Review by KFHEWUI

Reviewed: 06/12/12

Fantastic and eerie atmosphere with amazing enemy design and great story that make The Suffering worth playing

Torque is a man that is set to be executed at Carnate Island for killing his wife and children, but Torque does not remember killing his family and claims he blacked out. Shortly after arriving at Carnate Island, there is an earthquake and monsters start appearing. Torque must now escape while trying to survive.

The story is good, and it has some twists. It can also get disturbing at a few spots however the game goes overboard with the profanity, and at some points the profanity feels forced and only exists for shock value.

The controls are solid and easy to grasp, and they are responsive.

The Suffering looks great, and all of the enemies are unique and each one is based off the way they died. Mainliners are based upon lethal injection, and they have needles jutting out of their eye sockets and head. Their attack consists of throwing needles and trying to stab Torque with a syringe. The creature designs were done by Stan Winston, and they look amazing, and the textures are nice.

The music is fantastic and creates an eerie atmosphere. There is voice acting, and the voice acting is good. Sound effects are excellent.

The Suffering is a horror third person shooter, and the game consists of navigating levels and killing enemies. The game does try a few different things. There is a moral system where helping people will give good moral, but doing bad things will give negative moral. This moral system decides what ending the player will receive. The normal ending can be tough to get since it means alternating between doing good and bad deeds however there is no moral bar in the game so the player can not see what their moral is.

Combat is a satisfying experience, and there is a decent size of enemies, and there is an even larger selection of weapons including pistols, Tommy gun, shotguns, grenades, molotov cocktails, Gonzo gun, and more. The game also has a first person view however I never found it useful.

The game has twenty levels and most of them are linear with no side area with the exception of a few later levels. The levels take place all over Carnate Island from death row to the lighthouse to the docks. There is a checkpoint at specific areas in the level, and the game can be saved at any time.

The replay value consists of the multiple endings plus a making of video, a video about haunted prisons, a sneak peak of Psi-Ops, and some other content.

The Suffering is a fantastic horror game that has a great atmosphere and enemies and is worth playing.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Suffering (US, 03/09/04)

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