be from that old Asylum. Corrections
         officers go out there sometimes. They set
         up an old radio so they could stay in touch
         with Abbott... maybe that's causing the
         interference. But maybe it's something else.
         I always thought that place was haunted.
    C.O: Listen, y'see, there's no way I'm leaving this
         building with things like they is. So you're the
         one's gotta go to the asylum. There's a map
         right there. You'll need to go through the old
         Quarry to get there. You can get out of the
         prison by climbin' on the roof right above us and
         then jumpin' over to the digger's building. I'll
         stay here and keep the radio safe from those
         hobgoblins. At least , I-I-I'll try.
    C.O: You gotta get to the asylum, somethin's not right
         there. It's not much of a chance, but it's all we got.
    C.O: Get outta here you fool, what are you waitin' on?
    C.O: Go on and get to the asylum and figure out
         what's causing all this interference, we've got no
         time to waste. I'll be here, waitin', all b-b-by
         myself. But I'll be OK. You, you go.
    (Radio transmission near Cemetary entrance)
    C.O: Copy, hello, copy? Is Sergei. I'm out at
         sanitarium with Kennedy, Boetticher, and
         Scott. We don't think we're alone, we
         hearing weird sounds, you know, like I
         don't know what it is. Is strange, Kennedy
         went out to look-see, he is not come
         back. Is strange. Also, hookah break in
         earthquake. If next out could bring a
         beaker from the infirmary, would be much
         thanks from me. Sergei out.
    ?: Knowing is the worst part.
    ?: So dark, so cold.
    ?: Won't you help me?
    ?: The horror, the horror.
    ?: I'll never see her again.
    ?: Blackest night, eternal blight.
    ?: I... can't... breathe...
    ?: I didn't do it.
    ?: I can feel the ants.
    ?: My redemption day never came.
    ?: Ma was there, I told her not to come.
    ?: They had to strap me down. I didn't go easy.
    ?: The judge was in the Klan.
    ?: Your turn, now.
    ?: There is no god.
    ?: You die here, your soul never rests.
    ?: I remember hearing them cut the string.
    ?: I was innocent.
    ?: The guards never liked me.
    ?: It's a certain kind of pain.
    (Hallucination/vision in the Cemetary)
    Carmen: It hurts so much.
    Cory: Dad was never there
    Malcolm: The bad man caught us
    Carmen: I just wanted to be with my children.
    Cory: He abandoned us.
    Malcolm: Why didn't daddy save us?
    Carmen: So many mistakes.
    Cory: It isn't fair.
    Malcolm: Why couldn't we live forever?
    (Upon approaching Torque's family)
    Carmen: This was your life, T. How did you let it get away?
    C.O 1: And then this inmate begged me to give
         him a weapon to defend himself. Can you
         believe those balls?
    C.O 2: I let some of mine out right after the quake, then
          one cocksucker tried to shiv me. Some thanks.
    C.O 3: Typical. Wasn't fer the inmates, none of us
           would need to be on this godforsaken rock in
           the first place. I gave 'em a chance when I
           first got here, but those fuckers never cut
           me an inch of slack.
    C.O 1: They're no better'n rabid animals, way they
           treat each other, way they treat us.
    C.O 2: That's right. I got shit down by this punk just
           last week. Fuck, that's the worst. It's a
           goddamned zoo in there.
    C.O 1: Maybe Hargrave's got the right idea.
    C.O 3: Naw, that jarhead's just outta control. We
           had to get outta there.
    C.O 2: Give that nut long enough, he woulda
           started cappin' C.O.s he thought didn't suck
           his dick good enough.
    C.O 1: Inmate's got a gun! Drop him!
    (While fighting the C.O.s and Slayers)
    C.O 1: No, they're back, they're back!
    C.O 1: Shit, they're comin' out of the trees!
    C.O 1: How many a these freaks are there!
    C.O 1: Payback, gotta get payback!
    C.O: Be quiet, they're listening!
    C.O: Don't get any closer, they can hear your footsteps!
    (When you approach the C.O)
    C.O: Damn!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: How can you live with yourself?!))
    (Radio transmission in the Quarry)
    ?: Who's fuckin' idea was it to come to
       the god-damn quarry?
    ?: I didn't see you suggestin' any better ideas!
    ?: At least back in the prison I knew where the fuck I
       was. Here I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'.
    ?: It doesn't matter, we're all in hell now!
    (Hallucination/vision in the Quarry)
    Inmate: You can't just leave us here!
    Inmate: Watch out, cave in!
    Inmate: Let me out, you've got to help me!
    Inmate: My legs!
    C.O: They deserve it!
    C.O: Oh shit. You think anybody'll care?
    (Upon apparoaching the rubble)
    C.O: Fuckin' inmates, they're not worth the
         trouble, let 'em rot.
    (C.O.s fighting Slayers)
    C.O 1: Fuck! Every time I drop one, another one
         shows up to take its place.
    C.O 2: Where're they comin' from?
    C.O 1: That pit! I think I saw one jump outta there!
    (Hallucination/vision )
    Inmate: String 'em up!
    Inmate: They just let 'em die!
    Inmate: They suffocated in there!
    Inmate: Down with the overseers
    Inmate: Gotta get payback!
    (When you approach the tree)
    Inmate: It's too good for those fuckers, let's skin 'em alive!
    Inmate: Yo bro, over here, over here!
    Inmate: Hey! Help! They're comin' fer me!
    Inmate: I need to get to that ledge there! Hey, can
            ya help a brother out?
    Inmate: Dude, I'm trapped!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: Why, T, why?! You're sick!))
    (If you help him...)
    Inmate: Thanks bro! Hey, I hope you make it up, too.
    ((Carmen: There's hope for you yet, T.))
    (What the little girls say here varies depending on which 'path' you're on;
     in other words, which ending you're heading towards 
     based on your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Little girl: Has the devil trapped you? You're not a bad
                 man, you have to believe.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Little girl: He's with the devil, a killer, a murderer.
    (Hallucination/vision at the old gazebo)
    Carmen: You remember the first time we met? We
            were in Druid Hill, I saw you in that old broken
            gazebo. You were so good lookin', I thought
            you were all mature, how old did you think I
            was? I felt so young with you.
            All my girlfriends were so jealous. We were
            so good together, for a while.
            Even when I left I still loved you, T. I thought
            about you every day. I still do.
            Don't you wish we could go back to that
            gazebo? It was all so perfect.
    (Upon approaching Carmen)
    Carmen: But sometimes I think you only brought me suffering.
    (Woman's voice near Asylum)
    Woman: Dr. Killjoy made it all so easy.
    (Girl's voice outside the Asylum)
    Girl: Huh huh huh huh... Killjoy... huh huh huh
          Killjoy... huh huh huh.
    (Meeting Killjoy in the Asylum)
    Killjoy: Welcome my fine gentleman, I'm so glad
             you've come to see the show. My
             performance, my performance on you as it
             were, will be something I shall thoroughly
             enjoy, and, I trust, so shall you. I am not
             certain we have been formally introduced.
             Torque, isn't it? My name is Killjoy. Dr.
             Killjoy, and I will be your alienist this fine evening.
    (While fighting the Slayers)
    Killjoy: Welcome to the Carnate Institution for the
             Tragically Troubled, the Impossibly Insane, the
             and the Diabolically Disturbed. Are you
             seeking asylum, Torque? Are you looking
             for the answers? Well rest assured, you
             have come to the right place.
    Sergei: Inmate, hold it right there! It is only joke.
            How you get here? You not suppose to
            leave Abbott, don't they tell you anything...
            Come in, please, you come in.
    Sergei: Yes, come in, I not lock you up. Name is
            Sergei. Wait, are you really there? Or maybe I
            am dreaming again? No... No, you real, da?
    ((Carmen: He's so friendly!
              He'll help you find what you need.
    Evil conscience: He's a filthy immigrant.
                     He's a disgusting addict.
                     Blow his head off.))
    Sergei: Boetticher, Kennedy, Scott, they all went out, try
            to find out what is happening. Me, I say, why? I
            hear the sounds... Boom! Crash! Aaaahhh!
            I've seen some things, through the doorway
            there, things I don't want see again,
            understand? I stay right here, where safe,
            and I have pipe to keep me company.
    Sergei: My only sadness is, my stereo, power go off,
            it don't work now, you see? If I could
            just enjoy a few more spins of my music...
            I be a happy man.
    Sergei: Strange story about this place, was a crazy
            house, place where they send people who
            not know what is what. Me, I self medicate, da?
            Been abandoned for many years. Now
            we guards come here to be free. Is only
            place I feel safe on this island.
    Sergei: I think you want something here. Is it to
            share pipe with me? No, I don't think so. I
            think maybe it is something else, a strange
            thing that goes on in this house, maybe
            cause you trouble? I ask you, why bother?
            Be mellow, go with flow.
    Sergei: My hookah, it is break in earthquake. Who
            knows what else break here in old house,
            maybe something in attic. Maybe you
            want to go find out.
    Sergei: I'm sorry, I forget, who are you again?
    Sergei: If I'm going to die, I want somethiing good to
            die for, to make it beautiful to live, you see?
            Is nothing beautiful here...
    Sergei: Is funny.
    Sergei: Listen, my friend, when you become citizen, they
            ask you, who discover America? Answer, only
            answer, is Columbus. But I tell you, this country
            has strong spirits, spirits who were here before
            you or me, before Mayflower, before Columbus.
            Spirits not so happy what we do to their land,
            now they mad, they punish us. More you fight
            them, more they hurt you. You smart like me,
            you stay here, spend your last hours
            as happy as possible.
    Sergei: I come to this country, land of the free, 
            and I end up working in a prison, a gulag. Is
            funny, no? And what is really funny, is how
            long I would be an inmate in Abbott for all I
            smoke, da? What is big difference?
            Sometimes I feel like inmate anyway.
    Sergei: They tell us not to be friends with you inmates,
            you bad men, you corrupt us... Is funny, they
            think you corrupt. On Carnate, worst place I
            ever been, more awful than worst place in
            Russia I tell you... Inmates no corrupt here, they
            get corrupted. Is bad spirits, they corrupt.
    Sergei: What? You say something? No, I only think
            you did. You quiet man.
    Sergei: We upset the balance, now the spirits of
            this place come to get rid of us. Me?
            Is not to blame them.
    (If you leave the room)
    Sergei: Come back again, friend. The door, it is
            always open to you.
    Sergei: Listen, I think it is you want to go to attic, da?
            The building, it is old, you may need to go 
            through big stair room or somewhere to find
            way up there. Hatch may be hard to jump to,
            you probably need something to stand on.
            You try hard, you get there.
    Sergei: You go so soon, why not stay a bit, da? You
            change your mind, you come back
            here, I like the company. And I willing to
            share what little I have, da?
    (If you re-enter the room)
    Sergei: Welcome back my orange pants friend.
            Normally I don't talk to inmates much, but
            now, I friends with all humanity.
    Sergei: You back again. I glad you like me enough to
            come back for visit, we are friends. Island
            may become volcano. BOOM!, da? I say,
            so it goes. Is all right.
    Sergei: It is good to see you. You like the second hand
            smoke in here? It makes you feel good, da?
    (If you attack him...)
    Sergei: Friend! Friend! What are you doing?
    Sergei: Nyet! For me it is not to hurt you! Stop, please!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: He wouldn't hurt anyone!!))
    Killjoy: And so my favorite subject arrives. It is in
             this room that all the secrets will be revealed,
             I will employ an experimental device that
             helps me chart the undiscovered country.
             But you can't come to the show yet. First you
             must prove to me that you truly want to be
             cured, and that you are truly worthy of my
             time. See you soon, I hope.
    (While exploring the Asylum)
    Killjoy: Monsters walk amongst us, Torque, don't you
             grasp the implications? It's a brave new
             world! Of course, such creatures are nothing
             new to you, are they? 
    Killjoy: You'll have to forgive the mess, it's so hard 
             to keep this place tidy when there is so much
             work to be done. And it is impossible to find
             decent help out here. But truly, this clutter
             doesn't even compare to the disorder inside
             your head, does it? That's where I do hope
             to do some spring cleaning.
    Killjoy: Ever wonder why you're so furious, Torque?
             What happens, then, when the world goes
             black? Do you ever see a creature? A
             beastly form the likes of which would cause
             any sane man to flee in terror? Tell me
             about him. How does he make you feel?
    Killjoy: It is the work that I do that makes me worthy of
             their attention, of their gazing eyes, that makes
             me a star of unprecedented proportions. My
             labors show sides of the human mind hitherto
             unseen, revealing that which makes us do right
             and wrong. Don't you wonder about that,
             what makes you do right and wrong?
    Killjoy: Severe dementia is it? Or perhaps chronic
             melancholia? Or is it an uncontrollable urge
             to regress back to a form unseen in modern
             society, one that will allow you to set matters
             right in the most direct way possible. Yes, I
             think that's it. When all else fails, go for the
             easy way out, the obvious answer, the
             brute force solution.
    Killjoy: How does it go, oh yes: "Canst thou minister to
             a mind diseased? Pluck'd from the memory a
             rooted sorrow, rise out the written troubles of
             brain, and with some sweet oblivious
             antidote cleanse the stuffed bosom of that
             perilous stuff which weighs upon the heart?"
             My my, if only it were that easy.
    (After reverting to a checkpoint/reloading)
    Killjoy: One more time, Torque, could you show me
             how you do that, so savagely.
    Killjoy: I'm beginning to think you're incurable.
    Killjoy: Amazing how resilient these specimens are,
             if only they were as multi-faceted as you.
    Killjoy: When you admit to yourself what you are, it
             will be much easier to treat you.
    Killjoy: Yes, very interesting. But I'm afraid not quite enough.
    Killjoy: We're not getting anywhere Torque,
             you've got to try harder.
    Killjoy: The mind is kind, it often puts the best face
             on the most horrible truth.
    Killjoy: It's so obvious, Torque, haven't you figured it out yet?
    Killjoy: It's a shame you must fight me every step of the way.
    Killjoy: Nowhere do the stars shine as brightly as
             they do on Carnate Island, on this very stage,
             where it is my pleasure to introduce you to
             the world of your own mind. Given a dark
             enough environment,  this projector, this
             wonder of modern science, allows me to
             appear here before you today.
    (While fighting the Slayers)
    Killjoy: No more shall my talents be confined to the time
             at which I display them, but instead I am able to
             perform again and again, to live on through the
             ages. And with a case as challenging as
             yours, I need all the time I can get.
    (Hallucination/vision in the Study)
    Killjoy: This poor soul could not handle what he saw
             in the ink. Tell me what you see, Torque.
    (Phone call in the Study)
    Malcolm: Daddy? Is that you daddy? I miss you a
             lot. When are we going to see you again?
             Daddy? Daddy?
    Killjoy: In this new art of projected light, one problem
             still remains: it is so very difficult to find good
             talent. Certainly, I am able to bring life to this
             piece of celluloid, but who to appear
             opposite me, who to play Iago to my Othello,
             Eliza Dolittle to my Henry Higgins?
    (While fighting the Mainliners)
    Killjoy: My choice? Artificial actors, synthetic,
             prosthetic people who are much less
             resistant to direction. They will not argue,
             they will not complain, they will not meddle,
             they will simply execute, for I have the vision
             here, I am the one who the camera adores.
    (Hallucination/vision in one of the padded cells)
    Killjoy: Sometimes it is the body that threatens the safety
             of the mind. Sometimes it must be removed.
    (If you kill the C.O...)
    ((Carmen: You made the right choice.))
    Killjoy: Alas, the golden age of radio has passed
             us by. Who would care to broadcast only on
             the audio spectrum of human
             perception, when it is the visuals that can
             truly enrapture an audience.
    (While fighting the enemies)
    Killjoy: It was a peculiar form, with its attempt to
             create a complete world based on sound
             alone. If you listen carefully, you can hear
             their voices still. Do you hear voices
             Torque? What do they tell you to do?
    (If you return to Sergei after turning the generator on)
    Sergei: Bolshoia spasseeba! Thank you very much.
            You turn generator back on, you make me a
            happy happy man. Oh my, listen to this...
            Now I stay here, I relax with my pipe, maybe
            something stronger later, I got my music, is a
            good life, however long it last.
    ((Carmen: That's what I loved about you.))
    (Killjoy (Before fight))
    Killjoy: At last, you have made it to the climax of this fine
             performance. Let me introduce our newest player:
             this fascinating specimen is a creature of purest
             strength and rage, whose presence here must prove
             quite a conundrum to you. His resemblance to these
             other soulless beasts cannot be denied, but he is
             altogether harder to truly understand. But with the
             capabilities of my experimental device, I can bring
             about a rebirth of the spirit, a reawakening to the soul,
             and thus we can shed light on this most unique
             situation. Why not come inside, and
             I shall show you?
    Killjoy: Come now Torque, I assure you the time of
             your awakening has arrived.
    Killjoy: There's nothing to be afraid of. Unless, that
             is, you're afraid of yourself.
    Killjoy: Why don't you join me, and I'll help you?
    Killjoy: Right this way Torque, what ever are you waiting for?
    (Killjoy (During fight))
    Killjoy: Not to fear Torque, I shut the door not to trap
             you, but rather to keep the rest of the world
             out. You see, we can't have intrusion. This
             session is about you, and you alone, or, shall
             I say, you and your various manifestations.
             And with my experimental device, I can
             facilitate exploration and reveal the
             connections we must study here today.
    Killjoy: Wait, no, what are you doing? Do you
             think I can treat you if you destroy the
             construct that gives me life?
    Killjoy: Stop that, are you mad? Well, yes you are,
             we all know that. Don't you see you're
             killing me, your last best hope and all you
             can do is destroy it.
    Killjoy: Who do you think you are, you neanderthalic
             barbarian! You cannot defeat me, I am one of
             the greats, one of the brightest stars in the sky!
    Killjoy: I'm not finished yet, you're more insane
             than I thought if you think so simple a trick
             will get you anywhere!
    Killjoy: No... my immortality... no!!
    (After destroying all the projectors and the fuse box)
    Killjoy: If that's the way you feel about your treatment, I
             cannot avoid the subject anymore, the time has
             come for a confrontation, a meeting of the
             minds, or perhaps I should say a meeting of the
             mind and the mind-less. Go ahead, see if
             you can't reach out to your deepest fear.
    (After freeing Torque's monster form)
    Killjoy: Astonishing, the progress you have made
             today is considerable. But remember,
             Torque, no matter what you do to accept
             yourself, there's no telling if some day the
             bell jar will not descend again.
    (Hallucination/vision in the hedge maze)
    Cory: He'll never find us in here...
    (Upon arriving at the centre of the maze)
    Little girls: Do you want to play with us, Torque?
    (Hallucination/vision near Asylum gates)
    Killjoy: I offered them a bright new world. A pity so
             few of my patients lived to see it.
    (Hallucination/vision in Burned down house)
    Little girl: You should never play with fire. It's not safe...
    (In a cave near broken bridge)
    Hermes: So easily seduced. But you know Torque,
            nothing worthwhile is easy...
    (At end of cave near broken bridge)
    Clem: Everywhere I go I find more of these
          monstrosities. I shall never get off this island!
    (Hallucination/vision at end of underground river)
    Malcolm: Daddy, you gonna swim with us
    Cory: Come on dad, don't be such a loser. The water's nice.
    Malcolm: How deep can we go?
    Cory: You afraid or somethin'
    Cory: You never wanna play with us.
    Malcolm: Come on daddy
    Cory: Dad can't swim.
    Malcolm: It's nice in here daddy.
    (While progressing through the chapter)
    Clem: It'll be a cold day in Hades before I
          relent to you fiends!
    Clem: I'll burn you all!
    Clem: Retreat you upstarts! Maybe this
          will keep you back!
    Clem: Back to the sea, you aquatic atrocities!
    (13.1) MEETING CLEM
    Clem: Fire in the hole!
    Clem: Incoming!
    Clem: You'll not last long if you stay in my line of fire!
    Clem: Over this way, hurry!
    Clem: Sir, are you deaf or merely dumb? Get over here!
    (Upon approaching Clem)
    Clem: It's good to see another human still among
          the living. The name is Clem, sir. I've been
          plotting my escape from Abbott for years,
          and I had hoped to carry out my exodus
          tomorrow. But these recent events have
          ruined everything. Here, I'll show you.
    ((Carmen: He can teach you a lot.
              See what he has to say.
    Evil conscience: Make him bleed.
                     Kill him kill him kill him kill him.))
    (If you attack him...)
    Clem: You need to be more careful, people
          might get the wrong idea.
    Clem: Watch that! I am not your enemy!
    Clem: I was a fool to trust you!
    (If you kill him...)
    ((Carmen: You make me sick.))
    Clem: These recent events have given me a new outlook:
          Pity is for the living, envy is for the dead.
    Clem: I see from the color of your clothes that you
          were to be executed. This upheaval saved you
          from the black abyss, but only temporarily.
    Clem: What's happened here, it's a few steps beyond
          what makes any sense at all. I can think of
          no rational explanation, and that bothers me.
    Clem: Look there, do you see! Coming out of the 
          waves, I swear it is the most hideous thing I
          have ever laid eyes upon!
    (While fighting the Festers)
    Clem: Annihilation awaits!
    Clem: Suffer in petroleum troglodytes!
    Clem: Burn! Burn!
    Clem: Bombs away!
    Clem: Remember, no good deed goes unpunished!
    Clem: Death to the spoilers!
    Clem: Fire in the hole!
    Clem: Well done sir!
    Clem: You may kill one, but another takes its place
          as quickly as you can reload.
    Clem: They're all just fodder I'm afraid, and
          there's an eternal supply.
    (After defeating the Festers)
    Clem: These festering creatures flaunt science with
          their every step. What's more, they are
          impervious to bullets, and can only be blown up,
          burned, or, if you are truly brave, hacked up with an
          axe.They seem to have some connection to
          an 18th century slave ship, wrecked down the
          beach a ways. This way!
    (Waiting for Torque to follow)
    Clem: Quickly, those creatures may return without warning!
    Clem: Hurry sir, there's no time to lose!
    Clem: Over here, there's something you need to see!
    Clem: We must move now if we are to
          have any chance at all!
    Clem: Move or die, sir, move or die!
    (Arriving at the slave ship)
    Clem: There she is. To my understanding, few were
          killed in the crash itself, though the traders did
          not free their still human cargo. Instead they left
          them shackled in the ship's hull, where slowly
          the Negroes were consumed by rats.
          Damnation, the Festers are coming!
    (13.3) Clem - Combat dialogue
    Clem: Back from whence it came!
    Clem: Incoming!
    Clem: Damn you all!
    Clem: Annihilation awaits!
    Clem: Suffer in petroleum troglodytes!
    Clem: Burn! Burn!
    Clem: Bombs away!
    Clem: Remember, no good deed goes unpunished!
    Clem: Death to the spoilers!
    Clem: Fire in the hole!
    Clem: Well done sir!
    Clem: You may kill one, but another takes its place
          as quickly as you can reload.
    Clem: They're all just fodder I'm afraid, and
          there's an eternal supply.
    (After defeating the enemies)
    Clem: If it weren't for these water-logged
          abominations I'd be able to set my raft a-sail.
          It's a tiny vessel, too small and un-seaworthy
          to accommodate more than a single
          passenger, probably not even one who
          weighs as much as yourself. I'll show you.
    Clem: More than anything, I must say I am
          outraged, incensed, infuriated at the ruination
          of my carefully laid plans.
    Clem: Everyone's innocent on the inside, so I won't
          go into that whole nonsense. Nor will I ask
          you the nature of your crime, for that just
          doesn't seem to matter anymore.
    Clem: My raft's not much, but I hope it will be
          enough. Watch yourself, it will ignite if
          tampered with. Look there, our tormentors return!
    Clem: I clambered out that large sewer pipe to escape
          from Abbott, now I wonder if we wouldn't be
          safer going back inside. But I will not give up
          on my plan. Steady, they're back again!
    Clem: I do believe those creatures are coming from
          the inside the wreck. If you can get in there, you
          might be able to destroy them. Then I'll be
          able to launch. If you will assist me in this
          matter, I will make it worth your while.
    Clem: They pour out of the ship like so much
          refuse. You must find a way to stem that flow.
    Clem: My flimsy raft cannot save the both of us, sir,
          and I do hate to leave you here. But I
          appeal to your humanity. At least, let it
          do me some good.
    Clem: I implore you sir, inmate to inmate, I need
          your help. I don't know how much longer I
          can survive this maelstrom of death.
    (Hallucination/vision in the shipwreck)
    ?: If we let 'em out they'll kill us, they'll slaughter us
       They's a whole lot of dem and only a hanful of
    ?: They's good stock, but we can't do nothin' about it.
    ?: Leave 'em in tha hold, the rats'll finish 'em
    (13.4) CLEM'S ESCAPE
    Clem: My eternal thanks to you sir! I've left you a
          valuable map up near the sewer entrance.
          Good luck! Don't let the bastards keep you down!
    (14.0) SURFACING
    (Horace (At the beginning of the chapter))
    Horace: This place wants you Torque. It needs people
            like you. Once it gets a hold of you, it won't let you
            go, like it hasn't let me go. I've been here a
            damn long time, and it's sucked me dry. I
            pray it's almost done with me...
            It's sending something after you. It let you
            out for a bit, now it wants you back, deep
            inside. Deep inside where I've been, all
            these fucking years.
            Don't say I never did anything for you...
            Come join me... in the dance hall...
    (Hallucination/vision in old Fort Maleson office)
    Soldier: You have no proof these men are spies!
             They're as much Americans as you or me!
    Colonel: The hell they are. If internment camps are a
             good idea out West, then it's a good idea to 
             shoot kraut spies on this coast.
    (Horace near Sub-basement entrance)
    Horace: Been waiting so long just to fuckin' sleep.
            I think you're my last chance, Torque.
            Don't let me down.
    (15.1) BOSS FIGHT - HORACE
    (Horace (Before fight))
    Horace: Oh no... It's back... It's starting again. It never
            stops, it just keeps burning... It won't let me go...
    (Horace (During fight))
    Horace: I think we got somethin' in common. We know
            what love is, we know what it is to love a woman.
            You'd do anything for her, am I right? And
            somethin' else we got. We know what it is to
            lose it, lose it all. To not be in control...
    Horace: Scalding!
    Horace: I can't even remember what I was in here for,
            beatin' up some guy, whatever. I got
            screwed by the system. Fuck 'em, they
            fucked my life, they're as responsible for my
            old lady's dyin' as I am. Nobody wants the
            whole story, just lock 'em up, throw away the
            key, see ya next life.
    Horace: It's coming again!
    Horace: I just wanted to keep her safe. I couldn't protect
            her while I was on the inside. It ate me up, I lay
            awake at night thinkin' of what would happen to
            her. Any guy like me, any guy really loved his
            old lady woulda done the same thing.
    Horace: Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Horace: It got so I couldn't take it any more. So on
            that day, she came over for a conjugal, and
            we fucked. I screwed her like I never had
            before. It was smooth, and warm, and rough,
            and sweet, the best lay of our lives.
    Horace: I can't fucking take it!
    Horace: And then, as she was layin' there after, she
            looked so beautiful with that sheen of sweat
            on her, then I did it. I cut her. Every last inch
            of her. All over. I cut her.
    Horace: I just wanna die!
    Horace: When I was done, no one would see her again,
            no one would see her beauty, she was mine
            forever. 'Cause there are sick people out there,
            people with no sense of human dignity, people
            who will have sex with a dead person. I had
            to keep her safe from that.
    Horace: Ahhhh! It burns!
    Horace: Stop it! Stop me!
    Horace: Why won't it stop?!
    (After shutting off the electricity)
    Horace: Thank... you...
    (Hermes (In the gas chamber after defeating Horace))
    Hermes: He is gone, now it's just you and me.
    Hermes: We will meet again... later. I look forward to it.
    Malcolm: Is that you Daddy?
    (Upon approaching Malcolm)
    (What Torque's family says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Malcolm: Daddy, I love you daddy, you wouldn't hurt us.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Malcolm: No daddy, stay away, please daddy...
    Cory: Dad. I'm over here Dad.
    Cory: I gotta talk to you.
    Cory: Don't you wanna see me?
    (Upon approaching Cory)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Cory: You're not so bad, I guess. I just wish you'd
          always been there, ya know?
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Cory: I was always afraid when you were around, I
          wish you'd stay away. You ruin everything.
    Carmen: T, over here.
    Carmen: It's so cold in here.
    Carmen: I need to talk to you.
    (Upon approaching Carmen)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Carmen: Something broke in you at that group home
            T, and I didn't have enough time to fix it.
            There's beauty in you, I could always see it.
            Stay strong for me, OK
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Carmen: What kind of a man are you? I thought I
            loved you, but now, I don't know how I could
            have. There's nothing there to love. You
            don't care about anyone or anything
    (C.O.s fighting a group of Festers)
    C.O: I'm the pied fucking piper and I've come for
         your god damn children!
    C.O 2: It's not safe out here, Harley! It's not safe!
    C.O: Die you little brown bastards!
    C.O: Don't try to stop me, I'm gonna cleanse
         the motherfucking earth!
    C.O 2: Your gonna get us both killed you psycho!
    C.O: Suck my cock you rodent fucks!
    C.O 2: You're buggin', man, Jesus, you've lost it!
    C.O: Fuckin' evolution baby, you're next!
    C.O 2: What the hell are you thinking! Get back in the tower!
    C.O: Eat it you hairy fucking maggots!
    C.O 2: Harley, get back here!
    (If C.O dies)
    C.O 2: Harley, oh no, Harley!
    (If you help the C.O.s)
    C.O 2: Thanks for helpin' us. You're lucky Harley's
           obsessed with those rats, he didn't use to
           like inmates much either.
    C.O: I'm going back out there to kill the rest of
         those motherfucking bastards!
    C.O 2: No Harley, no! Stay here. We're gonna stay
           inside this tower until it's safe outside. It's
           gonna be safe again, right?
    C.O: It's the motherfuckin' apocalypse!
    C.O 2: Harley, calm down. Go on inmate, there's not room
           in here for the three of us, you gotta move on.
    C.O: I wish a I had a big god damn flamethrower to
         take all these fuckers out!
    C.O: Little bloody sacks of shit, I'm gonna squash 'em all!
    C.O 2: If Harley died, I don't know where I'd be.
           Thank God we can stay in here.
    C.O 2: Harley, it's safe now, it's safe! Look inmate, I'm
           sorry he's like this, he just needs some time alone.
    (If you attack C.O...)
    C.O: You want some too, you fuckwad inmate?
    (If you attack C.O 2...)
    C.O 2: Aw man, why you gotta do that?
    C.O: You want some too, you fuckwad inmate?
    (If C.O dies)
    C.O 2: Harley, oh no, Harley!
    (Radio transmission in Radio building)
    Coast guard: Coast Guard Prometheus calling Carnate
                 One, Carnate One, do you read, over.
                 Anyone on Carnate, respond, over.
    Coast guard: Received distress signal. Wish to send
                 vessel to assess situation. Lighthouse is
                 out. Repeat, lighthouse is out. Anyone read?
    Caost guard: Repeat, need lighthouse powered up to send
                 help. Carnate One, do you copy?
    Coast guard: Carnate One this is Coast Guard
                 Prometheus. Fog too thick, cannot land
                 without lighthouse. Repeat, cannot send
                 help without functional lighthouse, over.
    Coast guard: This is Coast Guard Prometheus, need
                 lighthouse on to navigate, someone must get
                 lighthouse restarted.
    (C.O fighting a group of enemies)
    C.O: I got the heavy payload shit now, you
         bastards! I'm gonna blow you all to hell!
    (Prisoners' failed escape (On the main road out of Abbott))
    Inmate: Keep going, I think we lost him
            Watch out, up there
            Oh Christ!
    Hermes: Escaping isn't as simple as just getting
            outside, but I don't need to tell you that. You
            know there is no real escape.
    (Hallucination/vision at the Bluff)
    Colonel: For jeopardizing the lives of my men, for
             honoring your homeland over your new country,
             for betraying the United States Army, you
             are hereby sentenced to death by firing squad!
    Soldier: But I'm innocent!
    Soldier: We didn't do anything
    Soldier: Jesus save me!
    (Upon approaching the Bluff)
    Colonel: Enough. Weapons to the ready! Take aim! Fire
    (Hallucination/vision at the Crashed plane site)
    Colonel: Where the hell did this come from?
    Soldier: I've never seen anything like it... Oh
             Jesus, look at the insignia
    Colonel: Fucking Nazis, but how could know about this
             prison? God damn it, it's Dietrich, Wagner,
             and Johansen, those kraut sons of bitches. I
             never trusted them..
    Soldier: Sir, you can't be serious
    (Upon approaching the plane)
    Colonel: Serious enough to shoot those fucking traitors!
    (When entering the cave)
    Jimmy: You won't catch me!
    Jimmy: Fuckin' pigs!
    (In the second part of the cave)
    Jimmy: Fuckin' pigs!
    Jimmy: Comin' correct, punk!
    (In the tall room)
    Jimmy: Step to your grave, motherfucker!
    (What the little girls say here varies depending on which 'path' you're on;
     in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on your actions
     up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Little girl: You couldn't save Cory and Malcolm from
                 the fire. They're with us now.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Evil' path...)
    Little girl: You threw Cory and Malcolm in the fire.
                 They're with us now.
    (When entering the old WWII bunker)
    Jimmy: Word is bond, I will fuck you up!
    (Hallucination/vision in the old command centre)
    Colonel: What is this shit? Inquest? Court martial? God
             damn it all to hell. Those fuckers will never get me
    (Phone call in the old command centre)
    Little girl: Is Malcolm there? Can he come out to play?
                 What? Oh, that's terrible. We're so sorry to
                 hear that. Can he play anyway?
    (In N-3265 bunker)
    Jimmy: I ain't goin' back!
    (18.2) MEETING JIMMY
    Jimmy: What the fuck!
    Jimmy: Help! Help! Aw, fuck it.
    Jimmy: Hey you! You gotta get me out a here!
    Jimmy: You gotta blow this wall without killin' me!
    Jimmy: Look, I'm sorry for tryin' to blow your ass up.
           Now get me outta here.
    Jimmy: Shit I think I hear something comin'.
    (If you help him...)
    Jimmy: Thanks man. I woulda gotten outta there
           myself, you just sped that shit up. Sorry
           about tryin' to blow ya up back there, but I
           thought you were a hack. I been in Abbott
           too long dammit, I ain't goin' back, ya feel
           me? C'mon, we gotta get to the lighthouse.
    (If you attack him...)
    Jimmy: I'll bring you down!
    Jimmy: What the fuck? Don't you flip on me!
    Jimmy: Whose side are you on?
    Jimmy: What you reap is what you sow, motherfucker!
    (Waiting for Torque to follow)
    Jimmy: Clock's tickin'.
    Jimmy: It's this way.
    Jimmy: What's the hold up?
    Jimmy: You with me, Dawg.
    Jimmy: It's right up here. Come on.
    Jimmy: It's hard enough bein' a black man in this
           country. You be a brother who wants to make
           somethin' of himself, got himself some real
           bread, they liable to lock you up. Just look at
           me. Cops fuckin' me my whole life.
    Jimmy: People in this country could care less
           about what happens to us on the inside. We
           might as well be dead, hell, they wish
           we were. Now those hacks are cappin' us and
           no one gives a damn.
    Jimmy: Thanks for helpin' me back there, but I
           woulda made it on my own so don't act like
           you saved my life or nothin'. I'm gonna make it
           through this bad trip. I don't need nobody.
    (Upon finding the ladder near the cave exit)
    Jimmy: The lighthouse has a basement, it's like a
           bunker, we can hole up in there and wait till
           the dope wears off and the hacks are
           outta ammo. It's tight in these caverns - but I
           know all the shortcuts.
    (18.3) Jimmy - Combat dialogue
    Jimmy: Bring it!
    Jimmy: See ya!
    Jimmy: They're hallucinations. That's what's goin on
           here. Hacks doped the food, now we
           all in', seein' shit, and they just killin' us for
           sport. Fuckin' police.
    Jimmy: Fuck the world!
    Jimmy: Ya'll feel me now?
    Jimmy: Time has come motherfucker
    Jimmy: Boom!
    Jimmy: Stay strong!
    Jimmy: Represent motherfucker!
    Jimmy: Make me a believer!
    (If Torque dies)
    Jimmy: Shit! That guy was dead weight anyway.
    (Cannibalism near the lighthouse basement)
    ?: How much longer do we have to wait in here?
    ?: As long as it takes
    ?: Are those girls gonna find us?
    ?: I don't think so.
    ?: Are we gonna have enough air?
    ?: There's plenty of ventilation, calm down.
    ?: What about food? I don't know, I think we should...
    ?: Rhett
    ?: Yeah?
    ?: When we run outta food, you're gonna be
       the first one we eat.
    (Upon finding the ladder near lighthouse basement)
    Jimmy: We're almost to the lighthouse. Come on!
    (18.4) BOSS FIGHT - HERMES
    (Hermes (Before fight))
    (If Jimmy is still with you...)
    Jimmy: Sweet. This is it, we're set now. It's like a
           vault in here, nothin' can get in.
    Hermes: Nothing?
    Jimmy: You say something?
    Hermes: Yes.
    Jimmy: What was that! I think the dope's comin' back!
    Hermes: Breathe deep.
    Jimmy: That smell! What in the fuck's goin' on?
    Hermes: That always feels good. He needed to go,
            he wasn't interesting enough, not like you.
            You understand how it feels.
            They needed someone professional to pull
            the switch. A lot of eager sadists applied,
            but I was the only one who took the work
            seriously. So seriously I wanted to taste the
            gas myself. That's what Carnate does, it
            brings out the killer inside. It's the perfect
            place for you and me.
    (If Torque is alone...)
    Hermes: Finally you are here. You interest me,
            because you understand how it feels.
            They needed someone professional to pull
            the switch. A lot of eager sadists applied,
            but I was the only one who took the work
            seriously. So seriously I wanted to taste the
            gas myself. That's what Carnate does, it
            brings out the killer inside. It's the perfect
            place for you and me.
    (Hermes (During fight))
    Hermes: There's a difference between those that feel
            safest in the light and those that feel safest
            in the dark. Which are you, Torque?
    Hermes: In the chamber there is an intense light,
            everything is visible. In the control room the
            lights are off, you can't see anyone, no one
            knows you. I like that feeling.
    Hermes: I'm here in the basement of the lighthouse
            for a reason. It's the one place the beacon
            can't illuminate. I thrive in that darkness.
    Hermes: I love the history on Carnate. Over the years,
            every form of human killing has
            found its place. I envy you, because you
            get to revisit them all.
    Hermes: The gas we kill with is clear, odorless, totally
            imperceptible. But that wasn't good enough,
            I thought people should see it coming, see it
            creeping up around their legs, through their
            fingers, inching towards their nose. So my
            gas is green, the color of life...
    Hermes: They can only hold their breath for so long. I
            like watching them try.
    Hermes: It was never enough, so I took my
            involvement to the next level. I put myself in
            the chamber, but I didn't die, not exactly.
    Hermes: Most people find a job so they can live. I
            lived for my job. Once you've killed a man
            who was begging for his life, and
            everyone congratulates you on a job well
            done, nothing can compare.
    Hermes: I always wished they would have kept me
            busier, my talents were under-utilized. There
            were certainly enough people who
            deserved what I could provide, they just
            needed to be brought to me.
    Hermes: I used it all. Electric chair, the rope, rifles, but
            gas was my favorite. There's such a purity to it.
    Hermes: Come on, you can do better than that,
            or you can do worse.
    Hermes: That's what I like about life. First it giveth,
            then it taketh away.
    Hermes: I know you can do it, what are you waiting
    Hermes: If placed in the right situation, who's to say
            you wouldn't kill as many as me?
            Maybe you already have.
    Hermes: I grow weary of this game.
    Hermes: I didn't know these people I killed, they hadn't
            wronged me, but I was in command
            of the most important moment of their
            lives. That's power.
    Hermes: The people on death row are not smart
            people, nor are they successful, nor are they
            happy. I was just putting them out of their
            pathetic misery. Thinning the herd.
    (After being shut in the furnace)
    Hermes: Aaaaaahhhh yes. That's it.
    (Radio transmission in the lighthouse)
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, do you copy? This is Coast
                 Guard vessel Prometheus. Lighthouse lamp
                 is off, cannot land rescue craft. Repeat,
                 beacon must be re-started. Anyone read?
    Coast guard: Fog is too thick and electrical storm is
                 disrupting navigational equipment.
                 Lighthouse must be illuminated.
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, anyone read? Understand
                 something wrong on Carnate, we need
                 lighthouse functional to send help, over.
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, Carnate Two, turn on your light, over.
    (Little girls outside lighthouse)
    Little girl: You're the one, aren't you?
    Little girl: We've been playing for so long.
    Little girl: Who are all these strange people?
    Little girl: Are you the one I saw in the woods?
    Little girl: How did it get this far?
    Little girl: You must be here to take me away.
    Little girl: I remember you from my dream.
    (While fighting the Infernas)
    Ernesto: I will kill every last one of you! Dia diablos, die!
    Ernesto: For Consuela!
    Ernesto: You! God damn it, what are the chances. I
             survive ten hours out here in this pit of hell,
             and I have to run into you, the scum who
             killed his own wife and children. Why
             pendejo? Why you do it? You going to
             kill me too? Come on inmate, kill me! I dare you!
    (If you attack him...)
    Ernesto: So now you show your true colors, eh
             inmate? I knew I should never have trusted you.
    (If you let him live...)
    Ernesto: So it turns out you don't have the cojones to kill
             me when you have the chance, you fucking
             inmate. Go to hell, I am done with you.
    Ernesto: Why do you follow me inmate? Who are you
             fooling. You hate me as much as I hate you.
             All you inmates think C.O.s are evil, but we
             are prisoners in Abbott as much as you,
             you ever think of that?
    Ernesto: When this shit happened, I immediately
             headed to town, down this road. I wanted to
             find Consuela and my daughters, my
             beautiful girls. But I got to our house, it was
             on fire, these fucking putas everywhere, no
             sign of my family. I have been looking ever
             since, and I will not give up...
    Ernesto: You still here, inmate? Torque, isn't that what they
             call you? Well, come on then, we may hate
             each other, we may die anyway, but we will
             kill more of these putas together than alone.
    (Waiting for Torque to follow)
    Ernesto: Torque! Over here!
    Ernesto: This way, inmate - vamanos!
    Ernesto: Inmate! Hurry!
    (Upon arriving at the lighthouse)
    Ernesto: The coast guard is our only hope to survive,
             but they need the lighthouse on in order to
             land here. But the earthquake knocked the
             power out. We need to get the generator
             started again. Follow me.
    Ernesto: When you shoot these burning diablos, make
             sure you finish them, destroy their
             ashes. It is the only way to make sure they
             do not come back.
    Ernesto: You know what I hate? Those burning chicas
             remind me of my own daughters,
             my sweet beautiful girls. How could
             everything have gone so wrong?
    Ernesto: My wife tells me stories of this place, madre de
             dios they are horrible tales. My sweet
             Consuela, mi pobre cirta, mi carina, Consuela...
    (Upon arriving at the Old cemetary)
    Ernesto: What are they doing? Won't they let the dead
    (Little girls in the Old cemetary)
    Little girl: Why did they believe us?
    Little girl: We didn't think they'd really do it.
    Little girl: It all went wrong.
    Little girl: It was fun at first.
    Little girl: We didn't like them, we made them go away.
    Little girl: I take it all back!
    (After defeating the Infernas)
    Ernesto: Let's get out of here, these dead do not
             sleep well, not on Carnate.
    (Upon finding a truck)
    Ernesto: Look out for the fire, it's going to blow!
    (After defeating the Infernas)
    Ernesto: Together, we are quite a team, eh? Who would've
             ever thought I'd be partners with an inmate.
    Ernesto: Back where you came from! Ha!
    Ernesto: Destroy their bodies, leave no trace! It is the only
    Ernesto: For Consuela!
    Ernesto: Where are they, damn you? Where?
    Ernesto: In the name of mi familia!
    Ernesto: You won't kill me!
    Ernesto: Quemase diablo, quemase!
    Ernesto: Send them back to hell, inmate!
    Ernesto: All of you can die now!
    Ernesto: You deal out death like a proffesional!
    Ernesto: You know how to kill, I can see that!
    Ernesto: Blast 'em again, once they are ash -
             or they come back!
    Ernesto: You do good for an inmate, I will have to
             keep my eye on you!
    (19.4) THE GENERATOR
    (Phone call in tower near generator)
    Carmen: T, I'm coming to visit, I want to see you and
            the boys. I've got good news, things are
            going well here. And I've got... a proposition.
            I think we can make it work. For once things
            are gonna work out. I can't wait to see the
            boys... and you too. I'll meet you at your
            apartment, OK? See ya soon, T.
    (After defeating the Slayers)
    Ernesto: The generator is behind that fence there,
             but I don't know how to get in. Even if we
             could, those creatures keep jumping out
             of that pit. I swear inmate, it is as if that hole
             leads striaght to hell.
    Ernesto: Inmate, I will hold them off, you must
             figure out a way to get inside that fence, and
             get that generator going.
    (After turning the generator on)
    Ernesto: Inmate, you have done it! The lights are
             on, let's get back to the lighthouse and
             leave this evil place.
    (Upon arriving at the Burning site)
    Ernesto: Look! Inmate, what are they doing?
    Little girls: Ring around the roses, pocket full of posies,
                  ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
    (After defeating the Infernas)
    Ernesto: My wife told me the story of this place: three
             hundred years ago there was a puritan village on
             this island. Three young girls accused
             villagers of being in league with the devil,
             there were burnings. I think this is where
             they did it. They feared evil from within, but
             they did not see the real enemy.
    (19.5) THE CAVE
    (Upon arriving at the cave)
    Ernesto: Oh no inmate, I do not think so. I'm not going in
             those caves, you go if you want. I'll wait out here.
    (Hiding inmates)
    Inmate: Hey, what are you doin' here?
    Inmate: You said no-one would find us.
    Inmate: Shh, keep your voices down.
    Inmate: Who are you?
    Inmate: Don't worry, we're still safe from those... girls...
    Inmate: You didn't lead the creatures in here, did you?
    Inferna: We've been waiting for you.
    Inferna: Playing games is evil.
    Inferna: Only the fire will cleanse your soul.
    (While fighting the enemies)
    Inmate: I thought we were safe!
    Inmate: You brought them in here, asshole!
    Inmate: We aren't gonna make it!
    Inmate: Don't stop moving.
    Inmate: I hate those things.
    Inmate: We're fucked! We are so fucked!
    Inmate: Oh shit!
    Inmate: Run for it!
    Inmate: Oh Jesus, what have you done?
    (If you kill all the enemies without any inmates dying)
    Inmate: Thanks for killin' those things, man, but I'm
            just gonna stay here, where it's safe. I
            ain't goin' nowhere.
    Inmate: For God's sake, haven't you done
            enough? Just leave us alone.
    Ernesto: Damn, the power is on but the light is not
             turning. The lighthouse is old and decrepit,
             half broken, but you will need to fix it. I will
             keep watch out here, you go inside.
    Ernesto: The sooner you get the lighthouse working,
             the sooner the coast guard can
             send in a search party to help find my family.
             If my girls die because of your
             slop, I will hunt you down until the last of my
             days, you understand me? Vamanos!
    Ernesto: I'll wait out here and keep watch. Now quickly
             Torque, I've got to find my girls.
    Ernesto: Inside, inmate, inside!
    (Radio transmission in the lighthouse)
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, light not fully operational,
                 repeat, not yet revolving, over.
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, light is visible, but not rotating.
    Coast guard: Light must be fully functional to get bearing
                 and dock successfully.
    Coast guard: Coast Guard Prometheus calling Carnate 
                 Two, do you copy? Lighthouse must be fully
                 working for rescue craft to dock.
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, please confirm light is rotating.
    (After re-activating light)
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, repeat, now sending rescue
                 craft. Meet skiff at Eastern dock.
    Coast guard: This is Coast Guard Prometheus, Carnate One
                 or Carnate Two do you copy? We are sending
                 craft, rendezvous at dock. Prometheus out.
    Coast guard: Carnate Two, skiff is on the way. Meet at dock, over.
    What Cory says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Cory: Dad, I... I'm sorry... I see stuff better now,
          and I wish we'd had more time together. I
          wish things were different.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Bad' path...)
    (Upon exiting lighthouse after re-activating light)
    Ernesto: The light is on! Now the coast guard can come.
             Muchos gracias, Torque, you have proven
             yourself. I still say inmates are scum, but you,
             maybe less so, si? Heh heh heh. Come on,
             now we can make our way to town.
    (Upon arriving at the gates)
    Ernesto: The road is gated up here. I don't know how
             we will get through, but we will have to.
    Horace: It's not just Abbott. It's this whole island. It's a
            cess pool of human atrocity. People come
            here, they do things maybe they wouldn't
            normally do, evil fucking shit. But you, you're
            different, you're the wild card in the deck.
            But you set me free. I never forget a debt.
            I owed ya. Now go on, find out what
            kinda man you are.
    Ernesto: What was that? Lightning? I almost hit
             us! Well at least we can make it through the
             gates now, come on.
    (On the main road)
    Ernesto: Look - over there!
    (Hallucination/vision on the main road)
    Cory: Daddy, these girls taught me a new game!
    Little girl: Do you want to play, mister?
    (After defeating the Infernas)
    Ernesto: I don't understand what we just saw there, but I 
             don't ever want to see it again. Did you kill
             your children, or did this place somehow do
             it, like it has taken mine? These are black
             times, it hurts too much to stop and think
             about it. We must keep going.
    (20.1) THE TUNNEL
    (Infernas in the tunnel)
    Little girl: Don't you want to stay?
    Little girl: We want you to be here with us.
    Little girl: No, please don't leave.
    Little girl: Where are you going?
    Ernesto: Mire! Those fucking creatures! They've
             trapped us. It looks like our time has come,
             we'll never make it out of here alive.
    Ernesto: We are done for, this smoke will kill us soon.
    Ernesto: It is horrible, to die this way after surviving so
             long. I will never see my Consuela again.
    Ernesto: In this fire we pay for the sins of this island,
             the sins of this country, the sins of humanity.
    Ernesto: You are a father, right? Or... were a
             father? I would do anything to keep my
             children safe, I cannot imagine any parent
             who would not. That is what I will never
             understand about you, inmate.
    Ernesto: I think the fire is coming closer!
    (After putting out the fire)
    Ernesto: Dios mio, a miracle! The fire is out. Again you
             prove yourself. Come on, we must get to the town.
    (Upon finding the truck near the broken bridge)
    Ernesto: Inmate, watch out! That truck is on fire!
    Hermes: So you still need some help. In the
            lighthouse you showed me just how good a
            killer you really are, but you don't
            know anything. Go on to the dock where you'll see
            how things really are.
    (After the bus crashes)
    Ernesto: What diablo was that? At least we can
             make it across now. Come on.
    (Upon arriving at the cliff)
    Ernesto: Holy Mary mother of God, look, the town! It
             burns. My family, if they are still there, it is too
             terrible to think of... What has happened
             to this island? We must get to the town
             somehow, I must find Consuela!
    (When the fire block's Torque's path to the town)
    Ernesto: There is no way through! This inferno is too
             thick! I must go back to the town, I have to keep
             looking. You go on inmate, meet the Coast
             Guard at the docks, I will meet you there later!
    ?: Everything comes to an end...
    Killjoy: Torque. My diagnosis is complete, your cure is at hand!
             You might think my methods a bit
             unorthodox, but my results will speak for themselves.
             Ahead you will encounter something
             altogether unlike what you've seen before. But I
             have something that can help you,
             a device that can cure you, put your demons to rest, but only if it is
             sufficiently powered, and only if you are in your
             more, shall we say, primal form. Use this correctly
             and you cannot help but be cured. You do want to be cured,
             don't you Torque? It's up to you now!
    (20.5) MALCOLM
    What Malcolm says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Malcolm: The man was wearing black clothes. He was
             like a shadow, I didn't see him and then he was
             there. Oh daddy, I wish you could have been
             there. I know you woulda kept us safe.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Bad' path...)
    (20.6) CORY
    What Cory says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Cory: They killed us to get to you, didn't they? I
          forgive you dad, you couldn't keep us safe
          forever. I just wish I coulda said good-bye.
    (If you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Bad' path...)
    (20.7) CARMEN
    What Carmen says here varies depending on which 'path' you're
    on; in other words, which ending you're heading towards based on
    your actions up to this point.)
    (If you're on the 'Good' path...)
    Carmen: You always had the worst luck T. We didn't
            work out for so long, and when we got close,
            it all got taken away. You'd never hurt us, not on
            purpose, no matter how angry you got at
            the world, you always loved me and the boys.
            Now's the time, T, you need to face down
            the anger you have inside. Remember, 
            I'm right there with you.
    (IF you're on the 'Neutral' path...)
    (If you're on the 'Bad' path...)
    (21.0) THE ENDINGS
    (21.1) ((THE 'GOOD' ENDING))
    Coast guard: Get on board, quick. I don't know what the
                 hell's happened, but we gotta get outta
                 here. Another boat's comin' to pick up
                 anybody else who's left.
    Coast guard: Hold on, you're that guy Torque, ain't ya. I heard
                 about you in the news. I got a friend at the DA's
                 office, says the prosecuter on your case is
                 being indicted, says you'll prolly get a new trial.
                 Guess it's your lucky day, huh. Jesus, you
                 look like you've really been through hell.
    Carmen: Somebody's missing from this picture, T.
            I don't want us to ever be apart again.
            Love always, Carmen.
    (21.2) ((THE 'NEUTRAL' ENDING))
    (21.3) ((THE 'EVIL' ENDING))
    - Midway, for making such an awesome game.
    - GameFAQS, for being such a brilliant site.
    - My brother, for making many damn fine cups of tea
      to keep me sane during the transcribing of this long,
      long script.
    - My dad, for being generally excellent. :D
    - My cat Chrystal, for being a gigantic, fuzzy
      puffball friend, who was always there for a cuddle and a
      purr whenever the game script gave me a headache.
    - My friends and family for being so 'effing brilliant. :D
    - Any and all readers of this script.
    Love you all, thanks for keeping me sane. :3
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections or
    contributions regarding this script, please feel free to e-mail
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